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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 14

Chapter 14

  2009.08.12. 12:47



“Is it?”
The blood froze in my veins from his tone “David, no!”
“I don’t think that anyone could understand it. Of course I’m not using anything, just snatching air and I drink no alcohol, but this wasn’t what I meant. You know, old fox doesn’t learn new tricks…”
“Sometimes he does…” I whispered just for myself, looking at my hands then I lifted my gaze again, curling up in the corner of the couch “What did you mean exactly? I’d be curious to know. But of course just if you want to speak about it.”
“Well I don’t know why I should bother you with it.”
“Because I want to know it? Because I want you to be happy?”
“Darling, you’re so kind. I don’t know how it could have happened that we opened up and gave you this much in such a short time…”
“Do you regret it?”
“No, I wouldn’t say that. It’s just that… maybe it isn’t good for you to know these things…”
“I want you to be happy!”
“You want too much.”
“Because I’m one of those greedy girls! Here you are – fate brought me into your way…” I sighed theatrically then went on with a little smile “To be earnest, if you are afraid that I’ll tell it to someone, your fears are unnecessary. Usually I don’t give out someone else’s secrets – especially not about such deep emotions. I won’t swear, cuz it wouldn’t be genuine that way. But I give you my word. Maybe since we are together, you could find out that this means something. And I’d be really happy to know what you’d meant earlier. I want to know you better if I had the chance being with you two.”
“Uh-uh, so you’re that little girl, who climbs up to the volcano just to see the hot lava.”
“Yes, I am. I’ll be your psychiatrist, your kind sister, your lover, anything…”
“My lover? You want to be my lover?”
“Oh god, what did I say again!”
“The truth, I guess…”
“Sorry Dave, don’t be mad… I’ve got such a big mouth and…”
“Well, if you’re brave enough!”
“Be my lover. Do you want it?”
“You mean, I could see you again?”
“If I recall it correctly, lovers usually see each other, yes. Cuz I like you. It feels good when I’m with you. I can talk with you too. And you know a lot of things about me and I’m about to pour the other things into your neck. But why do I have the feeling that you already know a lot of things? Knowing, suspecting and feeling them inside?”
“Maybe because I use my brain if I have one?” I asked back, pulling one eyebrow up, but inside my heart wanted to jump out of my chest from the opportunity which he offered…
“And I have the feeling that you use your brain in your pretty head quite good” he smiled at me and put his right arm on the back of the sofa so he could prop his head with his hand. I felt myself blushing from his gaze. “What, kitty? Did I embarrass you?”
“Oh noooo! You know, it happens every day, that famous people want me to be their lovers…” I shrugged neglectful, but meanwhile I started to feel sick from my weak jokes. Why can’t I just shut up?
“Did I confuse you?”
“No, it was just so sudden. I meant it as a joke, but you felt that it wasn’t just a joke. You knew, you knew.”
“Hey, it wasn’t that difficult. You should see your eyes when you look at me! Sometimes they’re burning with lust, sometimes they turn soft from your love, sometimes they’re confused, cuz being with me is strange for you, and sometimes it’s startled when you’re thinking about what tomorrow’ll bring. I don’t think that I should have a psychiatric degree to see all this.”
“Oh my god, I can’t believe it! David, David!”
“Hey, don’t suffer here! Come here, lovers cuddle and stuff like that…”
“Not that I wouldn’t know what lovers do. This isn’t that new for me” I added more quietly as I crawled to him and let him embrace me.
“Really? You can be such a bad girl too? Who was the lucky one? Or is he still? I don’t want to ruin a relationship here.”
“No, now you wouldn’t ruin anything. I’d done some nasty things in my past too. I’m not a saint either. I’d been a lover once, this role isn’t new for me, but since then three years had already passed. But I didn’t regret it completely, cuz it was good being with him, just you know… we weren’t careful enough and it turned out. That was an ugly scene.”
“You don’t speak to your sister since three years – leastwise you said that – Is there any connection?”
For a moment I remained silent and was playing with the phoenix tattoo’s wing on his chest. Finally I thought if they were this open towards me, I can share a little piece of my past with Dave too… “Well, yes. I’m not proud of it. It’s not a coincidence that my big sister cut off every connection with me. We can say she hates me… I’d slept with her husband” I looked up at him.
“Well the world has seen such things, but you’re right, it’s uglier than sleeping with a stranger. And don’t worry about me. Jen knows that I love her very much, but she isn’t here always when I need her and let’s face it, I’m not there for her either when she needs me. This is kinda consensus between us.”
“You want to say that, that, that…”
“Hey, breathe! Why did you think that if I can do it and she can’t?”
“I, if I…”
“If you?”
“You’re right. Of course, you are. It’s just that for me you…”
“Don’t get me wrong, we love each other, but we can’t have everything what we want from the other half. I’m bilious and she’s very busy. See? I expect some tenderness and pampering from you now.”
“Oh, in this case you just need to ask for it…” I sent him a sweet smile, trying to bury my dark thoughts, which came back to my mind from the old memories.
“Take it as asked.”
“Alright, I try to be satisfying” I stroked his face while I cuddled closer to him “And pass the lover-exam” I giggled.
“I guess if there’s such an exam, you’d already passed it with a quite good grade…”
“Really? How good it is for me…” I whispered then kissed him softly. And again. And again. Our tongues were playing lazily with each other then I rested my head against his chest and I realized that I was humming some old melody for him. I don’t know why I was doing that, it just came. I felt his tense body relax and he joined my humming. I stroked along his nape and back until I reached his thigh. He let me do so without moving then he grabbed me firmly, turned me to him and asked said:
“Think it through before you answer! Consider it properly, cuz I won’t let you hurt me. Do you really want this? Are you sure?”
For two minutes I was just looking into his eyes although I knew my answer well. If I would have missed this opportunity, I had been insane! But of course I wasn’t that shallow. Although sex wasn’t a negligible factor, it wasn’t the most important thing. I rather wanted to know Dave, Martin and this whole thing better. “David, how could I hurt you?” I whispered confused “I wouldn’t want to do it willingly, ever. And If I did it without knowing it, just tell me to stop. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt anyone” I freed one of my hands from his grip and stroked his face.
“This means that…”
“You know well that my answer is yes. I want to be with you whenever you need me. I don’t want to cling to you – no way. I can join you after a while after I arranged some things at home – if it’s okay with you – or as you wish. But if I’ll be near to you, I don’t want to be an unnecessary burden. I want to work something too, so I can feel myself useful. I wouldn’t be able to bear doing nothing the whole day. But it’s okay with me if we just meet sometimes, somewhere. I want it to be comfortable for you.”
“I can’t say anything yet, first I need to talk to Martin about this. If he doesn’t want you being with me then you’ll understand that it won’t work out, right? But if he sees that I want this, I know he’ll let me do it” said David and as he said Martin’s name he smiled “He should come back now. Where’s he?”
“Sure. I understand it. Maybe we should look for him. Stay, I take a look” I pulled away from him and headed for the other room barefooted. I felt his gaze following me.
Blondie was sitting on the bed, facing the window. He didn’t look at me when I stepped next to him. I saw that his eyes were a bit red, but I didn’t say a word just embraced him. He nuzzled to me like a little child.
“You love him, right?” he asked.
“Yes. But… I don’t want to get between you two in no way. I don’t want to ruin this beautiful picture.”
“Why would you do so? What’s Dave doing now?”
“He’s lying on the couch.”
“Well, I don’t know exactly what’s going on his mind now.”
“No wonder. Usually I don’t know it either, although I know him really well.”
“You really love him, right, Mart?”
“Yes. It isn’t easy to speak about this at all, and despite this, sometimes I can be so cold with him. I’m afraid that I’ll burn to ashes - that I’ll go to the devil. He’s full of fire and although he doesn’t want it, time after time he burns everything to the ground around him. Self-ignition. Poor guy – he always wants the best for everyone, but when things turn out in another way, when he screws it up, he feels himself awful. He blames himself. But after all these years… hmm… I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s a very good friend and… and much more than that…”
“Can I join you?” asked Dave from the door.
I looked at Mart – he was the ‘senior’ here. I was gladly with each of them. I guess Dave’d heard our conversation. It didn’t bother me, but I couldn’t know what Martin was thinking about it.
“Of course” answered Blondie, not bothering himself.
“Like a big loving family…” I noted smiling, but in my head I was still thinking about Martin’s previous words. Will Dave burn me up too? Will he tear me if I stay close to him? People get burned when they’re playing with fire, right? And inside I knew the answer and I knew that I don’t care. A Queen song was playing in my head: ‘One moment of love is better than a lifetime alone’. How true. But how will this work out? Strange – as I looked at David, as my eyes wandered to Martin, I knew that I’ll do it, no matter how much I’ll have to pay later. I reached my hand out for Dave, while with the other one I was still hugging Mart. Our singer walked to us and let me embrace his waist too.
“Well, now that we gathered here, maybe we should figure out when we want to go swimming.”
“Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot Andy” Martin slapped his forehead.
“Boys, I don’t really have any swimsuit here.”
“No problem” they said in union.
“Very funny, but if you join me naked then I don’t mind.”
“We can solve this problem” grinned Dave and reached for his cell phone. I’ve heard him call the hotel’s manager “We can go” he said “The swimming pool is closed for us. We can do down there whatever we want.”
“David, you’re amazing. But who wouldn’t do anything for you?” I grinned.
“Dave, a little detail, or problem – you name it” smiled Martin too “Tell me how you’ll make Andy swim naked with us? You know, he’s not like you – he doesn’t see himself as a sex-god…”
“Trust me, I can solve this too” said our trouble-maker and dialed Andy’s number. I leaned back on the bed and tried to hold my laughing back. Then I felt Martin’s weight on me.
“Hey, little girl, what’s so funny?” he started to tickle me. I tried to keep it low, cuz Dave was speaking on the phone, but I couldn’t do it for too long. Dave showed us to shut up, waving like a madman, but Martin went crazy and couldn’t stop himself.
“Mart, I tell Dave what you did to him last night, if you don’t stop!” I squeaked.
“Cool! Let’s show him the pictures!” he jumped up. Meanwhile Dave was just talking and talking with a serious expression – who knows how he wanted to persuade Andy…
“Martin, no…” I began but he already pushed the phone under Dave’s nose with that picture where Dave sleeps with the pyramid on his tummy.
Dave’s voice failed him for a moment as he started chuckling when he saw the pic on Mart’s cell and he spanked Mart’s butt.
“Hey, I have no clothes on! This hurt!” he got out of Dave’s reach quickly. Now I couldn’t stop laughing either – although I tried to hold myself back because of Andy, but it sounded rather like an asthmatic rush.
Then we could hear Dave’s explanations and at the end he hung up. “And you’re wondering why he doesn’t want to come with us after this? He apologized and mentioned some band-stuff to do” he looked at Martin, who was lying half-way on the bed, propping his head on my butt as I was lying on my tummy, still giggling time after time.
“He’s good at this. And you, you want another tickling-attack?” he pinched my thigh under the bathrobe.
“Of course!” I answered.
“Me on one side and Mart on the other?” Dave nuzzled to me with his whole body. I thought high voltage shot through my body when he touched me – he had such an effect on me. I moaned loudly and already sighed a big one as Martin’s hands pulled me closer to him.
“Don’t think that I’ll let him have you this easily” he whispered into my ear.
“You will, you will, just watch!” grinned David. He began caressing my body – starting from my neck and going further down. As an answer Martin did the same from behind, softly biting my shoulders “Shouldn’t we still call Andy?” he asked.
“No chance that I could handle the three of you in the same time…” I sighed then grinned “Although if you already brought it up, I must confess that my favourite was always Andy, and I just try to use you two to get closer to him, but you can see how he cuts off every opportunity…”
“Oh my god, Dave! A Fletch-fan! Let’s stuff her so that the next generations can see her!”
“What a great idea! Let’s – stuff – her!”
“Oh give me a break! What’s with the swimming?”
“Don’t you want to know how we want to stuff you?” licked Martin the sensitive area behind my ear, which caused goose bumps everywhere.
“I can guess it” I turned my face to him, but grabbing my chin Dave turned me back to him just to reach under my robe by my chest.
“And don’t you want it?”
“Of course I want it. Both of you in the same time?”
“Sure. We said we’ll stuff you, didn’t we? My dearest friend, would you be so kind and start the operation?” said Dave to Mart, who pressed his whole body against my back.
“Immediately, my friend, immediately” and I felt his fingers as he started stroking me. David did the same from the front and I tried to prepare myself for the shock.
“Have I told you that I gladly take the role of the victim in this case?” I sighed a big one as my head bent back and against Martin’s head, but he avoided it and kissed into my neck.
“Yeah, just take deep breaths and relax” Martin suggested as he was rubbing me more passionately. I felt his cock hardening by the small of my back and I felt the same from Dave between my thighs. And I felt myself spiraling downwards in my desire after them. I couldn’t say anything to this, I rather tried to obey and relax with closed eyes as I took deep breaths, but I had to moan from Dave’s fast strokes and touches. The bathrobe was half-way down my shoulders and Dave pushed the end of it up onto my waist. Martin caught Dave’s right hand and led it between my legs to take the rubbing over while he pulled the robe down from my shoulder and stroked himself along a few times. He kissed my shoulder-blade and shoulder again.
“Prep yourself, kitty…” he whispered gently. This had the opposite effect on me – instead of relaxing, my whole body tensed. “Now, okay?” he nodded to Dave, who was holding me firmly from the other side. And Martin – like a good worker – spit into his palm. I could feel as he wet himself and me too then all I could feel was just Martin – deeper and deeper. He was doing it slowly, making small and gentle circles, squirming a bit, but doing it steadily. I wanted to scream, but Dave was kissing me too deep. So I was whimpering into his mouth.
“Does it hurt, kitty?” leant Martin closer, gasping “Do you want me to stop?”
“No-hooo” I said, not really sure that I said the truth “You’re just so big – jeez – Mart, this is good! More!” I changed my tone as I started to get used to the feeling.
“Of course it’s good” murmured Dave and with his usual impatience he entered me really gently from the front too. I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t torn me apart and that this could be this great! But now I couldn’t bear not to scream my joy out loud. I dug my nails deep into Dave’s shoulder. I nearly died from the pleasure I felt, although they’d barely started! Martin Gore and Dave Gahan in me in the same time! This was much more than my brain could take. I didn’t give a damn when Dave hissed. I grabbed his hand which was caressing my face and broke our kiss, just to take his index and middle finger into my mouth, sucking on them lusciously. I don’t know how this idea came into my mind, but it seemed it was a good one. Yes, it was definitely a good one, I just left out of the account that this’d just excite this beast even more. He put his other fingers – one after the other – into my mouth and with his wet digits he started to stroke my breast in quicker concentric circles.
“Come on, Dave! Don’t hold yourself back…” I whispered stroking along on his back and butt just to grab it hard then I reached back to Martin and dug my fingers into his hair. He slightly turned his head to the side and with closed eyes he kissed along my inner arm.
The synch swimmers know nothing about the essence of this thing. This was sport what they were doing to me. Yes. They were moving not in the same time, but completing each other – they were moving in an unbelievable unison! As crazy I was, antique clocks came into my mind. Although those wouldn’t pant into my ears in an accelerating pace. And Dave hadn’t held himself back – he threw his hips forward and started to sprint, I think he even neighed.
They sent me higher and higher, but they were still able to hold themselves back, so I couldn’t climax before them. I scratched, bit, stroked and kissed them wherever I was able to reach them, trying not to disturb their rhythm. But it seemed I wouldn’t have been able to do so anyway. They were holding me and moving in me with such steadiness that it surprised me. I was moaning louder and couldn’t believe that Dave’s skin wasn’t hurt as my hard nipples pressed against his chest. It hurt for me! But otherwise Dave likes pain – he even searches for it. Well, it’d be interesting to know what he really likes in bed and maybe even trying it out with him… ‘Rough sex, that is’ – he said this, huh… Rough – but for which half? Okay, here I stop my sexual-psychological studies. Hmm… but I guess I wouldn’t be able to hurt him, even if he asked for it. Here the thing’d fail already.
Now Martin was yelling loudly and Dave was just moaning as his hips were moving in a terrific pace then Dave and I… we lived through the overwhelming orgasm together, falling on each others necks. How good it is being a lover. What a beautiful word this is! Then with a harder push I felt Martin cum too. It was impossible not noticing it, cuz his last move was a bit rough, but I didn’t mind it too much. The fierce pleasure and satisfaction in my body suppressed that little pain.

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