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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 48

Chapter 48

  2009.09.20. 17:38


Dave thanked God that Mia was this understanding in this not so easy situation too. He quietly knocked on Mart’s door, but he got no answer. Then he repeated it louder. Still no answer. He couldn’t decide whether he wasn’t there or something was wrong. He didn’t hesitate for too long, he hurried down to the reception and quickly explained his worries. The manager came right away and opened the door. The room was untouched. Dave was all at sea, but he opened the bathroom’s door. Martin was there – motionless.
His heart froze and he started praying to that unknown creature, whom he didn’t know. He stepped to Mart with a dark and frozen expression and touched his shoulder. The other man gave a start and began cursing loudly. It was clear now that he fell asleep in the bathtub.
Dave turned to the manager: “Thank you, now everything’ll be fine! Thank you for your help!”
“Did you really have to scare the shit out of me?” Martin asked, turning his head away as he sat up in the bathtub. The water moved and waved around his body.
“No, Martin, you scared the shit out of me. Twice this evening.”
“What’re you talking about?” he asked on a devil-may-care tone as he watched a little island of foam on the water. If his feelings towards Dave overwhelmed him, he always returned to this casual, stiff self of his. He tried to protect himself this way.
“You’ve disappeared in the middle of the concert… The fans didn’t understand a thing. And neither did I… And the other one happened just now, when I saw you motionless in the tub. Martin, what’s your problem? Tell me! I love you! You know it! We were together last night and we enjoyed it. Please, tell me what the heck is with you! You really scared me” he said quietly and with a dark expression “I love you very much so don’t even try to do this again! Do you want to kill me?”
“No” he said dryly and with his right hand he started lazily washing his left arm.
Dave nearly felt as the blonde man closed himself in front of him. This wasn’t the first time. In these times it was fucking hard to deal with him. Like an iceberg which can’t be melted. Sometimes even Dave’s fire wasn’t enough for this, just when he bombarded him with hard work.
“Alright Martin, as you think. You know what you do. Just to know: you hurt me and I was worried” Dave turned around and stepped out of the bathroom.
“Dave…” Martin sighed as he called after the man. He knew that he’d hear it. Mart let his hands sink back under the water with a crestfallen move and sighed again “It was because of you…” he started, knowing that Dave turned back in the door “… as you were laying there in front of me… with the pictures of last night… my emotions broke free and I couldn’t bear that much fire, which was burning me from the inside. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” he finally looked up at him.
“That you want me. I want you too, Martin.”
“Both of us know that this thing means something different to you and for me too.”
“Why’d it be different?”
“Don’t deny it in front of you!”
“No, Mart, you misunderstand this. You don’t have a woman in your life right now, but you had. You were married.”
“And during all those years I loved you.”
“Don’t say such thing!”
“All along those long-long years. Until a few years ago when you finally gave yourself to me. It’s and unforgettable memory, David.”
“Sweetie, you can’t possess me, no one can. If I was able to control it, I’d give myself totally to the ones I love, but I can’t do it, I’m a selfish bastard. I do whatever I can do. I love you two as much as I’m able to.”
“Will you marry Mia?”
As he was leaning there against the doorframe for a whole minute Dave was just staring at Martin. “What’s this question now?”
“It’s very topical, David” he frowned a bit “Mia’ll collapse like a castle of cards, if you just beguile her with promises. I must give you a ‘side-note’ that you can’t imagine how many things she’d sacrificed for this love.”
“Mart, I’m in the middle of my divorce.”
“So you won’t marry her? You should tell her this in the beginning of your real relationship. You shouldn’t let her build up dreams around this. I’m sure that after your last statement – that you’ll marry her – you’ve planted the idea in her head.”
“Martin, don’t try to force her on me!”
“I don’t want to force her on you, I just want to see clearly.”
“You’re crazy, Martin. What the fuck is with you?!” David raised his voice “Yes, I love Mia, like no one else before and yes, with time – if the situation’ll be okay – I’ll marry her. I want to make her happy!” he shouted and banged the door shut behind him.
Martin resignedly closed his eyes and got out of the tub and went after Dave naked. For a moment he thought the singer’d left, but then he saw his lover standing in front of the window. With his quiet steps Mart walked behind him – although he knew that Dave heard him coming. He didn’t touch him, just stepped close to Dave’s back.
“I’m sorry. I was rude and I’ve hurt you.”
Dave just huffed as an answer, folding his hands in front of his chest.
“Hey… are you mad at me?” Curly asked.
“Jesus! Kessler and the others were churning and the crowd went crazy when you’d disappeared.”
“But YOU, Dave, are you mad at me?” he nuzzled to him with his wet body and gently embraced the singer’s waist. Dave sighed a big one and closed his eyes.
“Somewhere yes… but I can’t be mad at you for too long…”
“You know Dave, sometimes my emotions have to burst out to allow me going on, to stop life consuming me. See? You totally confuse me, you drive me crazy… This is why I act like a madman, this is why… I’m addicted to you this much. I don’t know how I could let this happen…” he mused.
“We shouldn’t have let this happen – it was a very dilettante thing. A professional should act like a professional. But sometimes this happens. You stupid jerk, come here!” he said and turned around to embrace him “Do you love me very much, hmm? Marty, do you love me?”
“What kind of question is this, David? Of course I love you. How many times should I prove it?” he looked into his eyes and frowned.
“You know that I love hearing it.”
“You’ll get bored from it” Martin shook his head with a smile.
“No, sweetie, I won’t get bored from this, ever. No matter if you or Mia says it” he stroked Mart’s face then kissed him softly. After a few minutes Martin pulled back from Dave’s mouth and with closed eyes he put his forehead to Dave’s.
“Now that you mention it, what’s with her?”
“Nothing special. She’s okay. She’s worried about you. Do you want to come over to her?”
“I can go, or rather you should call her over. It was a while ago since we three were together. Or don’t you wan it anymore? Don’t you want the three of us being together? I’d understand it, cuz after all you live with her now.”
“You talk silly again, luv. I love it with you two. You know how much Mia loves it as well” he grinned and his smile got devilish “And by the way, we hadn’t got the chance yet to try out our piercings…”
“Dave, David… don’t!” Martin swallowed hard, but his mate could sense that his objection wasn’t serious.
“And next to this I had the chance to experience the wonders of a tongue-piercing… uhhh…” he moaned from the memory.
“Great, David. Let’s go to your room. David, I want to be with you two. What is she doing now? Are you sure she isn’t asleep? And where’s Rosie? Won’t we disturb her?”
“No, we won’t. Wanda is with her, but my tiny star is already in bed. I gave her a goodnight kiss” he smiled and stroked Martin’s face. His friend accepted the gentle touch gratefully then followed the singer into the other room.
Not knowing about their plans I was sleeping on my tummy between the creased sheets, which – with my thin top – let my tattoo uncovered. They came in, but I didn’t wake up. They approached the bed from both sides and softly caressed my body, but I was still sleeping soundly. They’ve decided that they’d rather love each other this time and went to the couch in front of the window. Dave laid Martin down and he straddled him. He held down Mart’s shoulders and started biting his neck.
Martin was sighing quietly and bent his head back with closed eyes. His hands were sliding on Dave’s back, thighs and butt, rolling up his black T-shirt, while his lover slowly loosened Mart’s trousers. With his hands he lifted David’s hips and slid the zipper down and greedily went for the black panther’s family treasure – this was the moment I woke up from Dave’s deep groaning. And I was just staring at them. It’s such a wonder opening my eyes to see this! I didn’t say a word, just rose onto my elbows and propped my chin, enjoying watching my beauties’ passion.
The boys didn’t notice that they had an audience – they went on discovering each other’s bodies. Dave’s T-shirt soon landed on the floor, a few centimetres from the bed where I was laying. Quickly I reached for it and grabbed it, burying my nose into the material to feel his scent. I pupated into the blanket and went on watching them from my “cave”. I was peeking, although I knew that I could’ve simply watched them. But I didn’t want them to know that I was awake. For once I wanted to see what they do when there are just the two of them. Dave was totally naked now and to my greatest surprise Mart pulled out a black silk-rope from his back-pocket very slowly and Dave already held out his hands…
My eyes popped out and I couldn’t breathe for a moment. I watched – Dave’s scent exciting my senses – as Martin slowly and very stirringly put the rope around Dave’s wrists. His eyes nearly burned the singer. In the next moment he stuck to his mouth for a few sensual kisses, which turned more and more passionate. Now he was the one who pushed his lover onto his back and leading his hands behind Dave’s back, he tied them together. Dave let him do so patiently and was panting quietly. I felt that the sight turned me on, but I held my desire back and was just watching the best movie ever. Now Mart tore off his own clothes and with a totally wild look he came at David. I thought I’d fall off the bed. I could imagine the opposite any time, but this scene amazed me – as Dave was lying there with fake helplessness, Mart mauling him…
I didn’t want to slobber Dave’s T-shirt, so rather I’d started gnawing at the blanket, but I liked this little suffering, which came with the movie. I greedily followed as Martin bit along Dave’s chest in a not too gentle way, getting closer to the already hardened shaft. But for my surprise he didn’t started pampering Sir Lefty, but his mouth slid to Dave’s piercing and started playing with it with his tongue and teeth.
Dave tried to sit up – I don’t know what he wanted – but Mart didn’t let him, he pushed him forcefully back. The veins on Dave’s arms and neck stuck out and he was panting. He tried to break free, but Martin prevented him from doing so and an evil grin appeared on his face as he looked down at the man struggling under him. They were playing manly games.
I was watching them with bulging eyes. They were nearly burning each other’s eyes and for my surprise I saw submission next to the resistance. It seemed that the roles were set, I could see who the dominant’d be this time… I was assured with this theory when Martin conjured something from the thin air. I couldn’t see it clearly then he started speaking on a low tone, nearly growling:
“Well, my dear, if you don’t want to obey, I’ll show you who your master is…”
Dave didn’t protest anymore – like an obedient dog, he let his master tie him up, only wagging his tail was missing from the picture. And Martin wasn’t too gentle with him, he nearly chocked him as he was pulling the leash back and upwards. Dave totally surrendered himself to Curly. I was biting my lower lip and the edge of the pillow wildly. Martin pulled the chains - attached to the leash – and made Dave sit up and he kissed his dog fiercely. His free hand slid onto the rock-hard shaft. David stroked his lover’s and ruler’s face, but Curly pushed his hand away. Dave gulped a big one.
“Just when I ask for it, my dear. You’re allowed to do just the things I order, ask or let you to do. Understand?” David slowly nodded and somehow he seemed so lost. Mart heard me moving on the bed and both of them looked up…  “Look at there, we have an audience, Dave!” he pulled the chain a bit, which clinked from this. Dave smiled a bit, but he didn’t dare to smile wider – because of Mart. And maybe he was afraid a bit of what I’d say to this situation. “Since when has been peeking our little missy from her safe bunker?” Curly asked, kneeling on the couch.
“Well, broadly speaking… from nearly the moment you came in and you’ve started the fun. I’ve tried not to pay attention, but this is fucking exciting!” I licked the edge of my mouth. Dave seemed a little relieved and smiled wider.
“Look, Mia, what I have!” and he pulled the chain on Dave’s neck “Do you want to stroke my little pet?”
I nodded with dry mouth. “My favourite slave” I whispered and when I got off the bed and walked to them, Dave whispered back:
“In your room, your burning eyes…” and I embraced him and pulled him to me.
“Pipe down!” Mart dragged back his pet “And what’ll I have in exchange? Do you think, he will always be here?”
“You’ll leave him lying here, won’t you? Tell me, Marty, what do you want in exchange?” I eyed his naked body.
“Sing for me! What’ll you sing, Mia?” he asked. The answer was simple:
To the soul's desires
The body listens
What the flesh requires
Keeps the heart imprisoned
What the spirit seeks
The mind will follow
When the body speaks
All else is hollow
I'm just an angel
Driving blindly
Through this world
I'm just a slave here
At the mercy
Of a girl
Oh I need your tenderness
Oh I need your touch
Oh I dream of one caress
Oh I pray too much
To the soul's desires
The body listens
What the flesh requires
Keeps the heart imprisoned
What the spirit seeks
The mind will follow
When the body speaks
All else is hollow
You keep me waiting
For the promise
That is mine
Please stop debating
Please stop wasting
Your time
Oh I need your tenderness
Oh I need your touch
Oh I dream of one caress
Oh I pray too much
“It was very nice, Mia kitty and how true it is… We are all slaves to each other and to our desires. Do you see the chain on Dave’s neck? It doesn’t show the situation right, cuz it is my heart, which is chained with it. I love him as much as a human being can love” he whispered quietly to himself.
“Martin… I…” Dave wanted to start, but his lover looked at him sternly.
“What did I say, Dave?” he stepped back into his role.
“That I can just…”
“Exactly! Well, Davie, is your body hungry yet? Hm?” he licked along the singer’s lips then pushed him back a bit.
“Yes, it is, Martin.”
“Alright then. Mia, please start undressing – but very slowly – I want him to suffer as much as it’s possible. Sing and dance for us slowly. Just croon for yourself, I love your voice.”
“I’m your slave too?”
“Do you want to be my slave?”
“Yes, I want to be on Dave’s side always and anywhere.”
“Alright, then so be it” and he put Dave’s leash into my hand and stepped to his leather jacket. I sat down onto the bed and bent my head onto Dave’s shoulder and he did the same. I slowly pulled my top over my head and started unbuttoning my trousers, crooning “Pleasure, little treasure” meanwhile, until Mart came back.
“Very good, Mia, very good…” Mart sat down onto the couch again and took Dave’s chain back.
I went on with the crooning and the undressing. I saw the desire growing in Dave’s eyes, who was huddled up on the couch next to Martin – not daring to move until his Master said so. This time he wanted to be a good puppy.
“Come here!” Blondie ordered when I was standing naked in front of them – and I did so. “Kneel down!” I obeyed again and was waiting for the next order “Your neck!” I propped myself on his knees as I leant forward and let him put up my collar too “Now you’re mine too…” he pulled my chains too with a smug and dark grin, eyeing me from head to toe. I looked up at him and bit down on my mouth – submission in my eyes. He pulled my head closer to his groin by the chain. I looked up at him questioningly. Did he want to torture Dave with this too?
He didn’t say a word just nodded and I took him into my mouth. I squinted onto Dave, who nearly went insane from the sight. With his hands tied together behind him, he had no chance to touch himself. I sent him a pitying look then went on with pleasing my ruler. I desperately wanted David to make me his.
Martin was watching me as he took both chains into his left and his right hand stroked out my longer and messy tufts from my face and he moaned loudly: “Give me your fingers too!”
And I did what he wanted me to do. I was pleasing him as he liked. But after a few minutes I slid my mouth off of his rock-hard cock, risking a glimpse upwards. I saw from the corner of my eyes that Dave was swallowing hard and his gaze followed the lines of my body. Then his eyes started jumping from Mart’s figure to mine then back at him.
“Why did you stop?” Martin growled.
“What do you want from me?” he lifted one eyebrow a bit and pulled my chains. The leather of the collar cut into my flesh a bit. I knew that I was more than ready for a copious ride.
“Please, give him to me!”
“I’ll think about it” he answered “Let’s see… you were obedient and dutiful… so why not? Untie his hands!”
“Thank you, Martin!” I looked up at him gratefully and reached for Dave’s wrists to free him “Can I kiss him?” I asked Martin looking straight into Dave’s eyes – he had a little smile on his face.
I was kissing him greedily, cuz both of us were turned on from this little game. Meanwhile I’ve managed to free his hands and finally he could touch me. And our hands were everywhere. We couldn’t get enough from each other’s bodies – we were slaves. We belonged to each other. His eyes were burning in a deep dark fire and his body was shivering from the suppressed desire.
Martin watched his little pets on the ends of the leashes with a smile and when I thought that Dave’ll finally penetrate me, Mart pulled me back to him and he laughed on our disappointed faces.
“No, no. Maybe first you should please me and then maybe – maybe – you can play with each other.”
I was mad and then Spartacus came into my mind and the pain of all the ridden people. I saw real pain in David’s eyes and I knew that this was the first time in our relationship when he was really jealous of Martin. His eyes fisted and he bent his head down. The Taurus was about to horn.
“Hey, hey, don’t be sad, I won’t take your in-house kitty away…” he stroked along the brown-haired man’s face, who was on fire from the heat and the desire… and maybe from anger too. “Bear it a little bit further!” he whispered while he pulled my chain a bit closer to him so I had to prop myself next to his thighs again, if I didn’t want losing my balance. “Sweetheart, while the kitty serves his master, you can use her body. Embrace her from behind! Don’t think that I’m a bad master. I know that you’re like bucking cats. I think Dave’d mew for me, if I asked him to do so. Would you mew to be with your kitty, Dave?”
Dave didn’t say a word, he remained silent, but Mart went on with provoking him and he could still bear it, but when Mart wanted to pull me away from him, he bent his head back and roared loudly – even the hotel’s walls were shaking from it. Mart recoiled and suddenly silence fell upon us. David stood up and removed his collar. He still didn’t say a word, but with one of his hands he grabbed Mart’s neck and with his other he put the collar onto it. After it he led him to the radiator and he tied him to it.
“Sit!” he growled at him “Good boy. Stay here!”
He came back to me, took me into his arms and put me down onto the bed. He made love to me on a gentle way – keeping my chain in his left all along.

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