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S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife
S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife : Chapter 8

Chapter 8

  2017.03.30. 16:03

Chapter 8

The tension in the air between the "love triangle" eased up a bit in a few days, but it was enough for the boys to get a bit closer again during the rehearsals and shows. As Corey said, the band time was theirs and Ashley knew that too.

While the boys were at rehearsals or interviews, she hung back or went sightseeing, shopping, worked from her laptop or whatever came into her mind to give the boys some space.

Matt felt a bit calmer, sensing that she was digesting the new situation seemingly well. So he spent some more time with Corey. Flirting, commenting on things with a double meaning or sneaking in a few subtle touches or short kisses when no one was looking or Paolo distracted the others around enough.

After the next to last show in Germany, the boys were in a good and playful mood. The show and the audience were great and Matt couldn't stop teasing Corey before and during the show whenever he saw the opportunity.

Corey eased up as well. Ashley kept to that old habit and new agreement so they had their alone time with Matt after all.

That last gig was crazy. The teasing Matt gave him started to drive the guitarist mad with lust. After all this time they only shared small touches or dirty messages. And it was not just Matt who started to get horny...

There were three more days while Ashley was going to be with them, but Matt couldn't help himself. He couldn't hold back – especially after such a show filled with teasing. So once it was over and they got back to their dressing rooms, he practically dragged Corey with him. They didn't have much time to take a shower, change and grab their stuff, though.

"You were epic on stage tonight. You were on fire... So hot..." Matt licked his lips as he pulled his wet sleeveless shirt over his head, tossing it in the general direction of his things. His eyes were pitch black as he looked at the sweaty buff man, letting the dark pools feast on the sight.

"Come here to get your reward," he said on a dirty and rough tone, curling his index-finger to call the guitarist to him.

Corey licked his lips. He loved bossy Matty so much... And missed him too... So without any hesitation he dropped to his knees and with a dirty smirk started to crawl on all fours to his lover. "And what's that reward?"

Needless to say, Matt felt a shiver run down his tattooed spine and growled low (and satisfied) from that sight. His smirk's dirtiness matched Corey's. "Aren't you a curious one?" he asked on an amused voice and once Corey got in front of him, he caressed the damp long hair, stroking it out of the slightly flushed face just to take a handful of it while looking down at his lover with pure lust.

"I could tell you. But wouldn't it be better if I showed it instead?" he purred low while pushing Corey's face against his half-hard and denim-covered cock. He guided the guitarist's head by the long hair to rub his cheeks against his bulge too.

Corey grumbled low and satisfied even nipping at the sweaty groin, stroking up the long thighs with burning desire. Just letting Matt guide him as he wanted to rub his hardness to his lips and face as he wanted.

He missed being dominated by his samurai too fucking much by then... "I love you.... Missing you bossing me around," he said low, biting into Matt's jeans-hidden cock.

The lean man gasped for air then moaned from that nipping right where he needed Corey so badly at that moment. Still, he slightly pulled his head back with a lighter tug on the long hair, causing just enough pain to draw the horny man's focus on him again.

"I miss seeing and feeling you giving in to me too. You're so beautiful while doing so," Matt said slightly softer as he ran the pad of his thumb along Corey's plump bottom lip, pulling down on it at the end.

Then he completely pulled his hands back. "Stand up and stay still until I say otherwise," he demanded firmly, slipping back into his role – more or less, since his eyes stayed just as adoring and lustful.

Corey had to swallow hard and loud. His body trembled hearing his orders. "As you wish," he said and stood up breathing heavily with flushed cheeks and hazy eyes shining with love and glued to Matt.

The singer couldn't get enough of that look and he thirsted it too by then. Just like freely touching Corey – and that's what he was planning to do.

Grabbing the hem of his lover's wet shirt he pulled it upwards, instructing him only with a look to lift his arms up. When Corey did, Matt pulled it over his head. His long fingers found the half-naked buff body right away, stroking it in an adoring yet exciting manner.

"You have no idea how..." he started to say, but bit off the end of the sentence in favor of playing with Corey's nipples or kissing his wide chest, licking the salty sweat off with satisfied growls, making his way up towards the thick neck. Meanwhile a hand reached between the guitarist's legs to rub him through his jeans too.

Corey closed his eyes and stayed put as he was ordered. Panting loudly and fisting his hands to keep them at the sides of his body just enjoying what Matt was – finally – giving him. "I... I have no idea of how... what, baby?"

Loving Corey's reactions, Matt finally managed to tear his mouth off the willing body just to grin at him. "Just shut up and kiss me!" Matt added and leaned closer to the slightly shorter man, his fingers digging into his side and back as he was now holding on to him.

Matt loved the way as their half-naked bodies pressed together and all that warm skin touched. But what he loved even more was kissing his man deep and passionate – if not a bit roughly and possessively.

Corey smiled into the kiss and his arms couldn't stay away from his love any longer. He caressed and grabbed on the tattooed back and sides, moaning from the possessive way Matt started to dominate him and even slowly pushed him to walk backwards to the dressing table. Making Corey have vivid images flashing up in his brain about what Matt would do to him on the big mirrored furniture...

And that just ripped a grumbling groan from his throat and his foot bumped into the chair and he pulled away for a second not to fall... Then from the corner of his eyes he saw something... They accidentally left the door ajar and in that Ashley stood watching them with a slight shock frozen on her face.

Corey stepped away from Matt at once and turned red as a tomato, not really knowing what to do or think...

The singer was so lost in that kiss and his desires that first he didn't realize what was going on and why was Corey pulling back so abruptly. Did he unwillingly hurt him or something? But then when he opened his eyes confused and noticed Corey's frozen and nearly horrified expression, it didn't take long for Matt to locate its source.

"Ashley... oh. Hi..." Matt cleared his throat with a little apologetic smile on his face, ears and cheeks burning, of course. Awkward. So very awkward. Or at least that's what was ringing in Matt's ears.

"S... sorry... I didn't meant to… I shouldn't have..." the girl mumbled fast. "Sorry," she added and stormed out of the doorway.

Corey inhaled deeply and rubbed his face sliding down to the floor not even knowing what was up now. "Maybe… maybe you should go find her…" he whispered into the probably few minutes of dead silence that consumed them both.

Fuck. That was Matt's first thought once he could unfreeze. And sadly it wasn't from the good kind of "fuck". Then he stared at Corey on the floor for a few long moments before clearing his throat. His lover's expression and the situation itself was a sure way to kill a nice boner.

Sighing quietly, the singer knelt down next to his man and slid a hand on his face to make him look at him. "Hey... hey, Corey. It's gonna be fine. Don't worry. I'm gonna take care of this, okay? You hear me?" he asked, wanting so bad for Corey to understand. While Matt was being torn apart between staying with him to reassure his lover and going after his wife to make sure she was okay.

"I hear you…" Corey whispered looking up at the man he loved for so long and deep. He doubted from Ashley's expression that it will be alright. Or that he didn't fuck up everything for Matt and her even. Yes. He, Corey was who started this. Who couldn't kill his feelings for a decade and now it was too late to do so. It was a mistake to mess up all of their lives.

"Please go after her, Matty. She needs you," he said on a slightly cracked voice. "She just witnessed that it was all real. Go after her and try to console her. I'll go after the others," he even forced a little smile at the end.

Matt's heart sunk even more from both hearing and seeing how Corey said this. That small smile didn't fool the singer. But he was right, nonetheless. This was probably harder on Ash – facing that her husband's relationship with his best friend was indeed real.

They should've been more careful and pay more attention to closing that damn door. It caused quite a problem like this too, but it could've been much worse than Ash standing there. For example a fan or someone from the press...

With a bitter taste in his mouth, Matt kissed Corey's forehead. "I'll come to you to talk when I can. I promise," he whispered. "I love you, Corey. Please, believe me," Matt said, his throat closing off and hating himself for having to leave him there.

After pulling a clean tee over his head and grabbing his phone, he quickly typed a “Please, keep an eye on Corey. Ash saw us. Have to go deal with her” to Paolo while hurrying down on one of the backstage corridors.


Ashley didn't even see where she was headed. Just felt like she had to run away from that dressing room. She agreed to leave the band times to the boys and she could only blame herself. Of course they... acted as they did. They thought they were in the safety of their private time.

Still... The shocked up wife sat down on a bench outside the fresh night air. Still seeing how Matt radiated lust and adoration and strong dominant possession for Corey was... It was like a cold shower for her.

Of course she knew all. Even before she got to know Matt the two boys have been into things with each other. Then that stopped… Matt told her about it all. And she loved Corey, she loved the band with which she also grew up more or less. From Matt's stories it all sounded like he was curious and Corey was bisexual. The guitarist had male lovers too and not hiding that fact, but Matt... Matt chose her and showed her his love day after day. Ever since she was around. The pure rough sexuality for Corey in Matt was something new for her to digest.

It took Matt a few minutes to track down Ashley, but luckily she didn't venture too far into the night in that state. He sighed relieved seeing her sitting on that bench. Clenching and unclenching his fists he fought off his anxiety and fears and walked over to quietly sit down next to her with a straight back.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently. "Talk to me, please... I... I'd like to know what you're thinking."

The woman sighed deeply and moved to face her husband. "I don't even know. I'm just sorry, I guess. It was your time to be with him. I shouldn't have been there, or watch how you order him around..." she said pointing out that she saw everything from the start. "I just… I saw how you two acted on stage… Don’t even know why I went after you…" she swallowed looking into the dark eyes. "You really love him, right? Not just sex or fooling around with new experiences... You love him, right Matt?" she asked quietly.

He swallowed hard, returning Ashley's look, not wanting to feel ashamed or hide anything from what he was feeling. She deserved the truth. "It's okay, love, don't worry about coming backstage. And yes... I'm in love with him too. But... as you could see some of it, I love him differently than I love you, you know," he said, putting a hand on her back to lightly rub it. "Are you..." he paused, not knowing how or if he should ask this, but he had to know. "I know you're an open person, but this situation is different... Are you disgusted?"

Ashley listened to her hubby and thought it over just how she feels about seeing that all. "No... Not really. I wasn't feeling that… It was like I only realized I might be jealous a bit and did come after you when I saw what you two were doing. Then I just stared and... the shock was more from seeing a totally different Matthew. A stranger playing kinky games with his lover. It's stupid... I knew about it and all… Just... He is my friend too… Always was. Corey is sweet and caring and funny… And now we barely see each other or even talk or joke over your ears or anything else. This is serious. You love two people then?" she asked sliding a little closer to Matt and his caressing hand.

"Then I'm relieved a bit..." Matt sighed and seeing Ash moving closer, he put his arm around her, hoping that it would give her some comfort and reassurance. "But feeling like that... a bit jealous... I think it's not stupid. I think it's understandable in such a situation. And it's all so fresh still," he explained. "He is probably scared of you. Or doesn't know how to act or what to say. That's why he keeps his distance from you nowadays. He doesn't want to cause tension between you and me..." Matt paused for a moment to collect his thoughts.

"And I don't want that either. And I don't want to lie to you. Never wanted. Yes, I guess I'm different when I'm with him, because that love is different from ours. You can give me things he cannot and vice versa. And yes, it's serious, baby. I love two people. You and Corey. I had to face the fact that it's always been like that..."


Of course Paolo appeared right away at the same door... Corey was already packing his stuff together and was ready to leave. "I'm fine. Don't have to babysit me," he rolled his eyes at the short man while passing him.

"I know you. Remember?" Paolo raised his impressive eyebrows at him and walked after Corey. "I saw it enough how you can be 'fine'. And I want happy goofy dudes around me. Let's just eat and rest. Things will work out."

Corey was too deep into his dark thoughts to argue. Plus, Paolo was right.

The night didn't let the guitarist sleep. He really truly started to fight it. Think about positive things. How Matt showed his love for him. But the darkness pulled him in strong and all his happy thoughts got undermined at the end, making him feel that all of it was already in the past. Matt should stay with his wife. Corey is more used to being without him. Or is he...? No matter how he tossed and turned (keeping Paolo up too with it who decided to suffer in silence while Corey seemed to think things over) he couldn't imagine it to go back now the way it was. He couldn't even hook up with his old usual affairs for over a year or so anyway. Now that he knew Matt loved him back and shared all their kinky fantasies in bed... He has to stay away, though...

The next day went on okay-ish for the long-haired man. They were giving interviews and been busy with band business till sound check. Even at noon Corey busied himself with the guitar tech guy to talk over the gears. He tried to avoid Matt and the others at all costs, staying behind the shadows and the far end of the stage doing his part. He also left his phone in the hotel – a perfect excuse to why he didn’t reply to any of Matt's messages... And that's how the gig that night went through...

Matt hated it that he couldn't go back to Corey that night, but he and Ashley had to talk some more and it was near dawn before they finished and went to sleep cuddling.

The following day was busy. And awful, if you asked Matt. He tried to communicate with Corey, but he found no response just excuses when it turned out that Corey left his phone behind or when he busied himself with other things. Matt wasn't stupid, he recognized the signs that his lover was pulling back. And it made the singer tenser and tenser. And also quieter. At least the audience that night didn't notice. Yet.

After the show Corey hurried to pack his stuff ahead of Matt. They’ve been sharing a dressing room like always and it was great to have some private time... While they were a pair…

He knew he had to face his love soon, but he just wanted to do so after Ashley went home. The few days the married couple had together Corey wanted to let them share and enjoy. Hoping that he didn't ruin things between them...

Matt planned on finally catching Corey in their dressing room, but by the time he managed to get there, he only saw the back of his lover at the far end of the corridor before completely disappearing.

The singer's heart sunk again as he pressed his lips into a thin line and went to his bag to get his phone. He quickly typed in "You're avoiding me?!" as he started guessing if they were still together. "Are you giving up on us?" he quickly sent that too before he could change his mind.

Then with that bitter taste in his mouth again, he went to take a shower and gather his stuff. And himself. Which was getting harder and harder as Matt's anxiety was pushing his thoughts into a darker direction too.

Back in his hotel room Corey looked at the message sent half an hour ago by Matt. He tried to think that he was not, and that he was only giving time for Matt to be with Ashley... But his heart ached with the fact that deep inside he was indeed giving up and his strong feeling of guilt made him close it up all inside.

"I love you. More than you will ever know," he only sent back that in the end. At least it was true.

"Then why does it sound like a goodbye? Don't do this to us. I want to talk. Please," Matt typed already on his way to their hotel.

Corey literally whined loud reading that. Now what he should do? His heart was aching after the man he loved, but he wanted to send Matt to his wife…

"Ashley is waiting for you…" he sent quickly before changing his mind. "But I do love you. And just want you to have things okay with her. It's a couple of days left for her to be loved by you anyway," he sent more, chewing on his lip, feeling his stomach already in a knot and his acid climbing up on his throat.

Matt had to blink a few times to fight off the burning in his eyes and he also swallowed hard. At this point it seemed pointless to push that talk so he typed a short message back.

"Okay. I love you too. Talk to you later."

He stayed mostly silent in their hotel room too. As an alibi he told Ashley he was working on some lyrics, but he was mostly just staring at his notebook.


Meanwhile Paolo chose to let Corey suffer alone in the dark. With all his good intentions and patience he, himself started to get dragged down by all this. He needed a few drinks alone to ease up.

He was just staring out of his head, sipping on a good German beer at the counter. Checking the cocktail girls out and just chilling a little... Then he spotted Ashley eating a small dinner by a table... All alone... Hmm... Not good... But not his problem. He thought drowning the rest of his beer and ordered another.

He was looking all around, the big screen with a soccer game on... sipping on his new beer...

"Fuck my life..." he grumbled and stood up with a sigh. He just couldn't... He must help... So he walked over to Ashley’s table and cleared his throat to get her attention.

She was thinking hard and obviously not about how the chicken was seasoned on her plate. Her hand paused mid-air for a moment while reaching for her wine.

"Oh, hi, Paolo. Didn't see you there. How's it going?" she asked on a light tone that she forced on herself. Being the wife of a rock star had taught her that sometimes she needed that mask in public. Now it came as a reflex whenever there was something going on in the background.

"Hi Ash! Can I sit with you? Maybe we can talk. I know everything. And I'm all ears to hear why you're not with your hubby... As I saw my roommate I have ideas. But let's just talk, shall we?" he smiled as he sat down.

"Sure. Take a seat," she said after wiping her mouth with a napkin. Sighing she smiled a bit sadly and tense at Paolo. "I know Matt enough to see when he really needs some time alone. But I'm worried about him. He's tired and sad, but pretends to be busy with writing songs. I'm not blind, I can see that it's not what he's doing. He barely said a word or two to me when I asked. But he's hurting, I think. And I doubt that it's coming from my side now. Since we talked quite a lot last night after... You know what..." she trailed off, sure that the bassist knew about the little accident after the show.

"Yeah... Corey's closing off too. And want to stay away and not 'ruin' your marriage more. I know this of him..." Paolo sighed. "It's all just fucked up. I've seen them dancing around each other for years. And now they just should be finally happy. And we all... We always used to hang out. With our drummers and the others. You and Corey were good friends... Can I ask how the talk went with Matt? How are you with all this between them?"

Ashley nodded a few times while listening to Paolo and after taking a sip from her wine she looked him in the eye.

"I think the talk went well. Considering. Yes, I knew about their history before we got married and about the bromance. So to say. After our latest talk I understand things better and I think I'm calmer about this. I'd lie if I said I wasn't jealous a bit. Realizing that this is real between them was a bit shocking for me, but Matt explained things to me. And he was so sweet... Trying to reassure me in every way. I know he really loves Corey. I'm gonna be good with it. Just need some time for this to settle. But... that doesn't mean I'm not worried about both of them. Do you think I can help them somehow? I hate seeing them suffering like this. And it's bad for the band and you all too, I guess."

"Oh it was much more than just 'bromance' when we were teens too. We usually shared rooms and they didn't go all the way but were very physical, believe me... Matt was always over thinking everything. You know that. And Corey never hurried him, even though he was in love with Matt. Then things got busy with school and the band and he met you as a friend then Corey pulled back and let Matt drift from him. And for over a decade all of us were great friends. Now we barely speak. And Corey blames himself. And I was who played Cupid, to be honest. I couldn't see them running around each other while both were suffering inside. So it's my fault that the balance went off. And I just realized that. So... I'll do my share and talk to the King now. Tomorrow I suggest you hunt down both of them. Have a nice evening, dudette!" Paolo said standing up and hurried to his room.

After the bassist's fast-talked monologue Ashley didn't have much choice but to sit there stunned, staring at Paolo's back as he hurried off. Well, what he said left quite a few thoughts running through her mind.

She wanted to tell Paolo that she wasn't mad at him for the matchmaking since he didn't know it would "tip that balance off", as he said. And after all, he just tried to help on those two big lovesick puppies. Ashley knew about most of their history, but now she had to come to terms with and accept that her husband was more bisexual than they thought. Or rather, Matt just accepted that fact. Now it was her turn to do so. But she'd probably need a wine or two more.

Paolo was right, though. They used to be such good friends until recently – and now everyone was hurting. Ashley knew that she'd have to help and take Paolo's advice. Communication was the key, like in every relationship. And the three of them had to sit down for a really serious talk to figure out how to make this love triangle work.

There was one thing she was 100% sure about: she couldn't leave two broken and suffering man behind in a few days. Until then she'd have to help too to fix this. Now she understood how deep the boys' feelings ran and that those won't change. Like her husband's feelings for her won't change. Hopefully. But she knew Matt. He was a loyal and true to his word kind of man. It wasn't a coincidence that she'd married him. And this wasn't only about her accepting this new situation. It was about making the boys accept it too so they all could work something out and be happy. She wanted to see both Matt and Corey happy.

After her wines she would go back up to their room and cuddle her man. She had a lot of plotting to do until tomorrow.

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