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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 31

Chapter 31

  2009.08.12. 15:02


“It’s unbelievable how much energy you have. What’s up Mart? The stage isn’t enough for you?” Dave asked and laughed at his friend, who couldn’t answer.
“Dave… you… are the same…” I panted. Martin was still in me and I was still throbbing around him. Curly just growled as a yes. Somehow I managed to turn my head to him. “Thank you Marty…” I whispered close to his lips.
“You just have to ask for it, kitty…” and the softly kissed me. After our lips parted I turned my head back to Dave, who was watching us lying on his tummy.
“And did you make her come?” I asked smiling as I returned to the previous conversation about Mart’s first night. He laughed into my neck. Dave was watching us confused.
“She was nearly crying” he said with a smug grin. He was very proud of himself. Looking at Dave’s confused face I laughed.
“Would you tell me what you’re talking about?” he asked frowning.
“You’d missed the first part of our conversation” I giggled.
“What kind of conversation?”
“About Martin’s first sexual experience…”
“Jerking off?” he burped in. I was laughing hard for a minute before I could answer.
“No, not that. About his first night with a woman” I wiped away a teardrop while Martin was murmuring something disapprovingly into my neck.
“Oh that Creole girl back in Basildon? He always tells that story to soften up girls...”
“Uh, so this is like a competition between you two? I’d share the faith of those girls too?”
“Kitty, we are men” Dave smiled “But we won’t show you off, cuz in the end someone will steal you from us. You’re our secret.”
I smiled. I felt as Martin slid out of me, which made me sigh. Curly planted a kiss between my shoulder-blades then whispered into my ear that he loves me. I squinted at him with a smile. I stretched my body turning onto my back and I purred satisfied. I saw that Dave was looking at my revealed ribs with a sad sparkle in his eyes. This whole thing had lasted just for a moment, but I didn’t care. I’ll put on weight.
“Hmm… what’s the program for today? When’ll the concert start? When can I sing? Or can I sing at all?”
“Why do you even ask it?” asked Dave “Anton wants to release the last concert on DVD, but we said no. We wanted you to be on the record. So you have to sing.”
“Wow! Really?” I looked first at him then at Martin, who was just nodding “This is nice of you.”
“Dave, then you’ll have to prepare yourself after we choose the place where you want to do a bigger party than in Copenhagen.”
“Yeah I know, this was the deal with Anton. If we don’t do a better party than that, then we’ll release that gig on DVD” he added when he saw my questioning look.
“You were having a debate with Anton because of me when I was… lying in the hospital?”
“It was rather Dave who had a debate with him” said Martin “But we want to see you on the official release in any case” he smiled.
“We should choose a European gig” Dave mused “We’d already lost the American market. The base is still in Europe.”
“We’ll go back after one and half a week anyway” Mart noted.
I was listening to their conversation quietly as I turned onto my tummy.
“Alright, I’ll think about this. I’ll choose the place in a few days time then I’ll tell it to Anton to prepare the things he wants.”
Mart just nodded and slowly sat up. I followed him.
“And now?” I asked from the guys.
“Well, I think… I’ll go to swim” Mart stated.
“I’ll take a shower” I nodded.
“And I’ll eat something” Dave winked.
After we all realised what we wanted, we laughed and went to do our own businesses. Martin went down to swim, I possessed the bathroom and Dave ordered from the room service.
By the time I’ve finished and stepped out of the bathroom in a fluffy bathrobe, Dave was sitting in the middle of the bed, eating and flipping the channels.
“Can I join you?” I asked “I’m a bit hungry.”
“It’s good if you’re hungry! Come!” he patted the sheet next to him “We have to feed you up quickly, kitty” he noted and offered me the tray, which was full of goodies, but somehow my hunger was still missing.
“Look at you! You don’t like skinny women? Unbelievable!” I said and took a banana and started nibbling it.
“No, I don’t like hugging bones” he winked, but he turned back to me when he saw me eating the fruit. I looked back at him questioningly.
“Nothing, nothing” he grinned then bit from his sandwich.
“Dave, can I ask you something?”
“Maybe it’s prickly for you a bit, but… haven’t you had… back then… times after the rehab when it was hard to eat?”
“Yep. It occurred” he answered shortly and I knew he didn’t want to speak more about this. He was concentrating impassively onto his food and I haven’t said a word after this.
We were eating quietly and after I’ve got dressed I went back to my room to take my pills. On the corridor I met Andy, who greeted me with a smile – and he even gave me a hug too!
“What do you say, is it okay if I go for a walk? It’d be nice to go shopping a bit” I asked smiling.
“Sure you can go. We have to go just in the late afternoon and now it’s barely past nine” he checked his watch.
“Cool. Then would you be so kind to tell Dave or Mart that I went to clear my head?”
“Sure. But don’t go too far!” he winked.
“Relax, I won’t get lost” I continued my way towards the elevator.
“Yes?” I turned back questioningly.
“It’s good to see you healthy again” he noted.
“Thanks. It’s good to see you too” I smiled at him and like cats usually do, I started my lonely journey.
I was walking on the streets in a happy mood as I was discovering the neighborhood. It was good to go out. The best thing was that I could walk on the streets freely, no one was following me, like it was with the guys. If we went somewhere together, we always had to do certain actions so it didn’t turn out who I was. I thanked God that I’m not a star, but I can be with Martin and Dave.
I was watching the shop-windows quietly, my hands in my pockets. I entered some shops, but I didn’t buy too much. For what occasion and with what purpose? I just needed new pieces of clothes, cuz there were some which I couldn’t wear anymore. Yes… the guys tore them off of me. But who cares? I bought a few trousers, an elegant but simple deep-purple silk-dress and some lingerie. And I was ready with the shopping.
It was good to clear my head a bit. I sat in a café and I was just listening to the background noises, the foreign speaking – which I could have understood cuz it was in English, but now I let the words pass, I was paying attention just to the tones and people. The bustle was big. This is Las Vegas. I saw a few DM posters on the streets, which were advertising the tonight show, and I had to smile from this. It was strange sitting there, letting life just pass by me for a few moments. It was as if I wasn’t part of this world. And it was true – I didn’t belong here. And I didn’t belong to the boys’ world either. I was stuck somewhere between the two. Cuz we had to keep my existence in secret, I’ve left my home, , no one knows where I am… my sister and mother are the only living members of my family, but I haven’t spoken to them ages ago… It’s as if… I didn’t exist at all.
This solitude was strange as it came on me. Probably the near-death experience was still working in my subconscious. I barely could remember that experience. Just the pain came back. It was interesting watching the emotions inside me. Indeed… does anyone love me beside the boys? My sister hates me with a reason – I screwed up. My mother is on her side – like always. I don’t have anyone else. Just one or two shallow friendships, but nothing else. Why didn’t I let anybody close to me? And why was it different with the boys? Or I didn’t let them close either? Is there still a barrier between me and them? Maybe I can’t give myself fully to two men, although I love them very much. Am I really a lonely cat, going where life throws her about? Still trying hoping that it’ll be better, and next time maybe she’ll be able to slip through the gaps? Cuz here I am. A grown woman. 30 is closer than 20 and I have no husband, no family, no children, no permanent home, no permanent job – cuz I know being a vocalist will last just until the end of the tour. And what should I do after that? Okay, I still have my flat, someone has an eye on it. But beyond that?
I felt like I was standing there naked and without a clue in the middle of the world. I knew that Dave and Mart cared for me, but the question came into my mind for how long? What’s the guarantee that they won’t get bored of me soon and they won’t kick me out? Then I’ll be here again with these same emotions… But it doesn’t matter whom I’ll be with, I’ll always feel like a lonely cat. There was a place where I didn’t feel like this – when I was in their arms every bad thing was far away. I had to realise that until now I was never truly in love with anyone, I felt this for the first time in my life. And I was in love with two men! It’s insane that I can’t do anything in the same way as other people do.
After my slow walking I was watching the shop-windows again and then I spotted it! It was beautiful, elegant and desired. I knew that I had to have it. I checked on my cell how much money I had on my credit card then I stepped into the shop. The shop assistant immediately was around me – it’s insane that they like just skinny women here! When I told him what I wanted, his jaw fell onto the floor.
“Miss, it was the best choice, your partner’ll love it. Where can we send it?”
I was walking slowly again, and this time I was searching for the right shop-window. If I bought something for one of my loves, the other has to get something beautiful too, which suits him. It was getting hotter, but I didn’t give up, I was just walking and walking like Rabbi Löw’s golem on Cracow’s streets. Finally recognition flickered in my eyes in front of a window – I knew it was perfect! I went in and was over with the shopping in a minute. Here a woman helped me, who was nodding knowingly when I chose the present. She said yes when I asked her whether they could deliver it within an hour. I nodded too and waved for a cab – I was very tired at the time I’ve got under the shower. I lay down onto the bed in my most beautiful and newest lingerie and I was waiting for the guys. They came soon.
First Martin galloped into my room, cuz he was the first one I’ve bought a present.
“Kitty, this is beautiful, thank you!”
“I knew you’ll love it, Marty.”
He was holding it in his hands, he brought it into my room – Johnny Cash’s guitar.
“Thank you, thank you, kitty!” he nuzzled to me.
I couldn’t stop a grin – he was so sweet! They could buy anything to themselves, but maybe they got presents rarely and just on compulsory occasions.
Dave didn’t run into the room, he just stopped in the door. He knew why I bought it. Black suit, black shirt, tie and shoes. I heard Martin gulp a big one and he probably heard me do the same thing.
“Oh you god” Mart moaned.
“Personally” he grinned with his little smug smile then sat next to me onto the bed “Thank you, Mia, you guessed right what’d make me happy. They are beautiful” he showed his hand – on one of his long fingers a new ring was glistening next to the usual one. He was wearing the matching necklace in his neck, and there was a similar pin on his tie and the cuff-links suited his suit perfectly. It was a strange alloy – although these gifts were made of gold, the light was glistening on them silvery. In the ring, the cuff and the needle there were sapphires – they flashed with a green light, like my love’s eyes.
“I’m glad that I could make you happy” I sat up smiling. From this move the top of my silk robe slid apart a bit, although I was very aware of it. Dave’s gaze wandered downwards a bit then came back to my face. Oh god, even just from this look my stomach flicked and my mouth went dry. I felt that desire appeared in my eyes again.
“Uhmm… I see the air is hot here, but I wouldn’t bear not to try out this guitar now” Mart cleared his throat “Would it be a big problem, if I let you two alone?” he stood up holding the guitar as if it was a treasure. It was one. The property of a legend became the property of another legend…
“No” Dave simply said with his wonderfully lustful mouth and air became thin for me from this one word and from the way he said it. I think the aesthetic sight amazed me again, like many times before when I was just watching my dark panther. I licked my mouth and was watching as he reached towards me with his right hand, where his new ring was glistening too, and he touched the skin of my collarbones with his fingertips then he let them ran on the side of my neck. I closed my eyes and sighed wobbly from the delicate stimuli. I haven’t even heard when Mart had left the room.
“Jesus, I’m alone with a wild animal!” I moaned.
“And this big cat will now thank for his little kitty for the nice gifts” Dave purred into my ear “How else he could do it than nuzzling to her?” and as I was lying on the bed, he nuzzled to me with his whole body “Or little Mia wants me to fuck her hard in the wilderness today? Answer me!” he asked.
But it wasn’t easy, cuz he was biting hard the skin of the hole between my neck and collarbones. One bite, one lick, one kiss, one bite, one lick, one kiss. He was doing this for two whole minutes at the time when I was able to press something through my teeth.
“You’re sweet David, dressing up for me like this. You knew, you knew what I was thinking.”
“I knew, sweetheart. I saw your look not just once when I was wearing this suit and you’d left your gaze on me. I love you. I’d do much more for you than just giving you a nice packing for your present” he said and grabbing my hand he placed it onto his groin. Such a big sigh escaped my mouth that he had to laugh “You want me this much, kitty?”
“Even when I was just buying your presents and imagined you in this suit, my knees went weak.”
“Oh this is very flattering” he continued as he placed his kisses and bites higher on my neck, while his long fingers pressed my hand harder between his legs “And… what novelty do we have here today?” he sucked my earlobe gently. His index finger stroked along the edge of my silk robe, right above my breasts. Then he slid it under the hem and loosened the robe a bit with his skilled finger – now he could take a peek under the robe. “Uh, kitty, I’m not the only one here who packed the present nicely” he moaned with a dark look “Jesus, Mia… this is new right? I haven’t seen it yet and… jeez, it’s fucking hot on you! I have to be careful with it, sadly I can’t rip it off of you…” he opened my robe with a sudden movement and he grabbed my breasts greedily. We didn’t hear the knocking at the door.
I moaned faintly cuz his beautiful hands were still grabbing me through my bra. I felt his breath on my throat as he looked up and he bent to my mouth with a dark look.
“It’s open, come in” Dave said then stood up and I pulled my robe together. Andy stepped into the room.
“Dave, I just brought some sheet music for Mia so she can practice, Mart said it and…”
“Alright Andy, give them to her” Dave was still smiling. I reached my hand for the papers and my robe started to live on its own – it decided to show my bra for Andy, whose face turned deep red, the papers slid out of his hand and he started stuttering.
“Alright Dave, stop it! Don’t play with him!” I whispered angrily towards Dave.
“Thank you Andy for nipping in” he said and nearly laughed out loud. Andy withdrew hastily and fled from the room. Dave was on me again with one jump.
“Why can’t you leave him alone?” I asked thinking of Andy “How many times will he have to run from me blushing and confused?” I looked at him pouting as he was pinning me to the bed.
“Oh come on, Mia! He knows that we’re just joking with him” he shrugged then disappeared from over me. First I didn’t know where he has gone, but when I sat up, I saw that he was quickly kicking off his black shoes and socks “By the way it started back in the 80s. He got used to it” he stood up and started unbuttoning his suit slowly then he put it onto the back of a chair. I knew that he was torturing me with this, but I didn’t say a word. I rather slid upwards on the bed then propped my back with some pillows. I looked into his eyes as I loosened the belt of the silk robe, so he could take a better look of my new lingerie.
“And is this eatable?” he asked with piercing eyes, taking one of the straps of my chocolate-coloured bra into his mouth.
“No-ho… But if I had known that you wanted to eat choc again, I would have put some at least into my bra.”
“It’s okay, sweetie, I’ll eat the thing under it…” he growled and pulled the strap downwards with his teeth. Slowly, very slowly. I felt the silky fabric sliding down my skin and David’s hot breath and even hotter hands, which started to discover the discrete rhinestones on my panties. He reached under the silky fabric with his fingertips to feel my naked skin underneath. I sighed quietly and felt my nipples hardening. I licked my dry lips, my whole body was covered with goose bumps from the soft touches. My left hand was resting on his right upper arm, while my right was scratching his nape for a few moments after he successfully pulled down one of my bra’s strings. Then he bent over me to kiss my right shoulder too. Now he used his left hand to pull the other string down. He was so close to me that I could clearly see the throbbing veins on his straining neck and I could feel his brown skin’s heat. I couldn’t stop myself! While my left slid onto his back – stroking along the black shirt – I lifted my head slightly to kiss his hot skin. His delicious scent filled my nose. I sniffed into his neck again and again. I knew that I’d never forget David’s scent. He was pulling me like a magnet and every sniff from his fragrant body turned me on even more. I felt my inner muscles straining and waiting for him to join my body again. I started licking his skin following my nose and I felt his muscles straining. I felt the waiting in them. They were waiting for the moment when they can embrace me.
For a few moments he didn’t do anything, he was just enjoying as I was kissing his neck. My free hand passed his propping arm and I reached up to slowly unbutton his shirt. After every button I softly bit his neck, sucking his delicate skin gently. The opening shirt was tickling my upper body more and more. After the last button was opened too, my fingertips gently stroked along from his neck, through his chest until I reached his bellybutton. He moaned quietly from this.
“Mia, sweetie, loosen my belt. But slowly… very slowly. I want to enjoy every second of your fingers’ delicate touches.”
And I obediently did what I was told. I loosened his belt with soft moves. When I pulled the zipper down he sighed. When I ran my finger along the hem of his boxers he started growling quietly. When I carefully grabbed him with my hand he was breathing heavily. And he cried out loud when finally he could feel his treasure in my mouth. He was still over me. It totally fell out when I moved downwards between his legs. I just realised that my face was in line with his rock-hard member and I had to take him into my mouth. I think his scent was the faulty one here – it made my hormones dance in heaven, screaming after Dave and I just wanted to touch, to grab, to caress, to suck, to lick and to bite his skin. The only problem was that I wanted to do these things in the same time, but because it was beyond my abilities, I had to choose.
I was trapped under his body. As I looked up, I saw his abdomen-muscles strain, cuz I was still caressing him. Bending my head backwards I saw that his hands were shaking more and more as he was propping himself on them. I smiled and took him into my mouth again. Deeply. I’ve got a faint sigh for this then another moan when I gently bit along his whole length. My fingers were scratching his tummy and butt then my left hand slid right behind his hardening member to massage his balls too. Here he cried out and his hands nearly failed him, but he didn’t collapse at the end.
“Mia!!” he moaned, but I didn’t take mercy on him. After a few moments I stopped the pampering, cuz I needed my hand to unhook my bra, reaching behind my back. Meanwhile as I lifted my back and looked up at him, I saw him watching me. The bra was finally out of the way. I stroked my breasts a few times then with an evil grin I slid upwards a bit. I was holding one breast with my left hand while my right reached up and pulled him closer by his divine ass, I took him between my breasts. His eyes were focused on one point – but first he didn’t know which breast of mine he should watch. Finally he chose the middle way. He was moaning loud as I was holding his treasure between my breasts and I helped with my hand too. He moaned once more, but before he could release the little evils, he stopped my hand and took his rock-hard member into his and he rubbed his cock to my hard nipple. Now it was my turn to sigh faintly. And when he slid his other hand under me and sank his long fingers deep into me, I was at the brink of my orgasm.
“No! Dave! Not yet!” I moaned grabbing his wrist and somehow I managed to slide upwards until I was facing him again. I skilfully got rid off my thong. He let me do so. I was surprised a bit, cuz I thought he was turned on too much to stop now. I took his hand, which was teasing me between my legs a few moments ago and I took his wet fingers into my mouth. He growled and pushed his lips against mine immediately so he could kiss me fiercely. I was returning it for a long while until we cooled down a bit then I took his blushed face between my hands.
“What do you want, kitty?” he asked right away when he saw me biting down on my lip.
“Maybe… could you continue the thing from yesterday, which…” here I shivered even from the thought “…which Martin had… ehm… interrupted?”
“You want me to lick you? Wherever I can reach you? You want me to pour chocolate on you? Hmm, kitty?” he asked teasing me and his tone got lower and lower willingly, cuz he knew that he can drive me crazy with this. I whispered a faint yes to him, but he went on “Then what do you want me to do with my tongue?”
“Dave, oh no, Dave!” I moaned when he opened his mouth and gave me a show with his tongue what he could do to me and he led his hands down on my neck and breasts, moving downwards on my body. I was staring at his middle finger mesmerised. Three words were shouting in my head: fucking long fingers! Fucking fingers… I couldn’t wait to… Here my thoughts were interrupted cuz he stood up and left me there. He ordered the goodies on his cell. He wanted to eat them off of me.
I was suffering there and he knew it! I stretched on the bed – now I couldn’t relax anymore. I closed my eyes and started caressing my body, thinking that he was doing it, imagining his hands, which were already doing this previously. Although my eyes were closed, I knew he was watching me while he was speaking on the phone. When one of my hands finally reached between my legs, while the other was squeezing my breast, and I moaned, I heard that he stopped in the middle of his sentence then he went on quickly and urged them to bring the ordered things quickly. He hung up and came closer. He was watching me mesmerized and I knew how much he liked to watch me as I was playing with myself. When my fingers disappeared in my body and I yelled his name, I saw that the experienced man’s mouth opened slightly and he moaned as he took himself into his hand.
“Mia, Mia, do you want… us… to watch each other or do you want me to continue what I’ve stopped?”
A voice in my head was screaming for him to continue, but I silenced it and I decided that I’ll torture the both of us. “Come… here, but… ah… don’t touch me!” I moaned as I bent my head backwards, still rubbing myself, imagining that he was doing this to me.
I felt the bed sank next to my legs as he sat down. I looked at him. He still had his opened trousers on and his long fingers were moving on his shaft maddeningly. The light flickered on his new ring. First he was watching my hand then he looked up with his burning gaze into my eyes. I saw on him that he was suffering so I opened my legs wider, giving him an even better view and I slid another finger into me and I had to cry out from this again.
“Jesus, Mia, I… I… I can’t take this anymore… I… Mia… please!”
I smiled at him evilly “What do you want, my love?”
“Let me… touch you!”
“No, Dave! You wanted to watch me. Here you are, watch it, Dave. See how wet my pussy is? It’s waiting just for you… sweetie…”
Passion took mastery over him and he pinned my hands over my head and he was in me right away. He was fighting for air, rattling “Mia, I’ll fuck you, you little bitch, so hard that you won’t be able to walk!” he moaned.
“More, Dave, more! Dirtier… please… more!”
At this moment the room service knocked at the door, but Dave just yelled out to put the tray down in front of the door and if he was already there, he should put the ‘do not disturb’ sign onto the handle. He didn’t stop the thrusts even for a moment and I screamed in a staccato voice. My climax hit me as suddenly as the volcanic eruption hit Mount Serrant. I was still floating with the wings of my orgasm in a happier place, when I felt him cum too. He growled an enormous one when he shot into me, grabbing my shoulders hard.
“You little witch… you did this willingly, right?” he panted into my ear. I stroked along his back.
“Of course! Punish me, if you want… I was a bad girl, wasn’t I?”
“You were…” he bit my earlobe.
“Uh-oh, I’ll end in handcuffs?” I smiled putting a kiss onto his shoulder.
“Hmm, it’s a great idea, I call Mart to bring one for us!”
“Dave, don’t say it, oh, no! You? Uh-oh what’ll happen here again?!”
“Don’t have high hopes, honey. Martin has a new love!”
“What the…? But…” my mouth twisted.
“No, don’t alarm yourself, kitty. I think your present was too good for him. He’ll play the guitar for hours – I wouldn’t be surprised if he went into a studio! You know kitty, you’ve guessed his secret desire. He always wanted to buy one of Johnny Cash’s guitars, but he had no time for that yet… So I’ll call him for the handcuffs, but…”
“But?” I nuzzled to him and looked into his smiling eyes innocently.
“But I think you have to with me.”
“It’s not a problem, Dave. Handcuffs aren’t important. Love me without them. I love you” I nuzzled closer to him and I saw how grateful he was for this.
“Alright then don’t go anywhere. I bring the sweets” he winked then slid out of me – causing a “How can you do even this so sensually?” sigh from me – he put on his underwear, but he got rid off his black trousers and he walked to the door and opened it. Luckily no one was outside.

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