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S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife
S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2017.03.29. 19:39

Chapter 7

Well. It was obvious what had happened last night, because he could feel it with every move he made. The way he carefully got out from Corey's "death grip" and got up from the bed to go to the bathroom. He felt it as he cleaned himself up with brushing his teeth, shaving and taking a shower. Or when he put a tee and boxers on to order some breakfast for them.

Matt was stunned as he was standing on the balcony that overlooked the busy London streets. He was doing some stretching and exercises to warm up his muscles and make his blood pump. He could feel the muscles burning a bit from what they did last night.

As at the end of his exercises Matt slid a hand onto his right ass-cheek and lightly squeezed it through his boxers, he moaned softly. He definitely felt like someone who was thoroughly fucked. He suspected he'd feel it for a couple of days and it made him feel... content and wanted instead of frightened.

He was truly and fully Corey's now too.

The slender singer remembered how he practically blacked out from the most intense orgasm he'd ever had. The way his ass clamped down hard on that thick cock which then filled him up and marked him had changed him forever.

That nice thought was interrupted by a knock on the door, which he could hear through the wide-open slide door of the balcony. As he quickly walked through their room, he noticed that at least it didn't smell like male and sex anymore. Smiling under his nose, he thanked for the breakfast and gave some tip to the guy before he stopped the cart by the table.

Then it was time to wake the very naked and very hot King in the bed they shared. Biting his lip, Matt adored the sight for a moment or two then carefully crawled over Corey, who was lying on his tummy, and started planting soft kisses on his back, working his way up to his shoulder and stroked the long hair out of the thick neck.

"Morning, my King... Coffee and breakfast are served," he chuckled low and pressed a kiss against Corey's cheek.

With a low grumble Corey pulled an arm over Matt's and hugged him and moved the lighter body under him like a cuddly teddy bear. Giggling he opened his eyes and kissed his lover’s face. "Good morning, my samurai. How are you feeling?" he asked on a light tone but his brown eyes seriously searched Matt's every reaction.

After Matt was able to stop giggling, he hugged his man too, gazing up into the warm (and a bit worried) brown eyes. "A bit sore, but I'll live. Otherwise happy and in love," he murmured and lifted his head for a soft peck on Corey's lips. "Last night was seriously amazing. I didn't know I can be like that... or make such noises..." he confessed, blushing a bit.

"You were so fucking hot with all the noises. I love you even more, I swear," Corey giggled kissing Matt's lips a bit more with sweet small loving pecks. "So... What's for breakfast?"

"I believe you. I just hope you believe now that I'm just as yours as you are mine. There's no turning back from here," he murmured gently, enjoying the pecks he was getting.

"I ordered English breakfast with sausage, fried eggs, beans and all the rest. We have coffee and tea too," he stroked down on the naked back to lightly spank the equally bare ass. "Now move, before it gets cold..." he chuckled, although Matt had to admit that having Corey on top of him like that again was something he loved very fucking much. Especially after last night.

"I don't know. I feel comfy here on top of you," Corey said, like many times almost guessing Matt's thoughts and kissed the shapey lips deeply. Moving a bit to have his man more under him and be able to stroke down his body.

"I feel comfy under you too and would like to get naughty with you again... but..." Matt sighed lightly kneading Corey's ass. "We have to do some interviews then get to the venue after a late lunch..." he planted soft kisses along Corey's jaw line. "And then a bus night again," he sighed. "I don't want to sleep without you."

Corey rubbed his face to Matt's neck and sighed dramatically. "Okay..." he said but didn't move an inch. "You can sneak into my bunk after everyone went to their places. And only Paolo is near us, and he is kinda cheering for us," he mumbled and finally lifted his head up and rolled off Matt and onto his back, chuckling from the jumping of his awakening cock. "It wants to play with you, though..."

The singer loved Corey being so hesitant about letting him go. Well, he felt the same way so nothing new there. "Hm... good idea. I'll definitely do that. And if Paolo wasn't sure yet about us fucking... or rather you doing me, then now he probably knows since his room is next to ours..." he grinned and ran his slender hand down on Corey's little tummy to stroke along the hardening cock.

"Oh yeah? Hm, maybe some protein shake would be a healthy start of the day before breakfast..." he winked at Corey and with that moved lower on the bed so he could suck his lover off.

"Ohhh.... How naughty you are…" Corey's eyes widened at his man and moaned loud just giving in to his fate and let Matt do what he wanted with him.

"It's your fault. You wanted all of me. This is all of me," he grinned up at him, a playful and happy spark in his dark eyes as he steadied the now hard cock and sucked it deep into his mouth, his other hand slowly jerking himself.

With his enthusiasm it didn't take long to swallow Corey's thick cum and come into his own hand. He loved it. He loved it all.

Corey was grateful for the big breakfast and frankly, he felt much in need of it too. He was already thinking about it that he will have to get used to recharging fast, because his lover proved to be a very hungry kitten. At last liberated from his shyness.

He just left his eyes on Matt as they ate and hummed and smiled to himself, lost in these happy thoughts.

Matt was a bit tired but energized at the same time after last night. Everything somehow made much more sense to him and he also loved how free he felt now. Not just from the physical part of things, but for letting his walls of fear, self-doubt and insecurities fall down. Yes, he could still get shy and blushy from all this – because this was a slower process – but at the same time he felt more confident about what they had with Corey and his own feelings regarding this all.

He just finished his breakfast, washing it down with the rest of his coffee, when his phone started ringing on the nightstand. Getting up he quickly leaned down to peck Corey's lips then went to get it.

"It's Ashley," he informed Corey and picked it up while moving towards the balcony. "Hey, babe. It's late over there. Everything okay?" Matt asked his wife, leaving Corey in the room they shared.


A few days have passed and things were great between the lovebirds. Paolo had his usual remarks but kept his lips sealed in front of others and even helped them two out to hide more effectively.

Corey felt loved by Matt and that was a big thing in the heart and brain of the always self-doubting guitarist. Still his darker instincts were whispering in the back of his mind saying that it was all too good for him.

Maybe that was the reason he started to overthink the more and more often happening calls and texts of Ashley. He was okay with her. Of course they all knew each other, since she was Matt's high school sweetheart and also has been growing up with the band and the boys a lot on the road. But maybe from those dark thoughts and feelings saying that this much happiness won't last for long, or just ‘cause it was a little unusual from her... but Corey felt like she was checking on her husband more and more and something started to form hanging in the air like a dark rain cloud.

Meanwhile Matt sometimes let himself fully feel like being on cloud nine. Though those were some more silent moments just for himself – or sharing them with Corey to make him feel how much the tattooed singer loved him. Now that finally he'd completely stopped holding himself back, Matt could feel himself falling a bit harder every day they could spend together. And he was eternally grateful for Paolo's sneaky help. Even the dirty remarks were okay from him.

The only thing that clouded over this happy little bubble was the more frequent phone calls. But every time Matt asked, Ashley said that things were okay and she just felt a bit bored and lonely now that her projects were done and were successful. She kept bringing that up time after time through the phone or in their chats and Matt couldn't shake the feeling that she was playing on something.

Then the cat kinda got out of the bag one late evening while their bus was eating up the miles in silence since mostly everyone was asleep.

Matt sighed as he locked his phone's screen and got off the couch to quietly sneak back towards their bunks. He looked around, hesitating for a moment then climbed into Corey's like he usually did since London. Matt quickly found himself wrapped close to the warm body and he got comfy, staying in silence for a long minute, biting his lip, unable to slow his mind down as he buried his face into his lover's neck.

As the tension grew in Matt as well, Corey could feel it all crystal clear that things were about to change.

He always tried to keep it cool for Matt's sake. And for them both. After all… if things went downhill, at least they should enjoy the time they could still have, being as happy as they can… But that night… as he pulled his love close, he felt it end. Matt’s lean body was tense, and his mind closed up.

"Tell me…" Corey simply whispered, kissing the top of Matt's head, rubbing small circles on the long back slowly and comforting.

Matt was drinking in those comforting gestures and he hugged Corey a bit tighter, even kissed the thick neck, trying to relax a bit from inhaling its familiar scent.

"Ash wants to join the tour for the shows in Germany," he finally said, not knowing how Corey would take the news. Not after sensing that the guitarist had noticed the more frequent talks with her. And for some reason Matt started to feel bad about doing those in front of his lover. Which was so very stupid, he knew, since they were talking about Matt's wife. But he didn't want to unnecessarily hurt Corey or undermine his always fragile self-confidence and what the two of them have.

"Well... That's not unusual. She was around a lot before too," Corey said, wanting to sound normal but his voice failed him to do so.

But it was true. Ashley usually was around and close to them all. Plus Matt's wife so... "We all have to get used to things. And I guess it's her time to do so…"

"Yes, but this time it'll be different exactly because she'll have to get used to you and me," Matt whispered, stroking Corey's back too. Of course he could hear and even feel the worry radiating from Corey. "I swear it won't change my feelings for you, though," he added, lifting his head to try and see Corey's expression through the very little light in the darkness, but he could only see the outlines of his face and that his eyes were open and staring upwards. "We just have to... have to decide how we want to do this. I admit, I'm a bit worried. I've never been in such a situation before," he sighed putting his head back down on Corey's shoulder.

"Me neither. You're the... love of my life or something. Remember?" Corey chuckled low and turned to look at Matt.

"She knows us. Me and you ever since we all got to know each other. And knows about how I feel towards you. So..." he sighed, kissing Matt's face. "We knew this. I love you. And I knew you're married. And we will see how things work. I don't want you to feel like you have to divide yourself between us. You love her too. And I don't want you to change your love with her. Promise me. Please? Beside if we want her to accept this then she shouldn't feel lesser than before... "

"Of course I remember. How could I forget?" Matt reached up to stroke Corey's bearded face in the dark, his voice coming out soft and quiet, yet still full of emotions as he was more open about them now. "And you're right. We'll see and I promise my feelings for her won't change either. I love her the same. I guess she just needs to hear that. I'll talk to her when she arrives and see what she thinks. And if she wants to talk to us both about this to clear things. I don't want her or you to feel hurt or jealous. I love you both. So much," he admitted. But Matt also knew that no matter what Corey said, he would still have to divide his time between the two to keep everyone happy.

"I need you to promise me something too," the singer whispered as he pushed himself up on his elbow again to look down at his man. "Please, don't doubt my feelings and yourself too much, okay? Or if you can't do that... at least try. Because I won't give up on us again."

Corey bit his lip and took a sharp inhale through his nose, looking around then back at Matt. "I promise I'll try. Okay. Just please don't forget that I can wait. And don't want to take her place. At all. Okay?"

"I know that. We'll have to tell her that too, I guess," Matt said quietly and tried to push the slight pain back into the depths of his mind which was caused by the possibility that Corey still doubted the singer's feelings for him. Because he's been really trying and was already nervous about his wife's visit too.

"Now let me kiss you," he added and leaned down to give Corey quite a few proper and long kisses before they would try – and fail for a long while – to sleep.


Matt was very quiet and lost in his thoughts on the late morning when Ashley was supposed to arrive. He didn't sleep much the night before in Corey's arms and it showed on him a bit. Still he tried to give as much love and support to his lover as he could muster up and sent grateful looks to Paolo who tried to keep them entertained with his stories and jokes until it was time for Matt to go.

He'd decided to get his wife from the airport and take her back to the hotel where they would be staying at for a few days since the cities of a few shows were nearby that hotel and it would serve as their 'base' for now.

"You know it will be okay, right? This is the goofy girl we’ve all known for decades. Now all of you act like strangers. Just let that pass, dude," Paolo said to Corey, who's been cradling his mug of by then cold coffee, just looking at the floor lost in thoughts. But the bassist was right. They are no strangers, just getting to know a love triangle now. Same old people. And Corey really felt like what he had told Matt: Ashley shouldn't feel any less or swept to the side from all these changes now.

"Yeah, I know. It's not even new what we have with Matty. Thank you for being the therapist in the band!" Corey smiled up at his friend drowning the cold coffee. He will step back while Ashley is with them and will try to act like before. He just hoped that Matt won't mistake that behavior from him as if Corey was closing up and stepping out of what they have...

Of course Matt was a bit tense, just like Ashley, but he made sure to act with her as always. Like kissing her 'hello', opening doors for her and so on.

At the hotel he helped her settle into their room then greet the others.

"So..." Matt cleared his throat "... I feel like there's something on your mind. Because... Well, I know you, Ash... Please, talk to me plainly. I don't want any tension between us."

Ashley sat down on the bed and looked up at her husband with a sigh. "I don't want tension either. When we talked this over we agreed that nothing would change between us. And I just ask for that. I came to spend time with you, like before. Is that okay with you?" she asked looking closely at Matt, searching for his reactions and emotions about the situation now.

"Of course it is, love," Matt smiled at her while walking to the bed to sit with her. He took one of her hands to kiss it then keep it in his afterwards. "This new... situation won't change the way I feel for you. You're my wife, my love. You've been there for me through all these years. I love you the same. I want you to know that and that there's no need to feel jealous or worried. We talked about this with Corey too and he agrees."

"I'm glad to hear that," she smiled and leaned in for a long kiss. Finally some time with her hubby. Matt's words eased her worries a little, but she couldn't help herself and was examining all the moves and feelings she got from her man. Matt was her man after all...

Matt instinctively knew that Ash needed all kinds of reassurances that things were the same between them and he wasn't lying when he told her all these things. He meant every word. He was in love with two people. Ash and Corey. Matt figured that he'll just have to find a way to balance the two.

And spending some quality time with his wife was now very important, so he let that kiss get deeper and more passionate after he gently pushed her back on the bed and slid a hand up under her skirt. He did miss his wife and was happy to have her there. And he was going to show that to her until she can't think of anything else...


Corey spent the day with Paolo and the others from the crew. He managed to get quite drunk by the time he and Paolo stumbled back into their shared room.

"One last thing before we go inside!" Paolo mumbled, not being much sober either. "We can cuddle like in old times but I won't explain it to Matt," he chuckled feeling very funny as he opened the door.

Corey just snorted a little annoyed. Paolo just reminded him of what he has to adapt to for a while. Walking inside a little out of balance, he dropped himself onto his bed and huffed staring at the ceiling. He didn't regret his decision. He didn't want to make it all harder for Matt. Or hurt Ashley with how he feels about the singer. Still… The dark thoughts his lovesick heart generated started to reach his core.

Meanwhile Ashley finally rolled onto her side in her sleep, allowing Matt to reach for his phone and check his messages. For some reason his heart stung a bit when he saw none from Corey. Which was understandable, he guessed, but still a bit disappointing since it was a long day apart, even if Matt had enjoyed it with Ashley in all kinds of ways (not just sex).

“I miss you <3” he typed into his chat box with Corey, not really expecting a reply since it was late. They all probably went to bed to rest before a busier day. But Matt was wide awake.

Corey was just lying in his bed and totally sobered up by the time the phone beeped with Matt's message. He read it and smiled. Without thinking sending a heart back and typing "I love you" back.

Matt's phone buzzed on his chest with that reply and he smiled right away as he saw it. “Love you too. How are you? For real?” he typed, knowing his lover all too well.

"I'm okay. For real. Went to party with the guys. Paolo snoring like hell :D" Corey sent back. Trying to keep it light and not make Matt worry much.

“He's the champ of that! I don't envy you! :D Glad you went out with them, though,” he added, staring at the sent message for a moment, biting his lip. “Had fun too. Ash is going to be OK now, I think,” Matt typed, feeling like he had to reassure Corey somehow. Or at least try. If the other man believed it or not, he couldn't know for sure.

"I'm glad about that. She deserves to be happy and feel loved by you. :) She is a great girl and wife. I'll be fine, baby. Spend time with her like nothing happened. At the band related things and at the gigs you're mine anyways ;) :P " Corey sent back with a big sigh. Yes, he will stay away but it will be harder than he thought it would be. He was already missing the slender body to cuddle with and those small sweet kisses they usually shared.

Matt sighed too after reading Corey's lines. He was doing it already – or again? Getting all cheerful and positive to hide his real feelings. Matt had seen and experienced that a lot of times during the years and he knew the signs and could read between the lines.

"You deserve the same. And I'll give it to you too," he typed, pausing for a moment when Ashley moved a bit in her sleep then settled down. "I want to kiss you so bad. Hide in you," he added, not caring if he sounded sappy or needy. That's just how he felt. Matt just realized how much he got used to being with Corey. And how much he needed that by then.

"I want to kiss you too. I will do it. Will kiss you senseless at sound check tomorrow ;)" Corey sent back smiling a little from just the thought of wrapping Matt in his dead grip.
"Let's try to sleep. We will need our energy for tomorrow. I'm still a bit tipsy too, to be honest :D" he sent more. He didn't want to make his heart ache more, just wanted to say nite and curl up till the morning. So he quickly added a sleepy sticker too.

"Sounds more than good. The kissing part," Matt replied and his heart kinda sunk. But Corey was right. They needed their sleep. "Rest then. Can't wait for the sound check. Nite, nite." Adding a sleepy sticker too he put his phone onto the nightstand.

And this time it was Matt who rolled behind Ashley to hold his wife in her sleep, needing a warm body next to his. Just thinking that Corey had none with him only made Matt feel guiltier and harder to fall asleep.

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