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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One 2 - Left Behind
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One 2 - Left Behind : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2017.02.26. 08:31

Chapter 6

It’s been too many fucking days… They’ve been walking in Jukai for what felt like a lifetime. But then these guys were nomads in a way. Always on the move to do their duties and protect the forest. To be honest, it was interesting for Jim to observe the other demons in their element. They had learned a lot from them… Okay, he kinda did. Corey was another question. He’s been… off since they got into this dimension and it was the first time after a very long time that Jim didn’t know how to “handle” him – or rather help him.

But still… he was hot. Yeah, no doubt about that in his mind. He just wished Corey would stop being lost in that strange mood he was in. More importantly he should’ve stopped singing one of their songs. Jim was starting to regret writing “Left Behind” with the ginger shaman, because Corey humming that song all the time was irritating, to say the least. And he was doing that even in his head when otherwise he was silent. Thus Jim could hear that song nearly non-stop.

There were moments when he just wanted to smash Corey against a tree and shut him up in every meaning with fucking that song out of him. Maybe that’s what he should do… Damn it!

Of course Jim's naughty mate knew too what was going on in the tall guy’s mind. There was a reason why he was trying to bend down or climb up before Jim's face as much as he could. The “Left Behind” song just started while he was thinking of the irony of it all. But let’s face it… It's a fucking amazing song and the bridge couldn't get out of his head. And he paid attention more to it after feeling Jim getting on edge from his arousal and annoyance about everything.

They were following these demons for now three days and Corey was locked up inside his thoughts. It was strange that in this world he could partly hide his thoughts and emotions from Jim. And maybe it was wrong on some level but the beast enjoyed this a little. He was stressed and in those times Jim could get a bit too protective over him. But Corey felt it that he had to fix things inside by himself. This place and his powers were connected, his kind lived here too. He had to find the way inside to free his powers.

Still lost in the repeating of that song and his thoughts, he heard Matt yell back to them that they would camp for the day and they would go to do their forest saving duties. At least they ended up at a little waterfall and some washing and shower sounded nice. Then it was their duty to hunt – with precise description of what and how they could kill in this spirit "sea of wood". Yeah… *dramatic eye roll* but maybe that was just the effect of the careless Earth life...

Yeah, that ‘kinda distance’ was getting on Jim’s nerves too, but he tried to focus on other things. Things that weren’t his mate’s firm butt cheeks in his face while climbing. Jim had a hunch the little shit enjoyed this a bit too much, but whatever. He got used to it. Besides that washing up sounded fucking awesome after three days of 220% humidity that made his hair and beard look like a wet dog left out on the rain for… well, three days.

Chuckling a bit on his own very clever joke, he headed down to the water and was already peeling his clothes off, getting naked in no time. He hoped as hell that no dangerous creatures lived in those clear waters, but he guessed the native demons would’ve warned them in that case. Unless this was their plan to get rid of them. Which Jim doubted. They were nice guys, really. But he was annoyed and… well, horny.

At least the water was warm enough not to freeze his ass off, but managed to still cool him. In no time he was in it up to his neck, with the glowing eyes of a predator watching his mate stripping, barely noticing Jay washing himself a bit further down to the left.

The beast put up quite a show for Jim. Shaking off the pants slowly from his wide hips, walking into the water knee-deep. Paying attention to turn his back to the peeking predator in the water. Even giggled hidden inside from how Jim could be a hungry alligator and he a poor victim. Hmm... Nice...

There was no denying it anymore. Not that Jim could fool anyone with the vibes he was giving off and now the low growling as his facial features started to change thanks to his control slipping as lust was taking over his mind. He knew the show was for him and despite the fact that he was already rock-hard and ready to pounce on his (willing) victim, he enjoyed every second of it, torturing maybe both of them.

Come in a bit deeper, he purred in Corey’s mind through their bond and on the voice of the beast as he slid a bit closer to his mate in the water. He knew that one touch and all hell would break lose. His heavily leaking blue power that was swirling towards Corey on the surface of the water was a good enough proof of that.

Smirking to himself, and totally ignoring the way Jay froze in his movement of washing himself, noticing the mates’ powers reaching towards each other, Corey slowly went butt-deep into the water.

Corey felt their powers meet and couldn't help but moan and growl, in Jim's mind too, from the missed thrill. Damn that place was no good for their starving needs… What else to do to get eaten up alive by that nice bearded alligator...? Hmm…

A louder growl was Corey's reward from both the feeling of that red power melting into the lilac fog, and the sounds Jim's mate was making. Forgetting everything else around them, Jim's eyes focused only on the slowly submerging body he wanted to fuck and tear into more than anything in that moment.

He continued his slow gliding in the water until he was a breath away from Corey's tummy. For a moment Jim didn't do anything, just looked up at his mate with his glowing eyes, pure want written all over his slightly changed face as the tension was building between them, getting nearly unbearable.

Then his long tongue darted out and slowly licked a wet trail up on Corey's stomach, watching his every reaction.

"Fuck..." Corey grunted with a delighted shiver and his fingers got lost in Jim's wet hair, trying to pull him closer. They were done teasing now, he wanted his fix of his fucking awesome and sexy man... "Are you waiting for something, babe?" he asked in a rather warning tone… Meaning, 'get to work or else…' Their powers were covering them like a lilac fog and his erection was already dripping into the water…

With a naughty smirk Jim just growled and then his mouth moved forward fast, sharpened teeth tearing into the soft flesh near his mate's belly button, making blood mix into the water too. And then he bit again and again, chewing on the tasty meat, Corey's blood in his mouth a fucking welcomed taste, making Jim groan louder, his fingers pushing into the tight ass under the water.

"Oh come on! Again??? Here???" That was Jay of course, who chose that moment to throw his hands in the air and stomp out of the water also butt naked, grumbling under his nose something about 'can't even get cleaned up properly'. He probably went to find another place to finish washing himself up.

Not that the mates would care too much. Now that they were alone, after sliding his fingers out Jim stood up in front of Corey and he lifted him up by his thighs to carry him more or less onto the shore, giving him a needy and bruising all sharp teeth and tongue kiss.

Corey was already drifting down the path to turn into jelly between Jim's hands. The sweet sharp pain always did the trick. The fact that beasts like him healed super fast made all their rough and bloody encounters more fun too.

He kissed back his man with his sharp fangs, cutting into the eager tongue and lips, sucking the blood into his mouth and gulping it down like it was the finest wine. His claws were digging bloody trails into the wide shoulders as he couldn't wait to be dropped by the shore and get one with his pair again.

Jim was groaning and growling into the violent and bloody kiss as they neared the shore, his hisses from the back-scratching swallowed up by Corey who was pressed to him like a hungry leech.

Finally Jim broke the kiss with a throaty growl and dropped him back down on his feet just to roughly turn him around and push his mate onto his hands and knees, following him right away just to kneel behind him. Grabbing the hips in front of him, Jim didn't wait any longer, just rammed into that tight heat.

Earning an approving cry and long moan from his shaking mate. Corey dug his fingers into the small pebbles on the shore as his body welcomed the pain rushing over it and triggering his nerves in the way that made him crave for more. Out of his mind he pushed back to feel more from Jim. Even his red swirling power seemed to pull on the taller demon to fill the beast’s senses with the feel of the other's skin pressing to his. Jim's teeth and beard were brushing against his back too as their beings connected again.

Nothing but animalistic growls came from Jim as he kept ramming into that beloved tight heat, his pre-cum slicking his way as he leaned down and tore into Corey's back and neck. He was completely lost in their mating, his powers reacting to the call of the red one, creating a swirling massive energy of that purple fog, more of his mate's blood dripping steadily into the water as he kept chewing him up like a rabid beast.

Which was exactly what Corey wanted. His pain-fuelled body drank in all the sensations and pushed him deeper into his ecstasy. Reaching back with one arm he tore into his lover's side to make him catch up on his high faster.

The bigger demon roared from the pleasure-pain that ripped into him a few seconds after Corey's claws did. He was now right there along with his mate and Jim didn't hesitate to ram harder and faster into him, giving the red shaman his all. One of his big hands slid onto Corey's throat and he squeezed the way his mate loved it. There was nothing civil left in them. It was all about instincts and becoming one.

Finally Jim got rough!!! At least in Corey's scale… He was just at the brink of the height of their mating and when Jim finally let his almost fainting brain get to some oxygen, his body and spirit gave into that extra push and he crossed the line, pulling Jim with him too into their much needed orgasm. And their united powers exploded as their spirits merged into one.

The Jukai demons chose exactly that time to get back and witness some of the bloody mating. The long-haired shaman moved close behind his mate, humming to himself from the sight. "Told you... Animals…"

Matt just laughed, shaking his head.

"You have to admit that it's... stimulating," the Jukai shaman kissed into Matt's neck with a low chuckle, inhaling both his mate's scent and the other mates' energies, kinda sampling them. "They are so much stronger than we thought..."

Meanwhile – oblivious to their audience – Jim gave Corey what they both needed so badly, his "dying" sounds muffled as he kept chewing on Corey's mating bite, tearing it open over and over again while filling him up with his seed. They were completely lost in each other and their united being even when they started to slow down and Jim's savage biting became gentle licking and kissing.

It was too much, but so good. Like always. Corey's limbs gave out and he plopped down into the shallow water, moaning still out of this world with Jim on his back.

"Yeah… Much, much stronger. They have to learn to use that power. Not just at times like this…" Matt nodded and moaned low, because his mate's dirty thoughts reached his mind too and the way his Corey pressed himself to his back was almost too much for the warrior too.

"I'll just go and find Jay..." they heard Paolo snort loud.


It’s been too many fucking days… Pauly was sitting on the warehouse's flat roof where he liked to come up to think and watch life around him. It usually helped him to see things from a different perspective or if he just wanted to be alone, he could always come here. It was his and Gaby's place. At some point they snuck out two old plastic chairs and some crates to function as a small table in the east corner of the roof.

He was sitting on one of the plastic chairs, legs pulled up to his chest as he rested his chin on his knees, watching the setting sun. Another day was coming to its end. Another day without his dads and Jay. He missed them so much. Especially Corey and Jim. He was also deeply worried and that melody just didn't want to get out of his head. If not playing then he kept humming it.

But that's not why he sought shelter up there – like a lot of times in the nearly one week since he was left alone by the two most important people in his life. He came up to both try to handle his hurt feelings and to cool his anger off a bit. An angry and messed up shaman trainee usually wasn't a good idea.

He was pissed now because the adults kept treating him and Gaby as kids and wanted to shut them out although they just wanted to help getting back the missing leader pair and their guardian. Pauly got into a serious verbal fight with Shawn about it and now his anger was mixing with his pain and helplessness. Not even music could help at the moment as he wiped away a few angry tears and sniffed. Why couldn't they understand that they just wanted to help?!

Inside the building the leaders were running up and down in search of the young shaman. Gaby was at the East River clan and Shawn started to lose his cool. Maybe his sane mind too… If they lost Pauly… Damn that kid! They had an argument not long ago but Shawn just tried to keep him safe. Corey will release all that fucking red beast power on him for sure if he loses his son...

Meanwhile Mick as a last idea kicked the roof door open and started to stomp around in his combat boots, calling for the boy.

Not caring about the stirred up energies coming from some parts of the building under Pauly – those energies have been like that more or less non-stop since the absence of those three anyways – he embraced his black skinny jeans-clad legs a bit tighter after pulling his dark-grey hoodie up on his head to stop the light breeze from blowing his long hair into his face. To suppress that melody in his head, he let some aggressive metal songs blast into his ears through his ear buds.

He couldn't care less what was going on around him. Probably that's why he first didn't hear that someone came up to the roof. It was more the vibes Mick's heavy boots caused than the stomping sounds from which Pauly realized that someone was coming. From the familiar energies he knew who it was, but he didn't react just kept staring at the blood-red clouds.

"Hey, Pauly!" The huge demon gently grabbed the boy's shoulder. He waited till he unplugged his ears and sat beside him on the other chair. "You saved me a head rip, fella," he chuckled. "The Clown is surely in panic over where you vanished to. Wanna talk? I mean… I know you want to help us find a way. I miss Corey so much too. And Jim too, of course," the big guy nodded. "You know that Corey is like my brother. We are like you and Gabrielle. So… I'm pissed and feel helpless too about it all. Boy, you saw how bad I took the news about them being gone. Even that little prick Jay is a big part of the family by now. So... I just let you sit here and shut up," Mick ended with a sigh. He was not that good with kids like the others. Maybe that's why they haven't adopted one with Stacy this far. His small wife was a warrior too and even if they both loved the little ones and enjoyed them around, somehow having one never really came up.

"Don't break Gaby's chair." That was the first sentence that came out of Paul's mouth after a couple of silent minutes. "She loves that chair," he added as an afterthought then he went silent again, his powers sneakily sizing up how Mick was. He told the truth, but that was nothing new to Pauly. He knew how close the big demon was to his shorter dad. He'd heard the stories about how they had to grow up and rely on each other in order to survive. Which was kinda awesome in Pauly's eyes (not the circumstances but the brotherly bond the two adults shared), but now he was just feeling... too lost.

He wanted to say that Shawn deserved it, but that was just his hurt feelings 'talking' from him. It wasn't true. He knew Gaby's dad didn't deserve it. He had enough on his plate to worry about, but whatever... Damn these contradicting feelings! The rational part of his mind knew that the adults were right, but his heart was pulling him (and Gaby) into the opposite direction.

"They can't be gone too..." he finally said on a weaker voice than he planned and that sniff was totally uncool at the end, so he decided to hide his face behind his knees. Damn, why wasn't Gaby there when he needed her? She could always distract him or console him so well.

"We’ll get them back somehow. And I'm sure they are working on getting back to you and this clan. Gabrielle will be back soon. And Stacy will tell us what she got out of the witches. Want to hear? I – as one of the leaders – will protect your right to know about anything involving this," Mick told the teen on a deadly serious tone, and that from the otherwise intimidating guy was a big thing and something he would never break.

Now that made Pauly look up. He wiped his nose with the sleeve of his hoodie and looked just as seriously at Mick for a long moment. "You'd do that for me? Why? Because I'm Corey's son?" Pauly tried to guess it, because frankly, this offer came out of the blue and neither he, nor Gabrielle could see this coming. Well, it was easier to get information this way than sneaking around and trying to overhear the adults.

"Honestly? Mostly yes. About 70% ‘cause you're Corey's son and he is the closest I call family. And that makes you my family too. Plus there is that 30% of how I can understand how you feel, ‘cause I feel that too and I like you, kid. I have a position to help you a bit. And really, beside the fact that we are scared shitless and more protective over you two than when you got here, you even have the right to know where things are." Mick even nodded, mainly to himself. He felt that he was doing the right thing for at least Pauly.

Pauly thought Mick's words over and finally nodded sensing that this wasn't a twisted kind of trap or rather test. Mick was deadly serious about this. "Yeah... Thanks, Mick. I like you and Stacey too. You two are cool and I'm grateful that you'd do this for me. Although you can guess that I'll tell whatever we learn from your wife to Gaby..." Paul warned him, but he doubted that it would be big news or a problem to Mick. "When will you talk to Stacey?"

"Right about when we all calm down and you are found," the big guy laughed standing up. "Would you come down with me?"

That actually lured a small smile to the teen's face and with a huge sigh he unfolded himself and stood up. "Makes sense. Please, keep this place a secret. Don't want everyone to know about it," he looked up at the big demon after wiping off his face once more then he followed Mick downstairs from the roof.


Meanwhile in the basement of the Bloodstone clan's building the conspiring elders had a meeting. But it was more like a celebration. After years of trying to find the last red beast shaman to take its power – in which they couldn't succeed – now at least they could get rid of that power before the shaman could awake and use it. It took almost a decade but it was worth it.

"Now, my friends. A new era for the Bloodstones has started. It is time to rise from our ashes and gain back what was robbed from us by those mongrel animals. Cheers to the rise of the Bloodstones!" the highest elder raised his blood-filled cup to the small gathering. Next step, total regaining of control and genocide against all beast breeds.


 With a little jump in her step Gaby walked down the corridor after listening to Shawn going on and on about what happened between him and Pauly earlier that day. She wasn't really surprised since she could feel both shamans on edge, but after a while Pauly felt calmer to her, which made her curious. As she neared Corey and Jim's apartment in the building, she heard Paul playing that riff again.

"It's a catchy one," she said as she plopped down on the couch, looking at the boy with Jim’s treasured red and black guitar.

"Yeah. Can't get it out of my head," he said, his long fingers stopping on the strings.

"I know. So what's up aside from your little fight with Shawn?" she asked while chewing on her gum. "You feel less stressed."

"Mick told me what Stacey tortured out of the witches."

"Whaaat? How come?"

"He likes me, thinks of me as family and felt that I deserve to know," he shrugged.


"Sooo... It was a trap, indeed. They were hired to make it look like the whole clan was in danger to get my dads removed. They spoke about Corey's great power. Which is bullshit I think ‘cause he always says that he doesn't know how to be a real shaman…" Pauly said putting the guitar down.

"Oh I get it, though. I've accidentally overheard something. Shawn and the others were talking about Corey being the last of a great shaman clan that had huge powers. Maybe that's what they feared. I mean… We all know how their powers get while... you know," the girl giggled naughtily.

"I don't need a mental image of that, thank you very much!" Paul huffed as he got up and walked to the window with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "But I know what you mean... that power might have scared the enemy. But... if you think about it... since they get like that only when they... go at it then it means that before the enemy had to be close enough to them to feel that wave of power... Which means..." Paul turned around to face Gabrielle "that they'd fought this enemy before," he mused then walked over to the couch to sit down cross-legged, facing the girl. "Remember, they told us that there hasn’t been considerable witch activity here after the clans cleaned our area... So maybe... this enemy isn't just witches?" he thought out loud.

"Maybe. But they tour a lot and during these years they had to fight witches on the road. It's possible that a pissed off coven tracked them down after feeling that power wave somewhere, don't you think?" she raised a brow, putting her feet onto Pauly's thigh as she leaned back against the arm rest.

The boy's enthusiasm visibly dropped a bit from that, because he thought for a moment that they got closer to solving this mystery. "Shit... you might be right," he sighed, rubbing his face with a hand. "I think I'll mention these theories to Mick, but we should keep working on our plan. How are things coming together?"

"According to the notes from Paul's book, these types of runes mean star or more like planet constellations. Like directions for the portal. So... We have three more days then that night we can try to open the gate," Gaby told rather proudly to the boy.

"We are going after them? Aren't we?" Pauly asked hopefully.

"But of course! You don't think I would let you keep moping around like this! You're starting to scare the little ones!" she joked lightly kicking Pauly's side.

"Shut up," the boy said with a tiny smile, grabbing Gaby's ankle to stop her.

"I mean it. You are sooooo depressing to be around nowadays. So we better find your dads and Jay fast in... wherever they are so I can keep pestering you without any remorse!" she giggled, trying to free her leg.

"Sorry. Have a lot on my mind and even that damn guitar riff won't go out of my head," Pauly said letting her leg go and gave her a smile. "Thanks, Gaby. It really means so much to me. All the help," he added with a tiny blush. And thought that hopefully they would succeed and not just get lost somewhere as well.

"You're welcome, dumbass," she twirled a blond lock of her hair around her finger, narrowing her eyes a bit. "Probably that riff means something too. No coincidences, remember?" she winked then sat up to look into the dark eyes from closer. "We'll find them. I'm 100% sure about that. In that jungle-like forest."

Pauly swallowed hard, but kept the eye-contact and finally nodded. He wanted to believe with everything he had that she was right.


"Ready?" Gaby asked standing in front of the closed door of Paul's room. The slightly taller boy took a deep breath. They were about to go against everyone with this action and a lot was at stake. Pauly felt sorry for Mick, who tried to help them on his own way and the teen kinda felt as if they were betraying the big demon's trust, but they couldn't sit around waiting for the adults to figure something out. They were too slow. What if his dads and Jay were in grave danger or between life and death? What if wasting precious time would result in their death?! They couldn't stay. They had to try this.

Adjusting his pitch black Japanese Sai daggers with some golden decorations on it, he made sure they were secure in their holsters. Of course they both were armed with physical and magical weapons, the talismans under their clothes giving them some extra protection.


"Yes," Paul answered then when Gabrielle signaled that he could start, he began murmuring a spell that would help them slip out into the night undetected.

Sneaking out of the building was not a big task for the teens. Been there, done that a lot. Sneaking through the streets was child's play as well. Setting up the summoning circle was the tricky and somewhat scary thing that night.

"There. I did all like I saw it in the book and what you showed me," Gabrielle stepped back from the chalk symbol. "You know what chant Corey used and how. I'm ready," she said with an assuring smile to Pauly. She grabbed her crossbow firmly and stepped to the circle. "Come on…" she offered a hand to the boy.

Standing by the circle Pauly made sure too that everything was like he saw and they learned from the late shaman's book, because every detail was crucial with such spells. One wrong symbol and things could go south very quickly. Just when the boy finished checking things out and he lifted his hand to take Gaby's, a warm breeze swirled around them, filling them with a good feeling.

"He's helping us," Gabrielle whispered and the second their hands touched, the boy knew she meant the other Paul. A small reassuring smile crossed his face as he joined her in the circle then he recalled Corey's chanting, concentrating hard to say everything right.

For a while nothing happened – just like that night – as their in-sync chanting broke the silence of the night. But when it started, Paul's hand tightened around Gaby's, their powers releasing some more, fighting each other but partially mixing together too, making Pauly's blue and Gaby's yellow result in some green fog here and there.

As they kept chanting, the circle started to come alive, making its lines on the ground glow more and more, the powers swirling in the circle, making their hair dance around their faces, some thick fog seeping from the circle's middle until it completely surrounded them. They couldn't see a thing, but their joined hands kept them grounded.

"No fucking way!!!" That was Sid who got drawn to the massive magical activity during his nearby patrol – especially when he felt Pauly and Gaby's presence now that they weren't shielded by Pauly's spell.

But no matter how hard and fast he was running towards the circle, by the time he got close enough, the circle stopped glowing and as he ran into the fog to grab the kids, his hands couldn't find anything there. Stumbling he tried not to fall onto his face as he ran back and forth in the fog, calling the teens' names in vain.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!" he finally cried out in the empty circle, seeing that there was no one else there. Then he remembered the others. He had to tell them. And with that he became the bringer of bad news once again...

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