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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2009.09.29. 13:05

(Illustration by Orchidett)
Strange Affection

Note: The story – which was written by me when I was preparing for my high school final oral exams :P – includes sexual and violent scenes, so it’s not for under-aged people. The story was influenced by Danka’s ‘Violator’, which mesmerized me completely. Maybe there are some similarities between the two FICTION, but it’s just because the author wrote some things so good, that I couldn’t imagine them in another way. I think this is a compliment. :D I hope you’ll like my story, too. Enjoy!

Note2: The title is from a great DeVision song.

Rate: NC-17, Supernatural

Chapter 1

I was panting as I ran through a dark alley in one district of New York. I tried to flee towards the light and the traffic. My side was pricking and air was thin for me, but I knew I couldn’t stop. While I was running I looked back over my shoulder and swallowed a scream when I saw the two dark silhouettes again. They were after me. Avoiding the lack of air and the pain I started to run even faster. My fear was flowing through me in enormous waves. I knew they were playing with me – they could have been able to catch me in a second. Leastways I thought this.

I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want to end in a morgue in this city where I came to find shelter, but my chasers found me here, too. I didn’t want to let them kill me, or worst: to be their captive. I didn’t really know where I was, because the city was still quite new for me, but when I ran through a street I saw nearly a forest on my left.

“The Central Park” I thought. It wasn’t on my mind to run there, cuz it was a much easier place for my chasers. In this hour there weren’t too much people in the semi-dark and shadowy park. I desperately tried to figure out where to go, because the men behind me could find me everywhere. Finally I started to run next to the park. I saw a crowded café not too far – of course it didn’t promise too much safety, but I felt that I wouldn’t be able to keep this pace up for much longer.

I looked back over my shoulder and for my greatest fear I saw just one of the men hurrying after me with a stern expression, the other one’d disappeared. I didn’t like this. They’ve changed tactics. I wasn’t far from the café, but then I felt that someone grabbed my arm from the left and he dragged me mercilessly between the trees and bushes. I cried out loud, swallowing a scream. It was as if he tore out my arm. The movement drifted us far from the bright street. I fell onto the ground, still feeling the steel-hard grip of the icy fingers on my wrist. I reached into my boot for my hidden dagger. The cool grip slid into my palm and in the next moment I stabbed. My attacker yelled and I felt his steel grip on my left wrist as well. Now it was my turn to cry out shortly as I heard my bones crackling. He pulled out the knife and with his other hand he grabbed my throat, lifting me slowly off the ground.

“Stupid bitch! My heart is more to the right” he hissed mockingly.

I tried to let some air into my lungs as I held onto his arm, but I could just cough. He screwed off the dagger from my grip. A painful grimace ran through my face and I’d started choking.

“Put her down, you know we need her alive!” I heard behind my right ear and felt the other man nuzzling to my back, holding my arm behind my back. I gasped for air and tried to break free right away, but a strong pain shot into my shoulder and whole arm when I moved it. I felt the tears of anger and pain blurring my vision.

“For this little action of yours you deserve some punishment, you slut!” the blonde guy hissed and nodded towards his black-haired partner to hold me firmly. He obeyed and grabbed my hair to reveal my straining neck. I moaned painfully.


“And what can you do against it?” he asked angrily – I could nearly see the malevolent grin on his face, although I saw just the dark sky and the limbs of the trees. I felt their cold breaths on my skin. I tried the impossible: breaking free, but the other one was holding my tightly. Fear came upon me with big waves. I heard the blonde’s hissing then felt him tearing off the black silk-scarf from my neck.

“Hmm… you heal quite quickly” he noted running his finger along my neck.

“Come on, do it! We have to hurry!” the other said.

The blonde growled something then his head shot forward. I felt his teeth scratching my skin, but in that very moment he cried out loud then I felt that he disappeared. The guy behind me pushed me to a tree. I didn’t know what was going on, I just heard the sounds of quiet scrapping and hissing. I couldn’t really see, cuz I hit my head and was fighting against fainting while I tried to find my knife in the grass.

Then it was as if someone’d cut it – it was silence. I grabbed my knife in that very moment and I looked up confused. I saw just one person’s outlines in the dark. He was standing there calmly a few steps away. His face remained in the shadows, I saw just his black turtleneck sweater and dark trousers. I stood up carefully and started recoiling, pointing my knife forward when he slowly started walking towards me.

“Don’t come any closer! Stay where you are!” I yelled at him. My voice was full of fear.

“Don’t be afraid, I don’t want to hurt you. I’ve saved you” I heard the nice low and somehow familiar voice, but my brain didn’t want to process this information now, it was concentrating just on surviving.

“Stay away from me!” I shouted again, still recoiling and I stumbled in a root.

“Oh come on, Elizabeth – you know me” he stepped out of the shadow and I thought I’d faint right there from the shock.

“What? No! Dave?!?!” my knife and voice shook “Don’t play with your mental tricks, you damned bloodsucker!”

“Uh-oh, this was very rude. By the way there’s no trick, I’m real.”

“But you can’t…” I answered confused and stepped one towards him with the knife.

“… what can’t I be? And most of all why not?” he asked, entwining his fingers in front of him.

“No! I won’t buy this! What’s this all about? You took Dave’s picture from my head and you try to manipulate me, don’t you?”

“No, I’ve told you I’m not doing that” he sighed “And I’ve already told you that I don’t want to hurt you. I just helped you. But I’m afraid if we stay here, your attackers’ll return. Come with me, I take you to a safer place” he started walking towards me again.

“No, don’t come any closer!” I exclaimed again then I stumbled and fell onto my back. Dark and colourful stripes swam in front of my eyes. Then complete darkness.


I came round slowly and my brain didn’t want to start working, but suddenly my eyes opened and I quickly sat up just to fall back between the pillows with the same movement with a painful yell.

“I think you should stay still for a while” I heard the familiar voice from the left corner of the room.

It was strong half-light because of the curtains. As I sized up the room with a quick glance, I knew that I was in a hotel room and Dave Gahan was sitting in a Dave-like position in an armchair in the corner. I slid back to the bedpost and pulled my legs up, covering myself with a blanket. I was wearing just my lingerie and a white fluffy bathrobe – and of course the blanket. I looked suspiciously and with fear towards him, although it wasn’t easy to see his face in the dark.

“What do you want from me?” I whispered angrily.

“I want to help” I heard the calm baritone.


“Why not?”

“Dave, I don’t think that you could protect me from them.”

“Don’t say silly things, I’ve protected you in the park too…”


“You don’t think I’m strong enough?” he asked a bit angrily and in the next moment he was inches from my face. I screamed and if it was possible, I pressed myself against the wall even more. I felt one of his cool hands resting on my knee, while he propped himself with the other next to me. I swallowed hard and my eyes popped out.

“What are you?” I asked hoarsely, but I suspected what his answer would be, but I didn’t want to believe it.

“You know that. The same like your attackers, just with the opposite intentions. I don’t want to kill you” he started crawling in the room, like someone who felt uneasy from something.

“But… Dave! You’re a singer. A celebrity. How’s this possible? How can you…”

“… hide it?” he flashed his eyes on me. For my greatest shock they seemed to shine with bright green colour. He noticed that and with an apologizing blink his eyes returned to normal. “Sorry. Your fear… how can I say… excites me.”

I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.

“But how’s this possible? In the past we were joking about your teeth on a few pictures, where you looked like a vampire! I can’t believe this! I want to wake up!”

“I’m afraid, Elizabeth, that you’ve already woken up when it dawned on you that we were not just fictions.”

“But Dave, this can’t be that you too!” I answered, despair clear in my voice, cuz the former picture of my favourite singer just shattered in my mind.

“Elizabeth, you should try to get over this. Or should I give you a demonstration? Should I let my teeth grow, or should I cut my hand so you can see it heal within seconds? Would you believe then that I’m not lying? What do you think, how could I have been able to scare off those puppies in the park, if I wasn’t… what I say I am?” he sat down slowly by the foot of the bed.

“But tell me how? And when? And why don’t you die from sunlight?” the questions burst out of me and I didn’t care about the pain getting stronger in my shoulder.

“You ask too much…” he sighed “It’d happened back in ’95, when they say I’d died for two minutes. My Master turned me just before that so I could survive my overdose” he shrugged.

“And the sunlight?”

“My Master’s blood protects me from that.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s strong enough so that I have nothing to fear from sunlight. And – among other things – this is one of the abilities of my mentor. But of course I don’t like hard sunlight.”

“And Jen and Stella and your family?”

“The don’t know. I cover myself very good” a smile ran through his face.

“But… I can’t believe! I can’t see it on you at all!”

“Then I’m relieved. Master made me strong enough.”

“Who’s your Master?” I whispered.

“You want to know too much. This’ll be your death.”

“I just want to survive this whole thing” I shrugged slightly, but I had to cry out from the pain “Fuck!”

“Let me see! I have to examine it” he leant closer, but I held up one hand in protesting.

“No, you don’t have to, it’ll get better!”

“But maybe it’s broken. Please, let me help” he looked at me with an innocent look, but somehow I couldn’t believe it, but thanks to the pain I lowered my legs and slid closer to him, still having strong doubts.

He flashed a small smile at me then he carefully pulled the blanket and the robe down off my aching shoulder. I was watching him, but he was concentrating onto my injury then I saw him frowning.

“It seems we have a disoriented shoulder here” he sighed.

I looked down onto my right shoulder, which really looked a bit odd and its colour started to turn into purple.

“I have to replace it.”

“Have you ever done such a thing?” I looked at him suspiciously.

“For myself yes. I don’t think that it’d be much complicated in your case.”

I gulped then looked into his calm eyes “Alright, do it!”

I took a wobbly breath and pressed my lips together, trying to prepare myself for the pain as best as I could. I felt him placing his fingers carefully onto my naked arm. For a moment I stopped his cool wrist and looked at him with a faint smile.

“But don’t tear it out accidentally!”

“I won’t, don’t worry” he answered with a lopsided little grin then waited for me to let him go. I closed my eyes and tried to relax as best I could.


“Ready” I nodded.

In the next moment he gave a sudden pull to my arm and I felt the joint go back to its place. The pain numbed my whole arm from my shoulder to my fingertip. I shortly exclaimed with closed eyes then I panted towards the ceiling, suppressing the pain. A disoriented shoulder isn’t a nice thing.

“Thanks” I whispered when I was able to look at him.

“You’re welcome” he let my arm go. I carefully touched the aching area. “I think it’d be better to put a wet towel onto it and I should disinfect the wound on your neck again. Who knows what did these puppies bite before catching you” and he stood up and walked into the bathroom.

I watched him in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that Dave Gahan, the lead-singer of Depeche Mode was a REAL vampire, who was taking care of me now! But why? What’s his aim? Why is he helping me? I don’t think that just because he has a good heart, I thought then watched him coming back. He sat down onto the bed with a soft and wet towel, some lint, plasters and disinfectants.

“Here, put this onto your shoulder” he held out the towel. After I put the cool material onto my aching and throbbing shoulder, he reached out for my neck, but I instinctively pulled away a bit. “Don’t be afraid, I don’t want anything just treat your wound. I won’t bite you, if you’re afraid of that” a small smile appeared on his face, but it was as if for a moment I saw some sadness in his eyes as well. I straightened back without a word and let him take off the bloody piece of lint. “The wounds aren’t deep, we can say they’re just grazes. Or at least the one you’ve got a few hours ago. But the other one next to it… it’s older, isn’t it?” he examined the edges of my wounds, gently pushing them. “Back in the park… just that one guy bit you, whom I pulled off of you, right? This one here” he slid his fingertip along my better-looking bitemark “is older, isn’t it?”

I pressed my lips together and was staring at the towel on my shoulder, turning my head to the side. I knew that he’d guess this.


“Don’t you want to tell me a bit more of it?”

“What should I tell about it? It’s clear that I was bitten by a vampire.”

“Well, yes” he leant a bit closer to examine it again “but according to the edges of the wound he was very greedy or you resisted.”

“The latter one.”

He leant even closer and I pressed my back against the headboard again, but he didn’t care just smelled my neck. A shiver ran down my spine and fear rose inside of me again.

“No, no need to fear” he sat up with a strange expression on his face. It was as if he was fighting with himself. “A man’s bitten you. A young vampire.”

He shocked me. My fear was replaced by curiosity – from this I saw a muscle flinch on his face.

“How do you know?”

“I can feel the scent of two men” he shrugged. I looked at him without a word. “Why were they after you, Elizabeth?”

“I guess you read my name out of my head.”

“Yes” he nodded.

“Then why don’t you read out the answer to your question as well?”

“Because you don’t let me do so. It’s surprising, but you can shield your thoughts quite well. I can see just flashing images. So?”

“Why do you want to know it? I’d just get you into trouble.”

“I’m already in trouble since I’ve saved you on my way back home.”

I didn’t answer right away. I was examining his face, but I looked away when I saw his irises open up and flash in bright green again. It’s not too lucky to look into a vampire’s eyes for too long, cuz they can hypnotize people easily, or they can read their minds.

“Were you hunting?”


“And your wife and family? Aren’t they waiting for you?”

“They aren’t in New York” he said shortly then cleaned my wounds with a wet piece of lint and poured some disinfectant onto another piece “So? Will you tell me what you’ve done against them? I don’t think that they were chasing you just because as a dinner you’ve got away” he noted “And of course I’d like to know it so I can prepare for everything” he pressed the disinfected lint to my skin. I hissed from it, but he went on.

“I’ve killed a member of their clan” I whispered. His hand froze and he looked into my eyes. I saw the shock there.

“What? You’ve killed a vampire?”

“Yes. The one who bit me. I’m not proud of it” I replaced the towel on my shoulder, cuz it wanted to slid down.


“Yep. He wanted to turn me into a vampire from unknown reasons. Without asking. In London. I spotted him on my way back home after work. He followed me and later attacked me in my flat. Before he could have sucked out too much blood after the scuffling, I broke free from his grip and tried to find anything I could use as a weapon. As he pulled me back to him, the rabble I was able to grab went straight into his chest” I told him about that night by and large “Since then they are after me. I guess to take revenge. This is why I came to New York two days ago, but they’ve found me again.”

I went silent. Dave didn’t say a word, he was just staring at me stiffly then like someone awakening from his thoughts he went on with disinfecting my wounds. Finally he put a bandage onto them too.

“Don’t you say anything? Or you want to cast stones at me too?”

“No, I won’t do that, cuz it was self-defence, but it’s a fact that killing a member of a clan can cause not so nice kickbacks. I just don’t understand why they want you so badly. Maybe they are a converging clan, or they have other reasons to follow you this far. These are the two options. Do you have any idea?” he quickly looked away when my robe slid further down by my shoulder, flashing a bigger part of my bra and white skin.

“No, I haven’t” I pulled the robe together after I turned the towel onto its cooler side “Dave, thanks for your help so far. Somehow I’ll manage to deal with this.”

“This sounded as if you didn’t want me to help further.”

“You want to protect me? Why?” I frowned with doubt in my eyes.

He just smiled and asked me again: “Why not? But now I have to go to arrange some things and get some information. Try to stay here and sleep a bit.”

“But Dave, the sun’ll rise soon…” it slid out of my mouth.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay” he smiled with that smile, which made me always dizzy “And you’ll be safe here at least until sunset.”

“And what if they can walk in the sunlight too?”

“Oh, I don’t think so. You know, there are very few of our kind and we recognize each other” he shrugged and slowly stood up “I try to get back soon” he said walking towards the door.


“Yes?” he turned around and within a second he scared the shit out of me, cuz he looked into my eyes from inches again. I think he liked to scare me. I stopped breathing for a minute as I looked down at his lips – my heart beating like mad – then I looked up into his eyes confused.

“Will you miss me?” he smiled.

“No!” I lied. I knew that he knew. “I just wanted to say that… that…”

“That?” he leant closer, nearly touching my lips with his. I felt his warm breath on my face.

“Thanks” I blurted out shortly, which made him smile and it seemed as if he sniffled into the air around my face. When he spotted my questioning look, he laughed.

“You’re welcome” he pulled his head back a bit then closed it to mine as if he wanted to kiss me, but before touching my lips he stopped and in the next moment he wasn’t in the room.

I was staring in front of me, my heart beating fast in my chest. I felt lonely. He knew that I’d miss him. But maybe it wasn’t a big wonder – after the last few days he was the only one who didn’t want to kill me – yet – and I couldn’t explain why, but I’ve started to trust him. I knew that this wasn’t the brightest idea. Can we trust a vampire? Or I’m feeling this, because I’ve “known” him for years through DM’s music? It’d be silly trusting him just because of this. It’s possible that he’s completely different from the person I’ve imagined. More to say, it was sure now. I didn’t know what came into me, but I believed that I can sleep calmly. After wetting the towel on my shoulder again I put my knife under my pillow – it was wrapped into my black silk-scarf on the nightstand until now – then exhaustion took over me. I lay back comfortably, pulling the robe up onto my shoulder and put the blanket around me. Soon I fell asleep and after the last days’ chase finally I was able to regain some strength.


After a few hours Gahan stepped into the room quietly. He walked to the girl’s bag without a sound and deep in thoughts. He slid his ID back into her purse. His Master said interesting things about a girl, who was probably lying in front of him, frowning restlessly in her dream. He saw on her that she had nightmares and felt the heat radiating from her body – he knew from this that she had fever too. He went into the bathroom for some cold water and a new towel. When he got back, he stepped closer to the girl surprised. She was whispering on an unknown language. Dave could make out just a few words, cuz she was talking without articulation or she was too faint.

When he started calling her by her name and tried to put the wet towel onto her forehead, the girl sat up with bloody eyes, pulling out the knife from under the pillow, which stopped just inches from Dave’s throat, who grabbed her wrist in the last moment.

“I’ll never obey you! You can’t give orders to me!” a strange tone hissed on the long forgotten ancient language.

Dave tried to take the weapon out of Elizabeth’s hand, but it wasn’t hard, cuz in the next moment she’d have fallen back onto the bed like a puppet, unless he reached under her back to hold her up.

“Elizabeth, Elizabeth, snap out of it! Do you hear me? Wake up! It was just a dream, just a dream” he tried to wake her and with his other hand he gently patted her sweaty face. Dave tried to penetrate her mind, but like some kind of electric discharge it pushed him back to the surface. He moaned, feeling dizzy for a moment then he pulled himself together. Finally one of his mental tricks’d worked on her and he managed to wake the girl, who was whimpering as she opened her eyes half-way.

“I don’t want… no… No! Don’t take me away!”

“Calm down, they won’t take you anywhere, I don’t let that happen. Come, drink this, it’ll help” he held out a glass of water which already contained some medicines.

The girl nearly leaped on the water and after swallowing in the wrong way a few times she coughed and fell back into her sleep as if nothing had happened. Dave suspected that she won’t remember a thing. Anyhow he rolled the fragrant silk-scarf around the knife again. With a little smile on his face he smelled it then he put it into the upper case of the nightstand. He was watching her deep in thoughts, sitting on the bed’s edge, but before he could come too much under the hot body’s influence, he sat into the armchair in the corner.

“She’s the one. There’s no doubt” he thought with a serious expression then leant back into the shadows.

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