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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 20

Chapter 20

  2009.08.12. 13:36


I moved my lips quickly on him, but I had to moan when I felt Dave penetrating me from behind. He couldn’t wait. The moves of his hips were rugged, but powerful. I grabbed Mart again, while I felt as our favourite singer pushed deeper and deeper into me. I barely could concentrate on Martin, because of the prancing Dave in me. I had to slide Martin out of my mouth time after time to moan out loud. I couldn’t help myself! Dave set a forceful and impatient pace. I glimpsed up at Mart apologizing. He was resting one hand on my shoulder, while Dave was grabbing my hips and butt. Martin stroked out a mop of my hair from my face and pulled me gently back to him. I tried to be satisfying – when I wasn’t moaning louder because of Dave. His fingers were digging into my skin nearly painfully as he accelerated his pace, moaning deeply.
“Kitty!!! I’ve… missed you so!!” he yelled out in-between two strong thrusts and I felt his palm stroking along my spine.
“Jeez, Dave, I’ve missed you two too… It’s so good to be… together again” I sighed and then tried to concentrate on Mart’s shaft again. When I looked up, I saw Dave leaning to Marty. Over me Mart put his arm around his shoulder and started kissing him. Now I was moaning from this. Because during the kisses Dave’s moves slowed too, I could pamper Curly more properly – which he accepted gratefully. I’ve really missed pleasing him this way! Soon I’ve heard that he moaned into Dave’s mouth louder.
Dave seemed to hesitate – he couldn’t decide what he should do: turn his attention to Mart, or finish things with me. I let him think a while not to risk a hasty decision and meanwhile I had time to “work” on Martin. He couldn’t take this fast pace and sighing into Dave’s mouth he shot into my mouth. I squinted up at him – he was still panting, his head thrown back, Dave kissing his throat. But our singer slowly gave me his place as I was showering Martin’s tummy with my kisses – going upwards to his chest. I was on all fours again and found his lips again.
I felt Dave stroking along my body and ramming into me again. I found it fucking exciting that my body was moving at Dave’s rhythm and I was sighing into Martin’s smiling face. He was caressing my sweaty arms in a satisfied and lazily way. Dave was moaning in a maddening way behind me and I screamed when – during his wild pushes – he leant forward and bit hard into my sensitive skin by my shoulder-blade.
He set a wilder pace and I half-closed my eyes from the pleasure. He panted loudly and in a very erotic way then placing his right hand under me he started something, which made my eyes pop out and the thin line – which connected me to the world – seemed to break.
“Ahhh, JESUS CHRIST!!!” I screamed when - with his fingers’s help - my second orgasm’d exploded in my body and I felt that after a rough thrust he groaned onto my back too. And I saw that dirty Martin was grinning widely.
“What’s so funny?” I asked from him between two pants.
“Nothing, nothing…”
Dave didn’t say a word – maybe because there was not much air in his lungs. He was lying on his back and he smiled at me – his whole body was glistening from sweat. Although he didn’t speak, I could tell what his eyes were telling me. He was happy that he could enjoy love’s pleasures with us anytime he wanted. Martin was still grinning.
“Hey, Marty… tell us what you find this amusing!” Dave asked too.
“Nothing, nothing” he grinned again. I lay down onto my tummy powerlessly in front of him and slid my fingers onto Dave’s chest.
“Of cooourse” I sighed “Out with it or I’ll torture you!”
“Uhh… sounds great!”
“Alright. I was grinning because I don’t know how many times you’d called us ‘Oh my god’.”
I moaned and pushed my face into the sheet, murmuring something like ‘I can’t believe this’. Martin laughed and Dave caressed my fingers, which were still resting on his chest.
“Do you hear this Dave?”
“Yep, yep. What a compliment, kitty…” he turned to his side. Now he touched my shoulder and he even gave a kiss onto my back, which was still a bit sweaty from his previous attack. Then he bit down onto my wound.
“Or rather vampires” I hissed “I’ll bite you!”
“Do so, Mia!” he moaned lusciously.
“So this was your goal?!” I noted, but my teeth were already in his neck. Although I bit a big one, he didn’t even make a sound. I looked at him questioningly.
“More!” he asked me simply.
“No, no, no, no” I pulled away “Out of my revenge I won’t give you bites. Suffer, my panther!” I stuck my tongue out playfully and crawled backwards, but I bumped into Mart’s leg.
“Where’re you going, kitty? Do you want a bite?”
“Noo, Martin” I laughed as he grabbed me by my waist “You wanna suck my blood?” I giggled as he breathed into my neck.
“Something like that. Would you like it, Mia?” asked Dave, touching his sharp canine with the tip of his tongue. On his neck my harsh-red bitemark was clearly visible.
“Whoaaaa, count Dracula’d crawled out of his grave?” I stroked along his thigh with my foot.
“Seriously Mia – just to know, do you like it when someone bites you? If someone shackles you and…”
“After this that someone fucks you hard?” Martin interrupted.
“Yeah, in this order” I laughed. But after that I stopped laughing, cuz desire made me want all these things they’ve said. I caught Dave’s gaze and it was more that telltale. It yelled: I WANT YOU! “You can play with me, boys…” I straightened my back and slid next to Dave - who was sitting as well – and exchanged a look with him before I bit down on the previous wound on his neck again. Mercilessly.
“Ahh, Mia!” he moaned.
I licked his earlobe “Do you like blood, Davie?” I whispered into his ear while with my left hand I scratched along his shoulder – slowly and mercilessly.
“Ahh, Mia…” he repeated.
“Yes, Dave? What did you want to tell me with this?” I joshed “Hm?” I bit into his shoulder then licked the blood, which started oozing from a long scratch.
“Please, go on!” he grabbed my arm “Let my blood run down on your lips! Give me more, okay?”
“You’ll have to use a lot of make up…” I bit his earlobe again then with a softer kiss I slid down to his neck. I knelt up so I had a better access to his neck. He put his arms around me slowly. And I’ve got dangerously close to that zone by his nape, which Martin stimulated last time in a very effective way. I bit there too – hard. I tasted blood.
Now Martin couldn’t bear it anymore either and he started biting Dave too by the inner side of his upper arm. Dave cried out from this - there the skin is thin and sensitive.
“More!” he moaned with cloudy eyes. I was biting him wilder and in rampageous way while my hand was resting on his hips. But as he was lying there, he grabbed my wrist and pulled it to his groin. I moaned too when I discovered how exciting he’d found our “pampering” so far. I’ve started losing control over us. I didn’t care how hard my bites were and lower, by his collarbones, my teeth tore open a smaller vein. Blood swamped his body and me too. I glimpsed up at him a bit worried, cuz he was bleeding quite badly, but he didn’t give a damn now, just pushed my mouth into his wound.
“Suck it!” he groaned then he cried out lusciously when Martin tore his skin too.
“Do it!!”
And I obeyed. The taste of his blood was in my mouth, while my free hand started pumping his hard cock. I tried to lick off as much blood off his chest as it was possible then I let him grab my hair by my nape to pull me up to him. He licked off the blood from my chin then he started kissing me passionately. I felt his ragged breath on my face.
“Sit on me” he asked.
And I did this as well. He began to bite me too – first my arms, which were around his shoulders then my breasts. I cried out loud from the sharp pain, but I could feel only his tongue and mouth as he licked my blood and sucked my nipples. He drove me crazy – I bit and scratched him everywhere I could reach him – I didn’t pay too much attention how bad injuries I caused. The taste of his blood in my mouth was heady. I rocked against my ‘saddle’ with my whole weight and I was flouncing on him like mad until David yelled from the sharply sparkling pleasure and pain, which finally reached his brain. The emotions got blurred – in both of us. Meanwhile Martin’d stopped biting Dave – I’m sure he saw that I can cause enough damage by myself – and watching us he moved his hand on his rock-hard erection rapidly.
After the minutes of his pleasure Dave was still whimpering quietly. For a few moments I was still watching his bleeding body, cutting off the taut pace suddenly. I was close too, but he was totally useless now. I got down of him and grabbed Martin’s shoulder with one hand – the other stopped his working hand – and after a minute I was sitting in his lap, continuing my hard gallop.
“Oh god… you’re fucking hard!” I gritted through my teeth.
Dave was whimpering to himself, but Martin grabbed my waist and I went on with my dash – like the messengers did with relays. He didn’t say a word, he was just watching me, and moaned. It was unbelievingly exciting as his eyes – which darkened more and more – were holding my gaze. Both of us were moaning louder now, chasing after relief, which pierced through our sweaty bodies again and again. At the moment of his pleasure Martin threw his head back and dug his fingers into my flesh as he was grabbing my butt. I reacted in a similar way then I let him embrace me tightly, pulling me onto his chest. He was still buried deep inside me.
All three of us were beyond tired. And if I had thought that we had dirty and wild sex before, now I had to rephrase my opinion about this. All I ever wanted was here: "Sea of sin I'm swimming in and I'm taking a dive”.
Air was thin for us again. Every part of my body was hurting, shaking and was heavy like a stone. Neither of us did say a word for a while. Dave was staring at the ceiling totally worn out, but I don’t think he saw much. He was in another place. I watched as his bleeding slowly stopped. Martin slid out of me after a while and he was caressing my back with his fingertips. The magic seemed to break between our bloody threesome and the bed.
I was wondering why we were doing this. What makes us do it? Desire? Just that? Really? No – at least from my side. I really loved them. Until now it was just devotion, but I felt that I was slowly getting lost in them. I think… yes I think I’ve started falling in love with them – turning the devotion into real emotions. Although this feeling inside of me was small when they’d left, this week apart made me realise that beside the desire I feel something else towards them too. I didn’t know how this would end. I knew that it would be wiser not to fall for them completely, cuz what’ll I do when after a while they’ll get bored and they’ll just dump me? Then I can stumble back into my old life like a beaten army with broken heart. Was there a chance to survive that? But I was reluctant thinking about myself as their toy and they weren’t treating me like that either.
Dave slowly came back to earth and smiled at me. I smiled back and he took this as an encouragement – he nuzzled to me like a bitten little puppy, who wanted some strokes. He was so sweet as he put an arm around my waist and rested his head on my chest, quietly breathing into my neck! Martin was just watching us gently and he joined us. I loved being in the middle of our delicious sandwich. With this they kinda answered my dark questions. I knew that our relationship was important to them and this still amazed me. It was as if winning the lottery – you’re really happy, but you’re worried in the same time. But I knew I loved them and this’d help me through everything.
“I think the cleaners’ll be surprised seeing our sheet” I murmured into Dave’s chest “But I’m sure this isn’t the first time you leave blood-stained sheets behind you.”
“It’s not rare by Dave” Mart sighed and yawned then he caressed my side. Dave just gave a grunt and planted a kiss onto the top of my head.
“Kitty, you were amazing again…” he strained his fingers on my butt.
“How true, dear Dave, I nearly fainted from you two!”
They grinned over my head and Dave fastened his hug and pulled me even closer.
“But now for a while… please leave me alone, cuz… I think the minimal jet-lag just arrived… and the travelling… and you…” I murmured half-asleep.
“Sleep, Mia” Martin whispered into my ear.
“Kitties need a lot of sleep…” Dave caressed me and I was bathing in the warmth of their bodies.
“Okay… but after that… we have to treat your wounds…” I said faintly until I fell asleep listening to his heart beats.
We were still sleeping when night came. I woke up slowly as my two loves were sleeping peacefully by my sides. Martin’s body was nuzzled to my back, following my curves like puzzle pieces. Dave’s head was resting on my tummy and one of his hands touched my knee. For a few minutes I was just enjoying the situation, watching my lovers. I smiled as I saw that Dave’s head was following the rhythm of my breathing – up and down, up and down…
Then my aching bruises warned me that it was better to take care of them. I was surprised by my own neatness as I managed to get out from their embraces. But of course it wasn’t a big thing that Dave didn’t wake up, cuz I’ve remembered when Marty’d built the whole Eiffel tower onto his tummy. I smiled again as I looked back at them over my shoulder. It was a fantastic picture as Dave – nearly curled up into a ball – and Mart – lying on his side – were sleeping soundly.
I collected my clothes and after I dressed up, I went to my room for some fresh clothes and for a nice shower. It was great, although my injuries were stinging uncomfortably. I was nearly ready, putting on the see-trough medical tapes when a sleepy male voice growled by the door.
“Mia, kitty, can I come in? I have to pee” he smiled shyly.
“Sure!” I faltered out and managed to choke down my laughter “But why don’t you go in Martin’s room or in yours?”
“The first was taken, the second too far” Dave murmured.
“You came along the corridor wearing just underwear?” I fumed after a glimpse in the mirror, holding a tape between my fingers “You look like someone who had been beaten up. And your chest is bloody all over! You should pay a little more attention!”
“Yes, m’am!” he said “But I’m sooo sleepy! Well it’d be really nice to see a photo in the newspapers… the perfect family father… But you’ll take care of me, right? You won’t let me go down the wrong road, right?” he hugged me with such a force that I shivered.
“Yes of course David, I’ll take care of you, cuz I love you.”
“Cool” he giggled into my neck, which made me shiver again.
“Now go and pee, I go and put some clothes on” I pushed his hands gently away then let my white towel from around my body land on the floor as I walked out of the bathroom.
After I put on some music deep in thoughts I’ve started searching in my luggage, which was next to the bed. I think it was a K’s Choice album. I’ve heard the water running – he was having a shower. Unbelievable! He comes to me in one dirty underwear, he’ll steal my last clean towel and he’ll go back to Mart’s or his own room contentedly! As he’d said, he’s a no-brainer. Yes, he is, he doesn’t think too much. But his instincts are great, I grinned, especially his basic instincts…
“Are you ready? Can I come in?” I asked standing in front of the half-closed door.
“Why couldn’t you come in?” he opened the door suddenly, scaring me to death “Sorry” he grinned. The light was glistening on his wet chest. Nice little water drops were running down on his red and wounded skin. He was in that certain clean towel. “It’s nice from you to come round” he still grinned.
“Hey! Firstly it’s my room and my bathroom, secondly I came cuz I have to take care of your injuries. They’re quite bad” I pushed him inside. I saw him eying my body in my yellow wife-beater and olive-green trousers, which had many pockets. “Sit down!” I pointed at the chair next to the basin, where previously I’d taken care of my own injuries too.
“Hey, hey, hey! This hurts Mia” he held down my wrist.
“You’re kidding, aren’t you?” I stared at him.
“That was something else – that pain had a purpose.”
“To excite you, right?” I nuzzled to him. He gulped one.
“Yeah, exactly.”
“I let you know that this pain has a purpose too.”
“And what’d that be?”
“That we don’t have to go to the surgery and let the doctors open your inflected and purulent wounds, while you’re tossing and turning in fever because of the germs invasion.”
He looked at me petrified “Mia, kitty, did you have a bad dream? What was this?”
“The truth, of course” I answered.
“Do it quickly and let me forget all about this as soon as possible” he suggested.
“As you wish, darling” I smiled at him faintly then stepped aside to reach for some disinfectant and gauze “This’ll sting” I warned him and began to treat my batemark by his collarbone.
“Jeez! This hurts!”
“Dave, honey, don’t be in a tantrum like a little girl!” I warned him again.
“No buts!” I said strictly.
“Mia, what’s with you? Did something happen?”
“Nothing had happened to me, why are you asking? Cuz I caught you and I treat your wounds? And I don’t let you prancing meanwhile? If we’re done, please send Mart over too, although he’d survived the party with lighter bruises.
“Mia, kitty, Mia!”
“What’s wrong this time?”
“I want you.”
“Again??” I looked at him with eyes open wide.
“Is it a problem to you?”
“No, it’s just that…” he took the gauze from my hand and threw it into the basin.
“I’m sure you aren’t aware of the fact that you’re fucking hot in this little yellow wife-beater…” he licked his quite okay mouth, where he had just a little wound, while he pushed me against the dresser around the basin. He trapped me. The towel around his waist loosened dangerously – then it fell onto the floor – but in vain. I had other plans.
“David, not now. I want to have dinner.”
His eyes popped out. “Don’t you want me?”
“I want you, sweetie, I’ve missed you badly, but I’m hungry. You’ll get something with chocolate if we go out to have dinner” I gave him a little bait. I saw him fighting with himself, like a dog, which gets a cut of meat and a crispy bone at the same time and can’t decide which one to choose. “No, David” I closed his mouth “You can’t have both.”
“But I didn’t even ate my Godiva off of you!” he protested like a little boy, who tried to stick to the last telling argument to persuade his mother. But luckily I wasn’t his mother.
“But I fulfilled my part of the bet, although I didn’t have to. Just look at your skin. This would have happened if Andy won the swimming. So I compensated this choc-thing more than enough – you can’t have a bad word” I jogged his naked chest, avoiding a smaller wound.
“But Miaaaa!”
“No, Dave, I’m starving! I couldn’t eat since morning, cuz… It doesn’t matter, the point is that I wasn’t able to eat” – from the excitement that I could see them again “And if you don’t call me out somewhere to have dinner with Martin or without him, then I’ll be a pain in the ass” I pushed him backwards – miraculously avoiding the fact that he was fully naked!
“Marty can’t come, he’s with Andy, they have some things to arrange– don’t even ask what kinda things. I’m sure it’s something important, cuz otherwise he’d be sitting in front of the TV, drinking beer.”
“I see, then just the two of us are here for each other!”
“I’m telling you this!” he looked down at his groin. I immediately laughed out loud. He has such a humour! He’s a great guy!
“Hey, hey! He isn’t that small!” he put his hands onto his hips and I was still giggling from this sight.
“No… no… there’s no problem with its size! It fits perfectly into… its place…” I put my hands onto his shoulders and looked him in the eye “I’m just laughing because of your humour, honey! You’re incredible, you!” I pecked his nose gently and gave him a kiss. But before he could capture me, I slid out of his embrace and walked out of the bathroom, still giggling.
“I could say the same…” he noted quietly and I could feel his burning gaze on my back. Grinning to myself, I rolled my hips a bit more.
“I see you in 15 minutes down in the hall. Then you can take me somewhere to have dinner” I waved goodbye. I think he was staring at me shocked and I grabbed a black zipped sweatshirt still smiling.
I checked Martin’s room too, but he wasn’t there, his room was locked. I went down to wait for my Prince Charming there and I hoped he’ll close my room and will bring the keys too. After 20 minutes he appeared and still had that strange expression – the one he had when I’d ‘refused’ him - on his face as he walked to me.
“Can we go?”
“Yep. I know a place. I’ve called Darren to bring the car.”
“Is the bodyguard necessary?”
“Sadly. But now he comes as a driver. He knows a good place” he ran his hand on his slim dark-grey pullover. I guessed that he was wearing this piece, cuz it hid the bad bruises on his neck. I was wondering how he’d cover them at the concert – this was still a mystery for me.
Even in the hotel’s hall I could feel the gazes on me as we went to the car with the bodyguard. It was really strange that people started whispering behind our backs. My eyes were focused on the floor, I didn’t look up.
“With time you’ll get used to it” Dave whispered to me. I didn’t answer just sat into the waiting car with black glasses.

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