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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 32

Chapter 32

  2009.08.12. 15:05


I think he did the show for me when he bent down for the tray - his fine little ass towards me. I just wanted to scratch that gorgeous butt.
“Dave, honey, can’t you do it slower?” I asked wandering with my hungry eyes on his wonderful body. How can he do it that I want him nearly always? This’ll be a secret forever.
“Of course I can!” he grinned and slowed his steps even more as he started walking towards me. Suddenly I felt myself like a predator with its prey, which walks towards me from his free will, but I knew that I’ll be the victim here, not him…
When he was right there next to me, he started putting pieces of pineapple, blackberries, passion fruits and keshew nuts on me. He narrowed his eyes as he was eying me – within 3 minutes he finished the fruit-cat on me. I laughed when he was ready and I was able to take a peek on it, but he shushed me so that the masterwork couldn’t move.
“I knew that you’re a creative guy, but I didn’t know that you have this much talent…” I noted giggling.
“And you haven’t seen everything from me” he winked.
“Oh I have seen every part of you…” I licked the edge of my lips and I was suggesting that damned boxer to slide down from his hips – it was already dangerously low on his hipbones.
“No, not like that. I meant it from the inside” he put his hand onto his hip then with the other he reached for his cell.
“What’re you up to?”
“I take a pic” he said and stuck out the tip of his tongue.
“It’s not a good idea!” I protested and wanted to sit up, but he gently stopped me by my shoulder.
“Don’t be afraid, this is art!” he did something on his cell.
“But Dave, if someone sees this…”
“Relax. Just your tummy and a part of your tits’ll appear on the pic” he shushed me again and pushed the button to take a pic of the cat, which’s head was towards my breasts and its curly tail to… well yes, it was as if it was showing the right way between my legs.
“See? That was it” he put the cell away.
“And now you’ll eat it off of me?”
“Eat it off? No way! I have some other artworks – I’d rather do an exhibition. I bet a lot of people’d want to see you” he grinned evilly, but he was already chewing the cat’s kiwi ears and was eating the animal’s contours in a greedy way, until he reached its tail. Here he was willingly slow with eating the orange pieces, which’s juices – obeying to gravity – were slowly running down on my skin, but the drops couldn’t get too far, cuz with his skilled tongue Dave licked them off of my hot skin. “Hmmm… kitty, you’re literally sweet…” he glimpsed up at me with a sly grin. He finished eating my sister so he started licking me upwards. He licked along my tummy then was coming closer and closer between my breasts. His eyes were smiling.
“What’re you up to?” I smiled too, but I already saw from the corner of my eyes that his right hand reached for the bowl with the choc.
“They brought up so many yummy things, we don’t want to waste them…” he grinned, but for now he put the bowl just next to us, cuz he started softly stimulating my left nipple and he ran one hand on my side. I had to sigh from the feeling and I gently dug my fingers into his hair, keeping the eye-contact. “You don’t have to move, just lay still” he said as he poured the dark and thick chocolate onto my chest, tummy and between my legs “Yes, that’s it” he growled and bit down on his lip “And now… let me lick my dessert off of you” he leant over me. He began his sweet feast on my chest. I sighed and dug into his hair again, but he gently pushed my hands away and led them over my head. “You should rather grab the bars and enjoy the pampering” he looked up at me, licking the choc from his mouth. I grabbed the bars without a word “That’s it, nice kitty. You listen to the bigger cat…” he winked and bent back to my collarbone and started licking my skin slowly, moving towards my breasts. My toes were nearly cramping, when he – starting from down – reached closer to my hard and swollen nipple.
Here he decided to bite. Gently then harder and I nearly went insane from the feeling. I felt his whole weight on me, his bites, his hot and fragrant skin and his hot breath on my skin. I felt how hard he wanted me. I heard him murmuring in a low tone – he was whispering to me and said how tasty I was and that he loves me and it feels good being with me. And he asked me to love him.
I could just moan and repeat that I love him, while he was doing the same thing with my other breast, licking the taut tits nearly clean. He looked up at me and swallowed a big one. Our eyes locked for a minute and now he could not just hear but see from my eyes how much I love him. I saw that it felt good for him and it was as if he was a bit relieved as he sighed and bent back to my tummy, where the choc-path showed the way downwards. I felt the wet trail on my tummy, which he left behind with his tongue and I tried to calm my breathing, cuz after my illness sometimes air became thin for me and I couldn’t breathe normally.
While his mouth was by my bellybutton, his hands opened my legs gently. I knew what was going to happen if he gets lower, and even just knowing this my back strained and I moaned grabbing the bars harder. Reaching to my pubic bone, he looked up at me again to enjoy the sight while he slid his hands on my thighs.
“Come kitty, yum I’ll eat you up now!” and he started biting me softly. It was insane what he could do with his tongue! I quietly cried out when I felt his tongue not on me, but inside of me. I was grabbing the bars tightly, my body tensed and I asked him not to stop. But finally he stopped, just before I could cum.
“Not yet, kitty, not yet” he purred and straightened between my legs and pulled me up by my hands. I knew what he wanted – I saw it in his eyes. I slowly slid a bit backwards – sitting on my heels – and bent my head.
His body was smeary from the choc too, cuz he was laying on me not just once when the sweet choc was still running on me, and as I saw his member was covered too… I looked up at him playfully while the tip of my tongue barely touched his skin as I licked his whole length, tasting the chocolate. He was watching me, one hand fisting in my long hair, the other stroking my back, and he moaned from the sight. I knew that he found it maddening that our eyes were locked together, while one of my hands started working on him too. Then I broke the eye-contact and I could taste more choc in my whole mouth. For a moment I stopped and looked up at him. Our eyes met again and I saw the urging desire in his look.
“More” he moaned “more, kitty, more!”
“As you wish” I smiled licking the choc from my mouth, which made him groan again. I grabbed his shaft’s base with two fingers, took him deep into my mouth and I started moving on him in a passionate pace, licking his rock-hard and long shaft clean. He cried out loud and grabbed my hair harder. When my other hand’s fingers found his sensitive hurdle, which I’ve started torturing right away, he was nearly shouting. He needed just a few moments to live through the overwhelming power of climax. I felt him starting pulsating in my mouth and with a yell he released his burden, which was straining him from the inside until now and I was swallowing everything he had to give. The salty taste after the sweet felt good. Just a little champagne was missing here.
He was panting satisfied and stroked my face as he propped himself on his left hand.
“Mia, darling… when you do such things it always dawns on me… that I’ve said it right to Martin back then when I’ve told him that you’re a neat kitty…” he said still gasping for air.
“So you were talking about me behind my back?” I purred with a dark light in my eyes and with a half-smile I ran my hands upwards on his thighs and sides as I straightened up, so I was on the same level with him again.
“You know… something men do” he slid his hands automatically onto my hips.
“Uh-oh, this isn’t too nice… talking about someone behind her back… Tsk, tsk… You owe me big time, Dave” I put my arms into his neck.
“And now I should make up for some of my debts?”
“Yep… it’d be nice, cuz within two days your tongue-work on me was stopped twice” I sighed “This won’t be good like this…”
“You want me to finish it? You want me to lick you until you cum?” he asked and from the straight words I felt that my stomach flipped again. Desire rose in me quickly, cuz he’d left me at the brink of my orgasm earlier.
“Yes, Davie, this is the least you can do” I smiled temptingly “Meow…”
“Well okay…. Now you’ll see what I’m capable of…” he kissed me greedily, running his fingers along my back. After a minute he let me go and crawled by me so he could lay onto his back, resting his head on the pillows. “Crawl over me, kitty.” I obediently did what he asked me for and knelt over his hips. “No, no… come upwards…” he licked the edge of his mouth.
And then I realised what he wanted and from the recognition I shivered right away and felt my nipples hardening. When I’ve got close enough to him, he pulled me completely over him by grabbing my butt. As I looked down the sight made me dizzy.
“Hold on to something, sweetie…” he advised and I immediately grabbed the headboard’s bars. So he wanted to come here because of this… How thoughtful, I thought but in the next moment I gasped for air. “Well, kitty? Seatbelts on? Ciggies turned off? We’re taking off, captain Dave is speaking here…”
“Captain Dave, lick me! Please! I beg you…”
He was grinning widely under me then I wasn’t watching his face cuz the Gahan airline was taking me higher and higher on the “Seventh Heaven” line. First he touched my clit just with the tip of his tongue, but even from this small stimulus I felt myself getting wetter and a few sweatdrops started sliding down on my back. Then he began making circles on my aching nub, pulling me apart with his fingers so his tongue had more space for its maneuvers. With ragged breaths I moaned again and again.
“That’s it, oh yes, Dave! Please, more!” I whispered hoarsely. For a moment I looked down and saw him concentrating with closed eyes, fully empathized in what he was doing to me. My fingers turned white cuz I was grabbing the bars so hard when he started using his teeth for soft bites. He ran his fingers slowly and excitingly by the curve of my thighs. He gave me more and more pleasure. His lips, teeth and tongue were pampering my clit and his fingers – not just one – were inside of me and he was moving them slowly, bending them a bit so they could stimulate my G-spot. His other hand’s fingers were playing with me by my ass. I had no hope to survive this love-flight. I was screaming his and every saints’ names until the wild energy of satisfaction hit me hard. I collapsed next to him, my head bent down.
“Hmm... a little choc remained between your legs” he noted licking his fingers and looking at me.
I moaned from this again, and felt dizzy from the sight. He leant to me and kissed the glistening sweat drops off of my temple. “Thank you for choosing the Gahan airlines. We hope we can see you in the future again…” he breathed onto my skin.
“Oh yes… this airline grew to my heart…” I noted in a tired tone.
“I’m glad to hear that…” he smiled at me “Come, let’s take a shower, cuz we’re sticky from different things…” he licked the corner of his mouth quickly.
“Wait a minute, it won’t go that quickly. Embrace me and let us stick together” I laughed at the end.
“Alright, my dirty little cat” he smiled and embraced me.
“Thank you” I whispered looking into his eyes “Captain Dave, after how many flights can I get VIP card with economy flights and such preferences?”
“You already have one, darling. You’ve got it on that day when I made you mine on the top of your kitchen table. My darling” he kissed my face around.
“But back then you couldn’t have known that I’ll get it, am I right?” I asked holding his face between my hands after we finished the soft kiss “Or do you always have such cards in your pockets?”
“No. This is a very personal thing. I knew that you deserve it. You helped me, forgave me when I acted lick a prick, and you had enough courage to call me up into your flat. You knew exactly what I wanted from you. And you gave it to me. You deserved the card. And you needed just a few days to wrap me around your finger. I fell in love with you and I always want you by my side.”
“Jezz, David!”
“There’s no ‘jeez, David’! This is the truth” he caressed my shoulder.
“I’ll cry” I announced.
“I love you even when you cry, kitty – you should know this. You’re beautiful even then.”
“Even when I’m skinny like this?”
“I’ll stuff you” and when I started laughing he added “With choc too. Kitty-Mia, come, I wash you.”
“You? Oh yes! The touch of your fingers on my skin, your velvet palm when you stroke along my body…”
“Mia, my love…”
By the words “my love” my heart jumped. I let him help me up and lead me to the bathroom.
“You really think I’m that? Your love?” I asked quietly standing in the shower cabin, while he was trying the water and I looked up at him shyly.
“I wouldn’t say it otherwise. I’ve learned on the hard way that I must not play with other people’s emotions. A lot of people abused my emotions and it fucking hurt. You know, I’m such a fucking sensitive guy. Which is just a push for someone, the same is like a kick for me. I love you Mia, I really do. I’m in love with you, yes. And don’t think that at the end of the tour I’ll let you go. I won’t. I thought I’ll go insane when you ended up in the hospital. I would have been able to choke my best friend and lover with one hand, for you. It was terrifying to see you lying there. And that you’d died and you came back… We two are special people – this binds us together too. We came back from a place others haven’t. We had reborn to love each other and the world, to give, cuz we got a new life from our creator.”
I think he set free fatal emotions in me with his words. This was the most beautiful love confession I’ve ever heard! It touched my soul and now my tears were flowing, but the water from above washed them away.
“David!” I cried out and I jumped into his neck, holding him as if my life was depending on it. I was sobbing into his neck without a voice.
“Don’t cry Mia, don’t cry. Be happy! Feel happy for life, for me. For Martin. Hey, everything’s alright, don’t sob, dear, don’t. Hey, don’t do this” he pulled me even closer with his strong arms. I was just sobbing and sobbing – maybe I tried to let my torturing feelings go this way. I don’t know for how long I was crying in his arms. The water was flowing unstoppable on us. In my head I lived through the things which had happened to me lately. Of course the ones in the hospital hurt me the most. My thoughts started reeling around this topic. Finally I pulled myself together to ask him the question I was thinking about. I slowly raised my head and let Dave’s left hand slide onto my wet face.
“I can’t remember clearly…” I started hoarsely and sniffed.
“What can’t you remember clearly?”
“The things I’ve seen on the other side. I know that I saw something. Or… I thought I was seeing something… Dave…”
“Can I ask you… how it was for you? That… Have you seen something? This scares me. I’m afraid of it.”
His eyes got serious “Mia, I saw darkness and light there. I felt the presence of something much bigger than me. It was extremely bigger and nobler than me. Mia, I felt God there. He was there. He was neutral, but I felt an enormous energy radiating from him. I was in dread of the darkness, I was alone and I was afraid. I’ve heard a voice, which was calling me. I was searching for its source, I couldn’t see a thing in the dark. The voice was yelling my name desperately. A voice… this voice belongs to such a person, whom I’m very important and who loves me. Mia, she’s my wife today.”
“Then what’re you doing here? You should be with her now, not with me” I freed myself from his embrace and I turned away, rubbing my shivering arms as I bent my head. I couldn’t see much from the water, but I didn’t want to see anything anyway. It was stupid of me to ask it. Did I need this? Did I need this plus pain into my heart? “You shouldn’t do this to her. It’s not a coincidence that you’ve heard her voice and not someone else’s.” I felt myself closing up into the depths of my soul. I felt the cold loneliness spreading slowly inside of me. Well yes, the lonely cats, I smiled inside of me with a bitter taste in my mouth and now I really felt myself like a lonely and wet errant cat. Yes, errant. This was the right word. I was rambling for a little love from one place to the other. But I didn’t deserve his love. His wife deserved it. Not me. Not me.
“Mia, sweetie, you asked it. I answered your question. And because this had happened, I told you the truth.”
“Why I cheat on her?” his look turned very serious.
“Yes, David, why?”
“Cuz I’m a quitter, a weak, pathetic guy, who wants love and acknowledgement more than anything in this world. And because I fell in love with you, that’s why” he said and stormed out of the bathroom.
Congratulations, you did it again, I thought bitterly as I started crying again. Why must I always screw up everything? Everything was going smoothly! How should I look into his eyes after this? How should I go on stage with them tonight? The water was still flowing from the shower when I stepped out of the cabin and reached for my dressing case. I was digging into it crying, until I’ve found my pills. I took the prescribed dose and crawled back under the water, balling up into that classic pose – I pulled up my legs and hugged my knees – and I was crying because of my stupidity. I think I was great in self-pity today.

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