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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 21

Chapter 21

  2009.08.12. 14:35


We arrived soon, but I felt his gaze on me during our trip. He was confused. Huh, I confused Dave Gahan! That’s something! I don’t think too many people managed to do so. In the car he didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts with me – we were alone in the back.
“Listen to me, Mia! What’s wrong? What did I do what you didn’t like? I’ve missed you and when you’re finally here…”
“… when you’re finally here and I want to love you…”
“David, dearest David” I put my fingers onto his lips “Believe me or not, I’m just hungry. I love you very much and after dinner you can make me yours wherever you want it!”
“Wherever I want it?” he smiled.
“Yeah, wherever you want it. Dave, you’re so sensitive!”
“Yes I know. If something doesn’t happen in the way I want it, I feel like I did something wrong.”
“This is why you’re upset now?”
“You shouldn’t” I smiled “I really am just hungry. But you shouldn’t blame yourself every time.”
“It’s out of sheer habit. Unfortunately.”
Before I could answer, we’d arrived.
“Where did you bring me?” I asked curious.
“You’ll see. Nothing extra, just a nice restaurant. Guess what kind of food they serve here?” he smiled at me in a better mood.
“I don’t care just give me some food or else I’ll eat your hand!” I opened the door and got out of the car “Oh, our tomcat’ll have fish for dinner again?”
“Kitty-Mia loves it too, right? Or should I order some Whiskas from the waiter?” he asked grinning. I couldn’t answer cuz I felt the gazes on us again. The waiter led us to a table at the back. I sat down facing the rest of the restaurant, Dave did the opposite, showing his back to the guests.
“Aren’t you ‘afraid’ that we’ll end up in the papers?” I nodded towards the staring people when the drinks’d already arrived.
“I don’t really care” he shrugged “You should do the same. I’ve told you – you’ll get used to it. By the way there’s nothing wrong with inviting your workmate for dinner” he looked at me. His eyes seemed grey from the restaurant’s lights “Cuz you know, you’re here with us because you’re or vocalist” a smile ran through his face.
“Dave, seriously. I wouldn’t be thrilled if my husband were inviting his workmates for dinner. I mean women workmates.”
“You wanted to have dinner somewhere…” he sipped from his tonic.
“Please don’t blame this on me.”
“Can we change the topic?” he examined the painting on the wall behind me.
“As you wish” I shrugged. He knows his wife. For a moment an insane and evil thought ran through my mind and I was shocked from myself. I thought that if he wasn’t together with Jen then our threesome could stay close even after the tour. But in the next moment I was scolding myself. Am I this selfish? Again? I’ve promised to myself that I won’t ruin another family again! I’m stupid! I was just watching him from behind my menu and I adored him as he ordered the food. He didn’t say anything particular, but even ordering food was insanely sexy from him. I felt that next to my hunger another need was forming in my body, but I suppressed this one willingly. It was not the time for that – yet!
I didn’t hesitate for too long – I chose my food and waved for the waiter. I really was hungry! I ate fast, kinda in a rush, cuz I wanted my knight to free me from my chastity belt with his strong sword. Jeez, Dave, eat! – I thought. But Dave – who can interpret body-language very well – tried to chew every piece for 30 times, as it was laid down, to have a perfect digestion. I saw now that he was already returning what I’d done to him. Between two bites he flashed his namby-pamby smile at me. But at least it felt great to have something in my stomach. His softly bland smiles drove me crazy, but I tried to stay calm. I tried to finish my food in a neutral way. I had to wait for him, but I stayed strong.
“Dessert?” he asked, pulling up an eyebrow.
“Yeah, you” I said quickly.
He smiled. “Alright darling, I know you’re impatient now. You can’t wait for me to penetrate you and fuck you so hard that you can’t stop yourself screaming out loud” he leant closer and whispered. He was just that close that I could feel his breath puffing against my neck and I could sense the warmth and dazing scent radiating from his body. Then he waved for the waiter and asked me nicely: “You don’t mind if I eat something very chocolaty, do you?” he went on in a low tone “It increases potency.”
I though I’d fell off the chair. The evil beast! I wanted him so badly that it hurt and because he was sitting at the other end of the table – too far from me – I couldn’t start any action under the table. I felt the flames of desire slowly spreading in my body. Even my knee and ankle wanted him. After a while I stopped putting up a fight and waited for him tensely to finish his dessert. I had never thought that in our next lovemaking the foreplay’ll be for me to wait and wait for him. But telling the truth it turned me on madly. And of course he did all his dirty tricks – he licked off the spoon with his sensual lips, he wiped his long fingers with the napkin one by one, he drank as slow as it was possible then licked the edge of his lips.
“David, stop it! Let’s go and fuck me hard, cuz if you don’t, I’ll tear off your trousers right here! Don’t look at me this gloatingly, I’ve learned my lesson you gave me – next time I’ll eat when you don’t want to make love to me. Come on, cuz I go nuts here!”
People should teach the smile that appeared on his face. Don Juan would have cried in jealousy seeing it.
“You’re supple. Very good” he dropped his napkin elegantly next to his plate then waved for the waiter, who was so very slow! In my agony I was whimpering quietly and was panted too. I felt the blood rush in my veins.
“Dave! Please! Come oooon!” I bit on my lip, crinkling the hem of my top.
“It’s not my fault Mia that they hold the waiter up …”
But before I could say anything else, the world’s slowest waiter came to us and Dave paid for the bill. At that time I was on my feet and was walking towards the exit. Looking back over my shoulder I saw that he was speaking on his phone. I really hoped that he’d called his bodyguard to bring the car. I wanted to believe that he did that! I was standing in the door and when no one paid attention, I grabbed his nice ass for a moment, but with his devil grin he pushed my hand gently away and he rather took it to pull me into the car.
“Back to the hotel, Mr. Gahan?” the bodyguard asked.
“No, Darren. Please just do some circles in the city” he said calmly although my hand was already wandering high on his thigh.
The man nodded and pulled the dark window up, which separated him from us. I literally jumped on him and he let me do it smiling and not moving an inch, sitting and leaning against the backseat. I didn’t care, I just dragged his clothes off of him. His belt was easy to deal with, but that damned pullover got stuck by his head. No matter how funny the divine Dave Gahan looked with a grey pullover on his head, I couldn’t laugh at that moment. I was dragging the pullover over his head like mad as I was sitting on his lap.
“Ouch, my ears!” he moaned laughing.
“It’s not your ears what I need now desperately!” I freed his head finally “Never again wear such a pullover!”
“Why? Doesn’t it fit me?” he grinned watching me as I dragged down my own trousers.
“It does, but now every minute counts!”
“What’s this rush? Is the end of the world here? Meteor-impact or what?” he licked his mouth.
“No, but I’ll cum before I’d sit on you” I opened his trousers hastily and I was already straddling him. He moaned loudly from my move and he cheekily asked:
“Baby, no foreplay just the prime time?”
“I don’t need any commercial. Not now!” I moaned with closed eyes while with a slow move I let him completely inside me. Then I looked at him and I’ve started moving on him hard, grabbing his shoulders. The car’s moving turned me on even more just like the sight as he was resting his head on the headrest. I panted quietly as I undid my bra and grabbing his hands I led them onto my chest.
“Grab me! I want to feel your hands!” I moaned and made a powerful circle with my hips.
Slowly he left his superior keeping-the-distance attitude. His face started blushing and sweating while he began moaning louder and louder – I knew that both of us were at the edge and after a minute we hid our faces into each others necks, groaning and panting raggedly.
“You’re insanely wild! I love it so much! Mia, kitty, what do you do to me? I go totally nuts from you. You want me to be your slave?” he moaned.
“No David. I want us to be each others prisoners, not slaves. I don’t want to miss your touches anymore.”
“You won’t” he kissed along my neck with closed eyes while he was hugging me firmly with his strong arms.
“I hope so” I whispered barely audible, hugging his neck tightly. As I opened my eyes I could see the streets and the traffic. I was glad that the windows were tainted. “Dave, what was the most extreme place where you did it?” I asked without thinking.
“In Japan on the fastest express train’s toilet, but it was really fast in every meaning. And the place was fucking narrow. So as I get older I’m more conservative. Nowadays the mahogany bed with baldachin is enough for me” he smiled “And you? What was your most extreme place?”
“If you had asked me about the most extreme guys then I would have said it was Marty and you” I grinned at him straightening my back, slowly sliding him out of me “But the place… let me see…” I mused for a moment “I think in front of a rock club in the shadows a looong while ago. At dawn, around closing. I’ve heard people coming out of the club” I grinned because of the memories.
“So we are your most extreme guys in your life!”
“Sure, what did you think? I’m a totally average girl and had a completely average life before we met.”
“Mia-kitty, you’re everything but average!”
“Cuz ordinariness is far from you and you evoke the wild cat in me” I softly scratched his chest “I’m never bored with you.”
“Yeah. Is our kitty having fun with us?” he caressed my waist.
“Uhum. I’m not complaining. But I have a question.”
“And that’d be?” he ran his long index finger between my breasts.
“How will you make the wounds on your skin disappear?” I looked at some of his bruises “Cuz there’ll be a concert tomorrow night if I’m not mistaking” well from this thought my stomach flipped. I’ll have to sing again?
“I won’t make them disappear – the girls love it! It evokes every kind of thoughts in them.”
“But Dave!”
“You’ll see – most of them’ll fade away for tomorrow anyway. You know we vampires heal faster” he snarled at me playfully and snapped at my neck.
“Hey, hey! I don’t want to have visible wounds. Or at least not ones which won’t be hidden under my dress” I laughed “There’s no need for them to connect things. Davie…” my hand slid down onto his lower tummy, which made him sigh “Did I tell you that I like vampires?” I gave a peck onto his chin “That I love your sharp teeth?” I licked his lower lip “And that I love tasting the choc on you? Hm?”
“It’s melted, isn’t it? Like me from you!”
“Dave, cute and sweet Dave” I kissed him all over “Jeez it’s so good to be with you!”
He laughed “Kitty, you’re flattering me again!” he stroked along my back.
“Sure! It’s in cats’ nature, isn’t it?”
“Yep, yep” he laughed again and let me kiss his neck “I like being with you too, Mia” he added whispering.
“What ‘and’?”
“Do you want me to flatter you a bit more?” I stroked his hot skin by his hips.
“What do you mean exactly?” he looked at me with his piercing eyes.
“Exactly this” I ran my hand along his length. Desire rose in me insanely again. I think I’ve got addicted to him. Or I just wanted to have from the guys as much as it was possible before this dream comes to an end. He took a deep breath, but he didn’t protest when my lips started moving downwards, kissing along his wounded chest. Meanwhile my hand started pampering him again. I felt him getting harder and bigger in my hand. He groaned silently.
“Dear, my dear, I need you anytime I set my eyes on you” he sighed deeply, but he couldn’t get more airs into his lungs. I was lying on my side in his lap and I was sucking him faster and harder “Mia, you’ll kill me!”
He couldn’t bear it anymore – he slightly turned me towards him by grabbing my hips and he sank his fingers into me. He started to move with his hand first gently then more passionate. In and out. In and out. He was licking my hips and I could barely continue what I’d started. I began repeating his name silently when I took him out of my mouth and I moaned lusciously when I took him in again. I couldn’t take it anymore!
Licking along his rock-hard cock I broke away from him, stopped his hand and pulled his fingers out of me just to sit quickly onto his lap, straddling him. But nearly in the same moment he rolled me under him. I don’t know how we’d got enough place, but we had somehow! He had enough place in me – with his full length too… His hips moved forward forcefully as he opened my legs wider. I grabbed his left hand – which was in me moments ago – and looking into his eyes I slowly took his index and middle finger into my mouth. I wanted to taste myself on them. From this he got turned on even more and his thrusts got faster and stronger, but then he slowed down – maybe the Japanese express’s rest room came into his mind.
I smiled at him after I let his hand go, exchanged a short kiss with him then I panted as he accelerated his moves intensity, stroking along my thigh. I didn’t care if the bodyguard could hear us – I’ve got louder and louder. I couldn’t remain silent if I was with him! Impossible! Then from one of his sudden moves my body tensed and straining my hips even more I moaned into his mouth. And he – using this move to the full – pushed even deeper in me, setting us free from the torturing desire’s agony.
We were lying there in silence – just our silent pants could be heard. There was no need to move, we were embracing each other interwoven. Although he was motionless I felt him inside me and I felt the hot wetness between my thighs. Somehow it made me feel fertile. I felt like a woman from his semen inside of me. Now I realised why it was said that the man makes his wife a woman on the wedding bed. How strange thoughts are running in my head, I mused and hugged the man tightly, who evoked such thoughts in me.
“Mia… sweet Mia… what kind of spell did you put on me?” he whispered barely audible.
I had to cock my ears if I didn’t want the car’s noises take his words away. I didn’t answer just gently ran my fingers in his wet hair by his nape then after a minute I searched for his mouth and we started kissing each other softly. The car was moving under us nicely. I didn’t want these moments to come to an end! We were so… cohere. I felt myself so… whole!
Our kisses slowed down then we slowly stopped as I stroked along his face and looked into his eyes, which seemed pitch-black in the strong half-light.
“Now I know what’s real happiness” I whispered caressing the line of his jaw again.
“You say it’s real happiness being with me?”
“Yes, I say exactly that. I love you so much.”
“Me too” he answered simply and closed his eyes.
Just two short words which meant immensely lot to me.

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