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S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy
S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2017.11.22. 19:45

Chapter 2

The next morning welcomed Jim with a dry mouth and dizziness. It took his mind a minute or two to start working and remember the day before. Looking around in his room he didn't see anything out of its place and didn't see anything or anyone unusual either.

"What a fucked up dream," he shook his head and went to go through his morning routine before a shower.

While doing so he was thinking about his conversation with the "entity", but his mind was too fuzzy and heavy from the strong pot and ended up saying that it was just a real strange tripping that slid into some disturbed dreams. Because clearly his subconscious wanted to give him an explanation to these odd things. So probably that explanation manifested in giving a monstrous face to one of the shadows.

"It's so stupid. Only I can dream up such fucked up shit," he mumbled already dressed in jeans, a black button down shirt to go try to ease up the headache he gave himself with some coffee and a walk, not noticing the pair of blue eyes watching him as he closed the door.

Not long after Jim left, the puzzled demon went to stand in front of the mirror again. He knew it had to be like that. He should be grateful Jim thinks their encounter was only a weird dream. Still... It left some bitter taste in him and tightness around his chest. 

Turning into a human form easily now, he took a good look of his reflection. Maybe this can be useful in other ways. With the help of Jim he can be fully in the Earthly dimension when he wants to. And maybe that would be helpful to the big man too. Nothing happens without a reason... 

Sensing his human heading out, he thought of getting there, close to him. Just like in his demon form. He heard from #7 that blinking at places works in both forms… 

In a half second Corey was standing in the shadow of a phone booth which Jim just passed in the downtown crowd. 

Corey had jeans and a black tee on. He didn't know how come, but when he first materialized, he envisioned himself that way. Like how Jim usually dresses... Also the marks all over his pale skin would go well as tattoos, so taking a deep breath he decided to follow his special man in human form.

Usually Jim didn't like walking among other people. Their presence often irritated him, but most of the time he just ignored them. Probably the fear of seeing some distorted faces among them only added to his dislike of walking around on foot. But now he needed this to clear his mind.

As he was walking down streets after streets, he finally found a good cafe that was still open in a more safe part of the otherwise run down town. He remembered that in the past there were districts or parts of cities that were dangerous. But those usually were located on the outskirts. Well, since the wars those territories only grew, making the safe areas much smaller.

When Jim needed to clear his mind while walking around, he liked to do that in said safer districts, because that way he didn't have to pay as much attention to his environment as outside the safe zones. The chance of being attacked was lower, most of the time.

As he kept sipping on his coffee, he found a small well-kept park and sat down onto a bench to simply just think and watch the people passing by while smoking and enjoying his strong coffee. Without knowing that he was being watched by the creature not far from him. It seemed his mind was still in denial and booked their encounter as a dream. Maybe it was better that way.

Corey felt strange walking on foot and being visible among all the people. He started to now understand more the anxiety of humans. He even felt it as the random curious eyes found his unsure form and Corey realized how weird he must act. His look was nothing special, but having a solid body that bumps into things and other people... That was new. And the human faces told him even without his demon skills to read minds that they thought he was not fully normal among them. 

Which was true. He only put up that form as disguise and still has to learn many things. He was also very grateful that Jim decided to stay put in a calm and nice park. 

Sitting down on a nearby bench too, Corey was just mapping out the surroundings when a huge long black-haired man's shadow fell on him. The short man looked up. Not really sure what will happen now, or how much he can use his abilities… 

"What's your name?" the man asked on a low cold tone, his piercing icey blue eyes making Corey petrified. "What's your name???" The question was repeated more urgently. 

"C... Corey…" the creature breathed with wide intimidated eyes. This was not good... 

The big man shook his head and sighed. He moved his left arm, showing off a tattoo to Corey. It read 'SEVEN.' 

"#7??? How come??" 

"Mick," #7 said sitting down too. "Don't ever give your name to anyone like that. With a name they can summon you or hurt you or just use you. Many humans have been making deals both with angels and demons. And know spells how to use those who give that chance. Be careful... Corey," Mick smiled patting the shoulder of the other man. 

"I had a bond with a human too. My second assignment, the hottest and most fierce little woman I’ve ever met," Mick smiled leaning back on the bench as he spoke. "She noticed me and acknowledged my existence and called me through the border. I understand what you feel towards that big dope for a reason, kid... I can call you kid now," he laughed. 

"Yeah... Thanks for the trust and help, Mick," Corey smiled too, peeking into the direction where Jim was sitting. "It happened so suddenly. I think I can help on his loneliness this way. Just have to get used to it too, I guess..." 

"Yeah, might work and be a good idea. Just be careful. And know where I am. You know my name. You can summon me if you need help."

So... believing that it was all a dream left Jim with the conclusion he always came back to: he was still a freak without anyone to talk to about these things. That made the last mouthful of coffee leave a bitter taste once he swallowed it and put out his cigarette on the ground. Oh well... Nothing new there, he mentally shrugged then looked up to find a trash can for his paper cup.

That's when he noticed a strange pair of men sitting on a bench not far from him. A huge black-haired dude with a much shorter pale-skinned redhead. It was kinda a bizarre picture, especially because the redhead looked like a kid next to the big man. Damn, the "kid" looked cute too. Too bad he was already with someone...

Yeah, that was Jim's mind trying to cope with all this shit, because next to alcohol and drugs, sex could switch his mind off. And that redhead was just his type. Even if he might dig chicks. That still left Jim with his fantasies. Maybe he should just go back and call the hooker boy for another round to forget everything. Especially the previous day and night. Maybe he was still just coming out of shock after his near-death experience.

"If you want to approach him and form some sort of a friendship, as I take it from your words and thoughts... be careful and always honest about not knowing something. He is suspicious and notices how much you're out of the ordinary. Listen to your bond, Corey," Mick said finally and patting his shoulder again stood up and left the young demon. 

And as #8 started to think about it, there were so many details… Like.... what if Jim, being the very sexual man he is wants to get close to him THAT way... He must tell him how much he is... practically a virgin... He would also need some background story to tell the human. Maybe Corey didn't think all of this through enough. But he felt it right nonetheless... 

Lost in his thoughts, he stood too and with a frown looking down at his steps started walking out of the park.

Lost in his own thoughts and fantasies, Jim missed the other big guy leaving the cutie alone. Or that said cutie got on his way too. Making his way out of the park on a different path, it didn't take long for him to feel someone bumping into him.

Looking down – as if fate wanted it to happen – he saw the surprised and maybe a bit frightened "kid" from earlier look up at him. But that wasn't the only thing that caught Jim's attention. It was a pair of intense innocent-looking blue eyes. Which, of course reminded him of his fucked up dream and for some reason kept him captive as he was staring at the boy in silence.

Corey just stared mesmerized and yes, frightened up into the hazel eyes. He didn't know what to do next and if he knew human habits more, he would have felt very awkward being plastered to the big guy's chest, his trembling hands on it and almost full body touching with each other for a good minute or two. 

Mick’s words somehow got into his frozen brain and he swallowed blushing bright red. "S- sorry... I wasn't looking where I was walking…" he mumbled on a shaky voice and backed away from Jim, his glowing blue eyes never leaving the other man's.

"It's... fine," the big biker mumbled under his mustache when he finally found his voice. Yeah, well... looking and dressing the way he did was both to signal that he belonged to a biker gang and to keep people away. It often made them act cautious or even frightened around Jim. Even better. At least they usually didn't bother them. But he would like this cutie to bother him, for sure... Their bodies touching... it had a strange effect on the big man and he didn't really want to break that spell they both seemed to have fallen under.

For some reason Jim felt compelled to make him stay a little bit longer. "You okay? You look rather pale all of a sudden. Want to sit down for a minute?" he pointed with his thumb towards the park behind his back. "It would be bad if you fainted on me," he chuckled a bit in an attempt to ease up the situation. Not that Jim was particularly good in small talk or socializing. Introvert, remember?

"No… No, I'm okay... I always look this way," Corey said blushing some more, in contrast with what Jim just said. Still the smaller man didn't move more away, so still stayed only a few inches away from the very inviting body. He has to think up something fast...

Keeping the eye-contact he used his skills to put a question into Jim's brain…

As Jim was staring openly at the young-looking guy, he felt more and more mesmerized. Especially when he started blushing and Jim heard his nice (and unsure) voice.

Then suddenly a question formed into his mind and before he could stop himself, it was out of his mouth. "Do you have anywhere to stay? I mean... you look like someone who needs a place to crash at. I... well, you could come back with me to my biker gang's place. It's nothing much, but... I'm... I'm Jim," he said stopping his babbling and offered a hand. Who knows, maybe he can get lucky with the cutie after all.

Corey flashed a soft smile at Jim to what he just asked. "Corey," the small man shook Jim's hand. "I'm new around. And no… Nowhere to go really. Are you sure you wouldn't mind to have a weird guy to stay the night?" he asked biting his lip not really noticing how alluring he actually was... He just followed the feeling their bond dictated...

"I like weird... I mean, many would call me like that too," he shrugged after letting the warm and soft hand go. He couldn't feel any callouses on it so this guy probably wasn't doing any physical work. And damn, he looked so young and innocent with the way he bit his also soft-looking lips Jim all of a sudden wanted to chew up so badly...

He had no idea why he reacted so intensely to this guy, but if he needed a guardian... well, biker instead of an angel, then Jim was his man for a while. "You can stay for a while. I don't mind. I can bring a mattress to my room if you... aren't the kind to share one's bed," he said, kinda testing the waters already.

Damn, he should keep his cool if he wanted to get lucky tonight. Though it was usually difficult for Jim to hide if he liked someone.

"This way... Corey," Jim murmured, liking the sound of that name. "For some reason I think your name fits you," he said just to say something as they started walking down the street, Jim trying to find the shortest way back to the biker dwelling. "You came here to find work? Or just passing through?"

"I'm good with sharing beds," Corey answered keeping up the pace with Jim walking on his long legs. Or he was trying at least. "I’m not sure what to do, to be honest. Thank you for letting me stay with you for a while..." That all was true and honest. He felt his nervousness fade a little as the talking went better. 

He also gently helped Jim pick the shortest and safest path without noticing the mind trick. Even some origin story started to form in his mind...

Of course Jim didn't notice the slight influence of the human-shaped demon. Frankly, he got too excited from Corey's response, making one of Jim's thick brows go up. "That's... good to know," he cleared his throat and trying to focus more on the conversation and not imagining all that pale skin on his bed.

"Err... you're welcome. I know how rough it can be on the streets without any shelter or food," he shrugged as they neared their building. "Well, what are you good at?" he asked nodding to Craig as they entered and walked down the corridors towards Jim's room. He probably thought that Jim found some boy to fuck. It wouldn't be the first time and maybe it was true too. After all, Jim knew nearly nothing about this guy.

Of course he knew this could be dangerous, but for some reason he didn't feel any danger around the redhead. And his instincts worked pretty well – even when drunk or high.

"So this is it. It's not much but better than out on the streets," he said opening the door for Corey to let him enter in front of him. Damn, he was so short and tiny compared to him... Jim also noticed the strange tattoos – including the number 8 on the back of the thick neck.

His room was half-lit and a bit messy with older furniture, but relatively clean – aside from the empty beer, wine and other kinds of alcohol bottles here and there.

"We can order a pizza or something if you're hungry," he said fishing out a cigarette to light it and take a drag as he watched the short guy taking a look around. Then Jim went to the fridge in the corner and took two cool beers out, offering one to Corey before taking a long sip from his own.

"So, Corey... where are you from and do you mind if I ask how old are you? I'm not sure I should give you beer," he chuckled, meaning how young he looked.

Corey tried to not look too comfortable in the well-known room as he sat onto the edge of the bed. 

Looking up he saw the other Demons of Mercy there. #0 and #3 telling #7 to help him before they left and Corey smiled thankful at the masked demon only he could see. Jim surely thought it was strange, though... 

"I am 22. But I never had a beer," he said like reading it from above the door then looked at Jim with a little blush. "I… I was born in a different place. Alien to this one... I don't know how but I feel safe with you. I was too weird in that community," Corey said 'reading' it from the air again as #7 put the words into his mind. 

"I only arrived here last night. And was feeling very lost, as I’ve never been outside before. Those strict rules back there were too much, I guess. And the punishments for... seeing different things that were said to be forbidden…" Corey lowered his eyes shyly like being embarrassed and anxious. "So… I think I try this beer. Thank you," he added taking the can from Jim who sat beside him and opened it drinking the bitter fluid. 

#7 helped to make Jim think to take the conversation as if the half-hints suggested that Corey grew up inside one of those strict cults, locked away from the outside world. Seeing things going okay, #7 left as well. But by then Corey knew how to bring up supernatural topics using that background story.

Thanks to Jim's more observing and withdrawn nature he, of course, noticed a few strange things about the boy. Like smiling then staring into the air as if looking at someone when there was no one else in the room aside from them.

But what he said next made things click in Jim's mind. Was Corey talking about some sick brainwashing cult? It would explain a lot. Sadly, after the wars broke out, many tried to run to such quickly growing – then disappearing – cults in hopes of "redeeming their souls" or some badshit crazy beliefs. Jim could never sympathize with those as he thought they were more damaging than trying to learn to adapt to this new way of life with discovering one's abilities and sharpening their survival instincts.

"You're welcome," Jim said as he walked over to the bed to sit next to Corey, both taking another sip from the beer. "Are you talking about some religious cult? And to be honest you look much younger than your age, that's why I asked..." he said, licking his lips before taking a drag from his smoke.

"Honestly, I know how it is to be punished for seeing and believing in things that others refuse or can't sense," he mumbled. Maybe this guy was similar to Jim. Someone with whom he could finally connect on that deeply buried level too.

"Yes. I think it is called a cult here. I grew up there. We were studying the outer worlds and beings. You... You can see them too, Jim?" Corey asked already feeling how the alcohol in the beer began affecting his human body.

Of course Jim noticed that and the now constant flush on Corey's cheek bones, which made him look even cuter.

"I'm sorry you had to grow up like that. I don't like such restricting cults. Not that it would be better on the outside. At least you were more or less protected there, I guess," he sighed, eyeing the already tipsy boy. Of course the alcohol would affect someone so new to it like that. And Jim wondered just what else Corey didn't do thanks to his upbringing.

"Or... did they hurt you there? Touch you?" he asked, knowing that those kinds of things weren't uncommon in such circles either. Maybe that's why Corey ran away.

Then for a long moment Jim just stared at the boy, contemplating what to answer to the question. He never talked about these things to anyone since he was 15. Still, for some reason he felt like he could tell it to this cutie.

"Yeah. Sometimes I can see them too. Ever since I was a kid. And let me tell you, those who didn't believe me made my life a hell too. Was beaten, drugged and ridiculed more than I could count," he shrugged with a bitter laugh as if it was nothing.

"I'm sorry, Jim. It must have been very rough," Corey said with a bit of a slower tongue and leaned to Jim's side feeling a bit light-headed but good. 

"They... beat me too and used their rituals... What you mean by… touching me?" he asked sounding super-innocent while knowing well what the humans meant by that. He wanted to feel this close to this man for so long... Now he could see and feel him and it all flooded the creature's mind. So he moved to sit on Jim's lap, closed his eyes and sighed shivering a little. "You feel so good. Good to be close to you, Jim…"

"I survived," Jim waved it off and put out his cigarette, feeling a bit better already from sharing even this little with Corey. It seemed he understood. Especially when it turned out that he was beaten too.

Jim's body tensed up for a sec though when the boy unexpectedly leaned against him. To steady Corey, Jim put his now free arm around his back. Damn, he fit perfectly under his arm... Even that made him stir in his pants, although he tried to hold himself back and not blush too much.

"Err... I mean... like... your private parts. You know about sex, don't you? I meant it that way..." he trailed off in surprise as he found his lap full of this sexy little package. Not that he minded it, though... "Like kissing you... making you do sexual things to them..." he murmured barely audible, eyes fixed on the soft-looking lips and he couldn't stop himself from getting harder under the fidgeting boy.

"Sexually? No…" Corey whispered licking his pink lips subconsciously and to keep his balance hugged Jim's neck. "I never kissed no one…" he said looking into the darkening eyes. "Can... can I...?" he asked unsure and biting his lower lip, he moved closer to Jim's face and touched his lips to the other ones. He heard his own moan escape his being from the pleasant rush of electricity running through his human body from just that small connection.

Oh fuck. I'm doomed. That was Jim's first thought hearing that the boy was completely untouched. Which, of course, only made him grow harder in his well-worn jeans. He was sure Corey was able to feel it by then, but it seemed he didn't mind.

Then those soft lips shyly brushed along Jim's, making his breath skip. It felt as if sparks flew around them from that tiny touch too and Jim wanted to leap on the boy so badly. Still, he rather chose to cup the sides of the shaved head, his fingertips tangling in the slicked back longer locks in the middle.

"You can..." he breathed onto those sweet lips then this time it was the big biker who kissed Corey, gently sucking on his lips before licking into them, his tongue sliding forward in search of the other. He had no idea why he chose to hold back or why he felt more and more drawn to the tiny man on his lap, but he loved his taste, smell and weight on him, which only turned the kiss more passionate.

Corey felt like burning and melting away from the way Jim held him and kissed him. His body trembled and his moans got deeper while he tried to keep up with the new sensation and followed what Jim was doing to him. 

He may or may not have moved closer on Jim's lap and rubbed his small ass to the hardness he felt pulsing under him. He reacted to everything on instinct, as it felt good to him and he felt it from Jim... He saw so many guys get intimate with his human, but it felt much, much better than he ever imagined it… 

"It's so much better..." he mumbled out half-aloud and let his head lean back, only being supported by the big caressing hand, and his lips started kissing the long neck while he gasped for air.

Damn. For a virgin boy, Corey was a fierce one already. Like someone who after getting a taste of this couldn't get enough. That made Jim more relaxed and horny too. Especially when that fine firm ass began rubbing against his trapped cock on instinct.

He so wanted to...

But he had to take it slow. At least that's what he thought was the right thing to do. And for once in his life he wanted to do the right thing. Corey was clearly half-drunk from the beer and although Jim was dying to bury his cock into said small ass, he just couldn't... He couldn't scare off the only person who seemed to understand what he's been going through all his life...

"What... is so much better?" he asked instead, his big hands not stopping though from stroking down on Corey's back to cup and squeeze Corey's behind hard while rubbing himself up against him. "You're so intoxicating..."

"It's so much better with you than I imagined it before..."Corey whispered with closed eyes and totally lost himself from the more eager way Jim showed his affection... Let's put it that way... 

Of course the way Jim moved back against him didn't go unnoticed and it was kinda reassuring to the demon that he was doing this the right way… He felt his blood boiling and his bones melting as he outright whined and pressed his ass more to Jim and his growing desire made him suck a piece of skin between his lips just above the quickly pulsing vein.

Corey's response was a bit odd, to say the least, but Jim was too caught up to examine it more closely as he moaned too from the bite on his vein. Damn, that's how long he could hold himself at bay.

"I want to make you feel good. Show you how good it can be..." he panted as his big hands slid between them to open Corey's and his own jeans too then after freeing the very hard and slightly curved cock of the boy, Jim spit in his palm and smeared it along the throbbing flesh, letting Corey chew his neck up, his moans sending shivers down Jim's spine.

Corey was trembling hard from the intense touch. Especially when Jim twisted his palm at his cockhead. It made the small man gasp and cry out shocked and dizzy. His hand reached to Jim's to stop him for a second. 

"W… Wait... I want to make you feel good too... Can I?" he breathed opening his blissed out glowing eyes at Jim while he reached to mirror the moves of the bigger man. Slowly and unsure he started jerking Jim's long dripping shaft.

Jim groaned and dug his nails into Corey's back the second he felt the unsure hand on his own so far neglected flesh. "Jesus..." he moaned. "Of course you can... Fuck!" he added, taking a wobbly breath, his hand still not moving on Corey's wet shaft. Enjoying those first exploring touches to the fullest, Jim only moved his other hand from Corey's back around the slightly trembling fingers to make their hold a bit firmer around him.

Looking down at the so familiar-looking hazy eyes, Jim nodded, lightly bucking into the grip. "Like that... I like a firmer grip around me..." he panted. "You're doing it so well, Corey..." he praised the boy and started to move his own hand on the other hard shaft while leading Corey how to pleasure Jim the most he liked. His low grunts were getting louder now as he kept watching the boy, already imagining how those soft lips would feel around his aching dick. Soon.

Corey was watching mesmerized as his fingers were sliding up and down on the hard meat. Until Jim started to move his hand again on his own hardness. 

His pink lips parted on lustful moans and cries. His hips bucked more urgently into that tight grip and it got harder to focus on moving his own hand on Jim too. 

Then it got too much... His hand that hugged Jim's neck tightened stronger around the bigger man, he cramped and he felt his lower belly on fire and his fingers closed harder around the pulsing meat while his seed messed up the bigger hand. Leaving Corey's body go weak while shaking.

This was all so maddening and intense. It's been a while that Jim felt so alive with barely anything else but lust in his system. Who was this fucking hot little guy? He felt... different. And not just because he used to be untouched before they got... closer. Jim had virgins before, but not like Corey.

With the others Jim's focus was on mainly his own needs, to satisfy that black void in him and feel more alive even if just for a minute or two, without being much interested in his sex partners.

But as he was watching the pure pleasure and slight shock as the cute and flushed redhead was cumming onto his hand, squeezing more pre-cum out from Jim with that firm grip, the biker realized that it wasn't the case this time.

As he let himself go too, squirting his sticky substance all over the smaller hand, he found those sinful lips for another, this time more possessive kiss – as if staking his claim on the trembling boy.

Corey almost lost his focus over his solid body. But feeling the strong need for him from Jim helped to stay on this side of the border. He pulled back from the kiss and smiled.

"Thank you for finding me…" he said raising his hand to look at the mess on it, and licked it slowly to taste it. Just like he saw Jim make so many guys do it for him. He found its taste good and giggled, surprising even himself with that.

Once again, Jim wanted to comment on a yet another strange remark, but he was too mesmerized from watching Corey instinctively play out one of his kinky fantasies with licking off his cum from his fingers.

"Fuck..." he groaned and smirked hearing that cute giggle. "You liked it. What we just did. And the taste of my cum... You're too good to be true," Jim grinned satisfied like a big cat that got the cream. It was a lucky find, indeed.

"Let me clean us up then we should rest for a while. Maybe later I'll show you some other tricks, if you want," he said on a naughty undertone, already moving Corey off his lap just to lay him on the bed and start peeling off his clothes. "There's a 'no clothes in this bed' rule," he winked, shamelessly feasting his eyes on the tattooed pale body, and made sure to clean him longer than necessary.

Then he got naked too and slid under the blanket with this sexy guy. Usually Jim rarely cuddled with his sex partners, mainly because they were usually hookers. Though now he didn't mind that the small body practically plastered itself against his side, lying half-way on Jim.

What was even more unusual was the small smile on his face with which he fell asleep.

Corey felt drained and happy. He also felt Jim relaxed and happy too. He never felt him that way... This was a good idea after all. To stay and be a... partner and friend Jim always needed…

Maybe in a few days they could talk more about the importance of his special skills. But for now the small guy closed his eyes, knowing #7 was watching over them. For a while they were safe to rest...


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