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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 29

Chapter 29

  2009.08.12. 14:57


After they could finally let me go I’ve decided to take my purse and I took a look around in Vegas’ shops. I recognized a few streets from CSI, but I was just walking. It was good to be outside. I’ve started getting claustrophobic even just from the thought of a room. I went into some elegant shops to look for some nice dresses. In the dressing room I realised again that I’ve lost a lot of weight in the hospital. My hip bones were sticking out in not a pretty way. I made a face but tried on another dress. I said no to black dresses – I was skinny enough, I didn’t want to seem leaner than I already was. Red highlighted my now non-existent curves. So I picked a gold dress. It was glistening, it was simple and elegant. Two thin stripes crossed on my back and held the dress on me. I fell in love with it right away so I bought it. During my Vegas-walk I bought some other accessories then finally I headed back to the hotel, although I wanted to walk a bit more.
When I got into my room, I unpacked everything and after a nice refreshing shower I was sitting on the bed in a fluffy bathrobe. I ordered something tasty for a late lunch or early dinner then I nestled into my bed in my robe and was eating and watching telly. I smiled when there was a little report about the boys on a TV channel and a little teaser from their last concert in Vegas. Of course it was from ‘Behind the wheel’ when Dave well… grabbed the essence of things… I licked my mouth as I agreed with myself that his ‘little one’ wasn’t that little…
I’ve finished eating with a smile and I took my necessary pills. Just after this my phone started ringing. It was Dave. They’d finished the press conference and he asked me to be ready in one and a half hour time. I stretched on the comfy bed and I nestled myself back under the fragrant blanket. I had a little time to dream. But finally I had to get out of the bed, although I wanted to stay there a little longer… and not alone as I thought deeper into this. Knowing that two divine men could have lying on my sides… I rather pulled myself together and got out of the bed, disappearing in the bathroom. I had time to prepare myself, trying to be perfect for my princes. When I was finally ready, I’ve heard a knock on my door. Just in time.
“It’s open.”
“Are you ready, kitty?” Dave stepped in.
“I am” I turned to him smiling then I rearranged my hair which was pinned up loosely.
“Huh, now I’m too – but from you! Oh God, you’re so beautiful!” he stepped close to me and he couldn’t take off his eyes of me.
“Oh, thank you” I smiled at him playfully. I knew exactly what was going on in my personal favourite’s little head… and I felt it too. I pecked his nose softly then headed for the door.
Martin feasted his eyes on me in the same way and he complimented me constantly. I felt myself like a princess as they offered their arms from both sides. Dave was wearing one of his divine and perfect black suits and this time Martin looked chic too. I was smiling when they helped me into the car. I’d arrived home.
In the casino they went to the poker table right away. I didn’t know the game so I was just watching the party like an outsider. It wasn’t that bad and it seemed that I bring them luck. One round was enough for them from the game. Tonight they didn’t want to risk anything. And I appreciated this. I never liked casinos – somehow I was untouched by them – we can say they gagged me. But I must confess that the places we went were very imposing – they were decorated with taste, balancing on the edge of kitsch and stylishness. Machines were tinkling everywhere, sometimes we heard happy yells when someone had won. My head started aching a bit from this much noise. The boys invited me just in time for a late and light dinner into a nice and probably bloody expensive restaurant, where we could finally hide from the curious gases. I could sigh in relief in a quite calm atmosphere. I liked the place. There was a distant look on my face as I was watching the flame of the candle dancing on our table, or the shadows on the walls. It was calm, peaceful and nice. This city was interesting, but living here… it can be madness.
“Well, how do you like Las Vegas so far, Mia?” Dave touched my hand softly.
“Phew… it’s really noisy” I laughed crossing my legs “It’s okay when we spend a few days here, but I wouldn’t live here, that’s for sure.”
“Why not?” Martin asked then sipped from his tonic water.
“Cuz I’d go nuts from the noise. I like quieter cities better” I shrugged “This one is too busy for me and too hot and too dry. And insane” I grimaced, which caused a laugh from Martin.
“We like it. It occurs that sometimes we make a trip here to relax.”
“Hmm… just the two of you?” I asked smiling.
Martin grinned back then looked nearly shyly at Dave.
“It occurred once or twice” my dark-haired Don Juan shrugged “But usually with friends” his fingers were playing on my naked forearm, which made me shiver slightly.
“Once or twice?” I asked “Don’t you want to speak about it?”
Martin didn’t say a word, he just tried to stop himself from grinning. Dave leant to me and whispered into my ear: “We can tell you about it in a more private place.”
“No Dave, I want to hear it now” I stated.
“How stubborn…” the little ‘sex-monster’ nuzzled to me and I had to grin.
“And curious…” I gave him a sexy smile and it got wider when he just wanted to slide his hand under the hem of my dress, but the appearance of the waiter’d stopped him. Mart was grinning knowingly under his nose. The waiter put the food onto the table and I reached for my salad. I ate enough back in the hotel and if it’s possible, I don’t eat too heavy foods at this time of day.
We were chatting from this and that, but I was waiting for the moment when I can finally ask my question from the boys. Somehow I was VERY curious about the thing…
“Soooo?” I asked looking at them mischievously “Where’s my bed time story?” I licked my mouth.
“Uhhh… it’s insane that this turns you on!” Dave noted with darker eyes as he turned to me with his upper body. I stroked along his chest and I felt that he shivered from this. Did they miss me this much?
“It’s not a big wonder” I shrugged.
“And why would we tell it to you? You already know what’d happened…” Martin noted grinning. I looked at him.
“Cuz you’ve got back your freshly healthy cat, who deserves a little pampering?” I slid my hand up on Martin’s thigh as I was enjoying the situation sitting between them. If I couldn’t soften Dave, I tried it by Martin. I nuzzled to him “You know I want to hear it…” I whispered with big, pleading eyes while my hand travelled up to a different place. He sighed. Dave was watching us smiling and ran one of his hands on my back, which was mostly naked. I shivered and kissed Martin. Gently and shortly. He looked down at me with cloudy eyes. “Hey” I asked him again “Tell me, please.”
He smiled and gently pulled me closer to him.
“Well okay… Usually I meet with Dave in a previously agreed place – in a hotel. We always spend some days there” he whispered into my ear.
I felt Dave sliding closer. Goose bumps broke out on my skin right away when he slid one of his hands onto my waist and started kissing my offered back, barely touching my skin. Martin smiled when he saw my nipples hardening under the dress.
“Please, go on!” I whispered hoarsely and they couldn’t decide whom I’ve told this. Martin went on with the story still whispering. I don’t have to tell that I was interested in every detail he shared with me. “Let’s go back to the hotel!” I nearly whimpered at the end cuz I’m a visual type and Dave’s kisses then shameless touches had their effects on me.
“I love it when we turn you on, kitty!” he kissed softly into my neck while Martin suddenly bent down to my décolleté.
“Boys!” I moaned quietly.
They grinned. Dave licked the small spot behind my ear – which always drove me crazy – once more and Martin squeezed one of my hardened breasts. Slowly I opened my eyes. It felt like a dream. I’ve really missed these dreams! Martin offered his hand and I accepted it then we stood up. Dave disappeared to pay the bill. Using the opportunity I nuzzled to Blondie and started kissing him. Soon our singer returned and after 20 minutes we were back at the hotel.
We ended up in Dave’s room. I was the last in the line then with my back I leant against the closed door and I was looking at the boys like a predator at its prey. Dave grinned widely seeing this and Mart looked at me like never before. Jesus, they can kill me with one gaze! I sighed quietly. Even the thought that they were mine was maddening for me. Dave was eying me challenging.
“What well?” I stepped closer to them after I kicked off my shoes.
“How do you want it, kitty?” he looked down at me with lazily shining eyes as I stood between them, facing Dave. Martin took advantage of this soon – now he was the one who started kissing my back, while his hands caressed my naked arms.
“This sounded like some kind of a program where I can choose everything” I grimaced “Let your fantasy go, little Dave. Or…” I began while my hand slid downwards “… aren’t you small at all?” I grabbed him. I knew that Martin could see this over my shoulder too. My victim moaned out loud while Martin breathed into my neck, causing goose bumps all over my body.
“Mia…” Dave whispered hoarsely and pressed his lips against mine. He was kissing me fiercely and I returned it in the same way. Martin was biting my neck – from this I had to sigh into Dave’s mouth a few times. Martin came even closer to me so I had the opportunity to feel his awakening hardness pressing against my butt. Meanwhile Dave started pulling down my golden dress. I licked his mouth smiling then looked up into his eyes playfully and loosened his tie.
Dave’s emotions were whirling. He was so scared that he won’t see this light in Mia’s eyes anymore! He could still see the picture clearly in his mind as she was lying there on the life-support machine and he was very happy that now she was standing in front of him! He was enjoying the way she was kissing along his throat and opened the top three buttons of his black shirt, kissing and licking his revealed skin. He shivered and shook off his suit impatiently.
I smiled from his impatience and I continued licking his tattoos. I bit into the soft skin. Dave let Martin deal with my dress, who made it fall onto the floor, so their hands could slide freely on my nearly fully naked body. Dave was nearly moaning towards the ceiling from my pampering on his chest. Then he did it when I loosened his belt and my fingers had disappeared under his trousers. I felt his fingers dig into my hair. With my other hand I unbuttoned the remaining buttons and felt that Martin skilfully got rid off my thong.
Then it was my turn to moan, cuz one of his hands reached forward and slid between my thighs, the other one was squeezing my breasts while he was biting and kissing my back, breathing hard from the desire he felt. I was about to pamper Dave a bit, but now he had to do with just my hands – but he didn’t complain. His moans and my screams gave a sharp contrast to the room. Martin was working on me more intensely and I did the same on Dave.
“Bed!” I moaned when I felt my knees go weak, but Martin and Dave caught me easily. Martin slowly stopped rubbing my clit and Dave took me easily into his arms to take me into the bedroom. We exchanged a few kisses, but when I saw Martin taking off his clothes, I said “No! Let me help with that!”
I looked at Dave apologizing – he just nodded smiling and put me down then he lay down leisurely on the bed. I stepped to Martin and kissed him gently, while my hands continued unbuttoning his shirt. He smiled at me and I smiled back then I opened his shirt and bit already harder into him. I knew that he liked pain… Maybe I’ll buy him a handcuff to have a common toy… or maybe a collar’d better… I went along his chest then I wasn’t gentle on his tummy either, while my hands loosened his trousers and pushed it down. In the next moment I was kneeling in front of him and I was doing my work profoundly. I felt his fingers dig into my hair. I couldn’t see, but I knew that Dave was watching our every moves. I didn’t know what kind of effect it had on him… maybe he even touched himself, I had no idea. The sound of Mart’s voice closed out everything else. It was as if he was singing. I slid him out of my mouth and I looked up at him while I smiled. He looked back at me “Sing for me” I asked then leant back to hear the first tones. I gave my best to turn him on even more, listening to his moans. He was standing in front of me with all of his glory very soon and I was giving him all I could.
“Oh God!!! Mia… dear Mia!” he moaned “I’ve missed this so much!” he looked down at me with cloudy eyes. Our gazes met. He pulled me up by my nape and closing his hazy eyes he pulled me to him and kissed me greedily. I moaned into the kiss when I felt his painfully hard cock pressing against my tummy. His tongue was chasing after mine passionately then he reached under my butt and I automatically put my legs around his waist. Then I had to moan towards the ceiling when he slid into me right away. He was biting my throat greedily as he turned with me towards the bed. I was clinging to his neck desperately when his hips moved forward again then he laid down with me on the bed. Right next to Dave, who was fully naked too and for a moment I saw that he was working on himself… It was as if we had a race with Dave – who can moan louder? – and Mart was our follower. But the dark-haired singer couldn’t take it for too long that he was now the unnoticed one. He sneaked behind Martin then lean to his ear while his ‘little one’ was teasing Curly adequately.
„Do you want it?” he asked faintly.
“Oh, yes!” he moaned while he buried himself deep into me.
“Then be a good boy and relax…” he bit Mart’s earlobe then wet themselves and moved slowly forward. Martin’s face distorted from the pain and pleasure he felt. Dave panted into his neck. And I thought I’ll cum right there from this picture! I saw them like this for the first time! They were beautiful! I sighed when from Dave’s pressure Martin’s hips moved again, continuing my stimulation. Then our favourite singer’s pace accelerated and Martin found his rhythm, sliding deep into me again. I’ve started moaning louder, grabbing the sheet hard. Martin moaned loud too, just like me and Dave wasn’t quiet either. Oh God! If someone had seen us like this… Creepy! I moaned from this thought again.
“I think… I’ll… cum!” I moaned nearly screaming. I didn’t know why I said this out loud, but I simply had to do so!
“Alright… Mia!” Martin moaned “Don’t hold yourself… back! Cum for us!” he strained his arms next to me when they started moving faster in the same time. Now I was moaning from the sweet pain and I felt my orgasm building up quickly as I was watching their sweaty faces and bodies, which were moving in harmony. Then pleasure shot through my body and I closed my eyes, arched my back, grabbed the creased sheet even harder and I yelled an enormous one as the wild throbbing’s waves licked along my slim body.
“DAVEEEEE!” I’ve heard Mart’s yell after maybe half a minute. Dave moaned loudly on his deep tone too then he fell onto Martin’s back, who was propping himself by my sides on his shaking arms. I had no clue how it could’ve felt cumming doubly as a man… I was panting as I looked up at Mart’s still twisted face. From Dave I saw just his hair and forehead as he rested his head on Mart’s back panting heavily, and of course his tattooed arms next to Martin’s hands.
Then Martin couldn’t prop their weights anymore and they carefully put their weights on me. I moaned. Now I wasn’t the middle of the sandwich – now Curly was the lucky one…
“How was it?” I asked Martin whispering. I don’t know whether my question’d shocked him or not. It seemed that it surprised Dave… Maybe Martin felt the same, cuz he answered just slowly after he turned his face to me as he was resting his head on my shoulder. I couldn’t understand his stunned look. What was so special in this question?
“Euphoric. This was the first time… I’ve ever felt something like this” he moaned finally. Maybe I went too far with my question? Then it dawned on me…
“You had never done this… in the presence of a third one… right?” I asked quietly.
“Nope. You’re the first – and probably the last – one, who could see this” Dave exhaled and looked at me from behind Mart’s shoulder.
I looked at Dave shocked. The morbidity of the situation reached me too. And adding to that my question too… Suddenly I wished there was a hole on the floor so I could disappear in it. I’ve started pushing Martin and Dave off of me. I broke away from Blondie – Dave’s and my Blondie – and I crawled backwards until my back touched the headboard. “I’m sorry” I said “I had no right to ask this from you.” I really felt that I went too far. I should have thought through this before asking… or I shouldn’t have let this happen at all? This was morbid. It was good – very good – but it was a strange feeling and I could discover another side of the boys – but it was so different, so unusual and absurd. And the way Dave was looking at me when I asked my question… maybe I was acting this stupid because I could shock Dave too? I wanted to hide from him, from them.
“Don’t feel yourself embarrassed, Mia” Dave looked at me sliding out of Martin and he lay onto his tummy next to my leg. Martin stayed on his previous place, lying on his tummy too then he propped his head on his hands and looked at me.
“But this…”
“Don’t worry. You should see now that we don’t really have secrets in front of you” he noted.
I was staring at them for a long while. Then suddenly I slid closer and nuzzled to both of them. I buried my face into Dave’s chest while I was hugging them firmly. It was so good to feel their presence, the warmth of their bodies and knowing that they loved me! I felt my feelings radiating from me, but I had no strength to control them. I was just hugging these two men, who were the most important things in my life.
It was a good proof that I nearly died for them. But that was my decision. Since I’d come round in the hospital, I was different – I felt it. It shocked me that I was dead once and who knows why I came back? But now I was here, the lonely days in the hospital were over. I was with them. The love I felt for them filled me completely. When I was able to loosen my hug a bit, I lay down onto my back between them and I was looking at them in turns, sighing a big one. Dave’s fingertips were caressing my tummy as he was lying on his side, head propped up on his arm and he was watching me.
“Oh my, Mia, you’re so skinny. You’d lost a lot of weight” he noted with a sad look “How many kilos?”
“Nearly ten” I shrugged. I felt him running his fingers along my hipbones, which were slightly sticking out, on my thin waist, on my ribs and well… yes… on my flatter breasts. I didn’t like what I saw either, but I tried to make a joke from it. “Now at least I know how it feels being a skinny model.”
“This is serious, kitty” Mart said “I order some food - after such full exercises I’m hungry and Mia has to put on weight now.”
I smiled then watched him absentminded as he dressed up and called the room service. I stayed there with Dave. After a few minutes Mart appeared with a heavy-laden dinner-wagon.

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