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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Virus Of Life : Part 11

Part 11

  2017.02.04. 09:31

Part 11

Everything happened soooo fast. Corey really had to focus on the following happenings to keep his clear mind and that human side and look he still had.

It was late night, almost dawn. Corey, Jim, Sid, Mick, Shawn and Stacy stood around a tied up and badly beaten man in an abandoned factory's basement.

Sid and Jim in their wolf form. The young brown wolf with a bleeding left side and a limp hind leg on his left. But none of them lacked blood on them, really. Corey and Mick did the talking and Shawn – for his sadist delight and to Jim's liking too – poked the tied up man with various things to make him talk more freely.

After the old hunter spotted Craig, or more like Jason Groff, as other hunters knew him, all hell broke loose.

"What do you mean?" Mick asked Shawn confused while from the older man's disgusted look things started to dawn on Jim and he immediately reached for the pebble in his pocket.

"He's a high ranking hunter of the Reeves, for fuck's sake. What the hell is wrong with you, boy?! How did you do the background checks if you missed this?!" Shawn raised his voice, not being able to help himself as he reached for his gun.

Unfortunately Craig had heard the pissed off voice and noticed the small group looking into his direction with shock and anger. His cover was clearly blown and he dropped what he was holding to start fleeing the scene.

That's how the chase had begun.

Of course all of them hiding in the alley shot out after the fucker. Sid, Corey and Jim changed and as wolves leaped after the short human running towards the nearby park. The girls with the fresh aching wounds had their own fuel to go after that traitor.

At the edge of the bushes Jim called it a halt. The spirits he asked for help alarmed him that a few – probably Craig's men – were hiding and waiting, so they had to go around to surprise them.

The hunters grabbed their weapons while Jim changed back and explained it all. Sid and Corey, who could hear him for the first time too, were already sneaking up on them to tear some throats open.

Not caring about his nakedness, Jim took his pebble from Mick who earlier felt like he had to bring it with him just in case. The tall wolf rubbed and rolled the stone in his hand, concentrating on the spirits for a moment then started running on a different path than the other two wolves.

"This way. We can get behind them through this short cut," he quickly explained and then he let his instincts and the spirits guide him to the point where the hunters would fall into their own trap. And that they did and paid with their blood.

The two lurking wolves did a great job to gather the hunters to a corner of the abandoned factory building. All the fuckers sensed the presence of the wolves. And Craig joining them they thought they could retreat to a safe place at their back and can strike from there. The fools. It seemed they never saw any documentaries on how wolves hunt and make the prey move as they like. Like sheep dogs do, just more effective.

Of course there was nothing near the factory walls and the hunters found themselves with their backs against the wall, alright. Just like an execution. The wolves and other hunters ran at them with loaded guns and sharp canines from all over.

It was a bloody and loud chaos with gunfire, painful screams, loud snarling, the tearing of flesh and the splattering of blood as everyone jumped into the midst of the fighting.

Jim called forth the spirits who could hold back the enemy with their fog long enough to finish three of them then he shifted back to his brown wolf to help Corey and Shawn while Mick and Stacey were fighting back to back.

When a few of the hunters tried to gang up on them, Megan finished off a fucker with slitting his throat with her dagger then aimed with her gun to shoot one closing in on her sister. She put a bullet in his head, making Stacey turn and the twins smiled at each other for a moment, but then pain shot up on Megan's hand as a bullet hit it, making her drop her gun.

"Fuck!" she cradled her injured hand as she searched where the bullet could come from. Another hunter was aiming at her, but when he pulled the trigger a blurred ball of fur threw itself in the bullet's way, followed by a painful whine as Sid rolled onto the floor with an injured hind leg.

As soon as Sid landed and dropped down, Megan turned and got a bullet from the back piercing through her. Right in front of her sister who let out an inhuman howl and jumped at the guy who killed her twin. Literally beating the guy to death while Mick was guarding her back.

The last of the hunters were finally finished off and 'Craig' got cornered by the two wolves and Shawn.

The trio kept their eyes on the cornered bastard and soon Jim saw the opportunity to jump at him and pull him down onto the dirty ground with his jaws clamping down on the right hand, breaking it from the force as the hunter knife fell on the floor form it. Jim made sure to push it away with a paw while keeping Craig pinned to the ground.

Once the fucker was tied up and captured, Jim turned around to pad over to Sid, who dragged himself to Megan's lifeless body as if he wanted to still guard her. Jim's throat closed up as he glimpsed at Stacey, whose boxers on her hands were making a bloody pulp of the already dead hunter who took and broke the most important connection in a twin's life.

Mick had to stop her from hitting the corpse then he didn't let her fight him off just hugged her tight to his broad chest, offering Stacey a place to hide.

That's how they ended up all bloody and injured, surrounding the captive Craig who was sitting on a chair and being tortured by Shawn for some answers.

So far what the fucker spit out was anything but 'nice'. Basically Craig was a pissed little kid who wanted to impress the big boys with his skills of taking revenge and fueling a war between all the families, corrupt or not.

The more he was spitting out with the intention of pissing the little group off, the more they all wanted to torture him.

For one, he was behind the massacre that included the death of Sid's parents... And he was the one whispering into the corrupt clan leaders’ ears to take the sacred land away from the shamans. As that plan didn't work and Corey's ex even sacrificed himself for what they swore to protect, his hunt and fueling hatred turned towards Corey and all the ex-hunters in connection with Taylor. He thought getting one dirty job done from the few might get him higher in the hierarchy of his mafia clan. Sad pathetic fucker...

There was possibly no way to tell who wanted to gut the asshole more. Jim and Sid were growling nearly non-stop by then, hanging on the last thread of their self-control. Stacey's face was cold and closed off, only the smeared tears on her dirty and bloody cheeks and the trembling of her bottom lip showed her real emotions. If one could kill with looks, Craig would've already died the most painful death possible. Over and over again.

"Even if you kill me, you can't finish off all the clans. They are too deep into this now. They'd tasted power and money, thanks to me," Craig chuckled then spit some blood onto Shawn, who delivered a nice right hook in return.

"What now?" Jim asked after calling for the spirit in him to help calm himself down enough to communicate and most importantly stay himself. He didn't want to lose it like in that other building. "Are there more of his men? Did he plan on doing something else to us?" he voiced his concerns to his mate as he walked next to the human Corey, not caring about how drenched with blood his brown fur was.

Corey saw red and not much was left of his humanity inside or outside. He ran his fingertips over the head of the brown wolf and turned to the traitor sitting before him.

"Are there any more of your men around? Answer me, fuck face! And don't worry. You'll be forgotten fast by everyone. I will personally assure that," his voice came in growls as he spoke.

But despite the nagging of Shawn, Craig continued to be no use. Poor troubled moron was far gone into his own fantasy world where he would be a 'good boy' in the eyes of his leaders and would be honored for all the horrible things he had done to start fights between many parties.

"It's all pathetic and a waste of time," Corey snarled and spit on the man. "Are you well enough to take your rightful revenge?" he turned to Sid, who first looked surprised then huffed a ‘yes’ and with everyone stepping back and Shawn untying the human, the red wolf jumped at his throat wrestling Craig to the ground and soon finishing him off.

"Let's go back," Corey said quietly looking over everyone. They got the traitor. Sid got his revenge. They got some answers. Still. None of them felt like a winner.


One thing became sure pretty fast. Sid wasn't going to be able to perform on the next gig. The hunter bullet messed up a nerve in his leg, which would make the healing process even slower.

"No jumping around on stage for you. At least for a while. And Shawn's doc friend had told us that you'll limp for quite a while. Sid, take the resting of your leg seriously if you want to heal properly," Mick said after changing the bandage on his leg.

They were back in the apartment. It was the last day until they had to get back on the buses to get to the last few gigs of the tour.

"Okay..." the red-haired wolf huffed exasperated then looked at his friend. "How is she?" He meant Stacey of course. No one really saw her since they got back. She's been kinda locked into Mick's room, wanting to be alone. Of course the big guy was trying to take care of her any way he could. "I'm sorry... for not being able to protect Megan... I regret it every day. I should've died instead of her."

"You did all you could, Sid. No one is questioning that. And you are needed with your great leg to protect us and be with us for a long time," Corey said smiling at his kiddo. Really, the last thing he wanted to hear was his beloved Sidney saying such things. He exchanged a meaningful look with Mick to help him get the young wolf back to himself more.

"Corey's right," Mick nodded after that look. "Stacey will be okay too. I'll make sure of that, so don't worry about her," Mick patted Sid's bandaged up shoulder, which made him flinch.

"Motherfucker! Careful with the injured!" he grunted, making the other two chuckle.

Jim stopped in the door of Sid's room in that moment but thanks to his wolf hearing he knew what they were talking about. He had some scratches and bruises too, but nothing that would stop him from playing the next night.

Once the guys looked at him, Jim spoke too. "To Shawn's suggestion I've informed the band and crew about Sid's injury. The official story is that he fell off some stairs and injured his leg. 'Craig' had an urgent family matter that called him home. The body was taken care of. Also..." here he lifted a box he's been holding, his face darkening somewhat. "Shawn got the ashes delivered. We thought Mick should give it to Stacey," he finished and the big guy was already getting up with a nod to take the box and thank him.

Leaving Sid to his rest and healing, and Mick to do what should be done with Stacey and Megan's remains, the mates went back to their room. There sitting by his high tech computers Shawn took over half the room.

"It's so strange still," he spoke when the pair entered looking up with a small smile "sharing a bedroom with a mated pair of spirit wolves. I never got close to you… your kind… like Mick did. Only was a hunter. Trained young hunters. Then chose to keep my vow to protect the innocent even if that means helping to hide wolves. It's an interesting experience. Well, considering the circumstances," he carried on with his thoughts.

Corey found it rather amusing. And really, the mates somehow clicked with this 'more to himself' type of human. Not to mention the same humor Shawn had in common with the rest of the family. And yes. Sharing a bedroom with an ex-hunter was quite an experience.

"Of course. It's a pleasure to us too, Shawn," Corey said leaning back against the table, playfulness in his words as he used double meanings.

 "I'm sure about that. A little self-restraining from the sexual urges keep a clear mind. Or that's what some monks tell to the world," Shawn kidded back and looked at the pair.

"The big question is: what now gentlemen? Taylor, I know you wanted to stay out of all this and focus on your mate and that silly red kid. But no one can run from their fate. Not even a wolf…"

"Well, those monks clearly aren't mated to someone like this one here," Jim patted Corey's thigh as he passed him on his way to sit on the edge of their bed. "But we do appreciate you being here and helping us," he added then glimpsed up at his mate. Jim knew it was a touchy subject for his mate, but they all had to face some difficult questions. And they couldn't put off answering them any longer. Jim was sure that Cor would feel he agreed with Shawn's last statement.

Corey just shrugged his shoulders as a first reaction. Really, for a few years he rather didn’t want to think ahead. A bit more than for six years to be correct on that. "I'm not sure. Stacey will stay with us. And we really do appreciate it that you’re helping us out. And if you would like, you can stay with us too. As much as I don't want to think into it, I have to admit that 'Craig' was right. All those pissed and fired up people won't just stop because he and his handful of men are out of the picture," Corey shrugged again with a long sigh. “I think about what to do now with all. I know Sid wants to fight. And Jim too. Mick and Stacey are with us too. What you say?"

"Fighting is probably inevitable," Shawn hummed, rubbing his beard then he glimpsed at the screen of his laptop. "The families won't stop and you... we have to be as prepared as possible. It has to be decided if it's going to be a defensive or offensive type of attitude you want for the future," he nodded in agreement with Corey's thoughts. "I'm fed up with hiding in my self-dug hole. It's been years that I had to live under stinky rubbish. I'm hoping here with you kids I'll have the chance to finally get rid of that stench," he chuckled.

"We can provide you clean clothes, fresh air and running hot water if you fancy," Corey chuckled too. But his thoughts went back to the decision he wanted to avoid making. "I say... let's give Stacey some time to heal, and for Mick to help her. We play our next show then gather everyone for a meeting. Maybe I am in lead, sort of. But I don't want to order anyone to risk their lives."

Shawn nodded slowly. He understood and respected the younger leader's reasons. And yes, Corey had to step up from being only the small family's head and take his place leading this forming new clan. He had all what he needed to do that. Shawn was sure. "Alright Taylor. Alright," he muttered and nodded again with an all-knowing smile. Corey and his friends will be a great clan. The old hunter just knew it in his bones.

After dinner and some time spent with the others, it was time for everyone to get into bed. Jim and Corey had agreed that they would talk to Stacey after the next gig. Now everyone needed some time to pull themselves together and get ready for the early trip in the morning that would take them to the next town and venue.

Sharing their room with Shawn was indeed an interesting experience even for Jim too, who was otherwise used to sharing small rooms and spaces with others. The older hunter was already on the spare bed under the covers, scrolling and typing something on his phone while Jim was getting ready to bed, trying to ignore the occasional giggling and chuckling coming from the other bed.

Jim just rolled his eyes after meeting Corey's eyes in the otherwise dark room and slid next to him in his sleeping pants. He didn't say, but Corey probably felt it how tired he was by then. Everyone had another long day and they needed their rest.

Corey felt so relieved that he could snuggle up against the bigger body of his mate. All this mess. What happened to Megan and Sid affected them all. Corey couldn't stop feeling responsible for all what happened. He felt cold and tired and Jim's arms around him were so perfect and soothing and hiding him away. The magical wolf nuzzling cuddles were disturbed only by the giggling ex-hunter. Who soon put his phone away and started to toss and turn and add some dirty comments to the cuddling half-naked males. Giggling on his puns some more, of course...

Jim felt what his mate needed and gave it to him without hesitating. To be honest, it felt just as good to him to hold Corey close as the other way around. The only thing that was starting to get a bit annoying to him was Shawn’s occasional comments.

"Cut it off, man. We won't fuck. We're trying to sleep over here," he huffed to Shawn, which only fuelled the giggling and moving around on the other bed.

"Okay, that's it... Keep it shut if you don't want me to bite you in the ass," Jim growled and let Corey go to push his own sleeping pants off under the cover. Then he reached into the veins on his shoulder and pulled his wolf form over him, leaving the brown wolf nuzzling against his mate. He even licked along Corey's face, urging him to shift too.

"Ugh... Doggie porn…" Shawn laughed but turned towards the wall and finally kept the jokes to himself from then.

Corey shifted too and curling up with the wolf Jim was even better and more calming. After all, they were more wolves in a human disguise than the other way around. Soon the wolf mates were dozing, all curled up against each other, regaining some much needed strength and peace of mind.


The next evening came relatively fast, but the show wasn't their best. Not that anything could be heard on their playing. But not having Sid on stage with them and looking tenser and even paranoid took a lot out of everyone in their inner circle. The rest of the band could feel that something was up, but they didn't pry. Maybe there was more joking around after the show to try and make the others relax a bit.

Acting like this after such stressful events was understandable from the little group's side, though. They were still a bit shaken up from hunting down and killing the traitor and they were extra careful in fear of another Reeves attack. But nothing like that happened on the stage and they could clean up without any problems too.

"Hey pretty! How did you like our show?" V-man asked Stacey, making Jim freeze in rubbing his nape dry with a towel. The huntress was sitting on a black equipment box near to the one that held Mick's guitars. Not knowing what kind of reaction to expect from the mourning but still tough girl, Jim blinked at Corey.

"It was fine. Though your bass was a bit off here and there," she said on a lighter tone, crossing her arms under her full breasts.

Jay and a few tech guys started laughing and someone even yelled "Burn!". That's when Mick got to Stacey's rescue. Not that she looked like she needed to be rescued.

"Fuck off, dude. She's with me," he grunted.

"Oh… Sorry dude. You… Just not use to you having someone over…" V-man said apologetic and somewhat curious. To Mick's statement the others started to pay more attention. But Stacey played along nicely. Even surprising the big guy as she plastered against his side and hugged him. Getting up on her tiptoes and even kissed his face.

"Well, maybe I don't bring no one ‘cause you think everyone likes bassists," Mick grunted again holding Stacey with one arm and blinking at her surprised.

"Wrap it up! Nothing to see here. Clear up guys. I want to pack up and rest a bit," Corey marched in with his usual loudness and some arrogance he often treated the silly human band mates with. He got laughed off, of course but finally everyone started to mind their own business and soon they got to their hotels.

"Well that was interesting back there with Mick and Stacey," Jim murmured once they had the chance to take a normal shower and rejoined Corey in the room. He plopped down on their bed after putting on some sweat pants and a tee and took his own plate with the dinner his mate had ordered them.

Humming from the rich taste of the stake, Jim looked at his eating man. "For a moment I thought she was going to kick V-man's ass," he chuckled, knowing that after dinner they were to go and meet the huntress and the big guy in Mick's room to talk.

"Maybe she forgives him," Corey shrugged also eating, sitting next to his man butt naked. Maybe from his many years of being a demon wolf, but he was always more comfortable without clothes. As Jim commented on it back in his house earlier in their relationship. Damn it felt like a lifetime already. And saying that was a big thing coming from a creature that lives for centuries…

Everything seemed to happen so fast and Corey felt like he was just washed away by it all, drifting along but not really controlling his life and what happens with him and his family. He didn't like to be a plaything for fate and others. And how this really short period turned all of their lives upside down was just insane. He shouldn't have let it. He should protect his family and friends. His clan. He tried to hide away, but that didn't work and caused more pain and guilt inside him too.

He finished his stake without even noticing it as he was lost in his thoughts. Looking up at Jim with a smile he kissed and nuzzled his man's bearded face.

"Are you done too? We should go over to Mick then. Oh and Stacey can kick Alex’s ass with her arms tied behind her back," he laughed standing up and putting the plates down. Of course Jim felt/heard all his inner turmoil and saw how the redhead forgot something very human…

"Hey, wait a sec and come back here," Jim grabbed Corey's wrist and pulled him back on his lap so he could cup his face and kiss his mouth. "First of all... take a deep breath, baby," Jim murmured on a deep, soothing voice. "Second, no matter what you tried, you couldn't have been able to keep us all out of this. Everything's going to be fine. You don't have to do this alone anymore. I'm here to help. We'll figure everything out and the others will help us too. Sid will heal, Stacey too, emotionally. We all going to come out stronger from this, okay?" he caressed his mate's nape, looking straight into his blue eyes.

Then he slid his big hands down on Corey's bare back. "Thirdly, you are still very, very naked, love. And although I reaaaally appreciate that, I think you might want to put some clothes on before our visit," he chuckled and lightly spanked Corey's ass before stealing another kiss, deeper and promising this time. "Maybe afterwards I could fuck out all the tension from you, hm? Sounds good?"

"Hmmm.... You're saying no Shawn clowning around at the foot of our bed anymore? That must be just an illusion," Corey chuckled and kissed Jim some more. "Sounds awesome, baby. And thank you. That you chose me and this crazy life. I didn't want to share the crazy with you, though… But thank you," he said back to the hazel eyes and kissed Jim deeply before standing up and pulling some pants and a tee onto his body. "Ready?"

"No, no Shawn, just you and me and this comfy bed and all the naughty things we're gonna do in it," he chuckled then got more serious as he stood up to step to his man, tipping his head up. "I'd choose you and the crazy over and over again if it means I can have you, love," Jim said truthfully, not caring if it sounded cheesy. It was the truth.

Kissing Corey once more, Jim finally took the other wolf's hand and nodded. "Ready." With that they walked out of their room hand in hand, soon knocking on Mick's door.


 Mick looked... strangely messed up and that was very out of character. He opened the door and stepped aside to let the others in while quickly wiping off some lipstick from his face and lips.

"Err... Sit," he grunted after closing the door. Well that was more his Mick, Corey thought smiling and looking over to meet Jim's eyes.

 "Yeah, thanks man. Stacey, I wanted to talk to you about what your plans are now. I and the others mean that you are very welcome to stay. Would you like to stay with us permanently? And as all this shit went down, I came to the decision that we might take steps of action to keep ourselves and this family, or clan safer. So, what is your take on this? You want to fight back and keep them between limits as much as we can? Or you want to stay out of the fights? Believe me, I will understand both ways," Corey spoke to the huntress on a calm tone, looking into her eyes. "Even I have to make a decision over that topic later on…"

Jim had to chuckle a bit from Mick's appearance after he'd exchanged that look with his mate then sat down next to Corey on the couch. He also didn't miss how Stacey discretely pushed her bra on the floor under the bed with her heel at the same time she adjusted her top. And although she caught Jim's look, she just shrugged barely visible then concentrated on what Corey was telling her.

"Well..." she glimpsed up at Mick who'd decided to go and tower over the room by the window. "I've been thinking about this quite a lot since..." she frowned lightly and everyone in the room knew that she meant since that day when she'd lost not just her home, but her father and sister too. "I don't really have anywhere else to go and to be honest, I kinda like it here with you all. You guys are quite okay for wolves," she chuckled a bit, not wanting to drag down everyone's mood, although there was a constant pain hidden deep in her brown eyes.

"So my answer is yes, I'd like to stay and help. Now I know and understand why Mick was so determined to stay with you all and protect you guys. I think I could be useful for you in the future, no matter what you choose to do," she said, sounding more logical than before. She was probably getting stronger from all her losses too and there was no denying that being around Mick helped her in that. "I also have a proposal for you all... I kept in touch with some of the surviving hunters of my clan. They are trustworthy and homeless too. Maybe with time they could join or occasionally help us out."

"Thank you. You’re very welcome to join us. And my house is huge enough for the six of us anyway. Oh, Shawn will join us too," he said smiling at the others. "About the hunters… That sounds good. But all the family should decide that. And speaking of which. All of us should go over to Sid and have a meeting," Corey finished and stood up.

 With the others nodding and agreeing, they headed to the other level where Sid and Shawn stayed. Getting out of the elevator Corey felt Jim pull on the back of his tee…

"Are they finally together now?" Jim asked in Corey's mind, even flashing pictures of the evidences he'd seen in Mick's room. And totally forgetting that Mick could hear them.

"Stacey..." Mick called after her.

"What?" the huntress raised a brow questioningly as she looked up at Mick.

"Jim is wondering again if we are together now. We should put them out of their misery, don't you think?" the long-haired guitarist grumbled.

"Oh you did that mind-reading stuff again? So cool," she smiled wide then turned to look at the demon wolves. "Yes. We are together now. Not really like in the past, because that was more about playing and fucking around. We are together-together now. And yes, you'd interrupted our sexy time with your arrival. Did I answer everything?" she put her hands on her hips, feeling amused from how Jim was getting red like a tomato.

"Yes, I think?" he glimpsed at Corey a tad bit embarrassed, but there was a smile playing on his lips.

Corey just laughed and patted Jim on the back. "Don't worry, baby. You're the tallest no matter what. Take it with dignity," and with that they entered Sid's room.

"About time! Everyone made up their minds?" Shawn asked finishing up treating Sid's wound. Feeling that everyone was watching it, he added "it heals nicely, thanks for his wolf genes. But the nerve is maybe permanently damaged."

"At least no one can take that from me," Jim murmured under his moustache before following the others into Sid's room. He also knew how much his mate loved his height – and how he just loved to climb him. But... putting aside the naughty thoughts, he focused on Sid's leg like the others.

"No worries, we can get you some epic walking sticks and hats to make you look badass," Mick joked to lighten the mood.

"I'll also want a pocket watch," Sid shot back, pulling himself up into a sitting position after Shawn tucked him in.

"To answer your question, Shawn, I believe everyone had decided," Stacey nodded.

"Yeah, we’ve been talking over things on our own too, papi," Sid grinned from ear-to-ear. "And as more humans and even hunters are joining, it's a clan now. Hunters have clans, no? Wolves have families. But the main thing is that we need a leader. And I choose you, papi. You will protect and lead this group well. I know."

"I agree," Shawn added.

"I agree too," Mick joined them.

 "I want you to lead too, Taylor," Stacy spoke too.

And so, Corey suddenly found himself drifting from the happenings again. Swallowing hard, he looked up at Jim questioningly.

It was a big moment in the history of their kind, because no one did something like this, ever. Uniting different species to keep the peace as much as possible. Such a mixed clan was unheard of, but not impossible.

Feeling his mate's uncertain feelings, Jim took his hand in his again to ground and support him. "I can't agree more with them," he smiled down at him reassuringly, squeezing his hand a bit too. "Together," he whispered in Corey's mind to remind him of their previous conversation.

"Alright then," the wolf nodded and let Jim’s hand go to turn to the others again. "This will create some issues to be solved and answered. Stacey informed me that some of the survivors would join us too. So with a few more humans who happen to be hunters, this is going to be definitely more like a clan. But would they join such a mixed clan? And lead by a wolf? This is so new. And really something huge. And I don't even know..." he paused to gather his thoughts.

"There are always two wolves. No packs or shit like in the fantasy movies. A mated pair protects the sacred land of the spirits. Different ones at different areas. The other existing wolves, like Sid with us now, are protectors with different skills. Mick is rare already for mixing his hunter DNA with the demon spirit wolf one. But if you all want that... I will work on keeping you all safe and to belong equally. Hunter and wolf. And after speaking to all of you separately as well, I’d decided that the Taylor clan will not hide away and run from its enemies. We take steps and not let the land to be taken or innocents to be turned into slaves by those families. We will cut their power over the hunters and wolves, and this area will be safer," he said biting his lip and looking over the others as they all cheered and agreed.

These were many big steps for the short wolf creature. But he couldn't allow it for criminals anymore to take advantage of his loved ones. It was time to get back to battle.

"It is new," Stacey nodded, the others agreeing with her. "And also an exciting beginning. I will talk to the remaining members of my family, but from the way they talked and offered to join, I doubt they'd mind a wolf as the leader of this new clan," she said.

"And we can work out the details along the way," Mick agreed with her, sliding a hand around her waist.

"Now that's the kind of pep talk I've been longing to hear from you, wolf boy," Shawn chuckled, stroking along his beard as he grinned and winked at the short man.

"It's going to be awesome," Sid chimed in too, even boxing in the air as if he was ready to take on the world at any moment despite his injured leg.

"I guess it's a new start. And thank you all for thinking so highly about my skills. I won't let you down. I swear," Corey said moved, looking over their newly formed warrior clan.

Then it was time for Jim to turn Corey towards him, hugging him close. "And I'll make sure to help keeping you to that promise," he smiled down with unconditional love at his mate and leaned in to seal his own promise with a kiss accompanied by catcalls and whistling, but they didn't mind. It was coming from their new, extended family they would take care of together.


Follow-up one-shot: Vendetta

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