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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 19

Chapter 19

  2009.08.12. 13:07


I looked down at him questioningly, but he was just staring at the carpet.
“Who’s there?” I yelled instead of him.
“What do you think?” I’ve heard the familiar voice “Will you let me in?”
I felt as Martin grabbed my trousers. I looked down at him and to my surprise I saw begging in his eyes and his lips mouthed that he doesn’t want to see him right now. I was about to tell Dave to stay where he was when his head peeped into the room.
“Hi there.”
Martin grumbled, stood up and went out to the balcony.
“Dave, I…”
“I know, I know. We’re in cross with Marty. He doesn’t want to speak to me. But he’ll have to, cuz I want to apologize. I was mean to him again. He, he’s so faithful like… jeez, I stop here. And furthermore I objected that I can’t always live up to his desires, although he never expected this from me. He just wanted love and I pushed him away – that’s all.”
I stepped aside, letting him into the room.
“Well… I won’t say a word. It’s your business, I think. Go…” I waved towards the balcony then folded my arms.
“Martin, please!”
“What do you want from me?”
“To apologize.”
“Dave, don’t do this to me! You rather never touch me again, but don’t do this, don’t refuse me, don’t go out with someone else! I was up to every compromise, but I can’t take it anymore – you drive me crazy” his voice failed him.
I didn’t go after them to the balcony, but I was close enough to hear them speaking. Folding my hands in front of my chest I watched as the breeze was playing with the thin white curtain, and looking behind it I saw as Dave tried to draw Martin’s attention to what he was saying. But Blondie didn’t look at him, he was just standing there, his hands on the rail. He was looking up at the sky or he was watching the traffic below us.
“Marty… don’t do this!”
“What do you mean?” he looked up suddenly. I’ve heard the anger in his voice.
“Don’t act like this…”
“Why? Tell me how you’re acting with me! Dave, you should sometimes think before you act!”
“Fuck! I can’t change – you know the best that I’ve tried. Look Martin, I know that I’m an addicted personality. Now – if I try really hard – I can content myself with nicotine, caffeine, theobromine and endorphin.”
“Ciggy, coffee, chocolate and sex, yeah…”
“When the desire comes upon me and I can’t have one of these, I can’t bear not to… I just can’t take it…”
“Jeez, David, David tell me you didn’t take anything! You didn’t use drugs, did you?”
“No. But I was just inches from that. I was so upset that we had a fight, it bothered me. It’s so fucking hard to say no! It still is. Please don’t be mad at me Mart. I love you. Just forgive me. And if no then do you think we’d manage without each other?”
“I don’t know, honestly. I don’t think so.”
“Cuz I wouldn’t bear not touching you – I know this well. And you know it too.”
“Yeah” he bent his head, but let Dave put his hand onto his right as he was still grabbing the rail. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to cause such a crisis to you. I think you were right when you barked at me not just once during the years that how selfish and cold I can be time after time” Martin said quietly. Dave sighed. “It’s good that we have our kitty back – she’ll whip us into shape” Mart smiled.
“Or you mean she’ll rather whip us out of our trousers?” he squinted at me with a faint smile in the corner of his lips. I was just smiling quietly.
“Yeah, something like that. You were dead on, dude” he answered, turning half-way toward me and I’ve got a glimpse from him through the curtain too.
“Dave, listen, the kitty – do you know her name?” he whispered “She sings to the band, she’d left everything behind and we don’t even know her forename.”
“I know.”
“I know her name.”
“I was curious and while she was sleeping in Budapest, I just checked it in her passport.”
“And what is it?”
“Wow, she really is a cat! Cat-girl. Why don’t we call her like this?”
“Cuz she’d never asked for it? She seems contented with her actual nickname. Marty! Try it! Call out her real name!” he asked the blonde prince.
“Mia, would you come here, please?” I’ve heard Mart’s voice after the whispering couple’d stopped the buzzing. It was strange to hear my name from him. None of them had called me on my name yet – I was just ‘kitty’ for them. It was a mystery for me from where did they know my name, but it didn’t matter too much. I didn’t move. I wanted to hear it again as he says my name. Somehow – in an insane way – it filled me up with happiness. I was crazy.
“Mia, please come to us” now Dave murmured. From his mouth my name sounded right away as if I was some decadent countess, whom the Lord Major just asked to enter the ball room. I think I’ve melted from his voice and after a silent sigh I stepped out to the balcony.
“It seems you’ve learnt my name” I said it in a neutral tone, my hands still folded in front of my chest, but I knew that my blushing face was telltale and it caught their attention too.
“Mia, Mia, Mia…” Dave purred softly into my ear. And Martin – being a musical man – started humming it. The enchanted feeling from last week was slowly coming back to us.
“Yes, yes, this is my name, alright! You don’t have to repeat it!” I broke out after a few moments.
“But you like it when we say it…” the little devil hugged my waist with one hand, still purring into my ear.
“Mia, Mia, Mia, the happiest Mia among the Mias…” Martin sang it happily and with slightly cloudy eyes. Dave was just watching me. But that look! I felt that my panties started melting down from me. Suddenly I couldn’t decide whether because of Dave’s hand, or just from his gaze. I squinted at him while I gulped a big one.
“You know, Mia… this name suits you!” Martin grinned at me – he was much happier than before “It’s so like you! So kitty-like! I like it!”
‘I’m glad that you like my mother’s choice of name” I made a mouth.
“Why? You don’t like your name?”
“Dunno. My classmates always meowed after me.”
“But even when we hadn’t known your name, we were calling you kitty – you’re just like a real cat.”
“I’ll be your kitty anytime you want me to, and you can give me as much names as you like.”
“Come to me!” asked David, who meanwhile sat down onto the bed “Is it okay for you if I call you like this? Come, come?”
“It’s more than okay. Me thinks many women’d give one of their arms to hear these words from your lips just once.”
“Uh-uh then one of your arms is mine” he caught my hand “And what else is mine? Tell me!” he pulled me to him.
“What else do you want to have?” I asked Dave, standing in front of him and glimpsed at Martin. I wasn’t sure whether he was alright enough not to feel offended by the fact that Dave made a move sooner again.
“I have quite nice ideas here” and he slowly slid his hand up under my brown skirt, grabbing the edge of my thong.
“You want my panties? Here, I give it to you” I stepped out of it “So then you’re happy with what you have now and you Martin, what’d make you happy?” I pulled him to me.
“Let me see…” he said and pulled my top up “Let me put my paws onto this lacy wonder” and he unclasped my bra.
“Okay then. Now both of you’ve got something and you’re happy, right?” I smiled at them ‘innocently’. They’d started protesting in the same time, telling me that this was far from enough. I smiled at them “And if I said that I’m not in the mood for more?”
“We’d know that you lied” Martin pulled me to him with one arm so I needed to nuzzle to his chest completely.
“Yep…” he murmured while he started kissing my neck, sucking my skin into his mouth time after time.
“It’s amazing that you know me this much…” I sighed.
“Baby, the woman, who gives me her panties willingly, is mine.”
“And who let me take her bra off, is mine” said Martin.
“You won’t quarrel like the little devils over the magical sandal?”
“Well then it’s time for you to hear some Hungarian folklore tales…”
“Can’t we do it after fucking you?” asked Mr. Impatience with my thong in his hand. It was an interesting scenery. In an abstract way it even turned me up, but I had to close my eyes when Martin bit down harder on my skin, near to my collarbones.
“We can, you little devils, we can…” I sat onto Dave’s lap. Martin crawled onto the bed too. He leant back and he was just smiling as he was spinning my bra around his finger. “What do you want, Davie?” I asked him, digging into his hair as I propped my elbows on his shoulders. I felt his hands already stroking along my back and butt.
“Well dunno. I just want you - like usually. Love me and it’ll be good for me in any way you want it.”
“Then let’s have a ‘Mia-conquering’ night, boys” I said grinning “I want to see passion. I want to feel whether you’ve missed me and if yes then how much” I embraced Dave’s neck and propping my head on his shoulder I looked at Martin, who was watching me with piercing eyes, leaning his back against the headboard. Then he turned up his non-existent shirt’s sleeves and Dave pulled his trousers up to – they braced up to do their job. To do me. I laughed out loud and I nearly felt myself like a child as I watched the clowns in the circus. But these clowns weren’t those clowns. These clowns wanted to make love. To me. Now.
I looked at them grinning and climbing out of Dave’s lap – but I couldn’t get too far.
“Which one of you’ll get me first?” I purred.
It turned out soon that this was a rather silly idea from me, cuz they jumped on me in the same time. It’s great to play such games with them. I didn’t mind it – I just melted to a puddle in their arms and I tried to forget that while he was jumping, Dave bumped my nose and Mart’s chin was right in the pit of my stomach. I was just basking in the warmth of their love. At the end I couldn’t help myself and I giggled, grabbing Dave’s nape with one hand, while the other was stroking Mart’s back.
“What’s so funny?” I heard Martin’s murmur somewhere by my stomach.
“Nothing. It just dawned on me how much I love you – despite my aching nose and stomach” I let my head fall back onto the sheet with a sigh.
“Wait, show me where it hurts, we’ll give a kiss there” said Martin and he pulled my top over my head – Dave like a dutiful partner helped him by my skirt too. It came into my mind that for these playful and joyful moments was worth to be born a woman.
“Firstly my nose” I pointed at the matter in hand. Dave started to pamper it with his soft lips right away.
“And where should I kiss you?” murmured Martin, kissing my sensitive skin right below my breast “Up or down?”
“Down” I panted then I couldn’t speak for a while, cuz Dave sealed my lips with his. His tongue was exploring my mouth greedily, while his hand slid onto my breast. I so wanted their touches! David’s hand discovered every part of my chest and I marveled his long fingers again. I sighed when – leaving my mouth with his tongue and lips – he went down to my tits. Even just the way as they inhaled and exhaled made me horny! With closed eyes I grabbed his hair and let my head fall back onto the pillow. “Mart, go further down!” my back arched as I asked this from Blondie, who was by my bellybutton.
“Yes, my Mistress” he saluted then without any warning he put his mouth onto the right spot.
Dave stopped caressing me and stood up. He started undressing. His gaze was just like in the ‘Barrel of a gun’ video. Things got blurred – Dave was right in front of me in 2007 with his black panther look, a matured man - and despite this he looked a lot like in 1997 when they made ULTRA. If I have had a free hand – which I hadn’t, cuz I was grabbing Martin’s hair with both of them – I would have rubbed my eyes to see if this strange vision disappeared or not.
I went crazy from the sight and I moaned out loud, gasping for air time after time when Martin’s wonderful tongue… uhh… sped up. Dave was wearing only a black boxer as he knelt up onto the bed. It was really difficult to let Mart’s curls go with one of my hands, but somehow I managed and sliding my fingers under its hem I pulled Dave closer by his boxer.
“Oh god, you’re like in Barrel’s video!” I moaned.
“And is it good, or not?”
“Are you kidding… ah…? I go totally crazy… from that area!” I moaned again, letting Mart open my legs wider so he was able to attack me deeper… I was holding Dave’s boxer’s edge firmly until Martin’s licking calmed down a bit. When this happened, I slid my fingers under the boxer and grabbed Dave’s cock.
“What do you want me to be? Do you want me to dance or sing? Or…”
“Could you do both in the same time? You don’t have to do anything else – this’ll be more than enough for my orgasm.”
He giggled “You know you’re corrupted in such a sophisticated way!” and he jumped off the bed. He started singing: "I love the way you talk, I love the way you walk, You're my baby, I've got my eyes on you" he circled with his hips slowly and moving his shoulders forward, he came closer. If I wasn’t that far in my pleasure, I would have laughed for sure, because he did this for me, but instead doing so I was just moaning louder. “Well, what do you think?” he licked the edge of his mouth, watching my agony and my strained body’s unwilling moves curiously.
“You’re… really… good!” I yelled loudly. Of course they couldn’t decide exactly whom I’d addressed this sentence. It seemed that they couldn’t solve the puzzle, cuz Martin looked up at me without giving up his profound work. “Mart! Your fingers!” I groaned, pushing my head against the pillow. My whole body was burning in sweet pain.
Martin obeyed without a word, fulfilling his mistress’s wish while Dave was dancing. Keeping an eye on Dave I was moaning and panting louder and louder as Martin’s fingers were playing deep inside my pussy. His tongue was still working on me and I felt that I’d cum in a sec if nothing’s gonna happen. But nothing’d happened, so I cum right into Mart’s face. My body arched again as I screamed from the joy I felt in that moment. Martin was still moving his fingers contentedly then he crawled over me and kissed me. His tongue was playing with mine in a sensual way.
“Come kitty, now two horny males want to make love to you” Mart murmured in a low tone.
“Come Mia, little Mia, play with us! Now we control you” David said.
“Yours to command! Do as you wish” I looked at Mart, who was pumping his shaft a bit “Or ask me anything – after this I’ll do it” I added.
“I want you to… uhhh… you can read my mind” moaned Martin. I didn’t answer cuz I was taught not to speak when my mouth is full.

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