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S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife
S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2017.03.26. 09:44

Chapter 2

Matt has been thinking quite a lot about that night in the past week. The fact that afterwards his best friend kept around him more also kept the situation with Corey in his mind. It was nice though, having his friend's support in silent hugs or small gestures. Also he kept talking to Matt about positive shit that kept the singer's demons at bay.

He also felt a bit better because his voice was healing nicely. Now he believed it because it was not just his doc's word. Matt could feel and hear it too. And his throat didn't hurt that much after the shows. Part of him was glad that only two weeks were left of the American leg of the tour. Before the European leg they would have a month to rest. Which would mean more vocal exercises for Matt, of course. He was going to be busy, because he wanted to make things right.

Although Corey and Paolo didn't forget to mention in every interview they had to give to the press that this wasn't Matt's fault, he still felt like it was. But also tried to keep a positive attitude now that he could feel more of their support. Especially Corey's. For brief moments he wondered if he was using his best friend. Because Matt knew there was more behind his words and gestures and sooner or later he'd have to face himself in this... something that's always been between them.

Biting his lip, Matt played a melody on an acoustic guitar they kept on the bus in case their muses granted them new ideas or just to entertain themselves and each other. He was waiting for the boys' return before the bus could roll to their hotel and they could have dinner. It was their night off, the concert would be only on the following evening. So they could hopefully rest in real beds. And hopefully Matt would have the chance to talk to Corey a bit, too. He felt like it was time to... somehow bring these things up to his best friend. Damn, this was some scary shit...

Corey was looking at the room list with a pained expression on his face. His roomie was Matt. And he didn't know just yet how to feel about that fact. Maybe it was a sign to finally take steps like Paolo suggested... Well, only time will tell.

Matt on the other hand was kinda glad that he was paired with Corey. It would be easier to find the right moment after dinner with the guys to "force" himself to bring up what he wanted to talk about. Now that he could actually talk – even if he was still hoarse as hell.

For a day or two he'd entertained the idea of writing everything down to Corey in a letter, but he discarded it in the end, because he wanted to see his reactions. Of course he was quite tense and scared of this "big talk" as he liked to call it in his mind. Because doubt was there in him all the time with its "what ifs". What if he makes a fool of himself? What if he will ruin their life-long friendship with this? What if Corey wasn't feeling like that towards Matt any more? What if he got bored of waiting for him during all these years? He felt like a coward for not taking steps sooner. But maybe tonight...

Paolo wouldn't leave Corey alone all day... From the moment the room setting was out, the short man kept teasing the guitarist both in a funny and a serious manner to make a move and try to talk with Matt.

After the daily doze of Paolo bringing up all their past, it bugged him more and more that back in the days he let Matt slowly drift from what they had. And felt the weight of it all now…

The dinner was nice, fooling around with the others and the drummer was an okay guy as well. Corey had to give a phone interview so retreated to their room early. After everything he was just sitting on his bed staring out of the window and bracing himself for when Matt would arrive.

The lead singer was finally having a good-ish time with the others and he even smiled and laughed a few times so that was progress. His black eyes watched as Corey left for that interview and that gave Matt an hour or so to brace himself.

Then before he could drag out the conversations downstairs to get to the shared room even later, he stood up. He felt Paolo's eyes on him right away. Their bald friend dropped a few remarks during the day, but otherwise stuck around Corey more, leaving Matt alone. The bassist knew their friends well and how to... handle them. Yeah, that was a good word to it.

In a few minutes Matt closed the door behind him, tossing the key card and phone on the night stand by his bed. Then he sat down with a straight back, hands resting on his knees as he cleared his throat. He suddenly felt awkward and lame as he tried to find a way to start the conversation. He had thought up dozens of versions how to do this but now none came into his mind. So he went with the simplest.

"I think we should talk about... some things," he said on his hoarse voice, looking into Corey's familiar eyes.

To that Corey sat up too and cleared his throat looking back into the black eyes. "I think so too. I'm listening," he said low, pulling his long hair together with a band and taking a deep breath. Let's get over this... But first let's hear what Matt wanted to talk about… Maybe he will halt his plans to confess…

"I... I've been thinking a lot. About us. If there's something like 'us' in the first place. I know I've been... a coward for the last decade or so. But you are my best friend. And... I guess I just didn't want to ruin that with anything. I... I never dared to face the fact that all this time I think I felt more towards you than a friend should towards his best friend... It was..." Matt started picking at the denim of his jeans to do something with his hands. "It was easier to ignore these feelings and pull away... to focus on my relationship with Ashley... And I know it probably hurt you... and I'm sorry for that," he said deciding that bringing out the big guns would be better.

"You might not feel that way towards me anymore, but we are still close," he dropped his eyes on the floor, his cheeks coloring. "But the last few weeks since my voice started acting up... you've been there. It was nice. It felt nice to have you close to me and it also made me think about these things. Just... please, if I'm way off on this then forget what I just said and try to stay my friend, okay?" he glimpsed up a bit shyly and very unsure about what Corey might say next.

Corey was staring at the floor as well and been swallowing big a few times to contain himself while listening to Matt. When he was done, Corey looked up too. "I should have been stronger in that... Sorry… It's just... you said sorry about drifting away from me… from us. And I am guilty in that. I let you drift away. I should have made you feel how important it all was for me. And how much I would want you… I should have fought for you, Matty. And... I guess it's no secret that I still feel the same way... Just now... I get want you're saying. And I feel the same. And would still want it to be an 'us' like we were, and building something from that," he confessed feeling dizzy already from the possible outcome of this all. "Just... Now we said it. You said it out too. But... What now then? What you want with this, Matty?"

Matt could feel his heart rate pick up from what Corey was saying. So he felt the same way still... That gave hope to the singer and also scared him shitless. And that was a difficult question, yes. "That's the million dollar question, right?" he chuckled hoarsely, rubbing the back of his neck then sighed.

"I... I guess I'd want to try this 'us' thing. See where it would take us. So... basically the same thing you'd want. I'm just... I don't know. It's not easy to face these feelings and desires. My feelings for you. Because I... I desire you. I had to admit that to myself. But I finally did. You are... gorgeous and hot and I always felt myself being drawn to you. You always manage to pull me into your orbit, so to say..." he chuckled a bit. "And... please don't blame yourself on letting me drift away. It's... what it is, I guess. But now... now maybe we could try and build something from this and shut Paolo up about it. Man, that guy can be a sneaky matchmaker," he smiled again and got up to sit next to Corey on his bed, taking his hand. "I love you, Corey. You've always been there for me. And I like you much more than a friend."

Corey was messed up and moved at the same time. He held onto Matt's hand and couldn't say a word just nod biting his bottom lip. He was scared to ruin this all with any stupid comment. So he just pulled Matt into his arms and touched their lips together a bit shyly while his heart was trying to break out of his strong chest.

Matt felt a bit out of his depth here, so he welcomed Corey taking the lead. He melted into that hug like many times before, but now it finally ended up in a soft kiss. He... he's been fantasizing about kissing Corey's lips instead of his cheek for a while now. And finally he got what he wanted and it felt... good.

Their kiss was chaste at first. Just their lips touching a few times. Then as that nice warmth kept spreading through Matt's body, it gave him courage too to part his lips and welcome Corey's tongue in his mouth. His heavily tattooed arms tightened around the bigger man as he moaned softly into their deepened kiss. He'd missed this. The time when they did this and some more felt like it was yesterday. The memories were vivid in Matt's mind and had an arousing effect on him.

Corey felt melting into the kiss. He pulled Matt even closer and loved how his friend let him lead and moaned from the more and more passionate battle of their tongues and lips.

Lifting the hand he was still holding to his wildly banging chest, his other hand stroked up on the side of his love.

Suddenly Matt felt like he was a teenager boy in his room again. Past and present seemed to blur together, but once his slender hand was pressed against Corey's chest, he knew exactly where he was. This was real. He was here with Corey. Where he wanted to be, really.

The singer shivered lightly from his side being caressed and it only made him press his body closer to Corey while breathing heavily through his nose, not wanting to stop that kiss as his fingers pulled the band out of Corey's long hair so he could let his long fingers get lost in it easier.

Corey moaned deep from that and laid back, pulling Matt with him to be on top of him. Even helping the slender body to maneuver more easily over his own.

He still couldn't believe that after all those years this was true.

Matt found himself eager to get comfortable on top of Corey while they kept kissing as if their life depended on it. Or as if they wanted to make up for all those wasted years. He wanted this so much, even if he didn't know how to express it. So he chose to keep kissing Corey and letting his hands wander on the bigger body wherever Matt could touch him.

Of course he knew that Corey could probably feel Matt's growing shaft through their clothes just as much as the singer could feel his. But it didn't scare Matt. He remembered how it felt against him. Or in his hand or mouth. Those thoughts resulted in Matt starting to lightly rub his hips against his friend's, of course.

Corey had to pull away from the kiss and moan loud gripping onto Matt's hips to keep him there and keep up that wonderful friction longer. The way it felt to have Matt rubbing against him caused his body to tremble.

"Please tell me I'm not dreaming... Again…" he said with a light chuckle, opening his hazy eyes at Matt. "I love you. And do want this. You know I always wanted it, right? You always felt so.... good... And all what we had started was so right. Then I felt horrible to let you go and just stayed away. But you really want it, Matty?"

Matt's heart sunk a bit from being reminded how Corey must have felt during these years of denial. Letting his friend's nape go, Matt looked down at him while stroking his long hair out of his face. For a moment he admired the visible dimples, taking a second to catch his breath and think about Corey's words and question.

"You're not dreaming, I promise," he whispered hoarsely, letting his fingertips discover the familiar face like he wanted to in the past too. "I was stupid to try denying this between us for so long. I really want it. To see where it would lead us. How it is being your lover... and more. I want you so much. And I want you to touch me all over even more," he confessed, turning redder by the minute, but he didn't mind. "Can't you feel it?" he asked and lightly bucked his bulge against Corey.

"I can feel it all. And I'm sure you can feel me too," Corey said with a moan again, closing his eyes for a second. "It's all good to hear, because I want to love you and make you feel gorgeous and wanted. You have any idea how much I want to touch you and kiss you all over again..?" he laughed, lifting his head a little to peck Matt's lips while his hands were roaming on the other's body, occasionally caressing the small butt too.

Matt moaned in agreement, because yeah, he could feel Corey's cock poking his hip. "I already feel like that when you look at me. Maybe I've been a bit selfish too in the past years, because I wanted that look just for myself even if I kept my distance..." he moaned, pushing his body against the stroking hands.

"Then... touch and kiss me..." the singer breathed, grabbing the hem of his long-sleeved tee and pulled it over his head to reveal his by then heavily tattooed upper body. Then he rolled onto his back next to Corey, kicking his sneakers off and rested his hands on his flat stomach, waiting.

To say Corey was speechless is an understatement. He just stared at Matt all over with a slightly open mouth and licked his suddenly very dry lips.

"You know... Those glimpses always were only for you. And to be honest with you, I've missed this Matty so much…" he let out a dirty groan with a smirk and pulled off his tee too. Corey laid down on his side to slowly stroke along Matt's chest and stomach, leaning down to kiss his jaw line, down till his shoulder then back up to his neck.

Yes, that look... That was something Matt had missed too, he realized. Matt had to slide a hand down to cup his bulge when Corey took his tee off and he could feast his eyes on the wide and strong chest, his fingers itching to touch and hold on to the softer middle.

Instead his fingers started slowly rubbing himself through his jeans as he felt Corey's big hand on him. His lips parted and he closed his eyes from the kisses, Corey's beard tickling and prickling Matt's pale skin. But it only added to the sensations.

"I'm happy to hear and... I've missed this too. I didn't know that so much..." he whispered on his deep voice, brushing the back of his free hand against Corey's bulge to give something back too.

Making the buff guy groan out loud again. "You feel so good..." he breathed and pushing Matt's hand off his bulge, he pressed one thick thigh between Matt's slender ones and rubbed it hard against the other man. His lips found Matt's small nipples and bit on the left one while supporting himself on his elbows above Matt.

That thigh pressing against his aching bulge like that coaxed a loud moan from the singer and it only got better and repeated when his nipple got bitten. Corey probably remembered how sensitive and responsive they are and yes, like always, it sent a jolt of lust right into his groin.

Finally his hands were able to caress or hold on to that body he'd imagined over him more times than he dared to admit to himself. The ends of the long hair kept tickling his skin too, only adding to Matt's pleasure as he kept moaning on his hoarse voice. "If you keep this up... I'll learn how to scream again much faster..." he chuckled a bit, not knowing that he practically echoed Corey's thought from a few weeks before.

"Good... Good..." Corey mused and moved lower on Matt's body. Not wasting more time just flipping the button open on his jeans while his teeth bit along the outlines of the hard jeans trapped cock.

To that Matt moaned again then bit his bottom lip to look down, his hips bucking a bit up to feel more of Corey's attention on his cock. His hand stroked the long hair out of his face so Matt could see better what his friend was doing to him.

And man, he couldn't wait to get his cock freed. It's been... so long that Corey did this to him – and frankly, he was the only man to whom Matt felt attracted enough through his life to let do something like this – and more – to him.

Corey on the other hand was more open to all genders and had experiences since they had stopped playing around with each other. Matt and everyone knew that and at times he thought that it also added to the list of why Matt drifted apart from him.

But now one night stands with girls and boys or orgies didn’t matter anymore, because his Matty was there as he wanted him for so long. Panting and blushing and so eager to watch and experience everything like back a decade ago.

Feeling the bucking of the narrow hips, Corey flashed a predatory smirk at his love from behind his long hair, his soft brown eyes flashing up with a dirty glint. And in no time he pulled Matt's pants and boxers down till his knees and sucked his cock deep into his mouth.

That dirty look right there was killing Matt and he gasped for air as his groin was hit by the cooler air. Then it was time for a series of moans again. He pressed his head into the pillow and closed his black eyes. He could still see that look because it burned into his mind.

Fingers twitching in Corey's hair, his nerves were being fried by that hot and wet mouth around his aching dick. This was... so amazing. His memories of Corey doing this well definitely didn't lie. He was just as good as back then. If not better with years of experience under his belt.

Corey wanted to give his all to Matt. Used everything he ever learned or experienced to drive the singer crazy with lust and push him to the edge quickly. He wanted to please him so much he would never again change his mind about them as lovers.

He was swirling his tongue up and down and lapping up the leaking drops of Matt's pleasure, while one of his hands massaged his balls so he could taste him again.

"Oh my god... Corey!" Matt groaned, ignoring the urge to clear his throat as all of his focus was on the mind-blowing pleasures and Corey's attempt to suck his brain out through his oozing cock. It was crazy how good he was and how damn fast he was taking Matt to the brink.

Watching Corey working him so enthusiastically and lost in him was an amazing and hot sight. "You look... so fucking gorgeous... and amazing like this. I'm gonna blow soon!" he praised and warned Corey, hoping that he would look up at him.

Just as if reading Matt's mind Corey did look up and moaned around the leaking meat which he started to suck on even harder. Wanting to make Matt fill his mouth. Locking eyes with him he used everything to push Matt over the edge.

Panting through his open mouth the black eyes never looked away as Matt's hips kept bucking up a bit out of his control. He was so close and Corey hollowing his cheeks for him to add more suction was something that earned another series of out of breath moans.

This was the sweetest torture, like ever. And soon his body gave in. Moaning his pleasure Matt forced himself to keep the eye-contact as the world became blurry around them and he started shooting his load into that welcoming and very, very skilled mouth.

With pleased moans Corey gulped down all that Matt was feeding him with. Cleaning him up good he kissed his way up on Matt's body till he was lying on top of him and nipped at his long neck before – with adoration in his eyes – he just watched the beloved face swimming in pleasure.

Matt watched the whole thing then his eyes finally rolled shut while he swallowed a few times in an attempt to wet his throat a bit. He felt his cheeks burning, his heart wanting to burst out of his chest as he put his tattooed arms around Corey to hold him close while he was catching his breath.

"You're so, so amazing," Matt repeated himself, but he didn't care. It was the truth. To seal his statement, he pulled Corey down for a deep, sensual kiss, moaning from his own taste on the other man's tongue and lips.

Then he rolled the bigger body off him with a soft smile. "My turn..." he winked playfully at his... lover and quickly kicked his pants and boxers all the way off him. He knew that clearing his throat was probably not the sexiest thing in the world, but drinking some water from a bottle was a bit more like that.

After giving the bottle to Corey, Matt knelt between the thick thighs and his slender fingers made a quick work on opening and dragging down Corey's pants then underwear. After that Matt just let his dark eyes feast on the naked body on display in front of him. He caressed Corey here and there with adoration and lust in his black eyes then he laid back on top of him to feel all that naked skin touching. "I've missed you..." he whispered, starting to kiss his way down on Corey from his collarbone.

"I've missed you too.... So so sooo much... Can't you tell?" Corey laughed a little and kept caressing Matt's short hair, chewing on his bottom lip while gasping from the sweet small kisses.

"Oh I can tell..." Matt grinned and glimpsed down. He decided that Corey had waited long enough so instead of teasing him more, he slid down on the strong body to take a hold of the erect thick cock and lick along it.

Matt had to moan from the velvety texture and salty taste. It's been long, long years that he did this, but of course he knew what to do. So he licked around the wide tip then sucked it between his lips, letting in stretch them thin around Corey's girth. His black eyes flashed up at his lover as he took more and more into his mouth, tongue playing on the shaft's underside.

"Oh my fucking...." Corey moaned, his eyes rolling back from the feeling of finally having Matt's lips around his very leaking cock.

All the memories of their past flashed before his eyes as he was holding Matt's head. His fingers kept caressing Matt’s scalp and was guiding his moves, gasping and moaning his pleasures while inside he was moved to his very core as the old flames of his love rose higher.

Matt closed his eyes and felt the back of his head and neck break out in goose bumps as he was moving his mouth and tongue sensually on the tasty cock, slurping up the oozing pre-cum. He knew that it was probably not the best idea to try deep-throating it with his already hoarse throat, but he couldn't stop himself. He wanted to choke on Corey like in the past. And he did beautifully, forcing himself to swallow around the tip as if his life depended on it – just to come up for air, coughing a bit. Then he dived right back down on the glistening shaft, his spit making the slide easy.

Corey forced himself to look up and support his body on one of his elbows. Even his teeth gritted together as his body trembled from the delight, feeling Matt's throat convulsing around his leaking cock head again and again.

"I won't hold on much longer..." he breathed. Nails digging into Matt's scalp and he bucked his dick into the hot wetness to feel more of it.

"It's okay. I wanna swallow it all," Matt said hoarsely, panting on the wet dick in front of his face before licking and nipping it a bit. "Feed it to me," he asked with a sultry and needy look before sucking it back deep, hollowing his cheeks in his eagerness to get to that salty goodness, his moans vibrating through the pampered cock while he was gently massaging Corey's balls with his slender fingers. He loved to watch the flushed, pleasure-filled face above him.

True to Corey's words it didn't take long before joy shot through his strong body. Making his back arch and his hips lift from the bed as his seed squirted in thick jets down on his lover's tight throat. Leaving the guitarist gasping breathless and lost in the great pleasures.

And true to his words, Matt swallowed most of it as it came then licked up the rest to leave Corey's spent cock as clean as he could. Once he was done, he crawled back up to lay next to his lover, a long arm and leg wrapping around Corey while he leaned down to give him gentle and loving kisses. "You're just as tasty as I remembered," he whispered smiling in between kisses, his black eyes searching the warm and open brown ones.

Corey smiled softly with love at Matt. Some thoughts triggered his suddenly tired brain but he decided to not ruin the moment. He just turned to wrap that amazing man he loved into his strong arms and kiss him deeply.

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