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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life : Part 6

Part 6

  2017.01.24. 20:54

Part 6

The next morning found the demon wolf outside at the first rays of sunlight. He got up during the night and scanned around the area. Running as a wolf also helped him clear his mind and gather his thoughts with more ease.

Back at the house he started his morning routine to spoil his little family with a great breakfast. The meeting with the shamans was great and the next step he had to take. A brand new life started for him, not just for Jim.

He couldn't help but smiled at even thinking about his mate sleeping upstairs. They will start to learn more about Jim's new life and the howabouts too. But first, a coffee and steak with eggs breakfast.

It was no wonder that after all the new information and experiences Jim slept like a baby, not even noticing when Corey sneaked out for his patrol. He woke up only in the morning, stretching with a yawn and sliding his hand over to Corey's side of the bed. It was empty but the sheet still held some of his mate's warmth and something else. His scent was strong there too and Jim couldn't stop himself from rolling over into it to take deep lungfuls of it. He couldn't name a better scent anymore.

Growling satisfied and very wolfishly, Jim huffed, his eyes finding the pebble on his nightstand. From that the previous day came into his mind, which reminded him that they had a busy day ahead. He was going to learn some new stuff from Corey. It made Jim curious and excited, but there were things he wanted to do before starting their new life together.

Like taking a piss, brushing his teeth and finding his mate to kiss him good morning. After the first two, using his heightened senses was a good way to track down Corey. It wasn't really hard though, because he usually took care of their breakfast, but still, it was a fun thing to first hear then smell him, following his scent down to the kitchen to sneak up behind him. Once the long arms captured the wolf and his nose was pressed into the crook of Corey's neck, Jim growled very, very satisfied because his possessive side had his mate right where he wanted him.

"A 'rawwwrrr' to you too, baby," Corey laughed leaning back to nuzzle his cheek to Jim's. "Hungry like a wolf?" Okay… maybe with this bonding Corey got some of Jim's 'amazing' sense of humor as well, because the silly puns kept popping up in his head.

Chuckling from the excellent joke, Jim kissed his way up from Corey's neck to his cheek. "Oh yeah. Not just for food though," he confessed, feeling it difficult a bit to control his emotions and desires and to stop himself from crowding Corey more against the counter. But instead of doing so he slid a hand onto his thick throat and tipped his head back and to the side to give him a thorough and deep good morning kiss.

Feeling his knees go weak under him, Corey melted into the kiss. The more dominant side of Jim was very much for his liking.

"I have fresh meat for you, though," he breathed after their lips parted. He couldn't help himself and had to rub his butt to his mate a little. They were sharing all feelings and emotions after all. Even desires...

Jim chuckled low, running a thumb across the wet bottom lip then growled a bit feeling that small ass rub against him. "Oh I know... and I have some fresh meat for you too, my wolf," he smirked dirtily and lightly bit Corey's neck as he rubbed his barely clothed erection against the small of the other man's back.

It was crazy how much he couldn't control his urges and desires around Corey and it was getting "worse" the more he continued changing and the spirit wolf was getting stronger in him. "I want to leave my scent all over you again... I want you..." he whispered into Corey's ear after wetting his fingers to make a quick job of stretching his mate, who was still wet from last night. That in itself coaxed a satisfied growl from Jim, because it meant Corey was still carrying his scent. His possessive side went berserk from that thought and all that was left in his mind was the need to bury himself in his mate and claim him again. "Turn that stove off," he grunted on a tone that didn't leave room for any objections.

Only moans and low whining of want left the wolf. Turning the stove off at once he let himself be manhandled by his mate.

"The guys can come down in any minute, though. Mark me fast, baby…" he growled on a low dirty but obedient tone, pushing his butt more against the probing fingers.

It was amazing how the waves of lust could wipe over them so suddenly at any time. And Corey enjoyed every moment of it. Still, when they gonna leave this 'safe bubble' of their home they will have to learn to control their urges more and let the world and scenery around them more into their senses. Mainly to avoid hunters. But now a quick mating with the thrill of the more dominant and bossy Jim and also with the excitement of not getting busted by the others, can fit into the morning routine. Just this once… "Should I beg for it?" he grunted as a bossy bottom, impatient to fire things up even more.

"Good boy..." Jim made a praising sound. "But guess what... I don't care if they see us," Jim panted into Corey's ear then sucked on his earrings as he added the third long finger, making sure to curl them in the perfect angle.

Still, Corey was right and Jim was impatient anyway, so after a few stroking rubs that made Corey see stars, Jim pulled his fingers out to push those damn sweatpants off that mouthwatering ass. He only freed his hard cock from his boxers and bent his knees enough to position his tip to the tight hole, making Corey's hot body arch for him. "YES!" Jim hissed, nipping against the freckled shoulder with his sharper teeth, his tip rubbing up and down along Corey's crack, smearing pre-cum and his scent there. "Let me hear it. Otherwise you don't get this..." Jim added, his voice more wolf than human as he pushed just the tip inside then nearly immediately pulled out again to drive Corey crazy.

And it worked perfectly, because the small creature saw stars and lost his mind. He tried to push his butt back against that wet, hard and teasing cockhead that was so close and still not one with his aching body. The whines escaped him louder and more desperate. "Please... Fuck me already, please," he begged on a more animalistic voice too, scratching the counter’s surface in his desperate need.

Satisfied with Corey's reaction and the needy sounds he was making, Jim smirked against the black veins surrounding Corey's healing claim bite then after sliding his free hand back onto the warm throat, Jim rammed up inside him with a force that made the smaller man roll up onto his toes.

He could feel the wild beating of his mate's heart in the vein under his palm and his own reflected that quick pace as he kept fucking into him along with his animalistic huffs and grunts, teeth nipping and tongue licking the edge of the claim mark as he completely took over Corey's space, making it his just as much as the small wolf. His wolf.

With that thought he quickened his pace, holding Corey as close as possible. "Touch yourself. I wanna hear it."

Letting the bigger body take control over his own, Corey was only able to moan and tremble under the attack of the more awakened beast inside his mate. Not that he was complaining at all! The wild lustful frenzy was just what he liked and needed at that time. Nothing left to over-think or worry about. Only the delightful feeling of being wanted for all his being by this perfect male huffing into his neck. And Corey was willing to be his with every cell in his mutated body.

Getting at the edge fast by the harsh attack of his pair, the order was a blessing, really. Corey, like the good wolf he was, reached to his leaking shaft and started to stroke it with a loud relieved growl, ready to become one with his mate.

"Just like that... give me your pleasure... give me all of you!" the beast-like echoing voice came as Jim became more one with his own wolf too, embracing and letting the spirit lead and merge with him and Corey's, leaving everything else behind.

"My mate..." he moaned at the brink and then there was nothing else left but to sink his mark into that magical bite on the smaller man's shoulder, tasting blood and Corey and spirit in one, his own shaking body releasing deep into him, marking the redhead as his that way too.

Corey was out of this world. And even more than usually. He couldn't form any coherent words so he just whined and moaned his pleasure from the possessive bite that pushed him over the edge with a blinding orgasm. Shaking from the waves of bliss rushing over him again and again, he could only feel being one with his mate. And it was a good thing that Jim was holding him so close. Because his knees gave up on him and even physically he was like someone melted into one with the other.

Instinctively Jim started licking the wound closed, but otherwise he had no coherent thoughts either for a while. He just kept holding Corey up and close to him, finally satisfied that he smelled more like Jim than himself. There was nothing human in the golden eyes that opened to check out his markings on his mate. He looked damn hot. And he couldn't wait to take him during the full moon too.

Once he deemed Corey stable enough to stand on his own, he slipped out his softening cock and cleaned them up more or less before pulling first Corey's sweatpants then his own boxers up. Just when he heard a door opening upstairs, he turned the redhead around to pull him into a tight embrace and steal another passionate and deep kiss that left both of them breathless and warm from head to toe.

"Boy, it smells like wolf and sex in here," Sid marched into the kitchen with an ear-to-ear smirk and plopped his ass down onto the table. "Did you at least get to making coffee?"

"Errr yeah..." Corey said blushing dark red and cleared his throat playfully slapping the younger man on his shoulder. "Get off the table."

"Why? You made it all... wolfish?" Sid added laughing on his own pun as Mick walked in, rubbing his eyes and joining in Sid on the laughing part.

 "Ha-ha. What a joker I raised," Corey rolled his eyes but pushed a big mug of coffee into both human’s hands.

While Corey was dealing with the other two, Jim was trying to control and stop himself from pulling his mate back against his chest. Boy, he wanted to do that, but he knew he had to learn to control these urges. Especially the possessive ones. But truth be told, he found the deep blush a very good color on Corey.

To help himself focus, the tall man poured some coffee at the counter for himself too, trying hard not to think what they did just minutes ago six inches from where he was standing. Damn, this was getting harder by the minute. And he started feeling a faint, different kind of pull too, but he couldn't figure out what it was. Maybe later he'd ask Corey. But first he should teach him some self-control, because by then Jim’s eyes were constant glowing wolf eyes and he noticed that aside from his teeth, his nails got a bit longer too.

Finally the rest of the family got more interested in coffee and breakfast than in their sex-life and making a very creative double talking pun-fest. Then the wolves went to study and train. And the humans to organize band things and sniff around through Mick’s connections. They all had a busy day ahead. Corey knew he had to be stronger and gain control over the situations when it's needed. They can't just give in to their urges all the time when they will be outside...

The joking around definitely helped to concentrate on something else, even if Corey facepalmed himself a few times – especially when Jim entered the game too. All in all the breakfast was spent in a good spirit then after saying goodbye to the guys for now, he and Corey went downstairs into the basement.


Sitting on the big bed where Jim had to face the truth about Corey and the world he was part of, he kept his yellow eyes on his mate, his 'pebble' (as he liked to call it now too) resting in front of him. "Okay... So, control. I think that's the most urgent thing I should learn, because of this," here he pointed at the visible wolf signs then he fisted his hands on top of his own knees. "And it's taking all my remaining self-control not to pull you under me and start grooming you or some equally embarrassing thing in case we were in public..." he chuckled a bit at the end, but the glowing eyes stayed serious.

"That sounds good. Maybe I should change and let you pet me," Corey chuckled and sat opposite Jim. "But about that. Remember when I told you about how to shift forms? It's not like a wolf inside you. After the full moon you no longer will have human DNA. Or finger prints," he raised his hand close to Jim's face to make him see his totally smooth fingertips.

"So as you have to focus on being wolf on the outside, to shift back and stay like that you’ll have to pull a human look over you to hide your wolf side. Imagine it like that. A human cover to hide you. It is easier with practice."

"Don't tempt me," Jim made an 'I'd like that a lot' kind of cute noise to Corey's suggestion, but then he concentrated on what the other man was saying. Yes, he remembered how Corey shifted in front of him both into wolf and human form and even explained it a bit to him back then saying that it would be easier to visualize and think it through in mind before the time when he'd have to actually do it.

Now the big finale was a bit further away, but to appear normal in public, Jim had to figure out this "human disguise" thing his mate was talking about after showing the smooth fingertips to him. "Well, no fingerprints definitely makes it easier for the bad wolves mob to get away with all kinds of shit. I remember the no human DNA part too," Jim nodded then took a deep steadying breath. "And I pull this human cover over me from my bite mark or I just... visualize it? Can you show me?" he asked curious.

"Mainly visualize it. Like a magician uses a fog to appear and disappear. We pull a dark smog over us and focus on our spirit shaping into a human cover. I'll try to show you from close and somewhat slower," Corey said biting his lip as he was thinking about how would be best to explain and show it to Jim.

Quickly he pulled his tee and pants off, stating to the hungry wolf look Jim gave him that now it was nothing like THAT.

He sat close in front of Jim with his back towards his mate and took a deep breath. Then his spirit started to swirl around him almost unseen. He reached for the veins and 'tattoo' mark on his shoulder and it looked as if the lines of the veins were being pulled out of his skin, forming a web that became thicker and thicker. When it formed faster, it became the smoke or fog his body could change under. And in sync with that Corey's body shifted. His face grew into a wolf's muzzle, the few light hairs over his body grew into a sand-colored fur coat. His arms and legs shortened and formed paws. All was done in less than a minute – that was as much as he could slow it down – but in sync with Jim's senses he was sure the tall man could see it all.

The transformation itself was familiar to Jim, but he never saw it slowed down like this. He realized that his mouth was hanging open a bit for the second time in the last couple of days. He tried to burn every detail into his mind then at the end he found the now familiar sand-colored wolf sitting on the bed in front of him, looking over his shoulder with the question "do you get it now?" in the blue eye.

"Damn, that was awesome," he sighed, struggling to keep himself from pouncing on Corey while his mind was thinking about what he had to do to copy this technique. Then he finally decided that he was overthinking it and should give more room to his instincts. Agreeing with himself, Jim gave in to the urge only enough to let his hands get lost in the soft wolf fur on Corey's back. "I think I get it. Give me a minute or two. You smell so damn good and inviting," he said feeling a bit tormented by the musky wolf scent, but at the same time loved every second of it while caressing his mate. "I want to give in so badly. But I won't," he confessed then took one deep breath from that beloved scent and exhaled slowly again.

Letting Corey go Jim closed his eyes to concentrate and let his instincts lead him. His left hand lifted to where his healing bite mark was and rested it on it for a moment or two. Then he started visualizing what he'd just seen from Corey. The only difference was that now he had to concentrate on appearing human. Imagining his usual eye-color, teeth and nails, he slowly lifted his hand off, pulling on the magical veins with the help of the growing spirit in him. It surprised him a bit, but Jim felt grateful that as it became more and more one with him, it wanted to help him because it was already partially him and that's what Jim needed at the moment.

Some of the previously seen fog came out of his shoulder, but the amount was much less than what Corey produced. Still, it was enough for Jim to pull over his eyes and once it dissolved, they looked like his usual hazel ones, only a hint of the wolf-yellow in them. He also noticed that on his left hand (which he used) his nails looked normal too. "Wow. Did it work on my eyes too?"

"Yes," the wolf nodded and spoke in his mind. "You have to focus on how you want to look. Even if we become like… mutants or mixed creatures our body cells remember. And the switch between the two forms can be full. Just like… imagine how you want to be, like… you need to want to look like your human self. Want it hard and see yourself before your inner-eyes like that too. But you did great for the first time," the wolf flicked his tongue over Jim's lips and rubbed his head to the tall man's face.

Jim chuckled a bit both from Corey's sign of affection and his little triumph. "Yes, I tried to do that. Wanting to look like my old human self," Jim nodded while hugging his wolf to him, pressing a kiss against Corey's muzzle.

"Does it stay like this until I'm calm and nothing triggers the wolf spirit, or do I constantly concentrate on keeping up either the human mask or the wolf transformation?" he wondered, on instinct a hand going back to stroking the soft fur.

"Stays like that until you feel it loosen. Like from stress or something. The wolf is stronger. Because that will overwrite the human DNA and all. That is not hard at all to keep up," Corey laid down and nudged the small stone at Jim's hand. "Want to focus on your growing spirit inside to make the others around visible with that?"

If a few months back someone had told Jim that one day he'd lead a conversation with a big wolf through a mind-link, he would've laughed them in the face. But now it came quite natural to him to hear and understand his mate like this.

Nodding to the explanation, Jim looked down at the stone. "Wait a sec, I want to finish this first," he pointed at his still sharper and longer teeth and his other hand. Although it took him three tries to form the previous fog, he soon managed to look completely human again. He was quite proud of himself about the achievement then decided it was time to take the next step.

After absently caressing Corey's head, he took the pebble in his palm, weighing then turning it between his fingers. He let its vibes make his palm tingle a bit as he got more used to it. "So I guess I concentrate on my spirit and use it to call forth the others to show themselves and kinda introduce myself to them? Will they be... actual spirits? Full-bodied apparitions or more like the glowing orbs we saw in the fire?"

"Both. Everything has spirits and living energy. Even plants too. The people of the East and ancient ones know that, modern people of the West think they are more and better if they eat plants than animals just because they don't know and feel their energies and spirit," the wolf seemed to shrug. "The plants eat everything once it died. Even the human corpses. Maybe they’re farming us and just live in a different time speed and we are not aware," he huffed "but anyways, yes. You can even say it after you connect with your inner spirit. Call them to show themselves."

Jim nodded in agreement since he'd heard about some of the things Corey was saying. Then he snorted and muffled a laugh, absently playing with one of his mate's ears. Probably to calm himself a bit too. "I kinda like that farming theory, to be honest. Would make perfect sense," he smiled then closed his eyes, rubbing the stone between his fingers.

He basically tried to do the same as before: look inside him, connect with his self and the spirit attaching itself to him. It took a minute or two of concentration, but then he started to feel it. It was like a forming second self by then. Smiling a bit from the feeling, Jim opened his mouth.

"Spirits of the stone. With respect I call you forth to show yourselves in front of us."

The wolf Corey seemed to be smiling on the formal way Jim called the spirits. He could have said that the stone helps him connect and to ask for help from the spirits, but he didn't want to interrupt his mate's first and very good try.

Jim's spirit started to shine and slowly the shiny orbs appeared, then ghost-like floating light formed birds and rabbits and a fox showed itself too.

"There are many dimensions and they are connecting and lying upon each other. And we cannot see them, just with the kind of magic like what’s inside the stone. When you’ll be able to connect with them more, they will help in fights and be your eyes in places far away. It's a cool gift."

Jim's eyes widened, a tiny bit surprised that it worked for the first try. He looked at the animal spirits in the room. "Amazing," he chuckled a bit in disbelief. Although the spirits were kinda blurry in shape yet, Jim guessed that with practice and time, the more he connects with the spirit world, they would have a more defined shape and as Corey said, they would show their abilities.

"Truly amazing," the brunette man smiled bright when one of the bird-like spirits flew closer and kinda landed on Jim's finger that he held out. In real it was more like hovering over it, making Jim's finger tingle from the nice kind of energy.

"Thank you for showing yourselves. I'll call upon you when I'll want to practice or need your help. You can go now," he told the spirits. Their light seemed to glow a bit brighter for a moment or two then as they returned into their orb state and moved in the air, they finally dissolved and the tingling in the pebble calmed down, making it return to being a simple stone. "I'm stunned," he confessed smiling at his mate.

"You did very well," Corey said then changed back to his human form. Smiling at his mate he reached for his clothes. "We have to go to the forest. I want you to work on your sensing more. We will hit the road in a few days."


While Corey was teaching his new mate, the others were busy arranging things for the band and the tour. Sid and V-man handled organizing and preparing stuff for that, Corey or Mick supervising them every now and then. But the big guitarist's main task now was to make sure the tour would be secure for all, especially for the mates. He didn't want any surprises on the road. It was bad enough that the hunters already knew about Jim. It certainly complicated things and called for being extra careful. They couldn't afford to let history repeat itself.

As Mick was driving to one of his trustworthy hunter contacts, he was thinking back on how helpless he felt while trying to keep Corey alive after he'd lost his ex-mate to the bad hunters. Seeing that bloody skin only reassured Mick that he'd chosen the right path. It was unnecessary cruelty even in hunters' term. And although Mick had switched sides for other reasons, the skinning was a clear example for the difference between the corrupt and regular hunters. Either way, they didn't want to bump into any kind on tour. Now he had to make sure such a thing wouldn't happen again.

He got out of his car only once he made 100% sure that he wasn't followed to the abandoned house. As the dust around him was more or less blown away by the wind, he entered the ground floor, hearing glass and debris crunch under his heavy combat boots. It was silent otherwise, only his footsteps could be heard as he ventured deeper into the house. "It's me. You can come out, Shawn."

From not far where Mick stood a trap door opened up on the dusty floor. "Come," a low rusty voice called from the basement.

The ex-hunter climbed down into a much neater living space. A long grey-haired man awaited him, rubbing his beard absently. "What's up, Mick? Want coffee and cookies?" the man asked lowering the iron baseball bat from his shoulder and even gave Mick a little smile.

"Hey," Mick offered his hand and after a firm shake, he nodded, his long black hair falling into his face. Shaking it back behind his shoulder the buff man took a seat by the table. "Yes, thanks. Sounds good. I need your help man. Our situation had changed considerably," he said, watching Shawn moving around to prepare the coffee after putting a plate of cookies on the table. Mick absently started munching on one while he waited.

"That creature is always in the spotlight. I already know he finally got the mate he’d picked out. News travel fast about the ones that are considered foes of the 'families'. Corey is a great one fighting against them," Shawn said sitting opposite the other man. "What you need to know?"

"Yes, he's not the subtle type," Mick chuckled and took another bite from the cookie, thinking for a moment. "I had no doubts about everyone knowing about Jim. They started tracking him right after they’d started fucking like rabbits. Back then Jim had no idea about what he was getting into. Anyways," Mick stopped for a moment to take a breath in his fast talking "Corey's teaching and preparing him now. And we're going on tour soon. That's extra dangerous as you know. Are there any news about hunter and corrupt movements concerning us?"

"Hmm. Are you sure it's a good idea to tour after what’d happened?" the older man hummed sipping on his coffee and keeping his small icy-blue eyes on Mick meaningfully. "But anyways, Jim will always be a weak spot from now on, you should train him too. Corey keeps crossing the families and their business and he is on the top of the headhunt list," he sighed. In a way it was clear to both of them that Corey was doing what was right and that he won't be too careful about it anyway.

Shawn got up and fetched a brand new mobile from one of the drawers. "Here, I will contact you on this. It can't be tracked down. Send me the locations of the tour and the lists of the members and the staff people on this. Many years have passed, I guess there are changes there too. I get in touch with my contacts, but only for you and that obnoxious little shit. I won't be going out for anyone else's safety."

"We don't really have a choice about the tour at this point," Mick shrugged and stuffed another cookie in his mouth, chewing fast and washing it down with some coffee before continuing. "Corey knows that. Even Jim knows that he's a weak spot and Corey to him. I'll start training him in the following days," he nodded, letting Shawn know that it was already scheduled. "First he needs to get used to his own growing powers and the spirit world first. He's been taking things rather well aside from a little hiccup earlier."

Watching Shawn with the always observing eyes of the hunter (even if it is an ex one), Mick took the phone with a grateful nod. "Thanks. We appreciate the help. We called back most of the trustworthy tour staff from the past, but some background checks on everyone could never hurt. I don't want any surprises either with the old and new people around us," he frowned. "Is there anything you need in exchange?"

Shawn nodded and sat back. "I would say talk to the elders, but I don't live in an illusion. I know it's not time yet to crawl back among the living from my self-made bunker," he laughed a little.

Yeah, Mick remembered well how he had to 'kill' off the Clown. That was the nickname of the ex-hunter before him munching on cookies now. By then Mick was a double agent. Still keeping contact with the corrupted base of leadership of the hunters. But at the same time he was loyal to Corey and his ex, and was helping them in their mission to track down and eliminate the so-called “families”. Shawn had the same position in one of those families. Being a person with a talent for gadgets and hacking programs, he counted as valuable for the criminal wolf packs. After the big final showdown where Corey was almost killed and his ex was butchered like some pest, Shawn had left. Mick dropped a hint here and there that the Clown was killed by him so that they would leave the old house alone. But still they broke in trashing and burning it up badly. Shawn’s been a ghost ever since. And not belonging to no groups. Mick was sure, though that his old twisted friend liked this loner Ronin kinda life.

"I would say some supply of arms and cookies would be nice afterwards."

Shawn's voice brought the big guy back from his memories and nodded. "Send me a list on this nice... pink (???) phone and I get it for you." Really, Shawn and his ways...

"It's actually neon orange when you charge it," Shawn corrected it with a naughty light in his small eyes.

"Way to be subtle, my friend," Mick pocketed said phone with a small shake of his head. "Consider it done. If anything of importance catches your eye or ears, send it to the phone. I'll keep it with me from now on," he added then finishing his coffee he stood, towering over the other man. "I'll fuck off now, thanks again. You'll be hearing from us," he added shaking Shawn's hand then let himself out of the basement.

"Silly kids," Shawn mumbled to himself then chuckled, shaking his head as he leaned back in his chair, cradling his mug as he got lost in thoughts.

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