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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life : Part 3

Part 3

  2017.01.20. 15:35

Part 3

The next morning after breakfast was over with, in that usual 'only sweatpants inside' outfit again, Corey called Mick away for a talk.

Since the hunter decided on changing sides and protecting the wolf who was left by his own, the big man really became like an older brother to the redhead. And this special situation now needed all the support Corey could get.

Jim has been checking him out and kept drifting close to him since he came back from his business meeting, and after discussing what new information Mick shared with the tall guy, Corey decided on taking steps. Just needed a little courage-gathering first.

The little back garden with all the herbs might be the place. His true self always felt calmer close to nature. Messing with some plants and digging out some weed from around them, he cut fresh lavender to take inside when the presence of Jim coming closer made him smile.

The tall man was a bit nervous as he was approaching Corey. He wiped his damp palms in his jeans watching the kneeling man surrounded by the purple lavender as he was weeding and gardening. It was a nice sunny day outside. Indian summer. That made Jim smile to himself a bit as he reached Corey.

"Can I join you? We should talk," he said quietly and once he got a nod and a cute smile, Jim sat down next to the smaller man cross-legged. Taking a deep breath from the calming scent of the flowers, he looked at Corey, drawing encouragement from his blue eyes. "I was meaning to talk to you, but it seems I had to hunt you down first," he giggled a bit nervous.

"I have to confess that I looked around in your room two nights ago, because I wanted to ask you about knowing anything of a wolf, I think, that I keep seeing around the house. Especially around my window..." he started, deciding that easing them into the conversation was a better idea than simply confessing his attraction to the singer. Besides, Jim was curious to know more about the strange happenings around the house too.

"And so you didn't find the wolf in the room," Corey flashed him a mysterious smile, gathering the cut flowers into a cloth he brought out for that. "I wanted to talk to you as well. You know… I've been checking you out in the past years. And I have to admit that I love what I've seen..."

"No... I haven't," he paused from the mysterious look. "Not that wolf at least," he added hinting at the countless other wolves around the room.

Jim couldn't help the light blush playing on his face from Corey's confession and compliment. "Well... That's flattering. Mick mentioned it that you guys have been keeping an eye on me. I have to admit that I like you all a lot too. Especially you. One should be deaf and blind not to notice that," he giggled a bit embarrassed and stole a glance of the singer.

"You do? So that's why sometimes you’re trying to stare off even the only sweatpants that I’m wearing?" Corey chuckled blushing too. But as he looked into the hazel eyes, he felt that pull to lean closer stronger again, keeping that gaze he even moved closer to Jim's body to feel that nice fuzzy tingling he always did when he was in an arm’s reach from him.

"Perhaps..." Jim smiled a bit warmer at him, finding his blush cute as hell. Of course he noticed Corey sliding closer, but Jim did it too at the same time as if he was being pulled by an invisible force. This was it. The moment when he should stop hesitating. And he finally let go in the next moment, a bit already drunk on Corey's scent and closeness.

He leaned even closer and brushed his lips against the small man's soft ones. His whole body broke out in goose bumps and his heart skipped a beat too from their first tentative, if not a bit shy kiss.

The pleased sigh was a little too loud as it escaped the smaller man. The feeling like liquid fire rushed over him from the touch of Jim's plump lips on his own. He closed his eyes and slid even closer, pecking shyly and indicating a slow tender kiss between them.

This was it! And it was more perfect than he ever dared to imagine.

Kissing Corey back was an amazing feeling Jim couldn't really compare to anything. It touched him deeper than any other previous kiss in his life and he let himself fully enjoy it. Maybe it was because of the wait or the fact that he was Jim's exact type – or just Corey himself. But it didn't really matter in that moment.

All that mattered was the other man's sweet yet musky taste as Jim reached up to cup the warm cheek in one of his big hands while deepening the kiss, his tongue finding its way into the other mouth.

Corey parted his lips to let Jim enter. His hands moved up to rub over Jim's chest, his wolf nature after so many years started to surface again to nuzzle and touch all over his future mate. Hopefully Jim felt something similar towards him while they deepened the kiss.

Time seemed to stand still as they got completely lost in tasting each other. Corey's hands were a welcomed feeling on Jim's body and he found his hand slowly stroking him all over too. Damn, he was already turned on and half-hard from this. Usually he'd go for more by then, but it felt so good to fully enjoy just their kisses. It warmed him from head to toe.

That feeling stayed even when Jim slightly pulled back to break the kiss and lean his forehead against Corey's. "Wow..." he smiled and licked his own lips, his fingers lightly playing with the curls at the back of the shorter man's nape.

"Yeah… You taste so amazing," Corey breathed and slightly rubbed his head to Jim's. His hands slid down on the sides of the other man. His blue eyes were almost glowing with a beastly shine as clear want and desire was radiating from him. Looking deep into Jim's darkening orbs, his hands grabbed onto the taller man's sides and pulled him closer to his own body. Hoping the buried desires would awake in Jim too. "I can barely resist you... Can you feel it?"

"Y-yeah... I can," Jim whispered slightly out of breath. He really could see and feel it. Those deep blue eyes, nearly glowing in the sunshine and the closeness of the other body simply made his worries and doubts melt away. "I never felt like this with anyone before... I want to..." he took a wobbly breath, fisting his hand in Corey's curls "kiss and lick and stroke you all over before I fuck you. Will you let me?" he asked on a low voice as he leaned to Corey's thick neck to gently kiss and suck the warm skin there.

"S…sure… I want all that too…" Corey said low, caressing the back of Jim's head to push the warm lips closer to his neck. It's felt so amazing he was at the last thin string of his willpower not to tear the clothes off Jim right there. "Let's go to my room. I’ll let you do all that there," he nuzzled his head to Jim's and with an almost painful moan he pulled back from the inviting bigger body and pulled Jim to his feet to get to the room.

Well... This was going much, much better than Jim thought it would. They were heading to Corey's room now to continue what they started in the garden. He was going to finally get what he wanted so badly. Even the thought made his by then fully erect cock throb under his jeans. Damn, he couldn't wait to get naked and cover that hot small body with his own.

It was crazy how being able to touch and kiss Corey was turning him on. Slowly but surely control over himself was slipping. But maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

In the 'wolf room,' as he secretly liked to call Corey's bedroom, they soon ended up on the bed, bodies tangled and pressing against each other, their hands peeling clothes off while their mouths met again.

Jim was breathing heavily through his nose and when Corey was finally naked under him, he had to sit back on his heels with a hand on the middle of the tattooed chest to keep him still. "You're... beautiful..." the tall man murmured, feasting his eyes on every part of the small but strong body. Then true to his words, he leaned down and started kissing, licking and lightly biting Corey's naked skin.

Just to make the small man lose his mind and moan and tremble with lust under him. Corey's hands were busy too. They got lost in Jim's hair, caressing and pushing his head closer to his skin, and touching the pale skin of Jim's where he could. He was loosing his control fast, panting and moaning with a touch of whining for more from his lover.

And becoming Corey's lover was something Jim already liked a lot. But he wanted to take his time. It was amazing tasting every inch of that sensitive skin which was just as responsive as the man under him. Jim loved the other's fingers in his long hair, but he "sacrificed" that in favor of sliding lower on Corey's body. Opening his legs he got on his tummy between them and took his time with kissing and sucking on the muscular thighs, moving closer and closer to the hard cock between them. That was going to be his next course for sure. He wanted to remember all those beautiful sounds his actions were pulling from this intoxicating man, so Jim gave in to his deeply buried instincts to lead him.

By the time he licked along first Corey's balls then that perfect long and slightly curved shaft, Jim was leaking pre-cum too, so it didn't take long for him to suck the tip then more between his plump lips to make Corey want more.

"Fuck... Jim... Oh fuck…" Corey moaned and from the feel of the wet hot mouth around his aching dick wiped everything else out of his head. He’s been missing these things so much, and wanting it from Jim for almost as long too. His senses were overflowing with the smell and feel of the taller man, his hips started to push up to feel more and to be buried deeper into that soft wet throat.

"Planning to..." Jim chuckled, letting the tasty cock out of his mouth for a moment and while his hand was slowly jerking Corey, he mapped yet another scar from the several ones on the redhead's body. Running his fingertip along it, he thought that maybe later he'd ask about them, but now he had a more pressing task. Namely, sucking nearly all of that long cock into his mouth.

Meanwhile his hands pushed Corey's legs up a bit more then he quickly wetted his fingers to rub and press against that tight hole, slowly easing them in one by one.

A series of more muffled and moaned curses left Corey's lips as his back arched off the sheet from all the sensations rushing over his very hungry body. His nails now dug deep and urging into the wide shoulders while he tried to focus on relaxing his muscles for Jim. Despite all, it went quite fast, thanks to his wolf skills and shape-shifter body.

Jim was sucking and panting onto Corey's balls as a rush of wild lust washed over him feeling how quickly his fingers could move into that tight and hot hole. He could have sworn that he felt Corey's need burning and urging his body and soul. And that was the point where he couldn't hold himself back anymore either.

Slipping his long fingers out, Jim slicked up his aching cock and finally got into position. He kept his eyes on the smaller man as he started pushing in, fucking himself deeper inch by inch, a deep and satisfied animalistic groan tearing itself up from the depths of his body (and maybe soul too).

Finally Corey could feel that long shaft entering him. It was all that he wanted for so fucking long. What a stupid fuck he was for trying to avoid what his nature and spirit have been craving for. The feeling of being joined with Jim was liberating and his own growl-like moans and more animal-like whines and huffs escaped his being as he pushed his body to the other one. He grabbed Jim's back and shoulders to keep him close and urge him to move as he felt that familiar burning of the wolf-mating rise up inside him. He knew... Jim was his pair to be… The only who could start and cool down those raging flames.

Moaning from the nails digging into his shoulder and back, Jim led Corey's legs around his long body and practically pressed him into the bed as he leaned down onto his tattooed forearms. Not thinking at all anymore, he let his body get into sync with Corey's, his hips rolling with fluid ease, each push and drag making him either moan or pant then his mouth found Corey's again, swallowing those exciting whines and growls as his tongue found the other's.

It was passionate, yes, but not that much about fucking. It was... deeper than that. Jim couldn't explain it, but it felt to him that not just their bodies, but their souls connected too. That realization made him sigh into the kiss while a hand stroked along Corey's thigh, fingers and nails lightly digging into the warm flesh as his cock found the perfect angle for both of them.

It was perfect and even more. The way Jim got into sync with Corey physically and spiritually too made the small wolf’s last doubt or hesitation about getting close to his new mate melt away by the strong flames their beings ignited in the need for each other. It was arriving home again. And getting closer to unite in their shared orgasm as their moves became more urging and rough.

Jim didn't stop to examine all the swirling feelings in him. He wanted to focus on the pleasure they were sharing with each move, kiss and stroke, their mating bodies starting to glisten from a thin layer of sweat. It all felt too overwhelming yet perfect and it pushed Jim to fuck harder into the small body, wanting to make it clamp down on him in pleasure. He wanted to see the ecstasy on Corey's face while fully letting it go.

"Come on, baby... cum for me," he panted close to the other man's lips, their hot breaths mingling, muscles jumping under skin, bodies shaking at the brink of their release.

"Bite me..." Corey moaned moving to the same rhythm as Jim, chasing their release. His whimpering moans were getting louder and more desperate as his lover brushed along all his pleasure spots till the feelings were too much and the wolf fell into his blinding bliss, pulling his new mate with him.

Without hesitating Jim did as he was asked, his teeth biting down hard on Corey's thick neck to leave a bruise behind, though he didn't break the skin, because that tight ass gripping him nearly painfully made him stop and cry out, his own seed shooting deep into his new lover for the very first time. The pleasure was so intense that for a few sweet moments nothing else existed as they were riding it out to the fullest before Jim's shaking body collapsed half-way on the smaller one, both of them fighting for air.

Corey loved the bite. Even if it was not a wolf mating bite, still his soul needed it badly, and Jim’s been giving him all that he needed for so long.

He kept caressing the long sweaty back lovingly and couldn't stop smiling. "You are amazing… I really needed this after all those years," Corey giggled pressing a sloppy kiss at the side of Jim's face.

Still kinda high and drunk on pleasure Jim grunted, trying to form coherent thoughts and sentences again. Lifting his head from Corey's neck he brushed his messed up hair out of his face to smile and look at Corey. "Nah, you are," he murmured with a soft, happy and open look in his eyes. "What do you mean by that?" Jim frowned questioningly as he carefully slid out of Corey.

"I haven't had anyone for like... six years," Corey giggled blushing. "Would you...? Would you want this? Want" he asked shyly. Even if he felt how much they just fit together, he had to ask to know.

"You have to be kidding me..." Jim mumbled pretty shocked. "I mean... with your look and presence? I mean... I get it that... that you were in mourning, but... for six years? Wow," he trailed off, hoping that he didn't offend Corey. "Sorry, you just surprised me," Jim rolled onto his side to let Corey move too, for now ignoring the mess they have made. He put his hand on Corey's glistening chest and let his fingertips caress his tattooed skin as he propped his head on his other hand.

"Well... I was hoping that this wasn't going to be a one time only thing," Jim giggled a bit giddy and very happy at the moment, basking in the afterglow of their union. "I admit, I've been fantasizing about us being together. I'd like that, yes. Do you? Because I think we fit well. I mean... I haven't felt like this with anyone before, you know..." he said and it was his turn to be a bit shy.

"It's okay. I just... It didn't feel right to start anything with anyone before… before you got into my mind," Corey added blushing more and pecked Jim's lips to ease himself a bit.

"I want that, yes. I was hoping that you’d really get into this family. As a full member. Not just into the band. I feel close to you already," he added leaning in for another kiss.


Jim sipped on his beer after they’d finished their umpteenth match on the PS4 and watched his... boyfriend getting up to take the blanket from the back of their couch to tuck Sid in, who fell asleep a while ago in one of the big armchairs.

It was silly to feel that little sting of jealousy again seeing yet another fatherly and caring gesture from Corey towards Sid. Jim was meaning to ask about that or the fact that as he noticed, both Sid and Mick seemed to stick around more since he and Corey got together. It was a bit strange, but not the only strange thing Jim had noticed.

Since their first time together two days ago, Jim felt more energetic and giddy than ever. It could be explained with finally having someone as exciting as Corey, but there were other things he couldn't really explain to himself. The rational part of his brain was still puzzled, for example about the fact that he could see or hear clearer. It didn't take long for Jim to realize that his eyesight got better and now he rarely had to put on his black-framed glasses. Or that he could clearly hear Mick already snoring in his room. Could happiness cause such side-effects?

Because he was happy. Very happy, especially because he and Corey only got closer during these two days. He was totally mesmerized by him, and the quick way his feelings were deepening for their small singer sometimes made his head spin. He didn't lie to Corey when he'd told him that Jim hadn't felt like this before. It was as if Corey knew all the passwords and shortcuts to Jim's heart and he was opening up to him faster than ever before. He just hoped that his heart wouldn't get crushed at some point. That was his only worry. Otherwise he loved and got pretty used to this family-like kind of living with the guys. It was easy to get used to it and maybe it was true what Corey had told him. He was slowly becoming a full member of this family. Especially now that he was with the redhead.

At least both other guys seemed to be happy about that. Sid was even jumping up and down when it turned out. But Mick's dirty grin was telltale too.

"Can I ask you something?" he looked at Corey after he plopped back next to him. "What's with you and Sid?"

"Hmm? What you mean? We are family. Someone has to look after him. He’d lost everyone else in his life," Corey said low, looking back towards the sleeping guy with some fatherly love in his eyes again. But then he leaned to Jim and nuzzled his side.

It was amazing how easily they fit together and got closer. Also the way the mating started to already change Jim. It only happens with real matching pairs.

They became a cuddly-nuzzling-giddy-sexual pair and yes, the other two were happy to see that.

Still, he could sense the uneasy feelings Jim started to develop and he could only hope they wouldn't get too far. He would be devastated if Jim turned evil with the changing and he would loose his newly and very hardly found mate again. So far it was just… like getting to know the new things, or at least they all came to that conclusion. But agreed on it that truth should be told about everything to Jim soon. For one, he deserved it; second, it had to be his own free decision. And third, the full moon was coming soon and the final bite should happen then between them as a seal to their bond.

"Are you jealous of Sid?

Jim lifted an arm without thinking so that Corey could nuzzle to his side. It still amazed him how well the redhead's body fit to his in every meaning. Jim also loved to cuddle and caress him whenever he had the opportunity. The stolen glances and kisses were only great bonuses in his eyes.

Thinking over what Corey just said, Jim started playing with his long hair, pressing his lips together for a moment or two. "Maybe a bit," he confessed in the end, deciding that honesty was the best way. He didn't want to build his new blossoming relationship on lies. "Sorry, couldn't help it but notice how close you are to him. Even closer than to Mick. I mean... I can see how much you care about him from the small gestures. And he calls you papi. He's British, right? Originally I mean. I know he grew up in America... And... what did you mean by losing everyone? What happened?" he asked, his eyes full of questions looking over at the sleeping man for a moment before meeting Corey's eyes again.

"Yeah… Yeah he is English actually. His parents had a small shipping business. I and my ex found him as a kid in a container next to his dead parents. Some mafia leaders shot them both because they didn't want to do business. Sidney was hiding away so he stayed alive," Corey told him in one breath, deciding on something similar about honesty in their relationship. Plus, there were so many things hidden for now anyway beside this. "He was only eight and said he would grow up to be a pirate and take revenge. He got that pirate tattoo on his face because of that," Corey added with a smile of a father thinking back on his child's early years. "But anyways, you are close to me in other ways. He is family too. And now you as well."

"Whoa. That's a tough past," Jim glimpsed at Sid again, feeling a bit bad for his previous jealousy. "I'm sorry he had to go through that. And at such a young age. But glad you and your ex found him and raised him... I... could have sworn you are around the same age," Jim slightly shook his head, laughing a bit on himself, but before he could think more into the numbers, another question popped up in his head. "And did he get his revenge? Were the killers caught?" he absently rubbed Corey's shoulder with the hand around his back.

Then a small smile spread on his face from Corey's words. "So he's like a son to you. And thanks, I'm starting to feel like part of the family. You guys are awesome..." he leaned in to peck Corey's lips then he met the blue eyes with his hazel ones. "And what's the deal with Mick? Why do you always tell him where you're going and how your day would look like?" he asked, a proof that he had a good eye. "How did he end up with you, guys?"

"Nah, Sid started to get into making music and touring with us. I don't even want him to be consumed by revenge and anger and all that stuff and go after gangsters," Corey said glimpsing again at his son, letting the age topic fly past his ears.

"Mick was a hunter. Now he sort of protects us. You see... he did not only hunt deer…" Corey started, trying to find the balance between how much Jim could take in without freaking out, and how much was 'okay' to still stay hidden. "His best childhood friend became one of the hunted ones too. And that all made him change his perspective on life and such things. But all that is maybe his share to fully tell you. But anyway... he got into the band to play guitar right about before my ex died. And after that he got more protective over us and slowly became family too. Maybe… maybe you should tell him whenever you go out. Just in case…" Corey added and pressed a deep kiss against Jim's lips, hoping this all didn't sound too strange.


The following day Jim was working on his bike in front of the garage and realized he needed a part replaced. Searching for motor shops in the area on his phone he soon found what he needed and decided to head over immediately. Working on his bike could switch his brain off nearly as well as making music. It also gave him the opportunity to think some things through.

For instance the stories Corey had shared with him about the other two guys the night before. Maybe that's why he'd decided to take Corey's advice and told Mick where he was going and to keep an eye on his bike until he got back. Since Corey was working on some music, Jim got into his truck alone and headed off to buy the part and run some errands too, also volunteering to do some grocery shopping.

As nice as it was in the house and close to Corey, it felt good to go out a bit. Things at home and especially with Cor could get a bit overwhelming because everything was fresh and new and Jim needed some time to process it all.

After the bike shop, on his way to the supermarket, a strange feeling started growing in him, his instincts kinda alarming him. Was he being followed? He surely felt eyes on him time after time.

"Don't be so paranoid. It's all because of Corey's stories," his rational brain rebuffed the thing, but still he tried to finish as fast as possible to get back home and kiss his lover in front of the house once he arrived and gave him the shopping bags.

Something was off in his boyfriend. The wolf could sense it. Jim felt restless and very much relived that he got back to them. "Are you okay? You feel like you saw a ghost or something," Corey tried to joke it off as they walked into the kitchen to put the groceries away.

"It's nothing," Jim shook his head as he went to the fridge for a beer. He was indeed calmer now that he got back. "Just my mind playing tricks on me, making me feel a bit paranoid. As if I was followed or something," he shrugged it off, popping the beer can open to take a sip. "Probably the result of your stories of Sid and Mick. Don't worry," he walked to his lover and leaned down to steal a kiss from him. "I'm gonna be outside, working on my bike. Got the part I needed," he lifted the package from the kitchen table and headed outside to do as he said, soon forgetting about that silly feeling.

That night it turned out that Jim was not simply paranoid. Probably from the mating his scent has changed, and his awaking powers could also be monitored more easily for the hunters roaming around with a more open eye due to the growing moon.

Demon spirit wolves cannot resist the call of the full moon and it was so much easier to kill them in wolf form.

Unlike his usual way of moving around, Corey arrived home with a lot of noise. In his mind already calling for Mick to help. As the wolf gained his human shape again, all the blood running down on his right arm was more visible. A rune-covered broken blade of a silver throwing knife was sticking out of his bicep. Around the wound the dark-grey oxidation of the metal and magic creeping into his blood and body colored his skin and caused him unbearable pain.

He pulled on only his gym pants and in agony stumbled into the kitchen, hissing from pain till Mick hurried to take the blade out and treat the wound with herbs. All that happened without a word. It was clear the hunters followed Jim to the wolf.

Jim was still up, practicing a new song the band had put together recently. He already mastered nearly all of the older ones, but still felt like he needed more practice, so whenever he had some time and sleep didn't come, he disappeared in the studio.

That night he just finished for the day, not knowing that meanwhile Corey went out. He spotted the blood on the floor first then heard some hissing and clinking from the kitchen. Frowning he stopped by the door to take a peek. It was Corey and Mick, the latter tending some wound on his boyfriend's arm. He looked sickly pale and his face was glistening from sweat as he gritted his teeth together to stay silent.

Jim's eyes widened and he was about to enter and ask what happened when he heard movement from behind him. Looking back over his shoulder, a very upset-looking Sid was coming down the corridor.

"You led them to him," was all he said as he pushed Jim out of the way to go to Corey.

"What the fuck?" Jim mumbled, his frown deepening. What did he do? Who was 'them'? And why was he blamed? Confusion took over him as he watched Mick helping Corey down to the basement, leaving Sid to quickly wrap up something (that looked like a knife) into a cloth then the red-haired man was silently cleaning up and preparing some food to take down to the basement.

What the hell was going on?!

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