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S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife
S.M.A. & U-girl - Strife : Chapter 9

Chapter 9

  2017.03.31. 19:13

Chapter 9

"... so drag your ass here. We need to talk. You have five minutes," Ashley said into the phone on the end of a short monologue she told Corey once he finally picked up.

Ending the call, she lightly patted her phone against her chin while walking back and forth behind a comfy armchair. "Okay, so he's coming. Good," she mumbled more to herself.

Matt's eyes were still a bit wide as he was silently sitting on the couch opposite her armchair. He didn't really know what to expect now that Ashley seemed to have taken control over the situation. When did that happen exactly? And what was she up to? Because Matt knew her. She was planning something! She usually got a bit bossy those times.

He was still trying to guess these things when there was a faint knock on their door. He was about to say something, but rather closed his mouth, watching as his wife marched to the door determined and stepped to the side to let Corey in. "Sit next to him," she instructed the guitarist then took a seat in the above mentioned armchair, taking a good look of both boys.

Corey just nodded and swallowed looking up at Matt. But did as he was told anyway.

She felt guilty and responsible already. Paolo has been talking his head full in their room. So he was not that much surprised that Ashley called. "What you want to talk about? I'm listening and here. Pour it on me…" he said to the girl on a low tone, being thankful that he didn't hold his long hair together and could somewhat hide behind it from Matt's eyes.

"First of all... there's nothing to pour on you," she said, remembering Matt's request not to be hard on Corey. They both knew how sensitive he could be and the last thing Ashley wanted is causing more pain to his friend. "I know you blame yourself for several things. And I want that to stop. All three of us have to put our cards on the table and talk honestly and seriously if we want to make this work. I hate seeing you two in so much pain," she stated. "So let's talk this situation over without trying to back out. I'd like to hear your thoughts, although I already know most of Matt's. You two have to talk this out with each other too. Maybe look at this like a 'couple therapy' session," she suggested and her features softened as she chuckled a bit.

Corey started to feel like Matt usually did before a panic attack. His breathing quickened and his palms felt sweaty and he felt dizzy. He wanted to run away from Ashley's words. He knew Matt heard and felt it... The singer turned to him with worry in his dark eyes. He just couldn't start it or make a sound just yet…

Matt's fingers were burning to touch Corey to comfort and calm him down. But he was afraid he'd be rejected again in front of Ashley. He already felt rejected, even if he knew that Corey just wanted "to help".

As Corey looked worse than he already was upon arriving, Ashley sighed and held her hand up. "Okay, okay. Calm down, please. I'm not here to bite your head off. I want to make this work too. Okay... so I'll start then..." she took a deep breath. "I'm not mad at any of you. Of course this came a bit as a shock – mostly seeing you two together. But we talked things over with Matt – hell, even kinda with Paolo too – and now I understand better what's between you two. I won't stand in its way, okay?" she looked straight into Corey's eyes to make him understand. "I want to make this" here she moved her hand between the three of them "work too."

Corey took deep breaths and tried to calm down gathering himself. "I want that too. I don't want to stand in between your marriage. I never wanted to make you feel less or shock you. But I do love Matt for such a long time… Even before we knew you… I just don't want to cause trouble. I'm sorry..." Corey said swallowing and finally looking at Matt too sitting next to him.

"Well I know these by now. And understand what you both feel. You won't ruin our marriage, Corey. But we’re just suffering now. Mostly you and Matt. And I don't want to see that. Matt, your thoughts or questions to Corey or me? " Ashley said looking at the boys hoping that some talking finally starts and Matt speaks his feelings and makes Corey open up too.

The singer looked from his wife to Corey, his sad dark eyes finally meeting the similar brown ones. This time he reached out to take Corey's hand just to hold it, needing the physical touch.

"I just... I just want to love you and make you happy. Both of you, actually. I already explained to Ash my feelings for you two and the difference between our relationships..." Matt said quietly and a bit guarded, but then – after a short pause – he decided that Ashley was right. Now was the time to talk plainly.

"Corey..." he said, his voice failing him for a second as he lightly squeezed the big hand. "Please, stop distancing yourself or drifting away. Now I know how you must have felt when I did that. I just ask you... not to give up on us. Please. You're hurting me so bad with it," he choked at the end and didn't even feel ashamed or cared about the few stray tears that escaped his eyes. "Please, don't reject me and toss away what we have in the name of not wanting to cause tension in our marriage. As Ash told you, you won't do that. Not anymore. Please, baby..."

Corey's eyes watered up too as he listened to the man he loved. He put his other hand on Matt's that was holding his other and squeezed it. "I'm sorry... That's the thing I never wanted. To hurt you... I… I always wanted to love you and make you feel loved and safe," he said low. His own tears escaped as he realized Matt was now feeling exactly the hell and rejection he had felt back in those days when they slowly parted as lovers. "I could never reject you... I finally acted on how I felt because I couldn't stand to fake it with anyone else anymore when I knew you have feelings for me too and I could give you so much love… I just don't know what would be good for this all," he looked at Ashley with those last words.

The girl was biting her lip too as she saw how badly the two men were hurting and how deep the feelings they carry for each other were. Inhaling deep she spoke anyway. "Matt told the truth. It was I who didn't think of it seriously enough and settled it inside myself. The band time is yours. But we all were great friends, you, Corey was also one of my best friends, not just Matt's. I know it's early for us to go back to that all of the sudden. But let's just not hide how we feel and not hide from each other? Please?"

Matt's throat was completely closed off from the intensity of his emotions which he's been trying to lock away in him with little success. He couldn't stop himself from reaching up to quickly wipe away Corey's tears before he did the same with his own then cleared his throat once Ash was done talking.

"I agree. Of course this will need some time to settle and us to figure out how this will work, but I'd like it too if we could eventually get back to that," he said, more calmer after hearing Corey's words. "Also, when we're not on tour or meeting up for band stuff for a longer time... we agreed with Ash that you and I could meet," Matt added, hoping that along with Ashley they managed to persuade Corey.

That gentle touch of Matt just made more tears escape from Corey's eyes. He had to pant for air as his suppressed feelings suddenly tried to burst free of him. "I'm sorry I caused so much mess. I promise I will try. You are both my good friends and I don't want to hurt you. Ash, thank you..." he said swallowing back some tears.

"No need to thank me. I have to thank you that you're accepting this all. I want you happy. Both of you. And now I arrange some things before my travel. So I grant the next two hours 'band time' for you," she giggled lightly and stood up to walk over and hug both the boys at once. Then left them alone, hoping they will work things out between each other some more.

Matt sent Ash a grateful look after the hug then once they were alone, he slid closer immediately to wrap his arms tightly around his man. "It's going to be okay, baby. I love you. Please allow yourself to finally believe it, okay? I won't back out. I'm yours."

Corey hugged Matt close to him too. And despite being always the bigger, older and stronger who was always there for others, now he hid himself into Matt's leaner body and nodded as his tear-stained face rubbed into the crook of Matt's neck. He never really showed real weakness and vulnerability. Not even to Matt. Or especially not to Matt. But he felt beaten and stripped from his guards that made him close up and keep a distance. "I am yours too. All of me… I'm sorry…" he whispered, hands gripping into Matt's shirt as he kept his man close to feel safe.

Matt held him a bit tighter and turned is head to kiss into the long hair, sighing with relief even if witnessing a rare moment of such vulnerability was blowing his mind. He only saw Corey like this a handful of times during the long years they've known each other.

"And I thank you for that and not hiding from me anymore. No need to apologize. We are together and in love and that's all that matters. Come, let's just lay down on this couch. I'd like to see and kiss you. Sounds good?" he asked after a brief pause.

Corey sniffed a few times and nodded. "Yeah…" he pulled back to look into the black eyes. "I'm not like this when I'm sober, usually…" he smiled a little embarrassed and caressed Matt's face lovingly with his fingertips.

Of course Matt leant his face into the caress and smiled warmly at his man. "It's okay. I love you even more when you're not afraid to show me this side of you. It's very moving. Thank you for your trust," Matt told him, feeling like he should say these words so Corey wouldn't fear that Matt would think of this as a weakness.

And with that he pulled him down to lie on the couch facing each other, their hands holding and caressing the other lovingly and soothingly. In a few minutes – after watching and stroking Corey, Matt leaned in for a sweet kiss. Something he'd missed so much ever since Ashley had interrupted them.

Corey returned the kiss and soon it was filled with deep passion for each other as they didn’t seem to be able to get enough of each other's taste. Legs and hands getting all over each other as finally once again they let the worry go and for a while enjoyed the love they shared.


In a few days Ashley did part ways with them. Until then they shared their time together. True to her words, she left the band time to the boys, but hung out with the guys and now the lovebirds joined them too. Drinking, chatting and goofing around like always. It was still not fully like that though, but it was forming. The tension dropped significantly among them and Paolo had a smug and satisfied smirk on his face nearly all the time.

Not that they minded it. Or his teasing comments. There was something on Matt's mind that night. His wife's words to him at the airport kept ringing in his ears. "Love him," she said and that's exactly what Matt was planning to do. Probably his intense dark look tipped Corey off because the more they drank at the hotel bar on their last night in Germany, the more he started squirming in his seat.

"I think I'll call it a night," Matt announced and sent a pointy look at Corey that told him to follow in a few mins.

Of course Paolo had a dirty grin all over his face and he chuckled into his beer.

"Shut it…" Corey fake-slapped his shoulder and laughed a little. He got into a good light-headed tipsy state from the beers and rather impatient from the promising looks Matt gave him.

"Let's go… I have a feeling I will finally sleep peaceful tonight," Paolo announced to the group and he and Corey said their byes and went up to their floor. "Let yourself enjoy what you get, dude. Just go with the flow," Paolo patted his back as they parted ways on the corridor and Corey knocked on Matt's room.

Matt got all prepared meanwhile of course. After a quick shower he didn't bother putting back on any clothes. There was no need for what they are gonna be doing for the next few hours.

He had a nice buzz going too and was horny. Very horny. He was already more than half-hard from thinking of having Corey naked in his bed again.

And he was waiting for him right there, all naked and slowly stroking himself. "Come in."

Corey walked in and froze to the spot after closing the door behind him.

"Oh my..." he moaned and just feasted his eyes on the naked slim and toned body and those inviting black eyes filled with dark sexual need. Not to mention the erect lovely shaft sliding between the long fingers.

"You are so amazing..." he walked closer and stopped two steps away from Matt. Sensing the dominant mood of his lover and loving all of it already. "I am yours, my samurai…" he whispered obediently.

"Good. Because that's exactly what I'm planning to do. Taking you. Slow and hard. Now... Take off your clothes. Slowly," he said low, his eyes already darkening even more from lust as he stroked the first few drops of pre-cum out of his tip.

"As you wish," Corey whispered already breathing heavily and started to peel off his clothes as slow as he was able to. Which was very hard, considering how horny and worked up he was already.

It didn't take long till his underwear landed on top of his other clothes on the pile next to him. Even with putting on a little show for his samurai...

Then he just stood there with his almost fully erect cock jumping in anticipation, eyes glued to the leaking glistening head of Matt's cock as his mouth started to water with the need to taste it.

Matt moaned low from the exciting sight of his naked lover, his slender fingers squeezing himself somewhat harder.

"Such a good puppy..." he hummed more to himself then noticing where Corey was looking, Matt twisted his palm on his tip to smear the clear drops over it.

"I see someone is hungry for this here... Very well then. Crawl on the bed and pleasure me good, my eager King."

"Anything you wish, my samurai," Corey whispered and dropped to his knees as he was ordered and crawled up on the bed. Sitting up like an eager puppy, waiting for Matt to finally feed him.

With a satisfied and dark smirk Matt licked his suddenly dry lips and slid one hand around his base to steady his cock then slid the other up on Corey's back to take a hold of his nape.

"Come on now. Don't make me wait any longer..." he said a bit out of breath himself as he started pushing Corey's head downward.

Corey only had time to hum his agreement as the tasty dick touched his lips and he sucked it inside almost fully. Pressing his tongue to the underside of that wonderful cock he sucked on it hard and fast, moaning from the taste of pre-cum dripping down his throat.

He missed this. Missed all of Matt so badly. His hands fisted as he didn't dare to move otherwise than feasting on Matt's shaft. He wanted to grab and claw into those lean hard muscled thighs and feel his lover's joy... But now Matt was the boss, so he just sat like a puppy, hands in fists from his agony to keep still even looking like puppy paws and hollowed his cheeks, working the long cock all the way up and down. Loving every second of it, though...

Matt didn't exaggerate when he told himself that Corey's mouth and tongue on his aching cock felt like heaven to him. He's been thirsting for this – and for much more – for what felt like an eternity, but in reality it was like one and a half weeks while Ashley was there.

But now it was just them and Matt moaned loud every now and then when Corey did some mind-blowing tricks while sucking him as if his life depended on it.

"Feels nice, my King. Just slow down a bit," he let Corey's nape go to caress his back and shoulders soothingly. "I want to enjoy this to the fullest with you," he murmured a bit hoarsely, reaching down to lightly spank Corey's ass.

"Bring that gorgeous ass a bit closer while you're sucking my dick in such a lovely way," he ordered on his deep voice then reached under the pillow to uncap the bottle of lube he hid there previously. Of course he noticed Corey's turmoil about not daring to touch him otherwise, but Matt wanted to make the tension grow a bit in both of them. Now he felt it was time to allow him the touching. "You can use your hands now too," he said nonchalantly as he smeared some lube on his palm and fingers, making a show of it.

"T…thank you, my samurai," Corey breathed as he slid closer and sucked Matt back into his mouth. Taking it slower as he was ordered and stroking upward the long legs with adoration and love.

It didn't matter that Matt was in his dominant mindset, his body reacted to those touches with making his skin break out in goose bumps. But his attention was soon drawn to somewhere else.

His slicked up fingers brushed along Corey's crack and started massaging his hole in a teasing manner, always pressing on it just a little bit more in synch with the pace of his slower sucking.

Matt looked back at him with a satisfied little moan only when the tip of his long middle-finger finally breached him and slid a bit deeper with each rubbing motion.

Corey kept pushing back his ass against those teasing fingers, moaning around Matt's cock.

They worked up a nice slow maddening rhythm: he was sucking and slurping on the leaking meat as his body was rocking back and forth, making the long finger rub him inside deeper and deeper with each move.

It was perfect for a while. But soon he craved more and started whining for it low. Caressing the tiny tattooed ass and grabbing it, he pushed Matt deep down his throat to speed up things a bit.

Matt was waiting for those amazing whines that only turned the singer on even more. He loved when Corey was making those noises and the grabby hands. But what tore out a long moan from his throat too was his lover taking him down all the way.

"Swallow around it and I'll give you another finger!" he nearly shouted it quickly from the intensity of his pleasure from this move.

Corey was swallowing around the long dick at once. His throat was practically making milking moves around it, while his ass was pushing back needing that reward he was promised.

"YES! Just like that! Oh fuck!" Matt lost control for a couple of moments and his free hand took a handful of Corey's hair to keep him there a bit longer, making sure that his moan would resonate through Matt's dick too when he added another finger. And that he did. The second was pushed in rougher and faster than the first and only after a few moves he started scissoring them to make room for a third.

By then he pulled Corey off his dripping wet dick to let him breathe too, but his fingers chose that moment to curl and rub against his prostate a few times.

"OH GOD..." Corey moaned and arched his back swaying his hips to feel more of those skilled fingers. He kept cursing and moaning out of his mind as he was moving like a bitch in heat to chase the pleasures Matt was giving him. "Please... Please fuck me already...." he panted trembling from desire.

Matt's eyes were two pitch-black and bottomless holes by then. They were glued to Corey's wanton form as he kept fingering him, sliding that third in too for some additional torture.

"Fuck, you're so beautiful like this. You have no fucking idea..." he said hoarsely and clearly in awe. Like always when he could see Corey like this. And both that and the first begging words gave Matt more ideas of how to pick the buff man apart.

"Oh yeah? You want my dick high up in this hungry ass?" he rammed his fingers in repeatedly now that the wet hole was loose enough. "You're gonna have to fight me for that privilege," he smirked evilly, ready for a nice manly wrestling match on the bed.

Corey looked up blinking at his man with surprise. Okay... He knew Matt practiced jiu-jitsu. But Corey has a lot of years of hokey and wrestling behind him as well.

"As you wish…" he groaned and grabbed the narrow hips and moved to let the fingers slip out of his hungry body. And in the blink of an eye Matt's body slapped loudly against the mattress and Corey started to pin him down, licking his lips.

Matt chuckled low, staring up at his lover, but he had some tricks up his sleeve too. With the martial arts training under his belt, he knew how to get out of tricky situations. But of course he used moves that wouldn't hurt his horny man.

Using his flexibility to his advantage, he managed to push Corey off his balance and roll on top of him. He loved the few minutes long struggling and rolling around on the bed, which ended with Corey lying on his tummy, arms and legs pinned by Matt, while the singer kept rubbing his slicked up dick against the prepared ass. He literally growled into Corey's thick neck before chewing on it a bit.

"Are you burning for it yet like me? Let me hear it, baby."

"I'm going mad for it... Put it in already... Please…" Corey scrummed and rubbed his ass to the teasing shaft. Groaning and whining in his frustration. "Please... I beg you... Fuck me hard and long, my samurai… Please…" he begged some more, trembling all over his body.

"You're so amazing like this..." Matt couldn't hold back that comment, but he didn't care. Nor did he waste any more precious time, just pushed in, wanting to give all the pleasure and love he could to Corey to reassure and satisfy him.

The deeper he slid, the louder Matt groaned into Corey's chewed up neck until he was balls deep in him, his own muscles tense and trembling from the inner-tension and the effort to stay still for a few moments to let his lover's body adjust to his size.

Matt used that time to plant soft and wet kisses on the salty skin. "I love you. I love how you feel around me," he huffed then started slowly moving, loving the drag and the tightness around his cock.

"I love you too… Oh god... You feel so great too..." Corey moaned moving back to meet Matt's slow deep thrusts.

Finally he could feel his lover inside him and that wiped almost everything out of the guitarist’s brain. He was just moving with Matt and slapped his strong hips harder to the other one's, urging him to pick up a harder pace. "I love you so fucking much... Fuck me hard... Oh my... There... Just harder..." he begged.

"Like this?" he chuckled, making his hips snap forward, the muscles of his tattooed back and ass flexing from the effort. Then one of his thighs pushed Corey's upward too to get an even better angle to fuck that sweet spot faster. He let one of the buff man's wrists go to stroke along the softer front, pinching and rubbing a nipple to add to his pleasure.

"I love you... love your body so much... love your reactions. You're so fucking hot and perfect..." he kept babbling adoring words like these into his man's ear for a couple of minutes, listening to his moans too.

Then Matt unexpectedly pulled out and knelt up just to manhandle Corey onto his back and push his legs open and up, finding the best angle quickly to ram back inside with a long moan. He covered as much of the body in front of him as he could and pushed hard and fast against Corey's prostate with every move he made while kissing him senseless.

"Yessss.... Fuckkkkk.... Oh fuck..." Corey cried out from the hard attack against his love spot.

When they started, he wanted to take it slow and loving and enjoy that they could be finally together. But right there and then he just wanted Matt to fuck him as hard as he could and reach their orgasm fast and blow them away.... They could get lovey-dovey afterwards too…

When Matt turned him around he groaned and hugged his man in his death grip, moving in sync with his lover, moaning into the wild passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Matt smirked down at Corey for a moment, his hips never pausing as sweat was forming all over his body. His head was buzzing more and more too from the urge to pump his lover full of his release. But most importantly to see that pure pleasure on the beloved and very flushed face.

Matt loved it so much when Corey let himself go like this. He's been always guarded around the singer ever since they had drifted apart all those years ago, but now he could see Corey's raw being so clearly in moments like these.

"Touch yourself, my King. I want to see and feel you cum around me first. Show me how good it feels like for you," he whispered hoarsely.

Corey reached down to ease the burning in his groin a bit. Stroking hard his oozing cock and he groaned and moaned and slapped his bigger body back against Matt's. Working up the flames between them higher till there was nothing left but to give in to his body's urge and fall into the bliss. Dragging his love with him to share that mind-blowing experience and feel them becoming one.

It was just as good as Matt remembered. He moaned, listening to the lustful noises and the wet sounds with delight. He could've watched Corey looking like that much longer, but as the guitarist was told, his body quickly took Matt along for that amazing ride in the blinding bliss. The singer completely lost control over his body during his last few hard thrusts while slicking up the insides of his lover with his sperm.

"Love you so much!" he exclaimed before fully dropping on the sweaty body, his hips finally slowing down then stopping while they were both fighting for air.

Corey couldn't even say a world, he was so out of it and the aftershocks of his huge orgasm were still shaking his body.

He blindly caressed his lover and kissed Matt's sweaty nape as the singer was panting for air.

"You're so amazing. My perfect samurai… I love you too... Always have…" he breathed low, melting inside from feeling so much as one with Matt.



Full-sized illustration by Useless-girl

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