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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2009.08.12. 12:21


Passion washed through my body in an intense way. I couldn’t remember when Martin joined me, I just felt it that now his semen got into me too. This is crazy, I thought. I was lying on the floor panting. He followed me willingly to the ground. I felt his weight on me which evoked comfortable feelings in me as he was kissing my shoulder-blades and shoulders. My body still couldn’t calm down – I had goose bumps everywhere while my skin was very hot. This was too much for my body. I psyched out and couldn’t move. I took deep breaths. I’d have panted but with Mart on my back I couldn’t do it, so I filled my lungs and exhaled slowly. With this I lifted Mart too with every breath I took.
After a few minutes I heard him whisper into my ear “Hmmm… I must say that… you were very tasty… and loud” he giggled silently.
I laughed back softly. Goose bumps rose on my nape where I felt Mart’s breath. Please, turn around, I begged inside. It was as if Mart had read my mind, he propped himself on his hands and asked me on his deeper voice “Turn around, please…”
I obeyed smiling then I looked into those beautiful green eyes, while my fingers were stroking one of his upper arms. He slowly bent down to me. I thought he would never touch my lips with his. He barely pressed them onto mine – he was playing with them softly. He wasn’t unsure, rather he was enjoying these little kisses. But I couldn’t hold back my burning senses. I returned his kisses passionately – giving more and more sensuality into my answers.
After a few minutes Martin sighed a wobbly one, pulling away from me and giving me the opportunity to kiss his neck. I gently bit onto the exposed skin. Now I was sitting and Mart let me push him into a sitting position without a word. He embraced me with his arms and pulled me closer to him. But I wanted more. I quickly sat onto his lap and nestled to him tightly. I propped my arms onto his shoulders and crossed my arms behind his head, while we were kissing deeply again – passion took over us slowly. I did my best to show this man that… What exactly?
I didn’t know for sure. Maybe that I’m different from the other girls, whom they can have whenever they wanted? Those perfect dolls do everything they say – not that I’m not – but I still felt myself different. I had no clue why I was kissing him with such élan, cuz we had nothing to do with each other. But he had such an effect on me, which I would not have imagined.
His hands started to move on my body again – they were caressing my back and waist. I didn’t dare to hope for another round from him too. My sanity was fighting with my instincts. I could have damned me or they could put me down as a cheap little… But I didn’t care. I wanted them not to forget this crazy day for a while. Even if just for a week, it would make me happy in a crazy way. I shrugged inside and cleared my mind. I wanted to concentrate just on Martin. I’ve always imagined him through the years as the more emotional type, who can be really colourful behind the cold surface. I wanted to taste this, even if it meant “just” this way. While I put one of my hands onto his shoulder, the other started to stroke him, barely touching his skin. My caressing fingers wandered deeper and deeper on his body. During our passionate kisses sometimes I bit down onto his lower lip and pulled it a bit. I was playing with him. I knew that my eyes got darker from desire as I looked at his sweet smile then I slid my hand straight between us… I gently caressed his lower tummy – reaching his groin – then I pulled it back again. I was looking into his eyes, watching his reactions. He added two wobbly sighs to his smile then said:
“Evil…” he moaned.
“Yes, I am…” I narrowed my eyes “But you want to compensate in your little ‘rivalry’, don’t you?” I ran my fingers on his inner thighs.
“Not necessarily, but usually I don’t ruin such games” he answered while he closed his eyes. Using the opportunity, I grabbed his shaft firmly while I bit into his collarbone. He moaned faintly. I didn’t let his bone go – I rather bit down on it a little harder. My fingers went down and I grabbed him gently. I wanted him to feel the pain and joy I caused in the same time. His skin broke out in goose bumps from this double pleasure and he grabbed my butt firmly, while he tried to free his collarbone. He managed. With a rough move he grabbed my hair and pulled me away – I hissed from the pain and the thought that I was now vulnerable - then I was watching him licking my throat while my body shuddered.
First I moaned from the pain then from the pleasure. As an answer I grabbed his semi-hard cock firmer and I accelerated my speed. I dig into his shoulder with my free hand. I heard Mart’s loud moan and felt as his member grew bigger in my hand.
“I can’t believe it…” he huffed while he fiercely pulled me into his lap.
“Did I surprise you?” I lifted one of my eyebrows while I slid my free hand onto his nape. I looked into his beautiful eyes from really close, but my right hand continued what I’ve started.
“You impress me” he answered then kissed me sensually. It soon got more passionate. With his free hand he stopped my working hand and pushed it gently away just to lift me a bit.
“It’s just good, isn’t it?” I asked, but when I realised what he was up to do, I strained my body “No, not yet!” He huffed a little disappointed but put me down and looked at me questioningly. “You know… I’ve decided something…” I licked the edge of my dry mouth while I was playing with the tip of his cock.
I gave him an evil smirk and started to push him backward as I put one of my hands onto his chest. “That this crazy day can’t come to an end until I feel your or Dave’s cock in my mouth…” I stated shamelessly.
Mart grinned widely – he liked this rough straightforwardness. “As you wish…”
“Somehow I suspected that you won’t disagree…” I smiled leaning over him for a quick kiss then leaving out his chest I already tasted his skin on his lower tummy. I knew that something was waiting for me – ready for the action – a bit lower, but I wanted to drive him crazy a little further. He moaned impatiently and his hips made a forceful move. I playfully licked along his lower tummy and looked up at him grinning. Our eyes met. I stroked his rock-hard shaft from the bottom. I won’t do anything until he says something.
“What are you waiting for?” he looked at me with burning eyes – I thought I’d melt in that moment.
“Well for something like this…” I winked then gave him what he was longing for and I could be happy too, because I had what I wanted, although first I just ran my tongue on him. Then I showered his shaft with my kisses before I really took him into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and moaned toward the ceiling. I gave in everything I knew to get Martin under my spell. And it seemed to work, because he was moaning louder and got tenser under me. Sometimes he put off my rhythm when he moved his hips. I pulled away from him and licked him again then I put my teeth into the game too. I wanted him to show me somehow that he was under my control.
To reach this goal I tried a well-known but great trick. While my mouth was moving up and down on him, my tongue was playing along the lower side of his shaft just to repeat this movement from its base to the tip. From the feeling I caused he groaned and grabbed my long brown hair firmly – again – and this resulted more pain and joy for me, which just excited me further. I thought it was time to give him even more pleasure so I added one of my hands too. While my lips and tongue were still pampering Mart, I made a circle with my thumb and index finger and grabbed his cock with them. I started to drive him crazy as I was moving my lips and fingers to the same rhythm – sometimes twisting the ring around him. But I enjoyed every moment to the full too – knowing whom I can taste nearly made me insane too, but I carried on. I always loved this kind of sex, but I barely could seize with whom I was doing this! Now the control was mine and I was enjoying the situation! It seemed that my plan had worked, cuz he was moaning louder with every minute and he grabbed my tufts even wilder, which caused me more pain, but I didn’t care about this little nothing. Now HE mattered only. He flooded the room with his hell-bent groans then suddenly he said:
“God… you’re doing this fucking great! I think… I’ll cum into your mouth in a sec!”
I playfully licked him along from the bottom to his tip while my mouth curved into a little smile as I was looking straight into his eyes. “It’s up to you how you want it…” I left him with my lips for a moment, but my fingers were still sliding on him.
An animalistic groan was his answer so I bent my head with a smile. My lips joined my fingers and my teeth had their work too. My tongue was playing with him and my fingers were moving on him mercilessly. I couldn’t play for too long: after two enormous groan - a “nearly” and a “now” – I could feel him shooting. Martin Gore straight into my mouth! This was more than anything I’d imagined. An enormous wave of pride swept through me. Martin said that I was fantastic and this compliment meant more than anything at that moment. I licked every remained drop from his wonderful cock.
After it I sat up grinning and looked at him, who was still enjoying the last backwashes of his pleasure then he lifted his piercing eyes on me.
“It’s your turn” I winked.
“You’re maddening!” he moaned “I barely came back. I’m still under your previous action’s charm and you want a return mach from me?” he was looking at the ceiling still panting a bit.
“So you wouldn’t be able to entertain me? Well, well, Martin Gore can’t fulfill a woman’s demand?” I looked at him in ‘disbelief’.
“After this?” he grunted grinning and stroked along my swollen lips while he sat up.
“Well, you had your piece of cake – I deserve something too!”
“Alright, but just to see how nice I am although I’m just a star…” he shrugged smiling then stood up to offer me his hand “But we should continue it in the bedroom, not in front of the door…”
I accepted the offer with a smile and slid my hand into Martin’s. He pulled me close to him so I could feel his hardness pressed against my groin. We smiled at each other then walked into the bedroom. I followed him readily – my whole body shaking in anticipation again, knowing what’ll wait for me in the next few minutes…
Curly gently laid me down onto the double bed and leant over me for more kisses. Of course I answered his call. He attacked my lips with passion, which I didn’t mind. His hands discovered my butt again. It was unbelievable what he did to me! I just couldn’t get enough of him – with his body and with the feelings he awakened in me. He was still kissing me when his right hand found my clit again. I embraced him contended then moaned loudly and pulled him even closer.
“I want it with your mouth” I said impatiently, cuz he was able to turn me on within a moment. I though that my body’d give up soon from this unbelievable man, but nooo! It was enjoying it very much what Mart’s body was doing to it…
“Keep it easy, I planned it that way, but don’t be impatient!” he said, but hasn’t stopped kissing my neck. He was going downwards painfully slowly… Oh come on! – I moaned inside, this slow torture was killing me! I was prancing under Mart still impatiently.
“Calm down, kitty, prancing won’t help me to get between your legs sooner…” he sighed onto my breasts while his hand was playing an evil game between my thighs.
“All right…” I panted, letting him do it as he wished. I haven’t got the strength to give him a keen answer. “You drive me crazy!” I moaned when he bit me.
He laughed shortly then continued his torture, but he reached only my breasts yet. First he sucked them softly then he licked, sucked, bit and grabbed harder. From this wonderful feeling I started to sigh. This corrupt angel was stimulating my body so skillfully! I couldn’t stop myself and started to scratch his nape as my body was waiting for his kisses to go deeper. As I was floating in my pleasure, I unwillingly opened my legs wider and lifted my hips a few times to feel his naked skin. I nearly went insane again when I realized who was leaning over me like this! Finally Martin decided to stop my torture and his lips went deeper, until he got into position. I moaned such a big one from his passionate tongue-moves that he lifted his eyebrow.
“Does it hurt, baby?”
“No-hoo… Nooo…”
“All right… I’ve started to worry that I’m doing something wrong here…” he licked playfully the edge of his lips and I thought I’d die there from this… With his famous grin he returned to his work to continue it. I did the same: I was moaning again. But I could do this only for a minute, cuz after it I can’t remember what I was doing – probably I was screaming, probably his name or I hope so, cuz sometimes it’s not easy to remember these things…
Suddenly there was a knock at the door and through my cloudy mind I’ve heard Dave’s voice. I wouldn’t have been able to react for his calling. I was sure that he’d heard as I moaned or screamed Martin’s name. But it didn’t matter – for solving the problem I had all my hopes in Curly, who looked towards the door for a moment.
“What do you want, Dave? What’s the problem?”
“There’s no problem, but you have to come immediately. Can I come in?”
“Well, I don’t really know… We aren’t too presentable, if you know what I mean…”
“Are you kidding, Martin? I’ve seen you both naked! Let me in.”
“Right now?” I moaned loosing my mind, because Martin leant back to me and licked my clit a few more times “What’s so fucking important?!”
“Martin, it’s the Hungarian staff. I can’t find Fletch and there’s something with the lights – exactly one and a half hour before the concert… There’s no fucking power in the half city and the backup generators are far from enough for such a big show. So we need you and no one else here! If you think I can decide it alone, but you know these things better. We need to solve this, or else the Hungarian fans’ will tear everything apart if they didn’t get us!”
“Oh, how true” I muttered silently under my nose in Hungarian while at least I tried to get into my lingerie.
“Are you coming out or should I go in, Marty? What do you say?”
“Come in then…” stood Mart up, pulling up his boxer and jeans. He stepped to the door and unlocked it. At this time I managed to get some clothes on me – even though not all of them. As Dave stepped in, he had an ear to ear smile. I was glad that at least he was having his fun. Martin picked up a T-shirt and his cell phone then stormed out of the room. Dave sat down opposite the couch where I was getting dressed and looked at me still grinning, but annoyingly he didn’t say a word…

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