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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One 2 - Left Behind
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One 2 - Left Behind : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2017.02.12. 10:46

Chapter 2

The Gray clan's garden was loud from all the baby goats. It was strange somehow as new life moved into the old building, the force of life was spreading like a virus. Many pairs had their own babies and the goats started reproducing so much that the clan had to gift little ones of the sacred animals to other clans.

As Corey petted them, he laughed from the small ones’ loud and very fake cries for the food. They practically climbed upon each other and the big ones to get closer to the small beast.

A little peace before who knows what comes… He sighed, sitting down and left the plastic bag to the four-legged beasts to fight over and tear apart. Only a few handfuls of dry food were left in it anyway. He needed this little peace of mind now.

And some more coffee! After the séance they stayed up late to look over the packs and weapons. Jim and Pauly already started to hand them out with the help of Mick and Stacey. They had to be prepared. But as they didn't know much, they also had to continue their lives. The rangers would be back soon to report. But now, coffee.

Walking back he stopped by the bed to feast his eyes on his sleeping mate. Despite all the years that have passed, his love… their love had only gotten stronger. He was still adoring this tall idiot. Placing a cup of coffee on the nightstand, he climbed beside his mate, starting to kiss his chest all over to wake him. Even biting here and there to make sure.

The previous night was long and tiring on many levels so it was no wonder that Jim practically fell into bed and didn’t move much during the rest of the night. Although, like always, he woke up when Corey did to do his usual rounds at dawn – feeding the goats (which was a task he refused to give up on when he was at home) and strengthening the protective spells. And as nearly always, Jim fell right back into sleep, stretching out his long body in one of his favorite positions.

He was also having a nice dream that was starting to get hot. It took him a minute or two to realize that it wasn’t a dream about his mate. It was Corey’s soft lips and… sharp teeth waking him up, his body already reacting with goose bumps as he moaned low. “What did you find this early in the morning?” he asked on his deep morning voice and cracked an eye open when Corey paused near his nipple.

"Breakfast," Corey smirked at him and bit down on his mate's big dark nipple, sucking on it hard to make Jim moan again. He had to pay for falling asleep on him last night...

Of course the other male reacted to that although not with a moan but a hoarse cry as a mixture of pleasure and pain shot down right into his naked groin under the cover, making his cock stir alive. "Fuck... do that again!" he panted slightly out of breath, his big hands finding Corey's warm skin under his tee.

Corey pulled the blanket off Jim and moved on top of the bigger body. Even rubbed his covered one to his lover's. "You didn't ask nicely," he looked at Jim with slightly glowing eyes and a fake pout.

Now both of his eyes were glued to the red beast on top of him, the playful leaking powers of his mate starting to affect Jim's. Which he didn't mind, of course. Especially because the rough fabric of Corey's jeans were nearly painful, yet so awesome against his quickly growing dick.

Licking his lips, Jim met Corey's eyes. He still found that glow beautiful in them. After all this time he was so in love with him that it sometimes felt crazy. "Please? I know this is about some kind of 'revenge'..." he added, kneading the muscles at the small of Corey's back.

"Get out of my head! Mr. 'hit the bed and snooze'," Corey snorted but repeated the bite as asked from him, sucking on the erect nipple long, rolling the little bud between his teeth. Pulling on it even, he let it go then slid down on Jim's body, rubbing his hardness against Jim along the way and laid between his mate's long thighs to smirk at him dirtily.

Jim had to wait to be able to reply once he could do something else than moan and curse from the attention his nipple got, after all. His mate knew how to play dirty and never held that back. Thank fuck. "You might have forgotten it, but... I can never get out of your pretty head," Jim snorted and opened his legs wider for the smaller male, that dirty look making his cock jump excited against his tummy.

"Yeah... I have to drag you along everywhere. You know all my secrets. And I just found the main course of my breakfast," Corey growled low, his beast features already showing, which predicted some wild fuck was in order.

His clawed fingers played along the excitedly jumping cock till he heard Jim's frustrated groans then held the hard meat and sucked on its tip, his fangs rubbing at its sides.

"What a bummer... I have such a cruel, cruel fate..." Jim chuckled, which turned into a smirk as he watched those beloved beastly features push closer to the surface. He was fucked. Or rather was going to be... Not that he'd have any objections against that.

It was kinda time for a full mating anyway... If Corey stopped teasing him already! He could probably hear all these thoughts in his head thanks to their bond that worked the other way around too, but then Jim stopped thinking all together and let himself enjoy the sucking and the fangs on his cock. He always loved how easily Corey could hurt him for real, even if it was never going to happen.

Experimentally he reached out to stroke the slightly curly hair that fell onto the side of his mate's head that was otherwise shaved around. "Hope the main course is satisfying so far..."

The fully changed beast looked up and let his red fog-like power wash over the other male and call out his forces. He was moaning onto the cock in his mouth and swallowed it deep down, growling satisfied on it to drive Jim crazy with the sound and vibrations around his cock which jerked pleased in his throat.

Jim's other hand fisted around the creased linen next to his body as he choked back both a curse and a loud moan from Corey's amazing actions and red power. His own answered the call and together they started forming the usual lilac "fog" around them.

"That damn mouth of yours..." Jim panted slightly out of breath, not being able to look away from what Corey was doing, but the feeling was even better than the sight. The trembling of his body and the pre-cum sliding down on his mate's throat were good enough proofs of that.

"Hmm... Dunno… Not done with the main course yet," Corey said once he let the dripping meat out of his mouth and pushed the adored legs over his shoulders as he started rimming Jim, loosening him up good before getting his well-deserved punishment released on him. His claws moved up and down on the thighs around his neck and his powers started to cover them both. Pulling them deeper into their mating.

"Thank fuck..." It just kinda tore itself out of the guitarist as he let Corey move him as he wanted then it was time for a series of more moans while Corey was working on opening him up, the claws teasing him with the promise of tearing into him and it was just as maddening as that eager tongue in him, or his mate's powers seeping into Jim's every pore, making him throb and kinda squirm for more as he was getting more and more lost and only his sounds of pleasure were leaving him without a pause.

As soon as Corey ran out of patience and thought that enough was enough, after all nothing could be perfect ever, he moved back and peeled the long limbs off him, kneeling up and getting rid of his clothes. Then he just stayed there stroking his own cock lazily, and looking over his panting mate he felt pleased with his work.

"Would you kindly tell me... what the fuck are you waiting for, my beast?" Jim growled clearly needy while feasting his eyes on his naked and very hard mate, his own beast-like features rising to the surface too, although they could never come out as much as Corey's since he was only a half-breed. From the look he got, Jim knew that this sheet was gonna end up in the trash too like so many in the past because of their... beastly mating that included all kinds of bodily fluids. And usually a lot of them.

"You to get irritated and needy, my half-blood," Corey growled back low and going down on his hands and knees started crawling back on top of Jim. He was so very hungry and his power continued covering Jim, his burning eyes and his thoughts linked to the other male made that state very fucking clear. But just to underline it he started licking up on Jim's left inner-thigh and as he got more and more close to his groin, he bit the goose-bumped skin harder and harder, already leaving slightly bleeding marks on his lover.

"Need some lubrication. You have time to prepare in mind till that…" he added on a matter of fact tone and after lifting and opening the long legs wide and getting between them again, he sunk his sharp fangs into Jim's side, sucking on the wound to taste his sweet blood with low, pleased moans.

Well, getting like that from all the teasing and tapping a bit into Corey's beastly nature wasn't hard. Still Jim kept his mouth shut and rather chose to watch that otherwise lethal beast crawl onto him. Fuck, he loved Corey like this and he let him feel it – like always. He remembered those first times when Corey didn't believe it because of how he had to grow up, but Jim made sure to reassure him at least like this that he still found him beautiful. And always will.

Oh yeah, he was doing it again... Corey always seemed to be fascinated with his long legs, especially his thighs and he liked to express that with leaving his bloody marks on them, which only fuelled the bearded demon's lust.

That sharp bite, sending pain and pleasure through his jerking body was half-expected. Still Jim cried out loud and pulled on Corey's hair, but it was not clear if he wanted him to stop or give more. It was often like that with them when they got lost in their instincts and things got bloody while literally tearing into each other. "Fuck.... Oh fuck..." Jim finally managed to utter, panting for air, his side throbbing and bleeding and all he could think of was the need to feel his mate impale him. "Corey!" he dug his nails into the smaller man's back and as he pulled him fully on top of him, his own claws broke the damp skin.

The small beast growled louder from the way Jim cried out his name. Letting the wound go he spit some fresh foamy blood into his palm and slicked his shaft up good then got into position. Locking eyes with his mate he slid inside the very ready body with ease and let the shiver of bliss rush over him. Their powers were coming more alive and swirling around them as he hit home with one hard trust.

Waiting, Jim could only groan and dig his claws into his mate's flesh again, his eyes glued to what Corey was doing and then there was no other choice: he had to throw his head back, exposing his throat on a long moan, the slight burning ebbing down fast as he relaxed his ass as much as he could and enjoyed being filled by that beloved cock.

Their uniting powers only added to the heady feeling and he found himself hooking a long leg around his mate's body, his hands pulling him even closer as if he wanted to melt their bodies together too while losing the battle against his instincts. "Come on... come on! Corey!" The second time his voice carried more urging and desperation, because he couldn't wait to become fully one with his mate at the end.

"You're mine," Corey said with a moan that turned into a throaty groan as he pulled back almost all the way and rammed into the hot body under him. It was so good... Their moans were echoing from the walls as he was working his mate hard and fast. The feeling of their merged powers burning them alone was almost unbearable every time they mated. That hot tightness gripping onto his throbbing meat was adding to the sensation. He had to lean up and lick along the exposed throat. Sending his love and desire through their bond then his fangs sunk into the inviting neck.

"Yes! Always!" the hoarse growl-like answer came, followed by another series of moans, grunts and curses as Corey fucking finally started giving it to him hard and fast and mind-blowing. Their full matings always overwhelmed them both up to the point that they nearly couldn't take it, yet they always could. This paradox always fascinated Jim, but what fascinated him more was giving himself fully to his beast and urging him to do what he wanted. And that's just what Jim did.

"Keep biting me!" Jim grunted and to emphasize his wish – and maybe to fuel Corey's aggression – he scratched up the sweaty back from the shoulders to the contracting ass cheeks.

The beast huffed loud, still sucking on Jim's neck. Pulling back his canines he moved to the other demon's collarbone and bit him harder there, growling as the sweet blood hit his throat again.

Plunging deep and hard into his mate in the urge to make them both come soon and let them become one, his claws dug bloody trails into the thigh around his middle. He was already losing his mind and felt like their powers would peel off his skin from his burning body.

Both their melted together powers and they were ready to explode in the middle of their mating, their bed lightly creaking under the force Corey was fucking into Jim and the tall demon kept crying out with every sharp bite, the pain transforming into pleasure in his brain and making his cock leak like crazy. Reaching down with one bloody hand he roughly grabbed himself and started jerking himself, adding to the already wet sounds of their slapping together skin, the scent of their blood filling his nose.

"Please... I'm so close..." Fill me up! Jim asked the last thought through their bond as his brain was getting fried by the burning and the pure pleasure.

Corey didn't need much either. He just wanted to chase their desire till their peak. He could barely hold back, the burning itch creeping into his every pore and their united lilac power crossing in and out of their being.

He didn't even know where to bite Jim. He was so hungry for the tall demon it was turning him more into a savage beast than usual. Hearing the begging of his mate, he grinded his dick deeper into his man and bit him again by his claiming mark, fulfilling the urge of the mating. He marked his mate as his.

Jim's now glowing eyes widened for a split second as a massive wave of the lilac power shot through him – them – the second Corey bit him on that special mark by the crook of his neck, which never fully healed. He just loved when that scar got torn up to renew the bond, because every time it meant that his mate wanted him as his just as much as the first time the mark got there.

With a desperate cry Jim started shooting his load all over their tummies and his ass began its dance on the pulsing meat in him. Damn, he loved this moment. But what he loved more was when in the middle of their orgasm he grabbed Corey's head to expose the side of his neck where the pair of that bite was and then he sank his sharp teeth into it to make Corey his too, completing the circle and making their united power explode.

As the beast got bitten in his mark too and their powers exploded along with their earth-shattering orgasm, he pushed harder into his mate and moaned long into the mark while probably the whole house got to know that they were mating. The shock waves of their united forces lingered on and lightly washed over them for a few more minutes before it ebbed down and let them try to breathe again. This was the most perfect thing in the universe!

Coming down Corey pulled his canines back and laid his forehead against Jim's shoulder to pant wildly for air.

His pair was trying to do the same and maybe regain some conscious thoughts too as his nails and teeth returned to their normal state as well as his face. He wiped his messy hand into the ruined sheet, the other caressing Corey's bloody back. Once again, he couldn't find the words to describe what just happened between them, but he got used to that during the years, because he felt like this every fucking time. Earlier he was afraid that this would get less frantic and crazy, but luckily everything stayed like at the beginning. And now he simply let himself just enjoy and bask in this feeling and being still one with his mate physically, mentally and spiritually.

Maybe half an hour and some cleaning up later the mates were dressed, drinking coffee in bed with the bloody sheet somewhere on the floor when there was a knock on their door. It took only a split second for Jim to focus and realize it was their son. "Come in!" he called out.

To that a kinda embarrassed and flushed teenager came in wearing a Led Zeppelin tee, black skinny jeans and Converse sneakers. "Sorry for... ahem... bothering you, dads, but the rangers are back," he said, trying to look everywhere else but on the visible bite marks.

"Thank you, Pauly. Would you join us, please?" the beast asked their son, very visibly amused from his embarrassment. Putting down the coffee mug he waved to Jim to get going right away. He wanted to know if the rangers found anything that might add to that puzzle that was forming to reveal itself before them.


Meeting the similarly flushed males in the nearby conference room was funny, to say the least.

"Sir. We searched the nearby surrounding in 360. We found witch summoning circles in the east and the west," Craig showed it even on the area map laid down on the table. "They seem to be sleeping ones. Not much to do with them. We will go back to that," he pointed at the west location "and look around if they come back to check it. Also that one looks like not channeling the energy correctly, just pulsing. Maybe we can capture the witches."

"I thought we finally cleared them out a bit," Corey mused watching the marks on the map. This could only be higher class witches’ work. That kind hasn’t dared to come this near them for years. Many years. It had to be connected to what Gabrielle saw and felt.

"Alright. Jim and I will join you tonight then. Jay, Chris, please inform everyone you can and give out all the weapons and packs today. And everyone MUST carry it even to the bathroom. I don't want to lose anyone. Alright?"

Like always after a full mating, Jim stood closer to Corey than usual, the remains of their powers lazily moving around them, painting the air with that lilac hue to those who could see it. Jim stopped himself from rolling his eyes good-naturedly at how much his mate enjoyed all the blushing going on around them. Yeah, everyone knew what they were up to, but no matter how many times they did it, mostly everyone kept blushing and Corey loved that so much for some reason that it usually made Jim chuckle low or at least put a lop-sided smile onto his face.

But the news about the witch activity wiped that smile off as he stood there a half step behind Corey, looking at the map while stroking his long beard a bit nervous. This wasn’t good. Things were starting to fall into place too much for his liking. He agreed with Corey, these things were all connected.

“Most of the packs were handed out last night, but there are still a few in the first storage room,” Jim told Chris and Jay. “Good work, guys,” he looked around, but his mind was already running a mile a minute thinking about the evening when they were gonna check out things for themselves too.

"Which reminds me that we are not armed either and without that little backpack," Corey muttered half-aloud as the room emptied. "We will take Jay and Sid with us to that direction in the west. And the rest of them can lurk around. It's maybe not a summoning circle but the connecting points of a bigger gate. And if they make five around the clan we probably all will poof to that place Gabrielle made us see. I have to admit it, though… teleporting a whole clan is a way to get rid of competition," he sat down thinking. They have to break those power portals. "Pauly, please go to Shawn and ask him over. I want his help with the other team, and hear his opinion about this all. Fetch Mick too, please…"

"I already have our packs at our place. We were just in a hurry and forgot to bring them with," Jim nodded stroking his wavy hair out of the right side of his face as he put a hand on his sitting mate's shoulder while he himself stayed standing.

While he listened to Corey talking, Jim was wondering from where these strong witches did come. Did someone ask for their help again? Or they wanted revenge for the clean up they did 10 years ago? Or they wanted territory around this area again and thought that taking out the strongest clan would be the solution to that? There were too many questions now that they had actual proof that something was cooking here...

"Right away," Pauly nodded with a serious expression on his young face. The actual older age of his soul was showing in his look and dark eyes now as he was focusing on his task, leaving the pouty teen attitude behind.

"How do you want to do this?" Jim asked lightly caressing Corey's shoulder while they were waiting for the other two leaders.

"Have no fucking idea. I have to be there to sense that spell and then hopefully I can break it. But I can't see into the future like Paul did. I'm still not like my clan was," he shrugged a bit bitterly. During the years on his mate's side the small beast more or less accepted himself. The creature he became after growing up in an arena fighting to be fed and to survive. The greatness that was in the stories about the red-haired small beast shaman clan was more than he ever would be. But at times like these he wished he could. Seeing into what may come would be so fucking useful... He should have learned more from Paul, the previous shaman.

"But anyway... We go there and improvise. That always worked for us. What can go wrong? Hmm?"

"It's okay, love. We're gonna solve it like always," Jim tipped Corey's head up to lean down for a soft kiss, sending some reassurance and love through their bond and the kiss too since he knew that being the last of his clan and not being able to learn more about his powers on his own was one of the sore points for his mate.

Then just when he straightened up, the door opened and the other guys came in, followed by both Pauly and Gabrielle (already with their backpacks). Jim looked at them feeling up their mood. They were more curious than anything else. And happy that this time no one sent them out during the council.


True to their plan the armed demons were prepared for everything in the evening as the two investigating groups neared the circles. One was led by Corey, the other by Shawn since they were the most powerful shamans of the clan at the moment. Sticking close to his mate, Jim kept his eyes on their surroundings, his fingers itching on the handles of the throwing knives at the ready, goose bumps breaking out on his skin time after time from the tension in the air. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to near that circle, but they had to break it if they wanted to keep their clan safe.

The way the symbol was pulsing, the strange foreign energy was not for Corey's liking either. He actually could feel it from afar. The energy came with some kind of a cold breeze and a grey fog and some shimmering light. But anyway, there it was.

He, Jim and Jay stood at the edge of the summoning circle and the other two males looked at Corey with expectation… But he hadn’t had the slightest clue about what to make of the runes.

"Maybe I try the usual closing spell. Chant with me, I will connect with you two. And Chris, please look out till we try." So here goes noting…


Not too far from a tall building the Bloodstone's high elder was watching the four males down in the alley. "It will surely work, right?" he turned to one of the twin witches standing next to him.

"Yes. The activator is any basic spell-breaking force that contains shaman powers and at least two people. Those are the keys to the gate. It is a very complex spell and been working on it a lot to fit the… prey perfectly," the woman smirked. So far everything was done as they planned. Nobody was foolish to risk an attack against the by then huge and strong Gray clan. If you want to fight a snake, first cut its head off...


Jim could feel Corey's confusion and hesitation about what to do. That told the tall demon enough to know that this was something new even for his quite experienced shaman pair. Well, of course it didn't make him feel any less concerned. Meddling with unknown magic could backfire easily and that bad feeling was only getting stronger in Jim.

Still, he started chanting, feeling Chris and Sid looking out for any outside danger that could threaten them. Once Corey connected to them and started the actual spell, Jim could feel it in his bones: something was wrong.

The feeling that something was not right was strong in the beast too. But he had to try. This was the basic shaman chanting only someone with such powers could use to break seals and spells. And as far as they knew, it was threatening all the clan.

So far the powers from that symbol haven't reacted at all. The same slowly pulsating light and energy were rising up from the runes. Corey took a deep breath and started the second part of the chanting. Seeing from the corner of his eye that Chris wandered further away, looking over the street while Sid stood in his place.

For this second verse of the breaking spell the runes seemed to pulsate faster, the smoke, or more like thick fog started to cover them all slowly as the chant went on. No turning back now.


"It's starting," the witch told excitedly to the demon noble. "They are predictable. It was easy to make them believe that the whole clan was in danger. These fools always run and inspect it themselves," the witch’s voice was full of spite. She and her sister were cooking their own little plan while helping out the Bloodstones. With that little red animal the last of that kind and the power he held would be gone. No more obstacles will stand in her and her twin’s way from taking the position of the most powerful witches. It was only a matter of time when the beast learned how to unlock those forces. They were too strong and controlling too much already. They had ten years. It was time to change the setting.


There was a split second when Corey actually felt frightened. And even if he shrugged it off fast, he knew that Jim could feel it too. By then they were way too deep into the spell. The pulsing of the runes before them stopped, and the fog thickened around them quickly. The three males could feel only each other and a strange cold power piercing through them, making their bones feel the cold as their chanting got louder and faster nearing the end of the spell. Then it was over. The last word was said and eerie silence fell upon them.

After a few seconds the fog started to clear but they still saw everything white and grey. Corey looked at Jim for support but he only saw confusion on his mate and Jay's face. Then they could slowly look around... The feelings got familiar too… Gabrielle's dream… They were standing on a small piece of ground. It was almost like it was levitating in the thick fog. Tall dark tree-like plants, lots of vegetation and water.

"Fuck...." That was all the small shaman could manage to comment.

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