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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 47

Chapter 47

  2009.09.20. 17:26


Martin leant closer to his ear shyly and whispered his wish into it. Dave grinned and his hand slid onto Mart’s groin as he rolled Blondie onto his back.
“Sure I’ll do it, sweetie. Just ask for it and I’m already down” he winked and slid lower. Dave was kissing him further down and Mart watched as he licked around his shaft before grabbing it hard. He was playing with him – giving small bites and kisses onto Martin’s cock – then he suddenly took in nearly his whole length. Martin cried out and he dig into his dark hair.
“Jesus… that’s it!” he moaned and closed his eyes, but looked up right away to watch what Dave was doing. He felt that he grows even bigger and harder between his wet lips. The sight drove him crazy as his throbbing member disappeared again and again in the wonderful mouth. His whole body was shivering and sweating, especially when Dave’s free hand grabbed his balls. He growled “Ahhhh… the… the piercing! Please!”
Dave nodded and let Mart go. He licked along his lover’s testicles and grabbed the ring with his teeth. Martin was loosing ground, sinking in the sea of sin. He saw just Dave – his flashing eyes and nothing else. His body was squirming uncontrollable and he was moaning hoarsely louder and louder. Dave’s hand was moving on his rock-hard erection with a frantic rhythm, while his teeth were pulling the piercing softly. Martin went totally mad. He was tossing like someone in great pain and he was grabbing the sheet with his right hand, his left closed around Dave’s hand – picking up the its rhythm, which was moving firmly on Mart’s cock. He started moaning raggedly and his body strained more and more. His testicles hardened and lifted up slightly. He knew that he’d come in two sec. He nearly exploded and covered Dave’s neck, chest and nearly the whole bed with his cum.
Dave laughed “Mart, are you playing a fountain? Look at what you’ve done!” he showed around.
“Who… the fuck… cares? Oh God, oh God, I’ll die from this. It’s insane what you do to me, I die right now.”
“Well it’s good to hear that I can still entertain you.”
“You? You always. I don’t want anything else just being near to you, you god!” he smiled at his lover.
“You’re flattering me!” he stroked along his own neck and licked his fingers. Martin moaned from the sight.
“And you’ll kill me with doing such things!” he said and sat up halfway, grabbing Dave’s nape. He pulled him closer for a wet kiss. After parting Dave looked down at him with a smile and checked the time.
“It’s time for me to pick up Rosie, but before that I think I could use a shower. I’ll stick everywhere…” he sighed theatrically.
“Yeah. And you should wash your hair too” Mart pointed at Dave’s head.
“Wow, you covered me quite well” and he gracefully walked into the bathroom.
Martin feasted his eyes on him and called after him: “David, you’re beautiful, you know!”
Dave looked over his shoulder and winked playfully “If you say so, sweetie!” and he stepped under the shower.
After Dave’d left, Mart was laying on his bed for a while with his stirred-up emotions and overwhelming love for his precious panther. His feelings nearly hurt. He looked at the bed. Now it didn’t matter anymore. He put his head back onto the pillow and closed his fingers around him – like in the last few days because of Dave’s and Mia’s absence. He imagined Dave pampering him. He was still on fire for him so he started working on him.
I think it was around dawn when I woke up. Dave was next to me, sleeping on his tummy. I sat up and grabbed my head – it ached like hell. My mouth was dry so I wanted to search form something to drink, but for a few minutes I was just sitting on the edge of the bed, naked. I stood up slowly, cuz the world was still spinning with me. I thought I’d puke, but I managed not to. After I washed my face and peed, I took a shower and felt already better. I dressed up and because Dave was still sleeping, I sat down wit my laptop in the other room of the suite. It was 5.20 am and tonight we had another concert. I shivered. I don’t know how Kessler and Fletch managed to put things right and avoid scandals. They rearranged some dates and now we had 3 concerts in a row, two days off, a concert in New Jersey and the last in NYC and then it’ll be over. Maybe everything’ll be fine finally.
Dave gave his room to Rosie and her nanny, Wanda, so he slept here now. I looked at him – he was sleeping peacefully and as always, he was the most attractive man in the world. I got up and poured some orange juice then I sat down in front of the computer. I few days have passed without internet-connection for me so I had enough to do. Lots of e-mails, giving replies to them to my friends – a few of them followed the things which were happening to me lately. Thanks to this sometimes I felt that I’m not alone in the world and it felt good. Really good.
Time was flying by quite quickly. I’ve ordered two huge portion of breakfast so later my hungry panther’ll be able to eat too. I was watching him deep in my thoughts as he was sleeping soundly, lying spread-eagled, and I felt the love towards him filling me. I smiled from this. I wasn’t surprised that he was sleeping this soundly. He’ll have a tiring day today again. Concert tonight and in the next two days too. I sighed. Soon it’ll be over. It’ll be high time.
The sun was up and sent its radiating beams onto the Earth. In the bedroom one beam licked David’s face. From its warmth he opened his eyes and sat up – his eyes searching the room after me. When he spotted me in the other room, he walked to me with his fuzzy head and embraced me from the back. Hmm, this is why a lot of marriage can’t work – people can rarely give from themselves gladly. I’m a selfish bastard too, but for the people I love, I’d do anything.
“Good morning, sweetie” I greeted him.
“Morning” he breathed into my ears, his hands in my neck “What’re ya doing?”
“Just surfing on the net. But I bet you’re hungry. I’ve ordered food” I looked over the table.
“Yep, I’m hungry. I go and eat – who knows when I’ll have time for it again? This’ll be a very busy day. Kitty, we have to go to practice today, we’ve got out of our routine. Let’s eat, Kessy’ve arranged an appointment with a singing teacher at 8.30 am.”
“Alright, eat then. I’ve already had some earlier.” One crescent roll with butter, I thought sardonically.
He just nodded and started his breakfast. At the time he finished, I just turned off the laptop and went to the bedroom to dress up. I was just struggling with my jeans when I felt him kindly kissing my tattoo. I smiled and after a quick kiss I let him go. After a few minutes we were ready and stepped out of the room hand in hand.
“Is it okay, if I nip in and check on Rosie?”
“Sure. She needs you more than ever” I said “If learning allows it, bring her with us to the sound check. She should be with her father.”
“I think I’ll do this. My little angel…” he smiled and knocked at the door “Mai, come with me, okay? She has to get used to you, we’ll spend a lot of time together.”
“I know” I smiled back and we stepped in together to the suite, which was swimming in sunlight. I was a bit nervous. I wanted Stella Rose to accept me, even if not right away, but with time. I knew how important it was for Dave and how much she loves her father, who… I couldn’t stop myself… who maybe wasn’t even her father… But I wiped away this thought quickly and watched as Dave greeted the little girl, who was having breakfast with her nanny.
Despite her tiredness from yesterday Rosie jumped up right away and ran to his father, ending up in his neck. David picked her up with a radiating smile and hugged her. How deeply and intensely this man can love, I thought and I was happy that he’d chosen me for his woman. I watched them, leaning against the doorframe with a smile.
“Daddy, daddy! Yesterday we’ve started learning ‘Mary’s little lamb’ on the piano! I was so happy!” the little girl said and put her hands onto Dave’s shoulder.
“Wow! So when you’ll be able to play it, I’ll sing the song for you, alright?”
“Cool!” she smiled at her dad with a huge smile, who totally melted from this.
“But now I want to ask something. If you’re ready with learning – but just then – would you want to join us on the soundcheck?”
“Sure, daddy, I like watching when you work.”
“Angel, we have things to do now too, the voice trainer’ll come to daddy, but after it we four – you, me, Mia and Martin – will go to have lunch. What do you say? And the soundcheck’ll come after it. But just when you learn now with Wanda, okay?”
“Yes, daddy, yes, yes. Jeez, daddy, it’ll be fun! Can Marty buy me ice-cream? Yes? That big one?”
“Yep, angel, of course, whatever you want” Dave laughed from her excitement “Mia, let me introduce you to Wanda. Wanda, my girlfriend, Mia.”
“Nice to meet you” she held out her hand.
“Nice to meet you” I said to the nice woman in her forties, who had quite and eclectic hair style and she was wearing a conservationist-like pantsuit. In full she looked like Demi Moore in J.I. Jane. But it turned out that behind her slightly waggish surface she was a professional in her job. She had a diploma in child-psychology.
 Finally Dave managed to unfold Rosie’s arms from around his neck and after a few smacks he waved back to her from the door and we were on our way. I took his hand on the corridor with a smile.
“I love watching you with your daughter. It moves me to see this much love.”
“Well… she’s one of the reasons of my life” he shrugged with a little smile “I can’t stop loving her.”
“Sure. You must love her. Sadly I never got this much love from my mother” I sighed.
“Yes, it’s hard. I’d do anything to her.”
“You’re a good father, David.”
“Thank you.”
“And you’re a good mate.”
“Thank your for this too” he said and while we were walking, he put his arm around my waist and kissed me – giving a little show for the few cleaners on the corridor.
We collected Mart too and started to search for the smaller conference room, where waited for the voice trainer. The woman in her thirties was already there, chatting with Kessler. After introducing ourselves we started working right away. Dave brought his mineral water and started warming up with the help of the woman. He got used to her style and the way she worked quickly.
She hadn’t got too much work to do with Dave, he was in his top form. They ran through the scale a few times, Dave sang maybe half minute from a Depeche song and the teacher let him already go. While the woman was dealing with us, Dave went to run, had a shower and picked up Rosie. We were still sweating inside when they appeared again. Dave was in one of his maddening suits and Rosie favoured the pink-purple Barbie style.
I swallowed when I spotted him and I’ve got confused and mixed up my singing, blushing hard. I apologized and started again with the help of our teacher, trying to close Dave and Rosie out of my head. This happened all the time with me when I saw him in his damned black suits. I think this was one of my weaknesses. But soon we were ready and after thanking the woman we were on our way to the restaurant. This was a busy day again.
David let Rosie choose the restaurant. She and her father loved Italian food the best, so we went to an Italian restaurant. Martin and I would eat cibet-cat soufflé with weed-puree and tobacco flavoured ice-cream just to be with our love. So we stepped in union into the roofed winter garden, where the restaurant was.
Father and daughter went through the menu easily and chose, but I’ve got lost in the names of the foods and as I was sitting next to Martin, we tried to guess what the names could mean. I rested my right hand on his knee – I haven’t even recognised it. He had a smile on his face as he tried to explain what kind of foods were behind the names and finally we managed to order.
I didn’t try new things this time, I’ve ordered Calzone with Chianti, and Mart ordered gnocchi with the same dry wine. Dave and his little girl had lasagne with coke. The waiter was very keen to please us, he brought out the food in a few minutes. It was warm enough and it tasted very fine. I couldn’t even eat the whole portion.
“Uhh… I’m gorged” I patted my tummy with a smile.
“Me too” Mart nodded and drank the rest of his red vine.
Rosie laughed and looked at Mart with big eyes.
“What do you want Missy with your big puppy eyes?” Blondie asked with a laugh.
“Can I have one of those biiiig ice-creams?” she smiled innocently.
“Well it depends on your daddy” he looked at Dave – and caught a shining glare, which disappeared right away, as if it never existed.
“Sure. I’ve promised it” the singer shrugged.
Martin waved for the waiter and ordered – what a surprise – choc ice-creams for everyone. He balanced the Gelato Italiano ice-creams on a tray and put it down in front of us. We fell on our ice creams like a little boy on the cookies at Christmas. Martin licked his mouth time after time – Dave watching him doing that and licking his own lips playfully. I nearly giggled when I saw how they were teasing each other secretly. I think I was the one who ate the most clearly. I laughed to myself, at least I’d managed to learn this properly. Of course Rosie’s face was smeary, while the guy continued teasing each other. I was wondering when was the last time I’ve seen them like this, but Dave’s voice brought me back to reality and we stood up.
With full stomach, a bit sleepy I joined the others and went to the sound check. It was still strange to hold Dave’s hand in public, but I knew that now it was legal. Knowing this I walked into the stadium with a smile. Dave chatted with a few people. He said one or two words here and there, nodded or shook his head. He was working. It took a little time while the guys set everything – until then I was playing Barchoba with Rosie. She was a nice little girl and it seemed that she’d accepted me, she didn’t mean that I was her dad’s girlfriend and I was wondering on how flexible kids can be. When Dave waved for me to go to the stage, Wanda sand down next to her and went on with the game. While I adjusted my mic to the right height, I was watching them and I smiled every time when I heard Rosie’s ringing laughter when she guessed right. Squinting to the side I saw that I wasn’t the only one, who watched her – her dad did the same with a radiating smile on his proud face. Our smiling eyes met with Dave then we had to work. The probes were always tiring and we had to be patient, like now. Adjusting this and that – lower, louder etc… but now somehow I was enjoying it. I found the right way to sing soon.
We went to the dressing area, Mart was playing table football like always, Dave was running from here to there nervously like always, and Fletch was crunching his fingers like always. Christian stepped to me as I was sitting on one of the boxes and he gave me the hot tee I’ve asked for a few minutes ago. I thanked for it and went on with watching the workers. Now Rosie was running towards Dave, who picked her up and a group of fans was standing on the corridor – the usual meet and greet. Then the lights went out and the Intro came. Andy, Peter, Christian, Mart and me started slowly walking upwards the stairs. Like always, Dave was the last one, who came onto the stage – he was the main attraction.
I felt myself quite great tonight. I think, I’d say I was in a good mood. The songs came from routine and I was enjoying them. And the crowd was grateful for every single sound and sentences – as always. I smiled when my eyes met Dave’s then first I sang a bit surprised, dancing the usual choreography, when I suddenly felt Dave behind me – I never realised when he moved behind me, cuz I was too lost in my thoughts – and I nearly sang the wrong line, when his arms hugged me from behind and he started following the side-moves of my hips. It was an unbelievable feeling that he nuzzled to me in front of all those people. I was moved a bit from it. After collecting my last strength I went on with my work and felt Dave’s free hand moving upwards on my waist and suddenly he turned me towards him and we were dancing face to face. I could face a seducing beast. Dear God, what a beast was shouting there from the depths of his throat!
I’d say that I know him, cuz I live with him and I saw him singing, but this – what he was doing now – was breathtaking! If I’d turned to the side, I’d have seen Martin staring at us – his guitar was hanging in his hands. “Sweetest Condition” came and Dave danced to Martin. When the guitar solo came, he pushed out his hips and nearly lay down in front of him. He shook himself and kicked up in the air. Right in front of Martin he went down onto the floor and laid down, like on the “One Night in Paris” DVD, facing Blondie, looking up into his eyes panting. Mart nearly fainted by this time from the heady sexuality radiating from David.
Martin shook his head in disbelief and felt his seething soul breaking free as he was watching the man in front of him and the pictures of the previous night came into his mind. He was playing the guitar automatically while Dave stood up and gave him a hot look before winking and dancing out onto the catwalk, shaking his ass like a whore. Martin had to gulp as his feelings overwhelmed him while he was watching Dave. He thought he’d explode, if he has to watch him for another minute. Without thinking he finished the guitar solo part then put his guitar onto the floor and walked off the stage.
Because he was ready with his solo songs, they thought that he’s just having some rest, but he never came back on stage. Dave looked around every now and then very nervously and at the end when we bowed, he nearly cried. Martin was missing from the band. Dave was the first one, who’d left the stage and without a word he took my hand and ran along the corridor, checking Mart’s dressing room, which was empty of course. We put on our coats and he dragged me along. We were covered with sweat as we hurried to the waiting limousine and rushed to the hotel.
“What the heck was this, Dave? Why did he leave?” I murmured under my nose, but I’ve got no response. Rosie came into my mind – first I was frightened, but then I calmed down, cuz I knew that she was with her nanny. Then I concentrated my whole attention not to fall in my high heels as he pulled me out of the car. He stopped me in front of our room and put his hands onto my shoulders to turn me towards him.
“Mia, sweetie, I’d like you to go in, take a shower, drink a tea or something and rest, okay?”
“But David, I’m worried too and I want to know what’s up with Martin!” I protested.
“No, no, not now. I think I know what his problem is. We were together last night and he’s so in love with me… He just loves me and this always shocks him. I hope he’s here and haven’t left to drink him to death somewhere. Would you mind if I slept with him tonight? He’d need it.”
“Sure. I love him too. Just go Dave” I said and kissed him on the mouth before opening our door with the magnet card. He looked at me gratefully once more and I saw behind his worry for Mar the love he felt for me. I calmed down from this and smiled. “Hey! Just go!” I shooed him away and stepped into the suite.

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