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S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife
S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2017.03.28. 17:49

Chapter 6

In the following little more than one week the new lovers spent time on getting closer. And more couple-like as a result of all the cuddling and cooking and being in each other's arms nearly all the time.

Corey felt happy and strange the same time from all that. But he tried his best to put aside all the doubts his brain tried to create in the thoughts of how it will be after they get back to be with the band and crew and all... He just tried to enjoy what he got from Matt and show his love for the singer as much as he could.

Of course, he got plenty. Matt was a bit of a house fairy with the cooking and packing things to keep it neat. Also after getting known 'the drawer' Matt got a bit more experiencing on Corey and the big guy loved all of it. Also the creative ways his lover could fuck him. And the fact that it was mind-blowing not just because they did it on 'THE COUCH' the first time after a decade of him longing for that. Because it got even better if that was possible. And Corey opened his deep emotions and heart more up for the handsome samurai – as he called Matt since they were kids.

But all good things come to an end. And Matt had to go back home. Leaving Corey to balance with his thoughts and feelings, pouring all into love songs till the time arrived to go back on the road with the band.

Spending those days with Corey was good for Matt too. He was more confident and settled about this whole new relationship they were in now. His stay definitely helped adding a more solid foundation to what they were starting.

But Matt had to face another important conversation with his wife. He was kinda scared and very nervous about it. It didn't help on his anxiety, but he tried to keep in control and fight it like he did in the past countless of times.

He also kept in touch with Corey through Skype and phone calls and video chat and messages during the days that were left before travelling to start the European leg of the tour. It wasn't just to keep making Corey feel loved and wanted. It was also because Matt got used to living with him and being around him and the singer also missed his man.

Then finally it was the day of flying to Europe. It was good to see the others again and the usual excitement of the tour got under the lean singer's tattooed skin. But seeing Corey again after the last week or so at home was the best. It was like... getting home, being able to breathe a bit easier again. Of course it didn't take long for Paolo to pick up on the changed vibes and flying sparks in the air.

Corey met up with Paolo on his way to the airport's meeting point with the others. The topic of him and Matt didn't come up on the short walk but of course no one was blind. When Corey spotted his man from afar, he became deaf to Paolo's chatter. He could only see the tall lean guy being all bossy and looking over the item list with the tour manager.

"Someone has a very stupid smile... So he did go to check on you, huh?" Paolo added with a dirty smirk. "Who was on top?" he asked from both Corey and Matt when they arrived to their singer.

Raising a brow to that question once the tour manager was off satisfied that everything seemed to be in order, Matt snorted. "You will, on top of the plane," he rolled his eyes, still in bossy mode, but there was a small smile in the corner of his lips.

Well, that at least shut up their friend for a little while and they could board the plane without any problems. Matt's mind was still full of that look he caught on Corey's face before the boys got to him. Right until he settled by the window seat, Corey sitting on his right side –effectively blocking everyone else from view.

Matt smiled under his nose as he switched his phone to flying mode then he brushed the back of his hand against Corey's thigh as a more intimate greeting. Of course he wanted to do much more – like kiss him silly while hugging him tight – but they were in public and for a while (until they got to their shared hotel room in France) had to be satisfied with that.

"I've missed you," Matt whispered, looking warmly at his lover.

Corey was used to being the human shield for Matt. They worked well that way. Matt was the front man speaking for the band and right at his back was him, like a bodyguard balancing out Matt's a bit nervous being with his size and piercing gaze.

As they were sitting there, he was glad his built could give them some private space.

"I've missed you too," he whispered back with a sweet smile and picked his phone up with a wink.

In a minute Matt's mobile buzzed as 'someone' just sent a twitter direct message of lots of kissy emojis to him.

Matt checked his phone and chuckled, sending a similar message back to that 'someone'. "Damn, these fans never leave me alone with their love," he giggled a bit. Then thinking for a second, he typed in another message. “I want to kiss you so bad”.

Their little fun time was interrupted by the plane starting to move, getting ready to take off. Once that happened and things settled a bit, he tried to get more comfortable in his seat, although it was always a bit difficult because of his long legs.

"How have you been?" he asked, genuinely interested and maybe a bit worried of the answer, although Corey looked better and more rested than on the day he visited. But the slightly anxious moving of his leg was a telltale sign that there was something else he wanted to finally talk about.

"I'm good. Been writing shitty romantic songs," Corey said with a shrug an chuckle. Sliding a bit lower on his seat to half-lay more comfortable. "But maybe we can use some riffs later on," he added. “And I want to kiss you so badly too. And can't wait to get to our hotel room so I can turn into a koala and hug you till you get annoyed with me," he whispered with a playful smile at Matt, showing his dimples off.

"I'm sure the songs are great. You'll have to show them to me," he said, not even realizing how the way he phrased it can be seen as demanding – something Corey usually loved. "That koala thing sounds good to me too. Then I guess I'll cancel the interviews and short sightseeing tomorrow, because I won't get annoyed with you for that... And I can't get bored with your dimples either... It always drives me crazy how cute they make you look," he whispered back with a longing look to kiss those too, but instead calmed himself a bit, stopping Corey’s moving leg and hitting a more serious tone.

"I've talked with Ashley yesterday morning. Wanted to wait for the right moment and allow her to ask questions if she wanted. Going on tour will also give her some time to digest it, I guess..." he finally spit it out.

"I see... And what was her reaction?" Corey asked suddenly feeling a knot in his stomach just from the topic and he unconsciously started snapping the joints in his finger.

Matt glimpsed down at Corey's hand with a disapproving look, but didn't tell him to stop. "She wasn't that surprised. She actually said she was kinda waiting for this conversation for years. So yeah. She saw and felt what was kinda going on," Matt said, meeting Corey's worried eyes. "Relax. She said she's okay with it though needs some time to let it sink in and process that it actually became true."

"Okay. I'll try," Corey sighed but his nervous finger snapping didn't stop. "And what do you think... She won't be jealous when she'll be around? I mean… Damn it's hard. Sorry…" he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He has to calm down and not over think this. "I'm sorry I want to enjoy being around you again, not ruin everything."

"You're not ruining everything," Matt said softly and finally put his slender hand on Corey's to stop snapping his fingers. "I don't know how she'll feel, but she's usually not the jealous type. You know that she's a cool woman," he tried to pour some reassurance into his lover. "And this is an important thing we have to tackle. Although..." he leaned closer to Corey's ear to make sure only the two of them could hear what he was saying "I'd like to rather tackle you and love you until YOU get annoyed with me."

Those words made Corey smile from ear to ear and he whispered back "I would never get annoyed with you!" He moved closer in his seat so their thighs and sides could touch. "And so that's your plan for tonight? We lay in bed and cuddle till morning?"

Loving that smile (and dimples) as much as their bodies touching a bit more too, Matt smiled wider too. Only the little hearts from around their heads were missing. Or Paolo making gagging gestures in the background. Which he didn't, because he was sitting a few rows ahead of them.

"I'd throw some passionate lovemaking turning into something wild into the mix too," he grinned, his dark eyes drifting down to Corey's lips, the need to kiss him clawing at Matt in the back of his mind, but instead he bit his own bottom lip to stop himself from cutting the distance shorter between them.

He hoped as hell that they would get to the hotel as fast as possible.

Of course once the hotel room's door shut behind them, Corey dropped his bags and attacked Matt's lips moaning and reaching under the singer's clothes to touch his soft skin.

All the pressure he worked himself up with thinking about what will happen was just blown away by the soft moaning of his lover in his big arms pressing to his bigger body. He wanted that moment and kiss to last forever.

Matt couldn't respond fast enough to that amazing kiss, his own hands holding on to Corey too, body pressing against the other. They were finally alone and Matt felt his heart racing knowing that no one would bother them until tomorrow.

"So now should come the tackling you part, huh?" he grinned after a couple of minutes when they could finally end the kissing match. "But... shower first. We stink of airplane."

And with that Matt started undressing them to follow the – if you ask him, brilliant – plan.


Being on stage again was amazing. And all the little teasing between Corey and Matt and even with Paolo was even more fun because their relationship was their own inside joke. And let's face it… Paolo was like their brother anyway.

The few French gigs went very well. Even if afterwards the lovers had to share their space with everyone else in the tour bus.

The private messages became a late night habit of them, and more often turned into sex chat with various fantasies they could come up with. In a way it was good for them to open up more sexually for each other. But on the other hand it just made them more and more worked up for those two days off after the London gig.

At moments Matt thought that he was going to die from blue balls, especially when Corey was getting really detailed and dirty in his responses and there was no chance to touch himself. Matt couldn't remember the last time he jerked off into his palm this often. But on the other hand it was good for Matt that they were kinda separated even if there was no real privacy on the bus. It gave Matt some space to examine his feelings and growing urges/needs.

He's been preparing for this for a while now and decided to ambush Corey when he was ready. Well, now Matt felt like he was. He did some deeper research, imagined them in such situations and the reactions of his body assured him that it was time.

After sharing a few drinks with the others on the bus before arriving to London, Matt felt relaxed, horny and prepared enough to make his move.

Like every time a hotel door closed behind them, he only had seconds to prepare for the attack of those sensual lips. Tonight though Matt broke the kiss sooner than usual.

"Corey, baby...Want you so much... to take me... I want to feel that thick cock of yours in me..." he panted already trembling with lust.

Corey looked at him with round eyes and blinked a few times as even his mouth stayed open for a few seconds. "Oh gosh... You really want that, baby?" he asked caressing Matt's face. His love had his dark eyes cloudy with lust and already breathing heavily. All that just made that mentioned thick part of him come awake in record time and throb in his pants.

Actually that's pretty much all he could see in his mind for days by then. Rubbing or sucking on it – or being fucked by it. "Yeah. I can't stop thinking about it..." he confessed while his hands went down to open Corey's belt and pants. "You want that too? Feel me around you like that?" he asked maybe a bit hopefully as he quickly took off his own T-shirt and pushed his pants and boxers down, revealing just how excited he was from the idea.

"I would love it..." Corey finally got himself together and let a dirty growl out of his throat and feast his eyes on the very naked and horny Matt. Holding and jerking his cock he followed his instincts and let his long hair fall half-way before his face. And he smirked at the singer like a hungry predator from behind it. "You want this?" he asked on a low deep voice, pulling on his erection. "Want to wet it for me before I kiss your body all over and give it to you?"

Holy shit that look... It made Matt shiver from head to toe as he nodded eagerly, looking and feeling amazed by the sight in front of him. Corey transformed in a matter of seconds. From his sweet guy he became a hungry predator, making Matt's knees go weak. "Yes... yes, I want that all..." he whispered and gave in to the urge to drop to his knees in front of this very fucking exciting man.

"Feed it to me, please..." he breathed only a couple of inches from that majestic cock as Matt gently placed his slender hands on the thick thighs for support (hoping that it was okay) and licked his lips before parting them as an invite, his black eyes dark with lust and want. He was fully giving in to these urges, wanting to experience what Corey could give him like this.

"Just because you said please…" Corey groaned and held Matt's head in place by a handful of his curly short hair while he slowly pushed his dick against those adored lips. Pushing a little more to open them up and soon he was half-way inside that hot mouth, caressing his lover's head. "Such a gorgeous samurai," he knew how Matt needed reassurance and his nickname fitted the situation. Or he felt like that anyway, thinking that a samurai submitting was a very hot thought...

"Be a good boy and lick the tip for me," he whispered trying to stay in his role and not moan and melt from all that he already got from his man. And they just started... Letting Matt's hair go he gently and adoringly caressed his face and lip stretched thin around his hardness. "Make it nice and wet... So you deserve it inside your lean smooth body..." he spoke on a dirty tone, still starting to slowly pull back and push inside Matt's mouth again.

Corey's words and using his other nickname for him, Matt moaned softly against the thick dick that was pushing into his mouth. At least this was something familiar by then. Sucking on his lover's cock.

Hearing Corey's request, the next time the cock was pulled out of his mouth, Matt flicked his eager tongue around the wide tip to please the man standing above him. Fuck, this was so hot Matt couldn't even feel the starting discomfort in his knees. He just kept licking then sucking the tasty piece of flesh, his nails lightly digging into Corey's thighs to steady himself.

Because what he did next could shame many professionals. He sucked and licked and deep-throated him to make it literally dripping wet, some excess spit dripping onto Matt's naked chest.

Corey was deeply amazed. He had to hold Matt's shoulder with one hand to prevent his knees from giving up on him from all that he was getting. It seemed Matt had a lot of fun at the porn sites they’ve been sharing with each other while they had to stay apart physically.

He was already on the edge and grunting his pleasures into the half-lit room. He held Matt's head and pulled his really very wet cock out of his mouth and tried to catch his breath and cool himself a little.

"Good boy... Now get on the bed, lay on your back and be still and patient," he ordered Matty on a strict tone.

Matt was slightly panting, chin and chest glistening with a mixture of spit and pre-cum, lips red and swollen from pleasuring Corey.

He used the bigger body to get up onto his shaky legs then walked to the bed, lying down as ordered, shivers still running up and down on his spine from that tone and behavior. He could totally understand why Corey loved it when Matt was doing this to him.

Getting comfortable on the bed he stopped moving, but his breathing stayed a bit shallow, heart beating fast in anticipation.

Corey used the time to take deep breaths and calm his urges to jump on Matt and eat that beloved man alive till he can breathe. And maybe a little more...

Walking slowly to the bed his eyes ate up the sight of the panting goose bumped pale-skinned Japanese beauty looking up at him with desperate longing in his eyes. "You're so gorgeous, Matty," he whispered stunned by the fact that his lover was giving himself to be taken and chose this game to do so.

Corey got fully naked too, putting up a little show for his man before climbing up onto the bed. Taking Matt's hands he lifted them above his head and pressed them down once as signal to keep them there. Then he stroked down the tattooed arms and laying down beside his 'prey' took his time to whisper little praising words to him while he was kissing and licking and biting along the tasty skin all over.

Matt bit back an approving moan from that little show, then his hands fisted around the pillow's edge above his head. He took a wobbly breath and slightly arched his back once Corey started kissing and licking and biting – which were only turning him on more. And at the same time they relaxed him as well.

He wanted to thank the praising words, but he wanted to be a good boy who keeps relatively silent so instead sent a grateful look to Corey and opened his slender legs a bit as a silent invite. His long cock stayed nearly painfully hard, sweating some beads of pre-cum at the tip as he kept moaning quietly, all his senses coming alive and buzzing.

Of course Corey saw those shapey thighs come apart. His own cock jerked in approval over it. But he spent some more time chewing on the small nipples and making his lover muff a few more moans.

"You surprised me, Matty. But I love it. You’re behaving so good... You're such a good, good boy... You may even deserve to be fucked slow and deep till you forget everything beside my name... You may call me King, by the way…" Corey murmured slowly while his fingertips were running slowly up and down on the long thighs, more and more times on the inner side of them, his nails slightly digging into the muscles. It was to drive Matt crazy, and also without him noticing much he opened those legs more and more with each caress, moving to kneel between them.

Matt groaned louder from the dirty words and all the teasing he was receiving. He was quickly losing his mind, turning into a melted puddle of want on the bed.

"Yes, my King..." he breathed, loving how that nickname got a new meaning now. Something only they would understand.

Of course he let Corey open his legs more and more then moaned and bucked a bit with his hips once he was between them. He wanted to touch his man, but knew he wasn't allowed so he tightened his fists around the pillow and glimpsed up at the long-haired man who looked more like a hungry beast now.

"Good... So, so tasty... Where to start... Where to start...?" Corey moaned licking his lips and pulling a few on his hardness just as a show for Matt.

Smirking dirty at him he grabbed the other man's legs and pushed his knees to his chest exposing his private parts and tight hole for himself.

Not wasting any more time, because he really started to get hungry for his lover beside the role too, Corey laid down and slowly licked along Matt's butt crack. Looking up to enjoy his reactions.

It was no surprise that Matt's eyes were glued to the thick and very erect shaft as it was stroked by Corey. His heart jumped up into his throat a bit imagining it inside him and without noticing, his hips bucked lightly as if it was already in him.

His daydreaming was cut short when his legs were pushed against his chest and he had to gasp for air feeling so exposed and vulnerable in front of the other man. He loved it though. But what he loved even more was when he was licked down there, his hole clenching on reflex. A low and long growl tore itself out of Matt, making him apologize right after, but he couldn't stay silent by then. He remembered this feeling. The rimming. And his whole body started shaking again from the built up tension. His cheeks, neck and even a part of his chest were flushed, sweat slowly forming on his skin as a needy sound left his throat.

"You love this… I know... You always did... Want it, my samurai? Should I lick you open and push my fingers inside this little hole of yours?" Corey murmured low, letting the tip of his tongue trace the tattooed line between the small butt cheeks, his fingertips brushing over Matt's entrance.

"YES!!! Please, my King... Please do that! Burning up for it!" he groaned nearly frustrated, trying to move his ass against the teasing tongue and fingers, his blood drumming in his ears. He wanted some relief so badly by then. Corey was the king of teasing too, not just the king of riffs. That became painfully clear to the unbelievably turned on singer.

Corey loved every second of it! He looked up at Matt laughing with a slight evilness in his tone and dived in to push his tongue into that eager hole, licking and sucking on it while his strong fingers wrapped around Matt's dick to stroke it lazily.

The singer's whole lower body cramped up with lust and a huge groan echoed in their hotel room. But he didn't care if anyone heard it. What Corey was doing was just too damn good to care. "Holy fucking shit!" he whined as his hole and cock were being stimulated by that amazing mouth and strong hand. It was hard not to give in to the urge and come right there.

Corey hummed pleased by the reactions of his man. Pulling his tongue back he decided to suck on that leaking dick while he eased his thick middle finger inside the wet hole.

Of course they have been playing around before as well. So Matt was used to one or even two fingers, even knew what magic Corey could do with them against his prostate. But by then also the guitarist’s patience was growing thin and he was opening up and sucking on the other one more in a hurry.

Matt was losing connection fast with the world around him. It narrowed down on Corey – his hot and deliciously wet mouth around his aching dick and that thick finger in his ass. "Give me a second finger... Please, my King!" he groaned, bucking his ass against the first finger in an urging manner. It felt so good, but also far from enough!

Corey just laughed again with Matt's dick in his mouth, also making the sound resonate all over the shaft.... But without another word he added the second finger, moving it around and making circles to loosen the tight walls as much and as fast as he could to get Matt ready.

Needless to say, a series of needy moans followed that as Matt's knuckles turned white around the unfortunate pillow. He'd already learned how to relax his muscles down there and was focusing on doing so because he wanted Corey badly by then. But he also knew that now his lover would have to stretch and prepare his ass more than ever before, because... well, he was thicker than those two fingers that Matt was familiar with.

Even the thought of having more than two fingers in him – not to mention that beautiful cock – made Matt's dick leak more into Corey's mouth, that resonating sound giving more pleasure to him. "Please, slow down on the blow job... because I'll cum if you go on... oh god... like this!" he warned the guitarist, finding it more and more difficult to hold back. And he also wanted to focus more on that third finger that was hopefully coming soon.

Corey lifted his lips from the tasty shaft and also focused more on his third finger he was easing into the eager hole. They never went that far and besides whispering dirty pig comments at Matt and his neediness, he was careful and watching every reaction of the singer closely.

It took a little delicate moving around till he could move fully in and easily around with all three of his meaty fingers inside. So he decided that it was time to treat Matt for being so good of a boy, taking it all.

Even voicing his praise he curved up his fingertips and pressed them against that sweet spot inside his lover.

It literally took Matt's breath away. His mind could barely process the dirty comments, but he didn't mind them. Now he was exactly how Corey described him. A sweaty and needy bitch in heat. And he was proud of it as he ground his stretched ass down on those amazing thick fingers as if his life depended on it.

His bottomless black eyes were glowing in the half-lit room, a light sheen of sweat glistening on his naked body and of course he was panting and moaning non-stop by then as jolts of intense pleasure shot right through him each time his prostate was massaged. "Feels so good... Please... please don't stop. You're so... so amazing, my King! Oh fuck! Yes!" he whined and saw stars the next time the fingers pressed against his spot.

"You are so hot… my little bitch enjoying himself good. Want this baby? Cause I want to give it to you so badly... You fucking gorgeous piece of ass... Taking all my fingers so deep. You're so hungry. I can feel your ass nipping at my fingers for more... I love it..." Corey groaned his praising dirty lines. He wanted Matt to know how much he wanted him. Just make him feel wanted and worthy for all the highest of pleasures he could get.

Watching his love melted Corey's heart. Because he also knew how much Matt trusted and wanted him for opening up and not being shy about his needs like that. And he just couldn't take it anymore... Leaning down he stared sucking and kissing the long sweaty neck moaning.

Being like this was so new but also more liberating than anything. They've been working towards this and Matt couldn't be more grateful for Corey to be there for him and help him through the steps. Now... now he was wide open, just letting himself feel and want, those intense emotions washing through him like the pleasure his body was receiving.

His tattooed skin was covered in goose bumps from Corey's praising words. They felt so good right now. Like a caressing hand for his nerves and whole being and he welcomed the exciting kissing and sucking on his neck as he felt Corey moving on top of him, a breath away from replacing his fingers with what Matt was really longing for.

"Yes! Please! Yes! I want it. Please give it to me, my King! I want to feel it impale me! Please... please fuck me with it! I want it... want it so... so badly!" he groaned, hands clenching and unclenching around the pillow, his whole body trembling with need, his wet ass tightening around the fingers in him as he arched his long back again, making needy little noises. "Please... I can't take it any more!!"

"I want you so much…" Corey breathed onto Matt's lips looking into the aroused black eyes. "I love you…" he whispered pulling his fingers out and moving Matt's arms around his body, his long legs around his wide strong hips and he kissed his man while pushing through the tight ring of his muscles with one swift move, groaning into the kiss as his cock head got pressed by those thighs walls.

Being able to move his arms and putting his hands on Corey was a relief for Matt. He immediately took a hold of the wider back – as well as tightening the hold of his legs around the long-haired man's waist.

Then Matt was moaning like never before, his whole body shaking into that thick cock fucking finally entering him. "Keep going!" he nearly shouted at Corey, the slight burning and strange feeling slowly turning into pleasure.

Corey kissed into the neck of his very bossy and needy lover and started to rock his hips slowly, entering a bit more inside with each move. Moaning and biting Matt in his pleasure as they worked in sync to open him up for what he was worth to have.

The singer didn't mind if there was going to be visible marks on him the next day. He was too lost in taking that hard member into his hungry body. It was mind-blowing to say the least... And he was moaning his head off, moving against Corey to slide deeper – helping him to stretch him more and more.

"Kiss me!" Matt moaned, the line of their roles blurring as they were getting lost more and more in each other. The singer's nails were scratching the wide back. This was much more... intense than he thought it would be. But he loved it already. So much. And Corey wasn't even fully in yet...

Kings easily turn into servants if such wild little hungry creatures require it... So Corey also obeyed at once and let himself enjoy their first time.

And he was kissing Matt like there was no tomorrow. With all his passion and love in a full tongue and teeth kiss moaning from the sharp nails that gave him sweet pain to fuel his desire.

With a few more harder moves Corey bottomed out in his love and he had to grab onto the narrow hips to hold it still and push forward even more, swaying his hips as the waves of pleasure rushed over him.

Matt groaned under him from that and broke the kiss to pant. He felt so fucking full and stretched. For a few moments he was afraid he was going to be torn, but he knew it wasn't going to happen, of course.

"So... fucking full... Oh god... Stay like that... So good!" Matt babbled totally out of his mind, glimpsing down between them in an attempt to see their bodies joined, but since Corey was plastered against his body, he couldn't.

But it didn't matter since they were finally one and Corey's heavy breathing was a sound he loved very fucking much.

Corey was glad that he could breathe at all… Staying put as Matt asked him, he lifted his head to smile at his lover. And almost like guessing his thoughts lifted his body a little looking down between them. "You took all of me… I am fully yours… Now you will have to keep me…" he giggled being all happy and light-headed as they relaxed and rested a little. From the way he knew Matty, he was still up for a wild ride to please his samurai.

"I will... I will keep you forever now..." he panted. "I'm truly yours now too..." he added then groaned, sliding his hands lower on Corey's back as he looked down again and now he could see it. His lover's groin against him, realizing that he indeed took all of that adored cock. It was mind-blowing and Matt outright growled from that knowledge.

"Fuck me... Please... please fucking finally fuck me!" he breathed urgently, nails digging into the soft 'muffin top', feeling like exploding if Corey didn't do something.

"Fucking hell I love you so much... You're so perfect for me…" Corey groaned from Matt's urging words and tone, loving how they could be always in sync and switch between puking rainbows romantic fluff and raw BDSM kinks in the other second.

Pulling out completely he moaned from the feeling and moved Matt to stay on all fours, pushing his head down and scratched along his tattoo-covered spine. "You'll see I can be even deeper inside you like this... One hard fucking finally for the both of us," he chuckled kissing the small waist before grabbing Matt's hips hard and rammed home into the well-loosened hole, starting to thrust into it fast and hard in this new angle.

"Love you too..." Matt groaned, kneading Corey's hips then he moved as his man wanted him to, loving how he seemed to have read his mind. This is how he wanted Corey to take him. On all fours, face pressed against the pillow. He took a hold of that again as he was waiting and waiting for which seemed like an eternity, but really it was just a couple of seconds before he could feel that hard dick ramming all the way into him.

It felt deeper, indeed. So, so deep that Matt couldn't moan loud enough to express how fucking good it felt. If he saw stars before, now he saw comets and damn universes behind his eyelids from the intensity this new position brought. He was out of his mind now. All focused on the high pleasure he was receiving while bucking back against Corey, their sweaty bodies finally slapping hard against each other.

Corey was letting all go. His love and urge to please his man. Hitting Matt's prostate deep again and again to feel how the trembling inner walls tightened around his pulsing cock. He was so, so very close and knew from all the sounds Matt was making that he was too.

Rising into a half-kneeling position he gripped Matt tighter and pulled him roughly against his groin, now with yet another angle to make his man orgasm in seconds.

Each hard thrust into him was so intense Matt was moaning his head off now. Thinking was no option at this point. All he could do was feel and accept the overwhelming thing Corey was doing to him with each stab of his thick cock. It was insane, really.

Matt would've never thought that one day he was going to be kneeling like this with his cheek pressed against a pillow while his ass was being taken rough and fast. And that he would love and enjoy it this much. Because... he was going to cum. Cum fast and hard from all the stimulation. And he warned Corey about that with some broken comments that never really made it into full sentences.

And Corey agreed on everything Matt said... Errrr... or something like that... Because in seconds that amazing ass grabbed his dick so hard while Matt fell into a huge orgasm that Corey felt breathless. Literally went blind for a few blinks and he heard his ears ringing from all that blood coursing fast in his veins.

Matt pulled him along into the depths of bliss and he filled the beloved shaking body with his fluids, dropping on top of his love fighting for air. It was perfect...

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Olvass kritikákat filmes és sorozatos párosokról! Itt biztosan megtalálod a saját vagy leendõ kedvenceidet is!    *****    Az asztrológiai elõrejelzések olyan tendenciákat mutatnak,melyek,nehéz döntéseknél nélkülözhetetlenek. Rendeld meg most!    *****    Az Éjszaka Misztériuma várja régi és új látogatóit újult erõvel, és heti több bejegyzéssel! | Nox Arcana    *****    Simonyi ingatlan Debrecen, Balaton 2019 Sok-sok új eladó ingatlannal bõvült kínálatunk válassza ki az önnek megfelelõt.    *****    Nagyon részletes születési horoszkóp, 3 éves ajándék elõrejelzéssel, ingyenes konzultációval, csak nálam. Kattints ide!!    *****    Ha te is szereted a Zöld Íjász elbûvölõ szerelmespárját az Olicityt akkor itt a helyed! Mindent róluk és a sorozatról!    *****    A születési horoszkóp az ÚJ ÉV legszebb meglepetése! Ajándékba küldök 3 év elõrejelzést, jó tudni milyen lesz a jövõ!!!!    *****    Zenei blog. Kritikák, listák, ajánlók és még több! -> Popusz    *****    családi pótlék utalása 2019 - dátumok, kifizetések, idõpontok az utalásról itt:    *****    MOVIE-NIGHT -> ÚJ FILMES OLDAL NYÍLT <- MOVIE-NIGHT    *****    Szerepjáték &#8211; Csatlakozz közénk, és részese Te is a kalandoknak - FRPG    *****    Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs. - Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs.    *****    A Roxfort Boszorkány- és Varázslóképzõ Szakiskola megnyitja kapuit!    *****    "Ó, én bizony korántsem merném állítani, hogy ismerem a Roxfort összes titkát." /Dumbledore/    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték    *****    BOOKISLAND - könyvajánlók, ahol a könyvek életre kelnek - BOOKISLAND    *****    SoulSisters/ Nézz be az oldalunkra, ha érdekes cikkre, vagy épp kritikára vágysz. Hangolódj velünk az ünnepekre!    *****    Szereted az ünnepi idõszakot? Már hetekkel elõtte készülsz? Vagy legszívesebben elkerülnéd? Mondd el!    *****    RIZLINGDAYS BLOG ! MAKEUP, STUDY TIPS AND ALLDAYS FOR YOU ABOUT ME    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték