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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2009.08.12. 12:16

After we were ready with adjusting the mic, the guys chose a song and Mart started to play. The guitar solo of ‘Never let me down again’ came and soon after that Dave’s voice joined the song. I was really nervous – I’m sure that it was written all over my face, cuz Mart came closer and sent me encouraging glimpses while he was playing on his guitar. He knew the song by his heart after all those shows and I’m sure he could play it with closed eyes too, I mused but came back to the earth just in time to join the chorus. The first sounds I gave out were a bit unsure, but I relatively soon caught the song’s flow so the next lines were better. At the end I was quite satisfied. When we were close to its end, Martin suddenly stood next to me, put his hand around my waist to sing the closing lines like that…
See the stars, they're shining bright, Everything's alright tonight…"
At the end I laughed instead of singing while I had goose bumps everywhere, knowing who was embracing me. Anyway I wasn’t this happy for a long time. With a radiating smile I automatically embraced Mart’s neck as a ‘thank you’. His guitar pressed against my tummy, but I didn’t care. I wanted to do this for so long! And not in a sexual meaning, just because I can thank them so many wonderful songs – especially for this genie who wrote the lyrics.
Next to Mart’s hug the other thing which caused even more happiness was when Dave looked at me approvingly and let his green gaze rest on me for some minutes. But of course I knew that I wasn’t that good next to two such professionals… this wasn’t for my singing skills. Maybe I even blushed when this dug in.
Dave suddenly stepped to Martin and whispered something into his ear – Martin started to nod eagerly.
“What?” I asked suspiciously while I let Mart go, reached for the camera on the floor and flashed into his faces to capture this confidential whispering.
“No-no-nothing” laughed Dave “It’ll be a surprise, okay? I’m immensely grateful for your choc-getting-action and this makes me your debtor. It was just an idea for Marty, but I see he likes it already” he answered grinning widely. It crossed my mind that they were like little boys…
“Yes, it’ll be a surprise” nodded Mart too, but he couldn’t hide the smile on his face either “I think, you’ll like it…” he winked at me – one side of me melted, the other was still suspicious.
“Ah, right. I hope I won’t regret it” I shrugged a bit and after they announced that the rehearsal was over I looked at them questioningly, waiting for the next point on their list.
“Aren’t you hungry?” stroked Dave his flat tummy “Cuz I really am! It’s high time to eat something!”
I eyed him in shock “But you just ate more chocolate bars!”
“Oh come on! I’ve already stomached it” he grinned at me “You know, during tours I can eat really much, but it doesn’t show cuz the two-hours-long running on the stage keeps me in form” he shrugged in his black shirt and I left my gaze there for a moment and let my fantasy wander a bit.
“I see” I answered not paying any attention then I looked at them “Well I think we can go, cuz today I hadn’t got the chance to eat yet – thanks to our little trip.”
“We don’t want you to die from starving” Dave embraced my shoulder reassuringly.
“Do you want our rescue-angel for yourself?” asked Mart.
“She rescued me at the end, didn’t she?” grinned Dave.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! – I thought shaking when both of them had their hands on my shoulders.
“Take it easy boys, let’s call me your rescue-angel, I think it’s much easier that way” I composed myself then jogged Dave in the side “For you because I helped you to your choc and for you…” I turned to Mart repeating my previous move “cuz I spared you Dave’s further fireworks” I winked. “And now let’s go, cuz…” my tummy signaled its wish “well I think you’ve heard it…” I laughed.
After a short drive the chauffeur stopped in front of Cotton Club.
“Don’t say you want to eat here!” I exclaimed.
“Why not?” asked Mart back “Their booze is quite great…”
“And did you eat here?”
“No. Would you recommend another place?”
“Sure. If non of you ate here. At the end it’s a night club and although it’s afternoon… I’d say in the name of the two hungriest people, we should go and check out the Indonesian restaurant nearby. It’s just two blocks away. It seems that two of us like that kind of food.”
“It’s okay with me too” surrendered Mart – he started to get hungry too.
The Balinese waiter was so willing to serve us, he just waited to fulfill our wishes. And I was peeking Dave. He can concentrate really hard, if he wants to. As I saw he completely closed out the outside world and had his full attention on his fish-curry. His face mirrored such joy, which made me think of another kind of joy – I couldn’t help it. Martin picked some of his dish, but rather drank – the third one from the really strong Arak. After the forth one a big smile appeared on his face. With one of his hands he pushed the food on his plate, but his other hand suddenly fell onto my lap.
“Oops” he said “I’m sorry but if I drink…”
“Don’t be afraid Mart. I hold you strong if you need it, you won’t fell off of this chair” I took his arm.
“Hmm… this sounds great” winked Curly with shining eyes then he decided to have a mouthful from his food. It seemed he doesn’t mind my hand resting on his arm. I saw in his eyes that it ran through his mind what else I could hold for him.
The food from my fork ended on my plate when I tried to put it into my mouth, cuz his hand – after a few minutes and drinks – landed on my thigh. I’m glad I wasn’t eating or drinking at that moment, because I would have drowned. I looked at him questioningly.
By this time Dave finished eating – in his case it seemed like a feast – and stood up to start going around the restaurant in circles.
“What is he doing?” I followed him with my eyes, trying to avoid Mart’s paw on me. It crossed my mind that maybe these two guys really weren’t normal…
“Me thinks he wants to go to the loo, but he can’t see it, but don’t want to ask for any help” he laughed out loud.
My question about their normality grew stronger. “Of course… but I find it a bit strange that after 45 years he still plays such games…” I sighed then looked at Mart “Will you be okay alone? Don’t drink more, or else you’ll knock yourself out and then it doesn’t matter that I’m a rescue angel or not, I won’t be able to drag you out of here…”
I stood up and left the humming Mart behind just to try to fall in line with Dave’s circling. After one and a half circle I caught up.
“Can I help you?” I asked him trying to make eye-contact.
“Hmm… well, yes. Usually I can find it alone like a big boy, but here? No way! Where’s that particular room, my Beauty?”
“What? So, yeah, I get it. I ask the waiter. But Dave… ‘my Beauty’? You are a real troubadour, you know?”
“When nature is calling then you have to go…” he winked then laughed too as he followed me to the men’s room.
“From here you can handle it alone, right? Or you need further help?”
“Well not in this, but you bet I need help in something else.”
Not seeing my shocked face he hurried in and I was just standing there frozen to that spot.
After a few minutes Dave came out relieved, grinning. I was still braining on his words.
“Well, thanks. I think we should move on” he checked his watch then looked towards Martin, who tried to spark the waitress. “We should take him as well, or else he’ll knock himself out again” he sighed shaking his head.
“All right. We should go till he can walk on his own feet. With that ‘enormous’ tummy of his we wouldn’t be able to carry him anywhere!” I said and wanted to go back to him, but suddenly I felt Dave’s long fingers on my upper arm. He pulled me gently to him then looking deeply into my eyes with his insanely sexy voice he whispered:
“Listen, honey. I know that you like both of us, but look at Martin – I think after five minutes he won’t be able to do anything – in every meaning, so if you want to have a good time – and why won’t you do so, after all not anybody can have this lucky, getting this close to us… so if you want to have a night to remember then just leave yourself to me. I take you out somewhere, if you want it. The decision is yours.”
I choked from these sentences. WHAT??? I can’t be this lucky!!! IS THIS A JOKE???!!! I can’t believe, I clattered inside, but gathered all of my strength to look calm – just my insanely shining eyes betrayed what his offer did to me. I tried to stay on the ground.
“Uhm… I think I’m right if I say you have a concert tonight…” I started after clearing my throat “Your offer is tempting, but there’s one problem…” I folded my arms and he let me go. I didn’t care that my body nearly cried out from this.
“What?” he looked at me with disbelief. It was clear he hasn’t expected this answer.
“Well, I’m not sure whether you’d be able to ‘entertain’ me fully after such an intense show…”
“Well…” Dave started – it was clear to me that my sentence surprised him. The former arrogant smile disappeared. Until now no one questioned his stamina. After a moment of hesitating he continued “I always have more than enough strength to entertain such a beautiful creature… I can prove it after the concert if you don’t believe me.”
His smug grin returned then he headed for Martin to collect him. For a few moments I was just standing there like a statue. Well okay, if he wants to prove it, I won’t hold him back! Dave looked back and waved – it was time for me to go too. A confused and satisfied smile ran through my face. I was waiting forward to see what’ll come out of this. Even the thought that Dave Gahan wants to prove it to ME, made me excited beyond words and I was planning going home to change before the concert. OMG! Dave Gahan! This is more than I can handle, I thought and returned to Martin. With a few waves we sent the relieved waitress away, who staid with Mart just because of the local rules.
“But wwwwhy?” Mart pulled away the last word disappointed.
“Because today you have a concert to give” I noted waving for the bill.
I was slowly walking after Dave – feasting my eyes with his perfect butt – and I was weighting my chances for this evening while he was talking on his cell with someone. Martin was following him – his eyes seemed to get slowly clearer as he sobered with a light headache. While Dave was speaking I’ve heard a few times clearly that he said “But don’t you get it? We’ve promised this surprise”. I wished I could have known what it was and whether it was my surprise or not, I mused then followed Dave into the car, sitting right next to him.
“You don’t have a boring life, that’s for sure. It must be very tiring being always on the road…” I noted looking out of the window “By the way what’s our destination now?”
“Well” said Dave “it’s 4 pm – we are over the soundcheck, had lunch and as I guess we have still 3 hours free-time. You just lean back and wait patiently. Your surprise’ll come soon” he leant back – really-really-really close to me, nearly nuzzling. Our legs touched all the way – I felt the heat radiating from his body, smelled his fresh manly scent and when he lifted my chin and looked into my eyes I asked him:
“What is this all about? Not that I wouldn’t enjoy it, you just made me curious” I let myself sink into that mysterious gaze.
“You just need to decide whether you dare to do it or not.”
“But what?”
“Are you a brave girl? Because this is such a thing which always makes my heart beat faster every time I face it. And Mart is scared too…”
“Oh my god, what can it be that scares you both this much?” I asked with panic in my voice and thousands of possibilities ran through my mind. Tattoo? Piercing? But Mart doesn’t have one. Even a threesome came into my mind, but I doubt it would scare them. He enjoyed every moment of my horror then he embraced my shoulders and whispered into my ear:
“Today you’re gonna sing with me on stage, baby!”
“WHAT DID YOU SAY???” I screamed straightening up and looked at the grinning singer, who was still dangerously close to me “What did you think??? I wasn’t that good on the rehearsal! I won’t buy it! And anyway… and how and when and mostly why?” I started to panic. I put my hand onto my heart, cuz I thought it’d jump out of its place. ME singing in front of thousands??? With DEPECHE MODE????!!!! No way…
“We thought you were open for new things and as I saw, you like Depeche, so it’d be a lifetime experience. You passed the test on the soundcheck, you know the lyrics, your voice is nice – you’ll be a great vocalist. You’d stand behind me, what do you say? By the way you’ll see the texts on the projector during the concert.”
“I can’t believe Dave! I’ll see just one thing: you!” I stuttered.
“What the fuck, I’ll be the invisible man?” woke Mart up from his nap.
“Oh come on, of course not!” I hugged his waist friendly and pulled him closer so our sides touched “Don’t be sad little Mart, you are just as adorable as Dave.”
“Right answer!” he rubbed his eye then looked at his friend “What’s up Gahan? Isn’t your charm working? I thought you’ve already jumped onto our angel” he noted flinging then looked at me. The adrenaline in my system started to be too much. The two men of my dreams on my two sides… I was surprised that I didn’t faint yet. Mart went on: “By the way your voice is really good and a little diversity on our concerts would be great. I think it’d be a big buzz for you, especially in your home-country… Just think about it…” he tried to hex me with his eyes. It was the first time I wished I was a chameleon so I could look into both seducing gazes. It was such a gaze that even Jesus ran for 40 days in the desert from it. I felt all of my resistance disappearing.
“Okay then“ I agreed “But what’s your problem with your voice? I think it’s beautiful. And what’s this Dave-wants-to-jump-on-me stuff?” I was ‘shocked’.
“I don’t have any problems with my voice – I’ll do the vocal too and singing as well, you just help me out. We bring some excitement into your show” he shrugged and with his index finger he stroked along my upper arm playfully “And Dave… well he is just Dave… if he sees a pretty girl…” he winked.
“Who told you that I’d jump on anybody? There are enough poses, am I right? Don’t you want a little training, sweetie?”
“Martin, David, you scare me! Don’t you mind that I’m sitting right between you? I think I wouldn’t be a too experienced luxurious slag” I bent my head down.
“We didn’t mind it that way!” they said in the same time “We are sorry! We just wanted to start your fantasy. You know how it goes: everything’s going on in the brain” said Dave and tickled my neck. With one slap I pushed his hand away. I pouted and waited for their placation. Mart sent his mate a frown and snuggled to me.
“Please…” he whispered kindly “Don’t be mad at us. We are crazy! Sorry about this” he looked at me with an apologizing and melting look.
For a minute I was just hemming inside, but couldn’t hold back and laughed. This big mug could cuddle to me so sweetly that I couldn’t do anything else. Mart straightened satisfied, but let his hand on my waist. He let it there and Dave let his on my shoulders. I felt very strange – in my stomach ten-thousand nice little ladybirds were running up and down and my head was as light as a bag of butterflies.

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