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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life : Part 10

Part 10

  2017.01.31. 20:24

Part 10

A few days have passed since the warehouse attack and the full moon. The blackness was slowly fading from Jim's skin, leaving only the scars behind. He was sitting on one of the couches on the bus, Corey resting his head on Jim's thigh while he was typing something on his phone, effectively taking the rest of the couch to himself.

They were back on the road, but none of them could fully concentrate on the concerts. Not that anything could be seen or heard on their performances, but they were tenser than usual and had to keep their guards up all the time. It was fucking exhausting, but very necessary while they were waiting and doing some smaller and very careful investigations too – which didn't lead to anywhere yet.

This waiting was the worst in Jim's opinion. Just sitting there on the bus, watching as cities and corn fields passed them while sensing the danger and gloom hovering over them. He hated that he couldn't do anything that would help them wrap this mess up as fast as possible.

His deep thoughts were interrupted when his phone buzzed and chimed on the back of the couch, for a few moments muting the Mastodon song he was quietly listening to.

"Huh!" he said with a mixture of suspicion, relief and happiness in his voice. Pulling out an ear plug he looked down at Corey and stroked his hair to draw his attention. "Finally some good news. They finally found my guitar. I'll be able to play on it during the show tonight."

"That is.... nice and suspicious at the same time. We will see what comes out of it. But I'm glad you get it back," Corey said exchanging a meaningful look with Sid, who sat close to them and heard everything. The talk with his 'kiddo' went good. After all, they were clear how important they are for each other. Even more now that both were wolves. Sid chose the role of the protector, what he kinda was before too, like Mick.

"I will go with you to get it. What did they say? Where is it and when will you get it?" the young wolf asked.

"Yeah, kinda suspicious. The text only says that it was somehow misplaced at that venue where it got lost. They are sending it after us and my tech guy will handle getting and setting it up for me before the concert," Jim said, quickly typing a text back that he was okay with that. "So no need for us to separate again. I'd rather stick close to you all instead of making the same mistake as last time," Jim told both to Sid and Corey while running his fingers through the strawberry blond hair of his mate.

Sid nodded, still not liking it that the guitar just appeared out of thin air. And from Corey's look he didn't either. "What is with your tech guy now? You have a new one, no? What's his name?" the short man looked up at his mate, thinking.

Meeting the blue eyes with his own hazel ones, Jim ran his fingertips along Corey's cheek then jaw-line to do something with his hand and show some non-verbal affection to his mate. Their kind liked that in the first place too and Jim had to admit that despite any situation (aside from danger, of course) he could get lost in Corey any time. As cheesy as it might sound it was still the truth.

"Martin. He's new in your staff, but I'd known him in the past too. He worked with a few guys from my other bands. I think even V-man could vouch for him. Dunno... I doubt he'd be the one we're looking for. I never got a bad or strange vibe from him, but then... we don't really know whom to trust any more, do we?" he snorted bitterly. This was the worst part in not knowing. The constant suspicion and searching for a mistake, a clue...

"I doubt that it's him too. But we have to be careful. What's with your connections, Mick?" Corey said on a low voice, but thanks to their bond the big guard soon came back to them and sat opposite Sid.

"Nothing yet. We wait and keep our eyes open for now."


And that they did. Things seemed to be quiet for a change, but instead of it making them relax, it only caused the tension to grow among the guys. The tour went on and they stuck closer together than before. Now the rest of the band had noticed that too, but didn't make much of it. It happened on tour that some stuck together more than with others.

At least Jim was happy that he had his beloved guitar back. Of course the first thing for them to do was to check every last inch of it in search of some modifications or bugs. There was none, which baffled them even more, but Jim... well he barely wanted to put the Fender down at the end of the show and didn't leave backstage until he was sure it was put back in the right box. He even went as far as making poor Martin the bodyguard of it. It was silly, he knew, but still it meant a lot to him and it was also something that could keep him relatively sane in the tense situation they were in.

The other such thing or rather person was Corey, of course. As they were chatting with some other band from the festival they just finished their concert at, the boys stuck close to each other. It was a nice warm summer night filled with good music, cold beer and mouthwatering food, but the longer Jim watched his mate interacting with others, the more that hunger transformed into a different type of hunger, nearly making his eyes glow behind the plastic cup he was drinking from. Needless to say they were focused on one short redhead.

Needless to say Corey felt all of it. And loved it to his very core. All the feelings of how Jim would eat him up bit by bit, and which part he would chew on with special care just made him smirk mysteriously. Of course he started to tease his starving mate. Glimpsing back at him with a naughty glowing gaze. Seemingly just gesturing and as accident rubbing his thick neck or curling his loose locks more behind his ears. The more spiced up Jim Root is, the better...

Corey knew. That was clear in the tall man's mind. And as the sexual tension was growing between them, Jim let himself admire the little tricks his mate did to rile him up. And they were working so damn much that he was already getting half-hard in his jeans. Thank fuck for the darkness that came with nightfall. Although Jim was nearing the point where he wouldn't care if anyone noticed his boner for one sly little singer.

Trying to keep his eyes open for danger too, Jim attempted to divide his attention, but the more Corey teased him, the harder it (he!) got. Luckily Sid instinctively felt what was going on and took up the guard's position – for a change without a snarky comment. That gave the guitarist the opportunity to circle somewhat closer to the redhead, as if he was slowly closing in on his chosen prey, pretending to be talking to others in their little "mating dance".

Corey was a partner in this ritual. In the slightly opposite direction he continued between the loose crowd and returned to their greet. He hugged back the fans and practiced how to write his name for them. A trio of very clingy and very giving type of young girls hooked on and followed him. Hugging and stroking the singer's chest. Giving cheek kisses just a tad bit too close to the corner of his lips. Giggling on Corey's words. Of course the wolf made this all into the tease for his pair. Not encouraging but not really stopping the girls while he kept his eyes on the other wolf that sneaked closer and closer after him, his pray.

Well... that made Jim's blood boil and his possessive nature kick into overdrive. The urge to claim what was his suddenly overwhelmed him and he had to concentrate hard on staying fully human in appearance. For a few more minutes he could keep watching Corey with the clingy chicks, but when one whispered her offer in his mate's ear while sliding her number into Corey's back pocket – daring to squeeze his ass too a bit – Jim had enough.

Downing the rest of his beer, he threw the plastic cup into the trash can he passed on his way to the little group. Putting an apologetic small smile on his face – although it didn't reach his eyes at all – he entered the small circle and slid an arm around Corey's shoulders. "Sorry ladies, I have to steal Corey away for the rest of the night," and with that he led the shorter man towards the others to pass them. "We're heading to the hotel. You coming?" Jim asked Mick and the others.

"Well, you surely will," Sid chuckled, making Jim snort but also smile under his moustache as everyone started heading for the buses. "When we get there," he murmured against the shaved side of Corey's head low enough that only the two of them could hear "I'm gonna make sure no trace of their disgusting scent is left on you and that you'll think only of me while you scream MY name."

"Uh-oh... That sounds like someone is horny. My oh my... I don't scream so easily, though. Besides on stage, of course. But dunno. I can kinda take a lot, ya know," Corey kept up the teasing, chuckling here and there. Some would think he wanted to piss off Jim… Who knows...

"I would say I have a 'slight' masochist nature," he continued with a sigh. "Well maybe that rooted” low chuckle to underline it “in my upbringing and all. Some say I would need therapy. What you say? Could you give me a hand in that?" he kept chatting as they entered the bus.

The little teasing fucker! But Jim loved that in him too, even if he was kinda too far gone to shoot back some of his brilliant combacks to what Corey was saying. It took quite some energy for Jim to stay disguised when all he wanted to do was pushing his mate down on the ground while tearing his clothes off and then fuck him into submission. Kinda. Whatever.

"I can give you a hand, alright..." Jim literally growled into his ear as they first reached the bus, his hand sliding down onto Corey's ass to squeeze it hard then pull the chick's number out from the pocket. Without looking he crumpled the paper and tossed it somewhere into the night as they climbed up the stairs. "I know a good kind of therapy to that too," Jim continued as if nothing happened and ushered Corey towards a more or less secluded corner of the living area on the bus. He knew if they went to the bunks, he wasn't going to be able to wait till their hotel room.

Passing the mini fridge, he quickly took two beers from it and literally cornered his mate on that window seat.

"Thanks! Cheers!" Corey clinked his beer to Jim's, still looking up at him with fake innocence all over his face. "And how would you do that? Hmmm? Have any plans? Maybe you're a doctor or something too?" he even batted his blond eyelashes at his mate. Moving closer and pressing his body to Jim's.

"Should I call you Dr. Root while you are... Err… working on me?" he whispered the end, puffing his breath against the other man's chest.

Jim growled low and long, sneaking his free hand onto Corey's muscular thigh, not shying away from sliding it up on his junk to cup and squeeze it lightly behind the small table in front of them while the others settled in the first part of the bus, Sid and Mick acting as some natural buffer zone to give them some privacy of some sort.

Not that Jim cared, his whole being was now focused on the teasing little beautiful shit plastered against his side while he kept slowly massaging Corey's bulge. "If you like the sound of that, baby, who am I to stop you?" he grinned dirtily and quite darkly down at his mate. "And I'll rather show you my kind of therapy. It works better that way," he teased back and took a long swig from his beer, wishing for the fucking bus to fucking finally arrive at that damn hotel...

"Ahhh I don't even know!!!" Corey sighed and leaned back very dramatically. Focusing quite hard not to let it show how much that big skilled hand on his ragingly hardening cock tried to distract him from his acting. "You know... you leave too many options for me to over-think this all. I mean… this therapy thingy. Is it physical? Restrains and gags to make me still and just take what comes?"

Jim chuckled from the overdramatic thing Corey was doing, but he could feel and see that his stroking was getting to him. For once Jim could feel the hardening meat under his palm and then there was the spreading redness on Corey's cheeks, ears and even his neck started coloring, no matter how hard the redhead tried to play it cool. He would never fool his mate.

"Maybe that over-thinking is already part of the therapy... And it's both physical and mental," he let his fingertips trace the outlines of Corey's shaft trapped under his jeans. "Oh and don't forget the biting. Lots and lots of biting..." he leaned to the pointy ear to whisper the last sentence in it then briefly tugged and sucked on the pierced earlobe, his hot breath puffing against the flushed skin.

"It's all just promises until I feel it myself…" Corey closed his eyes and leaned his head closer to Jim's lips and a loud moan escaped him. Good thing their guards were keeping everyone away. The acting of the singer grew thin on him. He groaned and pulled his mate down by his nape for a deep and hungry kiss. Just as the bus finally stopped at the hotel.

Jim didn't argue about Corey's statement, he choose to enjoy that fucking exciting kiss instead, still kinda chuckling in his mind from the loud moan that tore itself out of his mate. The tall man loved it that he could have such an effect on Corey.

"Saved by the bus stop..." he joked and pressed one more promising kiss onto the other man's lips then he pulled his hand back to down the rest of his beer and get their bags from their bunk. It was a bit interesting and uncomfortable with a hard on, but oh well, life was never perfect.

The additional few minutes until they got their key cards and had to endure Sid and Mick and even V-man's teasing jokes, were additional torture for them. But so worth at the end, because soon their door locked behind Jim as he dropped their stuff. He stole a forceful and demanding kiss, all teeth and tongue while lifting Corey off the ground to blindly carry him towards the bed, soon dropping and pinning him against it while savoring those awesome lips.

Finally Corey could give in to his instincts and wrap his limbs around Jim's longer body, pressing him into the bed with that possessive kiss. His meaty thighs squeezed his mate's hips as some urgent low whining escaped his lips.

"I know..." Jim mumbled on a soothing voice, one hand stroking along a jeans-clad thigh with delight. He loved Corey's strong legs around him so fucking much and to underline that, he squeezed said thigh while bucking his own hard bulge against Corey.

Then as he started impatiently peeling the redhead's clothes off, he chuckled low. "This doctor likes his patient fully naked for a throughout examination and therapy session..." he grinned and dipped his head down to suck and bite a peaking nipple.

"Sounds good…" Corey moaned and moved to help Jim get him naked as fast as he could. His disguise fell off and his real self was showing on him strongly. The stubble seemed to grow longer on his face and his eyes, teeth and fingernails changed to the wolf-man’s he really was.

"You have too much clothes on…" Corey growled and arched his back to the teasing teeth around his hard nipple, his claws trailing Jim's nape impatiently.

Without a comment Jim grabbed the hem of his own tee and pulled it over his head, tossing it somewhere on the pile of Corey's clothes on the floor. His pants and underwear were a little trickier and less graceful, but neither of them cared as their instincts were taking over them.

The tall man could feel his own features changing too as low appreciating growls found their way out of his throat, because he had his mate where he wanted and more to that he was naked and so fucking beautiful as he was ready for much more. Jim gave that to him with sucking nearly half of his cock into his mouth at one go, growling loud around the tasty meat.

Corey pushed up into the amazingly hot and wet mouth. Grabbing on Jim's long hair with both hands and guiding his head down, groaning and shivering from the rush of joy that washed over him.

With his desire fired up from the amazing blowjob Jim gave him, his submissive side faded fast in the slurps and rolling of that long tongue around his meat. If the 'doctor' wants to 'treat' him with some therapy, they'll have to fight for dominance.

There were few things Jim liked more than sucking on his man's cock and when he did it, he was doing it with all he got. He could've let himself get lost in this so easily, but he had other plans and this time he wasn't planning on giving control over to Corey so easily.

That's why – after sucking hard on the shaft a few more times – Jim freed his hair and pinned Corey's wrists against the bed as he knelt up with that dirty smirk. He let his eyes devour Corey's body too while licking some saliva off his own lip. "Sometimes unruly patients require restrains," he hummed and faster than the blink of an eye, he manhandled Corey onto his stomach, keeping one wrist captive while twisting his arm so it was pressed firmly against the small of the redhead's back. Jim's other hand stroked then squeezed the round ass with a guttural sound. "I should definitely examine that..."

Corey wiggled and groaned his disapproval into the sheets. Though, he and his ass probably just looked tastier to this 'so-called doctor'. Either way, he was not willing to give in just so easily.

Loving that Corey was trying to get free, the grip of Jim's big hand tightened on the captured wrist, pinning the redhead against the bed like that while he pushed the thick thighs more open with his own leg and free hand. Keeping Corey as still as possible, Jim quickly grabbed a cheek to keep him more or less exposed then let his long tongue lick along the crack with a delightful moan, repeating it over and over while paying special attention to the tight opening there.

For 'some reason' Corey's fighting was losing its power second by second. He stopped tensing against the hand pinning him down and stayed still, and let himself enjoy the feelings that probing long tongue ignited inside him.

The will to get free turned into the need to be taken by his mate. Soon the small man was moaning and huffing and moved his hips to the rhythm of Jim's rimming.

Grunting satisfied from his mate's reactions, Jim pushed his tongue deeper to slick his way some more as he was licking that hole in earnest by then, his longer beard and moustache tickling and rubbing the sensitive skin all over.

But he only let Corey's hand go when he knelt up to adjust him into a better angle and to slick his own shaft up with pre-cum and some spit then Jim lost his patience and was pushing in deep and fast enough to let the redhead feel some of that burn before the long meat steadily fucked it away.

Feeling his wrist free Corey knelt up too. Pushing back against Jim as he felt that beloved shaft entering him. Pressing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth with a long growling moan, he moved his ass a bit from side to side to ease his mate's way some more. The slight pain was more than welcomed in his lust-filled hungry brain.

Pressing as much of his long body against his mate's back as he could, Jim slid all the way in and circled his hips and kept grinding into that tight heat that never failed to drive him crazy. "You feel so good," he panted into Corey's ear then sucked on the pierced lobe, pushing as deep as he could go. "You're mine... just mine. I love you so much," he growled possessively then slid half-way out just to roughly fuck back in, giving his mate what he needed so very desperately. And what he was burning for too.

Corey practically purred from the rough thrust. Rubbing his back to Jim's chest and leaning his head to nuzzle his mate too, making low and pleased wolf sounds. Making Jim hear and feel how much he loved him back.

Swaying his hips to urge Jim to move more, as the tingling bliss of the pain ebbed down, he wanted his pair to take him as fully as he could. No holding back.

"Show me then. Show me that I'm yours and how much you love me," he whispered.

With a raspy "yes" Jim grabbed a pillow to push it under Corey's waist until his hard cock was nicely nestled against it then he pulled fully out, steadying himself at the base before giving him a few deep stabs, rubbing along his prostate from the perfect angle.

By then he couldn't muffle his moan and growls either. His eyes were glowing, fangs and nails sharpening and the musky scent of male wolf and sex started dominating the room. After the last precise stab, the bigger man stayed in and plastered himself against Corey's sweaty back again, his breaths becoming ragged from both the feeling and the burning desire as he opened himself fully up for the other wolf and began fucking him through the mattress in a fast, deep and rough pace, his sharp teeth tearing into the fragrant skin of Corey's back to leave his mark on him over and over again.

The feel of his skin tearing up and his blood smearing made the small wolf lose his mind even more. Just what he needed to feel.

His body changed half-way and howling, groaning and blissed out sounds left his lips as he tried to move with his mate in the maddening speed of aggressive mating. All his spirit and soul connecting to his pair in the amazing fire of their passion as they reached the very last string from falling into the depths of ecstasy.

That sweet possessive feeling has been building up in Jim as he gave in to the wolf instincts. By then he knew well that urge that was slowly burning away everything else, leaving only the pleasure and need to mark his mate as his while their souls became one.

Now. That was the very same instinct telling Jim to give that special bite to close the circle and he didn't hesitate to do it. His bloody teeth sunk into the tasty flesh of his mate again, but this time on the claim mark, making both the sexual and spiritual energies explode in and around them, drawing loud desperate and animalistic sounds out of them as they reached the peak of their mating.

It was beyond anything. Like always. That deep fire melting away everything. The feeling of nothing else existing just their two spirits merging into one powerful entity.

Good thing Corey never heard the wild groans and yells and other various sounds he usually made during his orgasm when they mated. But surely the neighbors could hear them even a few blocks away. The coming down from that bright high was slow and filled with mind-blowing pleasure.

But soon the short creature came around panting and smiling like a cat that got well-fed. Well… That was true, though... He started giggling on that under Jim's trembling body.

"What’s so funny?" Jim mumbled onto the already healing claim mark, licking it clean and closed, their bodies and souls still connected. Even his voice sounded raspy and sluggish and very, very satisfied as his head felt light and his whole being at peace. It was one of the most beautiful and wonderful feelings Jim had ever experienced.

"Us... As well-fed kittens…" Corey replied on a low grumbling voice and giggled some more. He reached back with one hand and as much as he could, caressed his mate's sweaty body.


The next day found Jim back on the next festival. They were after their own gig and he was just kinda walking around with Mick keeping an eye on him from not that far. Corey insisted and Jim could understand it too since the danger was still looming over their heads, but the guitarist wanted some alone time to be able to think clearly. It was always like that for a couple of days after such successful matings in which he forgot where he started and ended since he was one with Corey.

He also found the opportunity to check out a few favorite and also new bands which was a good method to find his way back to himself. But there was something he totally didn't expect to see. Namely the hunter twins coming right into his direction, looking pissed and distressed at the same time. Alerting Corey through their bond, Jim frowned and met the girls half-way. "What is it now?"

From the suddenly changed vibes of Jim Mick looked at his way too. Sensing that something was up with the wolf, he quickly spotted the twins. What the hell? They approached out in the open among so many people? The guard hurried over there, getting more and more concerned as he saw the distress on the girls.

"The Reeves made the left wing of our family sell us out. This morning we woke to a raid by that fucking clan and to our people killing and burning the safe buildings and storages," Megan said low, just enough to the wolf ears to hear it perfectly clear. And the wolf protector's ears. Who got clearly shocked by how much Megan had to hold herself back to stay calm in the situation. She was always the calmer twin. The more logical cool-headed thinker and Stacy the passionate fighter with sharp instincts. Mick couldn't help it but moved a step closer to Stacy as his protective nature kicked in gear more.

Jim was shocked hearing the news while feeling a worried Corey starting to move into their way too. "I'm... sorry to hear that," Jim murmured loud enough for the girls and Mick to hear it then he exchanged a long look with the big dark-haired man.

"They also killed our leader... our father," Stacey blurted out and somehow managed to look both angry and devastated by their loss. "Only a handful of us survived and fled. We could barely get out of that mayhem..." she added, her whole body trembling from the emotions she tried to suppress and keep a relatively clear mind, which was nearly impossible in such a situation.

Mick felt the urge to hug her to him, but fought it, knowing that the huntress was too proud for that and the history between them stopped him too. But he still put a big hand on her shoulder as a sign of his condolences and support.

"You can stay with us. We will protect you," he said, forcing a calm tone on his voice, but he too was struggling to keep calm hearing the news and seeing how much the girls were hurting, even if they tried to hide and fight it like true hunters were trained to do.

Corey got there just in time to nod to Mick’s words. "Yes. That's the least we can do. And my family will help you both in anything you need," the singer added. They should get out of sight before someone attacks them all, now that they gathered up so nicely to be a great target. "We stay in this place for four days now. So have an apartment for ourselves. Mick can sleep with Sid and you two get his bedroom then. But we should get out of sight fast. I'm very sorry about your loss."

Corey had heard about the leader of that clan. The father of the twins had trained the big buff guard too and raised him since his teenage years like his own. From Mick’s words Corey knew that the man was an honorable person who lead a truthful life. Never giving in to the corrupt way of the other hunter families.

Megan hugged her sister and nodded. That was the best way now. Getting back to hiding. She knew Taylor was trustworthy. And would have helped them even without 'owing' the girls for last time. All what happened shook up even the more rational twin. But the warm welcome they got from the wolf family clearly made them both slightly calmer. At least they didn't have to run from those fucking criminals like chased prey…

While they started to move towards the buses to get into relative safety, Jim glimpsed at his mate. Corey felt both calm about the situation as his rational mind was taking over to get them into safety first of all, and then there was a deep anger boiling in him for what the Reeves had done yet again.

"How did you manage to escape?" Jim had to ask the girls on a low voice, while Mick was protecting all of their asses from behind, his light-blue eyes scanning their surroundings for any possible danger.

"We have our ways and used secret passages to get to a hidden car only the two of us knew about. Thank fuck for being taught not to trust anyone aside from each other," Megan squeezed her sister's hand. Their father had taught them that long, long years ago.

"Also we asked Shawn's help to navigate us onto safe roads to get here in one piece. We cleaned up at a motel before we found you. The last we heard of him, Shawn said that he was on his way here too," Stacey added and the way she said her last sentence showed her surprise about the fact that Shawn was willing to finally leave the safety of his hiding place.

"He dared to come out? Then something is up and it's no good," Mick voiced Stacy's thought as he mumbled getting more tense.

Meanwhile they managed to get to their buses unseen and they hid the twins in the upper common space. The one usually taken by Jim and Corey and guarded by Mick and Sid. So nothing 'unfamiliar' in that in the eyes of the others.

Sid literally dropped his bagel seeing the mates quickly guiding the twins upstairs. But Mick told him what had happened while they took their usual places and hid the others.

"We’re going to our hotel now. Will wait for the others to get out then we take you to our apartment," Corey said bringing the girls some drinks. The way they kept close and looked like two frightened birds hiding to each other to seek safety made him think that they could use some... And to be honest he could, too.

Jim helped with the drinks and while Mick and Sid were guiding them from downstairs, he sat down close to his mate, but giving space for the girls as they all sipped from their drinks. Right after that the bus started moving under them and he exchanged a worried look with Corey. Even he knew that Shawn on the move was something very big and Jim had a bad feeling. He unwittingly reached into his jeans' front packet to let his fingers play with the pebble he got from the shamans. He'd noticed that sometimes it helped him relax and think clearer when he did this.

The silence was long but not uncomfortable, since all of them needed their inner space in such a time.

In his mind with Mick and the two other wolves connected to him, Corey tried to come up with a plan for them to move around more unnoticed.

As much as he would help the girls at any cost, the truth was that they were extra danger on them all. And so, the search for the person hiding among them has to come to a successful end very soon. He hoped that with finding that person they would get more answers and hopefully sort of halt this... witch hunt or at least stay out of it.

While he got lost in the debating of what would be the best next step, the bus arrived at their hotel and the members of the band and crew poured out of it slowly. Still trying to keep the hunter girls hidden, the small group got off as well. They were standing in a darker alley waiting for the others to take their luggage away and finally get the fuck up to their rooms.

The change of vibes moved all three wolf's head to the right in sync. From the shadows a gray-haired and bearded short and round man walked towards them. The way his steps seemed to flow and were noiseless gave it away that he was a hunter too.

For who didn't know, like Jim and Sid, Mick quickly added that it was Shawn. The man was an outsider by nature too, not just an outcast by his clan. Though, that clan was no more... His first move was to go to the twins and hugged both to himself like an old uncle would console his long lost nieces. Then looking up he froze in his move. He was looking at something so hard, he almost walked out from their cover.

"That," Shawn turned to Mick with pure outrage and disgust "what's that doing here with you all???" he asked pointing at the packing Craig by the bus.

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