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S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy
S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2017.12.10. 11:14

Chapter 3

Even in a human body the demon recovered much faster. Corey sat up and smiled at the soundly sleeping man, who still had a smile on his face. 

Seeing #7 still there, he got out of the bed and went to the bathroom with the other demon. 

"The others approved of this on the condition that you have to help him get fully awake. You have time to earn his trust. But things will speed up. Be careful, Corey," #7 said. 

"I see. I want this to work. It feels so right," Corey said low, looking back sensing Jim stirring in his sleep. And by reflex changed back. Only to be seen in the mirror as a black mass with leather wings and a mask on...

It's been a while that Jim had such a good night's sleep. Stretching his long body on the messy bed, he welcomed the lack of headache or nausea he usually got from drinking booze or doing drugs. It was a nice – but rare – change for him.

And thinking of the reason he remembered the previous day and night. Sitting up he looked around, but saw no one. Was it another vivid dream his subconscious created so he wouldn't feel so lonely?

As he looked around, he didn't see the short redhead anywhere, which made him frown and his stomach drop. He was about to believe that it never happened in the first place when he spotted something black at the corner of the bed. Reaching out he held out a much smaller black T-shirt than what would fit Jim. It looked pretty much as a proof that he wasn't crazy.

"Corey?" he asked confused, but only half-expecting an answer. Maybe the boy was already far away... Even the thought made that black hollowness in Jim's heart throb and his eyes turn sadder than one would expect.

The shadow suddenly materialized again from the calling of his name, and Corey appeared out of thin air in the bathroom, holding a hard solid version of his mask in his hand and a black backpack #7 somehow brought to him. 

Quickly hiding his demon face in that, he peeked into the mirror at himself then walked back into the room to the messed up man. And felt his heart ache too from the feelings of the big man. 

"Good morning. I'm sorry... Did I wake you up?" he asked unsure but sat on the edge of the bed, still naked.

"No... just thought last night was a dream or that I managed to scare you off and you left long ago," the honest answer just rushed out of his mouth before Jim could really think of what he should answer. Of course it made him blush under his mustache and beard, which he stroked down a bit nervously.

"Good morning to you too. I hope you slept well..." he said, clearly a bit embarrassed still and not knowing how to act. "You hungry?"

"You said I can stay for a while…" Corey said a little low and moved closer but didn't touch Jim. 

He’s been around him for decades, so knew Jim was not a… relationship kinda guy who has morning chats with his sex partners. More because he usually had a hangover in the mornings… 

"I could eat if you want to. Are you feeling okay?" Yeah… The situation was a bit strange… After his first experience the virgin boy was the one trying to console and talk with the older low-life biker... But Corey was Jim's assigned protector, and old habits die hard. Even for disguised demons...

"Yes, yes! You can stay as long as you want... Though I have to warn you that... well, at times you might see or hear things here that aren't... well, too legal. I hope it won't bother you. I'll talk to the other bikers to let them know you're with me... I mean... under my wing and protection..." Jim blushed even more and he just simply wanted to shoot himself in the head. He was so lame...

Though it was cute from Corey that it was he who tried to make Jim feel better instead of the other way around. It was a bit strange too given the fact that Corey was just after his first sexual experience and probably had lots of questions. But... Jim liked this protective behavior for some reason. Truth be told, he barely ever felt something like that from anyone. His biker brothers were different from this...

"I should be asking if you are okay..." Jim smiled a bit and experimentally put a big hand onto Corey's naked thigh in a reassuring manner. He hoped it was okay, though. He so sucked in small talk...

Corey smiled and looked down at the touching hand then up at Jim again. "Yes I feel good. I… I loved what we did yesterday." he added to reassure Jim that he should keep trying to get closer to him. "I think the beer got to me a little, though," he giggled then bit his lip. "The gang will be okay with me staying with you?"

"Good. I'm happy then, because I loved it too... And... I can teach you much more, if you want," he whispered with a slightly darker undertone then he smiled brightly at Corey, patting then stroking the naked thigh.

"That's no surprise for those who try alcohol for the first time," he chuckled a bit. "You were cute and hot though..." he added, leaning in to press a kiss against Corey's face.

"Don't worry about the guys. They have chicks and steady girlfriends too," he shrugged. "Sometimes they also take in some friends and acquaintances. Shawn, our president might want to meet you, though. He likes to know what kind of people are moving with our gang. It's standard protocol," he said kissing the young man's shoulder. "I should get us some food..." he murmured against the nice warm skin, inhaling its intoxicating scent.

"Okay," Corey sighed closing his eyes for a second as Jim kissed his shoulder. He could already feel his body reacting and getting warmer. It was better that Jim moved away and got dressed and went out. 

Corey decided to check that backpack meanwhile. He found some more clothes and he hid his mask deeper in it. It felt a little strange being in the room like that and as he sat back on the bed, he noticed some papers... 

The lines of his song were written on them. And it made Corey smile... Jim remembered and heard him after all.

As Jim was making them some fresh coffee and breakfast, he took some calming breaths. This guy... he was something else. It was so hard to resist him for some reason. So coming out of his room was probably a good idea. Now Jim could at least think a bit clearer. For example, about how he was going to tell about Corey to Shawn. He doubted the leader would have any objections as Jim rarely asked for anything from him and Corey seemed like a decent guy.

They didn't have anything planned for the next few days, which would give Corey some time to get used to being around Jim and the others. See how they live. See if he could handle it. Jim thought Corey was a lucky guy that he bumped into him and not some (bigger) creep. Things could've gone wrong very quickly for the freshly arrived and innocent boy...

"So... you basically fled your previous place? Will they be looking for you?" he asked after getting back to his room and he handed Corey his tray and sat down next to him, noticing him putting down the lyrics that came to Jim from a dream.

"Oh... you like those? I'm a guitarist too, not just a mean biker," he offered as some kind of explanation then sipped from his coffee and began to eat a buttered toast with strawberry jam.

"Yeah… It's really good. It's like... a love song," Corey said blushing a little and took a bite from the toast maybe a bit more carefully than normal. The taste was nice, so he chewed and swallowed smiling shyly at Jim. "And yes... I ran away but they think I'm dead. They keep the knowledge about the worlds as sacred. They think they left me to die," Corey said. Hoping those special things the biker usually saw was going to come up as a topic.

"Perhaps... It just... wanted itself to be written out of nowhere. Okay, the lyrics came from a hazy dream, I think," Jim smiled blushing a bit too then took another bite from his toast while listening to Corey.

"So... they won't be looking for you. That's good. For safety reasons too," Jim mused. "So... tell me, Corey... What kind of things do you see?" the biker asked as if answering the disguised demon's thoughts.

"Faces... Sometimes things like... a layer of another world upon this one," Corey said carefully searching Jim's reactions. "What kind of things do you see, Jim?"

"I think... something similar to what you do. Strange... distorted faces at times. Mostly on reflective surfaces. Like glass or a mirror. Other times black shadows moving around people or me... I usually see these from the corner of my eye. I think I can also feel shifts in energy. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold... Also... I think I can see... dunno how to describe it... 'omens', things that might happen," he said quietly and a bit unsure, staring into his coffee. Clearly it wasn't easy for him to put these things into words, but obviously Corey was similar to him.

"The last time I talked about these things I was a teen. No one knows here. They just think I'm weird. I'd appreciate if you kept this to you," he looked Corey in the eye.

Corey nodded slowly. "Sure, Jim. I won't tell no one. Please keep my origin and things about these things to you too. I… I was taught about creatures… Angels and demons and the worlds they are from. The people in the... cult were studying all those things…" he added to make Jim talk about what he found out from the books about those myths. And as he felt how lost and vulnerable the biker was in that moment, he moved closer and caressed his back, pressing a reassuring kiss to his bearded face.

"Of course I won't tell anyone. But then we should come up with a cover story for you in case someone from here asks about your past," he warned Corey on a soft tone.

He welcomed the reassuring caress and kiss and smiled a bit at Corey. "Thanks," he said then took a breath. "My problem is that during the years I've found so many interpretations of these... things or 'visions' as I call them that I can't really tell what might be true and what are made up things. So I didn't really get cleverer with research. They frighten me because I don't know much about them, I guess..." he explained. "And I've never had anyone to talk about these things, as I said. Since I was a kid I tried to suppress them, but couldn't really. What... what kind of explanation you learned about these in your cult? And you think that might be the truth?"

"That… different worlds exist. And at some point they are upon each other. Like... dimensional sheets or layers. And creatures from there can cross those dimensions... We... we also had a creation theory…" Corey explained but was a bit unsure how much he should tell Jim. 

He took a deep breath and thankfully when he looked around saw #7 and #3, they both told him what he should share with the human. 

"There is Valhalla and creatures called there are angels. They are born from light. And there is Gehenna where creatures are born from the dark. Those here are called demons. They are not good or bad. Or more like... equally both... Same as humans. Those beings can cross the border of the worlds. And meet several times, only a few starting conflicts with the others. But many wanted peace and even became couples. Those renegade creatures found this dimension in the middle. The Earthly one... And found a new home. Their offsprings are the humans. Born as a mixture of both beings... This much I kinda think is possible... As humans can still be sensitive to those dimensions and see what's hidden. Like you and me…" Corey said again like reading it from the wall.

"We were taught that humans can get those abilities back from the light. But I saw the darkness and the creatures in it. And the old books state that angels and demons are like humans with some extra powers. But based on where they are from not necessarily good or evil. And so... I was not a good specimen after all to connect with the light. Darkness infected me, they said… And... you know the rest already from what I've told you," Corey ended low and looked down. Waiting for what Jim would react to all that. 

There was only a little lie in what he told to the human. And he hoped Jim would know that by instinct.

Jim was listening to Corey quite fascinated. He also noticed how he kept staring towards the darker corner of the room, looking as if reciting his answer. Probably these things were some doctrines that he grew up with and was taught to him since an early age. He definitely came off as someone who truly believed this belief system. Which... in general made some sense to Jim.

"Really fascinating. And I mean it. Never heard things from this detailed perspective. These make sense and could put some things in a new light for me," Jim admitted and smiled a bit, feeling that Corey's words were just as honest as his to him.

"It's nice to finally share such things with someone without feeling like a freak," he chuckled a bit and leaned closer to the small man. "Thank you. I'll think about these things for a while, I think," he whispered onto Corey's soft lips then he kissed him gently.

Feeling that the other demons left them alone, Corey hugged the bigger body and kissed him back. 

This time he was braver and surer about what he was doing and took his time to experiment with licking between the biker's full lips and playing with his tongue. Or gently biting and sucking on said luscious lips while he felt their bond getting stronger and his heart banging hard in his chest. 

Jim took all the information very well… Corey hoped he already felt some of those things on his own too. The task to get Jim fully awake and aware of all the worlds around him was the aim, or more like the cover up task in exchange for the demon's personal actions of his... well… love...

Needless to say, the inked arms were welcomed around Jim's bigger body as they got lost in kissing deeply, taking their sweet time. It was so amazing to kiss Corey. Jim couldn't remember a time when he enjoyed just kissing someone this much.

"You taste so good... Spicy, sweet and somehow dark," he giggled cutely into Corey's mouth in-between their kisses. It was also so crazy how close he already felt this strange redhead to him. It should've scared Jim, but it just felt so good.

"This feels so right for some reason..." he murmured more to himself as he quickly put the trays away and gently laid the smaller body back on the bed, letting his long fingers caress the pale skin in an exploring way. "You're... so beautiful. You know that?" he asked kissing his way down to a hardening small nipple to gently suck and nip on it, his fingers tracing the outlines of the elaborate chest tattoo. "Do these have a... ritualistic meaning?" he asked, doubting that in that strict cult tattooing one for personal reasons was an option.

Of course Corey let Jim do whatever he wanted with him and his human body while blushing hard from the praising words. And smiling as in his own belief system nothing was a coincidence and things made perfect sense again. 

To his cover story, which he and the other demons merged together from old myths and actual truth with a little personalization, his big chest tattoo of a half-moon and half-sun made into one was a perfect addition. 

"This? Yes... The first humans were born from both light and dark… The special ones... I… should have helped them to talk and connect with the light, but even the basic teaching says that darkness is always there and a natural element…" Corey said fast, looking up at Jim and bit his lip. "I'm sorry… It's good to talk to you about these too. Because I can't share my own views or thoughts on such things freely…"

Jim would've lied if he said that he understood everything Corey was saying, but at least most of it made sense to him. "It's okay. You can always talk to me about these things. They intrigue me..." Jim said while stroking along first the outside then the inner side of a thick thigh, his hand soon cupping the boy's balls to fondle them gently while his lips kept leaving wet kisses on the inked skin.

"But there's... something else that intrigues me too..." he murmured on a much hornier tone and slid lower on the bed to lay between Corey's legs, panting a bit excited onto the quickly growing shaft there. "You'll love this, I'm sure..." he winked up at him then let his long tongue slowly lick along the velvety skin of that mouthwatering cock. Then he even kissed and nipped along it too, gently licking around the tip before sucking it into his mouth with a wet sound, moaning from its taste.

The small creature lost his words and breath as Jim's tongue lapped over his hardening tip. It was so intense like an electric shock and his body jerked up from the bed, hands shot out to hold Jim's head, even gripping into the longer hair. His legs opened wider and as Jim started working on him more and his whining moans returned, he was just watching his human pleasing him while panting for air.

Jim loved all the reactions Corey was making so damn much! They only encouraged him to suck deeper and a bit faster on the tasty flesh with each bob of his head, one of his big hands caressing, grabbing and even scratching the soft skin of the young man. His cheeks hollowed with each upward move as he sucked harder on him.

When he deemed that Corey was getting too close too fast, Jim finally slipped off him just to start suckling and licking his balls one by one. Jim's own cock was hard and leaking against the boxers he still had on, but aside from lightly rubbing it against the bed, he ignored his own needs for now.

"If you liked this then I'll show you something that you'll find just as pleasurable..." he winked up at the flushed and panting boy, pushing the thick thighs more apart and upwards to expose the virgin hole he wanted to taste so damn much. And that's exactly what he did, licking it with a moan before starting to rim it with all he had.

If Corey was blown away from the blowjob now there were no words for what he experienced. His body dropped back onto the bed and mumbled some un-Earthly lines as he pulled his thighs even more apart and up to let Jim get closer to him. 

Of course he had all the knowledge of Jim's sexual habits. The big guy had a big appetite and #8 knew all the... technical details... 

Being on the receiving end of it was something different and incredible, though... He felt his body urging him more and more towards where Jim was surely headed to... 

"Jim.... do you... you want to... take my... You know... fuck me..?" he breathed low and unsure, blushing deep red as he peeked up at the busy man.

Jim had to fight his smug smiles while rimming and kissing and sucking that sweet little alluring hole. Then to the breathy question, he flashed his lust-filled and maybe a bit dangerous-looking eyes up at the cutie laid out for him like an offering. How he loved how the boy looked in that moment.

"Yes. I'll want to do that... but not now," he stroked the inner side of a thick thigh in a soothing manner, noticing that little uncertainty in the blue eyes. "I want to ease you into it and for us both to enjoy. I want to savor you first in every possible way..." he said nipping the other thigh's sensitive parts.

"Now I'll suck you off and if you want, you can try to do that to me too. Nothing is forced though. Just what feels natural and right..." Jim added and kissed the twitching hole once more before returning to lick then suck the flushed shaft between the open legs.

"Oo… Ookay…" Corey moaned closing his eyes and lost all the protest he might have had from the thorough blowjob the biker treated him with. 

It didn't take long to get the held down body squirm with wild lust. Panting and moaning and jerking from the waves of pleasure rushing through him. Until with one groaned cry Corey shot Jim's mouth full with his seed.

The big man welcomed it with a moan and kept swallowing it eagerly, making sure not one drop was wasted. He kept sucking on the spurting cock until it became too sensitive to the touch. 

Letting it slip out of his mouth, he let the boy's thighs go and climbed over him to kiss away the little breath Corey managed to draw into his lungs.

"Beautiful..." Jim panted onto his lips then grinned. "And very tasty..." he added with a soft chuckle and kissed into Corey's neck, his covered cock lightly bucking against a trembling thigh.

The slightly shaking arms of the demon wrapped around the bigger body like a drowning man would grab onto the last string. But he was grateful that Jim finally let him breathe. Even if he adored the kiss and liked the taste of his seed on the tongue of his man. 

"That was.... incredible..." he voiced the previous thought smiling wide and with eyes shining with love as he looked at Jim. Turning his head a little to let the bearded face brush more against it, he moaned and stroked down the long back, moving his thighs against the wet hardness. "I love your beard… I love how it feels on my skin…"

Leaving soft pecks on Corey's face, Jim chuckled a bit out of breath, because his aching cock really, really appreciated that friction. "I'm happy to hear it that you loved your first blowjob. I gave what I thought you could handle at the moment," he lifted his head and winked at the naked boy.

"And my beard likes to be against your skin too," another horny and cute chuckle was the answer to that. "I love just how soft your skin is. I also find the tattoos beautiful," he said, running a finger against one on Corey's upper-arm. "The sounds you make while turned on would make anyone blow too," Jim hummed then leaned down for another kiss. 

"Want to try this? I could teach you... And just thinking about your lips around my cock makes me go crazy..." he purred like a big horny cat.

Corey blushed more, biting his lip from all the praising. He knew well how it was far from Jim’s nature to let anyone close to him. Yet he was treating him that lovingly. 

"Yes... I want to learn to please you too… If I stay with you for a while... If you want that…"

It was so very easy to get lost in this boy. That in itself blew Jim's mind. How was it possible? What did Corey have that would allow him to crawl under Jim's skin so much? He couldn't get enough of this virgin boy. And Jim was pretty sure it wasn't just the fact that he was the first man to ever touch Corey in these ways...

No. As he looked into the eager and at the same time soft blues of those eyes, Jim only felt it stronger. Corey was different. Like him. That was probably the key and the answer. And Jim wanted to spend more time with him and discover Corey and his world... his way of thinking too, not just his mouthwatering body.

"Yeah. I want that. I want you to stay... I'll teach you..." he said eagerly then rolled over with them, propping his back with a pillow as he stroked along Corey's inked arm and shoulder, giving him the green light to discover his long body.

The demon let out a soft giggle as they turned and he got on top of the big biker body. 

Oh how he loved it... so much... "For so many years..." he whispered and kissed into Jim's neck. 

He slid a little lower and to the left side of his human to be able to caress the beloved chest. Letting out a big sigh feeling what he’s been longing for so long... Feeling the way the skin broke out in goose bumps under his caressing palm. How the dark nipple hardened and the throbbing shaft jumped for only his attention... 

"You are so amazing…" he whispered again as his curious hand moved under the boxer's hem.

Jim never learned what the comment about all those years meant, because frankly, Corey's hands on him were quite distracting. He moaned softly from the discovering touches and Jim just loved the mesmerized look on the young cutie's face as he let him get lost in his bigger body.

They did this differently too. Not with the usual urging fire burning Jim's veins to get a blowjob or be able to fuck someone through the mattress. He didn't mind that Corey wanted to more or less take his time and let his curiosity lead him, making Jim gasp for air as the boy's fingers brushed against some sensitive skin right under the hem.

"You too... Love your hands on me. Come on... touch me. I'm aching for it..."

As Jim said out those words, Corey's fingers already were closing around the warm meat and pulled on the length, just like the night before. 

Loving what he felt from the other man, he laid lower and pulled the boxer off with his other hand to get face to face with the dripping cock he wanted to taste so badly. And so... did just that with a gentle kiss on its tip.

Moaning, Jim watched Corey closely as he did that, a shiver running down his spine. He wanted to give him time to discover his leaking cock as he wanted, but Jim was a flesh and blood man too with needs. And by then it was hard to stay patient.

"The trick is..." he started, licking his own suddenly dry lips "to not hurt me, you should keep your teeth covered... Start with just the tip to get used to having a cock in your mouth. You can flick your tongue around and under it like I did to you..." Jim murmured so damn turned on. "Then you can take more into your mouth... in your pace... Using your tongue on the underside is very enjoyable too..." he said then nodded so very ready for this.

Corey hummed in agreement and did as Jim said while he was talking… He just loved the sweet beads of pre-cum and the velvety feel of the skin under his tongue.

Taking a bigger breath, he wrapped his pink lips around it slowly. Swirling his tongue inside over the leaking tip, as his lips rubbed the shaft up and down, taking almost half of the big meat into his hot wet mouth.

If the sight wasn't enough then the little bit unsure but very eager first try of the boy was something that nearly made Jim's mind fry on the spot. He was certainly losing touch with the world around them.

"Your mouth... feels so good... Yeah... just like that... Suck on it on your way up... hollow those cheeks for me..." he reached out and put a big hand onto the back of the boy's head to both stroke it and guide it when it was needed, the wet sounds Corey's mouth was making only adding to the sensation. "Such a good boy..." he closed his eyes not really realizing what he was saying.

Corey loved it all. The taste, the sounds, the effects on Jim and even the way he was guided to please the man better. 

It didn't take long in his eagerness to manage to swallow the tip into his throat. Coughing a little bit after, but he knew how much Jim loved that and asked for it from the hookers. 

The second time he could force the wide tip down his throat better, swallowing around it, feeling proud and happy from the pleasant shock Jim voiced.

Boy, Corey was learning fast! With every action of that fucking amazing mouth on him, Jim's blood was boiling hotter in his veins. Then he couldn't stop that shocked sound.

"Oh god! Corey! Yes! I love that! So good! So fucking good!" Jim groaned and couldn't help himself and had to buck his hip up to feel the throat around him more. By then his fingers were fisted in the red hair and he was panting and moaning non-stop, eyes glued to what the boy was doing over and over again.

"I'm gonna cum!" he panted on the brink of exploding either down Corey's throat or into his mouth. Both were going to work for him so fucking much at that point. He just wanted to feed this beautiful boy with the cum he was working for so eagerly.

The demon wanted nothing more. And to emphasize how much he wanted to taste the human, he dived in again to use his throat muscles to milk the trembling man fast and mercilessly, swallowing all that he was feeding him with. 

With some of the fluid running down on his chin and a shy smile, he went to hug Jim after milking him from all he got to offer. He just hugged the bigger body, letting Jim kiss and lick his chin, enjoying the moments of their strengthening bond while he could.

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