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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 10

Chapter 10

  2009.08.12. 12:28


“Don’t say it…” I looked away at a loss, but he reached forward next to Dave’s arm and turned my face back with his hand.
“You’re a special girl” he said and I had to smile from this. I never liked when someone complimented me this much, if someone thought this much of me.
“I’m not perfect either” I protested “You don’t know me.”
“No one is perfect, no one can be found out in one day. But this isn’t the point. The point is the way you see things, the way you live them. This is why we wanted to spend a bit more time with you, this is why you’ve got this day from us.”
Dave turned half-way back and nodded with a little smile on his beautiful mouth.
“Oh boys, do you really want to make me cry again?” I hugged them with both of my arms and put my head between theirs. These powerful emotions started to be too much for me for today.
“We don’t want you to cry. Where were we? I guess by the let-us-love-each-other project’s physical part…” grinned Dave “I think the following part is when you two try to console me… pampering and stuff…”
“Oh, yeah, Davey! Come here!” I pulled him closer to me and he didn’t protest. I’ve returned to his neck with my soft bites then I moved to his nape. I felt that his skin broke out in goose bumps from the feather-light kisses I gave behind his ear and from the way my hand caressed his spine all way down. A few times I ran my tongue along his back-tattoo’s lines. My hands were stroking his chest to give space Martin, who wanted to conquer deeper regions. He bent his head lower and lower and gave thousands of kisses onto Dave’s tummy. He kissed and bit or licked his skin, while his whole palm was on Dave’s lower-stomach. Our panther was enjoying our touches with closed eyes, panting quietly. He propped himself on his hands, next to my knees. After a few minutes I had to stop my trail of kisses, because I felt his back pressing harder against me. I thought Martin had reached his goal – and yes… as I looked down at him over Dave’s right shoulder, an unbelievable scene burned itself into my mind!!
Dave bent his head onto my left shoulder and moaned loudly. I felt my own body on fire seeing for the first time in my life Martin doing this – and now not just in my fantasy world! Dave’s body reacted with great intensity to Martin’s touches. They seemed so perfect together and they seemed to know each other more than I’d imagined. I was curious about one thing: did Dave enjoy making love to me as much as he was enjoying it now when Martin was working on him? I barely could hold his back as he threw himself backwards again and again. He was literally flouncing in my arms. With my right I grabbed his chin and turned his head towards mine to kiss his greedy lips and reach for his tongue. I’ve heard the maddening voices Mart’s lips made as he was working on Dave and I felt Dave’s little moans right into my mouth! This drove me totally crazy! I was afraid that my arms’ll go weak and I won’t be able to hold Dave’s body.
He was over the edge in less than five minutes – after he suddenly threw his head back again – hitting my nose – he gave himself to the waves of pleasure. “Mart, Mart… hey, I’m dead!” he moaned.
“Yeah, I see it, big boy” came Curly’s answer. Then he whispered just to himself: “Oh, David…”
I moaned plaintively holding my nose, while in my mind I could still see the former picture, which made my whole body burn for them. I wanted them badly. I was just staring at them for a minute. Slowly Dave could breathe again, his body still shivering from the things he’d just experienced. He opened his eyes and looking into Martin’s eyes he said:
“You know, you’re the only one, who can enchant me this way and I let only you to do this to me.” I’ve got my answer for my question earlier. He went on: “Martin, it’s your turn. I have an idea what I’d do…” he stroked his back.
I nearly yelped. I felt myself unnecessary again, although I didn’t know how I dared to feel like that. Today they gave me so much! I didn’t know whether my selfish side was stronger again or not, but I pressed my lips together and was sitting there without a word, watching them. I felt that my soul floated away from them, from the room and from my own body. Was I sad? Maybe. I just wanted to get into the bed and pull the blanket over my head to hide from everything and everyone – mostly from myself. I followed Dave’s move with my eyes as he leant forward and kissed Blondie, his fingers sliding down onto his member. In my subconscious I’ve heard Martin’s question – something about a returned favour? – then I just saw Dave’s head as he was kissing Martin lower and lower on his chest. Somehow I felt that I can’t stay there. I didn’t want to disturb them! I was sitting still on my heels, my hands folded in front of my chest and I was just watching.
“Dave” I said in a low tone “I don’t know what to do now. I don’t want to disturb you. Should I go?”
“In the middle of the night? You don’t disturb us, not at all. I know this could be strange for you. We hadn’t planned the night this way, but you’d asked about us and we… well it seems that we needed each other with Marty… We needed you too, but this is something else. You can’t compare the two things, believe me! I saw that the situation turned you on, come, and join us. Come closer. I can pay attention just on one person and now it’s Martin, but he can handle you too. Cuddle to him!”
And I nodded. While I crawled to Mart on all fours, I stroked Dave’s back, who’d returned biting softly Mart’s tummy. Martin looked at me carefully, but remained silent. He just pulled me closer to his mouth by my neck. I was kneeling beside his left, propping myself on his shoulder then when our kisses got fiercer, I embraced his neck, pressing my upper body to him. His tongue was calling mine eagerly. It amazed me how greedy the desire was under his calm surface. He probably wanted his release badly, cuz compared to us he was left behind…
My right thigh sometimes touched Dave’s shoulder as he replaced his hand time after time. Martin’s free hand dug into Dave’s hair or squeezed my breast or caressed my tummy. I knew when Dave took Martin into his mouth. Curly bit my already swollen lip in that moment. I felt that he drew blood. He moaned into my mouth and scratched my back all way down then he grabbed Dave’s hair and encouraged him to move faster on him. And the perfectionist Dave tried to give his best again. I couldn’t see from his head what he was exactly doing, but as earlier I had to hold Dave, I had to do it now with Mart. I barely could push against him and I swore he was half-unconscious when Dave finally let him go with his teeth.
Dave grabbed one of my arms so I needed to pull away from Mart’s mouth and I looked at him questioningly. I glimpsed down at Mart’s cock for a moment and saw that Dave did a good job and was still pumping it with his hand.
“Come on, kitty, sit on him and take a ride!” he whispered with a dark-green gaze and started to pull my arm. I knelt over Martin without a word and let Dave lead Marty into me. I moaned faintly from the feeling. Martin opened his eyes and grabbed my waist. I couldn’t pull myself back – it was really a hard gallop! I was prancing on him like I had to straddle a mustang. Rodeos came into my mind, but Martin didn’t want to buck me off – no, no way! On the contrary! He was grabbing my waist like a drowning man his life-belt and he closed his eyes again while Dave knelt behind me and embraced my body.
We moaned with Martin by turns. My moves got more passionate as time flew by. I couldn’t take him in completely – he was too big – but this was no problem to us, I was just galloping and prancing on him, sometimes slowing down just to give him a few wild circles with my hips. By these actions of mine I felt Dave’s bites on my neck and shoulders and his caressing hands on my tummy and tits. I jumped and screamed shortly when his left reached forward to stroke along Martin’s stomach, but on his way back he’d stopped it between my legs. And if he was already there, he’d left it there, but not motionless. Oh my god, those long fingers and Martin! If I’d seen myself as an outsider a few minutes ago, now I was totally positive about the contrary. I just can’t stand always on the front of the line. But now I was on the front. My mind was on the razor’s edge and I thought that my over-stimulated senses won’t take it anymore.
“More… more… Dave!’ I screamed with dry lips, encouraging him to stroke me faster while I was moving my hips on Mart’s groin passionately – he was moaning now constantly. And Dave hadn’t stopped… I felt him pressing his body against mine as close as possible – I was just waiting him to impale me onto his hard cock – and Martin was just lying on the carpet, growling deep from his throat. It really seemed that he was sick, but I know that he was enjoying it. While I crashed into Mart’s neck and welcomed my powerful G-orgasm, I felt Martin shot into me. He didn’t move, he was just panting wildly and was repeating: “Oh My, Oh My…”
“You murder me, guys!”
“Then you’ll have a heart attack soon, kitty!” said Dave as he gently pulled me off of Martin and laid me onto my back, next to the panting Blondie. I had no time to process what was going on – Dave was in me right away!
“I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!” I screamed as my back arched and my face grimaced.
“I couldn’t take it anymore! You two turned me on like hell!” he said, thrusting a big one with his cock then he started an insane pace “Now I crank you up, kitty, you won’t feel yourself useless here! Do you feel this?” he thrusted into me hard “And this?” and again.
“Oh my god, David, you tear me apart!” I screamed.
“I won’t! You’d need more for that!” he panted and pushed into me with such a force which was rather painful than enjoyable. I moaned and groaned in pain – I wasn’t able to do anything else. But in my subconscious I felt that he was prevailing over me. This hurts, I yelled inside of me. I pressed my thighs against his hips to slow him down. I won’t let this happen!
He didn’t seem to notice my pressing – in contrary, he rammed into me with more challenge and force. I looked deeply into his eyes and I felt my gaze burning. I started to push him away with my hands on his chest, but he kept them down. I didn’t care, I tried again with new force and because of his movements I was able to get him out of his balance – but I forgot Martin. That jerk helped his friend and held my hands down. I didn’t give up – my body was writhing under Dave as I tried to shake him off. I was getting tired and the guys knew this. I collected my last strength and somehow – don’t know how – I shook Dave off. I immediately turned to my tummy, untwisting my wrists from Mart’s hands. I wasn’t lazing, I tried to stand up, but horny-Dave grabbed me from behind and bit wildly into my shoulder-blade. I yelled out loudly in pain and I tried to break free again. Dave asked for Mart’s help to pin me to the floor. After ten minutes of struggling they managed. I was lying there on my stomach, pinned to the floor, exhausted and panting wildly. I knew there was no getting out of this.
“Relax, kitty” whispered Mart into my ear. I felt myself like some animal, which was captured by humans “We don’t want to hurt you, but you should know that we won’t let you go. You entered the game.”
“WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” I yelled furious “What’re you thinking?! Let me go!” I hissed, trying against the firm hold on my wrists. It came into my mind that maybe it would have been better for me to leave when I had the chance. I should have left them here, for god’s sake, to let them play their sick games with each other! I was scared! Two men against me? I had no chance! But I won’t give up! They can’t use me as they please! I felt that they were getting smaller and smaller in my eyes. Who were they at all?!
Dave lay onto my back as he leant to my ear from the other side and whispered: “We are just playing, we won’t hurt you. If you want, I let you go. This afternoon you asked me for this and you loved it very much. What’s the matter now? We want you. Earlier you wanted to go because we were busy with Mart, now you want to go, because we are with you…”
“Play, but not with me!” I hissed again “I’m not a toy! Even if I’m less worthy than you, I am HUMAN! This, what you was doing to me now Dave, wasn’t enjoyable, but freaky!” I yelled. Fear was speaking from me. I’m lying here – pinned to the floor by two men. What’ll happen to me now? What had I gotten into?
I think they came round from my voice and as I screamed at them. Angry tears were flowing from my eyes. I was really scared and this whole thing was freaking me out!
“I’m sorry…” Dave whispered and let me go as he climbed off me.
Martin let my wrists go “We’ve got carried away too far” he said quietly too “Please, forgive us…”
I didn’t answer right away – I was lying on the floor at least for three minutes, tears rolling down my face. My body hurt between my legs, the bite on my shoulder-blade was burning and my wrists were throbbing where they were holding me. I slowly knelt up and was just looking at the boys. What should I do now? Go away? I felt myself horrible! Dave said my thoughts out loud:
“Do you want to go?” he asked. His voice was faint.
“Honestly? I don’t know” I answered.
“Look, we understand if you want to go, but… but we’d be glad if you stayed” he said again.
“To let you rape me this time in real, not like in Mart’s room when I asked for it?” it slipped out of my mouth edgily.
“We don’t…” he began, but broke off then looked at me with guilty eyes “I’m sorry if we frightened you. We didn’t want to hurt you…”
“This is true… We’ve just go carried away” apologized Mart too “We’d be happy if you stayed! But of course we can’t force you.”
“How could we make it up to you?” asked Dave on all fours.
“Would you let us?” interrupted Martin.
I was thinking and looked from one guy to the other then finally I nodded.
First Martin moved toward me, crawling carefully to me. With his thumbs he wiped away the rest of my tears from my pale face, which was already half-dry. Maybe he saw some fear in my eyes, because he started to stroke my face gently, while he spoke in a reassuring tone: “Thank you… Come!” he offered his hands. I took them hesitantly and let him pull me up. I avoided the burning on my shoulder-blade and followed him to the bed. He put the blanket out of the way and turned me toward him. He took my face between his hands and looked deeply and apologizing into my eyes. Then he started to kiss me softly. I felt the heat of his body, because I was standing quite close to him.
At first I just let him kiss me, but after it I shyly returned them. First with a little fear, carefully but then with time my kisses changed as courage crawled back into my heart. I think Dave let his friend warm up the situation, or maybe he just didn’t want to confuse me with “attacking” in the same time. He let Mart calm me down… I don’t know, but I was glad that I had to focus just on one man this time, allowing me to get lost in Martin. His hands started to wander on my body still carefully while I put my arms around his neck. His tongue was playing with mine more and more passionately. I let him do so, cuz I wanted the same. This frightened me a bit. Was I already this addicted to them after just one day?
Blondie avoided my aching body parts easily then he pushed me gently onto the bed. He took his time and I was grateful for this now. He knew very well what he needed to do. After all it isn’t a big wonder that I’ve got addicted to them in such a short time! Which woman wouldn’t do the same? I was watching him kneeling over me with a little smile. He showered me with his kisses again and as an answer I stroked along his spine softly. I felt him shudder under my gentle touch and this made me proud. He pulled away from my mouth and slid downwards on my neck until he reached my collarbones with his tongue. From there on he planted small kisses onto my body as he got closer to my breasts. With closed eyes I dug into his hair then looked to the side. Dave was still sitting on the floor like a little boy, who knows that he’d done something wrong. This picture was so moving that I couldn’t be angry at him. Not anymore. I reached my left hand for him. He jumped up right away and got around the bed to crawl to us. I turned my face to him while Martin continued teasing my hard nipple, sucking on it. Dave looked at me questioningly so I slid my hand onto his nape to pull him to me.
“You should never ever do this to me again, just in case I ask you to do so…” I whispered into his mouth then started kissing him greedily. I pushed my chest upward contentedly when his hand found my free breast. He was playing with me in a sensual way. I moaned faintly from their touches. This whole thing was so beyond belief! We were at the edge of absurdity, but this just added oil to the fire – I was enjoying it even more. It seemed that I wasn’t able to get enough of these two demonic guys.
While Dave was squeezing my breast I was scratching his upper arm greedily and was biting his lips wildly. Was it a revenge for what they did earlier? I don’t know, but I liked him letting me do so – that I was able to do anything to him I wanted… But he still had his own will, cuz after a while he started to move downwards on my body too. His lips found my tit soon. I pushed my head into the pillow and moaned. Meanwhile Mart moved lower to my navel, but I knew he won’t stop by my tummy… Dave took Mart’s place on my chest and my groans came more often. Blondie was biting my skin by my lower tummy in a maddening way, while he was stroking one of my inner thighs. Dave went on with the pampering on my breasts – I could just appreciate this – but I needed his mouth. I wanted to bite, to kiss, to tear, to stroke him! I pulled him up by his nape and attacked him with such a desire that our teeth clashed together and the former wound on my mouth re-opened and started bleeding. Martin’s tongue reached his goal in that very moment, while he pulled me apart a bit more to sink deeper between my legs. I groaned from the depth of my throat. Dave licked the blood off of my lower lip then gave me more of his wild kisses. Meanwhile Mart was totally busy with his work on me and as a result I was moaning into Dave’s mouth more often.

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