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S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy
S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2018.01.13. 17:12

Chapter 6

As the day went by then the night arrived, Corey wandered around, ending up in the run down town. He wasn't thinking about anything, yet his brain kept repeating the voices and visuals of what happened and what may come now. He was like an awkward kid walking around the crowded streets like someone under a spell. Not even really noticing his surroundings. He was waiting… He was grateful for having such little time till the next full moon. 

He felt numb but he could not stop. He just couldn’t accept what he should. One thing he learned and maybe got infected with while being among humans was hope. The Great Ones always told him that humans have a special power and that is hope. And that hope they can turn into reality with enough will power. And Corey hoped not all was lost. 


At the camp the human Mick was standing at the window of the cabin, his arms folded before his big chest and looked outside at the dark with a frown. 

"No 'news'"? Shawn asked quietly as he had no better words. The small one was out of the reach of even Mick's senses and it worried them both. 

"No. He is doing what I was afraid of... If he stays in his human body for too long, his other side will fade. The moon always like... resets things in nature. If we are not our true born selves, we get trapped in the human form. He doesn’t want to let go of the love he feels for Jim," Mick shook his head and turned to the biker. "We shouldn't tell that to Jim. It won't be as Corey thinks. He will be neither of the beings... A little more human, but a mixture of both. He will come back to stay with us. So... let’s keep this between us…"


Jim busied himself with all kinds of shit to make the day go faster. It was... weird not feeling Corey around him. As if it was a bit colder or something. It even made Jim worried a few times, but at the same time he was also grateful for everyone staying away from him, giving him some space to digest all this shit.

Yes, he knew Shawn was right and Jim was also probably overthinking things. But slowly but surely things were starting to fall into their place and make sense to the tall biker. Like he now realized and accepted that they apparently have been in danger not just from other humans but beings too and these... guardian demons... "Demons of Mercy" as Shawn called them... were there to protect them.

Jim still couldn't really believe that he had a guardian demon. And for so long... But deep down he knew it was true. He could feel and see the signs during the years and Shawn must be right. He never felt any ill-will from Corey either. Just support, protection, a need to help and... yes, love...

He was loved by a demon for some reason Jim couldn't understand. But that demon chose him to protect and love and would probably be happy to continue doing that and also teach Jim how to survive now that his eyes were opened. Corey said he has powers too. Powers that the bad angels don't want him to use.

Looking at his abilities as a gift was something very alien to Jim, because all his life he thought they were a curse put on him to crush or at least make him feel miserable. But Corey would probably help with discovering stuff from a different life... While he can...

"While he can..." Jim looked up at the rising moon after he put out his cigarette. Taking the last sip from his glass of whiskey he found in the shack earlier that day, his gaze fell on the mask still resting on the moonlit nightstand.

Frowning, Jim took a closer look and as he touched it, it felt more like a thin silk material. It was fading fast as last night it was much more solid.

To that Jim's heart started beating faster as he realized that Corey was indeed fading. Because of Jim. He was going to disappear from his life. The only constant being who's been on his side through all these shitty and difficult years and still chose to love him.

As his eyes watered up for a moment from those thoughts and feelings, Jim carefully pressed the mask against his chest and stepped out of the shack.

"Where are you?" he whispered into the night and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. Perhaps... he could sense Corey through that fading bond. Maybe he wasn't too late...

And after a minute or two, without thinking, his long legs started taking him towards the forest where he knew there was a small clearing.

Corey felt the pull of the full moon. He was tempted to cross the borders of the worlds but as he insisted for that long, he just couldn't give up now... 

Ending up in a small clearing near the camping site, he sat down in the grass. He was unsure about everything beside the fact that he just couldn’t leave. 

Maybe he was foolish… to think a human so scared of what he was born to be would accept and love him, even if he called him through in this form... Either way he couldn't give up on Jim. After midnight he was going to be able to keep some of his skills. And so maybe able to help after all. The thought of leaving and looking after someone other put the small being into a near panic attack state... 

And as he was sitting there under the full moon, he faintly felt the bond with Jim… Maybe he was just imagining things... Hope was very tricky...

It took only a few minutes for Jim to track down the small creature. As he spotted him sitting hunched over under the moonlight, some black energies swirling around Corey, Jim froze to the spot and just stared. He had no idea what would happen next, but as much as he could see from Corey's sad expression, it made Jim's heart ache too.

He did this to the creature. He broke him like this. Jim was such a fool and a chicken...

The shadows of Gehenna formed around Corey's sitting form. He won't be able to upgrade his spirit or go home again... He could feel already how those powers were changing him. Making his human body adjust to wings and merge into one with his demon being... He felt his bones aching and he dropped to his hands and knees as his shape shifted back and forth in the process of the metamorphosis to form two into one.

"What have I done?!" Jim whispered and realized that the mask has disappeared from his chest and his hand was fisted around his shirt once again as the pain was growing there. Was the bond trying to break between them?

Clearly Corey was in pain as he kept shifting forms. And Jim didn't want that. He didn't want the bond to break either, he realized.

"No..." he whispered as his legs – once again – started taking him towards Corey on their own. He could see it all. The wings, the blackness surrounding the small form on all fours.

"No!" Jim ran faster now. "Don't leave me. You can't leave!" he shouted now to draw the demon's attention. He felt it. He had to say it before everything was lost.

"Number 8! Corey! Stay with me! I need you!" he yelled and he could've sworn that he felt magic in his voice as his long arms wrapped around the shaking body and Jim held onto the demon like for dear life, repeating both names and reaching out for their bond to pull Corey back to him through it. Or at least that's what he visualized in his head.

As the pain rose higher, Corey could only hear the loud pounding of his heart and blood in his ears as he felt fading and falling at the same time. Then suddenly from like a strong pull, he was on Earth again and Jim was holding him. His human body had demon wings and his eyes were glowing with inhuman light... The pain left him and he felt the warmth of their bond filling him with life again. 

Gasping for air, he looked up at the panicking human as even his shaking started to ebb down and he hugged the bigger body back... On instinct even with his wings … "You... pulled me back..." he whispered. "You don't hate me?”

Jim didn't mind the wings or the other demon features on his guardian. His guardian. Corey was his. "You're my guardian. My demon... I won't let you guard anyone else..." These rushed out of Jim's mouth first, his whole body trembling from all the energies and the effort to keep Corey with him. "You can't leave me. I need you. Of course I pulled you back. I need you. I think I'm even in love with you. Fuck... I'm so sorry. So sorry that I fucked up so royally. Just... couldn't... didn't want to accept this all. Didn't want to accept you..." he stroked the messed up red hair out of Corey's sweaty and pale face as he looked into the glowing demon eyes.

"But the thought of never feeling your presence or touch or hear you singing to me... I couldn't let that happen. Am I too late? Will you still have to go? Did I fuck you up too?" he frowned and didn't even realize as his first tears ran down on his face. "You're the only one who knows the real me. I need you. Please, forgive me and stay with me. Please, don't go..."

Corey smiled as those damn human tears escaped his eyes again. He wiped Jim's off with caressing the bearded face he loved so much. "I can still recall how beautiful you are under all that hair…" he said first as the dreamy feeling of being in and feeling love filled his being once again. "I won't leave you... You pulled me back. Summoned me by my name. I stay with you… You really want that? Because I don't want to be guarding anyone else either…" he said swallowing his tears and his fingertips kept caressing Jim's face and hair.

Jim had to laugh a bit hysterically from that comment about his facial hair. It was probably relief too which washed over Jim hearing that Corey will stay with him. "I want that, yes. I want you to be on my side. I guess I was just scared. From all that got revealed in front of me, but which deep down I knew all along... And also got scared from how quickly and how close I've got to you once you materialized physically in this world. My beautiful virgin boy..." he smiled down at Corey. "You're my guardian and I'm yours to be guarded," he added and leaned down to seal that promise with a soft kiss.

"You need rest, I can tell. Come on, I take you back to the shack where we can snuggle and talk and kiss..." he suggested and got up just to lean down and take the small body into his arms bridal style. He could feel and see Corey's shadowy black demon wings wrap around them as he carried him. He felt lighter than Jim thought he would be.

Back in their shack he kicked the door shut and gently placed the messed up package down onto the bed just to kick his sneakers off and lie down next to him. "I'm so sorry. Will you be okay? How are you?" he asked still a bit worried as he pressed a kiss onto Corey's still sweaty forehead.

Corey indeed felt so exhausted. He thought it was maybe because of the metamorphosis and not resting his human body for days... Either way he just smiled and hugged Jim and enjoyed how the big guy opened up and spoke about his feelings. He wanted him... Jim wanted him after all... 

He felt strange, not human and not even demon... His body was shaking with cold and sweating from inner heat in turns. But rest and some talk and kisses were all he wished for now... Talking will help Jim. And all he ever really wanted was to help Jim… 

"Don't be sorry, please... I knew you well. I knew you couldn't accept these things yet. I tried to involve you slowly, then the attack happened... I'll be okay... I’m just tired out I think… How are you?" Corey asked with a fresh wave of feverish shiver reaching up to caress Jim's face.

Jim wasn't stupid, he saw and felt that body trembling and sweating next to him. Instinctively he tried to calm it with caressing Corey's arms and back and even the spots where his black shadow wings came out of his back. It was a strange feeling to touch him there as it wasn't fully materialized. They felt more like warm energies swirling in the shape of some kickass dragon wings.

"Still, I'm sorry that I hurt you with my insecurities and fears. But realizing that I could lose you for good made me step over some. I won't say all, but some that prevented us to be together. I just hope you'll be okay... I really want that. Now I believe you can love me. You were ready to sacrifice yourself to protect me. No one ever did that to me and it moves me to the core..." he admitted. It seemed that now all that he bottled up inside found its way out of him.

"You just rest here in my arms. This time I want to protect you..." he smiled pecking the tip of the cute nose then Corey's trembling lips too. "I'll be okay too. Still digesting, but talked to Shawn earlier too and it also helped. So..." he took a deep breath. "Tell me... why do you love me? When did that happen? I've been curious about this for a while now..."

Corey felt grateful to Jim for all the attention and understanding. Also he loved how he opened up to accepting himself too. 

Hugging the long neck and shivering a little less, he first pecked Jim's lips. Savoring the taste and the feeling, the small peck turned into a longer kiss and even his body started to get more solid in human form. Wings fading, and his eyes glowing less. 

"I'm not sure when that happened... One day I just got… jealous over the hooker... It was a virgin boy and you taught him how to please you… I wanted to feel your touches on me… I... I too never tried such things... or felt a human touch or kiss… That only got worse with time. And then those songs came to ease your nightmares. Because I realized that I love you more than our basic bond. And you… well, longed to be accepted and loved. Like then I longed after you… to be accepted. I wanted to make you feel loved as much as I could. Because you thought no one loved or wanted you... But I did all along…" Corey said blushing hard under the hazel eyes’ gaze. "And why? Because we… I can't say it more clearly… we vibrate on the same frequency. Like… having the same kind of energy. Being similar," he added even pulling his light-blond cute eyebrows into a frown from the effort to phrase it clearly to Jim.

It was true. Jim tried to stay open and understand the creature in his arms. And the motivation behind his actions and feelings. He also found the blushing demon so damn cute. After that kiss, of course, Jim noticed how Corey started to slowly look more and more human right in front of Jim's eyes, but he wasn't afraid of him anymore. If he wanted to be totally honest with himself, he found it quite fascinating.

He had feelings for an unearthly being. And he tried looking at it like opening a door to new exciting things – instead of scary ones.

"Hey... don't break those cute brows. I think I get it, finally. The similar vibes or energies thing, I mean. I think I felt that when I first saw you as a human boy. That's why I couldn't just let you go... I wanted to get to know you and why I felt that way and why you felt kinda familiar to me. You being my exact type was just a bonus. Man, the first time I saw you like this... it was as if my dreams of the perfect man came true..." he chuckled low and let his hand caress down on the curve of Corey's spine and onto that firm ass.

"So... you are a little perv... Peeking on me for years while I was fucking other boys..." he chuckled again and leaned to Corey's ear, for now putting away his moved feelings. "You wanted me to fuck you all along... I bet you imagined yourself under me... begging for more..."

Corey shivered again, but this time from the pleasant tingling across his spine from Jim's caress. 

"Yeah... I was thinking how it would feel on a solid body… to feel your big hand… And your weight upon me…" he sighed closing his eyes and caressed Jim's head, moving a little closer to the other body. "After that I didn't peek on you that much... I was afraid you would feel the jealous vibes from me and mess up… the actions..." he confessed whispering.

"Oh you are just too precious... You didn't want me to fail fucking those boys..." Jim chuckled, but he understood what Corey really meant. He didn't want that to happen in order to avoid Jim's shaky confidence getting hurt again.

But instead of voicing that, he gently kissed Corey's cheek and lightly rubbed said ass with his big hand. "And how does my big hand feel all over your small body?" Jim murmured, rubbing along a thick thigh too.

"I should let you rest, no?" he asked on a slightly playful tone. He knew how tired Corey had to be and he didn't want to force himself onto the small boy.

"I love your big hands all over my body… It makes me want more. It makes me feel wanted... And that I belong to you…" Corey whispered blushing more and he pushed his ass to the caressing hand. "I can already feel recharging..." he added and pulled the big man closer to him, putting one of his thighs over Jim's hips.

Jim let the small body practically plaster itself against him. He even giggled a bit dirtily. "Oh you so want me to finally fuck you, huh?" he asked while kissing into the demon's thick neck, moaning from the taste of the warm skin, his hand sliding under Corey's shirt to touch more of that soft pale skin.

God, he missed this more than he thought...

"Don't worry. I want to finally take you too... Was so scared of losing you for good. I want to make you mine in that meaning too..." he admitted then gently peeled the boy's clothes off before getting rid of his own too.

"You have no idea how sexy you are to me..." he breathed as they were lying on their sides, facing each other and Jim's mouth found one of the small and sensitive nipples to suck and lick it, that big hand leading Corey's leg back onto Jim's hips before reaching between them to take the filling cock in his spit-slick hand.

Corey moaned out loud and shivered from the touch on his hardening cock. He was chewing on his lip watching Jim undress both of them. He wanted this so much… The fact that he looked exactly as Jim imagined his perfect pair for the perfectly matching soul he would fall in love with even without noticing stayed in his brain. As it got slowly fried from all the attention his hungry body was getting... 

"I want to feel you inside me so much…" he moaned even louder and pulled Jim closer to him with his meaty thigh over him.

"I can tell..." Jim smiled out of breath and pulled his hand back, letting their cocks rub together. Sucking his fingers into his own mouth then spitting on them to quickly make them wet, he then reached back to Corey's ass to rub them between his crack and against that – mostly – virgin hole.

"Remember, baby? Relax and push against them..." Jim panted then kissed Corey more passionately as first one of his fingertips breached him and began fingering him open. Jim was so impatient too, but he didn't want to hurt Corey so he took some time to prepare him, soon adding a second then a third finger.

"You're taking them so well... god... I hope no one interrupts us this time because I need to fuck you so damn much..." he panted onto the already swollen lips, his fingers curling to brush the boy's prostate.

All was happening so fast compared to the last time. But Corey was very hungry to have it all… He also was so glad he didn't lose Jim after all. After all the horrible human emotions he experienced recently, he wanted to feel that love and want and pleasure he did before with the big guy. 

"This is so amazing..." he jerked from the brush of those fingers inside him. "No one will... I will kill them I swear..." he moaned then cried out from another bolt of pleasure from his prostate.

"I'll help..." Jim chuckled then bit into Corey's neck, ramming his fingers home a few times before deeming him ready to take his leaking cock. Fucking finally...

They were rushing it a bit, he knew. Jim really wanted to take his time with preparing the small man to take him for the first time, but the previous interrupted night was too vivid in both their minds and they couldn't wait anymore. Corey didn't have to whine for it, Jim knew all too damn well.

That's why he soon pulled his fingers out of that sweet stretched hole and gently turned the small body on its other side, leading one leg higher on the bed to expose Corey's ass and hole.

Spitting into his palm again, Jim slicked up his cock with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum then brushed his wide tip against Corey's crack, taking shuddering breaths.

"It's just like with the fingers... And breathe through it, baby. It'll be so good. I promise..." he panted into Corey's neck then kissed into it too as he began pushing in until he breached the tight ring of muscles with a dying moan, his whole long body shuddering from the heat that welcomed him. After a second or two he began slowly fucking himself deeper and deeper, one hand finding Corey's leaking cock to distract him in case he felt any discomfort.

Corey tried to focus on what Jim instructed but his brain was too overwhelmed by all the stimulation. 

As Jim entered his warmer than human body, it felt like heating up even more. He was trembling and some growls escaped him, surprising even the small demon. It felt strange but so amazing to feel Jim pulsing inside him and slowly moving deeper. 

"I love you..." Corey breathed feeling already out of this mind as he by instinct circled his hips to make room for his lover.

To that and the words Jim moaned into Corey’s shoulder and even kissed it, his whole being shaken by the confession. After all, that's all he wanted for so long and now this small demon was giving it to him. It was scary but invigorating at the same time.

Moaning again, Jim let Corey's cock go to dig his fingers into his hips and finally push all the way in. It was such an intense feeling as he paused there, those insanely hot walls wrapping around him so tightly that Jim nearly lost his own mind. "You feel so good... I love you too..." he whispered concentrating hard not to blow his load right there.

When they both more or less took hold of their overwhelming feelings, Jim slowly pulled half-way back and slid in again while circling his hips too. "I can feel your body letting me in... so beautiful... You're so amazing..." he felt the need to praise Corey, his hand stroking up and down on his tummy, chest and sides before sliding along the thick thigh just to grab it and pull nearly fully out then ram back in harder. Repeating it over and over at the same hypnotizing pace.

"You like that? Like it hard? Is this how you imagined me taking you?" he panted into Corey's ear from behind and sucked on the lobe, putting more strength behind his long and deep thrusts.

"Oh yeah... I love this…" Corey whispered gasping from the new harder way Jim really started fucking him. He moved with his human, feeling the honest emotions behind the love confession, and it melted his spirit even more. 

As his body reacted even more, his demon side started to slip from his mixed being. Getting closer to Jim by their bond and souls too. 

"You make me feel so good... I'm gonna... I can't hold back for long…" he breathed with a series of groans and pleased moans as he felt Jim hitting his prostate with his wide tip so wonderfully.

"Good... That's good..." Jim murmured taking shallow breaths as their sweaty bodies were slapping together louder as he was relentlessly fucking his boy. It felt so damn good and intense... so very intense that Jim knew he wasn't going to last long either.

"It's okay... You can come whenever you're ready. I promise to fill you up to the brim," he chuckled dirtily and took hold of Corey's leaking shaft too, moving a bit to lay a bit more onto that small ass to pound it more intensely with sharp short thrusts aimed at that sweet spot inside, Jim's heavy balls slapping against Corey too as he was panting like a horny beast in the middle of losing himself to his instincts.

Fuck, he was so close now too. He even started seeing those black energies leaking from the small demon. "Spread your wings... let me see them..." he panted so ready to fill that pulsing hot hole with his thick cum...

As Corey was getting so close he really started to merge together with Jim and his energies. As Corey was a mixed being now, his demon self was also showing... Hearing what Jim said made him feel one and accepted like never before. 

Also the way he felt Jim giving him all he got pushed him over the edge. His small body jerked hard and his demon side showed more, pulling Jim spiritually closer, while his warm demon wings being physically somewhat more solid pulled the bigger body closer. His inner walls were clamping down hard on the leaking meat as he cried out making them both fall into the depth of ecstasy.

This was even better and more overwhelming than Jim could've ever imagined. He literally felt high as a kite without snorting anything. It was all because of the trembling demon under him whom he just managed to shake apart. Welcoming the wings and that black energy that pulled Jim even closer to the pulsing body and its heat, Jim exploded too.

He couldn't remember such an intense orgasm. It was more blinding and stronger than ever, leaving him cry out loud and his whole body shake and buck against Corey uncontrollably as he shot jet after jet of his seed into his boy until he felt like fainting.

He never felt so close to anyone like to Corey in that moment as he was trying not to crush the small body under him as he couldn't stop fucking his cum back into that deflowered pulsing hole Jim was already so fucking much in love with.

Corey could only feel Jim’s energies around and inside him. Swirling into one with his own… The heavy waves of bliss washed over him again and again until he felt like losing his consciousness under his lover. 

His body went weak and trembling, fighting for air with the world still spinning around him. His wings holding Jim close to his back and side became actual leather wings in that dimension too as he slowly came around.

"I'd so want to keep fucking you if I could... Geez..." Jim chuckled really sounding high as he eventually stopped his hips but stayed buried deep in his demon while kissing up from the base of Corey's wing before rubbing his bearded face against it. His previous fear of the demon was nowhere to be found. Instead he found another fetish for himself. Namely, Corey's leather wings which he saw this solid for the very first time in his life.

"You're so amazing... and more addictive than anything I’ve tried before," he giggled, wiping Corey's cum from his hand into the creased sheet just to start stroking his thigh and slightly bruised hip.

"You... you are my spirit's pair... Our bond makes it deeper and more intense," Corey said very factually while smiling from ear to ear and trying to breathe even again. "Yeah... It's like a drug and I love it... I guess... I guess we are similar in the way we love sex too," he added more lightly and giggling high too. 

"You like my wings," he stated from the way Jim nuzzled them, and he spread the left one more to Jim to take a look as he was lying half-way on his side and belly, still under the big biker. "They are real now here too…"

"I'm gonna fuck you often then ‘cuz this feeling is amazing..." Jim chuckled and made a purr-like sound. "You're so perfect for me. I had no idea... Thank you for existing and staying with me..." he added then looked at the stretched out wing.

It was big and long, probably to be able to carry Corey's small body. It was hard to tell in the moonlit shack, but Jim suspected it was originally brown, but looked black in the dark. "Yes. I love them... They look and feel so amazing. Like dragon wings," he chuckled, stroking along the stretched out one, feeling it smooth yet strong and very much alive, pulsing with energy and power. "Can they carry you?" he asked then put his hand on Corey's ass to caress it and pull on the cheek so he could reluctantly slip his softening cock out, feeling some of his cum ooze out too, which only made Jim growl satisfied. It was another sign that Jim had claimed this demon as his.

"I only regret one thing..." he lightly spanked said ass before carefully moving onto his back to let Corey and his wings change position too. "Namely that you don't have a cute tail. Because I could totz hold on to it and pull you onto my cock by it while taking you from behind..." he grinned from ear to ear too.

Corey moaned as he felt Jim move out of his body. Then he sat up and grinned naughtily at his human. "I thought my ass was cute enough for you... Never had a tail… Now as you mention it, I kinda regret it too," he giggled more and spread both of his big wings wide to show it to Jim more. 

"I never tried it here. In Gehenna they carried me... I was... 'born' here after you first talked directly to me," he added blushing and biting his lip. The often fucking thing he didn't even address. They were similar… He couldn't wait to get more of Jim.

"Oh your ass is perfect as it is... full of my cum," Jim licked his lips just as naughtily. "It would be only a nice bonus. But oh well, I'll love you without a tail too," he winked up at Corey and watched the wings stretch majestically.

"Sometimes I could feel your wings around me even before I could see them or you... Sometimes you wrapped them around me to make me feel safe and warm and protected, right? Especially when I felt ill or was sad..." he stroked one of Corey's knees in a grateful manner. "Maybe later you should try if they can carry you here too."

"And... how are you? Did you like what we just did?" he asked biting the inside of his mouth, hoping that Corey found just as much joy in their first coupling as Jim did. "I'm so glad you stayed."

"I did… Yes… When I was… fully a demon, it was a shield too. And its energies could make you feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket. So in a way thanks to them I could hug you somehow to make you feel better," Corey said blushing more and looked down. 

"I loved what we did. It was much more than I imagined it. Much better... I am happy you pulled me back. I was so devastated from the thought of leaving you…" he said closing his wings to rest them on his back. It was long but because it was more concentrated energy it shaped in a way to fit better to the sitting boy's back.

"Sometimes that feeling helped me through the day or keeping me from harming myself... So thank you, baby," Jim said and for a second wondered what Corey meant by 'when he was fully a demon'. But then his next words distracted him.

"I'm happy you loved it. Because let me tell you, this was the best sex I’ve ever had. I still feel lightheaded a bit thanks to our bond and stuff," Jim smiled up at Corey then reached up to pull the demon down to lay half-way onto his chest so there was room for his folded wings too.

"I'm sorry for making you feel like that. You'll never have to think of leaving me again. I can see and feel it better now that we belong together," he said and leaned a bit closer to ask for a soft kiss. "We should try to rest now. We're both exhausted," he stroked Corey's handsome face with a warm little smile.

"I wanted to have sex with you for decades... Remember? I'm happy that I can now," Corey smiled lying on Jim and gave him the kiss he asked for. He would kiss him all the time if that made the man happy. 

"I think I really have to rest now too," he smiled moving to lay beside Jim, putting an arm around his chest and one of his wings as a cover, resting his head on the wide shoulder. "I really love you... I will protect you… It will be okay... Things will be okay... You are not alone…" he mumbled – already dozing off – the lines he always whispered to Jim to make him feel calmer and better. Maybe it was for both of them now…

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Frissült a Szerkesztõ ajánlata! Szeretnéd, hogy a Te portálod is kikerüljön? Küldd be:    *****    Olvass kritikákat filmes és sorozatos párosokról! Itt biztosan megtalálod a saját vagy leendõ kedvenceidet is!    *****    Az asztrológiai elõrejelzések olyan tendenciákat mutatnak,melyek,nehéz döntéseknél nélkülözhetetlenek. Rendeld meg most!    *****    Az Éjszaka Misztériuma várja régi és új látogatóit újult erõvel, és heti több bejegyzéssel! | Nox Arcana    *****    Simonyi ingatlan Debrecen, Balaton 2019 Sok-sok új eladó ingatlannal bõvült kínálatunk válassza ki az önnek megfelelõt.    *****    Nagyon részletes születési horoszkóp, 3 éves ajándék elõrejelzéssel, ingyenes konzultációval, csak nálam. Kattints ide!!    *****    Ha te is szereted a Zöld Íjász elbûvölõ szerelmespárját az Olicityt akkor itt a helyed! Mindent róluk és a sorozatról!    *****    A születési horoszkóp az ÚJ ÉV legszebb meglepetése! Ajándékba küldök 3 év elõrejelzést, jó tudni milyen lesz a jövõ!!!!    *****    Zenei blog. Kritikák, listák, ajánlók és még több! -> Popusz    *****    családi pótlék utalása 2019 - dátumok, kifizetések, idõpontok az utalásról itt:    *****    MOVIE-NIGHT -> ÚJ FILMES OLDAL NYÍLT <- MOVIE-NIGHT    *****    Szerepjáték &#8211; Csatlakozz közénk, és részese Te is a kalandoknak - FRPG    *****    Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs. - Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs.    *****    A Roxfort Boszorkány- és Varázslóképzõ Szakiskola megnyitja kapuit!    *****    "Ó, én bizony korántsem merném állítani, hogy ismerem a Roxfort összes titkát." /Dumbledore/    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték    *****    BOOKISLAND - könyvajánlók, ahol a könyvek életre kelnek - BOOKISLAND    *****    SoulSisters/ Nézz be az oldalunkra, ha érdekes cikkre, vagy épp kritikára vágysz. Hangolódj velünk az ünnepekre!    *****    Szereted az ünnepi idõszakot? Már hetekkel elõtte készülsz? Vagy legszívesebben elkerülnéd? Mondd el!    *****    RIZLINGDAYS BLOG ! MAKEUP, STUDY TIPS AND ALLDAYS FOR YOU ABOUT ME