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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 30

Chapter 30

  2009.08.12. 15:00


“Here you are, you can choose” our extemporary waiter offered the food. Dave called Mart to him with his eyes. He made Mart sit onto the bed and caressed him. I was just watching them. Most people’d be shocked from this, but I saw them in another way. They were beautiful, very sweet and in a way they were moving too. Looking at them I reached for some food and was nibbling impassively. It didn’t matter that I was too thin, I’ve got so unused to normal food that I didn’t miss it – more to say: I felt sick from it. I found more joy in looking at them than eating.
Martin smiled at Dave, gave a peck onto his lips and looked at me. I was still nibbling on that Edam cheese piece.
“Come on guys, it’s dinner-time!” he grinned and we laughed out loud with Dave.
“My ex-classmate used to say this” I noted and reached towards the dinner-wagon to put the rest of the cheese down, but Martin grabbed my wrist.
“No-no. We don’t put it down, we eat it. We’ll take care of you and you’ll be in form in no time” he looked at me then he returned my hand to my mouth.
“Why? Don’t you like me this way?” I pouted and bit a little from the cheese. Dave slid closer.
“Of course we do!” Mart protested fiercely “We’re just worried about you, so eat it!”
“Yes, sir!” I answered right away and turned my attention towards the cheese again. Or I should say I tried.
“We love healthy meat…” Dave winked and grabbed a small bowl with melted chocolate – I guess it was for the fruits, but he had no intentions to ‘ruin’ its taste with fruits – he wanted to ruin it with me. First he plunged his finger into the choc and tasted it. “Hmm… milk chocolate… and a nice quality” he closed his eyes for a moment, totally giving himself for the choc’s taste. I nearly forgot that our little panther was a big chocaholic.
Then smiled and bit down on my lip watching him digging his finger into the choc again then he dripped some of it onto my tummy. Is it a wonder that after this the cheese I was nibbling turned sand in my mouth? Absolutely. I barely could swallow it, but then I was chewing quickly, holding back a sigh. I felt my tummy-muscles ripple. Another portion of choc – another lick. And again… oh god… I’ll die here. Then Mart joined him to, but he came with fruits and… he was sopping from me. I went silently crazy. Of course I wasn’t concentrating onto the cheese, but on their touches.
I sighed when Dave grabbed one of my thighs, pulling my leg upwards and he licked along the inner side of my thigh from the top to reach the slowly streaming choc. Martin was licking and sucking the sweets from my hardened nipple. I felt that the situation was getting hotter between my legs again. The rest of the cheese was already lying on the car and I grabbed the headboard’s bars, sighing deeply. My chest was moving and my muscles contracted again and again.
The rest of the cheese was lying on the tray and I was lying weak on the bed. I was wondering that this is the best world of the existing ones and I was the empress there, who rules everything. I even tried it – I pulled away a bit and Dave Gahan was following me obediently. How very good it is for me, I grinned for me. Mart asked me what was that funny.
“Oh… nothing” I grinned and dug my fingers into his hair and pulled him up to lick the choc from the corner of his lips “I’m just enjoying… the situation…” My eyes were glistening with desire – again. I sighed into his mouth when his sweet tongue slid between my lips and asked my tongue for a dance, while his left hand was caressing my neck before they slid onto my nape.
Meanwhile I felt as Dave – nearly lying on his tummy now – put my right leg onto his left shoulder and let another portion of choc running on my inner thigh and his skilled tongue was already licking it. I heard him gulp time after time and moan from the taste of choc and my skin. He moved upwards with every lick – letting a wet trail on my skin. All of my nerves were standing on the edge. I felt the hotness in my waiting groin. I wanted him so badly licking me elsewhere too… I couldn’t stop myself – I knew that he was doing this willingly – so I grabbed his hair and pulled him to the right place. He laughed softly.
“Someone’s impatient here.”
“Correct. Cuz I know what you can do with your tongue. Pour choc on it or anything you want just lick me, now!” I asked “I want you so badly!” I added flatteringly.
“Hmmm… you think I should ruin your taste with choc?” he was waiting with his mouth inches from me while he was looking into my eyes with that perky and malicious look of his. I felt his hot breath on me and this caused another sigh from me, while Martin was kissing my neck – sometimes squinting onto Dave. Ohh, my little devils! “You’re much tastier…” he breathed with his maddening eye and he brushed his lower lip along my clit for a moment.
“Dave!” I moaned begging.
He grinned widely then he sealed his lips onto my aching point. I really loved in Dave that he was persistent, determined and a perfectionist to the end. Eve if there were some problems with these, I quickly put them aside when I tried to focus onto his hell-bent expression. It shouted ‘Now you’ll die, kitty!’. From this look desire rushed through me in enormous waves and I think my eyes got darker too. I knew that during his crazy tongue and mouth-work he was still watching me, but now I was grabbing the bars with head bent backwards and I sighed loudly.
“Oh, yesss…”
Martin immediately went for my mouth for a long and lustful kiss. I moaned into it a few times as Dave was doing his job profoundly – he was biting, sucking and… I don’t really know what he was doing, I felt just the crazy heat in my body.
“Uhhh… I see you’re quite ready for me…” Dave moaned and I felt him run his fingers playfully on me, nearly causing pain with his delay. “Be a good girl and beg for it!”
“David, make me yours!” I asked obediently.
“Are you sure you want this?” he pushed his tongue even deeper and upwards into me.
“You shameful! Do it!”
Martin laughed “No prob, kitty. If Dave hesitates, I’ll do it instead of him” he pushed his friend away and he was already inside me! I moaned surprised and loud towards the ceiling from this turn of events as I felt him slide into me up to the hilt. Somewhere in my mind I was curious what Dave’ll sayto this. What did I think? He’s not the type who wouldn’t find a way back on the back door after he was flung out on the main door… Suddenly I felt him lifting me and sliding under my body. I don’t know how he could carry this out, but I didn’t really care. I felt his wet fingers by my butt as he stroked me there for a few times.
“Relax kitty, I’m here. You can’t get me off…” he whispered into my ear hoarsely and I felt him pull me onto him. I shut my eyes tight and cried out. “Let yourself go, kitty, relax!” he pushed slowly deeper while I propped myself next to his sides. Martin was waiting patiently. Dave’s fingers slid along my hipbones and found their way between my legs again – he wanted to help me a bit. I moaned from pleasure as he started moving inside me. Now Martin wasn’t hesitating – he attacked me again.
“Hurray… I’m in the middle of the sandwich again!” I yelled without thinking.
“You like it when you’re with us both, don’t you?” Dave purred into my ear. Somehow he was purring so dangerously as if you were with a panther…
“Oh god, this feels so good!” I moaned, but after it I wasn’t able to moan too much, I was just fighting for some air – it was a very intense feeling. Martin growled shortly and it seemed this was a signal, cuz both of them accelerated their paces – and in such a great way! I was screaming and moaning in turns – depending on what kind of noise could come out from my mouth. And Dave gave me even more when with one hand he squeezed my breast then the other one ran down on my body again. I saw that he stroked along Martin’s chest too then he reached between us. Martin leant forward and he started torturing my free breast during our firm and quick moves. I thought I’d die there again! No, this isn’t a good metaphor, it ran thorough my mind, but after this my head was blank again and just the throbbing pleasure and groans had left…
I was grateful for Destiny that I could be a part of this. This relationship may be strange for other people, but for me it was more than fantastic. Possibly it was some kinda Strangelove, but for me these two guys meant the whole world. The two men who were embracing me – and loving me at the same time meant more than anything I could hope for from life. Yes, it was worth it to born for this! It didn’t matter that I’ve made mistakes – everyone does them – I felt that finally I’ve found the goal of my life: making them happy and paying attention to them – helping for them if they need it and to be there when they want me, to wipe away their tears if they are sad. Yes, yes, I want this, I’ve decided, even if I die for this. I wanted them to be happy. How good it is that our wise God gave us two arms – now I could embrace them both. Maybe they sensed what was going on inside of me, cuz they hugged me as firmly as it was possible and they were whispering into my ear in stereo that they love me. And I melted and thought about their letter. It was always with me in my purse so I could take them with me every day no matter where life brings me.
In the moment of my orgasm – as I pressed against their chests and yelled their names – a teardrop ran down on my face from the harmony I felt and from the previous thoughts. The silvery little drop landed on Dave’s shoulder, on his phoenix, while I was hugging Martin desperately and he embraced both of us. Usually you don’t know where you’ll find harmony, the feeling that you’re resonating together with life’s rhythm. I found this in my two loves’ arms.
They pulled away gently. Maybe they felt what was going on inside. Since the hospital such things touched me deeper. Did I reassess my life? Or I’ve turned into a softy? One was sure: the things that’d happened to me had a huge effect on me. I don’t know what I would have done, if I had to leave them – if they could never touch me again, if I could never kiss them anymore. And the thought frightened me that this still can come true. They can get bored of me – although they love me now. They can find someone else, who’s better, prettier, more clever and charming than me. Thinking about this my tears started flowing again – without a voice. And I’ve promised myself that I’ll bury this thought deep inside of me.
But Dave was very good in the language we call ‘bodylanguage’ and he had such intuitions which others didn’t have. Not that he said anything – he just looked into my eyes and in those beautiful eyes there was everything from genesis to the end of the days. I saw myself there too… in the middle. In the middle of Dave’s world. How can this be, I asked him with my eyes. Until now I’d have put myself at the end of that line. I thought that Jen, Jack, Rosie, the Depeche Mode or Martin is there in the middle… Then what was this now? Why? It can’t be. I can’t be this important to him. He’d put me in front of Martin too? He can’t love me more! They deserve each other better. Cuz who am I? Just a little Hungarian fan. Nothing extra – and my past ain’t that clear either… although if I think none of us has a simple past. But even if it’s like that!
But I had to believe. His look was clear and open. He wanted me to see this then he slowly closed his eyes, like when someone closes the telescope of an observatory. He let me see this much and I knew that this was just the momentary stage in his world – just like everyone else’s his was changing constantly too. But my heart sank from the thought that in his beautiful eyes I could see nothing else reflecting but myself. I looked at him and I told him without words that I understood what he wanted to show. It dawn on me just now how special Dave was. I thought that until now I’d been seeing his figure like some kind of a hero, but no: he really was a special man. This trust – as he let me look into his soul – moved me.
Martin’s moves distracted my thoughts as he slowly crawled off of us and lay onto the bed.
“Did I interrupt some thought-reading between you two?” he joked.
“Exactly” Dave said and quickly got up to go to the bathroom.
“Sorry” Mart said with his boyish smile “And what was it about?”
“About love my friend, about love” Dave called from the bathroom.
I smiled and bent my head onto Mart’s chest as I nestled closer to him. He embraced my back with one hand. My face turned to the bathroom.
“And what’s the conclusion?”
“Love is a very good thing. Sometimes it hurts, but basically it’s a wonderful thing” I noted. Martin couldn’t see my sad smile as I was following Dave’s movements through the open bathroom door. He washed his face with cold water. My eyes wandered on his perfect naked body, but this time I didn’t see the sex-god in him – now I saw Him. The “sensitive being”, who went through so much things and he’s still here. And I’m here too. Both of us had faced death. For a moment I was wondering whether he let me take a look into his soul because of this, or because something else…
Dave came back but he didn’t sit next to us, he stepped to the open window and lit a cigarette. It seemed that something came into his mind – he seemed restless. He was standing there for a while now and I was watching him. Martin was breathing smoothly next to me. As I looked up I saw that he fell asleep from one minute to the other. He was tired. I carefully sat up and looked back at Dave. He was standing there motionless, exhaling the smoke. I’ve decided I’ll join him. Slowly I got out of bed. Luckily Martin didn’t wake up. I stepped behind the naked Dave and gently hugged his waist, sliding my palms onto his tummy as I kissed his tattooed back.
“Tell me what makes you uneasy.”
“Nothing, nothing. I don’t want to bother you with my problems. There’s nothing wrong – it’s just that Jen acts so strange. She didn’t bring up the topic since then, but I sense trouble here. And I was thinking about the tour – I mean how I’ll take it. It’s very tiring now – although it doesn’t show and I haven’t mentioned it to Martin – it’s hard for me.”
I pulled him closer, but didn’t say a word. If he has to choose between me and his family, it’s obvious which one he’ll chose. The question was when this point will come. My silence was trailed.
“See? Now you’re careworn too” he looked at me “And what’s on your mind, kitty?”
“I was thinking about the same things like you” I answered softly “About the day when you’ll have to choose.”
“To choose?”
“Yes. Between your family and me. It’s clear that you’ll have to choose them. I know that this relationship can’t last forever with the two of you. Your family is more important than me, I know this well” I shrugged while I was resting my head on his shoulder-blade “and it’s natural. You made me incredibly happy even if I can be with you just until the tour ends.”
Dave didn’t answer just smiled bitterly. Yes, that moment’ll come when he’ll have to choose. But not yet.
“Please, don’t talk about this, I don’t want to think about this now” he closed his eyes.
“Alright. Let’s go and have a shower. I’m sticky from the choc and… from something else too” I smiled.
He softly laughed then turned around to kiss me tenderly “Alright. I hope you liked the sweet pampering.”
“Oh yes. It was delicious.”
“Well it was close to eating that box of Godiva off of you, but in that case Curly wouldn’t have interrupted us” he smiled at me.
“Then… we’ll make up for that later” I winked at him then pulled him with me into the bathroom. I smiled when he nuzzled to me from the back when I let the water run, bending slightly forward. He embraced me, but he had no “bad” intentions this time. He was massaging my shoulders gently. I let him do so and I totally relaxed under his hands while he worked along my back.
After the shower we quietly came out of the bathroom. Dave looked at Mart, who meanwhile turned onto his tummy and hugged a pillow to him.
“He’s so sweet” he said. I looked at him. I’ve never heard him say that Martin was sweet and this made me smile.
“Yes, just like you when you’re sleeping” I noted.
“What? You’re watching me when I’m asleep?” he pretended to be shocked.
“It occurs, yes…” I smiled and let him embrace and kiss me. Then we nestled ourselves next to Martin and I fell asleep resting my head on Dave’s chest – I still got tired soon after my illness.
I woke up when I felt that someone was caressing my side. I slowly and sleepily opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was Dave sleeping. I slightly turned my head to the side and I faced the softly smiling Martin as his fingers were doing their little circles on my hip. Is it a wonder that I felt dizzy? It was a very pleasant thing to waking up for this.
“Good morning” I murmured and let my head fall back onto the pillow. I was collecting some strength to turn around.
“Morning” he kissed my shoulder-blade and his fingers slid onto my tummy – continuing drawing their circles onto my skin.
“Did you sleep well?”
“Hm. Yes. But my waking up was better” he smiled.
“I won’t disagree with this.”
I felt his fingers stop just under my breasts then they turned back. My skin broke out in goose bums when he let them run around my bellybutton and then they started to move downwards.
“What’re you up to, Marty?” I murmured.
“Nothing bad, you can trust me.”
“Maart…” I moaned faintly.
“Now I can’t…”
“You don’t have to, darling. Just feel.”
I closed my eyes and I enjoyed his touches - as he slowly passed my bellybutton and moved downwards like an explorer. An absurd question popped up in my head.
“Would you tell me a story?”
“What do you want to hear?”
“Your first experience…” I said faintly. I don’t know why but somehow I wanted to know how such a sex-god had started his studies. Cuz he was a professional, I had no doubts about it. He laughed and stopped his caresses for a moment. I felt the pleasant warmth radiating from his hand.
“Well it was a long-long while ago, kitty. And it’s a clumsy story. You really want me to bore you with it instead enjoying what I’d have to give you?”
“You wouldn’t bore me” I answered while I put my hand onto his and led it lower “And you can torture me while I’m listening to your tale…”
“Well” he began and his fingers started moving again “I was seventeen. I just fled from home to go to a party.”
“You fled?” I moaned my question.
“Yes. You know when it was about parties…”
I giggled. Well yes, Martin is just Martin.
“So I was at a party and I was already tipsy a little. And there was that girl – she wasn’t from England and I could see it on her. Creole skin, long straight black hair. It was refreshing after the Basildon-chicks, you can guess. She was older than me with one or two years. Of course she’d noticed that I was watching her. I had my own style even then, so it wasn’t a big task to notice me.”
I giggled again, but I immediately gasped for air as his fingers finally found their destination and he started rubbing me slowly – he took his time with me. “And…” I sighed and felt that desire spread in my body again “… what’d happened?”
“Huh, I can’t remember clearly how we’d started chatting next to a beer” he shrugged, but went on and kissed my shoulder “Things just happened one after the other. At the end I just realised that I was in a totally unfamiliar room with a totally strange but beautiful girl. You remind me on her a bit – she was stubborn, she knew what she wanted, but she let me do things in my own way too. She would have let me do whatever I wanted to do with her.
“And what did you do to her?” I panted.
“First I shyly kissed her, but she encouraged me. I returned her kisses more fiercely and I slowly undressed her. Then my hand started doing the exact same thing like I’m doing with you now…” he whispered in a pervert tone, which I loved “Then after a while I did this to her…” and he slid his fingers lower – right into me. “Uhh… she was waiting for me this wet too…” he moaned.
I was grabbing the edge of the pillow hard as I choked down a big moan.
“It was so maddening to hear as she was moaning, that I made this to her. She was like a wildcat. She nearly ripped my T-shirt off. She scratched my skin. In return I bit into her neck” he said and leant to my neck and bit it. I had to moan from this, my nails were already digging hard into Mart’s flesh. I felt his fingers slide deeper into me.
“She was moaning too. She screamed my name” he licked my earlobe “Then she was begging me to fuck her… and I don’t have to tell you that I was quite ready to feel the wet hotness around my throbbing dick too…” he lifted one of my thighs so he could reach me from behind and he pulled out his fingers as he led his rock-hard cock to my entrance. I felt him softly touching my skin and he was moving his member there, torturing me…
“Please, Martin!” I moaned “Come! Please…”
But he made me wait. He licked along my neck, but I didn’t want to wait for him anymore. I pushed him slightly away then reached back to grab his jaw. I pulled him closer to my face.
“If you don’t fuck me right now…” I whispered dangerously. I didn’t want his games this time. He was a bit surprised from my action, but he was smiling then he rammed his whole cock into me. I took him inside completely – which was something from me! I threw my head back and moaned towards the ceiling. Martin was fully aware of his size and he grinned evilly.
“This is for your tone you used.”
“Have you punished her too?” I moaned and let him open up me with his fingers so he was able to work easier as he slowly but firmly started plunging into me again.
“No… she was a good girl!” he bit into my shoulder and grabbed my left tit.
“Or you were a beginner and she didn’t want to say it” I added evilly and I knew that I’ll have to pay the prise for this. It’s cool, I thought, maybe he’ll want to prove the opposite…
But it seemed that he saw through my plan, cuz he laughed into my neck – which caused goose bumps again – and he leant to my ear.
“Do you want me to… punish you? This is why you’re saying such things, kitty? You like me if I’m… rough with you?” he stressed ‘rough’ and he really rammed roughly into me. I cried out from the pain’s and pleasure’s specific mixture.
“Don’t spare me Martie! Don’t you want to hear me screaming? Cuz I’d be happy to practise scales for you or I’d gladly sing arias too – like… an operatic singer….”
“You want to wake our baby-Dave up?” he chirped laughing. I had to laugh on this name too, but he didn’t let me giggle for too long. With another move he made me gasp for air again. He grabbed and held my waist firmly. His other hand stroked along my thigh “Answer me, Mia!”
From his harsh and commanding tone I shivered. I really loved this Martin too. I couldn’t say no to him – just like for Dave.
“Yes” I cried out faintly.
“Alright…” he ran his right along my tummy then grabbed my hip painfully so he could hold me in place “You like it when I’m rough with you? Hm?” he harshly moved his hips forward once.
“Yes!!” I screamed loudly.
“Hmmm… then you’ll love this…” he moaned with a little mock in his tone. I loved the way he was playing his role!
He pulled out his hand from under me and let my thigh go. His left hand slid onto my tummy to hold me, while he whipped my long hair around his other wrist. He pulled my head backwards. I groaned again and felt the muscles in my neck straining. I gulped one and waited for his next step. He started moving deep inside of me. I couldn’t know when the next move’d come and this drove me crazy. This desultoriness and power he showed me… Oh, god! And meanwhile I felt his fingers pulling my hair too. I closed my eyes and I moaned by every strong push. I felt him penetrating me with his whole length which made me nearly scream again. It was a good game with my senses, but it wasn’t that feral wildness I wanted.
“Come on Martie… you can do this better!” I groaned. Of course this was very good too, but I wanted more! I wanted him to lose his head, I wanted to have his purple marks on my body, I wanted to feel his strength!
“Do you want it harder? Hm?” he panted into my ear in a deep and hoarse voice.
“Yes! Fuck me as hard as you can! I want to feel pain too! Come on! Don’t hold back! Lose your head! Please, Marty!” I moaned as I was grabbing the sheet and the pillow with my sweaty fingers.
“As you wish, kitty!” and he started such a race that I couldn’t breathe for a moment and I could just moan loudly. His fingers dug into my skin and he sank his teeth into my shoulder and neck.
“That’s… it! More!” I screamed. His hips moved forward with a crazy force. My slim body was shaking from his thrusts, but he was holding me in place – with a nearly painful grip. He was nearly raping me. I’d never seen him like this and I was enjoying it immensely that he was doing this to me. I soon started screaming and I couldn’t control my voice.
Dave shortly grunted in his sleep.
“What the hell are you doing?!” he growled angrily on a sleepy tone as he tried to shout down the noises – which were my yells and Martin’s grunts.
“I’m raping… our… kitty!” Martin answered during a particularly hard thrust which made me scream. Again.
“She asked for it?” he looked up with his sleepy eyes.
“Yesssssss!” Curly bit down onto my shoulder again and grabbed my hip even harder.
“And couldn’t you do it a bit quieter?” Dave murmured drowsily.
“NO!!!!” I screamed with a contorted face and closed eyes “OH! MARTIN!! I’M NEARLY THERE! MARTIN!!!”
“Martin, how can you do this to her? Look at our poor velvet cat – every hair on her body stands up! And her tail’s size doubled” our singer broke out.
“Not my tail is that biiiiiiiiiiiiig…” my sentence ended in a scream then it died away while I took a breath and screamed again, but this time from joy.
Dave laughed on my sentence, but somehow now I couldn’t pay attention to it. I was busy with that “double-sized tail”, which made me come in that very moment when Martin grabbed my haggard breast again. My back arched and a few sweat drops ran down along my spine. Martin’s other hand helped me a bit with rubbing my clit and this just made my orgasm come in bigger waves. I groaned an enormous one as I was grabbing that unlucky sheet and I think within a minute I felt Martin’s hot seed shot into me too. I collapsed tiredly and Martin followed me. I moaned once more then I was just gasping for air quietly.

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