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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2009.08.12. 12:14


The Sweetest Perfection
Note: This fanfiction was written by a few member of the one-time DM forum, Wrong Side Of Town. Mauka and me (Useless-girl) wrote the biggest part with a little help of Orchidett and Capricornus at the beginning. The whole story is pure fiction, it’s not based on true events! It contains erotic and slash (M/M) scenes too so if someone is under the agelimit or don’t like slash, please think first before reading! We warned you! Enjoy! :D
April 2007

Without looking up from my book I was walking along the pier when my shoelace suddenly loosened so I hopped down onto a bench, where someone was already sitting with a map in his hands. I didn’t give a damn, I still had enough place. I ignored the man sitting next to me. I redid my lace to continue my way but the guy next to me started to speak.
“Excuse me, could you help me?” he asked in English, hoping that I’ll understand the question.
“Of course” I answered in English too and looked up from my shoe – then I needed to gulp a few big ones in my shock. The man was no one else than… ANDY FLETCHER! I blinked confused while I felt my cheeks burning.
“So could you help me?” he asked again, noticing that I didn’t react.
“Well, yeah, of course. What can I do for you? Are you looking for something? Let me introduce myself, although I’ve already did it in front of Four Seasons hotel when we met.”
“Really?” he asked and tried to remember “I’m sorry, but I can’t recall it.”
“No prob. I’m not surprised. I’m not excepting you to remember me from all of your fans. Well, then… what do you want to know?” I looked at him after I composed myself a bit.
“Can you tell me if there is a delicatessen shop nearby, where I can buy Godiva choc? Dave is crazy again, we need to sedate him – this’ll help so I need to get some from those!”
I tried to stop bursting into laughter and keep my face neutral while I answered “Of course. But you need a map for this?”
“It’s because I don’t know this city and there was no one who could come with me. Mart put the map into my hand and I had fun colouring some stuff on it, see?” he showed me the paper which was scrabbled on some parts “The museums are green, the churches are blue, the shops for the tourists are red – because this was the emergency case. I’d be really grateful if you could help me, maybe even bring me there. I’m sure – after calming down – Dave’d be really grateful for it too. He dies without his daily portion of choc and what he had with himself is already gone. Maybe there’ll be a change in the weather – wasn’t there anything about it on TV? Some storms coming or something like that?”
I looked at him a bit shocked then answered “Sure, I bring you there. By the way no, there wasn’t anything about storms. Isn’t that possible that Dave is just simply like this?”
“It’s possible – maybe it comes with age…” he shrugged smiling while he stood up and waited for me to do the same.
“Well I don’t know if Dave sticks to Godiva, because if he does, you need to call a cab – we need to go to a deposit in Soroksár, but it’ll take some time – can Dave handle it?”
“I’m sure, Martin is with him” he grinned wickedly.
I felt that my kinky fantasy started to work “He’s the outlet of his spare energies, or what?” I asked slyly winking while we were after a cab.
“It seems to me that he has just spare energies” he said sighing.
Uh-oh, Duracell-Dave!
Meanwhile Mart and Dave…
“Stop it already, Dave! You drive me insane with this crawling” said the blonde Mr. Gore when he had enough of his friend’s annoying circles.
“Don’ tell me what to do! I’m fed up with you telling me what and how I should do things! I don’t need to remind you why I made that solo record, do I?”
Mart just gave him a ‘stupid-prick’ grimace. Dave started to drum with his fingers restlessly on the window, while he muffled something under his nose. That was the moment when it came into Mart’s head that Fletch should have come back by that time.
“Hey Dave! You let Fletch to crawl alone in this unfamiliar city? He should have been here already! We’ll be late… and because of you of course. Again.”
“Who cares?! I NEED my daily choc-dose! I can’t function without it and it’ll suck for the fans too! After all they pay for giving them a great show and I’m the showpiece there so shut up or call Fletch and ask him where the hell he is with my choc!” grimaced Dave looking back over his shoulder.
Without a word Mart called Andy’s phone then put the ringing cell into Dave’s hand “You speak with him – you are in great need!”
“Where are you, you…” he hissed into the cell when his unfortunate mate picked it up to face his choc-addicted frontman “Fletch, damn it, where the hell are you? It’s already 40 minutes ago since you’ve left. I can’t even entrust you bringing me some chocolate?”
But because Fletch was busy with his laptop where he needed to sign an important contract he nicely asked me to answer the phone.
“Uhmmm… y-yes?” I said unsure.
“Who’s that?” asked Dave surprised between his cursing as he heard the shy female voice.
“Mr. Gahan, we are on our way to your Godiva chocolate, but you must understand that even with help it takes some time. Do you want me to give you the address of the deposit? If you want to have it…”
“But who the hell are you?!” he exclaimed. He started to show distraction symptoms.
“A self-sacrificing by-passer, who has much better things to do than chasing after some chocolates for you!” I hit the ceiling hearing his tune. Doesn’t he dare to think that because he’s a celebrity he can speak with me like this!
“Uhmm… you say you’re a by-passer, but what the hell are you doing next to Andy? I mean, well it doesn’t matter. Yeah, if you’d be so nice and give me the address… And I apologize for my rude behaviour.”
I dictated the address. He kinda started freaking out when he heard that we were nearly there and will bring his chocks soon.
“Me thinks you should prepare yourself, cuz he’ll be in our heels in ten minutes” said the red-haired man and closed his laptop with a little smile on his face “He’d do anything, if it’s about choc.”
“You mean, anything, Andy?” I asked biting down my lip. Before he answered he just looked at me and shook his head.
I was quite thrilled. How could it be when Dave Gahan would do anything just for a few chocolate bars? I couldn’t help – my imagination started to work immediately. In my kinky mind my even more kinky thoughts started running around. I was wondering whether he’d drag Martin with him too and if yes, then how it’d affect my plans… Meanwhile the car finally stopped by the deposit. As we got out I discovered a trolley full of choc and I felt quite skittish.
Gahan was out of his mind: when we walked into the building he came at Andy and he said he WANTED his choc and he wanted ALL OF IT RIGHT THEN. He pushed me aside so I landed on a sofa – no idea what it was doing there. Mart just stood over me, shaking his head, but he didn’t look at me: he watched Dave running out with a pitiful expression on his face.
“I can’t believe that he made such a fest about his chocs again” he sighed “It’s getting worse with every year…” he said in a low voice then noticed me too and turned toward me, his hands folded in front of his chest. “Can I help you up, Miss?” he asked with his best and shiniest smile.
I felt I was melting. I managed to nod and a few moments later Martin, this blonde sex-god helped me up from the couch… although I wanted to pull him down on me rather.
“What a polite man… Thank you” I noted, smiling seductively – I couldn’t stop myself.
“Well, I try to protect the ruins of our image.”
“Is the situation that bad?” asked Andy. I heard just his voice, the rest of me stayed by Mart. Always these two men (Gahan and Gore) were the gods for me – I thought Fletch was a looser – especially after his map-action from today. Those green eyes!
“Who knows, Fletch? Who knows…” answered the blond sex-god while he eyed me up and down very properly with a little smile in the corner of his lips. It seemed he liked what he saw. Wow! This thrilled me. My courage started to come back. I was standing there still shocked and was thinking about falling back onto that sofa somehow. Although I tried hard, nothing came into my mind. Go away Fletch, go awaaaay! But he stayed. Go to hell!
So after all I looked away from Mart’s enchanting gaze and advised him to hurry and help the howling big kid, who stopped yelling. He just stood there, head bent, looking straight in front of him with glassy eyes. He was nearly at the brink of crying. Andy was provoking him with his choc.
“What the hell are you doing?!” cried out Mart.
“First this yeoman didn’t want to give me choc…” the pouting-desperate Dave pointed at a shocked man, who thought it was better for him to go and search to do something “…then Fletch put his paws on my choc and he doesn’t want to give it to me!” he got angry at the end and started to approach the red-haired man menacingly.
I stepped to him and I put the luxurious Belgian choc with 70% cocoa contents into his palm then I thought I’d die there from Dave’s hot and longing gaze – the problem was that it was to melt the choc not me… But despite this I enjoyed the view. Finally I turned away from this big kid, who started to eat the chocolate right away, and looked at Mart. I knew I needed to go, but I didn’t want to! Please ask me to stay, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! But I knew that the chance was 1:10000000000000000000000000000.
Martin, like someone who knows everything, looked back at me with a more than hot gaze. He opened his divine mouth and I heard his specific voice:
“I must return your help somehow. I wouldn’t have been able to stand more of this” he nodded towards Dave. Even this sentence of his was damned hot!
“Oh, no problem. But now that you offered it…” appeared a little smile on my face “What did you think anyway?”
“What do you want?” he narrowed his green eyes a bit.
“Well… What do you offer?” I folded my arms in front of my chest – giving him a better look into my cleavage willingly. Sometimes it is great being a woman, I thought smiling. Mart reacted as I expected. Manly instincts. He gave me a faint lopsided smile, then the oh so typical light flickered.
“Well… we can offer you a day… with the band…”
Hearing this opportunity I felt my heart pounding painfully quickly in my chest. “I think I’d be mad letting this slip away…” I mused then continued with false modesty “But I don’t want to be in your way. I don’t want to hold you up…” Meanwhile I brushed my fingertips along my lower lip just to see how he reacts.
“Come on! You won’t be in our way!” he waved with his hand then my move captured his gaze. I could see as his eyes got slowly darker.
“Great. Then… what’s the first on the list?” I asked then I willingly searched for the two other guys – he doesn’t need to think that he just needs to whistle and I jump immediately – although it was true, but he doesn’t need to know it yet.
“We collect the guys and Anton or Kessy lets us know what’s on schedule for today” he followed my gaze.
“Okay, I just need to make some phone calls, just to be sure no one will be worried about me. Meanwhile – if you think – you can gather your friends” I waved towards them and not waiting for his answer I showed him my back, with the phone already by my ear to report I was sick and won’t go in today.
I finished my call quickly. When I turned around the three DM members were looking at me expectantly: Andy enchanted, Mart waiting, and Dave satisfied.
“I hope for a while you won’t drag me in such crazy things like ‘choc-hunting through the half city’” I grunted eyeing them – but addressing this especially to Dave because of his previous rude behaviour.
“I’m sorry” he said quietly, looking at me regretting everything. I nodded immediately, signaling that no harm was done. Why would?
“Then let’s go” offered Martin then I felt him linking our arms so this way he was able to lead me.
The boys knew where we needed to go so I’ve found myself in a hotel soon, where they’d got the list what they needed to do. Andy usually walked his own way. The boys made music, he arranged stuff. This was well-known for every fan. And the guys didn’t like the press conferences and picking up awards anyway – they’ve sent Andy everywhere. At least it seemed like this to me. And the meeting at the hotel confirmed this: the guys gave their papers to Andy – they’ve left those things to him, which they didn’t have to arrange themselves so they had a bit less to do. When Mart saw my questioning look signaling ‘this isn’t fair’ he said:
“This way we’ll have more time for you” and gave me a melting look. I immediately gave up my ‘okay-now-I-defend-Fletch’ named project.
“Exactly. We need to make up to you because we ruined your whole day with my silly choc-addiction. It’s an interesting feeling when it comes upon me” Dave smiled like a little boy, which made him even more adorable “What do you say about bringing you to the stadium for the soundcheck? Of course just when it interests you…” he offered kindly. Now that he had his fill of choc he acted quite nicely.
“If it interests me? Are you kidding? It sure interests me! I had never been on a soundcheck! I always wanted to know how you work!” I enthused. This meant that I started babbling. Finally Mart silenced me with his index finger on my lips, smiling.
“Breathe” he looked at me still smiling. I felt my legs go weak – he was so sweet!
 “Then let’s go” said Dave and opened the door to let me… ME out with a Gahanish-gallant bow.
I felt like I was drunk. I wasn’t able to stop smiling and the happiness hormones were working and screaming in me as I stepped out of the room, smiling radiantly at Mr. Chivalry Gahan while I still felt Mart’s finger’s touch linger on my lips. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. But it was.
We got to the stadium quickly – every moment with them was quickly passing for me. The boys sent me an apologizing look as they jumped onto the stage. Or rather Dave with the neatness of a panther jumped up, while Martin climbed, but I loved him like this too. I sat down onto a nearby chair – stealing the seat of someone from the DM crew, but I didn’t give a damn. The stage still looked chaotic: cables everywhere – from normal size to the thick ones – the monitors in pieces. But the microphones were there and Mart grabbed my fav guitar. Gahan chatted with Anton about something, who – thanks to some miracle – arrived here before us, then he stepped to the mic. He looked at his friend, waiting. Mart did something with his guitar then looked up at the waiting Dave and flashed a smile. Dave returned it. This picture burned into my mind for the rest of my life, although it was just a moment. Dave turned to the mic and they started playing, although they were interrupted relatively often, cuz they were checking the sounds. They made Mart play a few accords again and again, who took it patiently, although it was clear that this wasn’t his favourite thing to do. Dave sometimes grimaced when he was interrupted by his fav songs and fav parts.
I was just sitting there amazed by them and tried to capture as much pictures in my mind as it was possible. Then I kicked myself in the butt and searched for my digital cam – it’s nearly always with me. So I pulled it out of my bag and made some pics right away when from Dave’s glimpse I saw that it was okay. I’ve got more and more adventurous and stood up to walk a bit farther away, climbed up to some seats to get pics from every angle then I approached the stage too. The guys continued their rehearsal without a break. It seemed very tiring.
And Dave gave in more. He got into his stage-moves so not just one of my pics turned out juicer than the average. Of course I was just happy because of this. Then Gahan called me to him after a song and asked:
“Do you fancy giving us a lil’ backing-vocal? It’d be a great help.”
“What? Me?” I laughed not believing his words and looked at Mart for reassuring that this was just a joke.
The blonde guy nodded. I froze. Me? Singing? It was ages ago since I’ve last sang and I wasn’t sure I’m still able to do it.
“Dave, this is really flattering, but I don’t think I can do it.”
He just waved. “Is your voice clear?”
“Well it was years ago – but it was years ago! Maaany years ago.”
“Oh come on! You can’t forget how to sing. Come!” he reached for my hand to help me onto the stage.
I was a bit unsure when I grabbed it and let him pull me up. I knew that may voice’ll be shaky. I let them put me to the right place – behind a microphone. As I looked up the view took my breath away and sent a chill through my system. The stadium from this angle was something totally different. Terrifying. Enormous and imposing. I was thinking about all these and even bigger stadiums – full of fans every night on a tour… There can flow unbelievable energies on every concert. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that Dave loves what he does. A technician’s voice pulled me back to the ground. I could see that he didn’t really like my presence, cuz the boys’ attention was on me – holding up the work. For my surprise he spoke in Hungarian – then I realized that it was not a big surprise that he was a Hungarian man - after all we were at home.
“Are you listening?” asked the short and skinny man. When I nodded, he went on “First we need to adjust the mic, so say some words then comes the music. Everything’s clear? Can we start?”
I nodded unsure – I knew that my voice was going to shake like hell.


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