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S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife
S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2017.03.26. 09:44

Chapter 3

Waking up to that bigger – and very naked – body plastered to Matt's back was nice. He didn't even mind the morning erection poking the small of his back. It was nice warm in Corey's embrace under the blanket. The singer didn't want to leave this little cocoon of warmth. Everything was just so good at the moment. Relaxed, no worries, no doubts, just enjoying the moment.

He woke up a few times during the night and always had a smile on his face, like now as he was just lying there, drifting into short naps time after time.

Corey opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Matt's tattooed shoulders as the singer laid half-way on his belly next to him. Barely covered by the blanket and sleeping deep, making small sighing sounds. The big guy didn't even remember the last time when he woke up feeling this... content and happy while being all sober. Probably when they were teens and also slept together after a sexual night …

Turning onto his back with a deep inhale he just watched the ceiling, recalling all that went down last night. The confession of Matt, the heated kisses. The amazing blow job… With a sigh he got up to head to the bath for his body's needs.

After taking a piss as he walked back into the room he couldn't help but stop before the bed and feast his eyes on the tattooed backside of his love. The small round butt and thighs and the long back and arms. His still sleepy brain started to create scenarios with that visual and his left hand found his awakening cock and he slowly started to jerk off from the sight, moaning maybe a bit louder than he should have...

"Are you jerking off while watching me sleep?" Matt asked on a sleepy voice and cracked an eye open while hugging the small pillow to him. He moved his head a bit to be able to look back at Corey standing not far from the bathroom door with a dreamy and horny expression on his handsome face. How he could pull off both was a mystery to Matt.

Pulling his right leg up a bit he pushed his tattooed ass out some more on purpose, the black lines of his intricate full-back tattoo moving. This was the part where his old self would pull back and back off, but now he couldn't help himself from fuelling Corey's lust for him. "You like my backside all tattooed like this?" he asked and briefly wondered if Corey had jerked off before on the promo pictures of it.

The wild growl erupting from Corey's deep chest was filled with desire from the way Matt showed off his tattooed butt. As he pushed it out the still white inner cheeks flashed up so invitingly for Corey. "Oh yeah… I love it more and more with each minute to be honest," he mumbled and tried to tear his eyes from the sight, so he would calm down a bit.

He remembered how shy Matt used to be with these things. Now that they said it to try to be lovers he didn't want to mess that up with the singer thinking he was pushing him... Or maybe there was where he had ruined it all in the first place... Letting him shy away and all...

But now he just walked closer, his hand never stopping on his cock, and knelt on the bed, softly kissing the offered butt.

Matt kept watching Corey and as he walked closer, his dark eyes glimpsed down at the hard cock he'd reacquainted himself with last night. That didn't mean though that as his lover came closer, Matt's heart didn't speed up, not knowing exactly what Corey wanted to do to him now.

Matt's emotions were still conflicted and like with many things, he had a battle raging on in his mind. He wanted this... he wanted it all, but the old fears and habits were trying to overwhelm him. But as his hands curled into fists in the pillow he was still hugging, he moaned hoarsely as he could feel Corey's lips on his inked skin, making his cock twitch with interest.

Corey's kissing lips soon found the white inner parts of Matt's ass and his tongue brushed against the tight hole slowly. Not knowing what Matt will react to it.

Feeling and hearing him okay-ish, Corey continued to lick and kiss his entrance and balls while he jerked himself to the edge.

It was definitely a first from Corey, making Matt instinctively want to jerk away from the strange feeling, but he stopped himself and let himself feel and relax a bit. It was a good strange and kinda hot too, making Matt's cheeks burn as he moaned louder from that skilled tongue licking and kissing him there, behind and on his balls. It soon turned Matt on, making him lightly move his hips back and forth, his muscles in his ass flexing.

That poor pillow was enduring it all like a hero too as Matt kept holding on to it or biting it to keep his longer and louder moans more or less muffled. Lifting his head again, he turned it back because he had to look. That expression on Corey's face as he was rimming him was priceless and so hot that Matt's fully erect cock throbbed with lust.

"Come on my ass," he grunted horny as hell from the visual. He even reached back with one hand to pull his cheeks a bit apart for Corey.

Corey felt his head spinning from this much more dirty and responsive Matt than before.

Moaning louder from the words of his love, he moved to rub the tip of his cock between those tight firm butt cheeks as his fingers were working on himself. After a few moves he grunted deep from his throat and started spaying his cum onto Matt's butt shaking with pleasure from just the visuals.

Matt threw his head back and a shaky moan found its way out of his throat as he felt the wet tip at his entrance. He wasn't even tense about it anymore, because he was too far gone in his desire too. He just kept slowly rolling his hips to rub his tight hole against the hard cock.

Then it was time to take a peek again, biting his lip as he felt the first squirt land on his opening then more on his ass cheeks, making his skin glisten as his fingertips smeared a bit of it. He'd never felt so wanton in his life when it came to sex. It was as if since last night when he told Corey he wanted this, the first wall had finally crumbled down and a new layer of his self was revealed and liberated. And this self lifted his wet fingers to his lips to taste what he just got from Corey, his black eyes looking like two bottomless holes from the desire and... kinda loving being this "dirty" with this wonderful, wonderful man.

Corey kept cursing low and breathed ragged watching Matt licking his fingers clean.

Maybe having actual sex often with his wife made Matt more... liberated with the male side of his desires too. Corey could only guess, but he loved it all more than anything. Then he dropped back down next to his lover.

"Fuck... I love you. You know that?" he smiled still out of breath.

"I know," Matt sighed then smiled, putting his head back on that poor pillow, Corey's cooling cum on his ass a constant reminder in the back of Matt's mind. Although he was still hard, he was just watching Corey with a flushed face and gentle look.

"You know that... with time I'll want to go all the way, right?" he asked a bit out of nowhere, but he had to finally say what's been on his mind since Corey started approaching him with his erect cock. "I'm just a bit... conflicted about it," he chuckled a bit nervously.

"You really? We can talk it over if it's better for you that way…" Corey said reaching out to caress Matt's face and back. They probably should have been talking things over in the past too. Corey wanted to make the best of this now and make it last with Matt.

Matt felt grateful both for the caress and for Corey willing to talk things over. "I want it, yes. It's just that... I've been living in denial for so long... And since last night there's this war in my head with all these... these swirling emotions and desires. It's as if I opened the bottle I've been pushing these things in..." he sighed, reaching up to rub his short curls a few times.

"I'm sorry. It's... kinda difficult. And to be honest, knowing how much more experienced you are... it's a bit intimidating to me," he blinked, feeling embarrassed and a bit stupid at the same time. "I know it's stupid, but still..."

"I knew it will make you feel... well, like that," Corey said with a sigh. "I guess I'm not too modest about my intimate life… But it's you now. And... I don't think I'm saying shocking news with it but... you are who I always wanted. If you want to ask, you can. About anything, really," he said turning onto his back and rubbed his face taking a big breath, glimpsing at the ceiling. Maybe Matt will back out again... He couldn't tell right then, but he hoped things will work out. "And anyway… We can and could do so many things with each other first before and besides actual fucking. I mean it Matt. I want to be your lover. And I love you. It's not just the sex."

"Don't tell me you want to take me on a date or something," he blurted out a bit surprised, but even if Corey wanted that and more, it made sense. He's been waiting for Matt for so long. That in itself told Matt that it was way beyond physical attraction. And that right there was something that blew his mind all over again. "I mean... I'm okay with it if you want to do such things. It would be actually nice... as I'm processing all these things," he smiled a bit nervously at the man who's been with him through thick and thin.

"I believe you. That it's not just the sex. I want more than that too... You'll just have to show me as I'm finding my way to adjust to this. But at least I've admitted to myself what I feel for you. That's something, right?" he said quietly and bit his bottom lip. "I've loved you too for a long time. I just... didn't realize. And it's cool that you discovered your needs with others. I guess... I'm just a bit different. I love my wife and I love you too."

Corey just stared at Matt widening his soft brown eyes. Matt's reactions and words only confused him more. "Yeah... Why not? We always go and eat at places while on the road or recording. Nobody would think anything of it if we go out somewhere to eat," he sat up and realized that he actually sounded offended. Pulling his hair together he looked at Matt again.

He just didn't want to scare him off with anything. "Sorry. Just... I guess I'm more of a queer and don't have... Dunno... Don't think that male sex is just for pleasures and fun. I really do love you. And when I say I want to be your lover I mean it like you think about your wife or any other girl back at school. I fucked it up too much when we were kids," he sighed again.

The question about how this all will be with Matt and Ashley was on his lips but he just couldn't make himself ask it loud. "Can we just... Enjoy and find out what we like all over again and see where it takes us? Please…? I promise that I won't force anything. But after all the years now I won't be giving up on you that easy either…"

First Matt froze a bit from Corey's tone and pressed his lips together, wondering if he said something wrong. He only relaxed when the sitting up man apologized and explained his point of view. "I'm sorry too... I obviously still have to learn a lot. Like... how to phrase my feelings and wants. It's funny, really. That coming from someone who lives from writing and playing songs," Matt grimaced a bit as he too sat up, finally letting the pillow go, his erection half-mast by then.

The rest of Corey's words touched Matt deeply. "I know, I'm sorry if it came out wrong. As I said, I want more than sex. You have to know that. You know me the best. How awkward I can be," he chuckled shortly and took Corey's hand in his. "I'm all up to that plan and I'm grateful for not forcing anything. I promise I won't either. I think... this was enough of a serious talk before coffee and breakfast," he smiled at Corey boyishly. "You want breakfast in bed or go down to the restaurant? But before all... a shower might be a good idea. I'm starting to stick to the bed."

"Maybe just shower first and then we decide where we want to eat?" Corey asked back. "And… this now means so much for me. I don't want to fuck it up. And I guess it makes me more vulnerable or something too to open up about all I've locked up for so many years," he added looking down at his hand held by Matt's. Looking up again he gently pulled the other man closer for a kiss.

Matt went with that kiss, of course, cupping the side of Corey's head then looked him in the eye with a serious yet soft expression. Yes, he knew all too well how sensitive Corey could be underneath all and Matt hated himself for probably being responsible for at least a part of that.

"The last thing I want from you is locking up. I need all of you, okay?" he said with determination in his voice and whole body language. "Now... shower. Because... really!" he chuckled and pecked Corey's lips. "Last one washes the other's back!" he grinned, trying to lighten the mood then dashed towards the bathroom.

Corey chuckled and watched Matt enter the bathroom, still sitting on the bed. He wanted to wash Matt's back and all over...

When he entered the shower cabin, his taller love was already washing his hair with his tattooed back towards him.

"Just how I love it," Corey murmured and wrapped his arms around the leaner body, kissing the shoulder then spitting a few times to the side from the soap, laughing.

While waiting for Corey, Matt even had time to rinse his mouth and nearly finish with his hair. Then of course he was laughing from Corey spitting the soap out. Reaching back to put a hand on the other man's hip, Matt leaned back against him, letting the water cascade down onto his front.

"Hm... this feels nice. But you can't get out of washing my back, you know..." he purred, turning his head so he could press a kiss against Corey's cheek – and he pushed the shower gel in his hand. "Get to work, handsome..."

Corey laughed again and squeezed some gel into his palm, starting to lather up the tattooed back and sneaking his hands to Matt's front, smearing the slippery stuff around the taut belly, and the half-erect dick.

"I have to make sure that you washed yourself right… Remember when your mom told us to look after you on the first tour?" Corey whispered to the big beloved ear of Matt and started to stroke him fully hard.

"I'm all up for that checking it out if I'm clean enough thing, but... are you really bringing up my mom at a time like this?!" he groaned hoarsely, his cock quickly getting rock-hard again under the slippery gel and foam, his fingers digging into the softer sides of Corey as he was trying to stay upright and buck into the stroking hand only a bit instead of an urging way.

"Yeah... right there... I think you have to wash that area... a bit longer. Just to... make sure..." he groaned then turned his head again to first lightly tug on the pierced earlobe with his teeth then rub his nose and lips against the bearded face to ask for a kiss.

Corey moved to kiss Matt as he asked while his fingertips were rubbing the pulsing cock head in circles with more and more pressure. Pulling Matt more to lean against his body while their kiss got wilder and wilder.

It was no surprise that from that method and the previous revving up Matt didn't last long. After just a couple of minutes his whole body shuddered and convulsed and he cried out right into Corey's mouth as his seed was released from his throbbing cock. Damn, he could get used to this. There was no single doubt in his mind about it.

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