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S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy
S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2017.12.16. 10:45

Chapter 4

The afternoon was weird for even the human-disguised demon. The introduction to the other bikers went well. Even Shawn looked at him approvingly before rushing off to do some business with Jim and a few others. 

Back in the room where Corey should stay, he transformed but another black shadow stopped his way.

"#3 will look after him. We need to talk about things" #7 said pulling #8 with him into their world. 

"We gave you a solid form of your demon face. That should be with you. Now with a Great One we do a ceremony to help you to be hidden and safe. You and your human will need it." 

#8 just nodded and followed to the dark depths of their world. It was more like a deep cave, only lit by red gloomy eerie light from some corners. The beings of this world could see clearly in the dark. 

The Great One was more like a concentrated energy than anything else. As #8 stopped before it, the dark cloud of energy engulfed him, talking in his mind and changing the powers and energies in his being. It was nothing dramatic or theatrical… and even took only mere human seconds to the strong shadow to rush over the smaller black cloud with a mask. But the knowledge and skills gained were huge. 


Later two human-shaped demons were sitting on a bench close to the old factory building which was the gang's hideout. 

"You have upgraded too then…" Corey stated it looking up at Mick who nodded. 

"You're stuck with me, kid. So get used to me," he chuckled, and the smaller man thought how light and fun the human version of his training master was. 

"So... You once were in that 'cult' too and helped me escape the pit they left me in... or something... He will get jealous of you... I think… He never lets anyone this close like now he lets me. It's a little scary too, to be honest... Considering what will come…" 

"Demons are fearless. Don't let human habits get to you, kid," Mick chuckled again. "And don't forget to have the mask with you hidden. From now on you can change as you wish and only with the knowledge of your human name and guardian number can force you to blow your cover. The other things you can talk over now… Here comes your knight on his black mechanical horse," another light chuckle from Mick. But from far the sound of choppers could be heard as the few bikers returned to base.

Jim didn't particularly liked leaving his new lover behind, but after seeing that Corey's first meeting with the gang went okay, the bearded biker believed they wouldn't eat him alive while he escorted Shawn to some business meeting. Because of his height and built he was often used as some "muscle" during such meetings.

While driving his bike on the highway with the others, it was interesting for Jim to realize that the further he got from his new-found interest (namely Corey), the more he started aching for some alcohol or a joint. As he felt the itch growing, it just dawned on Jim that ever since Corey was around him, he never once thought of getting drunk or snorting some coke.

Was it only because their... "relationship" was so fresh and exciting? Because Jim found it like that. When he was with Corey – not just sexually – he felt a bit more alive and accepted. And less of a freak.

You see, Jim usually was a quite closed up person – especially when it came to relationships. During all these years he never really had anything else than just fuck buddies and hookers in his life. No real romance or such shit, although the though biker exterior hid a romantic heart. Even so, Jim rarely considered anyone with whom he'd want to get into something more than just sex... Corey seemed to be an exception in many things already and as natural as it came, it was just as scary to Jim too.

On the whole trip he kept thinking about this and the great time they could spend in bed. He couldn't go slower though. He was already aching to take that fine little ass. But he really wanted to enjoy the other male in other ways first. Or with other words, he wanted to take his time with Corey. Which in itself was a first for him. Not to mention letting him behind his defenses.

Maybe he should be more careful and try to keep him at arm's length.

But as they got back to the building and Jim saw that big buff guy from the park, all his rational thoughts flew out of his mind and his brows furrowed, his gaze behind the sunglasses narrowing with suspicion.

"Who's the dude with your boy toy?" Shawn asked as they got off their bikes a bit further away.

"No idea. I'll find out and let you know," Jim grunted and to the president's nod, he took off towards the sitting men.

"Hi," the tall man greeted them, eyeing the long-haired guy. "I'm Jim. Who're you?" he asked without beating around the bush.

Corey even held his breath back as he saw the big guy approaching them. Giving a shy smile to Jim as he was surely jealous, just as Corey knew he would be. 

"Mick. Helped the kid escape. Been there growing up too. So I can say I'm some sort of a friend when I'm around… Nice to meet you, Jim. Thanks for taking him in…" Mick said on a slightly cold tone with a friendly expression frozen onto his face. 

Corey nodded sitting next to the mountain of a man while was confronted with another huge one... Damn, being small was a strange feeling...

"I see..." Jim didn't back down from that look in the icy-blue eyes of this Mick figure. His senses told Jim that the friendly expression was quite forced so he didn't even try to do the same. "You're welcome. I'm glad I could and he's not roaming the streets unprotected," Jim added. "So... You're just checking on him or want to stay too? Have to run the latter past the president first..."

"It's hard to keep safe all the little devils out here. Truly grateful, Jim. You seem like a nice guy for him. And no, I don't want to stay. Just passing through now and wanted to make sure he was okay," Mick said and nodded as a greeting to Shawn who was standing a bit further from them, watching the scene.

The human just hummed and nodded to Mick's words. The reply was a bit strange to Jim, but he wasn't that surprised because frankly, things were usually a bit strange around Corey. 

"I'll let my boss know about that. We'll have a BBQ party in the evening. I'm sure he won't mind you staying," he shrugged then with on last (softer) look at Corey, he walked back to the president to inform him.

"He will make you stay like this," Corey added low to Mick as he watched Jim talking with the president. 

Honestly he wouldn't have minded some support from the big guy while getting closer to all the humans. Being weird around Jim was one thing... but the biker gang would surely want to know him now as it was stated that Corey was staying with them.

After Jim took responsibility of Corey and Mick, Shawn was okay for the big guy to stay for the evening too. He even added some "taking in all the stray puppies" kind of comments under his nose, but Jim didn't mind.

If this guy was someone who helped Corey survive whatever he went through then giving him some nice food and drinks was the least he could do. Or at least that's what Jim thought.

The gang didn't mind either that there were two extra people with them as it wasn't uncommon. But after preparing the food and drinks and stuff, Jim's tattooed arm around Corey's shoulders told everyone who didn't know already how they were.

The tall man regretted only that earlier they didn't have much time to be alone – and a bit intimate. Before and during the party it manifested in Jim pulling Corey aside or into a corner to share a few heated and promising kisses.

Mick seemed to blend in well into the biker gang and stayed away from the pair most of the time. He was rather talking to Shawn or the others about all kinds of stuff. The leader surely tried to look at the business side of things that could make the gang thrive and Mick seemed like a well-traveled man... 

Even though the small demon enjoyed those stolen hot kisses and caresses, Corey knew he had to be on alert and prepared to what would come soon. He could even feel it in his human bones how the energies shifted around the area. 

But it was Jim... The gentle and very hungry Jim, who wanted to give all his attention to him and not even drinking in the way he always did before. Corey's healing energies made the human brain only crave the small creature who gave back affection and acceptance and even love to the big man. Who got more and more impatient with each passionate kiss they shared.

"We could... like… retreat soon. I have plans with you..." Jim murmured into Corey's ear then with a purr-like sound gently sucked on the earrings of his new... lover. 

It was amazing how this mysterious boy could get deeper and deeper under his skin. Making Jim want him more and more. It was starting to get hard to hold himself back from wanting to take things all the way with the virgin boy when that fine ass was there in the back of his mind nearly non-stop.

"I would love that…" Corey said breathless from the mind-blowing lust-filled kiss. He even pressed his body closer to Jim's in the shadowy corner. 

Of course he knew well what was constantly on his lover's mind. And frankly he just couldn't wait for it. 

"Can we go now…? I want to feel you and your plans on me…" he said looking up with innocent shining blue eyes and bit his lip, like always when he got into the mood with the big bad biker. He hoped all will be peaceful for a while and they will have time to go all the way...

After licking his own lips, Jim grinned down at the short man in the shady corner. Those insanely blue eyes looked as if they were glowing and clear want and lust could be seen in them, mesmerizing and making Jim even hornier. He was already half-hard only from the kisses and thinking of how to take the boy for the first time.

Taking Corey’s hand he nodded to Shawn and Mick and crossed the yard to the main building.

It didn't take long for Jim to close his door behind them and press the short man against it, his erection pressing into Corey's tummy before Jim tipped the boy's face up and attacked the inviting lips, some needy growls and moans leaving his mouth. Soon he reached under Corey's thick thighs to lift him up and carry him to the bed just to start peeling the annoying tee off the tattooed upper body.

The small creature couldn't stop giggling as Jim carried him to the bed and started to undress him in the way a junkie hurries to unwrap his fix. That was a fitting description nonetheless. 

But still the touches and kisses, even the bites were gentle and love-filled and Corey maybe let himself enjoy it a bit more freely. Melting under the bigger body, he dragged Jim's shirt off too and spread his meaty thighs to welcome his man. Never failing to touch Jim wherever he could.

Taking deep gulps from that intoxicating scent and Corey's warm closeness was something Jim deep down cherished more than he cared to admit. He couldn't stop his mouth or hands from discovering all that bared flushing skin. It was so soft and alluring like the finest drug Jim could think up. Little did he know that it was partly probably because Corey's physical body was practically a "newborn" one.

Either way, Jim kept tasting the thick neck after he was able to tear his mouth from the other man's. His hand found its way between the boy's opened legs and wrapped around the hardened flesh with a satisfied sound. "I'm gonna fuck you tonight... You want that?" he grunted into said neck on a hungry tone, his long fingers sliding lower past Corey's balls to trace the crack and tight opening, just stroking it lightly and teasingly. "I'll take this as mine. I'll show you how good it can be... Want that?" he repeated his question, nipping along a vein.

The young demon trembled hard just from the tone of the question and the thought of finally becoming one in spirit and body with his human. It made his body break out in goose bumps from a small shock of bliss. 

Yes, his body materialized just as Jim subconsciously imagined the one he would want to be with, but they were already in a deep spiritual bond. They get matched with the one their vibes and soul fits the most. The body of the demon was just a manifestation of that perfect matching they’ve been feeling for years now... Or more like Corey knew and Jim just felt the lack of emotions and the lack of a person he could aim those missing feelings at... 

But now all was together, and the small man tried to ignore all the shifts in the energies around them. They wanted this now… And needed it... 

"Yes... Yes I want it… I want to be one with you… Take me as yours…" he said and almost whined as he shamelessly moved his ass to rub against the stroking fingers.

Jim has never been able to phrase these things to himself. He just felt... things. Instinctively. Not just fear and anxiety from seeing his "visions", but a kind of waiting too. No wonder he never really opened up to anyone. Only V-man was something like a friend to Jim.

But now he couldn't stop himself. His rational mind couldn't overthink this, because it agreed with him. The waiting was over. Maybe that's why he let himself get lost in Corey this much every time they touched and kissed. He wanted a piece of this for himself. Even if it doesn't last. Even if one day Corey leaves. Jim wanted to store and treasure these precious moments. It was something pure that was going to be his along with the boy's innocence...

"You're so amazing..." Jim chuckled a bit hoarsely. "I want you to be mine too..." he whispered more to himself and pecked Corey's stomach while sliding lower on the bed to take residence between the open legs, his tongue soon finding that opening.

Corey was utterly speechless. Everything was so new for him, yet so familiar and he couldn't wait to feel all of it... with Jim... Maybe he should be more careful as Mick warned him... But he just couldn't. His kind was more instinct-based by nature anyway... 

And the way Jim treated him… The feeling of that eager tongue opening him up with precision and tenderness... The way all that sexy facial hair, wet with Jim's own spit kept brushing to his skin in the most arousing way… Corey only could moan and caress the biker's head, slightly moving his hips to ask for more.

It earned another throaty and slightly amazed groan from the busy man. He just loved how responsive the boy was to every tiny stroke, lick and move... Jim couldn't get bored of seeing and feeling it.

He paused only to wet his fingers with his own spit, his other hand stroking along the slightly curved length of the boy's shaft. "This might feel a bit odd at first. Push against it a bit if it's uncomfortable... I want you to enjoy this... So if you want me to stop just say so..." he said slightly panting, heart beating faster as a wet fingertip probed into the hole, Jim's eyes glued to Corey's face as he started easing then pushing it in with a steady pressure, moving it around a bit to help Corey.

The small body arched and Corey groaned from the feeling. He opened his hazy eyes and locked sight with the hazel pair.

It did feel a bit odd, but he felt no pain or discomfort yet. Jim made a good job so far in wetting him, so the first finger he took relatively easily. As it moved around inside him and with that rubbed some sensitive nerve endings, Corey turned into a puddle of moaning shivering mush, just lying back and letting his body deal with the new pleasures.

"You're doing so well," Jim felt the need to praise the young boy as his long finger was now moving with more ease, deliberately brushing against that most sensitive bump in a rhythmical way – to get Corey both familiar with and addicted to that feeling. And to make him want more.

Which seemed to be working so far, because the virgin ass was taking him more eagerly. Soon he bit down on his own lip and watched as he began working in a second glistening digit.

"Tell me how it feels..." he murmured, starting to get completely lost in Corey's pleasure as he suckled on the oozing tip and slid his fingers deeper.

"It feels so good... So full but want more…" Corey moaned panting and pushing his ass closer to Jim's hand. "My energies... I feel like it's burning me from the inside... more now than before when you were close to me… Your fingers make me so dizzy and weak... It's... it's like an itch that burns and it's eating me up from your touches and rubs inside me... Please give me more... Please…" Corey looked up and outright begged for it. He knew Jim loved that. But from all what he was feeling it felt so right and needed to voice his urging needs like that.

Satisfied with Corey's reply, Jim licked his dry lips again, feeling himself leak more too as he spit onto the boy's nicely stretching hole and the fingers in it. Then he lined up a third one, stroking it along the rim before starting to slowly but steadily working it in while sucking and biting the inner side of Corey's thigh or licking his balls and shaft, beard tickling and rubbing against all the fine parts.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll make sure you get everything..." he grunted and with a little faster move slid his fingers all the way in, nearly immediately curling them to stimulate Corey's prostate, loving how it affected him and his cock that was sweating more pre-cum faster from it. "Yes, right there... Let yourself feel it... You're so beautiful... Gonna look even prettier on my big cock..."

That thing Jim did with his fingers sent bolts of pleasurable electric shocks through Corey's body. Making him cry out and his muscles jerk uncontrollably. As Jim told him, he just fisted his hands beside his body and let it wash over him, pushing him deeper into want and love and passion.

It was amazing to Jim to see and feel just how eager that hot and tight hole was. And he was so close to feeling it from the inside with something much longer and thicker than his fingers. But first he began lapping up the wetness from the warm tummy and the beautiful cock, chasing it a bit with his tongue to make sure no drop went to waste. By then his wet fingers were sliding in and out of the boy's ass with ease – which signaled Jim that he was ready to take the next step. Oh man, he was so ready too!

The omens are always correct. And even if Corey tried to ignore them and hoped they would have enough time, the incoming different energies had other plans. 

He felt so amazing and burning more from the inside for his man like he never imagined it. And he could feel how much Jim wanted to finally become one with him... 

But the sudden change of energies around them made Corey look up alerted and his body tensed up. 

"Danger comes," he only whispered that to the questioning gaze of the biker. And he was sure Jim could also feel the sudden wave of coldness swipe over the air.

They were so close. But then something changed drastically. It was like a wake up call or sobering up too fast for some reason. It left Jim's mind confused, but he could feel something too. A cold breeze made him shiver as his eyes met Corey's. There was something... ancient in the seemingly glowing blue irises.

Nodding, Jim gently pulled his fingers out, acting as if he knew what was going on, but he had absolute zero idea. Still, his instincts were screaming at him to get dressed and move.

"What's this? What's going on?" he asked still hoarsely as he rolled off Corey to get up, at first finding it difficult to get his balance back. Reaching for their clothes, he tossed Corey's to him and tried to put his own on, meanwhile the hair on the back of his neck standing on end as some... hostile (?) energy began reaching his senses.

Corey saw them already as his eyes still worked between the layers of the touching worlds. 

"It's an attack... We must hurry... You have to be safe... I'll protect you," the demon spoke in a hurry as he put clothes on, at the moment not thinking about blowing his disguise. Having a duty as a Demon of Mercy was primal. 

The creatures of light were more likely to ruin everything as the floating winged beings rushed into the room and 'stood around' Jim, examining the special human. 

#8’s protecting instincts were kicking in and he dashed in and his energies pushed the angels back. He was avoiding the human's eyes since he clearly felt and knew the other creatures have shown his shadow self over the human body he had. So Jim probably saw Corey as he was with a more blurred dark energy around him while his black demon wings swept the faceless hooded glowing beings away from him. 

But Jim was more important… Not caring about being barefooted, only with a tee and jeans on, he grabbed Jim's hand and pulled him out of the room. Just to run into the human attack coming in their way too. 

"It's an attack... They have... help from other beings. That's why we felt it ahead," Corey said looking around and seeing #0 showing an escape path to them.

Things changed insanely fast around Jim. In one moment he was about to fuck Corey through the mattress for the first time, in the next he was in the middle of some strange attack.

His eyes widened not just because the clearly unearthly creatures' appearance, but because how he saw Corey for a moment or two too. 

The redhead was far from the shy boy Jim got to know in him. He took control of the situation in the blink of an eye. Like someone who was expecting this. Like someone who was from that... dimension like these bright beings.

As Jim's survival instincts kicked in too, he found himself running with the small and quick boy. He missed how Corey suddenly had his backpack with him or how the keys to Jim's bike got into the bearded man's hand.

Using the chaos that started to emerge all over the building, Corey used his ability to blink back and get what they left in their hurry. Like the backpack with his mask and Jim's keys and other stuff. 

He saw in the hazel eyes that he will have to spend a lot of time to rebuild that honest trust that crumbled down a bit from the way Corey acted during the attack. The last thing he wanted was to make Jim feel as a betrayed freak... 

As they got out of the building, Shawn with the small group of the old core members, along with their guardians were already outside. 

"Those fucking bitches that Tom’s been bringing betrayed us. The other gang from the north broke in at the far end and sneaked through the building. I'm glad you made it out, dude. Get on the bikes. I just remembered a hideout," Shawn said in a hurry while they basically ran to the bikes. Behind them in the building many small fires broke out and a gunfight’s sounds filled the night. 

Corey held Jim's big hand firmly. Feeling the confusion of his man, he sent his calming and reassuring energies to him. He hoped the President's words calmed Jim's suspicion enough to not drift away and close up from him...

For Jim it was nearly like being in a daze, just drifting with the happenings as adrenaline was coursing in his veins too. It was horrible to see the fires starting to take over the building they called home for some years and even worse to hear the gunshots. Surely not many of them were going to survive.

But despite his confusion, he nodded to Shawn's suggestion and kicked his baby alive, waiting for Corey to climb behind him. Oh yeah, they were going to have to have some long conversations, but first they had to get to safety.

Following Shawn and Mick, Jim had time to think once they were out of immediate danger. There were protocols to follow in case of such attacks. Like fleeing the scene and the survivors checking in on the phone once they were safe too.

Still, the bearded biker had more questions than ever as his brain started trying to process what went down in the building and what Jim thought he saw. They were the most vivid "visions" ever! Angels and demons? Was it possible? Well, those would certainly let some puzzle pieces fall into place... But on the other hand... there was Corey. What WAS Corey? Because... Jim saw things and he was dying to ask his questions, but couldn't. Not yet.

He had to confront the boy... or something... who seemed to have deceived Jim so far. Lying to him was something he didn't take lightly. So it was going to be a serious talk once they got to the safe house and Jim could think clearly again.

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