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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  2009.08.12. 12:35


I could just guess when Martin reached for Dave’s right hand, because I was totally lost in my singer’s kisses, but suddenly next to Mart’s tongue I felt Dave’s two fingers in the picture too. I praised him with an enormous moan as he pushed his fingers deep into me. I grabbed his shoulder with a big force, while my other hand pulled Martin’s blonde tufts. My hips moved higher then matched the rhythm of their movements. I pushed my head into the pillow again as my whole body was shaking under their touches. There was no doubt that they were doing a great job consoling me. Martin’s tongue was moving crazily between my legs – not to mention Dave’s fingers… My favourite singer’s lips and teeth were still on my chest, but I was thirsty for his lips again. Both of my hands reached down for him and I pulled him up and gave him more greedy kisses. After maybe a minute I had to turn my head away so I could moan out loud from the accelerating pace of his fingers. He took advantage of this and started kissing my cheek and neck. I thought I’ll die there when Mart interrupted us. He wanted to change places…
I was totally out of my mind so I let them everything they wanted to do to my shaking body. I strained again when Dave took over the lower regions and Mart’s fingers found their way into me, kissing my lips passionately… I couldn’t think because of the desire I felt. I was just grabbing and pulling their hair and moaned whenever I had the chance. This diversity, the fact that they still wanted me after all our lovemakings, their desire to satisfy me, their touches, their scent and moves made me crazy… I’ve got totally lost in my lovers’ concurrent touches until my sweaty body arched from my next orgasm…
I panted into Martin’s mouth while he ran his fingertips softly on my breasts. As the last step Dave was still licking me with his skilled tongue and Martin pulled out his fingers, kissing me again. But after a few moments I pulled away from his lips to close my eyes and pant towards the ceiling, my chest moving up and down in a fast pace. I knew that a shower would have been nice in that moment, but I had no strength to stand up and go to the bathroom. The Energizer-boys ducked me. They nuzzled to me from both sides. Our blessed trinity went silent after a few minutes and I heard even breaths from my right. Big cats are lazy and sleep long hours – this one next to me did the same. Martin was lying on my other side, but not with closed eyes.
“I’d like to speak about something with you” he began.
“Go on” I sighed powerless and I faced the ceiling too. My left hand was resting on our panther’s arm, which was hugging my tummy.
“What we’d done to you, I mean what you’d stopped…”
“Yes?” I scowled.
“I hope you can forgive us!” he whispered. From the corner of my eyes I saw that he turned his face toward mine to examine my expression.
I smiled softly “I already forgave you, don’t worry” I turned to him too and stroked his face with my free hand.
“I’m glad” he exhaled loudly then took my wrist and gave a kiss into my palm before he pressed his lips to mine.
I was kissing back more and more passionately and felt as he hugged me firmly, pulling me closer to him. I didn’t protest. Dave’s hand was already behind me on the sheet. The concert and our diabolic duo sucked out all of his energies. But from that moment all of my attention was on Martin. I was amazed that he still wasn’t tired! His hands were sliding on my skin softly but firmly, his tongue was dancing with mine. It started turning me on that we were doing this next to our sleeping panther. Oh god, again? – it ran through my mind. Yes, again. It was simply unbelievable! Of course I just couldn’t get enough of them, but it shocked me completely that they felt the same toward me… My fingers were wandering softly on Mart’s side, barely touching his skin. I felt him shaking under my touches. He was grabbing my hips as he pulled me harder against his body after he turned fully toward me.
“You’re amazing, Martin!” I whispered “How can you still wanting me?” I pulled away a bit from his mouth and looked into his eyes while my right hand slid down on his chest. I felt the light pressure on my groin.
“I’m much more than you might think” answered Blondie and attacked me again so I needed to moan. I simply couldn’t understand the situation I was in. I was tired, worn out, but I couldn’t resist – and to be honest I didn’t want it either.
After a passionate kiss he started biting my neck while one of his hands slid onto my breast, which was bright red from the former bites. He stroked it gently until it was hard again. I was still in shock, I think. I let him do whatever he wanted and sighed quietly from his gentle touches. The ‘perfect lover’ title popped up suddenly in my mind. My hands were stroking him wherever I could reach him.
“Martin, how can I turn you on... even after all our lovemakings?” I whispered faintly under his hands.
“Dunno, but you do it fucking great…” he slid his mouth onto my right breast.
“But… I don’t have anything extra…”
“You’re silly… You don’t have to be a beauty queen to grab my attention… Your charisma is enough… And by the way don’t underestimate yourself” he answered between his soft kisses and bites.
“Don’t talk that much. You’ll wake Dave up…” he slid his fingers between my legs again.
“And would that be a problem?” I moaned a bit louder.
“I want you now for myself” he stated firmly, but tenderness was in his voice too. I had nothing else to say. I sent him a warm look then rolled him onto his back so I could straddle him.
“Then I’ll be yours” I whispered nearly into his mouth and after a few greedy kisses my lips began to wander lower without any shame to feel his hardness between my lips again. He moaned faintly and dug his fingers into my hair. But he didn’t let me work on him for too long. He softly stroked my shoulder and pulled me up for more sweet kisses. I let him turn me onto my back without resisting. Dave’s hand nearly touched me, but he was still sleeping. To be honest for some minutes Martin managed to make me forget about the sleeping Dave Gahan, who was right beside me - and this was something!
His touch was full of gentleness when he opened my legs and knelt between them just to grab my hips – which were aching from their former rough touches – and melt our bodies together. We both moaned from the familiar feeling. He placed himself into an angle which let him penetrate me with his full length. He propped himself on his hands by my shoulder and dug into my long hair while he was moving his hips gently. I snapped at his mouth to keep my groan down. My whole body tensed because I wasn’t allowed being loud.
He was rocking me with his hips for long minutes – near the end he picked up a faster rhythm and from this it was impossible for me not to moan out loud a few times. And then my body surrendered to the overwhelming pleasure, which I reached a few moments sooner than Martin. I can’t tell how much orgasm I had that day. I was panting when my body took in everything he had to give. His sweaty body was lying heavy on me, his breath tickling my ears and neck as he dug his head into the pillow under me. I caressed his shoulders with my arms and my hands were stroking his back. Dave was still sleeping peacefully.
“Look how he sleeps” I nodded toward him.
“Yeah, I know. He sleeps very little and with difficulty. He’s nearly always up like Edison. But if he manages to fall asleep, you can do whatever you want to him, he won’t wake up. Look…” Martin bent forward.
“Don’t disturb him in his sleep! He’s so sweet! Let our tom rest!”
“Whatever… But I show you something, look” he reached for his unsuspicious victim.
“Martin, what are you doing?” I asked again while my lover’s upper body turned to the left to reach Dave. I moaned from this, because he just slid out of me.
“Just watch!” he grinned at me.
“Martin, don’t do it! He’ll be furious if you wake him. He was so tired.”
“Relax, this is the point – he won’t wake up, I prove you!”
First he bent to Dave’s ear and called out his name quite loud. No reaction. Then he started to shake Dave’s body on the bed – nothing happened. I was scared what we’ll get from our panther if we wake him up. He was just lying, like a dead man. My stomach jumped from the sight although I saw his tummy rising and sinking so he was breathing. Martin stood up and started to put things on Dave’s chest and stomach. First an empty suitcase then a Bible and a phonebook and after that he took a fruit basket and a vase with flowers from the table.
“It’s ready” he said, checking out his work proudly. And David was sleeping under the pyramid like a little angel. I felt sorry for the poor guy, but it was so funny that I bursted out in laughter.
“You see how funny our friend is?” smiled Martin. He was so happy about his little mischief! It is said that there’s a little boy in every adult man and this boy can be seen. “And now we’ll take pictures” he stood up again and searched for the cell phone in his trousers’ pocket.
“Hey Mart, are you sure about this?” I looked at him with doubt and pulled the thin blanket up on my chest as I was sitting on the bed and sent an anxious look at Dave, who was still sleeping motionless under the pyramid.
“Absolutely” he pushed a few buttons on the phone then focused on Dave. I sighed a big one and put my head between my hands. I couldn’t guess what Dave’d say if he ever sees these pictures, but I was sure he won’t like them. Martin took some pictures then addressed me “Hey, kitty, look at me!”
“What?” I raised my head, lowering my hands and of course I forgot the obvious fact that he wanted to take a picture of me too “Hey!” I grumbled but I was late, the photo was ready “Delete it!”
“No, I won’t!” he pushed a few buttons again – probably saving my picture.
“Do it!”
“No! What? You don’t want to be in my phonebook?”
“No. Why? It would be unnecessary.”
“Why do you say this?” he knelt onto the bed, next to my legs which I pulled up earlier and he put his hand onto my knee.
“Because tomorrow you fly away and we won’t see each other ever again. What good is it? It makes no sense. Or you take a picture of every woman you’d slept with?” I smiled at him a bit sardonically.
“No, I usually don’t do that” he answered a bit huffy “I just wanted to ask you to give me your number…”
Martin asked for my number again and of course I gave it to him “Can I have yours too?” I asked.
“If you handle it very privately then yes. I mean I give mine, but I don’t give Dave’s number without his permission” he nodded.
“Of course, I can understand that. And… thank you” I smiled at him, but inside I had no hope that they’ll call me every again.
“No, I’m glad that we had the chance getting to know you - thanks to fate’s strange will… or rather for Dave’s choc-addiction” he stroked my face then gave a quick kiss onto my lips. I just smiled. “Okay, I put things back to their places and let this poor guy rest…” he grinned at his motionless friend and quickly removed the objects from his chest “Come, let’s take a shower. It’s already dawn and we are very tired, we need to sleep too. Is it good for you if the three of us sleep here? The bed is big enough and I won’t go to my room now. And I’m sure you won’t mind us cuddling to you from both sides, snuffing into your ears…”
“I’d need those snuffs anyway” I whispered smiling “Like a panther-family…” I laughed silently and let Martin pull me by my hand into the bathroom. I was tired too from all these exciting experiences, my body moved after him with difficulty. I guessed that tomorrow I’ll have several purple and green bruises on my body. I was wondering how on earth I was still able to walk after all these ‘attacks’… Then I pushed my disturbing thoughts aside and enjoyed every minute of having a shower with Martin Gore. After it I slid naked between them, nestling to them tightly as an end to my most amazing day of my life.

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