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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 42

Chapter 42

  2009.08.18. 13:35


The ruins of the storm were cleaned up amazingly quickly. People could run on the streets again and a few restaurants, which weren’t that damaged, were open now. We arrived to one of these reserved places. No one wore posh clothes, we were in simple clothes as we settled down to our tables. I sat next to Martin, who was sitting next to Dave. Our panther already had a long conversation with Jennifer, who meanwhile went home to Rosie and Jimmy, and when she heard about the hurricane, she immediately called Dave when she finally got through to him on the phone. After he ended the conversation, we could eat the dinner more calmly.
“Finally everything’s calmer and we can move on” Martin said with his mouth full. He liked the Cajun dishes and everything which was spicy. It was rich and spicy food – as he liked it. The fatter the better, he thought.
“This sounded as if you quoted from a gangster movie” Dave smiled.
“Hmm, uhm… yeah…”
“Mart, don’t eat this fast, you’ll feel sick later” I warned him with worry in my voice.
“No way! I’m not eating as fast as Kessy! Look!” he pointed at the other man.
“Okay, but he got used to it that he’s always on the run because of the band’s things…” Dave smiled too.
“And does he really need to eat like this? I wouldn’t be his wife! No matter what I’d cook, he’d shovel it in, like a railroad worker does with the coal into the engine” Mart grinned.
Everybody was laughing now on this, except Jonathan, who didn’t hear what Mart said, cuz he was concentrating on eating his food. He looked up from his plate just because he heard the laughter.
“What? What’s up?”
Someone told him Mart’s comment and he was murmuring something disapproving under his moustache “It’s not true! I do appreciate good food. And good gracious, no, Martin! You being my wife? Nooo! Although now that you mention it, that wedding dress suited you. You were so chaste in it!”
“Oh yeees!” Dave laughed too, but in his eyes such a flame flickered, which only the two of them – and of course me – could see “It really heightened your model-like figure, Marty…”
I bit down on my lip as I was grinning at them with my fork in my hand and I tried to hold back my laughter. But something else started growing inside of me too. Damned piercing! I should hold myself back for three more days? – I thought and watched Martin’s reaction.
“Yeah, I liked that dress” he grinned “Making experiments is my second name. Let’s confess – I was wearing dresses for more than one year. Dave and the others went crazy from it and from people’s reactions. Shocking others, ha-ha. It was hard to digest it. But they’re like this, they don’t like if someone’s different” he smiled, but then suddenly went silent and in the silence he started drinking again.
“Marty, sweetie…” I leant to him discretely after he’d finished dinner.
“Yep?” he squinted at me.
“I want you. Now” I slid my hand simply onto this thigh under the table.
“Should I put you on top of the table or should we climb under it?” he whispered into my ear.
“None of these, just sit calmly” I said and pulled down his jeans’ zipper and freed my little friend. I managed to surprise Marty. With one hand he quickly grabbed his glass, the other went for his beer and he was holding on to them. He hid his face half-way behind the bottle of beer so others couldn’t see as his expression has started changing. I took control and started pumping him with a steady rhythm.
“Mia, if your finger hitches the piercing, I’ll scream out loud.”
“Relax, Martin! You can choose: you let me do this, or you find a place where you can fuck me until I’m unconscious.”
It was amusing watching the effects of my words on his face. The shock was replaced with longing then I saw that passion washed through his brain. If there weren’t this much people around, I’m sure he would’ve come at me.
“Maybe I’d like the second option better…”
“Just maybe?” I whispered into his ear and pumped him harder. He barely could stop his moan. I squinted at Dave, who was talking to Christian.
“No. I’m sure!” Blondie whispered.
“Let me go and let’s find some place!” he breathed hotly into my neck. A shiver ran down my spine and I quickly packed him back into his trousers. I already felt the dampness in my panties, although he didn’t even touch me yet… He jumped up from the table and said something I couldn’t get and he ran towards the toilets.
Dave looked up from his conversation “What’s wrong with him, Mia?”
“Dunno Dave, maybe… the piercing” I whispered into his ear “I go and check on him” I said and I disappeared too. I saw him looking at me confused, but then he turned back to Kessler and Anton. The guys have started bombing him with questions about something.
I walked towards the place where I saw Martin disappear. I felt that someone grabbed my arm and I was already pinned to the wall.
“Where’ll we do it?” I moaned into Martin’s mouth.
“In the ladies’ room. No one will bother us there.”
“And what do you think? How’ll you come in?”
“I’ll use the door, of course. Wedding dress, remember? Let’s change our tops here and give me your makeup stuffs!”
“You’re totally crazy! If they catch us! The press! Isn’t it enough that you fuck in the ladies’ room – they’d arrest you just for this too – but you want to do it in such an outfit?”
“Do it” he commanded “or else I’ll fuck you here!”
I obeyed while I whispered that he was totally insane. His answer was that yes, because of me… Then I giggled when he really did this. But I stopped laughing when he took my hand and pulled me into the deserted toilet. We were lucky. Within a minute I found myself in one of the cabins and heard as he locked us in.
“It’s over for you now” he pressed me to the wall and started kissing me fiercely. I didn’t protest, but unzipped him and freed my friend again. He was quite hard from the futile yearning. And like many times before, I fell onto my knees in front of Martin’s size… I took him greedily between my lips, which he praised with a suppressed moan. I was pampering him with closed eyes, one hand helping my work on him. He was holding himself up with his hands as he leant against the cabin’s walls. I was working on him faster and deeper as I was kneeling between his opened legs until he moaned a big one.
But he didn’t moan because he came, but to prevent me from pushing him over the line. He wanted to bury himself into me. Completely. I saw it in his eyes. I knew from one look what he wanted. He pulled me up by grabbing my arms and pinned me to the wall with a greedy kiss. He lifted me up, tore my panties off and penetrated me deeply. It was insane! The cabin’s walls were banging and moving.
“Be careful Marty, we’ll fuck this place to pieces” I panted into his face.
“I want exactly that.”
He was fucking me hard and fast, but I was so aroused that this time I couldn’t wait for him, I was climaxing loudly in his arms. I didn’t dare to imagine what’d have happened if someone came in! But luckily no one came, so I was the only one who could hear his hoarse yell as he was cumming into me with his long thrusts. Oh god, I loved the feeling! I was kissing his lips greedily, with all of my love. He made me happy again.
“Kitty-Mia, you cat woman, you… I love you!”
“Hmm… I love you too, my blonde prince. Come, let’s clean ourselves up and go back to the others.”
“I hope Dave won’t be mad, I’m sure he suspects what we were doing.”
“If I’m lucky, he’d do something like this with me too” I giggled and caressed Martin’s face. I let him put me down and I arranged my clothes as best as I could.
“Aren’t you a little nympho, kitty?” Martin smiled.
“Maybe, Marty, maybe. You two make me one, cuz I just can’t get enough of you…” I put my hands around his neck once more after we were ready and I kissed him gently “But I’m ‘very’ sorry that I don’t have any panties on again. I have to spend half of my salary onto them…” I giggled and unlocked the door.
Marty embraced me from the back and whispered into my ear: “I love you better without panties anyway – immediate admittance guaranteed. David loves you this way too.”
“You’re a pig! And I love you without underwear!”
“Kitty, do you think I’m wearing one now, hmm?”
“Oh god, you aren’t?”
“Don’t you pay attention on what you do?”
“Well, all of my attention went for my little friend.”
“I think your little friend was very grateful…”
“I don’t think, I know it” I giggled and with a napkin I wiped off the rest of Mart’s make-up and I asked back my top. He would have looked funny, if he walked back to the table like this.
Dave was still in a deep conversation and barely looked up when we arrived back. He tried to bring over the others about something. He was gesticulating and agitating. He used an edgy tone then he suddenly jumped up – his chair hitting the ground – and he nearly turned over the table too.
“Keep it easy, Dave! What’s the problem?” Martin stepped to him and took his arm.
“EMI wants new promo shoots – as we are joking around – one day in our lives or something like that. I’ve told Anton that I won’t do it.”
“Why not?” I asked carefully and softly – I wasn’t sure that he even heard it.
Martin hissed a bit from my question. Dave just looked at me then stormed out without a word, letting us behind. I didn’t think, I just ran after him.
“Dave, my dear, please stop!” I called after him.
And to my biggest surprise he stopped and looked back at me waiting and surprised “You called me ‘my dear’, Mia?”
“Yes, David.”
“You’re so sweet! It’s like we were husband and wife” he smiled at me, but in the next moment his expression went dark when he saw Anton behind me “No, no and no!” he yelled “You won’t make a dancing monkey from me again!” he screamed at the top of his voice and instead of using the elevator, he chose the steps. By the time we arrived with the elevator, we just heard the bang of his door. Anton looked at me doubtingly.
“You go after him?” he asked.
“And… would it be a big demand, to…”
“To influence him?”
“Why do you think he’ll listen to me?”
Anton gave just a ‘don’t think I’m a fool, I’m not stupid’ look.
“I won’t promise anything” I shrugged then left him there on the corridor, stepping to Dave’s door. I waited until Anton disappeared then I softly knocked.
“Leave me alone!” I heard the angry yell.
“Dave, it’s… it’s just me… Can I go in or you send me away too?”

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