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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 40

Chapter 40

  2009.08.12. 15:22


Meanwhile big changes were lying ahead. An enormous tropical storm was closing in to Miami, where we were and where Depeche had its next gig the following day. We didn’t know anything about this until Kessy called Martin that the lieutenant announced an emergency because of the incoming storm and we had to collect some things and go down to the hotel’s basement. Sadly we couldn’t leave because of the weather outside. I was worried about Dave. I didn’t know how this’ll affect his illness, but he came down with us without a word. He was dressed up well. He had 3 pullovers on, plus the thick scarf. I packed his meds and some of our stuffs into a sport bag. Martin took it down.
“Fantastic” he noted sarcastically “At least we won’t get bored.”
Dave nodded.
“Uh-uh” I could only say this as I was eyeing the basement’s bare walls in a distrusting way. At least there wasn’t cold and the staff brought down some thick mattresses, food and blankets. I felt myself uncomfortable. The place gave me the blues. And I wasn’t alone with this. We three were lying on two mattresses with Dave in the middle. The other guests were around us and because they didn’t find anything else to do, they were staring at us. We started to feel very uncomfortable – especially when we felt the walls shaking. The hurricane was there and it was raging over our heads. I nuzzled to David.
He was holding me tightly and I buried my head into his chest. But not really because of the storm, but to try and stay calm from his scent and to convince myself that the walls weren’t collapsing on us. I didn’t make a sound, but I was shaking so badly from the nervousness and the strain like a leaf.
The hours passed slowly and I’ve started thinking whether there was a toilet here. The hotel’s stuff took care of us even here with all kinds of soft drinks and it turned out that there was a loo here too. This was a relief for some of the other guests too. The building was still moving over us. Martin fell asleep and we two were listening to each other’s heartbeats.
My mind created more and more scary pictures like that the building’ll falls on us and the walls’ll kill us or we’ll be stuck here for days without any food or water. My legs were moving constantly from nervousness under the blanket. My claustrophobia started to take mastery over me and I realised that I was holding Dave tighter and more desperately, grabbing his pullover hard.
“Relax, kitty, relax” he forced out whispering and he coughed. I put my finger onto his lips.
“Hush, Dave, don’t speak. Please, don’t speak, it’ll only cause harm!”
He just embraced me even closer and he started stroking me.
First one then two hours had passed and the raging storm slowly moved away. The hotel’s security went up to see the damages. Soon they came back and announced that we can go up to the rooms, but in no circumstances can we leave the building. I hurried out to the corridor right away and rested my forehead and hands on the cold walls, sighing with relief. At last my shaking started to fade away. I felt an arm sneaking around my waist. As I looked to the side, I saw the silent Dave standing there. He looked at me questioningly.
“Kitty, what’s the problem?” Mart asked stepping next to me too.
“Nothing, nothing, I just can’t bear closed spaces.”
“Hmm, but this basement wasn’t small. I’ve never seen that you were scared in a room” he noted.
“Cuz there’re windows and the air can move. I think this cat doesn’t like when someone or something limits her freedom either” I closed my eyes and exhaled the air with a long sigh.
“Come, let’s go upstairs” Martin said “I put you and Dave in bed.”
“Huh, it sounds great” I nuzzled to my other guy. Dave embraced me and gave a kiss onto my neck.
“Yummy David! It’s so good that you feel a bit better and we three are together again.”
“Keep this low, honey” Mart whispered and we went up to Dave’s room.
When we were up in the room we cowered onto the bed. We were still under the effects of the hurricane. Maybe the boys lived through something like this, but this was the first hurricane for me. I wanted something shooting to drink or a tranquilizer, but I couldn’t because of Dave. I saw on Martin that time after time he swallowed hard too. I though I’d give it a try.
“Dave, we’d go down to the bar with Marty. Do you want to join us?”
He nodded and stood up. We exchanged a look with Martin then we slowly walked down – although I wanted to run instead. Dave was still wearing his warm clothes. As we sat down to a table, we waved for the waiter. We ordered two whiskies straight and a hot tea. Usually we never drank in front of Dave, so he won’t feel himself bad, but now we didn’t want to leave him alone and we just needed something to soothe our nerves. I tried to cradle my glass not too obviously, hiding how relieved I was from the whisky’s strong taste. Dave didn’t say a word or wrote a thing, it seemed that he understands our situation. He was just looking at us quietly and then I realised that although he never said a word about it, he knew what have been going on with me and Martin lately. From this look of his I had no more desire to drink. I was just circling around the remains of my third whiskey in the glass with a sad face.
I saw no hints of any reproachful thoughts on his face, but I’ve decided to leave my drink there. Martin drank his and asked him what’ll we do – he aimed at Jennifer. I closed my eyes. I felt guilty.
Dave wrote his answer down to Martin: ‘First I have to talk to her when my voice is back. I have to sit down with her and explain a few things to her.’
“I see. And can you share us what kind of things you want to tell her?” Mart asked “Just because this affects us too, David. Not just a little.”
I remained silent and I was thinking that now closing to the end of the tour why do they need to do such a big thing about this, cuz in eight weeks time it’ll be over and even if my heart’ll break from it, I can probably go home.
‘I’ll try to explain her, what we’ve lived through. If you don’t mind, I’ll leave you out of this. Maybe this way it’ll be less shocking to her. We’ll talk about our marriage. I don’t want to end it, unless she decides to do so…’
“David, you can’t let her leave you! Think about your daughter and Jimmy!” I broke out maybe a bit too loud from the drinks. I could feel them in my head a bit.
He looked at me with knowing eyes and wrote: ‘She won’t leave me. She loves me. A lot of things connect us, but she has to be more tolerant than an average wife. Nearly never had I fallen for someone else, cuz she’s a great wife and I got nearly everything from her. Nearly everything – except you two. And it seems that I need the latter one as much as I need the air I breathe.’
A large teardrop slid down on my face after reading his quick letters and I looked up at his serious face. “David, this is the most beautiful confession I’ve read or heard in my life.”
He smiled faintly and shrugged, telling me that this is the way he feels. I could barely hold myself back – I just wanted to embrace him right there. Martin was blinking quickly too and was just staring at him. We three were doomed to each other. It was a blessing and a curse in the same time – the two sides of a coin, the very thing which moved the world: the law of Jin and Jang.
“Let’s go upstairs” Mart put the remains of his drink down. I bet he had to fight the lump in his throat too.
“Let’s go” I echoed and all three of us stood up. I went to pay the bill. When I joined the boys at the door of the bar, they were communicating with their eyes between each other then we went to Dave’s room. What are they up to? What was this? – I asked myself.
I kicked my clothes onto the floor with tired moves until just my panties and a halter remained on me and I climbed under the warm covers immediately, taking the far end of the bed. We could still hear the loud whistling of the wind. Time after time raindrops attacked the windows, but luckily the biggest part of the storm had passed.
Dave jumped next to me too and he was reading a magazine with his legs apart. Mart was sitting on the edge of the bed, trying the channels on the TV, but there were no signals after the storm. So he just stood up and walked to the window, watching the still raging elements. It seemed that the hotel’ll need a new gardener, who’ll have to plant a new line of palms, cuz most of them looked cracked in half from here. Somehow the sounds of the passing storm made me sleepy, just like the boys’ noises – as Dave turned a page in the magazine, as Martin drummed on his folded arms, and even when Dave cleared his throat. I felt myself slipping into my dreams as I was lying there on my side.
I’ve slept for long hours and by the time I woke up, everything was silent around me. David was spraying steroids into his throat – heaving badly as the stuff reached his gullet – but he was fighting with the spray like a hero. When he had the prescribed puffs he came to me with a haggard face and started speaking. Although his voice was like a cracked pot tugged under thick blankets, at least it was a voice.
“Kitty-Mia” he said.
I was so happy that I jumped into his neck.
“See, David? See? I’ve told you that everything’ll be fine! We’ll do some more from that cure with the honey and onion, okay? You’ll see, your voice’ll be soon perfectly okay” I looked with my shining eyes into his green irises.
“I’m glad too, kitty” he crackled then cleared his throat and his next sentence sounded a bit better: “Call Martin!” he said quietly.
“You want to surprise him?”
I smiled, gave a peck onto his mouth and hurried to Martin’s room. I though he must be there – and I was right. He opened the door after my knocking, but he just gave me a soft kiss onto my forehead, cuz he was talking on the phone. I was waiting patiently and spotted his guitar on the bed. He surely was practicing when his phone started to ring. I went to the bed and stroked the legendary guitar gently.
“Good morning” he walked to me after putting his cell back into his pocket “What brought you here, sweetie?”
I turned around and put my arms into his neck.
“First of all to wish you a good morning” here I planted a kiss onto his lips “then to lure you back to Dave’s room. We are so lonely without you… Come!” I grabbed his hand and pulled him after me. He followed me laughing and stepped into the other room.
“Hello sweetie” David greeted him on an even lower tone than usual. Martin was standing there mesmerized. I wasn’t the only one whose knees went weak from Dave’s voice. Curly quickly walked to him and embraced our singer.
“Thank God, Dave! It’s so great!”
“Those who agree with me that Dave Gahan’s momentary voice is fucking sexy, raise their hands!” I exclaimed happily and raised both of my hands. Martin joined me laughing, one hand still resting on Dave’s waist, but turning towards me. “You’re our singing-bird” I nuzzled to Dave.
“Cool, so you think I’m a bird? Thank your very much!” he smiled happily. His voice was getting better and better with every sentence – it was near to his original one.
“Mart, if he goes on like this, our bird’ll sing to us tonight” I said to Blondie, but I didn’t look away from Dave’s gorgeous figure. I was staring at him mesmerized.
“Why are you two staring at me?”
“This is your fate, my friend. People stare at you” Mart laughed.
“Cuz you’re beautiful David, do you know it? You’re attractive and your voice is divine!”
“You’re crazy! I know this look on you! Who wants to sleep with me?” he asked grinning.
“Me!” we both cried out with Martin.
Dave laughed hoarsely and we grinned at each other with Curly.
“But sadly I have to go to arrange some things now. This is why Andy called me a few mins ago…” Mart sighed bitterly and looked at Dave with longing in his eyes.
“Do you really have to?” he asked on his hoarse tone, turning Blondie’s face towards him.
“Yeah….” he breathed.
“In this case…” here the conversation was dead for at least two whole minutes, cuz Dave was kissing Curly gently “… hurry back…”
Martin’s head was dizzy as he nodded, like someone who was mesmerized. He left the room not knowing fully where he was.
“Do you have any idea what you do to people?”
“With Martin – anything I want, I guess” he whispered into my ear with an arrogant smile on his face “And I can do the same with you, Mia, right?” he started unbuttoning my shirt.
“Uhmm… I think so…” I closed my eyes halfway from the desire and from the feeling as his fingers touched my hot skin.
“You just think so?” he whispered hoarsely nearly into my mouth, still holding my gaze with that deep look of his.
“No… I’m sure” I moaned silently as he grabbed my waist and pulled me against his groin – our bodies barely touched. “I need you…” I sang to him.
“I need you badly too!” he pulled me even closer and I saw that he really had to hold himself back not to ‘attack’ me. He wanted it gently, nicely and beautifully. His body was trembling under my touches like F1 cars in the boxes, waiting for the start. He wanted to race, but not yet.
We pulled off his sweaters and his white T-shirt of him one by one so I could finally caress his naked chest. I felt his goose bumps rising again from my touches and he sighed wobbly, looking straight into my eyes. I felt the desire building up in my body. I kissed his lips tenderly, giving him small pecks instead of a long kiss. I felt his arms sneaking around me tighter and I knew that I can’t feel such homey and exciting thing with anyone else – maybe the only exception was Martin, but he was different too. The heat was radiating from Dave and it tickled my skin. I let him undo my dark shirt button after button, giving him a better view onto my chest after every single one.
“Wait kitty, wait” he stopped my hand, when I grabbed his already hard cock “If you go on with this, I… I won’t be able to stand it!”
“But this is what I want, get laid, not standing here, you panther, you!”
“I meant… jeez, Mia, sweetie, Mia, don’t stop!”
By this time he was in my mouth. I was savouring him as if I was doing this the first time. I discovered every little inch of him, focusing all my attention on him. I took my time. I pampered him slowly – sometimes quickening my pace for a few moments just to slow down again, finding the slow rhythm with my mouth. I just couldn’t get enough of his taste… of him. He drove me crazy. He propped himself on the table behind him and bent his head back in his joy. My poor guy couldn’t get his sex-dose in the last few days and now he barely could wait for his release. I saw that it won’t take too long. His muscles on his abdomen started rippling and I felt his testicles in my palm getting slightly harder and they lifted a bit. He was moaning loudly and his sighs would’ve melted even the hardest stone-hearts. I loved when he was sighing like this. I knew that I was doing this to him, I caused his sighs. Suddenly his whole body shivered, his hands could barely hold his weight. And I swallowed every drop he could give me, caressing him with my tongue for a few more minutes…
“This was good” he wiped his forehead.
“That’s all? ‘This was good’? Be careful, or else I’ll feel offended and I’ll bite off your little treasure!” I licked his member once more. He sighed from this.
“You’d bite it off?” he asked me hoarsely with a half-smile, while he caressed my face.
“Oh yes… it’s tasty.”
“Hmm, kitty, I think it’s my turn…” he pulled me to him, tickling my back under my half-opened shirt. His touch was playful and exciting in the same time. I felt even from this featherlike contact that fire spread in my veins, burning up my body. I was yearning for his touches, for his embrace, like a heroine-addicted wants her dose. I shivered from the waiting until he leant over me and bit down on my lower lip playfully, although I thought he’ll finally kiss me.
But he was the master of teasing. He knew it very well that I was trembling for him, but he rather pulled his lips back and leant very-very slowly to my neck so his hot breath could cover my skin with goose bumps again. He touched me under the shirt just with his fingertips and a shiver ran down my spine from this.
“Dave…” I sighed shakily. I felt that my nipples were painfully hard from the desire I felt “Dave, you’re playing with me…”
“Like the big cat with his kitty. Yes Mia, I’m toying with you. I excite you slowly and methodically, step by step. First you just tremble from lust, which starts to burn you slowly from the inside and you’d like to ease this inner heat – caused by my touches – but your own breath is as hot as the desert in the Sahara. Do you feel how hot mine is, sweetie?” and with a sudden movement he pulled off the shirt I’ve got from him and sighed between my breasts.
I was just lying on the bed between the flames of his love, like the sinner on the bonefire. I hoped that this fire purifies our love and the flames’ll burn away the dirt, leaving just the diamond of our shining emotions.
He pinned me to the bed softly and went on with my torture. My skin reacted right away wherever his breath was roaming on me. The muscles in my body strained or loosened. Every nerve of mine was standing at its end, waiting to feel not just his breaths on my skin. Sweatdrops started forming on my forehead and my face blushed, although he didn’t really do much to me yet. He pinned my hands to the sheet in the line of my head and interwove our fingers. I bent my head back and moaned quietly, squeezing his fingers, when he rubbed his groin against mine through the clothes, finally touching me. Although our bodies were barely connected even like this, my back arched and I opened my legs wider, so my skirt slid up.
And he appreciated this. As he felt the touch of the fabric on his thigh now he was the one who moaned. He loved suspenders, he went insane from them. It wasn’t a coincidence that I’ve bought three last week in Juicy Couture. Today I was wearing the deep purple, seamed with black lace. He pulled my skirt up painfully slowly as he slid one hand upwards on my thigh. I searched for his look with half-closed eyes as I moaned from the feeling. With my free hand I caressed his face then my fingers were edging closer and closer to that area, which Martin’d shown me. I knew that he’d go insane if I reach it. He saw through me and gently grabbed my wrist.
“No, not yet!” he asked so I just started stroking his naked shoulder and back, which made him shiver “Oh, kitty, you’re so tasty” he said after he licked my breasts one by one and started biting them gently. He pressed his hips against my groin and I felt his lust rising. I wanted to free my favourite toy from his trousers’ tight embrace. But he didn’t let me – I hardly could move under my conqueror.
“You enjoy… teasing me, don’t you?” I moaned when he started pampering my nipple with his soft lips and I felt that his skilled hands somehow got rid off my skirt, so now I was wearing just my panties, the suspender and my stockings, which reached up to the middle of my thighs.
“You know, you’re insanely sexy in this lingerie… You drive me crazy with it… this is one of my weaknesses.”
“I know sweetheart, I’ve bought it for you, not for me. And I’m wearing it to please you.”
“David! Bite me harder! Love me! And come into me! I go nuts here under you.”
He laughed quietly, but it ended up in a moan, when my hands grabbed his belt and I undid his trousers in a moment. At last he kissed me! He pressed his mouth passionately to mine, his tongue was chasing mine greedily, while he pulled down my thong and he ran his fingers slowly on my wet folds.
“It’s so good that you’re always waiting for me and you’re always ready for my love” he said and his long fingers started a dizzying game with me. I still had some strength to grab his harness and I started pumping it passionately before I totally lost my mind.
He growled loudly from this and forced himself to free his cock from my hand. I moaned disapprovingly, but he took my breath away when suddenly his mouth slid down between my legs and he began licking me so passionately like never be fore. I though I’d cum right there! He licked me with his whole tongue, he teased me then he started biting me gently as he opened me up with his fingers – and he started the whole thing again before sliding his tongue into me. By this time I was moaning like mad and I was screaming his name over and over again. He licked along my wet folds again and he took my clit between his soft lips. I was on the edge of my great climax within a second, but when he realised this with his cloudy head, he cruelly pulled back. He leant over me with his glistening lips and he sealed my thirsty mouth with his passionate and wet kisses.

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