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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 22

Chapter 22

  2009.08.12. 14:40


After a few minutes we were presentable when we got out of the car in front of the hotel. Fortunately there weren’t many fanatic fans by the entrance. We were on our way to the lift when my cell phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my bag curiously. It was Martin.
“Hi. What’s up?” I asked why he was in such a hurry.
“If you’d satisfied the panther enough, we’d like to see you in the hotel’s bar with Anton to speak about your stage stuff” I heard his slightly impatient voice. I couldn’t understand this guy. I suspected that his problem was that I’d disappeared with Dave. We had a contradiction here. Earlier he was upset cuz he didn’t want Dave to go out with anybody. Now I went out with him. So I’m an ‘anybody’ too? Or did I just misunderstood the situation and he’s nervous because of Anton? The easiest way to clear this up was me going into the bar.
“Dave, it was Marty. They’re waiting for me with Anton in the bar. Are you coming or are you going to roost?”
“I think I’ll skip this meeting, I go up to my room and call Jen.”
“Okay” I nodded then turning my back to him I hurried towards the bar.
After a short search I glimpsed them sitting in the half-light, their table lit only by a discrete lamp. They were sitting there, drinking. Again. In front of Martin there were at least three bottles of beer and three short drinks – enough for a horse. But he didn’t seem drunken, just nervous.
“Mia, Mia come here!” he waved to me.
I walked to the table and sat next to him – Anton started speaking right away. Martin seemed downright relieved – maybe cuz until I sat down Anton was blabbing for him. Curly ordered another round and he didn’t even ask me what I wanted – he ordered ‘Whisky on the rocks’ for all three of us. I looked at him confused. He caught my gaze and looked back provocatively. I knew that it wouldn’t matter whatever I’d say to him, he’d take that as bantering. So I remained silent and drank my drink. What was Mart’s problem this time? I thought he wouldn’t refuse some kindness and I put my hand onto his knee. He didn’t react just ordered another round. I slowly started worrying. Something was wrong, I felt it. I was a bit scared but I didn’t show it. I pulled my hand back and put them around my glass the waiter just brought out. I hated whisky, but I drank this one straight. Before the waiter could go back to work, I whispered to him that if Martin orders another round then he should bring me whisky-cola.
I tried to pay attention on Anton’s instructions about the way I should move on stage, how I should look and stuff like that but he didn’t speak too clearly. Maybe because of his excitement or because of the drinks he put some Dutch words into his sentences. But I understood mostly everything and I tried to avoid Martin’s grunts next to me. He ordered another round. Fortunately the waiter hadn’t forgotten my request and he brought me whiskey-cola. Anyhow I could already feel the previous ones in my head. I never liked short drinks too much.
I drank the next one and the world seemed to sink, the colours turned brighter and the voices were sharper. The drinks seemed to upset me. I had to do something quickly before it gets worse, just because he was ordering me drinks in a row. I stood up and told Marty that I go to the toilet. I thought I try to puke before I’ll feel really sick. With a help of a pen I managed to do so. Then I washed my face and called Dave, who was already sleeping.
“David, please come here, I need you!”
“Mia, honey, I was sleeping. We were together just a few minutes ago – is this really that acute?”
“Dave, not sex but trouble. Come down to the ladies’ room next to the hall.”
I’ve heard on his voice that he was more aware now, getting what I’ve said. “Okay, I’m on my way Mia, I just put on some clothes. Stay there!”
“Jeez, you look awful!” I’ve heard the disheveled panther’s voice.
“Thanks very much, that was nice. But this isn’t the point.”
“Then what? Tell me why I had to leave my warm bed behind” he yawned.
“Because of Martin” I saw that his eyes got more alert and dark.
“What’s with him? What did he do again?”
“There’s something wrong with him, David. He ordered me there and ordered a lot of drinks for us. He wanted me to drink too. I had to go and puke so I don’t feel the drinks too much. I was nearly scared of him! Dave, we have to do something or figure out what his problem is!” I grabbed his forearm.
“Uh-uh, kitty can you go up to the room alone?”
“Yes, I think. David, when I’d arrived to their table there were already a lot of drinks in front of them. He drinks whisky and drinks beer as an accelerator.”
“How much did he drink?”
“Well… maybe 6 whiskey and 4 or 5 beers.”
“Jesus, please call Darren, I go in.”
“Dave, what’s happening?”
“Just go, please! Later… Go!” he freed his arm softly and hurried into the bar. I though it was better for me to look for Darren. The bodyguard wasn’t crabby because I woke him up. He got used to it that he must go whenever they call him. He hurriedly put on a T-shirt and sweatpants and he was already on his way downstairs. I had to jog next to him to keep up.
“Miss, I think it’d be better for you to stay here” he stopped me at the bar’s door.
“Please” he looked at me with ‘pleading’ eyes, which wasn’t popular among bodyguards.
“OK… okay” I folded my arms, but after he walked through the door, I peeked inside.
Martin was babbling for himself – Anton wasn’t there. David tried to embrace his shoulders, but Martin shook off his hand and yelled loudly “Go away Dave! I don’t need you! Go away! You’re not needed here! Fuck off!”
I saw Dave’s face twitch, but he went on trying to help Mart up. I was afraid that in his drunken state of mind he’ll say something he’d awfully regret later and maybe it’ll ruin their career too. Even this outburst was a bit telltale, but if someone doesn’t suspect anything, he won’t waste a second thought on this. Darren got there too and before Mart could have said anything else he simply horsed him and using the exit by the rest rooms he stepped into the lift with him. This was the moment when Mart started puking. I put a hand on my aching stomach and tried to calm myself as I slowly climbed the steps and went to my room.
I was slightly shocked when I sat on the balcony. Now I needed a cigarette. I rarely smoked, but now I felt the need for it. I’d never seen Martin like this before, although I could have prepared myself for such situations. I was wondering what he’d have done to me if I was alone with him. Crazy thoughts were running through my head, I couldn’t help it. After a while I forced myself to stop. I rather started thinking about what his problem could’ve been this time, but even after 30 minutes I was clueless.
“Can I join you?” suddenly I heard Dave’s voice from the left, which made me jump.
“You’ve scared me. But you can join me” I waved toward the other chair. He sat down.
“Kitty, tonight I’ll sleep here with you, okay?” he asked and as I looked at him I saw how tired he was “Martin finished me off.”
“Of course you can sleep here, sweetie” I sat onto his lap.
“Mia, tell me why did I want this, hmm? Don’t you know?”
“Cuz you love him. And he loves you too.”
“Yeah, sure. He screams at me that I’m a heel, who’s ready to fuck with anyone – no matter if that someone is a man, a woman or an animal – and he yells at me to get out of there. Really. It’s a bit rough for a love statement, isn’t it?”
“Dave, he’s drunken!”
“And then his words won’t hurt that much? It’s so good that you’re here! If you weren’t, I’m sure I’d have run off, running in the night towards something blurry and dangerous! Anyhow… it hurts this much because partly he’s right.”
“He’s right?”
“Well, there were things that had occurred in the past.”
“But now what’d happened? You were with me, for God’s sake!”
“Yes I was and this’d be okay, but in this way he’d stayed here with his sick brain and usually when the situation is like this he starts to imagine stupid things.”
I sighed a big one and looked at him “For example?”
“How’d I know? I can’t look into his cloudy head. From his screams I managed to catch that when we go out without him, he thinks that we talk about him behind his back and we laugh at him, or dunno what else he’d said. And that he’s sure that I take you to shady places etc… I don’t know how these thoughts can come into his mind.”
“I’ll talk to him after he’d slept.”
“It’s unnecessary” he stroked my arm, which was around his shoulder.
“No, it’s not. I’ll tell him what I have on my mind even if he won’t listen to me. But at least I’ll try.”
“Okay, as you wish. But I tried to explain it too, but I guess mainly because of the booze it’s hard to handle him.”
“He’s rather scary” I played with the neck of his T-shirt.
“You were scared of him, kitty?” he hugged me even tighter.
“A little. I haven’t seen him like this before. It was strange.”
“Don’t be afraid, Mia. He won’t hurt you or anything like that. And by the way I’d protect you if needed.”
“Thank you David” I looked into his eyes sadly “You know it just hurts seeing him like this. Back in the time when I was just one of your fans I hadn’t had the chance to see him like this – although I’d heard that he drinks a lot. Now it shocked me a bit. I’d never liked when a man was under alcohol’s influence.”
“Bad memories?”
I nodded.
“Own experience? Someone from the family?”
“No, thank God, but when I was a teenager, my best friend’s dad’d scared us to death. He assaulted my friend not just once and he managed to ruin our friendship” I shrugged “Since then I’m a bit unsure in such situations.”
“I’ll talk to Martin!” he stated firmly.
“No, you don’t have to. It’s okay. I can handle it… so to say. It’s just…” I left my sentence unfinished as I followed a curly line with my index finger on his T-shirt “Well, I was just surprised. You know I was wondering about what’ll happen if he says something in public, I mean about you two. That wouldn’t be nice at all…”
“You’re right. This is why I ran to him. But of course people can say that he was just babbling in his drunken delirium, but they can start thinking about it too… That’d be surely the end of Depeche.”
“And he loves you that much that he’d endanger the most important and biggest part of your lives?”
“It seems!”
“Dave, can I ask you something? It’s very prickly…”
“Sure. After all this we don’t have too much to hide. At least not in front of you.”
“Do you love him as much as he loves you?”
He looked at me from the side and was eying me.
“Jeez, Dave, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”
“No prob, you have to know what you’ll take on, although I don’t like speaking about this. I love him very much. But maybe he’s the one who… It’s not like this is more important to him, but he handles this more stiffly… or dunno” he shook his head.
“He takes it too seriously?”
“Something like that” he took my hand and interwove our fingers.
“Isn’t it possible that… this is partly because he’d ‘lost’ his family? Isn’t this why he takes your relationship this seriously? Maybe he’s afraid that he’ll end up alone at the end and this is why he’s this hungry for love. But in hunger for love you could cope with him, but you’re another story. But Martin…”
“Probably this is in it too…” he mused and examined my hand and colourless nails.
He didn’t say a word for a long while, he was just playing with my hand deep in thoughts. He ran his fingers on my palm then he started drawing circles there with two fingers. He slowly moved to the sensitive skin between my fingers and he began caressing them, moving towards my wrist. I looked into his eyes and my gaze sent just one message: “I want you”.
I softly squirmed on his lap as my body started burning again despite that my head was full of Martin. Was that possible that next to Dave’s personal charm I still felt the whiskeys? Although I few hours’d passed since that.
He let my hand go and reaching under my yellow wife-beater he began caressing my waist. He ran his left hand on my side while he was kissing me softly. I hugged his neck tightly. My left breast was pressing against his chest as I was sitting one-sided on his lap.
“Dave… do you know that… my hand is… one of my… erogenic zones?” I whispered into his mouth, breaking our kiss time after time.
“Now I know it” his hand slid under my yellow top, reaching for my right breast.
“Dave… Dave maybe we shouldn’t…”
“Don’t you want it?”
“Jeez, sure I want it, but I drank a lot and…”
“You’re afraid that I’ll take advantage of the situation and make you mine?”
I nearly had an orgasm just from this sentence, cuz our little car-tour in the city came into my mind too.
“Dave, I’m afraid that you won’t take advantage of the situation… Love me, please. I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it…”
“Neither… would I…” moaned Dave as he pulled me after him with one hand – with the other he was loosening his trousers and tried to shake them off. I found him even jumping on one leg, trying to get rid off his jeans really hot! If I were his jeans, I’d have done the same. He’s such a great guy that even his jeans are jealous at him… I laughed out loud and a bit drunken.
“What’s so funny?” he squinted at me. I just kicked off my shoe, but from the move I landed on my butt, next to the bed.
“Ouch!” I laughed lamenting because of my butt.
“Did I tell you that you’re charming when you’re tipsy?” he grinned, shaking his head and he bent down to pull me up, which was now easy without his insistent jeans.
“And did I tell you that you’re fucking sexy no matter what you do?” I licked his mouth, nuzzling to him and with an elfish gaze I slid my fingers under his T-shirt to turn him on with feather-light touches by his waist. I knew that stimulating this part of men’s body turns them on extremely.
The impact came soon – a feral growl came from his throat and I felt that he had absolutely no problems with his erection. As his body was pressed against mine, I knew that if it was necessary, he could’ve crushed a stone with it. I laughed again from this thought. But he didn’t let me laugh for too long – on the bed he turned me onto my tummy and with one move he knelt behind me and lifted my hips. He immediately rammed into me all way long.
I screamed from the feeling as he was straining in me. And if all this wasn’t enough, he whispered dirty things into my ear between two thrusts, driving me totally insane.
“Tell me more… things like this! Ah!” I cried out loud, grabbing the sheet firmly. I felt his hands all over me, I felt him on and in my body. He slid as deep as it was possible.
“It turns you on?” he moaned grasping for air.
“Yes! Oh, yes! Yeah… More! Please!” I screamed again as he rammed into me with even greater force. I thought he’d tear me apart, but my body didn’t mind his attack at all. He helped to forget everything else. “Dave, tell me!”
“Baby, I’ll fuck you! I’ll fuck you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to walk!”
“And… what… else’ll you… do to me?”
“What else? I’ll fuck you until you’re begging for mercy! That you’ll cry for me to stop and give more in the same time! Come, lift your hips a bit, I want to feel you even more! Mia, do you feel as I’m inside you? Do you feel how hard I am?”
“Aaand now just mine… Dave… give it harder… come on… come on…”
“Grrr… no prob, I can do this harder… just stand it, you little nympho! Hey, tell me… what’s on your lil’ dirty mind! Hmm… tell me…” and he pushed his body even harder into mine.
“That I fucking love that you’re nearly raping me, you… you animal! More! Deeper! I want to feel pain! Dave, you’ll fuck me that hard that I’ll cry from pain and pleasure in the same time, won’t you?!” I yelled then I started biting the edge of the pillow, feeling the sensual pain, lifting my hips higher.
“Sure I’ll fuck you, you little bitch! Do you want more, huh? Do you want more?!” he rattled more and more excited.
“Yes! OH, yes! YES!” I screamed into the pillow as my tears welled up from the pain, which shot through me in the moment my orgasm’d exploded in my body. I screamed out desperately to the world that Dave fucked me again – and not in any way! My fingers turned white as I was still grabbing the creased sheet firmly, my body swimming in sweat.
But David hadn’t finished yet and I let him rave in me half-consciously. There was no better word than ‘raving’ for that what he was doing, growling in a deep voice. The beast broke free in him and after a few more thrusts this beast had reached his goal he was fighting for. Strong jolts ran through his body and he whispered or rather growled into my ear: “You’re very good, my little whore…”
When he came round and his wild heart beat let him speak again, he continued:
“My sweet little white-livered nymphomaniac kitty, did I manage to satisfy you?”
Because I was still panting with Dave’s weight on my body – feeling his sweaty skin and still hard cock between my legs – I could just whimper approvingly.
“What’s up, darling? Did the kitty take your tongue?” he bit my earlobe.
I shivered as he was pinning me to the bed with his weight. I swallowed hard.
“Rather the devil…” I moaned.
“You’re flattering me again…”
“I really won’t be able to get up… it hurts and fills me with satisfaction in the same time…” I sighed still gasping for air.
“Well my kitty, you give me hard work here” he wiped his forehead off, sitting on the edge of the bed. I go and have a shower then I climb next to you to grab some sleep, okay?”
“Okay” I said lazily, stretching my body contentedly and yawned.
“You really are like a cat” he looked back over his shoulder.
“Theoretically my zodiac is a cat too.”
“The stars are never wrong!” he laughed “I bet you’d have felt yourself happy in Egypt back in the past when they worshipped cats…”
“Probably” I purred lying on my tummy, but just one of my eyes was visible over the pillow. I felt the sweat slowly cooling down on my body, which made me shiver, but I wasn’t able to move more. Tomorrow I’ll have to walk on my hands. It’d be great on stage – just like in the video of ‘Shake the disease’! I giggled from this thought right into the pillow then I fell asleep immediately. It’s not a wonder that Scotts drink milk with whisky and honey, if they can’t sleep.

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