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S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy
S.M.A. & U-girl - Demon of Mercy : Chapter 8

Chapter 8

  2018.02.10. 18:49

Chapter 8

The rest of the day after their mating was spent with rest. Like Mick suggested to them. And honestly Corey felt the weight of being a half-human more than when he just materialized into a human form. No. After the previous night he could find only a little of his old demon self in his spirit. 

It was twilight when Jim left him to sleep again while he went to bring some food. And Corey was glad he was alone with his thoughts for a short time now. 

Looking into the mirror he could see his old face. Like a thin see-though layer over his human face... He had his wings and sharper senses, but wouldn't be able to turn back into his full demon shadow-self again. His human body was... sensitive? Yeah, maybe that's the right expression for it. He tired out and got hungry and ached when bumping into the edge of the table… His side even turned purple at the small spot...

The others visited him. Each demon saying something that they thought would be useful for their once brother. Though only #7 knew what really it was like to be fully over the dimensional border. And all what they said made the small creature feel more and more down. 

He loved Jim. And was sure because of the bond that Jim loved him very much too. Still... Corey was debating on how or how much to tell to his love about what truly happened with him. He didn't want Jim to feel bad about his decision. Corey knew the biker would react the way he did, that's why he wanted to awake him slowly... He was not blaming Jim for rejecting him as a first reaction. But what if now the truth about how Corey... ended up as a half-being would also mess up the big guy? They got trouble coming on their way. They needed their sharp senses and fighting spirit… 

The moon already started to climb upper on the darkening sky. It was full since last midnight and in all her glory. Corey had to go out and try out his solid wings. Like riding for his man, he needed some wind and feeling of freedom to clear his head. 

After a successful flight into the woods the demon landed and sat down cross legged, hugging himself with his soft warm wings and tried to search his storming spirit.

Jim was happier and cleaner – both physically and mentally after some cleaning himself up and not taking any drugs or booze – than for a long time. He couldn't really remember when the last time was when he was this content. Not only because of the good sex he's been having with Corey, but because he had someone who seemed to understand him and who gave him explanations to what he was and what Jim's been seeing through all these years.

Of course, the biker didn't know much about the real changes and their weight on Corey's being. He was simply glad that he could keep him from disappearing and made him stay. A lot of things were changing in Jim's life too, but one thing was sure: he didn't want to lose the one constant thing in it: namely, Corey. Even without really knowing about the guardian demon's existence for real, Corey's been on his side for most of his life. Now that Jim knew about that and the redhead's existence, he needed Corey to stay.

It was so nice to finally have somebody with whom Jim wanted to stay. Maybe he's been waiting for Corey all his life and that's why he never wanted or dared to get closer to anyone like this. Maybe that's why he preferred to only have sex with others. The no strings attached kind. Random boys and hookers.

But now he could see himself with this intriguing creature. It was also good that he could teach him things too about the human life and that it wasn't just Jim learning about the mystical creatures and dimensions surrounding or rather interweaving with the human world.

Not to mention that he was falling fast and hard for the small redhead, who embodied not just Jim's physical type in men, but the whole package he found interesting in someone. Corey was perfect for Jim. He could simply sense it. Even if he was sure that they were going to have to face a lot of difficulties in the future and in their blooming relationship. But the main thing was that Jim wanted to try to make this work. He never felt like this before.

Before leaving his boy to rest out their latest mating and the first sickness he ever had, Jim saw and felt that the demon was feeling physically better. Poor guy was probably confused, but Jim hoped it was nothing that some real good food wouldn't help on. That's why he went on a quest to get some from what Mick has brought for them.

Now as he walked back with the bag of boxed and still warm food, he noticed Corey sitting in the moonlight and headed his way to sit down next to him, his eyes admiring the big wings hugging the small frame.

"Brought some food for us... Is everything okay?" he asked frowning lightly from the expression he saw and the vibes Jim could feel coming off the demon.

"Yeah... Everything is okay. Was just talking with the others and thinking... Also I tried flying too," Corey said with a small smile. No use in trying to fool Jim. He would feel everything that the (now) half-breed felt. 

"I'm just a little messed up about everything, I guess…" he added looking up at the moon. “All the changes and being sick and everything… From now on I have to get used to sudden changes that affects me. Was the trip safe? And how you feel about the changes, Jim? Also... I'm hungry," he laughed short, leaning to his man and put a wing around him too.

Jim welcomed the wing around him with a small smile. It so looked badass in his eyes and also made him feel safe and protected. Two feelings he rarely believed were present in his life before knowing that his guardian has been working on that exact goal.

Giving half of the food to Corey, Jim kept smiling a bit under his mustache. "Yeah, the trip was safe. And don't worry. It's perfectly fine that you feel like this. Frankly, I feel the same about these changes. I mean in my life. They are huge and I'm still processing them too. It's never easy and I'm not particularly fond of changes in general, but I believe it depends on us what we bring out of these new ones that affect both our lives now..." Jim said then blushed a bit from his little monologue.

Opening his container he moaned softly from the two big burgers and fries in it. "I think you'll love hamburgers and fries. We found these in a good diner along the highway. The chef reminded me of you a bit," Jim chuckled a bit, trying to distract Corey from his darker thoughts for a bit then took a huge bite from his first burger.

"Yeah I think you're right. We'll make the best of it, together," he smiled at Jim. He loved how the new more open and philosopher Jim sweet-talked him. Maybe it was because of their bond or love. Or both... But Corey always felt much better from the way Jim spoke and was around him.

"It looks good. And you made me curious... Maybe I will have to check that chef out," he growled playful and took a slow bite into the burger and moaned similarly to Jim.

"Oh that's a nice mental image..." Jim mumbled through the food in his mouth, imagining how that meeting would go, even if he knew Corey was just joking – just like him.

"I see you like the burger..." he said after popping some fries into his mouth, glad that Corey looked and felt less... depressed. Jim wanted him to be happy about staying with him and he decided that he was going to try and make it worth it for Corey. He could sense that there was something else there that he didn't know yet, but Jim didn't want to pressure Corey about it. He hoped that with time he would trust him enough to tell him.

"You pig..." Corey rolled his eyes and poked Jim's side with the short claw on the end of the wing's main bone. "I bet you would enjoy it... Maybe that chef has a pair who is a tall bearded biker too... Hmm..." he sighed faking some dreamy tone with his lines as he continued to eat. 
"You didn't even ask how the flying went…"

"Ouch!" he laughed, rubbing his side, but couldn't be angry at Corey, of course. "Who's the pig now?! I bet that cutie has a biker of his own, yeah. He looked like that," he giggled cutely then continued eating. "Right! The flight?! How was it? Your badass wings could carry you then?" he looked at Corey with an excited glint in his eyes while chewing.

"I'm new here. Just thinking about opportunities to explore more," Corey winked at Jim. He just adored how his man changed more balanced and happy within days. The way Jim joked around and giggled kept reassuring Corey that he made a good decision after all. 

"It went smoothly. I doubt though that I will do much flying around. I don't want to draw attention. But it can come handy in an emergency. That will need more testing too, though..." he hummed finishing his burger.

"You little shit..." Jim grinned back at Corey before starting his second burger. Damn these things were so very good. The best he's eaten in his life, he thought. No wonder the line was long in that diner...

Despite their hiding situation, this was so nice. Just sitting there eating and joking and talking. Jim also felt more balanced now that he could share his thoughts with someone else than V-man. Also he wondered what came of the only man he would call as a friend. But he put the worry and dark thoughts to the side for now because he wanted to enjoy his peaceful time with the small demon on his side.

Leaning a bit against the wing around him, Jim listened to him intently while devouring the rest of his burger and fries. "I see. Yeah, for now it's probably gonna be better to lay low. I talked a bit with Mick and Shawn earlier. The surviving few and trusted members are gathering at a secret location. We'll probably head there soon-ish. We brought back some more supplies for the trip," he explained.

"The others told me that too. And went to keep them safe. V-man too. He has a guardian too, Jim. I'm allowed to tell you that now. He is alive and well and at that hideout now. His guard is with him. Only Mick stayed with us now. And I... But I'm not like them anymore…" Corey said quieting down a little at the end, thinking how he could keep safe everyone with Mick. "I can blink... I mean teleport and fly, so that's good if needed. You know what is called 'whispering'?"

Jim visibly relaxed when he heard that V-man had such a guardian too and that he was okay. But at the same time he glimpsed a bit worried at Corey. Jim had a feeling that somehow it was his fault that Corey was different now. The boy quieting down only strengthened that feeling.

He also knew that this was the point where he could've asked Corey about these changes, but seeing and kinda feeling how it made the smile disappear from his face, Jim didn't want to pressure him. Maybe a bit later he'll have another opportunity to ask him.

"Those are indeed useful skills," Jim finally nodded then shook his head. "No... I don't know what 'whispering' is. Could you tell me?"

"It's like... your inner voice or something. Beings from the other worlds can't control you like in the horror movies. Or how religious people say the 'demons' and 'devil' made them do things. We can only inspire your thinking. So... if you are not into killing anyone, no one can make you. No matter how they speak to you from the inside. But it can be used for good too. Beings like you can't be controlled with it because you all can sense the truth. But I could speak to you and helped you think more positively a few times when you felt very bad. With weaker spirits it works.

“In that warehouse attack when you saw me... I and the others pulled the gunmen back with those whispering in their ears and spirit to stop the attack. It's like... what you are inside can be inspired more to act upon by both angels and demons. I'm not sure I'm clear enough... but the reason I brought it up is that I don't know if I have that now... In this form. Because if we face humans it's useful too," Corey explained as best as he could. He kept watching Jim's face to see how much he understood from his not so human way of explaining things.

Jim's bushy brows furrowed a bit in his concentration while trying to understand what Corey was saying. He nodded a few times and at the end slid a long arm around the boy's waist, sitting closer to him.

"I think I get it. You can basically influence what's inside someone. It works better on weaker spirits and less on people like me with the sight for the truth, so to say," he summed up the basics.

"Yeah, I think I remember a few times when you did that. I mean I remember being very low and how my thoughts began turning towards more positive things without me noticing it... Thank you for that," he pressed a soft kiss onto Corey's cheek.

"Can't you try and check it on me if you still have it? Or our bond interferes too much now?" he asked curious and ready to help his demon boy if it was possible.

"Yes. Basically that. And no need to thank me. I'm happy it worked," the blushing demon said nuzzling more to the bigger body. 

"Now you are more awake. I don't think any kind of whisper would affect you from now on. Which is not a bad thing. The whole awakening thing means you get aware and are going to be able to use your hidden skills. So you see through such things. I will try on some simple humans in the city later on. But first I need to try this to know how effectively I can keep you safe," he said with a playful smile and stood up, pulling Jim to his feet too. Hugging his man he spread his wings wide. 

Earlier that night he tested out his strength as he wandered around a little. He still was stronger than his full human version would be. So now with much confidence he flapped his wings and smiling into the hazel eyes took off the ground slowly with Jim in his arms.

Jim nodded again to the explanation. It was good to know that no one would be able to try messing with his mind. He understood from the previous explanation that it wasn't really possible with him, but he was calmer now knowing these things. And also felt his mind and being more open as Corey said.

Curious, Jim stood with his man and then got real excited when he realized what was about to happen. He had his doubts for a sec that Corey would be able to carry him as he was a big man, he knew, but when their feet left the ground, Jim held onto the small body stronger and grinned back at Corey. He even chuckled a bit.

"Wow... You're so awesome!" he said in awe and looked at the strong wings flapping behind his demon, keeping them in the air.

"I don't think it would work with far distances. But it’s good to know that I can take you away from danger if needed," Corey smiled back feeling truly happy about it that he could carry Jim and could share this with him. 

Going higher, he pecked the beloved full lips and hugging Jim stronger to him turned in the air towards the cabin. "Take a look around," he told his man as they got above the tree tops.

"Yeah, I know I'm too heavy," Jim chuckled, feeling how happy this made Corey – which in turn made Jim happy too. Doing as he was asked, he looked around, seeing the vast sea of treetops under them. In the silvery moonlight he could make out the other buildings too then just nature around them as far as his eyes could see. There were no clouds to hide the still full moon either and this whole scene looked as if it was from a dream.

"So beautiful and peaceful," Jim murmured then looked back at Corey with shining hazel eyes before kissing him softly. "Take us back to the cabin, baby. I want to thank you properly for this experience," he winked purring on a promising tone.

"You are perfect," Corey kissed Jim's face and slowly started to fly with him to the cabin above the trees. 

Feeling the kinky mood in Jim, he got a little impatient too to feel the amazing skills his man got between the sheets. And seeing how more comfortable Jim was with the flying, he sped up to show him what it really felt like. He was giggling light-headed and flushed as they landed in front of the door.

Jim loved the sound of Corey's giggling. He found it cute and endearing, also he didn't mind the sappy feelings and thoughts he got off the short boy. "I think we share the love for speed and freedom too," he said, meaning the way the wind played with their hair and clothes before landing.

But then Jim was already kissing Corey as he pulled him into the shack. "Keep your wings visible, baby..." he panted in between kisses while already peeling their clothes off. "You feel better? Not feeling sick?" he asked what's been on his mind all evening but forgot to ask because of all the other things that came up.

"Yeah… I feel great…" Corey mumbled into the heated kisses as he let Jim pull the pants down from his body. Stumbling to the bed he sat down at the edge and fully got rid of the pants. Pulling Jim closer by the hem of his jeans, he kissed and licked his small sexy belly. 

"You have something dirty in mind with my wings, I can tell…" he grinned up at his tall man, the little claws on the wings stroking and gently scratching Jim's back.

"Good... good..." Jim gasped for air both from the licks on his belly and feeling the wings stroking and scratching him. Needless to say, his bulge was pretty obvious by then and having his demon's sinful lips so close to it only made Jim get hornier.

"You surprised about that?" he peeked down at the sitting man, stroking a few stray curls back to their place. "I believe you know how... creative and pervert I can get in bed..." he whispered hoarsely and licking his own suddenly dry lips... Fuck, the things he could do with this boy... He was sure it also showed in his quickly darkening eyes as he reached down and opened his own pants to let his hard cock spring free.

"Yeah... I can't wait…" Corey moaned as the pulsing hard meat got revealed right before his face. "You know... All those times I saw you, I took notes as well," he grinned up at Jim and licked his lips pushing the shaft up to lick it slow from base till the moistening tip. Planting a kiss to the slit of the cock, he slowly began to lap at it before sucking it into his hot mouth, his wings never stopping caressing the bigger body.

Jim groaned approvingly and let his fingers fist in the red curls. "Oh I can see that... you naughty little demon..." he added, gluing his eyes to Corey's face and mouth, watching as he fed more and more of his hard meat to the soft lips.

"You do this so well... You definitely learned things well from your notes..." he chuckled slightly out of breath and fucked into Corey's mouth a few more times before pulling fully out. Leaning down he licked and kissed the wet lips, moaning from his taste there then looked deep into Corey's glowing demon eyes.

"Get on all fours on the bed..." he instructed before stealing a bit rougher kiss. While he let Corey do as he was asked, Jim quickly got rid of the rest of his own clothes and turned around, moaning from the sight of the naked pale demon waiting for him on the bed, wings spread, cock hard and ass offered to him. It was the sexiest sight ever...

"You have no idea how mouthwatering you are, do you? I'll play with you for hours now... We'll see what you're made of, little demon..." he chuckled darkly and on a very pervert tone as he knelt behind Corey and started kissing his pale and smooth ass, his big hands stroking him all over.

Corey wanted to answer something to those praising words, but as usual, the second Jim's hands started to stroke his sensitive skin he lost his words and could only moan and shiver from the fire that was quickly spreading inside him. 

He stretched out his wings more and laid onto his forearms in a more submissive pose, just enjoying what he was given by his man.

Jim groaned watching Corey move into that position. The sight even made his cock jump a bit between his legs. "Just like that... You're so good for me..." he murmured, not being able to keep his praising back as his fingers pulled the firm ass cheeks apart to expose the twitching hole.

Growling like a hungry and very horny beast, Jim leaned down and began opening Corey up with his tongue and fingers, letting his beard tickle his sensitive parts and also taking his time with preparing his boy for what was to come.

Soon Jim was massaging Corey's prostate with three of his fingers while he kept kissing and lightly spanking that mouthwatering ass. "You'll soon beg for me to stop, but I'll just give you more pleasure. I'll give you multiply orgasms and see how long you can go on... You've been waiting on me for so long... I'll try to catch you up..." he giggled dirtily and rubbed Corey from the inside some more.

Corey was utterly speechless... And that was even an understatement. 

The way Jim stimulated his pleasure spots got him to the edge soon. He already thought about it before that he probably would always react very quickly and overwhelmed to their coupling times. Mostly because he longed for it for so long. And because of their bond he was extra sensitive to please Jim... And honestly he did not mind it at all... Those quick orgasms were amazing and he gladly gave into them as he was right about now too. The words of Jim only made it easier to trip into the pit of fire burning him and connecting him with his human deeper and deeper with every occasion. 

Growling his pleasure, his body arched and trembled as some clear prostate fluid sprayed from his twitching cock while his lips called Jim's name out of breath.

Chuckling deep and satisfied, Jim caught some of that fluid on his long fingers and reached forward to push them into Corey's mouth while he slipped his fingers out and spit on the twitching hole before starting to push his hard dick in, not waiting for Corey to catch his breath.

"Oh fuck yeah..." he groaned as he fucked himself home, pausing to enjoy the trembling hot walls around him then he slid his fingers out of his boy's mouth to turn his head to the side. Leaning over Corey as he stole a deep hungry kiss, Jim began rolling his hips back and forth, fucking his boy more open in a rough and deep rhythm.

Corey sucked his own fluids off the long fingers eagerly and obedient. After Jim entered him he dropped more on the bed, his wings supporting his body to stay somewhat in place in the rough way the biker started to fuck him right away. 

He really loved all of it. It was so very intense how he felt the big cock rubbing against his still rhythmically cramping walls. It felt like his new orgasm started building with Jim’s while his previous one didn't even stop yet.

"Oh yes, I know you love this..." Jim didn't even notice that he answered the boy's thoughts as he kept slapping against that hungry ass, his hips moving with practiced ease, knowing how to fuck his boy right. Every smooth thrust rubbed against all the pleasure spots as Jim's long fingers scratched along the pale tattooed back and he gave special attention to the 8 tattoo on the back of Corey's neck. 

While licking and sucking and biting on it, he began roughly playing with a sensitive nipple, wanting to add to his boy's pleasure. God, it wasn't easy to hold himself back, but he was in the mood to play and he could keep going up to a few orgasms himself. But for now it was all about his small boy.

It was an endless fire of bliss for Corey. He knew his number was on his neck and how Jim treated it both made him melt and get more aroused. 

Soon all the emotions and thoughts he got from his pair started to make him whine for release again. His hips were moving back to meet the hard and so very amazing thrusts as his shiver crept up on his spine and the edges of his leather wings, slowly flooding his brain with joy again.

Letting go the slightly bruised up and inked skin, Jim knelt up to stroke along the sweaty body and ass, admiring the few as his dick rammed into it over and over again. Then his hands stroked along the leathery wings, taking a hold of them at the base by Corey's shoulder-blades.

Knowing that they were strong, Jim held on to them to help pull Corey back on his leaking shaft as he sped up his thrusts, wanting to make his boy come again. "Come on, baby... Let me see you come again... I know you want to..." he growled more demon than human in that moment as he let the hunger for power over Corey and his pleasure flood his whole being. He wanted the small demon to fall apart.

It was just the thing Corey needed. He heard myths before about the Nephilim and how those turned into humans with generations... But what he just felt from Jim clicked into place in the demon about how and why he always felt so close to the biker, and fell in love so deep with him. 

"Fucking Nephilims..." he groaned from the gripping fingers and hammering cock as he fell into a bigger orgasm than first. His walls were gripping on the long meat and pulled it deeper even as his body was writhing in ecstasy.

It was so amazing. So very liberating as Jim let these new feelings spread in him like a wildfire, washing over him in waves. They made him fuck his boy harder and cry out as those tight walls threatened with choking his cock.

"Not yet..." he mumbled, reminding himself and only half-hearing what Corey mumbled before his big orgasm. Jim pulled fully out just in time to keep himself from filling the pulsing hole with his cum. Instead he slid his long fingers back in to fuck Corey through his orgasm that way, moaning as he watched the small ass pushing back against his hand in ecstasy.

"That's my good boy..." he grunted, not knowing that there was a dim golden light in his irises as he gave in to his ancient heritage, his whole being awakening some more. 

"You're so amazing..." Jim panted hoarsely as he pulled his fingers out of the abused hole and lightly bit an ass cheek, trying to decide how to take Corey again. "Want more?"

Even if Jim wasn't aware of his own changes, Corey felt it so clearly and deep within his soul. Their bond thickened with Jim's more liberated spirit and the effect on the half-demon was huge. 

His body slowly calmed down from his bliss, but felt more hunger rise in Jim already. Turning back to look at the golden eyes, his own were glowing with his own fire as he licked his dry lips. 

"I want much more... I want all of you. To become one with you…" he whispered and moving the base of his wing, as Jim was still holding on to it with one hand, he pulled the big body more over his own again.

That earned a throaty groan from the big man. It was really the only thing he ever wanted to hear from someone and now he had this small creature offering him his deepest wish...

It made Jim speechless and his body got covered in goose bumps all over as he put a long arm around Corey's middle and pushed him down against the bed, moving a leg further up by his thigh. Then Jim was sliding back in again with a wobbly breath.

As he lifted his head once he was sure he wasn't going to cry from his overwhelming feelings, he saw it. Corey's mask on him. It wasn't solid or anything. More like made of some see-through material. Leaning over, he kissed it around Corey's cheek then concentrated more on grinding his deeply buried cock into his demon.

They came in that position too. Then Jim milked Corey once more while stroking the drenched hair soothingly. He had no idea what came over him but he loved it. It was as if being in a trance, finding just the right moves to deepen their bond, open channels and tap into energies. At least that's what it felt like for Jim. Waves of warm energy filling him time after time, giving him power to keep going even after two of his own orgasms.

Of course these all happened in the course of hours spent with making love – softer and harder in turns. Jim was all sweaty too, but he loved how their scents mingled just as much as their souls and energies.

Towards the end he had Corey's back resting against his glistening chest, wings spread. Jim was holding him firmly with one hand while he kept fucking up into him and moving the small body down onto his leaking shaft, his temple resting against the boy's. His other hand was jerking the flushed cock to the rhythm of his trusts.

"Cum for me once more..." he panted, feeling that Corey was close again.

Corey had to admit that even if Jim promised him endless chains of orgasms and hours of pleasure, he way outdid himself in the demon's opinion. 

The small creature was trembling constantly and only was able to move with his man till he lost himself in the more awakening energies again and again. 

He felt the similar soul more than ever in the human body, and all the emotions made him melt and weaken with the deeper love and connection that formed between them. 

Feeling his pair also at the end of his energies, he focused on the slick body wrapping around him, the strong fingers jerking him for the remained seeds in his wildly shaking body. His breathing turned into crying out gasps as his brain got totally fried in the huge orgasm Jim managed to pull him into for one last time. Growling and whining his pleasure, he came hard.

Praising words then curses left Jim to that as he held onto the last straw of his self-control not to cum from the way the well-fucked hole kept massaging his aching and sensitive cock. But even if it was pure torture, he loved every second of it.

What he loved even more was feeling Corey closer and more similar to him than ever. It felt to Jim as if they were two parts of the same soul, finally getting closer and melting together over and over again. A little bit more with each coupling. It was amazing and very overwhelming at the same time.

Of course Corey's desperate whines and growls didn't help either to keep in control and once Jim couldn't take it anymore, he pulled his cock out of the boy's wonderful ass. "Close your wings for me. Now!" he grunted and when Corey did in a second, Jim grabbed his cock to jerk himself and finally do what's been on his mind for so long... His thick jets of cum shot right at the fine leather of Corey's wing, making Jim cry out and groan loud as pleasure wiped everything from his brain too.

Corey could feel when Jim's hot seed sprayed onto the leather of his wing. It made the demon moan and tremble even more and while his man tried to catch his breath, Corey moved his wing to reach it with his hand and smear the thick fluid more on it, groaning his approval over it before lifting his hand to lick his fingers clean, keeping his glowing eyes on the golden ones.

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Olvass kritikákat filmes és sorozatos párosokról! Itt biztosan megtalálod a saját vagy leendõ kedvenceidet is!    *****    Az asztrológiai elõrejelzések olyan tendenciákat mutatnak,melyek,nehéz döntéseknél nélkülözhetetlenek. Rendeld meg most!    *****    Az Éjszaka Misztériuma várja régi és új látogatóit újult erõvel, és heti több bejegyzéssel! | Nox Arcana    *****    Simonyi ingatlan Debrecen, Balaton 2019 Sok-sok új eladó ingatlannal bõvült kínálatunk válassza ki az önnek megfelelõt.    *****    Nagyon részletes születési horoszkóp, 3 éves ajándék elõrejelzéssel, ingyenes konzultációval, csak nálam. Kattints ide!!    *****    Ha te is szereted a Zöld Íjász elbûvölõ szerelmespárját az Olicityt akkor itt a helyed! Mindent róluk és a sorozatról!    *****    A születési horoszkóp az ÚJ ÉV legszebb meglepetése! Ajándékba küldök 3 év elõrejelzést, jó tudni milyen lesz a jövõ!!!!    *****    Zenei blog. Kritikák, listák, ajánlók és még több! -> Popusz    *****    családi pótlék utalása 2019 - dátumok, kifizetések, idõpontok az utalásról itt:    *****    MOVIE-NIGHT -> ÚJ FILMES OLDAL NYÍLT <- MOVIE-NIGHT    *****    Szerepjáték &#8211; Csatlakozz közénk, és részese Te is a kalandoknak - FRPG    *****    Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs. - Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs.    *****    A Roxfort Boszorkány- és Varázslóképzõ Szakiskola megnyitja kapuit!    *****    "Ó, én bizony korántsem merném állítani, hogy ismerem a Roxfort összes titkát." /Dumbledore/    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték    *****    BOOKISLAND - könyvajánlók, ahol a könyvek életre kelnek - BOOKISLAND    *****    SoulSisters/ Nézz be az oldalunkra, ha érdekes cikkre, vagy épp kritikára vágysz. Hangolódj velünk az ünnepekre!    *****    Szereted az ünnepi idõszakot? Már hetekkel elõtte készülsz? Vagy legszívesebben elkerülnéd? Mondd el!    *****    RIZLINGDAYS BLOG ! MAKEUP, STUDY TIPS AND ALLDAYS FOR YOU ABOUT ME    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték