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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 9

Chapter 9

  2009.08.12. 12:27


Finally we’ve got into the room. I stopped in the middle, he’d shot the door closed with his leg and asked me to walk to the bed and he sat into an armchair.
“Can I ask something from you?”
“Anything, David.”
“Please, strip for me!”
I smiled – I was always good at this.
“If I strip, I’ll need some music too, right?” I asked in a flirty way while I kicked off my shoes.
“Alright, I sing ‘Dirt’ with Martin.”
I lifted my gaze, cuz I didn’t notice when he’d joined us.
“It’ll do…” I looked at them smiling. Although my heart wanted to jump out of my chest, on the outside I seemed calm. The opportunity to dance for THEM turned me on crazily! I recalled the beginning of ‘Dirt’ and nodded to Dave’s questioning look. After a little stage fright I’ve started moving when Dave stepped in quietly with his low tone. I tried to move as excitedly as possible, while I’ve started unbuttoning my shirt.
Meanwhile Martin came to me and stopped right by my side. I could felt the heat of his breath as he breathed into my neck. Opposite me Dave started to strip too, slowly unbuttoning his trousers. It took my breath away – so this is the part which can’t be seen by fans – or just really few of them has this opportunity!
My whole body shivered in anticipation. That look as he eyed me, that sensual tone by my neck… My knees went weak, but I continued stripping for them, cuz they asked me for it. I showed them my back as I opened my shirt and let it slid down onto the floor. In my head I was following the song’s instrumental part and I’ve started rolling my hips to its rhythm. Martin caressed my butt then I turned back to them. First I turned to Martin and grabbed his shoulder with my left hand, riding their voices with my waving body. I nuzzled to him, but before he could go for my lips greedily, I leaned back a bit and grabbed the hem of his T-shirt to pull it over his head. He looked at me with a little smile. I took his hand in mine and led it to the button of my trousers, asking him to undo it. To torture him a bit more, I started to lick his neck. After a few kisses I looked at Dave, who was standing there with his open jeans and was examining us with a dark gaze from a few steps. I reached my right hand for him and he took it. I pulled his wonderful hand towards my waist where he finally grabbed my butt, standing half-way behind me.
I’ve started to feel myself like a delicious sandwich’s filling. Dave and Martin in the bun’s role - with me inside. Added to which one of them was biting me from the front, the other from the back. Martin wasn’t singing anymore – he was kissing me, just like Dave. He panted into my neck, holding my butt with one hand, and unpacking himself with the other one, cuz I’ve already felt his naked tummy against my waist. And a bit lower I felt that he was ready for the action. I was returning Martin’s kisses, while I felt Dave undoing my bra. They took it off me together. The brunette wonder reached forward with his hands to grab my breasts firmly. I moaned into Martin’s kiss, while I sneaked past his hand which was under my trousers by my hips, and I grabbed his belt to undo it, but before I managed to do so, I stroked him a few times through his jeans.
They were really turned up from this common action. They were working together in perfect harmony and it seemed that this thing had a certain choreography – their hands never crossed paths. I was wondering how many times they could have done this. But this wasn’t the point. Now the most important thing was that they were doing it with ME! Both of them at the same time! I shivered from this thought again and they didn’t fail to notice it. Probably Dave looked into Mart’s eyes over my head, because after Curly finished his kiss, he immediately leant to one of my breasts which was offered by Dave, and started to suck on my hard nipple. My upper body leant a bit backwards until it was lightly pressed against Dave’s chest, and I propped my head on his shoulder.
And Dave didn’t wait any longer, with one of his hands he caressed my waist and pulled me onto him. Although my trousers were still half-way on me, it didn’t matter. Martin, seeing Dave’s action, knelt slowly in front of me… I moaned out loud when I felt Dave pushing up into me, my body tensing from the feeling. I pushed harder against his chest, while his caressing fingers found my breasts again. My sighs were more like moans now as he started to move gently in me with his wonderful hips. Meanwhile Martin got slowly rid off my pants and panties. I screamed when he planted his lips between my thighs and darted his tongue out.
I had no clue how much longer I would be able to stand on my legs. I was half-conscious. But Dave was not just embracing me, but he was holding me too with his strong arm and panted unstoppable. My body nearly cracked from what it was dealing with and Dave just went deeper and deeper. Martin opened my thighs a bit more to have more place. With my right hand I reached back and clung to Dave’s nape, while my hips followed their moves. My moans came without and end now.
“Oh my God!” I screamed from my heightened senses.
“Well, he’s not here. But we two are…” said Martin and leant back to me.
“Are you enjoying it, kitty?” moaned the black wonder into my ears.
“How couldn’t… I enjoy it?!” I yelled faintly.
David laughed shortly then continued his “attack” against me with his hips, while he was squeezing my breasts or his hands slid down onto my tummy, avoiding Mart’s hand perfectly when he sometimes reached up. Curly’s other hand was holding my thigh right under my butt and was grabbing my flesh. When for a few moments I couldn’t feel his hands on me, I realised, that he was just pulling Dave’s trousers and boxer off of him, allowing him to move more freely. Something came into my mind, which I had been wondering about for a while now…
“You two… Did you two… sleep together yet?”
They went all silent and I was about to think that I was terribly wrong here, but then Dave said: “If you promise us that never, ever tell this to anyone…”
“David, I love you two so much, no matter what happens, I won’t tell it anyone, not even for my best friend. Even if I die, I won’t break my promise.”
“Well we’ll take care of this ‘dying part’ soon, and the answer for your question is: yes.”
I praised his sincerity with a moan, caressing his nape with my fingers and looking down at the grinning Martin. Knowing that these two…. It drove me totally crazy with lust! Oh my god, what had I’ve gotten in to?! But I couldn’t deny that these two demonic guys turned me on totally! I let out another loud moan when Martin went on with my pampering with his fingers.
“I’ll really die and then… then you wouldn’t have to worry about your secret… ah… But I’ve told you I wouldn’t say it… to a soul anyway….”
“It seems that it’s not a big secret” pressed Martin through his lips, cuz he had no intentions to stop what he was doing.
“Tell us, how did this came into your mind? No one had seen us, we’d decided this after a long conversation in a hotel room, we didn’t leap on each other, and we were really, really careful. If anyone says something like this, we can avoid it laughing, but if there was evidence or a witness, then everything’s over.”
“Will you kill me if I ask you to tell me?! It turns me on beyond words!”
“Uh, Dave, don’t start it” moaned Martin “because I, I don’t know what’ll happen!”
“What’s up, Gore? You can’t deal with your hormones?” he laughed silently then leant to my ear “How many details do you want?” he asked and bit down gently onto my earlobe then kissed it.
“The more details the more I’ll be grateful for you afterwards…” I whispered, turning back my head to him. I couldn’t stop myself; I needed to lick into his mouth, which he returned with a greedy kiss.
“Dave, I warn you once more! If you start it, we can call the room service to bring a candle to our lover, which she can hold, because I’ll jump on you!”
“Hmm… a little movie?” I giggled, but couldn’t say anything else when Mart’s fingers started to move more intensely “Dave, he tries to appease me!” I moaned “But you won’t let… him do it, right?”
“Come on, Martin, I’ll race you! Who can help our kitty into heaven sooner?”
“Okay” grinned Curly and he replaced his fingers with his mouth again.
“You… you… you really mean this?” I moaned louder when Dave’s hips started to move against my body harder.
“Totally” nodded Marin a big one “I just don’t know… What’s if it’ll be a drawn game?”
“What else: there’ll be a return match!” said David.
“Ohmygoddd!!!” I moaned hearing this.
“Then let’s go, Dave! Give our best!” I’ve heard from somewhere between my legs then Martin concentrated on his task again with his full attention.
Dave answered just with a growl then he started biting my neck – panting onto my skin time after time as he sank even deeper in me with his rock-hard cock. I’ve started screaming from the ‘emotional violence’ as they were stimulating my shaking body from both sides. My shoulder-blades were pressing harder against Dave’s chest as my back started to bow more and more, but my panther stood there like a rock and was besieging me slowly, driving me crazy.
I felt that Dave was really close now too. I felt his wild heart beats on my skin and his sweat was running down on my back. He had an incredible smell, I loved it! Once I’ll try to describe it, but now I wouldn’t be able to phrase it correctly. Martin slowed his pace a bit and tried to be thorough – this was his technique. And Dave… well he didn’t care anything else. I looked back at his face – his eyes were closed, his face showed ecstasy. My dear passionate David! I hadn’t got the time to think too much more, because after an especially wild circling my mind when blank and only my ecstasy and Dave had left for me, who entered the paradise too and was moaning now loudly into my back.
My sweaty and glistening body strained wildly and started to pulse because of my powerful orgasm. I moaned plaintively and loudly – or did I scream? I can’t remember, cuz I’ve heard nothing from the outside world. It was a fantastic feeling cumming between the two of them! Although Dave’d finished it, Martin’s work with his tongue helped a lot too. Curly looked up at me a bit disappointed, but managed to smile. I ran my fingers through his hair, while I closed my eyes and rested my head on Dave’s shoulder so I could calm my racing heart a bit. I inhaled the air greedily, which was full of his scent.
“UHUHUU, boys, I never before…”
“We hope so” they said in the same time and started to laugh, their eyes meeting. I could just guess what they were thinking.
“We should pamper the second prize winner, don’t you think?” whispered Dave into my ears so that Mart couldn’t hear it “Start it, I’ll be right back… and please stay on the front if it’s possible…” he grinned and disappeared in the bathroom gracefully.
I nodded unnoticeably and I’ve already missed him as he lid out of me. But a new situation was ahead of me now. I had a task! And with Curly, who was still kneeling in front of me and was watching me.
“Come on, stand up!” I asked him quietly and reached for his hand. He took them and stood up without a word. I nuzzled to him gently and could feel how the things have turned him on, but yet he wasn’t able to experience what we had with Dave. We needed to change it ASAP!
“Well… Dave won again…” he noted in a strange tone.
I put my index finger onto his mouth to silence him. “It doesn’t matter. It’s not important which one of you love me, I love both of you in the same way” I whispered leaning close to him as I put my hands into his neck.
“But…” he started.
‘There is no such think like ‘but’. Let me pamper you a bit” I sighed nearly into his mouth then without waiting for his answer I began kissing him.
His skilled tongue – which had been working on me not long ago – now slid into my mouth as he let himself into the kiss more and more. My hands slid his open trousers and underwear slowly down from his hips. He moaned into my mouth when one of my hands slid onto his semi-hard member. I knelt down and I wanted him to feel joy. First I took his family treasure carefully into my mouth and bit down on it softly then I continued it with quick and sudden movements. When he cried out, I slowed down just to start it over when he was able to breathe again. Dave was there again and sneaked into the room, putting his finger on his mouth, signaling me to be quiet. Then he sat slowly and fully naked into the armchair behind Martin. He put something onto the table, crossed his legs like he always does, but now – oh my god – without clothes and he showed me to continue what I was doing. I shivered when I looked into his eyes…
Then I continued it with closed eyes. I was sliding my mouth hard and passionate on Mart’s cock and let him put my hair away from my face, digging into it gently while he moaned towards the ceiling time after time. I looked up at him when I used again the thumb and index finger method on him. He was watching me with his green eyes from behind his half-closed lids.
“Why are you looking at me this way? Do you want to say something?”
“No” he moaned from my touches “I’m just watching you… it’s good to watch you during doing this to me… You’re doing this still… in a fantastic way! Please, go on…” he whispered stroking my face with his thumb.
“Of course I continue – anything you want” and I went on with more passion. I looked at David, who was still sitting in the armchair, but I wouldn’t say he was idle.
“Dave… where’s Dave?” moaned Curly with his head bent, moaning towards the ceiling. I blinked at the other guy, who was working on himself. I went crazy from the sight!!! For a moment I closed my eyes tightly, cuz I thought I’d die there, while Martin was enjoying my sucking on him with closed eyes too.
Dave stood up behind Mart’s back in his full grace and with his light walking he sneaked behind him. When I saw that he was there, I looked at him questioningly. He knelt next to me without a sound and by a turn he took it over. But we couldn’t fool Martin…
“Dave” he looked down at him with a little smile in the corner of his lips “I’m not a fool…” he noted running his fingers now in his hair, letting mine go.
“I know, but I love if I can play, you know.”
“Of course I know, Dave, this is your life. Playing. You are the ease and refinement and the wild monster itself – you decide which one you want.”
I was totally speechless kneeling next to them. I’ve never heard anything like this before. Martin looked down at Dave then suddenly his eyes were on fire too.
“What do you want now? How should we do it?”
“Don’t tell that you give me the control, Mr. Gahan?! I can’t believe to my ears” whispered Mart.
“I want you to never forget this night, I want to, I want to…”
“What, David?” knelt Mart down too.
Dave just shook his head and said shyly “I want you to love me…”
I sat back onto my heels shocked. This wasn’t about me now. This was something more than this and I was a lucky supporting actor. I was listening to their dialog with eyes wide open. My jaw was somewhere on the floor by the end of it and I was just watching them amazed as Martin stroked Dave’s face gently and he bent his head into his palm like a cat, closing his eyes half-way.
“You’re silly, Dave” he whispered softly “I always love you, you know it.”
I never in my life had the chance to see Dave looking this puzzled and perplexedly. And now he was doing it as he was still looking into Mart’s eyes. It was an unbelievable sight as the two men were kneeling there opposite each other and were searching each others eyes. I was twisting a mop of my hair around my finger and was watching the scene without a sound. I wanted to know what this whole thing was about. I didn’t dare to move, cuz I didn’t want to break the magic. I would have never thought this. Well of course I had thoughts about these two guys together, but not like this, this… what should I say what this was between them? What was this strong bonding? It was clear to me that they forgot totally about me and they were observing those galaxies in each others eyes which just they could see.
“Martin, I…” wanted Dave to start, breaking the silence in the room, but his friend didn’t let him finish. He pressed his lips against Dave’s and I thought my eyes were playing with me! They – in front of me – kissing inwardly! I was surprised by Martin’s firmness as he was leading Dave, who always seemed to be the leader. He took the singer’s face between his hands and gave his kisses with unbelievable empathy, playing with Dave’s tongue. I felt that next to the shock this picture sent another hot wave to my groin. But I felt that I needed to wait until they call me to join the game – I didn’t want to disturb them in any meaning. Dave just blow my mind off, I couldn’t believe what I was watching: Martin, the panther-tamer, the beast-whisperer. I was just staring and staring at them. David broke the kiss and leant away from Mart just to bend his head slowly down. He seemed so lonely even in the middle of this much love. But it is said that loneliness is inside us. Many people, who are alone, never feel lonely, and there are people who are lonely even in a big family. Dave belonged to the latter ones. I think he could never get enough love – he was like a beaten dog. Although he’d found those people who loved him as he was, he still felt this way. My heart ached for him, because I loved him so much! It was bad to see him like this.
After this painful scenery I looked rather at Mart. As he sat back onto his heels, I saw that for a few minutes he had no clue what to do then he embraced Dave very carefully and softly. “Hey, come here!” he whispered into his ear. I was barely able to hear it. Practically Dave nestled himself onto Mart’s lap and bent his head onto his shoulder. “Tell me, what did you wanted to say earlier?” Mart asked, stroking gently his dark hair.
“Now it doesn’t matter, just embrace me!” he said quietly. So Curly put his arms around the naked body tighter. I was wondering whether these mood-shifts by Dave weren’t caused by some kind of depression? I think I’ve read about that he had or has something like that since he’d stopped using and his life was on the right path again. Once he’d said that in the mornings he often gets up depressed and in a bad mood… I hugged my knees with my arms as I was looking at them. Maybe it was because of the depression, maybe just his insecurities bond him. I don’t think I’d be the person who can decide this.
“But it IS important” said Martin “because you are important to me.”
“I think it’d be better for me to get dressed and leave.”
“Don’t go, Dave, stay!” took Mart his hand “Even you don’t know exactly what bothers you, do you?”
“No, but it hurts and it hurts when I feel how big part of my life you are. I don’t know what this is, it just bothers me. I go Martin!”
“No, you stay with us, right kitty?” Mart looked at me with desperate eyes. Even he didn’t know what to do. I showed him with my hands to embrace Dave tightly and as I knelt behind our singer I did the same.
“Believe us, we love you.”
“I know. I don’t love myself.”
My heart throbbed painfully from this sentence. I couldn’t understand him. Probably neither did he, but looking into Mart eyes I saw that this topic came up earlier too. I still felt myself like a naïve little girl, who has no clue how adults play.
“Why are you saying such things, Dave?” I nuzzled to his broad back and whispered my question nearly onto his skin “After all those things you lived through, you should be proud of yourself being able to be here today. That… that you came back…” I caressed his chest and collarbone gently, while from the other side Martin embraced his waist so I could feel Curly’s hands by my tummy. I gave soft kisses onto Dave’s back-tattoo to calm him down.
“I… I’ll never be satisfied with myself. No. Exactly because of my past. Because of my weakness, which had bothered me those times and which bothers me now, too” he confessed.
“Dave… how could we prove that you’re wrong?” I asked genuinely. I really wanted to know his answer.
“Love me… please…” he said quietly.
We locked eyes with Martin. An unspoken decision was born there between us. I continued stroking Dave while my lips found his soft neck. I inhaled his scent with deep breaths – I will never forget the smell of him. Maybe this was the first time in my life when I was kissing a man’s skin this softly. I felt that Mart’s hands were on their ways too: he was caressing Dave’s back and waist. Our pampered one looked toward the ceiling and was enjoying our gentle touches. He slowly started to relax, but I still felt his muscles very tense. I knelt up and gave him a massage along the meridians. He sighed joyfully and relieved.
I’ve continued what I was doing while I was whispering sweet nothings into his ear – it seemed to work, cuz he was calmer now. Martin was stroking his face then kissed his lips gently. I could have been able to have my second orgasm from this scenery, but I held myself back. Now Dave was the most important. We had to help her through his sad mood and we were on the right path.
“What do you want know, Martin?” asked Dave when he opened his eyes.
“You, just you” he answered. Suddenly it seemed a good idea for me to go and let them love each other, but before I could act, Dave propped his head on my chest and looked up at me.
“Well, kitty, did I manage to disillusion you? Did I fall from your pedestal, which you’d built during these years? See, this is me! Do you still want me this way too?”
“Now even more” I answered crying “And, and Martin too! It touches me so deeply to see you like this. You, you just… love each other so much!”
“Yes… we do” whispered Martin kissing Dave’s throat and neck, which was tensed, because he was still looking up at me.
Dave smiled “Don’t cry, kitty…” he whispered shortly, while he reached back with one of his hands to wipe my tears away. I couldn’t stop myself, I had to caress his head then lean to his lips, kissing him up side down. His tongue found its way slowly into my mouth and this drifted me far away from reality… again.
Martin was crooning something to Dave so I bent closer to hear it… “When I'm in your arms, the world makes sense, there’s no pretence...” I smiled when I recognized ‘Damage People’. I stroked Martin’s face too and he looked up at me. “We are damaged people, aren’t we?”
“Jeez, Martin! Don’t start it! Shouldn’t we open here a psychological ambulance?” Finally from this both of them laughed. “Thank god, the evil curse flew away” I smiled back at them.
Mart didn’t say a word, he just smiled he leant over Dave’s shoulder to give a soft kiss onto my lips. When he pulled away from me, he was still embracing Dave and propped his chin on Dave’s shoulder as he looked into my eyes. “And we can thank this for you…” he noted quietly.

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