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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Sail into the Black - Chapter 4/4

Sail into the Black - Chapter 4/4

  2017.04.16. 09:52

Chapter 4

The very satisfied and giggly couple rejoined the party for a couple of more beers and some food, which they needed after their little role play in the garage. Chris looked at them very knowingly for a while, but he wasn't the only one. And this time it wasn't Mick, who was busy with those two ladies from the night before. No, Jim felt Robb's dark brown eyes on them time after time, but he couldn't care less. He was happy with a well-fucked man on his side, practically plastered against his side as he was telling some of his funny stories to Dan and some of his people.

It was past midnight when they got back into Jim's – their – cabin and in an hour when they both dozed off in each other's arms, they were both well-fucked men.

Unlike himself, Jim felt invigorated the next morning when he woke up to Corey watching him sleeping. Which he often did. He loved that in his badass chef too. It was romantic. At least Jim thought so. Sue him.

Indeed the loud-mouse small man had a romantic side too and that was also fitting perfectly to Jim's at times more mushy personality.

The night was spent well. Corey loved to tell his silly stories. And actually most of those were not colored with a more funny paint. People often crossed him before or in the motel and diner nowadays too. So he had plenty of stuff to tell and make the leaders laugh. Like the time Mick visited them after they got the dogs and the pair got home to their babies guarding the big man curled up on the small lookout tower next to the once hunter house.

The fact that they didn't have to hide anymore did good for Corey’s soul. And when he woke up early – like always – he just got lost gathering his thoughts like usually while watching his man.

"Morning, baby. How are you? I love you. You know that?" he said laughing on himself because it all sounded like the big revelation of his deep thoughts.

Jim's smile was dazzling hearing that and he put a long arm around his naked man, nuzzling to him more under the blanket they shared. "Morning and I know. I love you too. So much," he murmured on his deep morning voice and pecked Corey's lips. "You are... happy and... liberated?" he chuckled low. "I love it too that we don't have to hide anymore and that the game is over..." he murmured, caressing Corey's slightly scratched up back.

"This is our last day here then tomorrow early in the morning we'll head back home. Finally," he continued. "I had fun during this week, but I miss our home and babies. I hope they behaved with Debby," he said thinking of their friend and Corey's boss who volunteered to take care of the dogs and cat while they were away. "So we just chill with the others today then you'll be all mine again. I'm so proud of you, you know. You stood your ground during this week so beautifully. And you're so hot on a bike. And scratched up like this is kinda hot too... Oh god, I'm babbling like a lovesick puppy again, don't I?" he giggled cutely.

"Yeah you are. But it's cute so it's okay," Corey said with a little giggle. "I'm sure my kids are just lovely and sweet. When they are cuddly and sweet they are my babies. If they're barking all night and chew up the cushion they are yours," he laughed pecking Jim's lips again.

Moving to lay more on top of his lover he kept kissing him. He really loved it that they were free in front of the others. That was also something that he would have never imagined to happen before he was sent to jail.

But back in their little secured world, hiding in the woods with a handful of people around provided the safety over their gay relationship. And the way the motorcycle club accepted them also strengthened the feeling of being open with their relationship.

"Liberated is the right term, yes. This chilling today means we can cuddle more?" he asked on a deeper voice, slightly moving his body against the one under him.

Only chuckling on Corey's comment about their dogs, he let Corey get on top of him some more, a satisfied sound escaping him. "Yeah... it means we can cuddle more. The others will start waking up around noon anyways and it's still early. We have time to... cuddle as much as we want..." he purred sliding his big hands onto Corey's firm ass, lightly kneading and caressing it, his cock taking interest in his man slowly rubbing himself against it.

"I feel like a teenager again with you," Jim confessed and it wasn't only about the fucking like rabbits part, but Corey did make him feel much younger than he felt back in his cell all locked up and hopeless.

"Good, good… Because I don't plan on getting more serious or change. I like the life we have. Maybe it's a little selfish and isolated but also not having tons of relatives to visit or forced to like we can really live as we like. And I do love our 'kids' too," Corey smirked sitting up and straddling his man.

Jim was his chosen family. And not really having any real one in the first place made this all what they had even more special. "Now I sound like a romantic puppy," he giggled while absently playing with Jim's nipples.

"I love that too. And the 'kids' as well. But most of all you, my romantic puppy..." Jim grinned up at the small redhead, his hands stroking the thick thighs adoringly then he moaned as his big nipples started getting hard from Corey's attention. His filling cock bucking a bit up against him to feel Corey more.

"I only need you and our life at home. Okay... sometimes these bikers, too. Cuz it's in my blood," he murmured, feasting his eyes on the naked beauty on top of him. Licking his lips he licked then slid a hand onto Corey's cock to tease him right back.

Corey wiggled his butt against Jim awakening cock. Starting to slowly draw circles with his hips and that way getting into the rhythm of rubbing the hard dick between his butt and also bucking a little into Jim's hand.

"I like these bikers too... Big rough men getting drunk and half-naked by the fire at nights... Such a sight for my sore eyes…" he moaned teasingly and pressed himself harder down to Jim's body.

The lustful moan coming from Jim wasn't held back. Ever since they got out of prison where they had to suppress and muffle their sounds of pleasure, they had an unsaid agreement that they wouldn't do that anymore unless it was a must. Like... fucking in public places – like the diner when sometimes Jim popped in to visit Corey during his shift. Or when Corey did the same when Jim was working in the garage or in the woods in his part-time mechanic and lumberjack jobs.

"You just can't get enough of that from me, huh? You greedy little bitch of mine..." Jim chuckled low, not jealous this time since he knew Corey was just teasing him, trying to trigger his possessive side.

"Well… the more various the appetite, the better it is… Or what they say... Some badass rough bearded biker dudes surely would be good as first course…" Corey continued digging his nails into Jim's chest and scratching him a bit.

Fumbling for the lube under his pillow, Jim hummed then let Corey go to slick up his long fingers, putting up a little show for his man to know what comes next. Not that it was so hard to guess. "I bet you'd love it if all of those men's attention was on you... admiring you for what you are... a hungry little beast..." he murmured, tracing Corey's crack then starting to massage his twitching hole.

"You'd love playing with all their cocks too, huh?" he licked his lips, looking up at Corey with a darkening look as he started pushing his middle finger in, soon making room for a second.

"Oh yeah..." Corey moaned pushing back against the finger inside him. "I can see it already… All those bikers parking their machines around and standing around me… All just wanting me and arguing who gets to play with me first… while they’re getting rid of their clothes…" he said panting and flashing a dirty smirk at Jim.

"And you'd solve their problem with getting your big mouth and itching hands full of cock... Not to mention this here..." he grumbled, pushing that second finger faster inside, making both press and rub a bit more against the hot walls. "I bet they'd give you all their loving and care too with... making you one by one choke on their hard dicks... and fucking this sweet spot..." Jim curled his fingers then to brush against Corey's prostate "until you begged for mercy..." he growled low, watching the small man's reactions when he pushed a third finger in too.

Closing his eyes Corey moaned loud trembling from the flashing up visuals and the way Jim was playing his body like he’d play one of his favorite guitars.

"Fuck!!!! Oh yeah... Then... then you would arrive with your big black bike and get close seeing how all those thugs are using me… Fuck Jim, you gonna make me..." Corey cried out, digging his nails deep into Jim's skin and his body jerked from the smaller orgasm taking him over from the long fingers milking his prostate.

"That's right... They wouldn't stop either..." Jim said, satisfied, slowing his fingers down a bit before pulling them fully out just to grab Corey's ass cheeks and pull them apart, exposing the stretched wet hole to the cooler air.

"And they'd give me room to get to you... feed you with my long cock while they keep your hole open and wet for me with a few of them cumming into it..." he whispered dirtily and took a hold of his own dick to smear the pre-cum and the rest of the lube on it. "Then I'd get behind you and push all the way in... so fucking easily from all that cum and spit..." he groaned too, fucking up into his man to bury all his length in him, big hands on the wide hips pushing Corey down on him.

"Fuck yeah..." Corey groaned and chewed on his own lip with closed eyes. Letting Jim do as he wanted… "You feel so fucking good… Oh gosh… You would make me all yours in front of all those horny bikers who would take turns to push their disks down on my throat while you're fucking me harder…" he panted and started to ride Jim hard.

Admiring the sight of that small body bucking on top of him like the wild beast Corey was, Jim kept impaling him, occasionally circling his hips to let his long oozing cock rub against all the sensitive spots in his body.

His own breathing was coming more ragged now from both the flashing up images and the real life Corey's actions. "Yes! Would show them how to fuck you properly... how to destroy this sweet hole," he grunted, digging his hands into Corey's hips to leave bruises for later. But now Jim's focus was on fucking up into him faster and harder, meeting his lover's downward moves and loving the wet and obscene sounds their bodies were making in their rapture.

"And some would surely play with your cock meanwhile..." he led one of the redhead's hands onto said jumping shaft. "Show daddy how they'd play with it... while others would cum down on your throat or splash it across your flushed face and eager mouth..." he continued his dirty talk, groaning as Jim was getting closer to his orgasm too.

Corey grabbed his throbbing dick and started to stroke it with long moves, twisting his palm at the tip and pulled hard on it while he was riding Jim like his life depended on it. He was also getting so close and lost in Jim's growled dirty talk and his own imagination.

Not to mention the way as Jim fucked him into a new bigger orgasm. "I love it when they jerk on my face... But your cock is the best... I swear…" he breathed already trembling from the pleasures and after a few more moves his back arched and his sperm stayed in his own hand as his release took him over with a cramping body, howling his joy in his strong voice to all to know who owns him.

"So... fucking beautiful!" Jim groaned watching Corey completely lose it as his orgasm was taking over the bucking small but strong body. Jim wanted to let that strong pulsing around his heavily leaking dick to take him along for the ride. He really wanted that. But he suddenly changed his mind – torturing probably both of them.

Instead he forced himself to sit up with his cock still buried deep in the pulsing body. Looking at his panting and blissed out man, he supported his back with an arm around the redhead. "Let daddy watch you eat your own cum. I know you'd do with their spunk on your face too..." he whispered hoarsely, a thick sweat drop sliding down from his wet hairline as his free hand stroked up on Corey's front to lightly rub a sensitive nipple.

Corey was grateful that Jim sat up. He steadied himself on the wide shoulder while his body calmed down from his rapture.

Panting he opened his hazy eyes at Jim with a small cute smile and lifted his messy hand to slowly lick his juices off from it. Moaning loud from his own taste as he started to slowly move again on the very hard throbbing cock of Jim.

A primal and very horny growl was his reward for that as Jim kept watching his lover with a hungry yet admiring look. "Such a good boy..." he murmured and firmly grabbed Corey's wrist to lick off the last of the sperm from his palm.

"Daddy's gonna fill you up good for it," he chuckled and tightening his hold around the small man, he rolled Corey under him and the second they got comfortable in the new position and Jim felt the muscular thighs press against him, he slid right back in. And stayed fully buried in the abused hole, his beard slightly moving as Jim was panting now, slowly rubbing and pressing his dick against Corey's prostate to milk him again.

By then Corey was just going with the flow. His body was starting to tire out, so Jim taking over him like that was very useful. Especially because his man was very right. Corey was a hungry needy little beast who just couldn't get enough. They usually had sex till one of them could move… But until that point all the pleasures and tiredness just fueled Corey's itching into bigger heights.

With his over-stimulated senses he groaned and whined and cried out under Jim. Moving with the big man, giving it to him harder than before. His nails tore open last night's wounds on the long back as Jim's cock head hammered against his love spot and made him explode hard once again with yells grumbled like a dying animal.

And by then Jim groaned and growled loud too as he was finally letting himself get lost in Corey's sounds and trembling body as his throbbing dick milked out more of that clear fluid from his lover, giving him a third orgasm.

This time with the stinging of his bloody back and the pulsing around his cock, Jim bit hard into Corey's neck to add to his pleasure while with similar sounds he began pumping his well-used ass full of his big load of cum, his whole long body trembling and shivering from the wild pleasure. "Mine. Just mine," he grunted into the marked up neck and gave Corey's oversensitive body a few more rough thrusts before collapsing half-way and spent on top of him.

Once Corey could think and breathe again, he started laughing and kissing his panting man where he could. "Just yours," he whispered feeling free and high and so fucking happy and in love with Jim. He couldn't stop caressing and kissing him.


The rest of the last day was nice. After a nap in each others arms and cleaning up somewhat, they joined the others for some much needed food and a few beers, just mingling and chatting with the others, enjoying their company and nice warm weather.

Jim loved to have his arm around Corey's shoulder time after time. Not that the pretttttty visible marks on his thick neck weren't a good indication that he was Jim's. But it still felt good to touch him. Even after all these years. It was like he was addicted to that fierce big-mouthed man on his side. He probably was, but he really fucking didn't mind.

They called it an earlier night this time as the Chicago MC would have to get up early in the morning. Which was good, because they both were getting tired after such an eventful week. So needless to say, they slept like babies in each others arms – waking up only for a handjob in the middle of the night. Which wasn't unusual for them and it more often than not ended in kissing each other until falling back into sleep.

A little bit after 6 am they were saying their goodbyes to Dan and his people – those who got up, anyway – then they were finally back on the road. Jim smiled wide at Corey as this time they were riding next to each other. It was one of the best feelings for him. Sharing this openly with Corey. And once they leave this state, Jim is a free man, who only has to stay out of trouble to avoid getting caught.

The time spent on the road was great, but Corey wanted to get back to their house and their dogs and private lives by then.

The first stop they took was over the state border. With a much needed coffee they filled themselves and the bikes with some fuel. Gathering some grilled cheese sandwiches at the small buffet, they were chatting with Chris and Mick.

Robb walked to the back of the small red-haired man and tapped his shoulder. "Hey. Just wanted to apologize for how I acted with you. Can I sit down?" Robb asked once Corey looked up.

"Yeah man. Don't worry about it," he replied staying careful still.

"I must give it to you that you could ride your bike great," the black bearded man tried to lighten the mood with a smile.

"He can ride something else great too..." Mick had to chime in with a dirty chuckle, of course, earning a snort and slap against his arm from Jim.

"True, though," he mumbled under his moustache, stroking down on his beard before continuing eating his sandwich. To be honest, Jim was a bit surprised too from Robb's approach. Maybe his talk to him did help, after all. And of course the fact that he got into the MC along with Phil and Mick too. But it didn't mean that Jim would lower his guard and as he could see, Corey was on the same opinion. Making Jim so damn proud of him again.

Corey rolled his eyes but a slight blush appeared on his cheeks. Especially from Jim agreeing.

"Hmm. I bet he does. He really looks like something deserving the attention of such a legendary Vice President as you are, Mr. Root," Robb said to Jim but his eyes stayed on the chewed up Corey, maybe a little bit too long...

To that one of Jim's brows shot up while chewing on his bite. Of course Jim noticed that longer look on his lover. Men and women often left their lingering eyes on Corey. He was a handsome man with an energy that drew in many and most longed for his attention, it was clear. For the attention that was usually Jim's, of course.

"You're already in the MC and I don't have real power in it anymore. What do you want, Robb?" Jim asked, looking through the ass licking as he placed a possessive hand on Corey's thigh to rub it a bit. It was both to show his support to his man in case he needed it and a slight warning to Robb as well.

Robb rubbed his beard, seeing how Corey also looked at him curious. "Well... To be honest with you, you both are very much what I usually like. And I firstly want to make friends. Mostly... And was just wondering how closed is your relationship…" There.. It was out and made Robb blush hard too.

Corey on the other hand swallowed hard. The gang bang fantasy he shared with Jim the other morning came into his mind. And wanted his man to know that he was only wanting him…
"Yeah… We’ve been through a lot and together for a long time. So let's just stay with that friends thing."

Rubbing Corey's thigh again while sending a warning look at Mick to keep his mouth shut about some... things, Jim hummed observing the flushed Robb.

Leaning in to softly kiss the shaved side of Corey's head, as if reassuring him that Jim knew the real meaning behind his words too, the big biker kept his hazel eyes on Robb. Hearing that hard swallowing from his pair reassured Jim that like many other times, they were thinking about the same. This time about that fantasy they played out verbally the other morning. And meeting Robb's dark eyes, Jim's mind started running a mile a minute.

"You've heard him, Robb..." Jim murmured, but also winked a bit at the long-haired man, sizing him up a bit more thoroughly like that too. He was attractive and well put together. Corey's type too. "I don't want any bad blood between us either, by the way. Let's just see where this takes us, okay?" he suggested, picking up another sandwich to chew on, but he was already plotting ahead.

"Sure. Being a friend is a great honor already," Robb smiled a little from Jim's wink and nodded. "We will meet up in the club anyway. I just want to be a little closer to you all. I'll leave you all then, I guess," he patted Corey's shoulder in a friendly manner and said his goodbye, leaving the little group to their food.

"That was awkward…" Corey mumbled.

Jim just nodded to Robb as he took a bite from his sandwich then watched the broad back of the biker as he walked away. He was kinda still lost in his thoughts, but Corey's comment and Mick's outright giggling brought him back to the present.

"He just wants a piece of you too, like many other," Mick grinned from ear to ear.

"Huh..." Jim hummed and stuffed the rest of the food into his mouth so he didn't have to comment.

"That was a one time thing," Corey sent Mick a killer look and searched for Jim's eyes too. "I'm not like that anyway to hook up with everyone..." he grumbled more, rather eating too when Jim seemed to avoid his gaze.

Sensing the change in Corey's mood, Jim quickly chewed and swallowed his food and put his hand on the back of Corey's thick neck to caress it soothingly. "I know well, baby. Mick too," Jim sent an even deadlier look at the big guy opposite them. Promising a slow and painful death to him if he didn't agree.

"Yeah, yeah. You're Jim's loyal puppy. We all know," he said good-naturedly. "Okay, gonna take a piss before we hit the road again. Everyone's starting to finish eating," he announced and walked off, leaving the couple alone.

"I really never flirted with him. That night when you saw us, he complimented my voice and cooking… That always makes me blush. Even when you say it…" Corey added looking up at Jim with his big blue puppy eyes.

"I know, baby, don't worry. I'm not jealous. I know you love me and that we belong together. And you are an amazing cook and singer," he chuckled, trying to lighten his man's mood. He even pressed a soft kiss on the tip of his nose. Not very big rough biker-like, but he didn't give a fuck. "I know you're mine just as much as I'm yours."


When they got back on the road again, Corey's mood was much better. Robb did try to talk with them about music and such things at the next stops and it turned out that all of them shared a similar taste. I especially in Iron Maiden…

But when the pair finally said their farewells and turned on the road towards the little house up the hillside was when they fully felt relieved. It was all fun. But going home was the best.

Once the cabin showed up after the last turn on the road, Jim's heart leaped in his chest. Debby's car was parked to the right, leaving the space in front of the garage for them to park down. Since she knew they were coming, she brought back the dogs and the cat to greet them there.

That's why hearing the excited barking while Jim turned off the engine made him grin from ear to ear. And he outright laughed when Buddy and Roxy dashed out of the cabin even before Debby could fully open the door. Then they were all over them, barking happily, even wagging their whole behinds too, not just their tails.

"See? My kids are just lovely," Corey laughed as he kneeled down to hug and pet the exited dogs. They even knocked him off his feet, whining for attention.

"Told you two that your dads are coming home," Debby laughed at the sight seeing how after Corey they attacked Jim as well with the same enthusiasm.

"Hey there!" Jim laughed, leaning down to the happy dogs, rubbing and stroking them with love. "Of course they are lovely. Like their pretty daddy," he chuckled then once the dogs let him be, he went to Deb to hug her and talk a bit.

In a couple of hours they were in the living area, watching some movie on the flat screen from the couch. Or more like Jim was half-lying there with his feet up on a foot stool, dogs napping on the floor near them and Corey plastered against his side, one arm around Jim's belly, head resting on his chest, while their cat Cheese was sleeping on Corey’s side. Jim didn't even mind the slight drooling onto his shirt as he adjusted the blanket around his curled up love.

He wasn't really watching the movie either as his mind kept drifting away. Back to that conversation Corey labeled 'awkward' with Robb. But both the now friendly biker and Jim knew it was about something more. Asking about a possibility. And Jim gave his answer to Robb with that wink.

Now he'll only have to arrange things.

With that last thought he lightly rubbed his man's back and closed his own eyes, just enjoying being finally at home again.



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