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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 12

Chapter 12

  2009.08.12. 12:43


It was late when we woke up – or rather who knows when Dave woke up. He was sitting in the suite’s other room, watching telly and having breakfast. Martin was still sleeping soundly. I put one of the hotel’s bathrobes on and walked to Dave, pulling the door silently closed behind me.
“Hi, hon” he greeted me before I could. He was fresh and dewy, full of life. I love when he’s sparkling from energy – it’s so good to look at him!
“Hello David, are you awake?” I asked him rather silly.
“Yep. Are you hungry? Do you want me to plaster you a toast?” he smiled and was already pouring my coffee to a mug.
“How did you know I’m a coffee-addict?”
“You haven’t seen you coming in! Your eyes were barely open and you were nearly groping.”
“Great. I bet I look awful. Is there a mirror somewhere so I can check the results of crazy-yesterday?” I stepped to the fake Venice mirror and nearly sprang back “’The person in the mirror can’t be me’…” I hummed into the mirror, making grimaces and finally sticking my tongue out to my reflection.
“You like Paper Monsters!” he perked up.
“Of course I like it!”
“Just because a lot of DM fans don’t like it too much. It’s not like DM.”
“Thank god it isn’t. That music is you. It’s just about you, no one else. And if someone doesn’t like it, then stop listening to it. I listen to it, cuz I love it.”
“Thank you, kitty, you’re sweet.”
“Anytime” I sat down oppositely “Call me anytime if you want to hear what a great guy you are. I can’t get bored saying it.”
“You, cat! Are you coaxing?”
“Can you purr too?”
“Do you want me to purr? Just stroke me and I start purring.”
“Come here, sit next to me” he called and I nestled to his side, pushing my face into his manly, fragrant and freshly-washed body.
“Huh, do you want to eat or what?” he asked cuz I couldn’t stop my hands, which were wandering on the territories they’d explored earlier.
“Or what!”
“Eat something before it” he asked “I can’t do anything if I’m hungry.”
“Uh-uh” I answered between to sips from my coffee.
“Kitty, I want to ask something from you!”
“Tell me.”
“Can you give me your number?”
“Dave, of course!”
“Who knows… I think I’ll miss you.”
“You’re so sweet! Great! You’ll miss me?”
“It seems. I was sitting here and I was thinking about you. I was up early and went out to run. As I was running on the embankment and watched the rising sun over the Danube’s surface and heard the city waking up around me, you were on my mind. You, Budapest, Hungary. I’d like to see you again. Would you mind it?”
“David! Are you kidding? Oh god, Dave I love you, you know! Of course I wouldn’t mind it. Anytime you want it…”
Dave had ordered a rich breakfast from room service so our still sleeping Blondie would be able to eat when he’ll come round from his coma-like sleep. I ate a quite big portion too, cuz my favourite musicians made me tired yesterday. I was wondering how I was able to get out off bed at all. While I checked my body quickly, I saw several purple and green bruises, but they didn’t disturb me too much – especially when I was thinking about how they ended there. I smiled while I plastered my last crescent roll with butter.
“Wow, kitty, you have a stomach…” noted Dave, who had finished his breakfast minutes ago and he crowned it with an inevitably bar of the finest Belgian chocolate.
“You’re surprised? After all those exercises?” I winked at him “You’re better than an update diet” I giggled.
He gave me a charming smile for this then offered the remains of his chocolate “You want some?”
“You want to share your precious choc with me?” I grinned after I sent the crescent roll’s last mouthful down to my stomach.
“Yep. After all this brought us together” he shrugged. For a moment I just watched his moving muscles on his naked upper body mesmerized.
“Thanks” I came back to reality and broke down a square. Then I bit onto the rest of the bar which he offered. While I was chewing, he put his fingers onto my lips. “Why’re you doing this?” I munched at him.
“I just want to feel you.”
With a sudden gulp I sent the choc down. Just one word and touch was enough to set me on fire again…
“Oh… in this case…” I grinned with smeared chocolate in the corner of my lips and straddled him without any shame, lowering my body onto his thighs. He was wearing just black trunks.
“Hmmm… I like this much more” he embraced my waist with both hands, but when he wanted to kiss me, I pulled away. He looked at me confused.
“Give me that choc!” I smiled and when he handed it to me, I broke down another square, putting it between my teeth. He smiled and snapped at it. The choc was melting quickly in our mouths and we could taste its sweetness on each others tongues. Meanwhile his hands started to wander on my body too.
“You’re not wearing panties…” he stated pulling away a bit from my lips.
“Correct” I sent him a devilish smile “Just the robes… Why? Do you miss them?”
“No – I won’t say that at all…” he reached between my legs and I grasped for air, still smiling.
“Should I say that it was no surprise for me?” I stroked his face while my hips moved slightly to his fingers’ rhythm “Dave, I think after all it’d be better for me to go and put some panties on” I whispered into his ear when Martin found his way to the breakfast table with barely open eyes, yawning. He sat down next to us and looked at us with “closed” eyes. Dave grunted reluctantly and his hand came up from between my legs to join his other on my waist. A smile spread on my face as I slid a bit lower on his lap to rest my head on his chest, turning my face to Martin.
“What’s up, sleepy-bag?” I asked Blondie grinning. I felt Dave’s arms sneak around me and this felt really great. It was all I wanted – him embracing me as long as he could. Martin was still yawning loudly and the lions on the savannas came into my mind – especially when I looked at his rumpled blonde tufts.
“What’s up, did you stick together?” he asked.
“Are you envious?” grinned Dave and pulled me even closer. I giggled silently. Martin murmured something under his nose, but we couldn’t understand because he forgot to articulate – maybe it was too early for him yet.
“You’re insanely sweet like this” I added. Dave snorted in disbelief.
“Good for me” he rubbed his eyes with his fingers “How can you be this fresh after yesterday?” he asked me surprised.
 “Oh come on, Martin. Haven’t you heard that women after good sex are full of energy and happiness hormones the next day?” grinned Dave. I shivered when I heard the beating of his heart under my ear and his voice which was resonating in his chest under me. “And me thinks, our little lady here had not just one good sexual act yesterday…” he muttered and as a return I gave him a purring-like sound. “Look at here, I have a kitty on my lap! I caress you just purr for me” he said and continued on a low voice so Mart wasn’t able to hear us “cuz you can drive me crazy with it. We were getting started when he came. Leave our coma-like friend behind and come down to swim so I can cool down, or come with me into the bathroom or to the balcony, I don’t care, but I want to put things into their right places…”
“Onto the balcony? Are you nuts? Private show for the fans? Indeed, we should take a look outside! I’m curious how many people are down there! If there are fans, please, greet them!”
“While I’m fucking you?”
“David, you’re bad!”
“Not bad, you know it is called…”
“I know, I know, don’t say it. Dave, pull your hand back from there!”
“Why??” he asked pouting a bit, which made his expression more adorable. I lifted my head up to look into his eyes.
“Because I’m one of those cruel types…” I bantered and held their bad, bad hands down. But I put my head back onto his chest and just to play with him a little more, I continued purring and nuzzling on his lap. He moaned from this.
“Do you want to give morning-porn to Curly” he whispered “or you come with me into that fucking bathroom?!”
“Uh-uh, hey, I think it’d be better to do what you say” I got down from his lap. I bet if I didn’t obey, he wouldn’t have been shy by the table either … I looked back at him with piercing eyes and he grabbed my hand and pulled me firmly toward the bathroom.
“Have a nice breakfast!” I yelled back at Blondie, who started eating, but he just sent me a tired grunt. He had no strength to ask us where we were going, but maybe he knew it well. I grinned as I turned back to Dave “Your friend is so cute!” I said while he pulled me into the bath.
“But I’m not cut – I’m horny” he pressed me firmly against the door.
“Uh…” I exhaled between his arms when he pushed me gently to the flat wood “One more of this kind of sentences and I’ll be the horniest girl in this city” I said then moaned faintly, cuz his fingers had reached under the robe and slid up on my inner thighs. And then the robe was suddenly on the floor and just the rhythmic and dull thuds could be heard on the door.
Meanwhile Mart was eating outside peacefully. He was faintly smiling, chewing his toast with jam, listening to the rhythmic thuds. Sometimes he heard a few louder moans which reached his ear a bit bluntly. At the end of his breakfast he was drinking milk from his mug when he heard my muffled but unambiguous scream. His smile returned.
“It seems that your purring was successful, kitty” he noted after I appeared in the door a few minutes later, face flushed.
I smiled and stretched contentedly in my robe again then walked to Blondie and sat next to him. I was still panting a bit. Dave didn’t appear and we could hear the water from the shower cabin – my panther was taking a shower. So now I have my golden lion here.
“Would you pamper me a bit too?” asked Martin simply, smiling at me kindly.
“Oh yes. I was just thinking about it.”
“You! While Dave did everything to impress you, you were thinking of me?”
“It happens, yes.”
“Jesus Christ, this is the first time I hear something like this!!! This is more than exciting, you know! I’m the one who knows exactly what Dave’s capable of and during it you were thinking of me? I can’t believe! Don’t tell him, or else he’ll jump out of the window!”
“No way I’ll tell him, but you shouldn’t either, okay?”
“I won’t” he sent me a Gore-smile, which turned me into a puddle. This was clearly visible on me, cuz Mart’s smile got wider and put his arms around me to pull me closer to him “Don’t worry, I’m not stupid even if sometimes it seems I am” he gave me another smile then I let him pull me into his lap.
“Familiar situation…” I noted.
“But now I’m under you, not Dave” he shrugged and caressed my back.
“True. How do you want it?” I asked, putting my arms around his back too.
“Be my rider” he asked with a soft kiss and the robe slid to the floor for the second time this morning. I think it was unnecessary putting it back on me. After our lips parted I smiled at him and nodded.
“Guys, you’ll be the death of me…” I added quietly. I glimpsed toward the bathroom where I could still hear the shower’s sounds.
“Don’t worry, if he gets into the bath… We have time” he licked my collarbones and neck.
“I’m not worried…”
I started to squirm on his lap to find the best position – and with this I made him gasp of course, I could see everything on his face. His look was getting darker and captured mine. Oh god, this is too much for me, I thought as I bent down and kissed him. He returned it greedily and I was wondering whether he did it because our previous sounds with Dave had turned him on? But I didn’t ask him just let his tongue dance fiercely with mine. I felt his hands on my back, butt, thighs and arms, which were around his neck. He took my right hand and led it to his robe’s belt, encouraging me to loosen it and I obeyed. He wasn’t wearing anything else under either. My eyes were drinking in the naked Martin Gore’s sight greedily. He eyed me exhaustively and a smile spread on his face again. I couldn’t stop my self: I attacked him wildly, kissing and caressing him wherever it was possible. My hand found his hardness very soon and started pumping it, which made Blondie growl contentedly. He was grabbing my tits and ass, his lips possessing my mouth feverishly.
The gurgling from the bathroom got louder and we heard Dave’s happy singing.
“Don’t tell me that he sings under the shower?!” I laughed.
“He does. This is how his career’d started. His siblings always told him to stop singing in the bathtub and do it in a pub, drunken. He’d listened to them – this is how we heard our famous singer for the first time.”
“I can’t believe it. Do you like his voice too?”
“Sure. He has a beautiful voice, I love it. Didn’t he sing into your ear? I know for sure that he mesmerizes women with that…”
“I was already mesmerized, so you had an easy way with me…” I stoked his cock a bit harder.
“That’s true” he agreed, moaning.
“But let’s see… That version of ‘Dirt’ from yesterday… we can say that it was the ‘mesmerizing-part’, can’t we? And by the way this was the most exciting and the best version I’d ever heard” I leaned down to his lips playfully, but I always pulled my head away when he was about to kiss me.
“Hmm… well in the last few years we had been working hard enough on you emotionally, so it was an easy win.”
“Yes, you say this” I rose up from his lap, stopping everything I was doing until now.
He looked back at me bleakly “More!”
“Ask me nicely, properly and excitingly! Come on! But do it in a very exciting way!”
“What’s up, kitty? Are you mad?” he caressed my waist softly.
“Me? Tut! You just labeled me as a… bitch” I shrugged a bit irritably.
“Hey… hey, relax! We know you’re not one. We know that this is just for us two. And knowing this – that such a beauty acts like an exciting wild cat for us… well how to say it… it turns us on completely…” he licked the edge of his mouth and his hands stroked my butt. I just gave him a faint smile while my cool eyes were examining him and his words. “Hey, kitty… please!” he looked at me with his green puppy-eyes.
“What do you want from me, Martin? Let me hear!” I grabbed his shoulders. He shortly hissed and his eyes got darker.
“Be my ruler, kitty, like a queen! Make me surrender to you!” he answered, his voice deeper from his desire, squeezing my butt hard. This opportunity blew my mind off.
“Hmm… this sounds quite exciting for me…” I licked his lips leaning closer and bit down hard onto his lower lip then pulled it away a bit, still holding it between my teeth, just to kiss him fiercely afterwards.
I don’t know when did the singing stop outside and when did silence fell upon the room. I was busy with something else. Martin can be fascinating, if you know what I mean. As I was kissing him passionately, my gaze wandered past his shoulder and I saw David sitting on the bed, his legs slightly apart, as always. He was watching us. I eyed him, still kissing Martin greedily. I kept Dave’s presence in secret as my fingers grabbed him firmly again. He wanted me to be his queen? Well, okay… I won’t disappoint him.
He moaned into my mouth as my hand started to move on him faster. With my free fingers I scratched along his shoulder, not paying attention onto his loud yell, and pressed my lips hard on his – still watching Dave with one eye. He saw me watching him, but he didn’t do anything except crossing his legs. Oh boy, just the remote control was missing from his hand! He was sitting there like a sated little boy after lunch. He wanted a show? He’ll get it! I went for Martin’s neck and earlobe. I wasn’t gently with his skin – I bit and sucked it into my mouth mercilessly. I pulled my hand back from his thick shaft to scratch his chest. His hands were sliding on my body randomly. I felt his left hand by my nape to press my mouth closer to his neck. I bit him hard then looked at Dave. Mart’s painful and luscious yell was still echoing in the room. One of my eyes was on Dave when I licked along the bruise I caused on Mart’s neck. Mart grabbed my ass with his free hand and the other pulled my hair, forcing my head slightly backwards.
“Come on!” he moaned.
“No. Now I set the pace!” I stated firmly, breaking free from his grip and grabbing his hands I led them onto the back of the sofa.
“What are you doing?”
“You’ll like it” I answered a. I bit his collarbone shortly and propped myself next to his body. I was a bit sorry about not seeing my singer for a while. But I was wrong, cuz Dave stood up and came closer – standing nearly behind Martin. I nearly hissed at him to go away, but I didn’t want to confuse Martin.

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