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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2009.08.12. 12:18


“I forgive you with one condition…” I stopped laughing, but I was still smiling at my two “kidnappers”.
“Name it!” twisted Dave one of my tufts.
“Before the concert someone should take me home, because I want to prepare myself. I think this farmer-halter duo wouldn’t be enough on stage.”
“I have to go to an appointment, baby” said Mart resignedly “but this jerk will do this favour for you, I’m sure” he stabbed at his mate.
I turned to Dave with a radiating smile. His eyes flashed with a telltale light, but I couldn’t read anything else from them. Oh my good! What if he wants to come in? I bet I forgot to tidy up! Moreover the flat is full of his pictures! – I moaned inside, but said out lout just this: “Okay then. So if Mr. Gahan would be so kind to put me out by my house and would waiting for me patiently, or would come back for me, then there’s no problem. Now that you dragged me into this…”
“Of course” he smiled “But you must invite me for a coffee.”
“Okay, deal” I nodded while from a sudden idea I softly touched the tip of his nose with my index finger.
“Waiting patiently – yeah, it was always one of my strengths” David smiled.
“Please stop by the Cotton Club!”
“No, Mart, you shouldn’t” took Dave his friend’s hand apprehensively and looked at him with such fear for him that it totally confused me. Oh my gosh, I’m sitting here between two prize-winner men who worry for each other like Philemon and Baucis. I started to feel strange.
“Don’t worry, please. I’ll be okay. I swear it’s really a contract. I meet Mr. McKanna there, but we go to the Four Season’s conference room” looking into Dave’s eyes he added: “Thank you for looking after me.”
Dave nodded and looked out of the window. I did the same. I had strange feelings. I’ve read things about Gahan, that he’s a bit cocky… well he really is cocky a bit. But next to this he’s anxious and sensitive. And Mart is… crazy. I love both of them!
“All right, lil’ Miss” smacked Mart onto my thigh when we stopped in front of the club “Now I won’t be around for a while. Take care of him” he nodded grinning towards the singer “Don’t let him do anything stupid!” he added with an even wider grin then bent to me to place a kiss onto my face – I wouldn’t say that it was too far from my mouth…
“Don’t worry I’m an official guardian angel – although not from Charile’s angels, but I’m just as tough” I winked.
“Where can I bring you?” asked the driver and I gave him the address. Fortunately there wasn’t a big traffic jam like usually so we could go along quite quickly – although I wished Critical Mass was today! Because my favourite singer wasn’t at a loss: he rested one of his hands on my thigh and with the other he stroked my neck.
I couldn’t say a word. I was a bit puzzled cuz I realized again and again whose hands were on my body… I was sitting on the backseat with arms folded under my breasts and looked out of the window. Rationality was nowhere. Silly things crossed my mind as my eyes took in the familiar streets. Is this serious? Dave Gahan coming to my flat?? – I asked myself and sighed a big one – which he mistook and continued and his hands started to wander more daringly. And now I took deep breaths not because I was at a loss, but from the desire which was rising in me.
“Dave…” I put my hand onto his warm hand to stop him.
“What?” he looked into my eyes with his darker irises.
“This isn’t the time to prove…” I said. I wanted him to feel that although my body started to burn from his touches he can’t always have what runs through behind his handsome face.
He eyed me slowly. He didn’t like my answer – he didn’t expect this. I grinned exultingly. I won our first match. I saw in his eyes that he wants… me. Me! This shocked and filled me with pride. I leant close – real close - to him joshing, and looked deep into his eyes. He looked back at me firmly. I kept the eye-contact. He has such unbelievable eyes! And he knew this fact really well. He had no intentions letting me go, he kept my gaze with his eyes and I couldn’t look elsewhere – I was just watching him mesmerized. He took both of my hands into his and was still grinning confidently and unashamedly. I wasn’t able to break the eye-contact so I asked straight into his face:
“Why do you want this, David?”
“I don’t want to tell you my motivations – it wouldn’t be that fun anymore…” he whispered nearly into my mouth.
I looked down at his full lips and accepted his answer with a little smile. It killed me that I could be THIS close to him. It wouldn’t have disturbed me, knowing the ‘great’ quality of Hungarian roads, if the car jumped a bit – so the space between our lips could vanish, but it didn’t happen. The car slowed down then stopped – just when Dave wanted to bend forward. With a wide grin I pulled away and shook my head a bit. I got out of the car. I saw a little disappointment on his face, cuz the moment was over. But I knew very well that he can bring us into such situations ANYTIME. I was searching for my keys when I walked towards the gate. I’ve heard Dave’s footsteps behind me after he told the driver that we’ll be back soon. We all had doubts about this ‘soon’, but I didn’t say a word just when we stopped in front of my door.
“Well, Mr. Gahan, I warn you that my flat isn’t a mansion and it’s a little messy at the moment, but maybe you can survive” I opened the door and invited DAVE GAHAN into MY FLAT! He stepped in. Uhm, I hope he skims over their pictures on some of my walls, I thought. He slowly and methodically mapped my flat. “Can I bring you something to drink?” I asked when he sat down on my couch.
“Yep, an orange juice would be nice and of course that strong coffee you promised and lured me up here.”
“Me?” I yelled indignantly then I saw that seeing my angry face made him rolling from laughter.
“Okay, okay, I just pecked. I’m here because I planned this afternoon just like this.”
“What were your exact plans?”
“Being with you.”
“And tell me why can I have this undivided attention?” I squinted at him wile I took a step towards the kitchen.
“I’m that grateful type” he answered humbly.
“How good it is for me…” I smiled “And because of this I need to do coffee for you, right?” I grimaced and walked into the kitchen.
I began with the coffee but I was so excited having the divine Dave Gahan in the middle of my living room that with my shaking hands I accidentally pushed a big glass down from the table, which landed with a loud clash. A spicy Hungarian cursing left my mouth as I started to pick up the pieces. Dave heard the noise too – he was examining a few drawings “Is everything okay, Hon?”
“Yes of course, it was just a cheesy glass. Ouch!” I exclaimed when a bigger piece cut deep into my skin and a deep red blood drop appeared immediately there. After this Dave came after me into the kitchen with a ‘what-the-heck-is-this-girl-doing’ expression on his face as he bent down to me to look at my injury.
“Well, you cut it nicely” he said shaking his head while he gently pulled my hand to him to see the damage clearer.
“Um, it’s nothing. The bleeding will stop… then you’ll get your coffee’ I said softly and managed to smile.
“It seems that the bleeding won’t stop quickly… let me see” and with this he really gently took my finger between his sensual full lips to suck it a bit. I wanted to faint when I felt his soft tongue on my fingertip… I could see it clearly that the taste of my blood didn’t disturb Dave, moreover I think he liked it… After a few minutes he let my finger go and looked at the bruise. “Uh-oh this is quite deep. We should bandage it.
“I have medical tape somewhere. I go and look for it” I said quickly and wanted to stand up, but he didn’t let me. He pulled me closer and I let him. We were really close now.
“Don’t be afraid, injures with cuts doesn’t bleed for too long” he said and licked the corner of his lips where a few of my blood drops remained. He gave me a serious Bela Lugosi face, pulling his lip up. We laughed like fools, kneeling in the kitchen. But we both knew that we can’t resist for too long – otherwise usually Dave just acted and left thinking for the others.
He pulled me so close that while he licked his mouth, his tongue nearly touched my lips. My heart skipped a beat. Oh my god, he’ll kiss me, I thought – but of course I liked the situation. We looked deeply into each others eyes and I melted from his green look.
And then it happened. His lips touched mine and after a while his tongue found its way to mine. My whole body started to shake from the feeling. I felt Dave’s hands around me as he embraced me and pressed me against his body. But when he cut his palm too he stood up hissing.
“Kitty, do you have a bed?”
“Wasn’t the demonstration part after the concert, my panther?”
“At this moment I don’t care about the concert or the demonstration – now I just want to love you.”
I melted to the floor from this sentence. I looked at him with big eyes. “Please love me. I don’t care where just love me!”
“I suggest we stand up, but otherwise the kitchen table will do too” he said then pushed everything onto the floor and put me onto the table.
I smiled because of Dave’s impatience then grabbed him by his black shirt and pulled him to me for a fierce kiss. He didn’t protest – he had enough to do. Judging his grumbling this wasn’t the first time when he had problems with women’s belts. If I didn’t want him to rip off my clothes – oops I wanted – I needed to help him. So I let his shirt go and took off my clothes. He was standing there, waiting and when he saw that he had a green light, he bent over me again.
He took possession over me deliberately – he stripped and caressed my chest, tummy and tights while his lips crushed on mine. My hands grabbed Dave’s body eagerly and soon his dark shirt landed on the floor too. I searched for his belt and finally found its buckle – it wasn’t hard for me to loosen it. Suddenly it hit me where my hands were and it filled me with huge pride. It was a shame that I couldn’t tell to anyone. Although this way this experience will be just mine and Dave’s.
Dave moaned and attacked my lips. I hardly could keep up with his wild kisses – we were both panting. I felt how much he wanted me – there was no doubt, his body showed me. His lust fired me up even more. I nearly begged him to do what must be done in such a situation. He ripped off my clothes then he bit my neck. I moaned out loud from the feeling. While his mouth was pampering my skin, I felt his hips moving forward forcefully. We can say that things had found their place. I was so sure that Dave was in the right place, where he belongs. In me.
I couldn’t stop a big moan as he penetrated me with his full length. My whole body tensed from the feeling. My fingers dig into his back as I let my head fall back in my rapture. Just from this one movement I felt my orgasm come nearer, but I managed not to come right away. I sighed – nearly moaned – when DAVE GAHAN started to move inside of me! I thought it wouldn’t be possible, but it was! I blessed myself because I chose that route this morning. And now I’m here in my own kitchen, on my own table with my adored idol. If I recall it correctly, adoring an idol is sin… Then now I sinned… But who the hell cares? I don’t mind! If Hell is like this then I love being there with Dave…
I came back from my cloudy thoughts when his lips found my naked tits. His pushes were getting stronger and quicker. His eagerness drove me crazy. I scratched his shoulders softly and dig into his hair by his nape when he laid me down on the table, while I put my legs around his waist.
“You do it quite good so far…” I moaned with a little smile in the corner of my lips and watched his moves when my head didn’t hit the table to his rhythm. My hips mirrored his movements a few times just to provoke him a little more. He didn’t answer. I’ve heard from his frequent moans that he got closer and closer to his own climax. To hinder this – and to kill me – his pushes got longer. I moaned plaintively from this. Why, WHY was he torturing me? “Did anyone tell you…” I gulped a big one “that you… would be a great tyrant?” My body followed his calmer rhythm and I tightened my legs around his waist.
“Yeah, they did…” he answered smiling then changed this painfully slow pace just to get deeper in me and accelerate his speed. I rewarded him with a louder groan as I closed my eyes. I felt the unbearable heat radiating from my body – knowing that Dave was doing me just in the way I always wanted excited me even more! I moaned louder and louder. It didn’t matter that the hard table hurt my body, that I couldn’t breathe in this wild shag – I just wanted to feel Him moving inside of me, lifting me higher and higher. I couldn’t stop myself – I needed to scratch his shoulders with my nails. I stroked his divine back-tattoo not just once then it broke out of me with a big moan: “Deeper!”
He fulfilled my wish without a question but now he moaned too. “I’m nearly there!” he moaned again.
“Me…too!” I panted grabbing his neck. I felt that thanks to the intense siege I was nearly at the end. My free hand grabbed the edge of the table, my vision started to blur, the blood was thudding in my ears and my heart pumped the blood in my system like mad. I’ve totally got lost in Dave’s moves, into the feelings he evoked in me. I’ve heard his voice from a distance then it was like an explosion. My body screamed and strained – I’ve heard Dave’s yell then nothing. Everything went quiet for a few moments then everything fell on me at the same time: voices, time, and reality. I didn’t want it to end!
But it was over. I was panting when I looked up at him – his hips still moving gently for a few moments. I saw that he didn’t want to pull away and this gave me satisfaction. I wiped off a sweatdrop from his specific nose and saw that he wanted to tell me something.
“This… was quite good” he smiled and moved his hips once.
“What? Quite good?” I moaned toward the ceiling because of his evil move “What’s this ‘quite good’? Do you want to change places? You want ME to demonstrate tonight, or what? Or this whole thing was a cover-action so that I won’t realise that you wouldn’t be able to satisfy me tonight?” I stuck out the tip of my tongue for a moment.
“What do you say? Me not being able to satisfy you? What kind of accusation is this?” he snorted.
“Well… you wanted to hurry things. Just look at you – I smudged you with my blood too” I sighed with false regret and pulled his head closer to me. I licked my blood off of his neck. “It was quite vampire-ish, wasn’t it?” I muttered onto the warm and fragrant skin.
“Yeah, something like that” he answered while he slipped out of me.
I sighed quietly then sat up. The pleasure this man caused was still quivering in my body. I pulled him closer for one more kiss as I was sitting on the edge of the table then I caressed his face and let him go. “I think I could use a shower” I noted.
“All right” he answered while he started to get dressed “I’ll jump in the hotel.”
“Hey, you don’t have to – I give you a towel and you can have your shower here, too. You’re no trouble. And by the way we have no time to waste…” I shrugged with a smile.
“Then I join you, okay?” he winked.
“It’s okay by me… you already saw me naked” I returned his gesture then followed by his gaze I walked out of the kitchen naked, leaving the ‘battlefield’ behind. I went to the bedroom to bring two towels. Dave didn’t trouble himself, I’ve found him in the bathroom already – he let the water run in the shower. I put the towels down and folded my arms in front of my chest as I stood there, Dave showing me his back. I shamelessly eyed his naked and wet body. “Well… who’s gonna join whom?”
He didn’t say a word just embraced my waist and pulled me under the water.

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