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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life : Part 4

Part 4

  2017.01.22. 12:56

Part 4

"Sid... I don't know what happened or who did that to Corey, but is there a way I can help?" Jim asked after a minute or two, feeling awful and worried. What was fucked up is that he felt like that even without knowing what he did wrong. Still, his first thought was to help Corey. Somehow. If he can. Or if they let him.

"Yeah... Sorry man. I am really sorry. It's not your fault at all. Just... I just panicked, ya know? I only have you three left," Sid said stopping the mopping up and looking at Jim deeply. "So please don't take it on you. Corey… Corey ran into some hunters. The rest he should tell you. He wanted to anyway. Just know that we all are thinking of you as family and you are very important to him. And so to us as well. Come on, I take you to him..."

"It's cool, man," Jim murmured, understanding what Sid meant about having only the three of them. They were family. Even Jim – although he just started to let himself feel that. Either way it was nice not being alone anymore.

Hunters? Again? What do they hunt in the first place? And what else is that Corey should tell him? Sid's words only caused more questions to form in Jim, but he followed him down the stairs in hope of finally getting some real answers.

In the basement there was a room, some might call it a 'panic room'. The family just called it safe room. The walls were strengthened with thick steel and a chip card was needed to enter. Inside it was more like Corey's room. A big comfy bed with a lot of pillows keeping the pale and still sick-looking Corey half-sitting. His arm looked very bad and was shining from the strong herb oils, filling the nose of the humans as well. Many native wolf tokens and relics were all around. And on the wall a skin of a grey wolf without its tail, clearly the rest of the same wolf from the upstairs room.

Corey knew he had to talk to Jim, now he couldn’t procrastinate anymore. But he was still scared that it was too early for his boyfriend to accept things. Or maybe he would never want him at all like... like a shape-shifting spirit creature.

But Jim was coming now with Sid, who brought some meat for him to get his strength back.
It was so good to see Jim and feel him close again. When he got hit with the knife he doubted he would ever see this family again.

Of course the tall man was curious too next to being worried. This was the first time he was down there in the basement and he didn't expect such a room to be there. He briefly wondered why the guys needed it in the first place, but he got distracted as he glanced around. There were a few candles lit, no direct electric light on. It only made the room look even more mysterious with all the glistening talismans, carved wolf statues and paintings. But what surprised Jim the most was the tailless wolf skin on the wall.

So here's the rest of it, he thought, realizing that the tail upstairs had to belong to this wolf. But then why was it separated from the rest of the skin? Jim wanted to ask that too after checking Corey's condition, but as he looked towards the bed, the gaze that awaited him there was... kinda scary.

Corey looked even paler in the half-light, but what made Jim pause was the way the candlelight somehow made his eyes glow in an unnatural light and as he moved his head a bit, the shadows on his face made it look a bit more... animalistic. Just like his eyes were.

Lightly scolding himself, Jim carefully moved closer to the bed to sit on its edge, Mick and Sid giving them some space after Sid gave Corey the meat. Glimpsing down at the injured arm, Jim's eyes widened a bit from the sight. It didn't look good and he’d never seen such a nearly black wound in his life.

"How... how are you feeling? I'm truly sorry if I caused this without my knowledge..." Jim mumbled, his heart aching again like up in the kitchen, because he felt left out and in the dark. "I don't know what's going on," he risked a glimpse up into the strange eyes then dropped his gaze down on the bloody steaks on the plate in Corey's lap. He'd noticed before that his boyfriend liked it like that the most and he could eat quite a few slices at one go. "How can I help?" he asked quietly as he caressed the back of Corey's hand on his injured arm.

"I'm sorry if I scared you. Jim, I love you… Look at me… Are you scared of me?" Corey asked putting the plate away and caressing Jim’s arm. The thought of Jim not liking him even with these small changes was hearth-breaking.

Jim felt his cheeks and ears burning a bit in his embarrassment and also from Corey's confession. He loved him? Did he want him still? Was he good enough for someone like Corey? That made him look up just as much as Corey's question. He was about to answer when he noticed the light getting caught on Corey's teeth. Were some of them really sharper? Or his mind was playing tricks on him again?

That made Jim's heart beat a bit faster. Could Corey hear that? Jim had proof of a few occasions when he could... "I just... I'm so confused. I don't understand... Why would someone want to hurt you like that? And what did I do to bring this on your head?" he asked, hearing that the other two guys have left the room, leaving them alone. "Am I even worth to stay after this? You want me to leave?" he asked, his throat closing up. "I can, if you don't want me around anymore."

"Hey... No, please don't feel like that!" Corey lifted his arm to hold Jim's cheek. And regretted it at once as the pain struck harsh through his body again. "I wanted you… for all these years, never forget that. I never felt this close from afar to no one. My spirit chose you and wants to be close to you. You must feel it. You did nothing wrong, Jim… I want you to stay… Would you? And… are you scared of me, Jim?" he repeated his question.

Jim could've sworn that he felt some of Corey's pain from that move so he quickly took hold of his hand on his cheek and gently moved it back onto the blanket to let it rest, but he left his hand on it, caressing it again. "Your spirit... You mean your soul?" he kept trying to understand it. Sometimes Corey talked so strange and cryptic. "I feel so close to you too, Corey. I never opened up this quickly to anyone. Never... never fell in love so fast either..." he looked into the "glowing" eyes for real now, not backing off or looking away. "I... I love you too and I'm not scared of you. You make me feel safe and at home."

Still, Jim couldn't stop feeling left out. He could sense it that there was much more going on behind his back. He knew that they all had secrets in front of him – especially Corey. He had a lot, it seemed. Jim could see the signs. Right now he knew too that he wasn't telling him everything. Corey even avoided really answering his questions. Maybe he wasn't worth it yet. Maybe he still had to earn that trust. "You should eat your food. You always feel better after eating meat."

"You're worth it, Jim," Corey said keeping the gaze of Jim's eyes in his, answering his thoughts. "I was trying to make you see that with saying how much my soul connected to you at once and for almost six years it only grew stronger. I know there are a lot of strange things around us… Like…" Corey sighed, missing the physical contact with his new mate too much so he leaned closer so maybe Jim would too and he could nuzzle him. "Hunters, like what Mick used to be and the kind that killed my ex tracked me down. You may think we don't trust you, but really I am afraid that you would not feel how much I want you and trust you to bring into our lives. See this room? I trust you Jim..."

Jim was kinda not that surprised that his thought was answered by his boyfriend. It was a fucked up night so what does another strange thing like that matter? Instead he focused on what Corey was saying. He's wanted Jim for six fucking years without knowing him personally. One might say that was creepy, but the romantic in Jim thought the opposite. No one ever said something like that to him or felt about him like that. Just this very strange man with the glowing eyes and sharp teeth and heightened senses.

But that was only the outside. What was inside Corey was what really mattered to Jim. Cor loved with all he got, was caring, loved his little family and Jim. So without noticing, he moved closer to him too when Corey moved. After all, they were in sync even in such a situation.

And then the cat was out of the bag. Finally it got said out loud that the ex was killed by those hunters. That made Jim swallow hard and he looked at the room more closely, his darkening eyes stopping on the wolf skin. From that he remembered the demon wolf myths Mick had told him. Staring at the gray fur for a while the silence stretched between them, before Jim turned back to Corey.

"Are you fully human?"

The small creature swallowed. He shouldn't let his insecurity felt by his lover. He has to have strong faith in his love and spirit. "If I wasn't… would that change the way you feel? You think I won't want you anymore. But maybe I am more scared that you don't want or understand my love for you. Please... come closer. Let me show you how much you mean to me…"

Jim couldn't believe he actually asked that, but as far as he knew, there could be aliens living among them. Not that he thought Corey would be one of those. But he had a feeling the redhead was something... more, different. Jim could live with that, he thought.

He took a moment to look deep into himself then shook his head. "No, I don't think it would change what I feel," Jim added. "I'm... trying to understand," he whispered and crawled onto the bed on Corey's other side after putting the meat away and he nuzzled against his good arm. "Show me then," Jim murmured, looking into those unusual eyes from close, his heart beating fast.

Feeling his love rubbing to him was something that made the wolf melt inside. His nuzzly-cuddly nature was craving the physical contact now even more as he was wounded and not fully changed back to his human form.

He raised his hand to caress Jim's short beard and face lovingly as he also got lost in the hazel eyes. He moved to peck a sweet kiss at those full lips, the hand from Jim's face caressed down on the long neck and side. In this form his being got more and faster in sync with Jim and his awaking powers, and so the mind-connection seemed to work perfectly for the first time as Jim moved the way Corey needed him and wrapped his long arms around the still healing body.

Again, the bigger man felt like he was put under Corey's spell and he started to forget the conversation they were having or the self-doubt, because it felt so good simply just to share chaste kisses while holding the small wounded body to him in a protective manner. How come such a simple thing could warm Jim up so much?

After the kiss he couldn't stop himself from rubbing his face into Corey's neck, inhaling his familiar scent deeply into his lungs. He belonged to this man, but Jim needed to feel that now more. After all, he was still a bit shaken up from Corey getting hurt. And Sid was probably right and he led those hunters back to them. "Show me, please..." he whispered into the fragrant neck barely audible, hoping that Corey wasn't in too much pain for that. Maybe he should just stay lying there with his lover and let him heal.

Kissing and nuzzling Jim's head made Corey already forget his pain. All that mattered was that they were close and bathing in each other's scents and closeness. It felt so good and calming how the bigger body wrapped around him protectively. Jim's kisses and touches made the wolf melt.

"I want you so much… to be my pair… to stay in my life… I love you…" he whispered and kept kissing and caressing the other man wherever he could. Being in sync helped even more as he started to caress and tug the clothes off Jim's beloved body. To feel more of him. And to make him feel how much Corey really craved him.

Was he really feeling Corey's emotions? Because if he was then they were beautiful. The depth of how much he wanted Jim… "I..." he started then trailed off once he helped Corey out of the only sweatpants he was wearing. "I'm yours..." Jim nuzzled back to him in his previous position and just let himself feel and enjoy everything this small man was giving to him.

"And I am yours…" Corey whispered at the crook of Jim's neck, gently kissing and biting the skin to trigger the sensitive nerves there. His good hand was pulling the clothes off from Jim too and sitting more up while leading his mate to lay down, he moved over as he could to worship Jim to all his worth and the love he felt for him. Sending all his deep and caring emotions to Jim's mind and spirit through their bond. His hand gently clawed on the lower belly while his sharp teeth nipped along Jim's shoulder.

Jim shivered and moaned from his lover's words and closed his eyes, lying on his back. To be honest, after a while he got so moved from what he thought he was feeling coming from Corey that he had to show him he loved and wanted him too. He just hoped it went through that... connection between them, because the redhead knew exactly which parts of his body he had to stimulate to make Jim melt into a puddle, wanting more. "Take me."

"I love you so much…" Corey only replied that moving lower and kissing Jim's hipbone before licking and sucking on his hard meat with lust. Moaning loud from Jim's taste he parted the long thighs thinking that despite their busy daily sexual life, this time he really has to give his all to make Jim feel his dedication towards him.

Keeping up the bond between them and trying to ignore his healing arm, he did his best to pamper Jim's lower parts. His long tongue finding its way fast to his entrance to wet and open him up gently.

"Love you... too... oh god... Corey!" Jim groaned already losing his mind from that tongue there. He opened his long legs some more for better access, one hand reaching down to caress his lover's head. He was so ready to feel him in him and that's exactly what he was trying to voice. "Come on, please... I need to feel you!" he panted nearly desperately.

"Anything you wish for…" Corey smiled up with his more animal-like eyes and features on his face. Moving up he kissed along Jim's fair skin, biting it gently here and there. Turning his love onto his side, he laid behind him, spooning him close and kept caressing that long, long thigh as he got into position and rubbed his tip to the opened up hole.

Nuzzling Jim's side more and kissing into his neck, he pushed inside slowly, growling pleased from the pulsing hotness pulling him deeper.

The other man moved as Corey wanted him then he pulled his leg up to let his lover's tip brush against him from behind. Jim pushed his ass more against it, his skin breaking out in goose bumps all over then he was moaning long as that slightly curved cock rubbed along all his pleasure spots, making him buck his hips backward to feel it more.

"Yes... yes, so good..." Jim panted. It wasn't the first time he let Corey fuck him, but it was just as amazing. If not better. Because now Jim knew how his lover felt about him and that kissing on his neck made him even crazier than usual. "Take me!" he repeated his desire too and he had the suspicion it wouldn't be the last time he said that during their mating.

The feelings of being so close in spirit too to Jim, Corey felt that maybe finally he could let Jim fully into his life. Maybe he can forget the worry now ‘cause what they shared emotionally with his mate-to-be was something perfect and beautiful.

Sharing the needs and feelings moaning and panting loud, Corey was thrusting faster and deeper into that warm and willing body. Losing his grip over his barely present human side too. Forgetting the pain of the wound or the pain of the lonely longing years, Jim was there and his and right then they melted into one being and all the acceptation and love the wolf craves were now pulsating between them, bonding them more as their pleasures rose higher.

Jim's hair was starting to stick to his temple and neck, his breathing getting heavier as he was lying there on his side, one of his hands stroking along his own thigh to reach back and grab his ass cheek, letting Corey have his way with him.

It felt so damn good. Not just that perfect dick fucking him higher and higher, but the fact that this strange man was doing it to him. Jim's strange man. Corey was his and that fact made Jim's heart ache with love and happiness and need. He's been waiting for this so long too – even without knowing that he's been waiting for Corey all this time.

He suddenly wanted to cry from all the overwhelming feelings as he fully opened up and gave himself to the huffing and growling small creature behind him, his hand letting his ass go to slide onto Corey's healing arm to entwine their fingers, ignoring that he might felt sharper nails for a second. He was so, so damn close. "I'm gonna..."

Holding Jim's hand strong, the only reply to his words was a low grumble from Corey.

He got so lost in merging into one spirit with Jim. It felt so right and good… He hasn’t had that kind of joy and liberation ever since he had to stay alone. But now he has this perfect tall man, with that perfect matching needs and personality to share this all with.

The power and the love and belonging. The safety of being connected to someone. Corey's animal instincts were driving him to fulfill the need to strengthen that bond.

In the almost unconscious height of their mating, they were both losing their senses in each other as they were balancing on the edge of their release. Corey felt the urge to make his love feel the joy he never had before on such spiritual levels, so his sharp teeth sunk into the warm sweaty shoulder without thinking and he bit a mark of his own claim into Jim, pushing him into an exploding orgasm.

And that orgasm managed to wipe away the pain Jim felt when he was bitten. It was a truly blinding experience and felt as if the whole world fell apart or exploded around them as his long body was bucking back against his lover to ride it out as long as possible, his own seed messing up the sheets.

His pleasure-filled cry echoed through the whole basement, the pleasure burning and melting him into nothing as warm blood ran down from the crook of his neck. He was dancing on the edge of consciousness. As he felt something warm spread from his neck, he could form only two words: "Perfect" and "Finally".

Slowly as the wolf started to come down from the incredible height of their shared bliss, it all came to him.... He marked Jim unwillingly.

Pulling back and out of his lover's spent body, he turned Jim onto his back and kept kissing and calling him, not really sure how to start now that talk.

"Jim... You have to know how much I love you… And no. I am not fully human. I am a spirit's carrier. A native demon wolf. And... and I accidentally bit you now…" he whispered closing his eyes in fear of what would come now.

Jim was still kinda out of it as Corey moved him onto his back and started talking to him. That warmth continued spreading from his neck throughout his body, but he didn't really know what that meant. "It's okay... I like being bitten," he chuckled a bit, forcing his eyes to open and look at the clearly worried Corey. "What's wrong?" he asked, coming down slowly from his orgasmic high.

"You see... I'm a wolf… That part is true from the media about a spirit wolf’s bite. It will slowly turn the bitten one too..." Corey said low and worried about what Jim would react. "You are my mate now… But…" he would continue but the look and feel of panic in Jim stopped him in his speech about what they should do now…

As Corey's words started to sink in, Jim sat up alarmed. "What...?" he mumbled, brushing his hair out of his face. Way to ruin a perfect thing. His hand went up to the bite, now feeling the seeping blood and as he pulled his hand away, it was red. That's when he felt the pain flaring up from the wound too and his throat closed off. "You... you're saying that I'm gonna... become a wolf too?" he panted, feeling as if all the air was sucked out of the room and Jim found himself sliding off the bed in his growing panic, picking up his clothes, needing a way out.

"How... how could you do this to me? How could you take that choice away from me?! This is huge. I don't... Fuck!" he wheezed, his eyes welling up. "How could you betray my trust like this after everything?! Why didn't you tell me earlier? A wolf? Really... So fucked up," he mumbled more to himself as he wiped his bloody hand on his jeans, his tee already on his long upper body. "I've always been totally honest with you and now you used me. Made me something I'm not ready to become. But I guess I have no choice now," he whispered, panic taking over, making his previously so relaxed body to tense up and feel like puking. Jim had no control over it, just felt the urge to flee and get some fresh air in his lungs. "I have to go... I have to breathe..." he choked on the remaining words, heading out from the basement.

Corey just sat there and kept opening his mouth to say he was so sorry and that Jim still has a choice and how much he loves the tall man. But the way the panic attack took over the other man it affected the choked up wolf too.

Maybe he should have just gone to the hunters like he wanted after his ex’s death. It was no use. He fucked it up badly. How could Jim ever forgive him for this?? The panic swept through him also and he called for Mick. He couldn’t take the cramping cold ache in his chest. He reached for the bite 'tattoo' on his shoulder, the veins connected to it glowing up and the spirit wolf form was pulled over him to shift forms and curl up into a ball. Aching and giving up on all.

Jim felt the change in the air and looked over his shoulder, taking a glimpse of a curled up wolf on the bed right where Corey sat a moment ago. That picture didn't help on his panicking thoughts, because it was hard proof of what Corey was saying. That the impossible became possible. Jim's whole world was pushed out of its balance, everything he used to believe in turned upside down and he found himself dashing up the stairs and packing up a few clothes for himself in his room. He wasn't really thinking, just gave in to the need to put some distance between him and this fucked up place. He couldn't help it. Maybe he was overreacting, he couldn't judge it as his mind was coming undone.

Getting into his truck he hit the gas pedal and drove off to find a cheap motel somewhere along the way. Maybe in an hour he found one and in the shitty room he dropped everything after locking himself in, just in case. He even closed the curtains as he was trying to take deep breaths from the stale air. It was a miracle that he didn't crash on his way there. Cracking a bottle of Jack open which he bought, he took a long numbing sip. "It's not real. It can't be," he mumbled to the carpet while pacing in the room, finding his cigarette too.

Back at the old house the little family gathered in the safe room. Sid was pissed and worried, Mick was more tactical and rational, as always. Corey changed back to talk to them normally and think out how to protect Jim. Because even if he rejected the small creature and left him to sink into new debts of a broken heart, Jim was indeed in danger but still had a choice.


Meanwhile the shocked man knocked himself out with booze and dozed off on the shitty motel bed. The next time he woke up, he felt a bit calmer but still like shit. Especially when he remembered why and how he got there. With a bitter sigh he stumbled out into the small bathroom to take a piss and shower then afterwards he was standing in front of the mirror, his fingers gently pressing down on the edge of his vivid bite mark.

It was throbbing and burning, especially after the shower. Also Jim noticed dark-blue, nearly black veins starting to spread from the bite. It was like on Corey's shoulder. So it wasn't a tattoo after all...

"Corey..." Jim whispered with a bitter taste in his mouth, his lips curling downwards as tears blurred his vision. The pain inside him intensified, because despite everything, he longed for the other man's closeness. But he'd betrayed his trust more than anyone in Jim's past. Maybe it was a mistake to let himself open up and fall in love so fast. No wonder he used to be so careful after his heartbreaks. But... he couldn't help it with that strange small son of a bitch. Still, what hurt him the most, despite loving him back, was that Corey kept so many secrets from him and bit him before revealing the most basic thing about himself. Maybe Jim could've lived with that and decide later if he wanted this, but now he was torn from his human life, from everything he believed in and he felt rootless, drifting alone in an unknown world, among scary changes that he's already started experiencing.

Like hearing the rats searching for food in the alley behind the motel. Or the news from the TV three rooms down from his. He could also see the tiny spider in the right corner through the mirror catching some bug in its net. And he had to wash his mouth twice to be able to bear its taste and smell after waking up.

As he wiped his eyes and looked up, he noticed the change in their color too. The more he stared at himself, the more he could see it changing and it still scared Jim. Then he glimpsed towards the door and sniffed into the air. Someone was there. Taking another sniff, he realized who it was. Mick.

Mick indeed stopped at his door and knocked loud. He knew Jim probably could smell him by now but the things he came for was important for his safety.

"Let me in, Jim. We want to help you. They can track you down. I know you can hear me," the buff man whispered outside the door.

Jim definitely could hear him crystal clear from the bathroom though the whole room and a door was between them too. It was so strange and fucked up. All the noise and scents around – and the faster change itself – making his head ache.

Still, no matter how much he wanted to be left alone for a while and send Mick away – he wasn't even surprised that the ex-hunter found him – Jim knew that Mick was probably right. And he appreciated that they still wanted to help him. Well... maybe he deserved it after being "tricked" like this.

"And why would it concern me? I didn't ask for this. It was forced on me. What makes you think I want to live like this?" he asked getting a bit pissed as he opened the door for the big man and stepped aside to let him in before locking the door back, just staring at Mick with his eyes that seemed to glow in a golden light in the shadowy room.

"Corey loves you. He would never force you into anything. He is wounded and weak, his control slipped. And you have NO FUCKING IDEA how bad he feels now," Mick said almost growling and staring back with his ice-cold blue eyes at the changing wolf ones. "He let only you close to him after all those years. You really fucking think that he was that cautious and scared to open up because he wanted to lose you like this??? Anyway," the big man huffed forcing some calmness on himself, slicking back his long black hair "we do want to help you. You still have a choice," he said pulling out the silver talisman from Corey's room and a small bottle.

A low wolf-like growl did slip Jim from the way Mick was talking to him, but when he realized that, he forced himself to calm down then looked at the objects in Mick's hand, sighing. The big guy was probably right. Also... Jim could kinda smell it on him that he was telling the truth. He had no idea how he knew that, but the feeling was there. He remembered hearing from somewhere that lying gave off a bad smell too. All he could smell was Mick's usual scent.

"I still have a choice? I thought once bitten, there's no turning back..." Jim lightly frowned and took the silver talisman, feeling a strange tingling running up on his fingers from touching it. At least it wasn't burning his skin. He noticed lots of animal spirits carved into it. "What are these? And that bottle?"

"It's a talisman. It kills the spirit before the final transformation. Has to touch bare skin and it keeps the wolf from spreading. And so it dies out and you'll be fully human again. The bottle is full of lavender oil. It keeps the wolf calm and that strengthens the power of the talisman, make it work faster. Also it has cleansing and antiseptic powers, a very useful herb. It's your choice. At the beginning it will cause some pain but I saw it work before," Mick placed the items on the edge of the bed. "There are many like I was, hunting down wolves for just what they are. Though the wolf is usually not evil. More like the protector and carrier of the spirits. But still you should be careful. They wounded Corey with silver and know that you are important to him. You can call for me for help anytime in your mind. Well... while you still have the skills. When you loose those then it is no danger anymore for you anyway," he nodded and looked at Jim waiting in case he had some questions.

Jim was listening to Mick intently, not wanting to miss any information about... what he was now and how he could take steps to remain what he used to be. He had mixed feelings about all this and didn't know yet what to do, which direction to step into. Stay as human with killing off the spirit Corey gave him with the bite or embracing it. It was an inner turmoil he had to face alone, he knew.

"Do I rub the oil on my skin?" he asked quietly, looking at the items on the bed now, taking a seat on it too. "Yes, I remember that the wolf becomes bad only if the person has that darkness in him or her as a human too. And I know Corey lacks that darkness. He's not an evil wolf," he trailed off, saying that more to himself as he stared onto his hands in his lap.

"Is Corey going to be okay? Obviously silver is bad for the wolf. But it didn't burn me when I touched the talisman. Does it have to get into the bloodstream?" he looked up at Mick, hesitating for a moment. "And... I know that your best friend was killed by hunters. Was he a bad wolf? Or he was killed just because of what he was and that's why you switched sides?"

The hunter sighed and sat onto the bed too. "If you feel the symptoms you should rub some on your skin, yeah. Helps to kill the spirit faster and you'll be safe again. About my friend... Almost all hunters think the wolves are bad. We’re trained that way. Been told that our skills are the gift to fight the wolves. My childhood friend chose a woman to marry who was a wolf. And he changed too. I was sent to hunt him down. You see, some hunters are like corrupt cops. And some wolves are bad and use the skills to lead mafia-like gangs and become super powered criminals. But also some, like my friend and his wife or Corey and his ex were are fighting against those evil wolf gangs. And I had learned about this all when I had to deal with the command to kill my friend. I didn't. But others did. And so after Corey's ex was hunted down, I chose to stand onto the right side. What my inner moral knows it's right and not what I was taught.

And don't worry, we all understand that you don't want to be part of that. Corey would want you safe. And I and Sid as well. Corey is an old, fully changed wolf. The silver has to be coated with the hunter’s blood and put into the bloodstream. Corey will heal. But a scar will stay after the wound," he sighed looking at Jim deeply. "I'm sorry that it turned into this. You must know that you are still in the band and whenever you need us we will help you. Your choice won't change that. Please be careful and come back to the band practice on the weekend. Everyone will be there."

"I'm sorry too. About your friend... and this whole thing. But I appreciate the help. You also have to know that I love him too. I just... need some time on my own to think. To decide what I want to do with my life. This was so... sudden and is kinda scary. I'm just a fucking guitar player in love with a wolf," he chuckle-snorted. "I know he's probably hurting a lot. Please, tell him I'm sorry. I'll go to the practice on the weekend. I'll give you guys my decision then," he murmured, running a hand through his long hair. Well, they would know right away once they saw him either wearing the talisman or not. That would pretty much give them their answer. But not even Jim knew what scenario would happen.

"I have one more question. How do I protect myself from the hunters?" he met Mick's blue eyes with his glowing gold-ish ones.

"Alright. I give you this. Study it," Mick said pulling out a cloth and a knife. He made a small cut on his hand and made the cloth soak the dark blood up. "While you have the wolf spirit skills you can focus on my smell and call my name and I will know it. And that difference in the scent of the blood is what makes it a hunter's. You can smell them out. And then you better hide. And use this if needed," he also pulled a gun out of his pocket. "Don't hesitate. They’ll kill you without a second thought. But call anyways. I and a few like me will come. I have to go and visit them too. Be safe, Jim," he added and nodded his head before walking out.

Watching Mick with slightly wide eyes, Jim sniffed the bloody cloth to memorize that scent the big guy was talking about. Then he looked at the gun, watching as it was showed to him how to use it. At the end all he could say was a wobbly "Thanks" then he locked the door behind Mick.

Lighting up a cigarette he stopped at the foot of the bed, staring at the lined up objects. Jim knew he was ahead of a difficult decision to make and those two days till the rehearsal were going to be the longest in his life. He could feel it. Did he want a life full of dangers and complications, but also with an unconditional and mythical love? Or did he want to stay human and just be part of Surfacing? Well, he doubted the latter would work out on the long run because of what they had with Corey. Still, Jim didn't lie to Mick. He was in love with the singer, no matter what he truly was. Just thinking about a life without him and his love hurt like a motherfucker.

The question was: could he accept the kind of life that awaited him on Corey's side? The one that would change him forever in 28 days when the moon will be full again?

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