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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 46

Chapter 46

  2009.08.28. 13:36


I was sitting there for long hours, but I’ve decided that I’d wait for David like this. I put just a sheet around my body. It was hard not to go after him and beg for his forgiveness, but I was waiting patiently. When he got back I stood up and simply said: “I’m sorry.”
He nodded and looked at me – he was eyeing me. I knew how bad he took when I’ve got addicted to the meds and he helped me to get rid off them. I knew how much he cared – I was stupid. I loved him and I was stupid. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live on, if something happened to him. I looked at him and saw in his eyes that he forgave me, but I saw that he was hurt deeply as well. I could have rage from compunction – I was in love with him to the extreme. All these swirling emotions froze me to that very spot and I was just standing there without a word, musing.
He didn’t move at all, he was just looking down at me with those grey-green eyes, looking straight into mines, which started glistening from my tears. Since he’d left, I wasn’t near to crying at all, but now his gaze burned me to the bones. I nearly felt myself getting smaller and smaller from it as I was sinking until I was nothing compared to him. I grabbed the sheet around my body desperately and I was fighting my tears – always swallowing them back in the last moment as I bit down on my trembling and dry lip. But then he showed mercy and took me into his arms tightly, still not saying a word. We were holding each other like two drowning lovers.
“I want you. Come” he said taking my hand and he pulled me to the bed “I want you now and forever. You’re mine and I’m yours, Mia. Let me in where I belong” he said as he was kneeling in front of me and he freed my body from the sheet “I’ll be at home in a minute, baby” he moaned and penetrated me deeply.
“Ahh… David…” I sighed faintly and my whole body was shaking from his soft moves and from the familiar feeling, which was beautiful and consuming at the same time. My fingers barely touched his skin as I was stroking his shoulders, his nape, his back… his wings and I was thinking about my wings and why I had them and my tears started flowing silently as I sighed his name. He was so gentle! A beautiful and sad moment in the silence of a hotel room, in the fading light, between long shadows.
I melted into his arms and we loved each other calmly like people, who belong together. This was the first time when I thought about how it would feel like him being my husband. He was puffing calmly and as his pulse jumped, his breaths got heavier until he collapsed onto me and he kissed into my neck. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. There was conformity between us and I loved him.
I was just laying there under him on the creased sheets and listened to his breaths. I propped my temple to his and was gently caressing his shoulder with one hand, the other hugged him close to me. He was still inside of me, we were still one. I opened up my eyes when the last red lights of the sun gleamed on his shiny skin. I inhaled his scent and was listening to his heart beats. This moment moved me beyond words. I loved him more than I can say.
“It’s so good to be with you” he murmured into my ear on a funny voice, which made me laugh. I always loved when he was clowning and I was glad that he still had the mood for that. Although I knew that it is said that the one who laughs is the one who cries inside. I hoped that I was wrong, I hoped that for this hour he forgot about everything, which hurt him and just enjoyed our lovemaking like every other men and women does.
“It’s good to be with you too, you know” I caressed his chin with my fingers playfully then suddenly I rolled him over and started tickling him. I knew those spots on his body, which caused him unstoppable laughing.
“No, no! Please stop it!!!!” he cried out laughing and this laughter was a cure for my heart.
Finally I’ve stopped the tickling, but he was still holding my wrists, just in case. But I just laid down on him and bent over him with a little smile. It was strange that now there was no need to put my hair aside.
“I love you” I said.
“I love you too” he caressed my face and I saw that it felt good to him to hear it again “And that piercing in your tongue…”
“Yes?” my smile got wider as I moved the little metal in my tongue.
“It’s exciting…”
“Do you want me to excite you with it, my love?”
“I want it.”
“Well, this was a quite quick answer.”
“I’ve missed you. Without you is like being dead. I’m alive when I’m with you, for you and because of you.”
“David, oh, you! Do you want to see me crying?”
“Me? No, not at all. I’m just afraid of losing you. I want you to know what you mean to me.”
“Yes sweetie, I understand” I kissed him and he closed his eyes and enjoyed my closeness.
Because he said that he enjoys and finds my tongue-piercing exciting, I’ve decided to do my best to turn him on. Because I was already lying on top of him, there was no need for much moving. I propped myself on the elbows next to his head and kissed him. I let him embrace me firmly with his strong arms. As I deepened the kiss, he moaned into my mouth a few times. I did my best to use the opportunities the piercing offered me as I was chasing his tongue more and more passionately. I felt his hands on my back, side and butt. I shivered. I loved when he touched me! I pulled myself together, before I could have gotten too light-headed, and pulled back from his mouth. I licked it playfully with a little smile. Then came his chin and neck, which I showered with small kisses and bites. I had to moan as I felt his hands cupping my breasts as I was kneeling over him. His beautiful hands started squeezing them gently. For a moment I had to stop, lick my mouth, moan and enjoy the moment to the full. I saw him smiling with closed eyes then I returned and licked along his collarbone, slowly going down to his left nipple, which I took into my mouth soon and started exciting it with the little metal – licking and biting it.
Love was still an unbelievable thing with him. These feelings – the physical and the spiritual ones too. I was just watching and watching while I was pampering my love and every kind of thoughts were swirling in my head. I loved him very much and I couldn’t stop myself – King David from the Bible came into my mind when I looked down at him. David was beautiful as he let himself go with closed eyes, letting his senses and emotions lead him. I’ve never seen such a beauty. Back from the university a poem from “Psalm of David” came into my mind and after taking his rock-hard cock out of my mouth I kneeled over him and took him inside of my body. I’ve started whispering the love-filled words on my mother-tongue. He listened to them then looked up with a smile and closed his eyes again, so I went on:

"A te fejed, mint a választott, megtisztított arany:
Fodor hajad fekete mint a hollónak.
A te szemeid mint a vízfolyás mellett élő gerléknek szemei,
Melyeket édes tejben mostak meg.

A te arcod hasonlatos a drága füveknek táblájához,
A felnövekedett szép palántákhoz,
A te ajkaid a liliomhoz hasonlóak,
melyekről drága olaj folyik.

A te kezeiden vannak arany gyűrűk,
Melyekbe foglaltattak türkiz színű drágakövek,
A te hasad hasonlatos,
A zafírral megrakott elefánt fehérségéhez.

A te tekinteted,
Mint Libanon hegyének magassága,
Tökéletes vagy,
Mint a nemes cédrusnak fája.

A te ínyed édes,
Mindenestül kívánatos vagy.
Ez az én szerelmesem,
Ez az én barátom."
(NOTE: Please if someone has the English version, share it with me!)
After the last lines I just sighed deeply and moaned as I made circles with my hips on him with closed eyes. He was holding me with his hands there then after both of our bodies relaxed, I lay down onto his chest. My lips gave small kisses onto his naked and hot chest while I pressed my flushed face onto it too. I was enjoying listening to his breaths from this close and I enjoyed his caresses on my back too. I wasn’t sure when did I slipped into the world of my dreams. It seemed that they were with me even when I was awake… the most simple evidence was the presence of Dave.
When Mia fell asleep in his arms Dave kissed and caressed her tenderly before getting up and taking a quick shower. He got dressed and closed the door behind him quietly. Rosie was on her piano lesson for the next two hours. Thank God Dave managed to find a professional nanny. She was like Mary Poppins – maybe she really was, cuz when they needed her, she appeared from thin air, the agency didn’t know a thing about her. And Dave had no doubts that when the time’ll come, she’ll pull out her umbrella from her bag and will float away with the western winds. David smiled to himself. This tale was a nice memory to him, his mother’d told him this several times. He was that kind of boy, whom could be tamed just with love, like the boy in the story. He looked at his watch, opened a marker and wrote “Rosie, 19:45” onto his hand. After this he knocked on the third door.
A sleepy and crabby Martin opened the door. But the smile appeared on his face like the polar lights on the sky when he spotted David.
“Hi, Dave… What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Rosie?” he asked and opened the door wider and invited his guest in.
“She has a piano lesson for the next two hours” he smiled “I wanted to see you. Is it a problem?”
“No, not at all. Come in. Do you want something?”
“Yes I do.”
“And what?”
Dave stepped to him from behind as he was looking into the fridge and he nuzzled to his lover with his whole body. The bottle of Gin slid out of Mart’s hand and smashed on the floor. Dave didn’t say a thing – this was his answer for the question – and Martin COULDN’T say anything. He was just standing there with trembling body and was whispering Dave’s name again and again, like someone mesmerised.
He felt the chilly air on his chest and Dave’s hot body behind him. He was exposed to cross-fire. His pulse jumped immediately as he was holding onto the fridge’s door with closed eyes, enjoying as Dave’s hand slid upwards on his thigh, while the other slid under the T-shirt by his tummy. Then he felt his hot breath puffing against his ear and he shivered.
“Come, Marty… Love me!” he whispered hoarsely.
Passion shook the blonde man’s body. “Dave… oh David, if you’d know…”
“I know… I hadn’t got enough time in the past weeks for you… please, don’t be mad at me…” he breathed into his neck “But now I’m here with you. I’m just yours. Do with me whatever you want….”
Mart gasped for air “And… and Mia?”
“She’s asleep. She knocked herself out.”
“Knocked herself out?”
“Well, the last days’ events were too much for her and she took some sleeping pills and had a few drinks too.”
“Jesus Christ!”
“Relax baby, we can deal with this later, she isn’t in direct danger at the moment, she just has to sleep. Come now, I want you Martin” he pulled the blonde man to him and kissed him fiercely. Mart was still shaking like a teenage girl. But the feral sexuality radiating from Dave awoke his senses soon and he reacted to him fervently. He was kissing Dave wherever he had the chance. He pushed him backwards, walking with him to the bed. He pushed him down and started undressing David quickly, who let him do so with a smile on his face. But Martin managed to unzip just the singer’s jeans. He opened it and took Dave’s awakening cock between his greedy lips.
Dave groaned loudly from the feeling and from the fact that after a long while he could be in Martin’s mouth again. For a moment he dug into the blonde tufts, but then he sat up and took off his dark-grey T-shirt. Then his fingers found their ways back to Mart’s hair.
“Ah! Yes, that’s it, sweetie… Oh god!” he moaned and bent his head back “Martin, I’ve missed you so much” David sighed and he tried to undress his companion too, but Mart didn’t let his hardness go. He loved Dave quickly, with a wild pace, who – after a few minutes – was wallowing on the bed and begged for mercy.
“Mart, Mart, don’t do it, I’ll come in a moment… the fun’ll be over, baby. Wait, wait, we have nearly two hours!”
Martin lifted his cloudy eyes up at him and he managed to moan still just one word: “Dave!”
Dave didn’t know where to look, Martin’s gaze embarrassed him. He knew how much Mart loved him, he knew it well, but this insane hunger, this desire, the burning emotions in his eyes… He pulled him up next to him by his arm and he nuzzled into Mart’s arms, softly biting Curly’s neck and he was whispering love-filled words into his ear - he was fondling Martin. He rarely did so, but now he tried to love Mart as he usually loved Mia. His first cast had its effects: Mart simply started to cry.
“Hey, hey… Martin… sweetie, don’t cry!” he asked, taking his teary face into his hand “I’m here with you” he tried to calm him, wiping away the flowing tears.
“But for how long?” Mart whispered back hoarsely “For two hours? What’s that for me, Dave? You’ll have your fun then you’ll go back to Mia, or somewhere else, God knows where, and I’m sitting here alone in my fucking room with my dark thoughts and I write dozens of songs for you and all of them end up in the trash, cuz none of them are good enough for you! I can’t grab the essence of my feelings inside here! Feel it?” he grabbed Dave’s hand and put it onto his chest “Do you feel its frantic beating? It’s because of you, Dave, you know it! Just one look or touch and I’m on the edge of collapse, cuz I know that I’ll be always just the second one” he looked into his eyes “You have no idea what I’m feeling, right?”
“Mart I…” Dave tried, but Mart let Dave just slide his free hand onto his lover’s neck.
“No, Dave… you know well how I live my emotions. You know their depths, don’t you? We had a few conversations about this, remember?”
Dave just nodded. His green eyes seemed to whirl from Martin’s words and look, from the insane rhythm under his fingers and from the trembling of Blondie’s body.
“You know it well, and here I am, alone again. I know that you two love me. I know about the things that had happened lately, but I don’t care. I want to be selfish for a little while! At least now!” he exclaimed faintly at the end then he closed his eyes and threw himself into Dave’s arms, burying his head into his shoulder.
“Then be selfish, Mart, take what you want. Don’t you dare to think that I don’t love you anymore, but you have to understand that I love a woman in a different way than a man!”
“But why?”
“Cuz you’re not a woman, you jerk” he bit Mart’s lip.
“Oh, that’s something else then. Now I get it” Martin joked “I’m not a woman. David, please forgive this whining. I love you so” he sniffed again.
David found him very sweet and it moved him. Somehow it was like back in their teenage days: he felt a fellowship, an unbreakable friendship, no matter that he was his lover or not. He loved Martin.
“Come, Martin. I’m yours. I love you” he whispered hoarsely.
Martin looked up at him with his red and teary eyes and their mouths met for a greedy kiss. He pushed David down hungrily and climbed over him to shower the body under him with his kisses and bites. After getting rid off Dave’s trousers, one of his hands closed around his lover’s shaft and started pumping it.
“I need you so!” he moaned between two kisses. He wanted to say these words for a while now.
Dave just moaned then his moan turned into a yell when he felt Mart’s fingers slide behind his balls. He threw his head backwards and his slim body tensed when he touched the silver piercing.
“Martin, oh god Mart, take it between your teeth and pull it! Ah, Mar-tiiin, more, gimme more!”
And he got what he wanted. Blondie did his best to make this lovemaking unforgettable – like the one in the bathroom. As David was lying on his back he searched for the button on Mart’s trousers and he undid it. Meanwhile he stroked along Mart’s hardness as if it was accidental. Mart sighed and slowly turned David around.
“Dave, I can’t take it anymore” he moaned.
“You do what pleases you.”
“David, hmmm, Dave” Mart panted and kneeled between Dave’s slightly opened legs as he was lying on his tummy.
Mart’s whole body was shaking for Dave’s as he slid his hand up and down on his own cock a few times then he moistened both of them. Dave moaned from this and when he felt Mart’s hardness playing with his piercing, he grabbed his pillow’s edges firmly, groaning.
“Come into me!!!” he whimpered in his torment, pushing his ass closer to Blondie.
Martin stroked along Dave’s naked back with cloudy eyes and positioned his cock to the right place and started sliding inside, which caused an enormous groan from him.
“Mart, you damned stallion!” he moaned “You tear me apart, you! Do you hear me?”
“Relax sweetie, it’s okay, you’ll get used to me soon. Do you feel it straining in you? Cuz… I… feel your… body fitting tightly around me… Dave, you god… I, uhh, Dave I…”
Suddenly David reached back and grabbed Mart’s piercing, pulling it again and again and this was the last drop for Mart, he buried his head between Dave’s shoulder-blades. He groaned and panted loudly from the feeling, embracing Dave tightly and finally he pulled himself together and started the moves of his hips again to the rhythm of Dave’s hand. Then he accelerated his speed and started hurtling Dave’s body.
Dave’s whole body trembled from the joy he felt as the waves of satisfaction washed over him. He couldn’t compare anything to this feeling – just Martin could give this to him, no one else in this world. He was riding the waves of pleasure as he was lying there, waiting for Mart to arrive too. The blonde man made some more hard pushes – knowing that Dave was far away now – then his whole body strained and he spread his wings too. He collapsed onto Dave’s back, panting, swimming in sweat as he slowly slid out of the other man.
“Sweetie, this was very good” he panted onto the wet tattooed back.
“I know, luv, it was good to me too” Dave puffed and rolled Mart over, taking him into his arms.
Martin was floating on his pink cloud. And he needed nothing less that Dave Gahan for this.
Mart felt his thoughts freely swirling inside his head, heart and soul as he inhaled the familiar scent of Dave’s body. He missed him so much and now he dared to risk letting his love towards him go. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the singer’s smooth chest. Dave was caressing Mart’s head, running his long fingers on Curly’s eyebrows, nose and lips again and again. Martin was beyond happy and he nuzzled even closer to him – as close as it was possible. Dave let him do so with a smile.
“Tell me Martin, how do you imagine our common life?”
“Well… you know, I was daydreaming about it several times” he smiled nearly shyly “I never dared to think that someday we’ll be here… and…”
“And I won’t be… alone” he closed his eyes.
 “No, you won’t be alone. You’ll live with us and we’ll give each other as much love and tenderness as much you can bear.”
“Then I think you won’t rest too much” he laughed “By the way…” he went on when Dave laughed “… did you manage to call the neighbouring estate’s owner?”
“Yes Martin, the estate is yours, but I wanted this to be a surprise – a nice Christmas present for YOU. But before you’d protest, no need to worry, it was foolishly cheap, cuz by the time I bought it there were still some debates over its ownership. Since then my lawyer spoke to the heirs and they agreed among them so the estate is legally yours. Its prise is under transfer and just the contract is left. But I have to tell you that you’ll have a lot to do with the house, cuz it’s quite ruined.”
“I don’t care at all. We’ll renew it. The main point is that finally I’ll be able to be near to you two” he caressed Dave’s face and gave him an emotional-filled kiss.
“Yes, Marty. You can come to us as often as you like” he broke the kiss and smiled at him.
“It’s more than I dared to wish. Thank you Dave. You make me very happy” he looked at him moved.
“It’s nothing, cuz I love you, you know” he stroked his shoulder.
“And so do I” Mart smiled at him then his faint smile turned into nearly a shy one as he blushed.
“What’s it, hon? What’s on your mind?”
“Do you… do you know how you’d be able to make me even happier?”
“How?” Dave smiled at him.

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