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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2009.08.12. 12:23


I sat down onto the couch, showing my back to him. I wasn’t in the mood to look into Dave’s blithe eyes now. I didn’t want to hear his pervert comments… or did I want it? I think I was a “bit” edgy because we needed to stop with Martin, that he needed to send away my skilled little angel. I still felt the tension in my body and wanted him to come back and finish what he’d started. My mind was racing like mad because I was unseated. If I think… maybe Dave could give me a helping hand in this if I asked him, but no, I won’t go down that road!
It wasn’t necessary to ask him – suddenly I felt two warm hands on my shoulders. I looked up into the green cat-like eyes as he was standing behind me – I nearly died from this sight! If someone should describe and illustrate what libido is, it’d be enough just snapping a photo of his momentary gaze as he was watching me…
“What’s up, Dave? What do you want?” I asked not on my nicest tone.
“Well, you can surely guess it!”
“David, maybe… Ah, nothing… Of course I can guess it, I just start to feel myself like a… you know, don’t you?”
“I think I know what you mean. Don’t think that we think about you anything bad! And it can’t be wrong wanting you, can it? Or should I sing ‘Freelove’ to you?”
“If you’d be so kind, I think that’d turn me on – particularly if you’d caress me meanwhile” I said smiling. I couldn’t do against it – it was impossible to be mad at him! He’s a nice knave, that’s for sure! He started to sing quietly and his hand moved down on my back…
“You’re a sly dog, Dave…” I noted in a much softer tone when his fingers reached the hem of my T-shirt, which I’d put on just a few minutes ago. I followed my singer’s gaze: my tits showed him squarely that my body liked the soft touches.
“How and what do you want?” he licked his lips for a moment.
“Everything and right now!”
“Hmm… this was quite clean-cut” he pulled my T-shirt over my head.
“Are you kidding? I’m sure you know what you’d interrupted!” I knelt up on the sofa and pulled him to me by his T-shirt so he nearly fell on me, which wouldn’t have been a big problem of course, but he propped himself and offered his beautifully full lips for me, which I attacked right away. While I was kissing him, I pushed him down onto the couch without thinking and sat into his lap. I was kissing him like mad, which he didn’t mind at all. I let my hands wander up on his back a few times. “I don’t need too much foreplay” I warned him.
“Uh-oh, someone is quite greedy here!” he grinned wider, because my hands had already opened his trousers.
“If someone interrupts me in such a situation, I can be really crabby and selfish…” I licked along his throat, but he took my breath away immediately when his fingers got under my panties. He has really long fingers – and how snappy they are! It was insane – I nearly fell off of his lap. I moaned again to show him how much I liked what he was doing with his fantastic hand. My hips moved again and again, while I was enjoying the pampering – or torture - with closed eyes. While he was working with his hands, his mouth wasn’t resting either. He kissed me wherever he was able to do so. He got more and more excited too – sitting on his lap I could feel that he wanted to continue what he’d just started. I began to move on his thighs – I turned him on with my body and stroked his legs and groin. He moaned too and laid me down on the couch…
I let myself go and allowed him to get rid off my panties too. He just needed to stroke along my inner thigh and I opened my legs immediately to let him nearer. But for now just his hand touched me again while he leant over me to look into my eyes. I bit my lower lip and looked back. The silent question was there between us. From the possibility that he can pamper me the way Mart did… that he can finish what the blonde one had started… From this possibility I felt another big wave of desire wash through me. I think my body lifted a bit for a moment too.
“Do you want me to…”
“Yes!” I interrupted him and started to push his head downwards, half-conscious “Quickly!”
“Jeez, I’m such a jerk…” he said grinning evil-like “so I interrupted THIS. I should make up for this mistake too… right?”
“Well… maybe you shouldn’t use your beautiful mouth for talking… Then maybe I’d forgive you…”
“For your forgiveness, everything…” he grinned at me then skipping all the prettiness he put his lips to the right place. I grabbed his hair as my eyes closed. First I couldn’t breathe from the feelings I felt – his wonderful tongue was playing with me skillfully and my hips moved with him. I really soon started the moaning part - the feeling which was caused by Martin returned. I stretched my hands above my head and grabbed the sofa’s armrest. My body lifted again and again from the joy I felt while Dave’s tongue and mouth was working on me in a maddening way. When I felt that I had just seconds to go, I grabbed his hair firmly and pulled him away.
“How do you want it? Do you want to have what I can give you, or you want this to be only about me?” I asked gasping for air.
Suddenly his cell phone started to ring. He rolled his eyes sighing and tried to find it in his trousers which were lying on the floor. How strange – every friend of mine has Depeche as a ringtone, but his was something else… Of course meanwhile I didn’t leave him alone, not allowing him to speak calmly. Instead of ‘hallo’ he started the phone call with a big moan. On the other side I could hear loud laughter then there was Mart’s voice – he was still giggling. I could see him grinning gloatingly.
“What’s up you leading man? Did I disturb your rehearsal? Or maybe you weren’t doing the voice training?”
“Jeeez, don’t do this to me!!!” I pleaded for the second time “I really can’t believe this!”
Dave grinned and stopped my working hand on him then he pushed me back to the couch with one hand. How strong he is, I thought, but every other thought left me when he reached between my legs with his free hand. My body tensed again and I thought I’d die if nothing was going to happen.
Meanwhile our favourite singer was holding his phone to his ear and answered Mart grinning, his fingers moving quickly on me. “No, it’s nothing, something just pinched me” he said in a laughing voice while he was watching me “Why did you call?”
“Dave, my dear friend, you have one hour to get to the arena. You have to, if we want to start in time. You are skilled enough – I know – to take care of your pinched member. Some cramp snapped it, right?”
“Jez, Mart! Really! Leave us alone and give us some time. The Moor does his duty and then the Moor can go. If they let him go…” he added grinning, because I grabbed both of his hands and pulled him over me. He hung up and leant to me “Did you pray, Desdemona?”
“Of course! Just come!” I claimed greedily, nearly whining “I don’t care how you do me – you can even rape me, just do it!!!”
“You want me to rape you? Is this your fantasy? You want me to do it? You struggling helplessly in my grip, me flooring you and making you mine with wild brutality? Over and over again?”
“Yes, yes” I moaned “Do this to me, please.”
“Hey, you want me to be the bad guy again? I’m not like that – there’s a soft hart beating in this hard chest. Or should I be rather gently and kiss fragrant rose petals off of your body? One by one and really slowly?”
“Dave, you drive me crazy! Make me yours, now!”
“Hm, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?”
“Can I have both or by turns?”
“No, you can’t. Life always make you choose – which one do you want? Let me be the damper” he checked his watch “I think the first one would make you come faster.”
“Yes, give me the first one. But not because it’s faster. Rave, Dave, rave!”
“Asking the hurricane to sweep, destroying everything? Nah, come on!” he pulled on my hand painfully and grabbed my wrist so hard that I needed to scream “You do what I say, or you’re dead!”
“Be my Master, please!” I moaned loudly and let him do what he wanted to do.
Still holding my wrist he pushed me back onto the sofa, leant over me and panting loudly he forced my thighs open with his knees. This turned me on extremely – his wild look, the sheer manly power which enslaved me – I barely could hold myself. He didn’t let me move. Now he was lying between my legs with his whole body and with his free hand he grabbed me by my hip – he pulled me onto him and started to race. I think now I was screaming without a break as rapists’ victims usually do. I was laying there pinned to the couch and I could look just into his face. And his face was so different – frightening. This game turned him on extremely too, but I saw that he was empathizing this role play, not enjoying it. His gaze was cloudy from the wild passion and aside his panting I couldn’t hear anything. As his body was pushing against mine, I felt how very taut he was. Taut like barbed wire. It hurt. Really. But I was enjoying it beyond words. It was good… not to give myself in, because I wasn’t doing that – but to let things happen in his way. I was literally his slave. One of my wrists broke free, although I couldn’t remember if he was holding them captive or not, and I grabbed his hair firmly. I didn’t want to scratch his body before the concert.
My first orgasm hit me hard and without any warning! My body was pulsing during the painfully enjoyable pushes. I bent my head backwards and he sank his teeth into my neck. He was really raping me! And I… I loved it!! He didn’t stop! It never crossed his mind. And I felt the desire rising in my voluptuous body again, although the waves of my first climax were still echoing in me. He didn’t let me go! He thrusted into me with a great force over and over until I started to scream and moan again. I was screaming, he was groaning deep from his throat. And suddenly it was over.
He fell on me with his sweltering body and was panting like Thomas the little engine. His whole body was shaking, like mine. We were lying like this until we could get some more air into our lungs. Or hearts were beating in a wild pace, on his thick, muscular neck the artery was pulsing. It was so good that he was just lying on top of me, doing nothing and I could feel his scent, I could touch his statue-like body and I could see how much he liked what we had done to each other. Love is the most beautiful game, if someone plays it nicely. Was this nice? It was.
“Kitty, you kill me. I’ll have an acute heart attack right here. Feel how fast my heart is?” and he pulled my hand onto his chest. I felt it and I was just looking at him… into his eyes. He let me do so with a smile. He was caressing me. I wished I was dead right now and wouldn’t have to see the parting from him.
“To tell the truth you finished me off enough too!” I panted still fighting for air. My skin ached from the memories of the wild moves. I suspected that my skin turned red between my thighs. “But anyway, I don’t think it’d surprise you if I said: you were fantastic!” I smiled stroking his wet face then his back. My other hand was still over his beating heart. I couldn’t believe that I was able to live through this with him! “I want to die now!” I said my former thought out loud.
“I don’t want to die now. I want to live. It’s sweet from you saying this. So I’m important to you?”
“Are you kidding? You always were” I shrugged with a half-smile, while I stroked my fingers along his skull-tattoo.
“Always? How important am I for you, hmm? Am I important enough crying because of me? I don’t think so, cuz you love a dream, not me. You don’t know me – how could you love me?”
“And why would it be wrong that you had been there for me as a dream? Why is it wrong that I had someone to think of, that I had someone to turn to when I was alone? I know very well that I don’t know you. How could I know you for real? We just met today for the first time. And the previous thing we’d done is a good proof that I don’t know myself completely either” I shrugged again, smiling faintly and stroking his face “But of course being a fan of yours hasn’t affected me in the wrong way, I think. As DM you’re a special part of my life. Kind of a shelter. This is why your music, you are so important to me. It’s not like I’m in love with you two. No, I think I’m more rational than this. I live my own life in the real world, doing my job, I’m with people, I go out. Everything goes normally, but deep inside here” now I pulled his hand over my heart “there’s a space, which is only yours. Very few people were able to have such a place in my heart. I love you because of this. I’m sure you don’t have the slightest idea what this day means to me. Usually I don’t speak about my feelings” I caressed his hand, which was resting on my chest “But… I wanted to tell you this. Although” I smiled wider “I’d never thought that I’d do this in such a situation, or that these inner thoughts’d eventually leave my mouth one day, but it was good to say them. And… thank you.”
“You know – among others – this is why I love doing my job. I feel loved. Now I know that I’m loved. It’s a good thing, you know, to be loved. I don’t know what you find in me – I mean I do everything on stage and in the studio, I’m a damned perfectionist, trying to give my best – maybe with some results – but I always drive the guys insane with this. However I’m always harder to myself than to anyone else. Don’t think that it’s easy to be with me – I’m kinda obsessive. Thank you for loving me – I’d lie if I said it didn’t please me to hear it – but believe me: it’ll hurt. See, you are already crying.”
“David, I’m just happy. I don’t want anything… ‘you can’t lose what you haven’t got’…”
“How true… you can’t lose it, you can’t lose me. I’ll sing for you. Come here, let me hug you, you big fan!”

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