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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 41

Chapter 41

  2009.08.13. 13:39


“I’ll take my time, kitty, you know it, right? I was waiting for this with you in the last couple of days. I was just lying alone on my bed and I felt sorry for myself and I was daydreaming about you.”
“What did you do, David?” I sat up suddenly.
“You’ve heard me.”
“Oh god, I used to daydream about you all the time, but now you’re my reality.”
“Say this again” he turned my head so I could look right into his green eyes.
I gently took his face between my hands and I smiled at him as I said “Now you’re my reality with Martin” and I pulled him closer for a tender and short kiss then I looked into his eyes again “You know, I love you very much.”
“Yes. I think now I’m sure in it” he answered and he was just staring at me with those beautiful eyes. I melted again. He has such telltale eyes! I can read out a lot of things from them – a whole scale of emotions – telltale eyes, so they say.
With a little smile I gently went on with caressing his face as I tilted my head to the side. My previous impatience was gone as I was just looking deeply into his eyes, seeing those beautiful emotions, which were radiating towards me. My eyes drank in every little detail of his familiar face. He smiled back at me then he very slowly bent down to me. He waited until I closed my eyes and he started tickling my mouth with featherlike kisses, which soon became firmer, although they still belonged into the gentle category. I put my arms around his neck when he stroked along my lower lip with his soft and warm tongue. I opened my mouth willingly for him and our tongues met nearly in a shy way.
He was kissing me slowly and tenderly. We were kissing for long minutes, like teenagers at the bus stop. I don’t know how long. It was so good to love him! Oz, the great wizard – he wasn’t impatient either. It was heaven lying in his arms… feeling his care, his touches, his love. He slowly leant over me and put his weight onto my body. I was enjoying as he was slowly enslaving me, but he was so gentle that I didn’t even realize that I was his slave. I knew it and he knew it too and I let him do so. Willingly. My heart nearly ached from this tenderness. First he ran his fingers on my cheeks then on my neck and finally they were caressing my breasts. I closed my eyes and sighed, digging my fingers into his dark hair. I arched my whole body, I was waiting just for him and his fingers found my wet pussy again, stroking it with featherlike strokes.
“Jesus… David, I love you so and it’s so good to be with you!” I broke out and he was smiling at me gratefully. There was no trace of his stuck-up arrogance, there was pure gratitude in his smile. He was stroking me slowly, he took his time, but unnoticeably his moves started getting more intense until I was moaning so loud that it was shocking to recognize my own voice. He wanted to show that he can be very different. And he was on the right path in proving this. I’ve never got this much from this Dave. I’ve got a peep of it time after time, but those were just unnoticed moments. I’ve never seen this much gratitude and love in his eyes. He never wanted to please me this much before. While I moaned I bent my head back a bit and he gave small kisses onto the line of my jaw, my neck then he returned to my mouth so I had to stop moaning.
“Come on, my birdie, fly!” he whispered “Spread your wings and fly. You have nothing else to do just give yourself completely to me and I’ll make you fly, my beautiful hawk… And you’ll fly high and it’s up to you whether you come back to me or not.”
It was as if I’ve heard his velvety voice through a veil as I pressed my head into the pillow even more. First I held back my loud moans then I let them go. My left had grabbed Dave’s upper-arm. His fingers nearly gave me the final strokes to my jump.
“I… I’ll come back to you! Always…” I sighed then I gasped for air as the flow flooded my hot groin, like it made to fly every bird during the biblical deluge. And although the waves were strong, they were just stroking my body, just like Dave, who was watching me, but I couldn’t see his love-filled shining eyes, cuz my head was still buried into the pillow as I was floating higher and higher on the wings of my orgasm. Nothing else counted just flying high. David was the wind under my wings and I was flying high, straight into the sun.
But his cool stroke on my body distracted me and I came back to him, burying my face into his chest. I looked at him and I saw it. Now I saw his eyes, which were shining from love, his radiating smile, his tenderness. He embraced me and I was just enjoying as he was whispering love-filled words into my ear. It was like being home in my bed back in my childhood, when my grandpa was telling me stories. It was calm and full of love.
“Oh God… how did I deserve this?” I whispered faintly and while with one hand I was hugging him close, the other was stroking his face.
“What, sweetheart?”
“Your love, Dave.”
“You didn’t have to deserve it, I’m just giving it to you. Just because, just because I have you.”
“I don’t think that I’d been this happy before like now when I’m with you two. David, what’s with Martin?”
 “Do you want him to finish our lovemaking?” he whispered looking into my eyes, while he brushed out a wet tuft from my forehead “Do you want him to penetrate you as deep as possible? To strain your hot pussy with his passionate moves?” he licked my earlobe.
“Oh yes, say me such things!!” I asked him, softly scratching his shoulders and I moved my hips too “Yes, I want it. I want both of you making love to me in the same time. There can’t be anything better than that in the universe. Nothing. As you two love me and each other. Oh god, I’d never thought that your love can be this beautiful. It’s so moving to see that you love each other this much.”
“And it’s moving that you love us this much and accept me and Mart” he whispered into my neck and with one hand he opened my legs tenderly “I don’t think that there’d be another person, who’d bear this much things from and for us” he caressed my face, looking up at me.
“I’d do more…”
“No, we don’t need more, we need just you…” he silenced me with a gentle kiss, propping himself on one hand next to my shoulder, while he took my face into his other. I realised just a few moments after that a hand was caressing my thigh and another parted my wet folds gently and a tongue started licking my clit in a sensual way.
“Martin!” I exclaimed supposing that Dave had no special powers to grow new body parts for himself.
“Yes, kitty, I’m here and I’ve heard your love-confession and I hope you know that no one can save you from us” he smiled and Dave leant to him, whispered something into his ear and Mart nodded. He looked up and pulled my hand to his trousers “Open it, Mia, there’s a surprise under it.”
“What’re you talking about?” Dave raised an eyebrow.
“Wait and see!” he smiled to himself.
“Are you nuts? What did you hide in your pants? Or you have now two dicks?” Dave laughed as he turned onto his side.
“Nothing like that, I just gave a fine packing for the present.”
I looked at him with big eyes and let him lead my hand under his trousers. Right under the belt there was a little box. I took it out.
“Sweetie, the one who’ll put it in will be right here” he said.
“But you two are the ones who do that!”
“No, no, Mia. I meant the piercing. Dave, do you remember how much I loved yours? If you don’t walk around in your apartment with naked ass, I thought I bring one for you too – to the same place where the previous one had been. I find it fucking sexy.”
“I don’t dare to guess where you hid it” Dave grinned widely.
There was a knock at the door. I was still holding on to Dave’s arm and moaned disapprovingly.
“Who the hell can this be?” I whispered towards the ceiling then I looked at the guys. Dave shrugged and looked at Mart.
“Buddy, I think you’re the closest to the door and you have more clothes on, so…” he noted on a still hoarse tone.
But Martin didn’t stand up. He knew who it was and he invited the guest in. A blonde hot chick came in wearing tight jeans and a red top.
“What the hell?” Dave murmured.
“Well Davie, down with those pants, go on all fours on the bed” Mart commanded.
“Don’t say that… Martin, you’re not normal. You want me to show her my bare ass?”
“Me thinks it’s quite a showpiece” Martin said quietly and he could barely stop himself not to run his fingers on that really divine butt “Relax Dave, she’ll have an easier way with you, cuz the place of the piercing is already there.”
He took a box just from his back pocket – although I’m sure Dave wouldn’t protest against Mart’s BACK pocket – and Curly opened it. It was a ring – quite wide for a piercing – it was full of Celtic runes.
“David I let this done for you. I asked a friend of mine so the runes hide a meaning too. If you’re curious, with time you’ll find it out.”
“Martin! What’s on it?”
“The thing we both know and want and… and… you’ll see. I asked Anton to take some pics of it…”
“He didn’t ask a thing, he liked it – it never crossed his mind that this isn’t an earring. You know that he lives in his own world and how abstracted he is.”
“You’re not normal!” he broke out and looked at the woman who was unpacking her things. I l covered my mouth with my hand to hold back my giggle and slid up to the headboard, pulling my legs up. Then Dave looked at the waiting chick “Miss, I hope you know what you do” he sighed.
“Just relax, dear David. It won’t hurt, just take off your underwear and do what your friend said.”
David turned away from the blond chick and pulled it off shyly and by this time I was shaking from my silent laughter – I turned away so he couldn’t see it. The chick’ll see everything from him within a few moments and he turns away to take off his underwear… Finally I realised between my grinning sessions that he’s embarrassed and that my sweetie… is shy! Until now I never spotted this, but yes, there were always just the three of us. I stopped giggling, cuz I felt sorry for him. I slid next to him and started encouraging him quietly.
He nodded and squeezed my hand “You were laughing at me, Mia! I saw you did. But you’ll get what you deserve for this – you’ll be the next” he said.
“I’m sorry, my love. It never crossed my mind – knowing how exhibitionist you are – that there are situations when you can be shy.”
“Well there are” he said nearly pouting “I’m not that wild rock star anymore…”
“I know and I’m sorry. It was just strange to realise this” I took his face between my hands and gave a soft kiss onto his lips.
“It’s alright” he smiled at me faintly then he jumped a bit when the woman disinfected the area.
“Relax a bit. This’ll be unpleasant and maybe it’ll hurt a bit, but as I see, you had such a piercing earlier, so it’ll be easier for me to insert this.”
“Alright, let’s do this” he said and looked at me. Then he put his head onto my shoulder, inhaling my scent hoarsely.
It was over within a minute and now I had to suffer through this procedure too, but I had to lie on my back and spread my legs wide. I moaned painfully. It wasn’t a great feeling. I’ve never thought that once I’ll have such a piercing. Well okay, I had one in my nose when I was younger, but such an intimate bodypiercing? But it hurt less already when it came into my mind how many naughty things we’ll do with these… So it was over within a minute. Martin ringed us like they do with birds. I was thinking that he should have something similar too and I asked the woman whether she had pieces with her for selling. Luckily she had. We turned to the dead pale Martin with a wide grin.
“Noooo! I will not…” he protested, holding his hands up.
“Why not? Only you have the right to mark us?” I asked and crawled slowly to him. I had to get used to the little pain and the feeling. It was very weird. “We don’t want to be the only ones, who feels like ringed birds…” I put my arms around his neck and winked at the other woman, grinning. She smiled back and waited patiently, disinfecting her stuff.
“Yes, buddy, we want to see one on you too. But we’ll tell it with Mia, where to put it. Come Mia, cuz he’ll do this only for you” and he winked at Marty “you can decide where the piercing’ll go.”
“To the same place we have it.”
“Ohmygod, I’ll faint!” Mart’s mouth twisted.
A rescue idea came into my mind. As I sent Dave an apologizing look, I put a glass of whiskey into Marty’s hand. He didn’t hesitate and the drink was gone in a moment, but the encouraging drink showed no bravery in him. He drank the next round quickly too. The chick warned him not to get drunk, cuz then the wound’ll bleed more, cuz the capillary vessels won’t contract. This was enough for him. After kneeling onto the bed, like Dave did earlier, he grabbed the blanket and clenched his teeth together.
“I can’t believe that you dragged me into this!”
“Who dragged in whom, Marty?” Dave asked him “Kitty, hold our hero’s hand, cuz the hardest part comes now.”
Martin hissed and panted from pain – cursing and lining up all the saints form the calendar and when he was at the end of the list, the chick finally finished his torture.
“Well, Mr. Gore, we’re ready. Wow, it’s a personal record to do 3 such piercings within 15 minutes.”
Everyone laughed. Martin turned onto his back still hissing and lifted his hips so he could drag his trousers up then he slowly stood up. He reached into his wallet and paid for the hot chick – who really knew what she was doing – and he thanked for her work. The piercing was still sensitive for me too, but it wasn’t that bad. Dave didn’t give a shit at all and Mart… well Martin was walking around in the room like a penguin. First he switched on the TV then he paddled into the bathroom. When he came back there was a huge smile on his face.
“Wow, it looks fucking awesome! I checked it in the mirrors.”
Dave grinned “It is Marty, it is. In three days time I’ll kill you, you’ll see! Just your little ring, you and me!”
Martin shivered. Dave knew that he would. Anytime he said something like “just you and me” Martin got into a nearly ecstatic state of mind. I could understand him. I was just grinning like mad and pulled the blanket over me as I was leaning against the headboard.
“Dave, honey…”
“Yes, Mia?” he turned to me questioningly, but he couldn’t stop grinning either.
“Would you tell me what I should do with this nice little piercing? I mean who long does it need to heel? Cuz in the big hurry this lady couldn’t share much information about it… Ehm… and when can we use it?” I blushed even from the thought.
“You little white-livered minx…” Martin laughed as he stopped in the middle of the room.
“Until you can use it without causing pain you’ll have to wait around 3 days. And kitty, Martin, you’ll get a surprise from me too, just to have more fun.”
“Jeez, David, don’t do this to me, please! I know what you’re up to!”
Dave just smiled “Keep it easy Martin, I’ll buy one for me too and you’ll hold it in your hand.”
“What, what, what, what?”
“Relax Mia. You feel like you’re his slave, right? Our one and only Dave want to let us see this visually too.”
I shivered lusciously. “Uhhh… you two bring me into the depths of sexual games, my dears…” I licked my mouth “Is there some nice cuffs you were talking about, my panther?”
“He’ll keep us on silver chains. Do you know kitty, where that thin chain’ll go, kitty? Do you guess it now?”
“Holy Jesus, Martin! Don’t say that…”
“He doesn’t need to buy cuffs and shackles, he has a cool little black leather-bag full of his pretty treasures.”
“Dave, why didn’t you tell me this yet?”
“Everything has its own time – waking up and going to bed too. The time was here for this now. This is a fellowship among us Mia. And now you’re the third member of it. The chain – which you’ll wear – is a special alloy. It cannot be torn, like we cannot tear our relationship apart. It’ll enslave you, it’ll make you a slave, but it’ll bring you freedom on the wings of joy.”
“You’re a poet!”
“Not exactly, these are Martin’s words! He told me them when I’ve got my first chain from him.”
“Dave, stop it! You embarrass me!”
“Boys, I’m amazed!”
“No wonder” Dave grinned.
“Hey!” Mart growled at him, but he couldn’t hide his grin either “Both of us knew Dave that once we’d reach this point with our kitty, right?”
“Well, you’re welcome in our little group. Don’t ask, it has no name yet. You can name it if you want” Dave said.
“Hmmm… let’s see…” I grinned patting my chin, while I was holding the blanket to my chest “What should it be… I got it! Let’s call it ‘The Sweetest Perfection’! So we don’t have to go far…”
“Do you feel it perfect?”
“Our love is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced or dared to dream of. It’s not ethereal and high, but fierce, passionate, can tear us apart and oh it’s so beautiful! Anyone who says the opposite… but who could say anything? We are the only ones who know about it. We love each other, we’re addicted to each other. It’s Heaven if we cooperate, but if we are selfish or mean, it can be Hell. This feeling is ours Martin, David, just ours!”
“Exactly, Mia” Dave caressed my legs, which were covered by the blanket “This relationship is so unique, I can’t compare it to anything” he looked at Martin too, who finally sat next to us.
"Takes me completely, Touches so sweetly, Reaches so deeply, I know that nothing can stop me" I sang happily but my eyes were serious.
“Martin, you knew what you were writing about, right?” David stroked Curly’s nape.
When he wanted to pull his hand back, Mart took it and pulled Dave to him. “I love you.”
Dave laughed shortly from this quick switch, but his eyes were serious, grateful and full of love. “I love you too, Martin, you know it well…” he answered on a low tone and pressed his lips gently against Mart’s “And this little gift of yours… I didn’t know that you’ve missed my ring this much…” he smiled with a hot gaze.
“Yeah, I’ve missed it. Very much. But not in the way you might think, but… I know how great was your ecstasy when I loved you that way and I want to see you out of your mind from joy again, so you won’t know anything about yourself and you won’t feel any pain. I don’t want you to feel any pain anymore. David, please come here and you too Mia! I can’t describe how much I love you two. And I know that it’ll end badly. I feel it in my guts, in my blood. I know it. And before something bad can happen – I don’t know what, I just have a very bad feeling about it – I want you to know that I love you.”
“Martin, did you have a nightmare?” Dave nuzzled to him.
“It wasn’t a dream. My eyes were open and I saw myself dead. Someone hit me with a car. Maybe it’s just insanity, maybe it’s just a hunch, I don’t know.”
“No! No one can hit you, Martin!” I protested and put my arms around his neck “I wouldn’t survive that!” my heart and stomach sank. I nearly felt sick from this possibility.
“Bullshit, it was just a dream” Dave caressed his face “We’ll take care of you.”
Mart seemed strange when I looked at him. It was as if he was somewhere else for a few moments. He was listening to the inside – or something like that. Dave noticed this too and frowned with worry.
“Martin, all three of us will sleep here tonight, okay luv?”
“Yes, yes, stay with me here. Somehow we can kill time until then. It’s too bad that there isn’t a concert tonight - that would distract me from the stupid things which are whirling in my head.”
“We’ll distract you, sweetie” I gave a little peck onto his face “Do you want to go out and have a nice dinner somewhere? I’m hungry like a wolf. Or we should rather order something from room service?”
“Let’s go out tonight. Anywhere, just let’s get out of here. Let’s call Andy, Bob and Christian. And Kessy” he looked at Dave “Let’s show ourselves to the world. Depeche Mode is here!”
“Alright Marty, as you wish” Dave stroked his arm.
“Then let’s go, hurry up, boys! Get out of bed and go and dress up!” I smiled and evolved from their embrace.
While I was helping Marty to get dressed, I was giggling at the way he was paddling. Dave called everyone we wanted to invite to one of Miami Beach Line’s restaurants, where we could eat Cajun dishes.
“Martin, sweetie, the others will die from laughing, if they see you walking like this. Try to straighten your back!”

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