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S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife
S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2017.03.26. 09:45

Chapter 4

After the very thorough shower they decided to have breakfast with the others. To Paolo's utter enjoyment Corey and Matt acted like two blushing kids around each other.

But beside all the amusement it was time to go back on the road and finish that leg of the tour. The break that was coming after that started to make Corey more and more concerned.

Aside from a few suggestive comments, Paolo left the other two alone. He too probably knew that this was a tricky situation for the "lovebirds" too, so he gave them their space.

Matt was a bit lost in his head, but tried to be as open as he could while processing all these "new-old" urges and feelings he now finally gave free reign to. Of course there were a few questions and tricky things to tackle in the future, but for now he just tried to enjoy his time with Corey while the rest of the tour lasted.

He also planned on working on healing and bettering his voice with the new techniques and practice sessions lined up with his new voice coach who was recommended to him. He couldn't let his past mistakes stand in the way of his and the band's dream and future. He was very bloody determined about that.

Corey used the time they still could share trying to swipe Matt off his feet again, so to say... Using all his romantic tactics to make his love fall for him even more.

Somehow the thought was in the back of his mind that it was all just reliving a nice memory and fun for Matt. And he wanted to make it all worth it for Matt.

Even though, he was hesitant saying goodbye and going home after their 'last' night together.

Matt had been enjoying the rest of the tour more than he could ever imagine with everything on his plate. He was calmer about the growing thing between him and Corey, but as the end of the tour was getting closer, his mind was already starting to focus on what he had to do in the one month or so break before the European leg of their tour.

He tried to make Corey feel wanted and loved as much as possible on that last night, hoping that it was enough for the long-haired guitarist. But the morning of parting came soon and he was on his way to Orlando.

He told Corey that he was going to be busy for a while. And it was like that. Spending time with his wife, family, friends, recovering and starting to work on his voice and making sure everything was okay with the tour took a lot of his time and energy, often leaving time just for a few brief phone calls or text messages with Corey. When one's time was so limited at home and in preparation of something that would last for months, it was easy to get lost in the daily tasks.

Corey spent the days alone with his thoughts. Mostly overthinking everything he and Matt had before the break, and even the time way back when they were teenagers. After a few weeks he admitted it to himself that he was torturing himself. But he couldn't help it.

Of course the old fiends and partners found him and asked for his time. And even if he had some kind of 'permission' or something from Matt, he just couldn't dive into the party life like before. So he just locked up mentally and literally as well and spent his time playing video games or writing music.

Matt called when he could. And those talks were sweet and made Corey's heart melt and long after his lover even more.

What if after this break Matt will dance back again from this affair? It is probably just that for him anyway… How will Matt manage with him and his wife at the same time..? How will it all be after they are done touring and have a longer break...? The possibilities were endless and Corey could only end up at the worst ones.

Matt was right after a singing and before a Jiu Jitsu practice when he checked his phone. It's been a busy couple of weeks since he was home, giving some interviews too about his condition and the future plans of Trivium. It wasn't easy to please everyone in his life, but he tried his best to balance it all on his plate.

But as he saw Paolo's missed call, some uneasy feeling took a hold of him. And once he called his friend back, it proved to be an accurate gut feeling.

After some quick catching up, Paolo cut to the chase quite soon. "Hey man, I think you should like... meet with Corey or something. Because he's locked up at home like a fucked up princess or something... I know you've been busy and all, but..."

The rest of the short conversation was something Matt couldn't really recall, because his mind was already racing. Was he fucking things up? Did he get too lost in his life at home and neglected Corey? Their relationship was indeed in a fragile place when they'd parted ways to spend time at home.

"Fuck..." That's what all he mumbled to himself, already on his phone to get a plane ticket and cancel everything else he had lined up for a few days. Looking back on the last couple of weeks he just realized how little he gave to Corey while dealing with all kinds of stuff – including processing what they have started on the tour.

Corey indeed was 'enjoying' the comfort of home delivery and fast food and the privacy of his home where he could just go on the cycle of eating-napping-drinking-gaming without doing anything else really. He never dared to call Matt first. Even if he knew Ashley ever since Matt did, Corey would have felt too awkward. He couldn't escape the feeling that he just fucked up everything. And what if it fucks up the band too?

The next day after Paolo's warning – that kept ringing in Matt's ear all along his traveling – the tall singer stopped the rented car in front of the familiar building. Corey had grown up here in Maine and had family around too, so for a while the singer thought that he was busy with them too. It was wrong to assume for that to last. He should have known better because he knew his lover well. Thus his own circle of self-blaming has begun.

With only a backpack he marched to the door determined, ready to brace himself for whatever awaited him. He was tired yet all over the place from the worry. What if Corey said he had waited enough for Matt? What if he was with... someone? A lover or fuck buddy? After all they were not exclusive. Since Matt had Ashley, it just made sense not to expect Corey to be monogamous either. Damn, there were tons of shit they still had to talk about if they wanted to make this work. And Matt wanted it. More than he realized.

So he pressed the doorbell repeatedly until he heard footsteps on the other side. Whatever may come, right?

Corey had to pause his game and was not happy about it... Huffing inside he opened the door and froze to the very spot.

He was… Very much in need of a shower. Only wearing a pair of hockey shorts and a slice of – very visibly at least a day old and dried out – pizza was hanging from his mouth... How romantic to open the door like this for the love of his... well, life...

"Errr... Hey... Imma... Come in...?" he said after pulling the pizza out from his mouth. He smiled and stepped aside a bit hesitant from the state of his house.

Matt didn't care about the pizza or Corey's look. The second the main door closed behind them, he found himself tightly hugging Corey to him. Fuck, he was so relieved to see him better than how his mind and fears painted him.

"I've missed you," he said as a kind of explanation for his unexpected visit. He didn't really know what else to say so he just stayed like that, knowing that the situation was a bit – or a lot – awkward, but at the same time it's been so them since their teenager years.

Corey hugged Matt to him at once, hiding his face in the crook of Matt's neck, deeply inhaling his missed scent. "I've missed you too. Sorry... Been too much in my brain and you know me…" he said with a shrug but didn't let Matt go. "It's a pig stall now here…" he chuckled a bit awkward, pulling back and looking Matt in the eye. "You okay?" he asked caressing Matt's face.

"I'm sorry too for being caught up in... well, life," Matt murmured, rubbing Corey's wide back and his heart was a bit breaking seeing the dark circles under his eyes and the tiredness in them. They meant mostly sleepless nights and the state of his lover and the house worried Matt more.

Still, he put a warm smile on his face, leaning his head into the caressing hand a bit. "It's okay. I'll help clean up. Can I stay for a few days?" he asked, not hiding the hopefulness in his eyes. "I'm just a bit worried, that's all," he confessed. "I want to spend time with you, you know... I'm sorry if I should've come earlier."

"Upstairs is okay… I was based here and didn't move much…" Corey mumbled looking around the kitchen and the living room. "You can come whenever you want. And can stay too," he turned back to Matt with a sudden wide smile. "I should get a shower, though. Sorry... You don't have to worry or come… Or dunno…" Corey mumbled moving back and lost in his thoughts looking around the messy couch for something. "I'm so happy you're here. And just surprised. Let's just go up and I take a shower," he looked up at Matt again with his serious and little drained and disorientated gaze, then smiled warm again at Matt taking his hand and pulling him up the stairs.

Matt's dark eyes noticed the small but tell-tale details from the way Corey was acting. He was exhausted and disoriented as he kept babbling on and making excuses. Also his confession about not moving much and the tone he used made Matt's heart sink and beat himself up silently for being such an idiot.

Still, the singer returned the warm smiles, although they didn't fully reach Corey's eyes. Matt swore to himself that he was going to change that – if he can – during his stay. Then he let their fingers lace together as he followed him.

Upstairs Matt took off his backpack and while Corey got under the shower, he quickly changed the sheets before taking off his own clothes, wanting to wash down the stench of flying. Sneaking up behind that gorgeous naked man was even better. He kissed his shoulder then took the shower gel and this time it was Matt who washed Corey gently but thoroughly, focusing more on showing him love and care than anything sexual.

Taking the lead now, he dried both of them off before leading the naked man back to the bed. "Get under the cover. I'll be right there," he smiled at Corey then went to the windows to pull the curtains in and to mute their phones. After he finally slid under the cover, he stroked the buff man's stubbly face and pecked his lips lovingly. "How about some nap?" he suggested, feeling that he could use one too, but knowing that Corey really had to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

"Nap sounds good. Anything you want," Corey smiled back, pulling Matt closer to his naked body to feel him as much it was possible. "Just promise me that you'll be here when I wake up too. I love you. Thank you for coming over," he whispered the end and pecked Matt's cute little lips while caressing his tattooed arm.

Matt bit his tongue before he could reply with an 'anything you obviously need', but instead he just let their bodies touch all the way, his hand stroking the damp long hair out of Corey’s face and neck.

"I'll be here. I promise. If not right here like this then somewhere in the house," he chuckled a bit and slid his long arm around Corey, just gazing into the tired eyes. "I love you too and no need to thank me. I'm here with you because I want to, not because I had to," he smiled softly and leaned in for a bit longer peck on the sensual lips. "Now rest, baby. You need it."

Those words must have been magical. Because that was the last thing Corey heard and remembered. The next time he opened his eyes he felt a bit dizzy and thirsty.

Sitting up he found the room the same – maybe he just closed his eyes for a minute – without Matt. Looking around he saw his stuff and backpack, so it wasn't a dream after all.

Crawling out of bed he started to look for his lover. Going down the stairs he smelled food. That reminded him of being thirsty and hungry too.

At the very clean kitchen he found Matt busy with the many dishes – a Japanese habit of making many kinds of food for one eating – lined up at the counter where there were already three kinds of garnish and some fish and chicken. All that made Corey smile and sneak behind Matt to hug him tight.

"You look so good in my kitchen," he murmured kissing Matt's shoulder.

There was some music on in the background, coming from the living room's flat screen loud enough for Matt to hear but not loud enough to disturb Corey's rest. The tall singer was lost in his thoughts. He's been obviously cooking for a while to make time pass faster. He already cleaned up the kitchen and the living room somewhat after checking things on his phone once he woke up.

It's been like four hours ago, but he didn't want to wake Corey who was finally sleeping deeply. He was so lost in what he was doing by the stove that first he didn't even hear the other's approach, but when he did, he smiled under his nose, expecting that hug from behind.

The moment it happened, he leaned back against the wider warm body, pulling a wok with some perfectly done veggies to the side. "I love being in your kitchen. It's a good kitchen with everything I might need to cook for us," he smiled from ear-to-ear, already hearing that Corey was feeling a bit better.

Corey rubbed his nose to Matt's neck, feeling his heart do flips in joy from how he said 'us'. "Good. I'm hungry, you know... I was too... lazy to cook," he added kissing Matt's nape and let him go to get a glass of water.

Matt closed his eyes for a long moment to enjoy the nice shiver that ran down his tattooed spine under the old Metallica tee he had on. "It's okay, I made plenty of food. You know I like to cook," he shrugged on a light tone, not wanting to ruin the nice moment that felt also... cozy. Cooking dinner for just the two of them. It was definitely very couple-like and Matt liked it a lot.

With that thought he busied himself with serving everything on the set table then sat down, waiting for Corey expectantly to start eating, because by then he was hungry too.

Corey watched his love being a busy kitchen fairy while drinking his water. "Wanna be the lady of the house?" he asked with a playful smile walking to the table. "You cleaned up all my shit too. Thank you. You're really the best," he looked around while sitting before the pile of food.

The deep sleep did good for his brain and he felt more collected over himself and maybe his emotions. "Look… I'm sorry that you had to worry. And that I let my thoughts concur me. But I'm really very happy that you're here and I hope we can talk over some stuff and just enjoy a few days together." There. It wasn't bad to start it all.

"To be honest, it feels homey. I like spending time in your house and taking care of you... or napping on your side or just cooking and cleaning," his cheeks and the tip of his big ears turned a bit red, but he figured he had to voice these feelings more openly now to reassure Corey that it wasn't a problem and that he enjoyed being in his presence or space.

The small smile stayed on Matt's face as he was listening to Corey, though his dark eyes turned more serious. "I've been worrying about you and Paolo ever since I knew you. But of course that has changed towards you. I want you to be happy... to make you happy. So I'm glad you feel like that about my visit. I'm happy to be here too. And I enjoy the fact that my presence is wanted here," he confessed, nodding while putting a little from everything on his plate then he looked up into Corey's more rested face. "I know we have to talk about a lot of things and I agree. We have to figure out quite some things to make this work between us. Speak your mind, please. I'm yours for the next week or so."

"Only that short?" Corey chuckled, packing food on his plate too. "I think I have to think it all over too. Let's just eat for now?" he smiled showing his dimples off and his soft eyes to hopefully melt Matt. He was a little afraid how to voice his fears without offending the other one. His biggest fear was that Matt doesn’t want him as seriously as he did. And his brain couldn't let that thought go.

And melting Matt he did, resulting in more blushing and a shy but loving smile as he dropped his eyes humming in agreement. "Yes, before it gets cold. We can talk next to a drink or something afterwards," he added and started eating, glimpsing up at his new-old lover time after time with a soft and adoring look as he let free reign to his blossoming emotions. Which he'd suppressed for such a long time. He just hoped that he'd be able to convince Corey that he wasn't going to dance back and that his feelings were true.

And watching the shy blushing and smiling Matt made all the dark thoughts vanish from Corey's mind. He could only feel and think about how adorable his love was and how amazing it was that he was there and cooked such delicious meals and he just wanted to pull him against his body and caress and kiss him senseless....

"It all tastes amazing. And... you see and know how I've been… So how have you been at home? How's things with Ashley?" Corey asked, gathering his courage around the time when he finished eating.

"I'm happy you like the food," Matt said after swallowing some chicken and rice. Of course the compliment warmed his heart, because he wanted to help (and also impress) Corey. "She's happy that I'm back for a while, though is busy with a few bigger design projects, so it's not a problem that I'm here. I think she was even relieved a bit that I got out of her way," he joked chuckling a bit, but kinda sensed where this conversation was going.

"That's good," Corey smiled. "Want a beer? From that I have a few," he chuckled too and went to fetch the beers from the fridge. Also using the time to collect his thoughts.

"Maybe… Maybe we should just enjoy your stay. I'm sorry… There are so many things I don't even know where and how to start talking or asking about…" he said after sitting back and facing Matt with a sigh. "But what I really need and want is you being here with me and kiss and cuddle and make out... Damn I'm a fucking teenager again…" he laughed a little, nervously shaking his head.

"Yeah, sure," Matt watched Corey closely as he moved around to fetch the beers. Taking one he opened it and took a sip before answering, his eyes staying warm. "It's okay. I feel like that too, because... this is a new situation for both of us," Matt said then stood to walk over to Corey to slide his long fingers onto his nape. Leaning down to the sitting man, he kissed him sweet and deep before taking his hand.

"Some cuddling and more kisses await the teenagers on the living room couch. Come on, no one else is at home," he winked down at Corey playfully and tugged on his hand to pull him towards their destination. Everything else could wait for a while.

Corey let himself be guided and pushed down on the couch giggling. Once he sat he pulled Matt into his arms and on his lap. "You know that I love it when you're bossy with me? That is all new too," he rubbed the slender back with his big hands while getting lost in the dark eyes. Yeah... Matt was there in his arms and wanted him.. For now only that mattered.

"New? I thought I'd bossed you around enough during the years," he grinned a bit teasingly as he got comfortable on Corey's lap, enjoying the touches as he hugged the guitarist to him.

He completely zoned out on where they'd left their beers. Not that he cared. He felt that he was right where he was supposed to be. To that thought he started pecking Corey's bearded face. "If you want, I can get bossier with you right now..." the singer murmured low.

"Well maybe in the band, but not like this…" Corey said smiling and kissing Matt's chest and looked up when he moved closer and closed his eyes from the kisses on his face. "I would love it so much... Be bossy, baby..." Corey whispered with a bit of a dirty tone and gripping a little on his lover’s side.

Grinning from ear to ear first, Matt thought for a moment before tipping his head up a bit, trying to look all bossy. Of course it was to make Corey smile or giggle so he could see his cute dimples again. Which Matt loved more than he ever told him.

Then he quickly moved to straddle the other man, stroking his hair as his slender thighs pressed against Corey. "Kiss me then. Like you mean it!" he whispered close to the inviting lips.

Of course Corey giggled at Matt. But the more serious bossiness made him inhale loudly and stroke those long thighs that practically held him strongly in place. He always did that to him... Corey's senses got overflowing with Matt. The other's scent and closeness and taste… his shapey cute lips… always made him want to kiss Matt for hours. The order he gave with a slight hunger in his tone just made the buff guy lean forward and kiss him deep and sensual like there was no tomorrow.

Wow. That's what crossed the singer's mind as he was kissing back just as enthusiastic, fingers lightly scratching Corey's nape. His body was starting to get very excited and interested in what they were doing. And he kinda really felt as if they were two teenagers left alone in the house, trying to make the best of the rare occasion.

But in truth they were grown men now and had all the time in the world, so Matt let that kiss go on for a couple of minutes, loving the touches of the big and warm hands all over his body.

His own moved down from Corey's nape and chest too, to caress the adored body wherever Matt could. "Your kisses are so amazing," he panted onto Corey's mouth then slid a hand under the sweatpants his lover pulled on before joining him in the kitchen.

"Your long fingers too..."Corey moaned closing his eyes and threw his head back. There was something on his mind ever since they started getting closer again. And the way Matt teased his already very hard cock made that thought end up at his lips, finally. "You ever thought about me as your bottom? Opened up by those fingers and fucked by you as you wanted it..?" he whispered opening his lust-filled eyes.

To that suggestion Matt's wet fingers paused a moment on the hard shaft as he thought it over, his lust-filled eyes meeting Corey's. Well, it made his cock itch, although he had planned originally something else for them. But yeah...

"You'd want that?" he asked a bit breathless as his hand freed Corey from under the fabric of his pants then Matt did the same after reaching under his boxers. He spit into his palm then took both of them in his hand to slowly jerk both hard cocks. "It's an idea that's appealing to me, I won't lie about it..."

Corey watched what his love did and some deep pleased grunts left him from the way Matt's throbbing cock was rubbed against his. "Oh I want that alright…" he panted, eyes never leaving that wonderful sight. "I masturbated quite a lot to the fantasy of you dominating me and taking me as you want..."

His hands reached back to grab the small butt of Matt and pull him closer. Hips slowly bucking against and into that wet warm hand and cock. "I know you would feel amazing...."

The singer had to bite his bottom lip for a moment from feeling the thicker cock buck and slide against his then he pushed his ass a bit against the grabbing hands, bucking a bit harder back and forth.

"You did? I had no idea... although..." Matt tried to think clearly, but it was getting harder with every mind-numbing sensation. But he remembered how a few years ago – unlike Corey – his friend stuck longer around a tall tech guy with probably Korean origins. At that time he found it a bit strange, but he never tried to pry on Corey's sexual life. Or not really, if we don't count the joking around and stuff.

Now that he confessed pleasuring himself to imagining Matt doing these things to him... The tech guy probably helped him fulfill those fantasies. Which was a bit weird now that the puzzle pieces were falling into place – but flattering at the same time too.

"Where's the lube?" That's all he asked on a turned on, hoarse voice, assuming that his kinky friend would keep a bottle in arm’s reach of the couch.

Corey just moaned deep reaching under the cushion of the couch and placed a half-empty tube next to them.

"I was lonely," he added to the questioning look on Matt's face. His heart was speeding up fast. Matt was really gonna do this… He was already losing his mind from being rubbed against the other leaking and bucking dick. His breathing got even heavier from the thoughts alone as he licked his lips. "What you want me to do to please you?" he whispered. Matt knew about his kinky games so it was worth a try to indicate that dominant role for him.

Matt took the tube and pecked Corey's lips in an understanding manner from the confession. It also probably meant that he wasn't fucking around with his buddies since being back home. That moved the singer and he kissed Corey more passionately and demanding for a minute.

Coming up for air was a good idea and he used his time to revel in the shiver that was playing on his spine since Corey's question. Yes, Matt knew about some of the stuff his friend has picked up during the years. He'd told stories or Matt simply heard them from here and there. So it wasn't such a shock, even if this role was quite new to the singer when it came to men and especially Corey.

But not letting his mind to overthink it and make him chicken out, Matt tried to get into the role with putting on one of his more serious and maybe stern masks, back straightening immediately. It all happened two moments before he stood up in front of Corey and pulled his tee over his head to toss it aside. "Take off your shirt and lie down on your back."

"As you wish," Corey swallowed watching his friend all kind of cold and strict standing there. It just fueled the fire that made him itch more from the inside to take a another step with this amazing man.

Doing as he was told, Corey laid back all naked on the couch. His cock rock-hard and jumping for attention, dripping pre-cum over his slightly hairy little belly. And was just waiting for the next instruction.

Pushing his own boxers down too, Matt was all naked now as well, watching as his wish was granted. "Good," he murmured, his hand holding the tube maybe a bit firmer than necessary, but he was trying to fight off his nervousness and appear all cool and strict and shit. He wanted to please Corey so badly. And this was for both of them.

Matt knew that approaching this whole situation from this angle was to help him adjust easier too and for that he loved Corey even more. But now he had to stop thinking too much and follow his instincts. Which told him to move, so he did.

Hitting the side of a thigh with the back of his hand, he barked shortly at Corey. "Pull up and open them!" Swallowing hard when his wish was granted again, he climbed between the welcoming legs and put the closed tube on Corey's belly as a constant reminder what was going to come soon. But even if it felt a bit like stalling to Matt, he first wanted to play with the hardening nipples for a while – rubbing, pinching and sucking on them a bit harder than he usually would.

Corey chewed hard on his bottom lip. Not knowing if he was allowed to moan or make a sound. This Matt who gave him sweet pain and torture was very much of his liking and made him feel wanted like never before.

Not just wanted. Wanted by Matt. And he had to use all his willpower not to move and hug and kiss his lover all over. Hesitantly his right hand moved to caress the short curls while his muffled moans got louder from those sharp teeth around his nipple.

"No touching just yet," he paused to emphasize his words then bit the already swollen and sensitive nipple. "But I want to hear your sounds and whatever you want to voice," he added, a bit nervous if he was doing this right, but tried to push that self-doubt down again.

He took the lube and squirted some into his palm, wetting his long fingers before continuing with kisses and bites down on Corey's adored little belly.

"You taste so good..." That he told Corey once he had cleaned up the pre-cum and sucked on the thick cock a few times while his fingertips were playing around that tight hole. But now... now he was pushing the middle steadily in while lightly nipping on the erection in front of his face.

To be honest, Corey couldn't have held his grumbling moan back even if he wasn’t allowed. This all was just too mind-blowing for him.

After all those years craving and imagining how it would happen, finally he could feel Matt's long finger… "Holy fucking shit..." he mumbled as a light wave of pleasure rushed over him in a shiver. Lifting his head to see what he could, he moved against the probing finger and pushed his inner muscles against it, opening up fast with ease for his love. "You feel so awesome... Please… Can you add more, please...?" he breathed as he bucked his hips, his dick against those soft lips and his ass to feel that finger deeper.

"Someone's impatient," Matt chuckled low, but glad that he was doing this right. It felt a bit weird to do this to someone else. He remembered it from the past where he had a few attempts under the shower to finger himself. But this was different. The tight hotness around him was... mind-blowing once again. Because he imagined how it would feel around him and also the reactions his exploring finger caused to Corey were priceless.

But he added a second wet finger in the end, slowly fucking them both deeper. He got so lost in what he was doing that Matt had to remind himself to sometimes kiss or lick or suck on Corey's cock too.

The third one came soon and he had to stare at the hungry hole that was pulling his fingers deeper and deeper. Matt gave in to his instincts once again and curled them in search of that magical spot.

For basically not having any experience with men in this Matt was doing it all so, so well. Corey couldn't keep his joy-filled moans in and a few beads of sweat have already formed on his pale skin. Some collected on his belly too or slid down on his temples.

His meaty thighs closed around Matt unwillingly as he swayed his hips, feeling more of those fingers inside.

But when his prostate got rubbed over, his body redacted wildly. Arching his back and his breathless yell echoed from the walls of the silent house. "Matty... Fuck… Oh God… It was so long… Fuck… There… Rub it more… P…please... I wanted you for so long... Arrrgggg..." he kept mumbling and squirming in pleasure, panting and moaning from each stroke of those wonderful fingers.

Matt had to divide his attention between watching his strong fingers moving in and out of the willing body and Corey's flushed and sweaty face. "Damn, you're so hot like this!" It tore itself out of him, feeling more pre-cum slowly slide down on his own throbbing cock.

From Corey's broken words he understood that it's been a while that someone did him and it only fuelled Matt's desire to give him what he needed. That's why he gave him more rubs, loving how responsive the bigger body was to every little move his fingers made in that tight heat.

"I can't wait any longer. Hope you're ready for me..." he huffed hoarsely, although he knew Corey had waited long enough already. Pulling his fingers out, he quickly slicked up his long cock some more then he crawled on top of his lover and pressed against the wet opening, letting nature take its course, his tip breaching Corey then pushing and fucking further and further in with each careful move. Now Matt let out his strong voice too, not being able to control himself anymore, because that hot and tight feeling around his dick was messing with his mind.

Corey was speechless. He held onto Matt's shoulders and his hips never stopped swirling and bucking to meet up with that hard stabbing cock. He tried to relax his muscles more to let them feel each other fully as much as they could.

"Fuck me harder... Oh god you feel so amazing... I love you so much…" he breathed opening his hazy eyes and smiling softly at Matt.

This was kinda familiar yet completely new to the singer as he was more than half-way in, his body trembling, tattooed skin breaking out in goose bumps all over. Corey was amazing with meeting his thrusts like that and Matt didn't even have the mind or words to comment on touching him without permission.

He was too far gone in the new sensations as he shifted a bit, leaning on his forearms next to Corey, so their bellies could brush together. He could feel the hard dick leaving wet trails on his lower belly. "So good..." Matt groaned and leaned down to kiss him rough and demanding and maybe a bit desperate as passion took over and he rammed back harder inside.

Corey's nails dig into Matt's soft skin and he had to leave those sweet lips to yell out from the way pleasure ran over his nerves as Matt entered him deeper and rubbed along all his sensitive spots.

"Yes... Don't hold back... I'm your man… Let it all go…" he panted and moaned kissing along Matt's face to ask again for a kiss and he pushed his butt down again to welcome that hard thrust that brought them both closer to their release.

How was it possible that only a few words could have an effect on Matt as if someone threw gasoline on a fire? Because he felt like that. His nape and back were suddenly hot and tingly as he forced his muscles to move faster and harder, finally all of his cock ramming home. He pulled one of Corey's legs higher around his narrow hips to hit his prostate from a better angle and he found himself sucking and biting on the thick and salty neck, his own growls and moans of pleasure yelled into Corey's shoulder.

It was so fucking intense! His ass was moving faster and harder with each move, balls slapping against Corey with a wet sound, his cock throbbing and oozing pre-cum like crazy, the pressure building fast at the base of his spine, still he could keep up this crazy pace for a couple of more minutes, dying a little with each moan and babbled nonsense. He was falling deeper and deeper.

"So, so good to me..." he forced himself to lift his head and look Corey in the eye as he kept fucking him hard and deep. "Come on! Cum for me! Now..." he groaned onto the red lips and finally gave his man the kiss he was longing for.

At last!!! Corey got the real hard fuck he ached for from that very special man between his legs. It seemed Matt got the message that he could, and should let go of himself more than with females and was ramming frantically into him. Hitting his prostate with each move Corey could only mumble half-audible curses and love confessions and he was pushed more and more closer to the edge by that amazing hard shaft – around which his muscles were tightening more and more often as his orgasm was building up. And it didn't take long to lock Matt by his cock inside his body as the waves of pleasure took over his body and made it convulse around the leaking member and leave small cramps all over his muscles while he bit and sucked on Matt's tongue in his rapture, soothing his sperm onto their bellies.

It was insanely hot. All of it. Matt couldn't remember ever fucking someone this hard, releasing all of his urges and instincts on someone who could take it so well. His whole body was trembling violently by then and he couldn't stop moaning or yelling and panting. He was so damn close too as he freed his tongue just to bite hard on Corey's bottom lip.

His groan was loud and animalistic as he felt that tight ass gripping him hard over and over again, the wetness on their brushing tummies driving Matt crazy. He forced himself to keep going and fuck Corey through his intense orgasm then the singer was falling too, his hips bucking uncontrollably as he exploded into Corey's ass. The pleasure was blinding and frying every remaining brain cell in his head as he pressed his eyes shut, body cramping, cock filling the hot channel with his cum.

Then he was kissing his man like there was no tomorrow, putting every burning emotion into that deep kiss while they tried to breathe through their noses.

Corey returned the kiss blindly and tried to grip on Matt and hold him to his trembling body as close as he could.

It was all he ever wished for. Matt was so perfect. The guitarist felt moved and melting from all the love and emotion he could feel from his man. Yes, finally Matty was his man and nothing could erase from his brain what happened between them.

Calming down a bit the kiss turned into sweet loving pecks as Corey was caressing the nape and back of his lover. Smiling full of love between the kisses.  "You're amazing…" he whispered onto the soft lips.

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