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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 15

Chapter 15

  2009.08.12. 12:49


“No comment boys… or… just… that your poor victim nearly burst during the stuffing…” I was gasping for air still, my face buried into Dave’s chest, hugging his waist.
“But the stuffing was profound, wasn’t it?” panted Martin.
“Yep, profound” I answered and enjoyed that they were still resting inside me “Huh, now I can check off some things on my things-I-want-to-do-before-I-die list.”
“Don’t tell this was on your mind!”
“It was” I confessed without hesitation “Exactly this. No, don’t get me wrong – not with two guys, but with exactly these two guys.”
“I take it as a compliment, alright” puffed Martin into my ear.
“It was a compliment” I turned my head towards him as much as I could and he gave a peck onto the edge of my mouth.
“And what else are on your list? Can we fulfill something else for you?” David stroked along my collarbone. I looked back at him and I accidentally moved my hips a bit, which was followed with two small sighs.
“Sorry, boys…” I smiled.
“Don’t hold yourself back, sweetie, go on” said Dave.
“Well, my list looks like something like this: singing with my heroes – check, making love to my heroes – check, asking the tooth fairy why she was that stingy, giving me just a coin each time… uh no, no this isn’t actual anymore…” Both of them were laughing now. “Uh and one more thing: the ‘live happily ever after’.”
“This can still come true…” noted Dave holding back his voice, cuz I obeyed and hadn’t stopped moving my hips slowly. I loved “torturing” them a bit.
“Hmm… possible… And you two give me a good start, boys” I circled a bit more.
Mart sighed into my back, which sent crawlies along my spine.
“What are you doing, you little demon?” he breathed into my ear.
“Hmm… something improper? I’m just enjoying that I have some influence on you.”
“Just don’t regret it at the end…” Dave reached under my chin and slid his tongue into my mouth, kissing me nearly wildly. Martin’s hands started to move on my body too, but he rather slid out of me – which caused a moan into Dave’s mouth from me. Was Mart tired from our evil duo?
“Dave, if you stuff our kitty again, you won’t be able to persuade me that you’re not taking Viagra!” he noted, sitting up.
From the laughing I bit down on Dave’s tongue, which made him cry out.
“Yes indeed! I’ll stuff her again! We’ll play teletubby!”
“Oh god, what?”
“You know like in tubby when they say ‘again and again’. And no, my blonde Prince, I don’t take Viagra – if I had to, I rather let myself castrate and then I’ll need to sing Gregorians on my next solo album!”
We were laughing like mad. Oh god, I’ve heard him in my head as he was singing in a high tone ‘Hallelujah, Hallelujah!’.
“You really are stupid!” I added laughing.
“You’d rather see us as gloomy forties, who’re mourning over their past years? No way! Never! I rather stay childlike and frivolous. Or we can say boisterous” he straightened his body on the bed, but a smile was hiding on his face.
“Oh well, you’re right” I shrugged a little and grabbed him as I slid him out of me “Well, honey we were talking about some ‘ramming’, weren’t we?”
“Hey, kitty! You want to use me this much?”
“No, I don’t want just to use you… You know, I’m a kitty who’s addicted to pleasure, and who loves when someone’s pampering her…” I breathed into his neck, purring a little, while my interest turned towards his cock held between my fingers.
Martin locked eyes with Dave slightly surprised “You’d live through a nuclear war too, right?” asked Mart.
“Haha, yes, if you’re talking about this thing in my hand. It’s rather that I go crazy for Dave and until someone pulls me off of him, I’ll cling to him” I laughed.
As Dave was kneeling on the bed, he straightened his back “See, Martin, this is something! She’s some girl!”
“You don’t have to flatter me, Dave” I stroked him up and down harder and he needed to groan from this as he sat back onto his heels. My lips were already stuck to his chest, like a leech “Just stop me when you get bored” I murmured, looking up at him playfully as I went lower on his abs.
“Stopping you? Me? Why should I do something like that? Go on, honey – we should show something for Martin, me thinks he’d like to see something exciting.”
“Do it in a way I can resist jumping on you two! Although – I must confess – that’ll be quite hard now” he looked down at his groin.
“Nothing’s impossible, is it, Dave?”
“That’s right!”
For a while I was entertaining myself before my lips could found his hardness again. With my free hand I reached up to stroke Dave’s chest, while I gave small kisses and bites onto his lower tummy, sometimes I even licked his skin. I was moving downwards very slowly, while my right hand was moving up and down his length in a gentle but steady rhythm, warming up him for my mouth. I pushed my suffering victim a bit more onto his heels as he was sitting in the middle of the bed, digging into my hair.
“Wait, kitty, my leg went numb. I lay down, okay?” asked Dave and laid down onto the sheets, resting his head on Martin’s naked lap, who started stroking his head gently and automatically – like people who know and love each other for a long while.
I didn’t say a word, I was just staring at them for a few moments and leaning over Dave I kissed him softly then I offered my lips for Martin too. He didn’t waste the chance, although I felt on his weak kisses that he’d need more to get excited again. Maybe he didn’t even want it? I wouldn’t blame him for that, he knows his limits. While I was kissing Martin, I felt Dave’s hands stroking along my thighs. He managed to open the tight bundle by my waist and pushed the robe onto the floor – it landed there for the third time this morning…
I pushed my hair aside and leant to him to ease the hunger of my lips. Then I started moving downwards again. I took him into my right and my lips were wandering soon by his lower tummy. I felt his taut muscles on his stomach and I stroked them one by one. He shivered from my touches. I felt his desire and this made me happy again. I went on with his torture – sometimes glancing up at Mart, who was still stroking Dave’s temple, face and hair, watching us. I licked along a long line very near to Dave’s rock-hard cock, which I was still pampering with my fingers. I knew that during the licking a few mops of my hair brushed along his skin, but I haven’t paid attention to it. His hand fisted in my hair.
“Kitty, do you want me to tell you Dave’s weak point? Just in case you want to control him. It’s quite handy when he plays the stubborn.”
“Martin, don’t you dare!” Dave flashed his panther-like eyes “I’ll take revenge on you if you do what you’re about to do!” said Dave and one of his hands reached backwards lazily into Mart’s lap.
“Hmm… let’s hear it, let’s hear it! I want to know how I can put him into place when needed” I scratched along Dave’s tummy softly.
“You have to do it, not hearing it. I show you.”
“No, Mart, nooo!”
“But I will, David. Kitty, hold him stronger, cuz he’ll prance” Martin warned me and leant to David’s neck, who was already squeaking. We were an interesting scenery.
I held my darling down as much as I was able with one hand – and with the other one I held him in check by grabbing his cock firmer. I was watching what Martin was doing. Although Dave tensed his whole body with all of his strength to resist, his blonde lover turned his head to the side and freed his nape. He ran his fingers in Dave’s hair, just over his nape. Dave stopped resisting and held his breathe back, waiting and letting Mart have his neck. Blondie started biting his nape warily but intensively with his nippers. Dave seemed dying from this.
“Uh, boys, I swear this is the best movie I’ve ever seen” I moaned staring at them, storing this small but very useful information about Dave “And Mart… did you find this out all by yourself?” I asked then I took Dave deep into my mouth, stimulating his tilt with the ring of my fingers. I guessed that this change between us was quite thrilling for our lark, who was at our mercy.
“By myself, sure. You’re the first one who can see it – cuz you’ve seen everything already – I thought just for completeness’ sake.”
“Martin, I want to ask you something” said Dave, but his eyes were on me, cuz suddenly I took him into my mouth again, moving up and down his length fiercely.
“Tell me, luv!”
“Hey Martin, I… I’ve found… a… a…”
“What, Davie?”
“So… ahh… kitty, who – Jesus – Mart… I want to keep her… She’s a maverick and wild kitty, I know… UH! But she can nestle to me sooo kindly…. Nooo…”
“Do you know that your communication isn’t that coherent?” asked Mart and after he lifted Dave’s head, he continued biting his nape “By the way it’s okay. She’s a pretty and nice and clever kitty. Then we have a kitty, Dave!”
I smiled as I looked at them with my piercing eyes, licking along Dave, joshing. This time I really felt myself like a real cat, which’s playing with her fine snack. When I reached its tip, my smile got wider “Meow… You’re good, Marty” I stroked along Dave’s length again.
Mart glimpsed down at me with an eye, but stayed by the sensitive area “See, Dave? You’re right, she’s a grateful kitty…”
“Uhmpf… yeah… It’s madness… what she can… do… with her little… tongue…” he gulped a big one.
“A lonely cat loves when someone takes her in…” I noted, smiling at them playfully then I knelt above Dave “And if you’re this kind to me… Dave, let me show you that this kitty has not just a skilled tongue…” I licked my mouth, while I grabbed his cock and sank onto it. He was incredibly hard. I barely could suppress a groan, but somehow I managed. Cats are sly and don’t put every card onto the table. “Now you can check how I can feel the rhythm. One, two, three…”
“No, not this, kitty don’t! Jeez, Martin and you… noo..” We stopped in the same time and were waiting for the effect. “Hey, what’s now?” he stared at us with round eyes.
“You wanted us to stop” answered Martin.
“I meant to go on!” And we went on just to hear again: “Oh, no…”
What an evasive man!
“Come on, Dave… don’t hold back! I wanna hear you” I looked down at him, while I made some wide circles with my hips.
“You’ve heard her, Davey, our little cat wants a concert…” Blondie whispered into his ear and softly bit his earlobe before returning to his favourite area, while he was caressing his neck and shoulder.
“Tell me what you want me to do! Moaning or singing? You’re insane!”
“With the concert part Martin meant the groaning, I guess…” I noted and felt as a sweat drop started to slide down along my spine. Biting down on my lips I opened my legs even wider to have our hero’s whole length in me. He grabbed my hip with his left hand and with his right he found a way into Mart’s lap.
“Exactly” Mart panted onto Dave’s nape.
“Hmm… I’m not that quiet type anyway, but what you two do to me… Mart, slide a little bit closer, please, I wanna feel you” he sighed straight into my mouth. I don’t have to mention that he drove me crazy with this, right? Blondie obeyed and moaned right away, pulling away from Dave’s nape for a moment as he threw his head back in his pleasure. And this was the last drop for me! I started a fast pace with my body and I leant to Martin, pushing my lips hard against his.
Dave wasn’t there with us anymore. His hand would have slid off of Martin’s hardness, if he didn’t grab his wrist and put it back on him, holding Dave’s hand on his cock with his left. Dave was in his happy place – he rattled once or twice then he was lying under me motionless. His hand went limp too so Martin – who was worked up already – didn’t let his hand go, but pressed it harder against his shaft, moving it up and down faster. And I had no intentions to let Martin’s mouth go. Because my body was moving slow now on Dave, I could deepen the kiss with Blondie. My little plaything was lying under me non-usably. Mart grabbed my tit with his free hand and I groaned into his mouth. We looked at each other and there was an unspoken agreement in our eyes again.
“Wait, Mart, let Davie-boy rest, okay?”
“That’d be really good” whimpered our victim “Now that you’re already standing, would you be so kind and help me with my rehydration?”
“You wanna drink?”
“Okay, I’m bringing it right away. Evian?”
“No, I don’t like it. Next to it there’s Mountain Dew. Bubble-free, please.”
“Here it is.”
“Thanks. No offence meant, but I turn around and rest a bit, okay? Do you have a blanket?”
“Here you are” I said and put it around him. Meanwhile Martin was searching for something in his stuff.
“Put this on, kitty, I mesmerize you” he said and put a blindfolder into my hand.
“Wow… what’re you up to, Marty?”
“Just for some fun” he winked with an evil grin.
“It sounds really good, but uh-oh… Should I ruffle my fur and let my claws out?” I smiled, sitting down onto my leg, while my other foot was still on the ground and I pulled the blindfolder’s rubber.
“No, no. You don’t have to fear, this old man won’t hurt you” he licked the edge of his mouth “Come on, put it on!” he rushed me.
“Okay, okay” and I put it onto my head and darkness came upon my eyes…
“Well, now you should guess when and what I’m doing to you and with what kind of object!”
“I tell you right now that you stuff me completely and with your high-tech tool!”
“Hey, no. Let your fantasy go. There’s life beyond this, you know!”
“Okay, okay. You made me curious” I nodded smiling “And if I guess it right, what’ll be my reward?”
“Cat-food?” he laughed.
“Hmm… yummy, we love that” I shook my shoulders playfully and I propped myself on one hand then when he gestured, I lay down on the bed.
“Right. Now lay still. What’s this?” I felt something run down my chest – it was hot and fragrant, lemon with bergamot.
“This is easy – Earl Grey tea from breakfast.”
“Wow, you’re senses are sharp” he noted.
“Cats have better senses. And they’re sensitive too. I thought you knew this” I smiled while I answered and waited for the next move. Now I felt something cool and soft stroking along my upper body. I shivered from the feeling as the stuff touched my skin and I felt my nipples hardening. “I’d say it’s silk” I whispered, stretching my body.
“You’re clever, kitty” he pulled the fabric down to my thighs as he was sitting next to my waist. I heard that he reached for another item “And what’s this?” It was a strange feeling. He pulled along something between my breasts.
“Repeat it please. It was too short” I asked, pushing an index finger to my chin, trying to sharpen my senses more. He repeated it without a word then drew circles with that something around my breasts then went down to my tummy with it. It touched my skin in a nice way, it was soft too, but not as soft as silk and it was a bit harsher. While he stroked along my collarbones with it, I smelled its flavour. “A rose from one of the vases” I smiled.
“It is and if I prick you with it, it’ll hurt, right?”
“Violator Rose, don’t hurt me, love me!”
“I will” he whispered into my ear and pulled something along my groin. It was soft and hard in the same time, warm and quite big. And I knew what it was even with closed eyes.
“Uhhh… Martin… Me thinks, I already had the chance to meet this one…”
“Really? When? I can’t remember…”
“What?! I’ll scratch you!” I yelled indignantly and tried to peek out from under the blindfolder, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned it to the sheet.
“Do you want to feel it elsewhere than your skin, too?”
“I want to take a much closer look.”
“Okay, but then don’t you dare to say I’m not fulfilling every wish of yours” he said and slid into me.
“And the game?” I moaned.
“Now we play something else… you’re mommy and I’m daddy…”
“That’s… a great game” I sighed pushing my head against the pillow. Every kiss and move was sudden for me, cuz I couldn’t see. This started to turn me on even more. “It was always among my favourite games…” I moved my hips a few times, joshing with him, which caused a groan from him and he slid deeper into me. Oh my gosh, he was so huge!
It was clear for me that he decided he was cold outside, so like the wolf from the tale, he wanted to get inside. Completely. Martin tried and tried and first I was just whimpering quietly, but as the tissues got more flexible and I let his full cock inside me, I was yelling out loud. David turned to his other side and hissed at us. What a surprise! Silence or not silence, I’ve continued practicing the scales in soprano.
“Oh, my fucking god!!!” I screamed in Hungarian too, searching for something I could grab with my hands, cuz I thought I’d die there. Finally I reached over my head and grabbed the low board by the end of the bed firmly. I guess I was screaming with quite a volume. My face sometimes strained into a painful grimace.
“I knew kitty that you’ll let me in… Your screaming is so fucking hot! Don’t stop it!”
“I… I… wouldn’t…be able… to stop… anyway…”
“Lift your legs and put them onto my shoulders. I’ll give you something you’ll never forget. And after that we repeat the voting about who the better lover is – the greedy one or the profound.”
“Oh my god, Martin! I won’t survive this!” I moaned out loud, but followed his order. My whole groin was straining from him. I felt myself like a stuffed chicken during a secret night-snack session. I don’t know how on earth I could think about something like that in such a situation, but I felt this way. And he just came and came! I was curious how much more he can give me. “Legs on your shoulders… ready… to go… Show me… what you’ve got!” I faltered out in-between moans.
And he’d shown me. He pushed his thick shaft forward and upwards – stimulating every sensitive area possible. He wasn’t fast, but stuck to his own stiff pace. I felt heat wash over me, I felt my whole body shaking and I knew it’s over for me. It was a surprise for me that I could scream louder, but I did… I really wanted to pay attention to Dave and tried not to disturb his sleep! To muffle my screams I bit down on my lip – but it was useless, I just draw blood there – so I stayed by me forearm instead, using it as a pillow. The marks of my teeth were clearly visible on my skin, but I didn’t give a damn. I threw the blindfolder onto the floor. I wanted to see Martin! First my vision was blurry, but then I managed to clear it and focus on Martin. He held my gaze for a moment.
“Mart… Mart!” I whimpered between two groans.
“It’s good, kitty, isn’t it? I want you to enjoy it. I want to see you lose self-control… I want to see you cum… I want to know that I make you happy” he panted “I want this to be something else…”
For a whole minute I couldn’t speak just moan loudly. I’ve heard his words, but I wasn’t able to clear my thoughts enough to answer him properly. Even Hungarian was difficult in this situation. Every cell in my body was screaming after him!
“Oh god!” I groaned faintly “Mart… Martin… you’re on… the right way!” I grabbed the sheet with such force that my fingers turned to white and the mattress gave out a complaining sound when my nails scratched it. “It’s something… else” I added pushing my head backwards “Yes… it’s something else! Martin, Maartiin, Mart, more, more, please more! Martiiin, it’s so good! Please, more, Maaartiiin…”
I was totally out of my mind! It was incredible what he was doing to me! It was really novel, intense and profound! I couldn’t enjoy his moves enough and I thought I’d die there! Really! I didn’t know that I was able to moan this way, but I could! Curly mesmerized me completely! Master Martin knew a few things, if he really gave his best. Now Dave was standing next to the couch, arms folded in front of his chest, and he was encouraging Martin.
“What’re you doing here?” asked Martin not too keenly.
“Nothing, Marty, I just wanted to tell you that I go now. I’ll come back after a while, okay?”
“But where are you going, Dave?”
But the answer was nowhere and Martin concentrated on me with his full attention again. Somehow in that moment I didn’t really wanted to know where Dave’d gone. I was just grabbing that fucking sheet desperately.
“Martin! You kill me! I’ll die!” I screamed again. I started to lose connection with reality. It was so good that it nearly hurt!
“Just a minute, sweetie, just a minute” said Marty as he got closer and closer to his own climax too.
I couldn’t react – I was totally in another place. His overwhelming hard cock deep inside me drove me crazy. I felt everything and nothing in the same time! This adorable guy did something to me, which maybe even Dave could not have been able to do! And this is really something! His size, his temper, the passion in his moves, his voice and his eyes… every one of these let me know that this was much more than I would have ever imagined about him! Between my wild screams and groans I felt that I had just a few seconds left before I cum… Maybe two moments passed and my whole body tensed in a nearly painful arch, but I felt only my enormous and sudden orgasm, exploding deep inside me.
Martin came too – my body twitching under him and my passionate kiss pushed him off the cliff – I saw him bend his head as deep as his muscles in his neck allowed and I felt as his body – with a last wild push – moved into mine then he strained. After it he was just lying on me, stroking my face again and again with his shaking hand.

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