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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life : Part 1

Part 1

  2017.01.16. 19:40

Note: For a while we’ve been thinking about writing a wolf story with the boys, but wanted to add a twist to it. Well, catching Wolf on TV with the brilliant Jack Nicholson gave us the last push to start putting it together. After that it took only a day or two to start writing it. This is the result. Enjoy!

Note 2: The title comes from Slipknot’s “The Virus of Life”.

Disclaimer: This is a product of our imagination and was written only for entertainment and fun. We don’t profit from this fanfiction and we mean no harm or disrespect against any real person, culture or custom that might appear in the story.

Fandom/characters/rating/category: Slipknot, Corey Taylor/Jim Root, Sid Wilson, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson/Stacey Riley, Megan Riley, Jay Weinberg, Craig Jones, Chris Fehn, Alessandro Venturella, R, slash, M/M, werewolf AU, some (kinda manly) fluff, spiritual, dark, werewolves, soulmates, werewolf culture, werewolf hunters, Native Americans, shamans, shamanism, magic, loyalty, betrayal, action/adventure, drama, hurt/comfort, fights, bloodshed, torture, violence, minor character death, light Dom/sub.

Summary: "The man was a wolf. Not like in the modern western romanticized fantasy novels with wolf packs and human girls falling for them and fucked up stupid battles in between the alphas and packs. He was a wolf of this land."

Full-sized illustration by Useless-girl

The Virus of Life
By S.M.A. & Useless-girl

Part 1

It was a hot summer afternoon somewhere in Northern America. The rock festivals took over once again, and as much as the man loved it, it also played sad tunes on his soul.

You see, the man was different. Wasn't human really and only a few of his kind existed. That sank in more as he was wandering around the festival tents and watched the humans playing on stage or examined them from an outside point of view.

They stunk, to be honest. The man was a wolf. Not like in the modern western romanticized fantasy novels with wolf packs and human girls falling for them and fucked up stupid battles in between the alphas and packs.

He was a wolf of this land. He was bitten by his mate when he was barely in his twenties. He stayed like that in his looks, even if he was many decades older by now. His higher senses drew him to that band again. Or rather more to that one guitarist, ‘cause in the past years it seemed that man couldn't find his place to stay in one band.

"Corey! Fuck, I've been looking all over for you! Don't disappear like this on me," a guy, looking around his age grabbed Corey’s shoulder from behind as they were standing in front of a smaller stage.

Corey was the demon wolf’s name. He smiled at the slim man with bright red hair on top of his otherwise shaved head. "Don't worry Sid. You know I am careful."

"Yeah... But I knew you'd be here. I saw him by the buses," Sid nodded up at the stage towards the tall guitarist lost in his playing. Corey smiled and turned his eyes back there too.

Fucking guitar god playing in his own show. Corey always had that feeling about him. The guy on stage was fucking tall, around 6,6. Lean with a little belly, shoulder-long brown hair and a little goatie on his rounder face. Piercing, narrow and color-changing hazel eyes and fat plump lips one could kiss for hours if not for days and get so lost time would stop. And those fucking shapey endless thighs Corey went crazy for deep inside.

Corey on the other hand was short, around 5,7. His eyes somewhat gave away his true age but his wider bone structure and moves, the way he carried himself all made everyone see him as a twenty-something kid, which he was before his change. His restless but sad-ish ocean blue eyes were matched with slicked back strawberry blond curls left on top of his head, which was shaved around otherwise.

"You should talk to him. You know that, right?" Sid said to him.

That was the other thing. Corey was mourning. For about six years now, though... His mate was hunted down and killed on one of these festivals, leaving the band a guitarist short and the small creature broken and sad. Sid was the one he was closest to and to the younger man it was clear that the wolf has been longing for that "guitar god" for a couple of years now. Even if he would never confess it to himself either.

"We always come back to him. I found out everything about 'Jim Root' for you. And you know we would need a guitarist. At least ask him to join, man… You have to move on in my lifetime," Sid patted Corey's shoulder.

In his rational mind Corey knew he was right. And no denying the pull he felt towards Jim, the tall and pretty awesome guitarist either. Still… Getting close to someone again would eventually end them up.... close. And he was not sure that he was ready for another mate. Or he was telling himself that.

"Okay. I’ll ask him," he gave in with a sigh, walking towards the band coming off stage.

This was probably Jim's favorite time of the year. Festival season. He's been playing guitar as far as he could remember and left home pretty early to join and live with his first band. That's been long years ago and during that time he had to switch bands nearly a dozen times. But he didn't mind. All that mattered to him was being able to play music. The circumstances were secondary to that. There were times in the past when he had nothing but a mattress and a blanket in a corner and a couple of dollars in his pocket aside from his guitar, so he knew how hard life could become for a musician without a famous band. Still, he loved every second of it when he could work on songs and even more when he was playing on stage.

It showed on him while the crowd was cheering, and he tried to always learn more and let his technique evolve to get closer to one day becoming like one of his guitar heroes. He knew he was still far from that, but this was a constant thing in his life for which he was willing to sacrifice a lot.

Now with his current band things were okay-ish. The guys were fine and no real signs of problems or breaking up came up yet. Still, Jim could feel that this band wouldn't last for years either. He had enough experience to see such things, so for now he simply tried to enjoy the time he had with them. And that he did. Shredding the strings on his black and white guitar while banging his head, his long hair getting a bit curly from the heat and sweat, black button down shirt and skinny jeans sticking to his long body under the lights.


"Thank you for coming! You're an awesome audience!" their singer shouted into the mic at the end of the show then the big finale came where Jim and the other guys made a lot of noise with their instruments until the last sound vibrated through his guitar too and then they were heading off the stage.

Shaking his sweaty hair out of his face after putting his guitar away, he accepted a cold beer from a roadie and lit up a cigarette, exchanging a few words with the guys and some fans. Yes, they actually had some fans. Signing stuff for them still made Jim smile, because he wasn't that used to doing that or taking pictures with them.

Once that was done, he walked a bit further away to finish his smoke and drink some more of his beer, just enjoying the buzz of the successful concert. Vince, their drummer just finished a short conversation with him about how great the show was and moved towards their bus when Jim noticed the short guy walking towards him.

It was that redheaded guy. Jim sometimes saw him in the crowd. He'd spotted him a few years back and remembered him because he was short and kinda cute, not to mention those piercing blue eyes. And now he was heading his way. That suddenly made Jim a bit nervous and he found himself wiping his right hand on a long thigh. Such small and handsome guys often had that effect on him. What could he want from him? His mind was occupied with that thought while waiting for the guy to reach him.

"Hey! Great show!" Corey greeted him with similar nervousness. Standing face to face with the person of his (very well) hidden obsession made his stomach do back flips but Sid was right. He had to at least try to move on...

"My name is Corey Taylor, and I sing in Surfacing, the band… Dunno if you’d heard of us at all…" he started. Better get to the point fast, and also deep inside his senses were swimming in the sweet tingling feels of Jim's sweaty aroma and presence, while he hoped the tall guy saw them play. Or him sing...

"Thanks, man," Jim said, blushing a bit from the compliment, but he still tried to play it cool as he took a sip from the last of his beer. Surfacing? While trying to remember that band, he offered his now more or less dry and warm hand to a handshake. He didn't want to come off as rude. After all he was just a kinda okay guitar player and if this guy was in another band that could maybe become handy at some point. "Jim Root. Your name sounds familiar. You're scheduled for later today, right?" he asked, trying to shake the little excited feeling touching this guy's skin caused to him.

"I'm afraid I haven't had the luck to see you guys live yet 'cuz of our clashing schedules and whatnot, but I heard good things of you and saw a few vids. I knew you were familiar from somewhere, not just checking out my bands in the past," Jim babbled a bit and when he noticed that, he paused to collect himself. Damn, this guy had a strong presence. Jim felt as if little needles were prickling his skin all over and those blue irises felt as if they were searching his very soul with that look. Rubbing the back of his neck he giggled a bit. "But what matters is that you have a sick voice, man. It's nice to finally meet you in person."

Corey couldn't help but smile wide from the compliment and the way Jim visually got embarrassed a bit. His sensitive nose picked up on the chemicals the tall body started oozing, and the human shaped wolf-body responded with its own liking scent, what Jim could only notice subconsciously, but it still affected him.

"Thanks man. It's good to know you know us from somewhere," he laughed lightly. It came out as his kid-like silly and adorable laugh and he cleared his throat before he’d lose his head and give in to his instincts and start to flirt with this fine man right there.

"Errm… We’ve been a guitarist short for a few years now. And to get to the point, I would like to invite you over to check us out. And maybe consider to join? It's an official offer from the whole band."

How was it possible that the cute guy just got even cuter? Jim was trying to wrap his mind around the fact that somehow Corey could do that – especially after that adorable laugh. And now he even invited him to their show and to join their band?? Wow, that was kinda out of the blue. Jim didn't expect this late afternoon to take such a turn.

Clearing his own throat and telling himself that the look after that cute laugh wasn't nearly flirty, he hummed into his beer and drank the rest of it to win some time for himself with the answer.

"You managed to surprise me, Corey. I didn't expect such an offer. Luckily we will leave the festival just in the morning so I'll go check out your show then afterwards we could talk some more about me considering to join or not, okay?" he asked, at least not closing himself off from the possibility. "Works for you that way? You start at 9.30 pm right?"

"Works awesome, man! I really hope we can work together. I'm not that great of a guitar player like you are. 'We could make beautiful music together'," he added the old quote laughing again and offering a hand as goodbye. "See you there at 9.30 pm then! I'm curious about your opinion."

Jim simply nodded with a smile to what Corey was saying while he shook the other man's hand again and was trying to calm his heartbeat that quickened for some reason. He considered himself as a loyal man, who rarely strayed from his current band, but if Surfacing was as good as he saw on those poor quality vids and heard from others, then considering taking that guitarist position was a must for him.

Not to mention that he could work with this... strange guy if he joined. Watching him walk away to join a red-haired dude who was waiting for him a bit further away, Jim couldn't stop himself from checking out Corey from head to toe, his eyes lingering on the small ass under the nicely fitting jeans. Damn.


Time flies during these festivals, everyone knows that. So after a few beers and some joking around with his band mates and friends, Jim decided that it was time to sneak off to catch the Surfacing concert. He was a bit late, but his long legs could be useful in such situations so in a few minutes he found himself at the other stage where the concert was already on.

It was just maybe the third song, but the crowd was already going crazy. The energy and vibe coming off the stage was just as awesome as the music and Corey's unearthly voice. Jim was standing to the side, kinda hiding away so he could study everyone in the band. As he lit another cigarette in the dark, he recognized the bassist, V-Man, aka Alex or Alessandro Venturella. That made him smile a bit under his short moustache as he found himself lightly bobbing his head to the music blasting from the speakers.

Corey was singing – nearly rapping – fast into the mic while his fingers were flying on the fret board of the guitar in his neck. Jim tried to concentrate on sizing up a big and long black-haired guy on his guitar, that bright red-haired one on keyboards and a young brunette boy behind the drums too, but he found his attention being drawn back to the singer over and over again, so he stopped fighting it and just let himself get lost in that voice and music.

Up on the stage all of a sudden the singer smiled wide and turned to exchange a meaningful look with Sid. He was here. Jim’s scent and presence filled his senses. Turning back to the mic he tried to keep up with the guitar riffs and singing equally well. He was really like how he’d told Jim. Corey never considered himself much of a great guitar player but still he himself wanted to play some old songs he had co-written with his ex-wolf mate. It was somewhat a dedication to his late pair.

But as the crowd went wild and the fast, more trashy songs came he gave the guitar over to their tech guy, Chris and let his true nature get loose on stage.

He loved that. Being himself and bringing all the people into the feeling of being free and liberated by the power of music. This was his favorite thing in the world and the reason he didn't care about the danger of these festivals even after his pair being hunted down and killed. The band was their life and he had to continue anyway.

Getting all sweaty from all the singing and screaming and jumping up and down, he even lost his shirt somewhere, deep inside trying to put on a show for Jim who was watching them.

To say that the tall guitarist was amazed was an understatement. He had to remind himself to keep his mouth closed as he was getting completely lost in the show. The music could carry him along and suck him in just as deep as watching the energetic front man now moving much freer on stage without the guitar.

And if the half-naked sight of the tattooed, sweaty, short and dominant man struck him as arousing, no one could blame him. That energy and enthusiasm... and voice and well, body… Jim found himself drawn even more to that man sexually too. He couldn't help it. Corey was his type. Although very few knew about Jim liking guys better than girls, his lovers usually looked similar to this singer. Short, slim yet packed with some muscles (and tattoos) and fair skinned and haired. Also he liked some dominant behavior in them time after time. It's been a while that Jim had anyone and he tried to blame this sudden and strong attraction to the guy on that. Maybe he should just get finally laid. He couldn't remember the last time.

Either way, he tried to focus back on the concert and the awesome singing while shamelessly feasting his eyes on the jumping around man. After all, what harm could that do? He was tipsy and having a good time. A really good time and he could thank that to the short man and his band. And now Jim was more excited about their next meeting after the show.

The band walked off stage and Corey found a laughing Sid jump onto his back. "What ya think, papi? Will he join?"

"I hope so," Corey laughed grabbing the arms of the light body and carried Sid to the tents to sit down. "I spoke to him! You can stop now nagging me about your lifetime at least," he added as he dropped Sid down.

"Yo, I'm not getting younger, ya know. Besides, even I could see the flirty-blushy on him while you were talking earlier. He would work as a guitarist too, though..."

"Yeah… Even if he won't want..." Corey mumbled to himself lost in thoughts fetching a beer for both of them. 'Even if he won't want me or that kind of life,' he finished his thought inside.

In the past years he had actually turned into a stalker of Jim fucking Root. Being a demon wolf came handy when it came to sneaking around someone or spy on them. From all that 'investigating' he knew Jim was into guys. Even saw him coming and going with a few, which frankly made him depressed and sad. On the surface he was living in denial about what he needed but his instincts surely knew better who and what was missing in his life. Seeing and hearing from a far treetop how Jim flirted and allured guys (somewhat similar to Corey's look, so that was a plus) into his bed made the short creature's heart sink and close up for days afterwards.

But like always, there was a turning point. For over a year now there was no one around the tall, dark and fucking sexy guitarist and Corey felt somewhat sorry for him. It all made him really look at Jim more like a mate than a short term lover he longed for. He sympathized with the guy's more isolated personality and deep thoughts about the meaning of life or such abstract deep shit. It was like Jim got fed up with the guys and girls just jumping into his bed seeing the future rock star in him. And Corey knew exactly how he felt.

His wandering inside his head was interrupted by Mick, their own guitarist. Almost as tall as Jim was, but like triple the size in width. Mick was a huge muscleman. His piercing ice-blue eyes and long black hair and built hid well his more of a joker side. He was the other person beside Sid who knew what Corey was and helped him. Mick was an ex-hunter, changing sides for a reason. Sid on the other hand was more like family to the singer.

"You can do it!" Mick patted his back 'gently'. Good thing his body was stronger than a human body and he wouldn't cough up parts of his lungs from the 'light' hits on his back. "He is nice and worthy. We’ve been monitoring him for years. Take your step now, dude."

"I am…" Corey sighed sipping on his beer and rubbing his hair in the towel brought by Mick. "I promised the kid that I move on while he's still young," he winked at Sid laughing then smelling the air he took in a long shaky and nervous breath. Jim was coming closer. Now or never...

Getting a fresh beer and smoking another cigarette after the end of the show was to give Jim a few minutes to come down from the concert high and gain control back in his pants too. More or less. Not to mention that he didn't want to just barge in, he wanted to give a few mins to the band too to cool off. Also, clearing his kinda tipsy mind a bit sounded like a good idea too. Though it didn’t really happen since he took another sip from his beer for some encouragement. Afterwards Jim finally headed backstage, flashing his band pass to a security guy before continuing his way to the tents.

Flashing it to another dude too, he finally got where he was invited to earlier. And well... if the singer wanted to kill him off, he was on the right path with that messed up hair he was about to slick back. Jim couldn't help himself from checking out the naked upper-body from closer and he wasn't sure he managed to hide from his now greenish-brown eyes how much he liked the sight. Damn, he really should fuck someone to stop thinking of a possible band mate like this!

Clearing his throat and trying to take his eyes off the tattoo-covered body, he entered the tent and looked around to greet the other guys with a nod of his head, but that's practically all that he could do before his eyes were drawn back to Corey, standing there watching him with a small smile. "Hi, guys. Awesome show. I'm really blown away," he started. "I'm Jim Root," he said more to the others while his eyes got caught on a bite mark tattoo that was surrounded by blue veins crawling up towards that thick neck. For some reason Jim found them alluring and arousing, but he willed his body to relax a bit. "Cool tat," he waved to said veins with his beer, the other hand sliding into the front pocket of his skinny jeans. Obviously he was a bit at a loss, but V-Man became his savior, stopping him from making a complete idiot of himself.

"James fucking Root! Damn, man! It's been years!" the buff guy exclaimed as he entered the tent too and before anyone could say anything, he marched over to greet Jim with a bone crushing hug.

"See? I spoke to him," Corey came closer with a small chuckle. It was actually Alex who mentioned Jim as a possible guitarist after they had lost Corey's pair. "It took a few years but now he's on our territory," he continued to joke and started feeling way too stupid and silly and lightheaded and probably blushing too. So he just rather shut it and drank his beer to cool off a bit.

Damn that guy made him all hot and bothered just by arriving with his own little shy and breathtaking presence. 'I’m doomed,' Corey thought while he tried to tear his eyes away from the smiling musician and those darkening aroused eyes...

"Yeah, I'm the guilty one who mentioned you could join us. It was long ago, though. But maybe you will?" the bassist asked on a highly hopeful tone letting Jim go to follow Corey for the talk.

"Now we believe that you talked to him," Mick chuckled from the background.

Jim smiled too, patting Alex's shoulder back before they let each other go. "It's cool, man. I appreciate you all considering me, although I'm in a band at the moment. We have to talk a bit more with Corey about this before I make my final decision. I hope that's okay," he tucked some of his messy long hair behind an ear, the light catching on his earrings as they moved and Jim shook hands with the other guys too, trying to remember their names. Mick on guitar, V-Man bass, Corey vocals, Sid keyboards and the last two to join them Chris their tech guy (and background vocalist and fill in guitarist) and the younger man, Jay on drums.

"Why wouldn't we? You're a local legend, Jim," Mick smirked again and winked at Corey. "By the way, how do you know V-Man?" Mick asked curious.

"Nah, bullshit," Jim smiled embarrassed and looked probably as red as Corey from the compliment. "A few years back I joined the same band in which Alex was, but he soon left. Still those three rehearsals we did together were fun, right, man?" he patted the bassist's shoulder, who nodded laughing. But then Jim caught Corey's insanely blue eyes and that reminded him of why he was there. "Okay, we'll talk a bit later I guess," he said and as if he was pulled towards the short man on a string, he followed him out somewhere into the night where they could be relatively alone for that talk.

Stopping at the equipment tent Corey pulled the towel off his neck and waved to Jim to take a seat. He, himself lowered down his sweaty jeans a bit more and dried up his lower belly. And that was honestly not to show off, he started to get itchy as the wet fabric was clinging to the little curve under his belly.

"So… You liked the songs and how we play?" he asked when he was done and sat next to Jim's chair, pulling back his curled up reddish blond hair and flashing a warm smile at the tall flushed man.

"Errr..." That's all that came out of Jim's mouth at first, because the sight of Corey cleaning his lower belly with his jeans clinging to his hips so low – even giving Jim the opportunity to spot a few red pubes for a moment – kinda fried his mind. Fuck, get a grip of yourself, Root, he growled at himself, feeling that he was already half-hard from the sight and that strange and kinda alluring scent he could smell when he was close enough to this man. It smelled somehow... familiar.

‘What a strange thought’, he hummed in his head then tried to collect himself while sipping on his beer as he put his ankle on his knee in an attempt to somewhat hide Corey's effect on him. Not knowing that the wolf would smell his desire anyway.

"Yeah... yeah, the songs were very good. Both the music and the lyrics. You write them? I love how true and honest yet deep they are. Also you are quite good on the guitar too. I liked the build up of the songs. Musically. The guitar parts are good, but could use some work, in my opinion. Just to make them more... taut and fitting both to the rhythm and the lyrics..." he said, already getting some ideas, but he stopped himself. "Sorry, occupational hazard. I didn't mean to offend you or your songs..." he hurried to reassure Corey. "I tend to get carried away when it's about music and guitars."

"No worries there," Corey flashed him a reassuring smile. Of course he could smell the thick arousal of the other man. It was somewhat dizzying and alluring. Maybe there was something to that new mate thing. He surely felt comfortable around Jim.

"It's clear that we need to grow and get better. If we didn't, we’d probably already be a bigger hit than we are. And I like that you’re already thinking about the songs this way. And yes, I write the lyrics and the music is written by us all. And we all think you would be that special element to the band that has been missing. So... What you say?"

Visibly relaxing that Corey didn't mind his suggestions, Jim started scratching the label on his beer bottle, lost in thoughts. He had to think this through and be careful with his words, although Corey's presence was nice and calming despite the arousing factor. But Jim figured he just would have to finally find someone to warm his bunk for the night to get over that.

"You all seem like nice guys and the fact that V-Man is in the band is a plus to me. I also like your sound and lyrics. I can definitely picture myself on stage with you guys, but still, I have to think this through and know some more. What are your future plans? Getting a record deal? Or you have one or a label already? Are you based here in Des Moines?"

"Of course. I understand," Corey nodded. "We have a deal with a small label and working on putting something out. Just missing a guitarist, you know," he winked with a chuckle "and yeah, we kinda stay around here. I'm personally connected to this land. Have some love for roaming in the wild too. But anyway, we have a good demo and nice deal with a forming label. Roadrunner. You heard of them?"

While listening to Corey, Jim finally stopped blushing like a school girl and could actually map the guy's face and reactions a bit better and a bit more objectively. "That sounds very good. I mean the deal and putting out something," he said with a small friendly smile.

"Yes, I've heard of them. They are promising and currently trying hard to snatch the better bands for themselves. I know one or two guys from that label. They aren't complete assholes," he joked, hoping to see that cute smile on the small man's face again. What the hell got into him?! Seriously!

"I guess you have lots of space to roam in the wild here since there isn't much around," Jim hummed, stroking along his short goatie before his eyes found Corey again. "I ask for a couple of days to decide and your phone number, okay? I promise that I'll call," he added the last sentence and maybe it turned out more flirty than he intended, but oh well, he had his fair share of beers that night and Corey seemed like a cool guy.

"Well... If you promise then I can give you my number," Corey replied on a flirty tone also. He just couldn't stop himself. He had the feeling that he had known Jim for ages, and not just ‘cause he’s been stalking him practically for about almost six years. So the feeling was spreading inside him and warmed parts of his being he only felt cold emptiness coming from for years. "I really hope that we can start something together," he gave the card with his number to Jim with a cute shy smile.

Jim felt his cheeks heat up a bit again as he giggled from Corey's comment then he nodded, taking his card and giving him his own in return. After that they rejoined the others in the tent for some lighter talk to get to know each other a bit better and Jim and Alex quickly caught up too.

Still, no matter with whom Jim was talking, he always found his eyes wandering back to Corey's now fully dressed form. That strong attraction might become a problem in the future in case Jim accepts the guitarist position, he knew. And to avoid that possibility and to release some pent up sexual tension, he knew he was going to go for a hunt of his own after leaving these guys.

Which he did in an hour or two, although he was kinda reluctant to leave Corey and the others behind, because he had a great time. They were some funny idiots for sure. Jim couldn't remember the last time he’d laughed this much and he felt kinda at home with them. Which was a rare feeling for him too.

Either way, he found his temporary release a couple of hours later behind some thick trees and bushes fucking some cute metal head boy who was more or less his type. Then he crawled into his bunk on the bus alone, knowing that a few difficult days spent with lots of thinking was ahead of him about this offer.


Two days have passed and Corey felt himself sinking deeper and deeper into his dark thoughts. The talk and after it the mingling went great with Jim and the band. It was clear that the wolf aroused the musician very much, and it was kinda a normal follow up that Jim went to find someone to get the pressure off with. Still, Corey felt a little sad and upset over the smell of Jim fucking some kid. Like... it was any of the wolf’s business. Even now, days later he snorted at himself as he felt that same jealousy wake up in him. It's crazy and stupid, he stated inside as he tossed again in his bunk. Sleep was hard on him, even more than usual.

Giving up completely he got up and tapped the shoulder of the sleeping Mick opposite his bunk. "I go out for a run. Have to clear my head," and not even waiting for an answer he was out of the parking bus, heading into the trees in a light jog, just to soon dash into the bushes and run across the field as a light sand-colored wolf.

Mick stood at the bus window and kept an eye and his hunter senses on his friend. Going out like this was dangerous, especially when the moon was growing, but he knew Corey needed it. Watching the small man closing up made him and Sid think that pushing the topic of Jim Root as possible new pair to the wolf was not a good idea after all. But now they could only wait.

It was dawn when Corey returned to the bus and dropped into his bed. Taking his phone to look at his mails and maybe some gay porn to tire out his body and mind more, the damn thing started ringing... making Corey curse and almost drop it… But he managed to calm himself and finally answer it...

"Hi, Corey. Sorry for the early call and that it took a bit longer, but eventually I did call, as promised," Jim chuckled into the line a bit nervous then paused for a moment. "If the offer still stands then count me in."

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