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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2009.09.29. 13:07

Chapter 2

(Note: Recommended song: DeathStars: The Greatest Fight On Earth - BTW when I wrote this story, I was always listening to DeathStars“Termination Bliss” album.)


„Let us cease the love, the cloth, and the blood
Come here, now come here
Let me smell your fear
cry here, now cry here
Let me joy your tear…”

I felt myself like a piece of shit when I woke up. The happenings from yesterday came into my mind immediately and I had to close my eyes and sigh from them. For a few minutes I was just lying there and tried to gather some strength then I looked around the room. I was alone. Carefully I sat up and looked at the nightstand where a clock’s fluorescent numbers told me the time – it was past 5pm. I asked myself whether Dave hadn’t returned yet, but I’ve got my answer from the buffet table next to the bed. Next to some food a folded paper was on it. It said that I should eat something when I wake up, Dave had something to arrange, but before sunset he’ll get back.

“Great, I have more than one hour to pull myself together… I didn’t know that he has such nice handwriting.” I noted with a little smile. I liked his writing. With my stupid sentimental head I slid the paper into my black shoulder-bag then I carefully pulled down the robe from my injured shoulder and took off the warm towel. It looked a bit better than before, although it was bloodshot and bruised. “Cool. This is fucking sexy. But at least I still have my arm.”

After I ate something, I headed for the bathroom still dizzy. On my way I grabbed some clean clothes. I felt that I had fever during the night and my tired and floppy muscles let me step under the shower after getting rid off the bandage on my neck. My bruises weren’t that harsh red anymore and my older bite-mark had luckily changed into a yellowish colour, which meant that soon it’d disappear. I sighed as my lingerie landed on the floor and I surveyed the other bruises on my body.

“Well I wouldn’t be a winner on a beauty-contest with these” I said on a low tone and let the water run down my body.

It burnt by my neck, but I didn’t care. I washed down myself properly and rubbed my body dry when I stepped out of the shower. I quickly got into my underwear and robe then combed my wet hair. By the time I got out of the bathroom with my knife – which I’ve found earlier in the nightstand’s case – in one of the robe’s pocket, it was already twilight. For a moment I stopped, but started walking towards my stuff right away when I recognized Dave, who was standing in front of the window, watching the traffic.

“Get your stuff, we have to go to a safer place.”

“I’m glad to see you too” I said a bit snappily. He turned his head towards me. Because of his dark sunglasses I couldn’t see his eyes and this irritated me.

“Look, if you want to survive this, you have to do what I say…”

“Hey, Dave, I never asked you to help me, so if I’m a problem to you then it would be…” I interrupted him, but he didn’t let me finish my sentence either.

“I wouldn’t take it on my heart that after letting you go you’d be dead or undead by the break of dawn.”

“Aha, sure, your good heart tells you to say this, huh? I won’t buy this, David.”

“Why not? You say that I lie?”

“No, just that you don’t play with clean cards. What’s going on here?”

“I don’t know what you mean” he turned back towards the street.

“I don’t believe you” I bent down for my black trousers and my thin coffee-brown pullover, but I hissed when my shoulder moved.

“Do as you wish.”

I knew that he was up to something. I didn’t believe that he hadn’t got any back thoughts. I turned my back to him and put off this question for later and tried to concentrate on getting dressed, which – thanks to the current circumstances – wasn’t that easy. I had no problem with taking off the robe. As I squinted to the side I saw that he was watching me through the window’s glass. It didn’t matter that he was wearing his sunglasses, the intensified green light shone through it. I felt uneasy turning my back to a vampire, no matter that it was Dave Gahan. Or exactly because of that?

I pulled up my pants relatively quickly, but I was in trouble with the sweater, cuz I couldn’t lift up my right hand because of my aching shoulder. After five minutes of suffering I sighed and turned to Dave.

“Because your eyes are goggling anyway, you could really help me out here” I said. A lopsided smile ran through his face.

“It seems that you need my help after all” he stepped in front of me and eyed me from head to toe shamelessly.

“Oh just shut up and do it!”

“What do you want me to do?” the green light glowed stronger behind his glasses.

“First I take this off” I reached for his sunglasses, but he softly grabbed my wrist. His hand was cold.

“What’s up Dave? Are you scared that I’d get lost in your eyes?” I leant closer. His grip got harder around my wrist, but he didn’t reply “Aha, so you haven’t eaten yet, have you?”

“Don’t mock me, cuz you might regret it” he whispered on his low voice, which made me shiver.

“Is this a threat?” I put my other hand onto his wrist and I tried to unfold his fingers one by one from around my wrist, not giving a damn to the stitching pain after every move.

“Not necessarily” he let me go and let me take off his shades. I looked into his vivid eyes shining with that unearthly glow. His gaze was like a black panther’s, who circles around, waiting to someone who’d let him out. I moaned faintly when he put his arm around my waist and pulled me against his lean body. His look seemed to shine in the setting sun’s light. I felt my heart pounding in my throat. His mouth moved forward a bit, but I tried to bend backwards.

“Dave… you should rather help me put on my sweater then we must go!” I said to him, but I wasn’t sure that he’d heard me. He leant very close to my mouth again and he did a half-circle with his head on my chest and neck. He didn’t touch my skin, just inhaled the air raggedly. I felt the fear rising in me, it didn’t matter that my childhood’s idol was standing in front of me. As he felt my fear, I could have sworn that I’ve heard some kind of snarling from the depths of his throat and he closed his nose to my neck. I tried to turn my head to the side, leaning back and put my hands onto his chest to push him away, but he was holding me firmly. My breathing got quicker. He brushed his dry lower lip very gently along my neck and my wet hair hasn’t disturbed him a bit. It seemed that he was bathing in my scent. He started kissing my neck softly – close to my bite marks. I shivered, but not just because of fear. I suppressed a moan, when one of his hands slid down from my waist to grab my butt and pull me even closer to him, so that our groins could touch. The kisses on my neck turned to more determined ones. I felt his tongue darting out too time after time.

“Dave… please, stop it!” I whimpered tensing my arms on his cold chest, which caused a painful moan from me. It seemed he couldn’t hear me. With his hands he was pressing my body against his even harder and I could feel his breath by my ear, which caused more goose bumps on my skin. Now he was gently biting my skin and the snarling got clearer too. “Dave! Stop it! Let me go!” I yelled at him louder and with my healthy hand I grabbed his chin and tried to turn his face to the side, but he grabbed my wrist and pressed it behind my back. I cried out and tried to break free from his steel-grip. He growled at me. I felt on my skin that his canines grew longer and they were pressing against my skin over an artery, ready to tear my skin open. I started panicking as I still tried to hold him back with my outstretched aching arm – I fisted my free hand and started hitting his chest, in vain. “Please, stop it! Let me go… Please…” I begged, my voice slushy from crying. I felt my tears sliding down my face from helplessness. I tried to move to the side, but he followed my neck. “Dave! Dave!” I whispered crying, preparing myself for the bite, but when one of my teardrops landed on his face, it was as if he’d just woken up from a dream – he sighed a wobbly one and loosened his tight embrace a bit. After he took a few deep breaths, resting his forehead on my shoulder, he let me go and withdrew a few steps. His eyes were shining with such a strong green glow, which I haven’t seen from him yet. He backed to the window and was taking deep breaths to get mastery over his desires.

I covered my mouth with my healthy hand and collapsed onto the bed. I tried to stop my panting and quickly wiped away my tears. He looked out of the window and he did the same with my teardrop, which was still lingering on his face. He crumbed it between his fingers and bent his head down with closed eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’ve lost control over the Beast. Usually this never happens” he said on a low and calmer tone “Forgive me for frightening you, but your scent….” he broke midway.

I didn’t answer. I still tried to calm down and took deep breaths while I was watching him. He looked at me with a bit painful and stiff expression. The glow in his eyes started to fade.

“You’re hungry. I can understand” I said hoarsely and started packing my stuff together. I put on my boots and slid my knife back to its place just to do something.

“No, it’s not” he said rather to himself. I didn’t understand this, but I remained silent and didn’t say anything about the faint smile on his lips either as he was looking at his wet fingers.

After a minute I put my long hair into a ponytail. A few mops slid out of it, cuz they were shorter, but I didn’t care. I looked at him again. I wanted to get out of here.

“Dave” I called his name carefully after I put on my sweater half-way “I really could use your help.”

He started walking towards me unsure “Are you sure that you want to let me close to you again?”

“If we want to get out of here, I have to – just like I have no other option than trusting you.”

He smiled from this and carefully – barely touching my skin – helped me into the sweater.

“Success. Thanks” I looked at him after I pulled the pullover down.

He just nodded and let me reach for my bag. I was about to tell him that we can go, when he impatiently grabbed me by my elbow and started pulling me towards the window to check the street outside.

“Hey, what’s now?” I asked quietly and angrily.

“We have company. They just stepped out of the elevator.”

“How do you know?” He looked at me reproachfully, his eyes glowing a tiny bit. “Alright, alright, don’t say anything. What’s your plan? How’ll we escape?”

“We jump” he said as naturally as if it was a common hobby among people to jump out of forth story windows.

“What?” my jaw landed on the floor.

“Close your mouth. Did no one tell you that you look quite stupid like this?” he joshed. I slapped his arm – probably this hurt me more than him, cuz it was nearly as if I hit some kind of softer wood. “After you stopped my corporal punishment, we should go, okay?” he opened the window.

“And how did you imagine it? We just jump out and walk away? Dave, we’ll die. Or at least I will for sure.”

“Don’t cry like a baby. Climb onto my back and hold on tightly. We have to go now.”

I obeyed, cuz I’ve heard footsteps from the hallway. In the next moment I was holding onto Dave with closed eyes as tightly as I was able, not caring about the pain. I felt the cool night breeze in my hair, but I didn’t dare to open my eyes. If I die, I don’t want to see the concrete where we’ll end up in pieces. But instead of leaving a pool of blood behind us, I felt that Dave started running with me on his back.

“You can open your eyes. We didn’t die. Or at least you haven’t.”

I looked up surprised and saw people, cars and streets but they were blurred because of the unbelievable speed Dave was running with.

“So this is why you’re still that energetic on the concerts…” I said quietly, which made him laugh shortly, but he hadn’t slowed down for a while. Then around the 53rd street suddenly he stopped and propped himself with one hand on a wall. I quickly got off his back and put my hand on his upper-arm to help, but he gently pushed my hand away.

“No, don’t touch me now! This tempo took out a lot of energy from me. I have to eat, but I don’t want to hurt you” he looked at me.

I forced myself not to step back. His face was shockingly hollow and long and his eyes flashed coldly. He pulled me suddenly into a doorway. First I thought that after all he’d decided to have me for dinner, but he wasn’t paying attention on me, but on the now audible taps of a shoe.

“Dave, don’t…” I wanted to start, but he silenced me with an ice-cold look.

“Stay here and turn away, if you can’t watch it!”

“But…” I moaned, but I realised that I was alone.

I was watching them from the wall’s shadow. He approached the woman quickly and said something to her, which made her smile, but in the next moment her eyes turned empty. I guess Dave charmed her. She let him lead her to a darker part of the street, where Dave made her sit onto a bench and leant to her neck. I was surprised, cuz although the situation was very odd for me, he drank from her quite gently and he carefully laid her down after he licked her bruise a few times to make the bite disappear. He wiped his mouth, licked his teeth and started walking towards me. I froze to that very spot as I watched his fluent steps and full-blooded colour. But the strangest thing was that I wasn’t shocked from this whole thing! I thought it was natural, cuz I have to eat too if I get hungry.

“Well, was this enough to disillusion you, Elizabeth?”

“Just Liz or Lizzy.”

“Then Liz” a little smile ran through his face, but his teeth remained hidden.

“Otherwise to my greatest surprise no. I’m confused.”

“Let it pass. This is just another necessity.”


“Nothing, it doesn’t matter. Can we go?”

“Yes” I climbed back onto his back and I put off this question too.

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