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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 52

Chapter 52

  2009.09.26. 12:53


The days had passed with reading and compulsory exercises. Sometimes the desire to drink hit me, but for my greatest relief I didn’t want to take meds anymore. I’ve spoken to my doctor and she said looking at my papers that soon she’ll think of releasing me. I was very happy to hear this. Then she announced that next day I’ll have a visitor – Martin. She thought it was a good opportunity to distract me with gleaning catalogues and stuff. But I couldn’t get anywhere with choosing materials for the curtains and furniture without actually seeing them in person. I could hardly wait for the time when they could let me go at least for a visit, cuz Mart’d promised that he’d take me to our new home. He moved here from LA and he was about to sell his house. Now he lived by Dave for a while. I could imagine what they were doing alone…

I really had to hold myself back so that they’d let me go with a nurse in plain clothes. I felt myself like a bad girl, whom they still had to monitor for safety’s sake. This cramped me, but I could deal with it. It was like for Dave during the tours – every step of his was followed – the difference was just that they wanted to protect him from his fans, not from himself.

Finally we stepped with my blonde guy into a furniture shop hand in hand. It was a divine feeling to get out of the institution. My eyes were drinking in every little detail of the supply.

“What kind of style do you want to follow?” I asked Martin.

“Mainly an elegant style. Something comfy and practical” he shrugged with a little smile in the corner of his lips.

“I’d choose warm colours on every account, although I like dark ones too. But as I saw on the pictures the former ones came into my mind right away.”

“Our little warm family-nest, huh?” he whispered playfully into my ear, which made me smile from the bottom of my heart.

I liked the sienna red and yellow. Thinking about these two colours we’ve started selecting. Martin was playing around and laid down on every bed and turned to me with a smug grin when he found the king-sized bed with iron-bars “So I can tie you up to them” he whispered into my ear.

“Or I you two” I whispered back.

He called the assistant right away and ordered two from this type. The guy was just staring at us, but had no clue. But it was okay that way and we walked into the neighbouring dry goods store to choose materials for curtains and stuff. Blondie was charming. He had all his attention on me. His concern felt really good and I tried to use every minute with him to the full.

“Thick drapery for our lazy groundhog and for my blowzy lion…” I noted stroking along a nice coloured material.

“And for our playful kitty” he winked, but pointed at another one, which he liked better. I let him choose that.

Then the nurse said looking at his watch that it was time for us to go. My heart nearly broke and we were embracing each other for long minutes, sharing a few abrupt kisses. Then Marty watched me as I’ve got into the car with the guy and he was waving to me until he’d disappeared from view.

I was a bit sad, but contented too. I’ve noticed my improving too – everything seemed easier now. Dave called every day. When I saw Mart disappear by the corner, I didn’t start to cry. I was waiting for the near reunion, which finally came on a sunny, but windy day…


Finally I was out. They said I was healthy again and I felt like that too. Of course I couldn’t dish Dave, he saw that the rehab had worn me out mentally and physically as well, but now we didn’t care, we just flew into each others’ arms and we didn’t want to let the other go for a long while. He came alone. First I didn’t understand why, but then he explained that Mart was dealing with some important stuff in the house, we’ll meet him later there.

“Jeez, David, my love! I’ve missed you beyond words…” I whispered into his ear, embracing his neck tightly “Dave, what’s with the house?”

“Come sweetie, I take you home. To home, to us” he said and his face was shining as he opened the car’s door for me. He was talking and humming during our whole trip, drumming the beat on the wheel with his long fingers.

And I was just staring at him, drinking in his sight. I couldn’t believe that finally I was really free and the nightmare was over. He smiled at me constantly and when the lamp turned to red he leant to me and kissed me tenderly. And I was melting. I was very curious about our new home and I wanted to meet Curly as well. I was wondering how many things had already materialised from our plans.

It turned out that a lot. Both their styles were clearly visible on the house. It was simply wonderful, roomy, airy and bright. I loved it. Dave took my hand and led me to the master bedroom – cuz we all had our own little kingdoms too.

“This is incredible!” I exclaimed with my jaw on the floor as I turned around. Like an eager child I ran to everything and stroked them, sat down, opened or looked out of them. “I really love it!” I smiled at Dave from the bottom of my heart and kicked off my shoes and jumped onto the huge bed with the canopy. I’ve started jumping, cuz I was sooo happy! I felt so relieved like a child. The captivity was over, the window was open and the bird found its way back to home.

With one of his shoulders Dave leant against the doorframe and folded his arms in front of his chest, watching me with a smile. Suddenly I’ve stopped jumping around, cuz the green pair of eyes behind Dave’s shoulder distracted me. Dave stepped aside and Mart tried to hand over a huge bunch of flowers to me, but he stumbled in the carpet and dropped them. Suddenly the room was covered with camellia and bay tree – it was as if it started snowing in big flakes.

“Crap!” Martin murmured under his nose, but I hushed him.

“Shush! They’re beautiful!” I jumped off of the bed and helped him collecting the flowers. After they landed in a vase, I hugged Curly firmly and smiled at him gratefully “Thank you guys! It’s so nice of you!”

“This is the least we can do for you” Martin smiled at me. He rarely smiled although he had a beautiful smile – I often got lost in them. I quickly kissed him then danced out of his reach with a giggle. I playfully grabbed one of the bed’s pillars as I made a half-arc around it and faced the boys again.

“And now?”

“Well, I think Mart made something very unusual thing for us” Dave grinned.

“What, Mart? What did you made?”

“The situation is that I tired to make a nice lunch, but don’t except wonders. Dave set the table and made the decorations” he giggled.

“What? It’s not a big deal that I’ve put the dessert fork onto the wrong place! I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. You should rather tell us what did you cook – it had a nice smell.”

“French onion-soup and buffalo hot wings with smashed potatoes and some sauce.”

“Is there any dessert?” I asked.

“Yep” he grinned “Dave what do you think why did I gave you the dessert forks? Yep, we’ll have fruits with vanilla custard” our chef straightened himself proudly.

“Wow! They all sound fabulous!” I laughed “I’m really proud of you two!” I jumped into their arms and looked at them in turns with my shining eyes.

“Wait until you have to actually eat them!” Martin laughed “You haven’t tasted them yet. I hope they turned out better than the omelette I’ve made you for breakfast in Spain!” he touched my nose with the tip of his index-finger.

“I liked that too. Everything I got from you means a lot to me – no matter that it’s just a peck or some flowers” I shrugged “Hey, let’s go! I have to gain my ‘race-weight’ back” I winked “And I’m staaarving!” I took their hands and led them to the dining room.

And it tasted very good. I wasn’t a master chef, but all of us liked Martin’s dishes. We had a long lunch with a nice conversation. I asked Mart what was up with his house. He pointed out of the window and I could see workers everywhere. He hired a restaurateur too, cuz he didn’t want to pull the building down. The house was built more than a hundred years ago and it was beautiful. And although it was ruinous at some places, it had no problems with its statics and the recovery went on without a problem.

“They say it’ll be finished in 2-3 months time. But maybe sooner” he explained, waving with his fork.

“Until then he’ll be around here” Dave smiled and leant over his dessert again.

Mart was just smiling shyly when Dave praised the fruit bowl and he blushed a bit as well. And I was just watching them and I loved every single moment with them.

“By the way we took your stuff into your room, but I didn’t put everything away” Dave said after swallowing some fruit.

“Okay, I’ll deal with it later… or tomorrow.”

“And kitty… I want you to move all your necessary stuffs here from Hungary.”

I gulped. It was very serious now. He – they – really wanted me on the long-term and I was moved from this as I gave him a smile.

“Alright David, I’ll talk to my friends at home and… are you sure you want me to sell off everything back there, to sell my flat? What’s if you get tired of me and you decide you don’t want me anymore?”

“That’s not possible. I’ve made this mistake with one single woman, who loved me. The others… they’d left me. I loved all of them Mia” he bent his head down a bit and went on on a lower tone “I ask you to do this exactly because this way you won’t be able to run back there after the first quarrel, cuz as I know myself, I know that surely there’ll be such things. But you have to know that I love you no matter what I say or in which situation we’re gonna be in.”

I looked at him moved and with a smile. Their words felt good. I took one of his hands, which were resting on the table and looked into his eyes “I love you too, no matter what I’ll say or do. So we agree on this… I can still run into a hotel in that case” I winked.

“You!” he growled.

“What?” I laughed and Martin joined me seeing David’s expression, who murmured something under his nose. “I go and call my friends right away” I jumped up, cuz I was already done with my lunch. I leant down to Mart and planted a kiss onto his mouth “Thank you for this superb lunch! It was very yummy!”

“I’m glad” he nodded with a smile.

I stepped to one of the high French windows and examined the wonderful garden with my cell by my ear. After a long explanation in Hungarian I’ve arranged things with my friend, who took care of my flat. I smiled again when I felt Dave’s arms sneaking around me from the back and had to giggle when he kissed into my neck.

Miracles, real miracles do happen even if we don’t believe in them – they happen every day. With me, with Dave, with Mart, with you, with everyone. I wouldn’t have thought and now… Dave and Mart were here with me, for me. We lived through rough times, but maybe now better ones will come. We can’t know how long the break in the clouds’ll last, but when I look at them they move something deep inside of me. No, I didn’t believe in love, but it’d found us at the end. It was a blessed feeling. And maybe it can happen later that another Gahan or Gore will come to this world.


After a few minutes of being happy with each other I pulled Dave with me into the master bedroom. Meanwhile Martin announced that he had an important phone call and must go check on the workers. I saw in his eyes – while pulling back from our kiss – that he knew: we won’t get lost without him. I winked at Curly then disappeared with my other darling, who was holding my hand firmly.

But instead of leaping on each other immediately, I just pulled him with me onto the bed and we nuzzled to each other. For a few minutes we didn’t do anything else just let the other’s scent and warmth to our senses then I quietly asked: “What’s the situation around your divorce?”

“Well, it’s practically over. Her lawyer wants to change things around the division of the possessions, but he can’t do much, cuz she has an own income and private means.”

“Which is from you.”

“Which is from me. But I don’t grudge it from her, I see it like charity – some goes, the rest stays.”

“I see” I stroked his chest “When’ll you bring Rosie here from your mum?”

“She had been here for a few days, but before I bring her back, I want you to get used to the new place. I know that it isn’t easy to come back to real life after rehab. And… are you alright? Is everything okay now?”

“Yes, I think. I’ve changed. I’m clean and it’s a good feeling” I smiled into his eyes “It wasn’t that bad at all, but I’ve missed you two very much.”

“Now we’ll relax – we deserve it. This tour was long. I swear I won’t do anything!”

“Aha… you’re exactly that kind of guy…”

“I’m serious. I’m tired and a lot of things had happened – for example I have a new beautiful woman in my life and we love each other with her.”

“A ‘new woman’, hah!” I laughed and just love was visible in my eyes “Just like a shopping-list: old lover reclaimed, tour finished, new house, new woman…” I tickled him. He had to laugh and tried to pin my hands down. We’ve started wrestling playfully, but of course he won. I was lying under him panting and giggling as I looked up at him.

“No, it’s much more than that. You’re more than that” he bent down and kissed me tenderly. I slid my hands onto his face and got lost in the whirlwind of my emotions.

“David” I sighed and as I looked into his eyes, I asked myself how many times I could have sighed his name – and how many times could have other people done it? If we really could build bridges from sighs, I guess there wouldn’t be any need for ferries.

“What do you want, my little kitty?” he nuzzled closer and pressed his hard body against mine. He was deadly sure in my answer. A faint sigh left my mouth as I felt his wandering hand on my body.

“I think your nuzzling gave you the answer to your question” I grabbed his fine ass with both of my hands “Hmmm… I’ve missed you very-very much!” I led his hand right under my panties and bit down my lip as I bent my head backwards.

“Hmmm… I feel it, kitty… you’re so nice warm and wet…” he whispered hoarsely, kissing along my neck, while his long fingers were lazily stroking along my pussy under the thin material. I quickly helped giving him more space to move with removing my pants.

There was no need for words – I saw in his eyes that he wanted me as well. Madly. He’d missed me. This brought a smile onto my face while he rolled me onto my back and was already sucking onto my naked breasts. I knew well that his tongue’d take a trip down between my legs and I couldn’t wait for that, my whole body was shaking in anticipation. He surprised me when his lips didn’t slide down there. He kneeled up and after getting rid off his T-shirt he grabbed one of my legs. I laughed, cuz he tickled me, but then my giggle faded away, when he pulled down my trousers and panties completely and lifted my leg again. He kissed my big toe then he gently took it into his mouth and started sucking on it, while his fingers were sliding on my leg. It was insanely exciting as he was holding the eye-contact.

“David, honey, what’re you doing?”

“Just showing my love.”

“Yes, but this, this, this…”

“Oops, I know what you will get to your b-day, baby” he grinned “A synonym dictionary. Your vocabulary needs expansion.”

“You’re mean!” I moaned and watched as he went on sucking my toe. Then he slowly licked along my foot and ankle and he gave countless kisses onto my shin-bone, knee and finally onto my thighs. By this time I was panting impatiently. “Tell me you don’t want to repeat this on my other leg!”

“Should I?” he grinned evilly and grabbed my other ankle.

“No! You should rather… rather… rather…”

“Hey baby, you really have problems with talking…”


“Alright, alright, I get it!” and without any warning he pulled my wet folds apart with his fingers and he started licking me wildly. I screamed from the long-awaited pleasure then he couldn’t bear it anymore and penetrated me passionately.

It felt so good what Dave was doing! I knew every single move of his and he knew how I liked it. He started accelerating his speed with a smile until I quietly screamed after every hard thrust. The pleasure was nearly more than I could bear. Suddenly he stopped and showered me with his kisses. Then without any warning now he slid back into me much harder.

“Oh jeez, that’s it!!” I moaned “More!! Ah… how I’ve missed this!” I dug my nails into his shoulders.

“I know… kitty, I’ve missed it too!” he panted and growled and groaned in such a way that I thought I’d come just from that! It didn’t take long for our sweaty bodies to shake from joy as we screamed each others’ name.


Dave slowly got up from my side and scratching his tummy he was crawling naked in the room until he found his cell. He called Mart asking when he’ll get back, but he said that he has a lot to do and can’t tell it. Dave yawned and stretched and asked me on his way to the bathroom if I had any mood to go somewhere.

“Sure. Where do you want to go?” I asked still resting on the bed then followed him into the beautiful bathroom.

“Checking out the neighbourhood? For a walk? Or shall we go to the cinema? It doesn’t matter, I just want to go somewhere. You fill me up with energy, kitty” he smiled at me and gave a kiss into my neck again as I stepped next to him and he started the shower.

“Same here! I’m full of energy too and I feel healthy!” I clapped and checked my naked body in the mirror “I just have to put up some weight” I shrugged then looked at my smiling love, who adjusted the water to the right temperature.

“We’ll deal with that soon too” he winked “We’ll cook yummy things and we’ll eat and make love a lot” he took my hand and pulled me under the water. I sighed.

“Hmmm… this feels great” I smiled at him.

“Uh-uh and you are tasty” he put a kiss onto my lips.

“Hey! I’ve got it!”

“What?” he looked at me questioningly.

“Where we should go!”

“And?” he poured some shower-gel into his palm and started dissolving it on my body. I made it heavier for him, cuz my arms were around his neck, but he solved it somehow.

“Are there any playgrounds around?” I smiled at him with a playful look.


“Yep. We take a walk and search for a playground. I want to swing!”

Dave laughed then pulled me tightly against his body. “I think you’ll make a good stepmother for Rosie. You’re youthful and giddy!”

“Yep! And full of energy again! David, thank you for getting me to the rehab. I know that I was just a shadow of myself” I smiled with a more serious expression and I closed my eyes for a moment when his hands stroked along my tattoo.

“I did it for this. For your love” he slid his fingers onto the cat “To get that cheerful girl back, whom we got know.”

“Well… now I’m back and I’m ready for our future. I see the beauty in it again” I caressed his face.

“That’s good, that’s very good. We too” he noted and leant down for a kiss.


Like a giddy kid I’ve started running towards the playground when we spotted it after a long walk and because it was deserted, I headed for the swings right away.

“Do you like swinging?” I giggled at him.

“Yep. I used to go to the nearby playground with Rosie a lot. And I liked swinging as a puppy as well. We always raced which one of us could go higher” he sat into the next swing, which was a bit tight for him, but he started swinging right away. I joined him and rose higher and higher, screaming. The hidden children in us were ramping and felt free!

We were laughing and laughing until air became thin for us. We chased each other and sat up onto a rail. We had noting to do now. We had time. We had all the time in the world. First we were talking, sitting on that rail, hugging each other and then we were watching people passing by, trying to guess in turns which kind of life they could have.

We knew without words how good it was being with each other. This little program made me happy. I felt myself free. My soul was flying high and my blood was running in my veins in a quick and refreshing way. I felt happy for myself as I nuzzled to Dave, who embraced me and planted a kiss onto my forehead. Then we were just sitting there watching the beautiful sunset, which bathed us in red and gold colours. It was a real relief.

His phone rang – it was Curly. He asked whether we wanted to go out for dinner and should he reserve a table somewhere. Dave looked at me questioningly.

“Sure! I’m starving here!” I winked and after a quick peck onto his mouth I jumped off the rail and crouched next to the sand box while Dave was chatting with Blondie.

“It’s arranged” he stepped next to me “What’re you doing?”

“This!” I stood up and now he could see what I’ve written into the sand. He smiled from the bottom of his heart.

“I love you too!” he closed me into his arms and after another gentle kiss he took my hand “Come, Mart’s waiting for us. Let’s kill that hunger of yours!” and he pulled me along and I followed him happily.

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