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S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy
S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2018.01.29. 09:33

Chapter 7

In the morning a black masked shadow appeared at the foot of the nearly too small bed. Which seemed crowded with a tall naked human and a much smaller equally bare... half-demon who was plastered against the big body, one chestnut-colored wing draped over them as a protective cover. As if the small creature's life depended on it.

The shadow thought that earlier that night it was probably true too for the redhead. The shadow was Mick of course, who clearly had a displeased expression even on his unmoving masked face, the icy blue eyes shining bright from all that darkness.

Jim woke with a small start under the intense gaze. He could strongly feel that he was watched. After they fell asleep, he woke up a few times during the night to all kinds of noises he could hear better and managed to go back to sleep only if he kept caressing his naked demon.

Now he stared back at the shadow that finally took his human form right in front of his eyes and nodded towards the door, signaling that he'll wait for Jim outside.

Once he was gone, the biker looked down at his sleeping and slightly drooling guardian and had to smile both from the sight and the memories of the night before. It took him a few mins to carefully crawl out from under the vice grip and the big ass wing and put on some clothes and join Mick outside.

"Morning," Mick nodded to the biker, sitting at the edge of the porch. "You called him back, I suppose… I have to say I'm very happy about that. What he did was very dangerous," the big demon added looking deep into Jim before he continued speaking low as they sat in the first rays of the morning sun.

"You see… He not just materialized as a kid because that is your type. In our world he is like... what you call a young adult here... A kid around his twenties. He still would have had a lot to learn. Just keep that in mind that in this form he is more human. With human feelings and only having some of his demon skills. And just as fragile as an Earthly born. If you love him, look after him too. I have to share that duty now with you," Mick huffed at the end, but gave a smile to the tall guy, even patting his back. He knew Jim was ready for what was to come. He just has to believe in himself. "Your biggest ability is to see the truth. That's why you see us too. Always listen to what you feel right. Thinking ruins this world."

Jim was listening to Mick while sitting next to the other big man. He frowned and hummed a few times. It made sense that Corey was young in demon terms too. Jim could kinda sense that innocence in him even if he's been on Jim's side for decades.

"I'll try to keep him safe and treat him right. I was so scared that he'd disappear from my life. I want to have him around and love him," Jim said seriously. "Is he going to be okay? He was in a lot of pain last night before I called him back. Also... am I his first assignment?"

"Yeah I was scared too that he'd disappear," Mick hummed seriously. "Every being needs a reason to exist..." he started but bit off the rest of that thought. "Yes, you are his very first human. In all meaning," Mick said with a glint of naughtiness in his eyes, nudging Jim. "I think he will be alright. It takes time to tell. He chose you and the human life. It's not just a form. He gets the human kind of emotions and everything he never felt before. That's why I asked you to look after him. Now I won't sense him like before…"

Staying in silence for a moment or two, Jim thought through what Mick just told him about Corey. "No wonder then that my near-refusal was so hard on him. I was so blinded by my fears. I hurt him badly. I never want to do that again. He's been protecting me for so long. Now it's my time to try returning the favor and also teach him about human life..." he mused. "I guess being an observing demon is very different from actually participating in this world with a physical body..."

"Hm... you say he'll have only a few of his demon powers like this. Will that be enough against the enemies? I don't want him to get injured or die because he had to choose this form..."

"He will be alright. You have skills that are just starting to awake too. Again... time will tell. I and the others are around too. This biker gang is protected by our league. Corey and you are not alone to fight, either as a demon, angel or human," Mick nodded again and stood up. "He just woke up. And have the effects of the... mutation… Rest today. Something is coming. It's not clear yet. Will let you know when we know more," Mick added and right before Jim's eyes turned into his shadowy demon form and suddenly vanished. 

Inside the cabin Corey did wake up. Sensing the other two outside, he sat up and wrapped his body into his wings. It was a new and nice feeling on his cold skin. He felt cold... Which was strange for a being with eternal warmth. Yet again... he was not that being anymore...

"Thank you..." Jim said right before Mick disappeared. It was good to know that they were protected like that and it wasn't just Corey's duty to keep their asses safe. Jim even found it quite cute how Corey was such a young demon. His young demon. That made him smile. It was good to think of him and the other shadow protectors as good beings instead of dark ones.

It was in human nature that they feared what they didn't know – and more often than not tried to destroy that. But Jim took the effort to get to know Corey and his kind instead of doing the opposite. He knew he was going to have to learn a lot more about these things, but at least he was open now.

And apparently his senses got sharper or more sensitive too, because right before Mick told him that Corey woke up, Jim could've sworn that he could sense that... Just like the way he woke up to Mick watching them.

Thinking of that, he went back into the shack and had to admit that he nearly melted on the spot seeing a naked Corey wrapped into his amazing wings while sitting on the bed.

"Morning... Are you... okay?" he asked, sensing that something was a bit off.

To the entering biker the small creature smiled warmly. "Morning. I feel cold... It feels weird," Corey said with a frown as he tried to search himself. "My head feels dizzy... Maybe it's just the changing…" he said as if thinking out loud. 

"How are you? Mick was around. They... I mean he and the others are feeling something coming. Did you sleep well? Can I have some water to drink?" the boy spoke slow and disoriented as his head felt more and more heavy and waves of shivering rushed over him. He maybe even got scared and looked at Jim with that fear of not knowing what was happening shining in his glowing blue eyes.

For a few moments Jim's brows furrowed with some worry until he listened to the symptoms and put them together, remembering how Corey's body was now more human than demon.

"I think... you might have caught a mild cold, baby..." he smiled reassuringly at his cute boy – who looked even more innocent sitting there like that. "Don't worry. I'll nurse you back into health," he said as he walked over and put his palm onto Corey's forehead to check if he had a fever too. Luckily it seemed it wasn't high so far.

"I slept well, baby. Woke up a few times to noises and feelings, but otherwise good. Stroking you and your wings seemed to help fall back into sleep," Jim explained while looking for the tea pot to start making tea and also looked around the canned foods to heat up some soup for them to eat.

"Yes, Mick was here and told me that they'll let us know what's coming once they know more about it. Now you should get under the covers to keep yourself warm. When you have the cold, it's good to stay warm and drink and eat warm stuff. Tea and soup and such. I'm sure you've seen me like that before, too," he explained patiently as he went through a small medicine cabinet too, finding some pills. "These pills will help take down and keep down your starting fever too," he took some to him with a big glass of water. "Sweating it out is also a good method to get back to health faster. You've never been sick before? I mean... demons don't have sicknesses?"

Corey felt even more in love as he was watching the big guy getting busy with helping him get better. 

As Jim said, he laid back and pulled the blanket over his body. Taking the pills and – as he’s seen humans before – trying to swallow it with not much effort and a few chokes... For about the fifth time he managed to swallow the damn things down with some water. 

"How addicts keep popping those big pills without a drink?" he huffed and leaned against the almost giggling man. He was glad Jim tried to keep back the laughs, but also knew he must have looked funny... 

"Not really... At home we are born from dark energies and basically being that. When we cross the borders we can get like... infected. But that is not like this. I know cold, of course. Just never felt it. Sorry…" he said looking up at his human, still shivering.

Jim was biting his lip hard to keep himself from giggling a few times then shrugged to Corey's question. "Well, it just takes some getting used to it, I guess," he said meaning swallowing the pills like that.

Stroking the messy red curls out of Corey's slightly clammy face, he smiled at him. "I see. Don't apologize, baby. It's not your fault. Happens to us all. Apparently with you too now that your body is more human. You'll feel better soon," he said gently then stood to go back to take the pot off the heater and put the soup there while he prepared the herb tea.

"And how is that infection going? What kind can happen to you? And what are the effects?" he asked more curious about Corey's world. "Be careful. It's still hot. Blow on it to cool it," Jim said though he was sure the demon had seen him doing that in the past too, but he couldn't help it. His protective instincts were working strong now too. Especially after Mick's visit.

"It... affects our energies and powers. Like… how you were told about using demons. Humans still have powers just don't know about it. Some does and have stronger ones, and able to see the truth. Like you. Infection is basically different energies infesting us and so we lose control over ourselves. Angels can do that too, and can be done with them as well. It works in all kind of ways. Like… errmmm… weaker demons or angels can't cross the borders. They need to take over a human body to do so. You know about that too I think…" Corey tried his hardest to explain as clear as he could while frowning and cradling the steaming mug.

"It's all because of the similarities. The light and the darkness once were one. We don't know why and how it got separated... But humans are special because they are born from both, they could use both the light and darkness. But they always have a solid form. That limits their abilities. I think I don't make much sense anymore…" the demon mumbled and sipping on the tea a few before putting it on the nightstand, he laid back down, feeling more dizzy again. Also he wasn't sure he was allowed to share deeper things with the human. "Mick can tell you better. I am… I was still learning too..."

"It's okay, baby. Thanks for the explanation. I have to admit that your world and how it works is quite fascinating to me," Jim said then tucked Corey in before getting up to check on the soup.

"Try to... Maybe hide your demon features? Without your wings it might be more comfortable to be tucked in and sweat it out," he suggested a bit unsure, not knowing yet just how or if Corey could consciously control these things. Especially in his sick-ish state.

Pouring the soup out into another bigger mug, Jim took a spoon and placed them next to the tea on the nightstand to let it cool a bit and to put another pillow behind Corey's back.

"Will you let me feed you the soup? I kinda want to do that," he explained with a light blush and cute smile. He never had anyone to take care of like this.

Corey smiled feeling it from Jim how the gentle caring emotions filled the big bad biker and the cute blush literally melted the demon. "Sure... I'm a... sick male now. Those are legendarily helpless…" he said biting his lip and giggled. "I do feel very weak…" he added making a pouty face and let Jim feed him the first spoons of soup. 

"It tastes good. Makes my cold feeling go away," he smiled at Jim. Focusing his energies he slowly made the wings disappear into dark mist then they were fully gone and his eyes’ glowing ebbed down too. "I think humans are more interesting. How you use tools and make more complex ones. That brings competitiveness too... And wars. But it's interesting nonetheless. Sorry... I shouldn't speak about the downfall and destruction of your world like this."

Jim giggled a bit from the joke. "Yeah it's really true. A sick male is the worst," he said while carefully feeding the sick boy, a gentle smile playing on his lips.

"Yeah, that's the aim with the hot soup and tea. The pills will soon start to help too, don't worry," Jim explained while watching Corey look more and more as a human. He then adjusted the cover on him and continued feeding the redhead.

"It's okay. I understand what you mean. Humans always had to create new tools and machines that would help their lives and make them stronger. We don't have powers like such magical creatures like you... Or at least it's not strong in most of us."

"But the possibilities are endless to create good things. I’ve been with you for long... I also saw how this land was. And I can feel how it will become. I'm sorry, Jim. Can you cuddle with me?" Corey asked as some color started to get back into his face. His hand was gently caressing the tattooed upper arm of his man. "I'm glad I can be with you while everything changes…"

"Yeah... I remember too how things used to be..." Jim nodded as he put everything down on the nightstand and kicked his sneakers off to lift the cover and slide under it, pulling Corey against his bigger warm body.

"Can you tell me what you see about this world's future?" he whispered then pressed a kiss against the warm forehead.

"I think you can feel it too… This all leads to more chaos, and the leaderships will rebuild themselves after anarchy ebbed down. It all destructs itself before a new civilization will be born from it... And people who see and know the truth about it will keep sanity and balance in humans. Chaos is a great opportunity to the ill-thinking stronger ones to grab control and use the weaker and more afraid ones. Telling theories to make themselves seem almighty in their eyes and to be followed and obeyed blindly. You and the others in the gang are special…" Corey said and he cuddled and moved more to the bigger body, maybe even nuzzled to it and kissed into Jim's neck.

"Yes. It's been a downward spiral for this world and society for a very long time. Now things are happening faster and faster as the end is coming near. I've been able to see that for a long time. Maybe that's why I preferred to be drunk or high too. To be able to bear it or ignore this mess..." Jim sighed, running a big hand up and down on Corey's back.

He never liked to think or talk about these things, but he knew that was something else that was slowly changing in him now that there was someone who would understand his thoughts and feelings in this matter too.

"I'm changing with you, baby. I can feel it. My senses are already sharper and can see... more omens and flashes into the other dimensions..." he said closing his eyes and moaned softly from the kiss into his neck and put a long leg over Corey's hips to feel him even closer to him.

The still very naked half-demon purred and stroked the long thigh over his hip, even pulled it closer while he kept kissing into the beard-covered neck. "Are you sure you can feel me and how strong enough I am too...?" he asked on a playful tone. After all... Jim said sweating out the cold helps…

Jim loved Corey's small hand on his more or less naked thigh under the cover as he was wearing just a tee and boxers. His own hand kept stroking his demon's back and side, smiling at him a bit naughtier too.

"Yeah... I can feel you..." he murmured and not caring about Corey's cold, he leaned in for a first slow then deeper kiss. "I feel you want to sweat it out..." he giggled cutely. "You sure you're up for that?"

"Damn... Mick told you not to overthink just feel," Corey giggled too after the kiss and the question and moved onto his back to pull Jim over his body. He raised his head to ask for a kiss again, stroking the long back under the tee.

"Right..." Jim smirked under his mustache while rolling on top of his small naked man. Leaning down he gave Corey the kiss he asked for then quickly pulled his tee over his head so more of their naked skin could touch, his hips coming alive too as he found the thick neck to kiss and suck his marks on it.

Corey just loved that. While he turned the kiss more passionate and wild, he focused on their bond and on how good it would feel if Jim would chew on his ringed earlobes. His hands touched the other man's skin wherever he could, even pulled his nails over it here and there, feeling and knowing that Jim loved that... He was curious how much Jim would follow and sense what he wanted him to do.

Kissing up on Corey's neck, Jim moaned from the nails lightly scratching him then he sucked Corey's earlobe into his mouth, lightly tugging on the earring in it.

"Did I mention before how good you taste? I want to eat you up every time we get close..." he murmured, kissing and lightly biting his way down to Corey's inked chest and soon he found one of the small boobs to nip and suck on it along with the sensitive nipple. He got a hunch that Corey would love that. Especially when Jim bit said nipple a bit harder.

"No.... Today you didn't yet... Tell me more..." Corey moaned arching his back to bring his chest closer to the teasing teeth, enjoying how the sharp pain rushed over his nerves. His fingers got lost in Jim's hair, getting shivers again but this time from a different fever.

"I love touching and tasting you so much... Your skin is so amazing... and your body so responsive..." he murmured in between soothing licks and harder bites. "I love how you love pain... it only fuels my lust for you... makes me want to inflict more pain..." he groaned on a much hornier voice, pushing a thigh between Corey's open legs to rub it against his groin, his hand pinching and twisting the other nipple rougher.

Corey felt like burning already from all what Jim was doing to him. Especially because his human passed the test perfectly and sensed what he was yearning for. 

He was bucking his hips hard against the long thigh to make Jim hurry up a bit with his pampering for which he maybe whined for a little bit... Maybe even scratched Jim's shoulder from the sweet pain caused by the nipple twist...

Taking a shuddering breath from both Corey's response and the scratching on his skin, Jim groaned approvingly and pushed the cover off them enough to be able to push Corey's leg up and apart and go down between them. He could kinda feel the impatience in his little demon and it only added to Jim's hunger too.

Licking and kissing along Corey's shaft and balls, he soon began rimming the waiting hole, his tongue probing in eagerly while he kept grabbing and scratching and caressing the small body in turns.

"Did... did I tell you that you are just perfect...? I… always felt that... Damn you’re doing this so well... I can't wait to feel you... Jim…" the small creature breathed and mumbled as his nails kept digging into the freckled shoulders and softly grabbed into Jim's hair as he moved closer to the wet amazing tongue.

Making a purring sound, Jim kept swirling his tongue in the still a bit loose hole, his now more greenish eyes smiling up at the slightly out of breath boy.

"You're so amazing too... Just what I always wanted in another man..." Jim whispered before licking along the hard shaft then suckled on it, his wet fingers finishing opening Corey up.

Then it was time for him to kneel up and slick his long cock too before positioning himself to where he wanted to be the most in that moment. And finally entered Corey's warm body again, covering it with his own to keep him warm and close.

Corey gritted his teeth and groaned his pleasure and approval as Jim finally entered him. His arms hugged the long neck and pulled Jim down to nibble on the soft skin, pushing his ass closer already. Not minding the slight pain, even sharing the thought over how much he enjoyed it with his man.

"You're really fucking perfect..." Jim groaned from that thought and rammed all the way in, making sure every inch of him was buried deep while he kissed his sick-ish demon boy passionately.

"I'm gonna fuck this cold out of you..." he promised sucking on the slightly swollen bottom lip with a dirty glint in his eyes, hips circling slowly to make more room for himself before delivering the first slow but hard thrust.

Which made Corey throw his head back and cry out in bliss. His body tensed for a second or two, but also melted away from the rush of pleasures he shared with Jim. Not feeling cold anymore just feeling his inner fire spreading all over his small body, he bucked back to make Jim move more.

Making sure that Corey was as covered and fucked as deep as possible, the big biker kept rolling his hips back and forth methodically but still full of passion, moaning from the amazing feelings it resulted in. He kept his hungry eyes on the small naked creature under him, loving how flushed his cheeks were and feeling satisfied when sweat started glistening on Corey's skin.

That's when Jim leaned down again to rub his beard against the damp neck then bite it hard, wanting to leave his mark there for everyone to see.

As passion took over Corey more, his moans became growls as he was moving along with the quick rough pace Jim dictated. 

The sharp bite surprised him, but he pushed Jim's head and teeth even closer to his neck. Feeling the strong sucking on his wildly pulsing vein ended up to be too much to the still new to sex body of his. Trembling, the ecstasy took over him and pushed him into a mind-blowing orgasm, pulling Jim with him into the flames.

It lasted shorter than Jim planned, but he didn't blame the boy, because it was fucking intense what was going on between them and their mating bodies. Also, Jim knew this was all so overwhelming for the inexperienced young demon. And the big biker loved it so much. He loved how Corey could get floored so much from being fucked by him.

The tight pulsing of that hot ass and the thought that no one else has ever been where he was, made Jim cry out too and start pumping the small body full again, grunting his praising until their bodies finally calmed down somewhat under the cover.

"Sorry… You're doing this too well," Corey said out of breath after a while, hugging his human strong to his body and purred like a kitten. He tried to send all his lightheaded and love-filled emotions to his pair.

"No need to apologize. I'm happy I can make you lose it like this. With time though I'll teach you how to hold back. It feels like torture but in the end it's even more mind-blowing..." he placed soft kisses against Corey's warm cheek, his beard tickling him.

"As I'm sure you saw before when I was fucking those boys..." he murmured with a playful tone then gently moved out of his demon's body to lie on his back and pull him against his side, making sure that he was tucked in. "Now let's rest for a while. I hope this helped you heal somewhat," he said to the already half-asleep redhead then guarded his dreams for a while before dozing off himself.

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